Best Of Shaqtin’ A Fool

As the regular season draws to a close, it’s time to honor the Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP — the one and only JaVale McGee! Take a stroll through this JaVale highlight (lowlight?) reel and vote for the Shaqtin’ A Fool Play of the Year! #Shaqtin


  1. Face Estrella says:

    the real fools here are the people who take this seriously. JaVale is a good player and a lot of potential we see this now with the nuggets, but this is all in good fun. I mean really guys do not get your panties in a knot okay?

  2. Dylan says:

    Shaq your a giant jerk. You dont need to single out a player for mistakes they have made. Javele is a young player and is going to make mistakes. Nobodys perfect. Look at yourself? Cant shoot free throws, your to ug, your fat, and also i can think of plenty of times when youve made mistakes.

  3. JamesHardensBeard says:

    surely this isnt the same dude who had a great playoff series for the nuggets? at least in that series he was going the right way lol

  4. BigBoyShaq says:

    Shaqtin’ A fool really amuses me. I also do not think these videos are for the purpose of personal attack.

  5. waddup says:

    @Charles Murray. at least shaq has a number of championship rings wrapped around his fingers! haha

  6. The Guru says:

    Shaq you owe JaVale some royalties for using all his footage. Without JaVale, Shaqtin’ A Fool wouldn’t be the instant success it has become.

  7. dwayne says:

    all of javale mcgee clips r funny

  8. steve says:

    hahahahahahaha! JaVale where are u going?! oh man, u must be so tired by taking a jog at the back court of ur opponent. hehehehehe! can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  9. steve says:

    hahahahahahahahaha! c’mon McGee! where are you going!? oh man! this is the best “Shaqtin’ a Fool” ever! with only one guy, JaVale! hilarious, especially the #5! oh man, can’t stop laughing!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!

  10. Billy says:

    Go Javale. I’ll get you as my center on my 2K12 team.

  11. jafail mcgee says:

    doesnt matter, mcgee is in the playoffs, maybe he will come up big and shock the lakers/okc LOL

  12. ohcre says:

    !!JaVale McGee slammin from the free throw line! wha ‘cha gonna do?! ACT A FOOL!! Too dumb, Too dubious . . .wha’cha gonna do?! ACT A FOOL!!

  13. ohcre says:

    how about the dunk where he did a salute posture to show off even the Wiz were down a couple of shots… haha, the guy is juz simply an idiot..

  14. Lin4dWin says:

    I love JaVale…I became his fan after watching all those funny plays he had…makes boring BB fun to watch from time to time…Go JaVale….

  15. Tonya Juanise says:

    HILARIOUS! This has to be the best “Shaqtin a Fool” that I’ve seen. I especially love number five, wrong way McGee!
    I dont think “Shaqtin a Fool” should be taken seriously, it’s all fun. Put on your big girl panties Charles Murray!! 🙂

  16. Mikhail says:

    Shaq is the best!!

  17. doruku says:

    What about the any range “I can take-off from anywhere” attempts of McGee???

    • doruku says:

      By the way he has a lot of potential and these will be remembered as Flashbacks of his awesome future dunks! Go on young fella!

  18. uoykcuf says:

    lol, stupid players do have stupid fans. Even at his 19th year, I would take shaq over Mcgee.

  19. Antonio says:

    Number 5 is the dumbest scene ever seen on a sport court whatsoever.

  20. Thunder 2012 says:

    I can’t believe Isaiah Thomas actually won the low post battle against Mcgee. thats funny

  21. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Where’s his free throw line dunk attempt?

  22. Charles Murray says:

    Let’s judget you NBA/Shack. I remember Shack falling down cause his old legs couldn’t carry him… it was funny! Did you a pologize to JaVelle? He is a sensitive young man doing his best. This doesn’t help and shows how small YOU are…