World Peace Suspended Seven Games

HANG TIME WEST – The NBA on Tuesday suspended Metta World Peace seven games for the unprovoked elbow to the head of James Harden, a discipline that will cost the Lakers their starting small forward for at least the bulk of the first round of the playoffs.

World Peace will be sidelined for the regular-season finale Thursday at Sacramento and the next six games as a result of the dangerous blow to the back of Harden’s head when the Lakers and Thunder played Sunday in Los Angeles. If the Lakers advance out of the first round in less than six games, the suspension carries into the Western Conference semifinals. If they are eliminated in less than six games, it carries over to the start of next season.

The amount of money the former Ron Artest will lose depends on how much comes from his 2011-12 salary and how much, if any, is based on 2012-13 income.

“The concussion suffered by James Harden demonstrates the danger posed by violent acts of this kind, particularly when they are directed at the head area,” commissioner David Stern said in a statement. “We remain committed to taking necessary measures to protect the safety of NBA players, including the imposition of appropriate penalties for players with a history of on-court altercations.”

World Peace’s history, as referenced by Stern, was obviously a factor in considering the length of the penalty. Though he had greatly helped his reputation in recent years, most notably by winning the J. Walter Kennedy Award last season for community work and citizenship, a past with several run-ins clearly came into play.

“Metta has for the most part been a model citizen both on and off the court since joining the Lakers,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a statement. “Still, his most recent lapse in judgment is not to be condoned or accepted. His actions could have seriously injured another player, and his absence during this suspension will hurt our team as well. While we accept the league’s decision, we will be supportive of Metta and try to help him be more professional on the court.”

Beyond re-injuring his own image, World Peace has done damage to the Lakers’ playoff hopes, even with the first-round opponent yet to be decided. That becomes especially true if they face the Grizzlies and high-scoring small forward Rudy Gay, one of the possibilities. And if it’s a rematch of the 2011 West semifinals with the Mavericks, World Peace would undoubtedly have been counted on for shifts against Dirk Nowitzki.

The situation is compounded with Matt Barnes out the final game of the regular season with a sprained right ankle and Devin Ebanks, another small forward, dealing with bruised fingers after dropping a weight on his left hand during a workout. It was Ebanks who finished the game Sunday after World Peace was ejected and Barnes was injured, and now it is Ebanks, after averaging 16 minutes in his 23 appearances this season, who will have to step to the forefront as the new starter for the playoffs or at least the backup to a player with a tender ankle.

Harden, meanwhile, did not play Tuesday as the Thunder played the Kings and there is no timetable for his return with Oklahoma City about to open the playoffs as the second-seeded team in the West. World Peace’s actions changed that much — his image, his bank account, Harden’s health, the Thunder lineup and the Lakers’ level of vulnerability.


  1. Stan says:

    The way Basketball players go after rebounds and the Clothsline by McHale in 1984 finals that change that series, shows everyteam needs an enforcer now to keep their team from being intimidated by other teams. MWP is an emotional player like a Dennis Rodman that is loved my his teammates but hated by the opposition. MWP did not go after Harden he was celebrating his emotional dunk and the cheers from the crowd. Harden was trying to keep the crowd out of the game by moving into MWP to try and get a flagrant foul called on him. Harden has a history of doing this and needs to be fined by the league NOT MWP.

  2. Stranger says:

    Hans U are absolutely right…Harden got ,what he was hoping for.Unfortunately Ron is in the Black list of NBA Players,just like any Laker Player,Thanks to stern,who has no relevance to Run NBA at ALL.

  3. Steve says:

    Seven games wasn’t anywhere near enough. A more appropriate suspension would have been the rest of this season including all the playoffs and 10 games into next season, and a monetary fine equal to the amount of Harden’s medical bills. Then the next time he thinks celebrating a good play means an elbow to the head of an opposing player, he’ll think twice.

  4. Sparhawk says:

    Hans are you blind? First of all watch the replay, even if harding tries to SLOW RON DOWN so they dont get their defense set up, even if he tried to draw the foul, thats called basketball. Yes the flop on chandler was bad and I despise when amazing players flop, makes me wanna stab them. But Ron knew he was there, and threw an elbow on purpose with intent to hurt, he didnt even look back to see if he was ok or who he hit, THEN HE TRIED SQUARING OFF WITH THE WHOLE TEAM. Ive been in many fights and thrown a few elbows without looking myself and I can make them land with peripheral vision. Also if you didnt know, basketball has contact in it, I dont know what harding was doing bumping into artest but from my perspective it looked like he was slowing him down so they can get the ball in and get upcourt before defense was set. ITS TACTICS.

  5. jjt418 says:

    You people are crazy……”he should go to jail” or “give him 3 years in prison maybe then he can learn how to act”, are you seroius? Was it wrong, yes…..should he be fined, yes……should he mis a couple games, yes…..but i think you folks are going way overboard! But I am very glad that Harden is ok!

  6. Kelley says:

    …His punishment was not at all adequate..he should be thrown out of the league..if he wasn’t a NBA player he could be jailed for this…you can see the rage in his eyes as he is drawing his elbow back and then connecting to the head of James Harden… then, he goes on to beat on his chest again after taking J.Harden down…& we have to hear him lie and say he was celebrating…if I were a NBA player I would not want to be on the court with this lunatic…never sure when he is going to explode..throw his crazy self out!!!!!

  7. ruben breton says:


  8. ruben breton says:

    He deserves a longest suspension than just 7 seven game and fine with more than us$ 700,000.00.



  9. JDB says:

    O.K. I am and have been and will forever be a Lakers Fan, but What MWP did was totally wrong and completely unnecessary. I don’t care for Harden but even if he did try to provoke MWP that’s no excuse to take someone out like that. MWP is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode and needs to be taken care of. I hope Harden is back in time for the playoffs. As a Lakers fan I was actually shocked that MWP didn’t get a worse suspension than he did, but what’s done is done now let’s all move on and get ready for some exciting playoff games.

  10. LSO says:

    That the Lakers “continue to support MWP” and viewing the fist-bumps, attaboys, etc., following the elbow speaks volumes to me. It was no accident. Then………………..did you see MWP’s face right after the elbowing? No contrition, regret, no anything that a normal person might feel, knowing what he had just done. I wish the penalty had been more severe. Artest’s new name is an absolute misnomer and after this post, I’ll certainly never call him anything that has to do with “Peace”.

    • justplayball says:

      …..that ‘no remorse’ thing is indicative of a human that is “psychotic” ….. an affliction suffered by approx. 1% of the population…..Or should I say ‘suffered’ by the rest of us….99%

  11. R Gerber says:

    It’s ridiculous. Stern, you blew it! Mr. Peace should easily have been banned for the rest of the season. Seven games is a joke. As a commissioner you’ve become dated with your pandering to the products and thug mentality.

  12. JFac116 says:

    It should have been longer just like Bynum’s at the beginning of the season should have been. That was definitly thorwn intentionally you can tell by how he plants his right leg before the hit; there is no way thats from Harden bumping into him. The only think he probaly didn’t mean to do was give Harden a concussion; he was trying to deliver a message but he went to far.

  13. Eagle in NYC says:

    If the NBA were in the LEAST BIT serious, MWP would not still be in the league. The very act of changing his name to “Meta World Peace” fer cryin’ out load was a cry for help. He is a sociopath. (And rationalize it by talking about bipolar – he’s a danger to everyone he comes in contact with.)

    And that hiji-ate (elbow smash) was well-practiced. He’s spent a lot of time training it. Especially the no-look-backward, pretend-it’s-an-accident aspect, is the sign of a sociopath.

    Get him out of basketball. Make it permanent.

    • justplayball says:

      ….. yes it is true….he needs some professional help with his …..uh um …’anger management’…. but It is hard to get a psychopath to ”Really” change….. they will just do what will make them more acceptable……. like change their name…or ‘find’ religion….. whatever it takes to keep them from being incarcerated or being incarcerated any ‘longer’ in many cases

  14. Hubie Brown says:

    Harden flopped. He needs to stop milking this “injury”. He should have known anyway not to get in the way of MWP.

    • justplayball says:

      …..that’s right….NO ONE should Ever get in the way of ‘Whirled Peas’……could get Very messy!!

  15. Chris says:

    NOT A LAKER FAN.. i agree with the punishment but the Lakers better win the 1st rd. If the Lakers get swept or lose in 5 games, let MWP go! If that happens, World peace will have to serve the rest of the suspension into next year with another team(if another team wants him). This idea of banning him for life is ridiculous.

    • justplayball says:

      ….Why is it ridiculous???? Some guy in the nfl was banned for life and he just talked about hurting players…. OK now he has had his 2nd chance….actually many more –(111 games lost to 13 PRIOR suspensions) AND now a 3rd…and don’t think the lakers know this risk going in….. They just knew Mr. K’s ego would not last much longer in lala land and they needed another big name(for the wrong reasons) to fatten up their roster and do the tough guy routine……’cept ronron didn’t follow the script…..he was supposed to keep his nose clean…… But…. that is hard for a guy like the r-test Now known as mwp

  16. ism says:

    I think right now, just before the playoffs, the punishment of 7 games is quite harsh. which it definitely should be, i mean, come on. watch the play. listen to what magic said in the halftime debate. watch the play again. I’d rather whine and say the play was hard than whine and say the punishment is hard. makes so much more sense. what an idiotic foul, the situation (no reason for frustration) makes even bynum’s slip last year seem a little harmless…
    i think 7 games is OK given the playoffs begin soon. more could be okay, less: no way.

  17. Hans says:

    Harden was trying to draw a foul by moving straight into the body of Artest. He did a simular thing with Chandler and he flopped himself into an offensive foul. He attempted to do the same thing with RonRon and it backfired. Was MWP over the top by using his upper body strength to move Harden? Yes. But absolutely none of this would have happened if Harden had just let MWP finish his celebration. Harden was not clothlined like Kobe got nearly decapitated, kicked intentionally ala Bowen, or even throwing an elbow into the body of a PG like Bynum did during the Dallas Playoffs. This was way over the top. I can think of a host of plays far worse than this that were intentional. Stern is an absolute disgrace. There is no parity in the league, if it is a Laker, lets give them far worse than anyone else has gotten. I am just glad that MWP will be back for the OKC playoffs because I am dead sure Harden won’t be looking for that flop foul again. I hope he plays the game as it was intended to be played and stops all this needless stuff. Play basketball and focus on being the best player not on being the best actor. You might survive in the league a little longer as well.

    • justplayball says:

      …..’his upper body strength’…’re funny…… and IF he was the best ACTOR he would be playing in……here it comes…..actorville….. which you guys should know all about !!

    • justplayball says:

      PS: fakers don’t get past 1st round….. and if they do I will post that I was wrong……se ya next year with a whole new team……don’t yo know that your player/coach is going to the Big Apple in the offseason???

  18. Ben H. says:

    TS, I hope you read this man. First off, soccer is the most popular sport in the WORLD. Americans think that it’s such a sissy sport that should be written off, but in fact it’s a game of extreme strategy and requires 11 players playing as a team. So please don’t refer to soccer as if it’s some second rate sport. Because it’s not.

    Now, onto the topic at hand. Metta intentionally swung his elbow at Harden, because there’s no way he was just “clearing out his space”. You can see Harden looking at Ibaka to inbound the ball. It’s not like Harden slammed into him full force to stop his celebrating. MWP got his just suspension for the act he committed, end of story. Now, I don’t think he needs to be thrown out of basketball. What he did wasn’t nearly as bad as when he attacked a fan in the stands years ago, but it’s bad enough to warrant him being out for 7 games.

    • justplayball says:

      ….did the fan get a concussion???….. and ANY sport that makes hand-eye coordination useless is , well…….useless as a sport…… why don’t we have a sport wher you can’t use your legs…. that would be equally as exciting and a 1-0 game after like what….. 3-4 hours of running after a small ball…..That is why it Will NEVER be very popular her in the States

  19. c dub says:

    he should be out of the nba, everything wrong with the game is displayed by this idiot in this video.

  20. Elder says:

    Seven games? Must be SEVEN THOUSANDS games. I have in my mind the last finals between ,Lakers x Celtics.
    Also, his new name must be “Metta WORD WAR”

  21. back to back it like kobe bryant says:


  22. back to back it like kobe bryant says:


    Lakers win the first round in 5… then METTA WAR PEACE.. only has to miss one game in second round.

    That’s how it’ll play out.

  23. Doc says:

    I agree with the 7 game suspension. I also think that how ever many games harden has to miss as a result of the injury should also be added.

    • Hans says:

      He missed a game because of a knee injury but funny how there was no mention of a concussion… Maybe next time he will not try to draw a foul by flopping ala Chandler. He initiated the contact, he went right into MWP airspace, and all you have to do is look at how he moves directly into him, not MWP going after him.

      The refs should have called a foul on Harden but they let the play continue and then act surprised when Harden is on the floor.
      You want to blame someone, blame the refs, blame the flopper, blame the fact that this sport is still a contact sport and that far worse fouls have been committed and without being provoked. Harden could have moved out of MWP way and he didn’t so he got to kiss the wood floor.

  24. Jose says:

    Are u guys for real?. Such action from Artest which I will never call him by his new name deserve to be suspended for the rest of the season. What we need?, for him to actually hurt another player for life?, get real people, Artest need a to be in brain therapy!

  25. susie says:

    NBA management always favors big market teams like the LA Lakers, that’s why MWP only get 7 games. In my opinion he should be banned for the rest of the season, makes others think before doing something similar to hurt other players

  26. therenys says:

    I think he should have been suspended for longer. He might have been a model citizen since joining the Lakers but this is not his first insident. This was completely unprovoked and uncalled for and the NBA needs to send a much stronger message. After all, noone wants the NBA to become like the NHL

  27. cherrypopper says:

    all these whining sissy comments remind of hollywood movies nowadays : there’s almost no real men anymore, just a bunch of metrosexuals, geeks, and other softies (behind computers) 😀

  28. Matty says:

    A fair punishment for Artest (I refuse to call him by his new, undeserved name) would be that he is suspended until Harden makes it back to the court for OKC… AND THEN serve out the 7 game suspension. That is justice and a little more than just a slap on the wrist for a player that either INTENTIONALLY elbowed another player in an unprovoked situation (BAD) or did it UNINTENTIONALLY, like Artest said, in which case it means that he is not in control of his actions on the court and cannot be relied upon to not do it again (EVEN WORSE!!!). Come on Stern… grow a set and protect the legitimate players in the NBA from thugs pretending to be players! Metta World Peace OUT!

  29. Law064 says:

    7 games is nothing, he should get 10 to 15 games for his actions. Ron Artest is cancerous to the Lakers smh

  30. Joao Paulo says:

    And the guy’s name is metta world PEACE… you gotta be kidding me… And he better be prepared, cause if the lakers face the thunder in the playoffs, Harden or another player might wanna return the favor

  31. Mateo says:

    He deserved the suspension till the end of the season -.-

  32. Aleks says:

    MWP elbows Harden while celebrating a dunk. Harden happens not to see elbow coming and got hit hard.
    Griffing elbows Gasol while dunking. Gasol happens to see elbow coming and with a dose of luck narrowly escapes the hardest of the hit. let alon Griffing reaction after the dunk

    there is about equal amount intention of both MWP and Griffin to clear their path away without caring whether they will injure anyone

    MWP gets flagrant foul, ejected and games suspension. about right.
    Griffin gets away with not even an offensive foul. not right.

    I am for athletic plays (posterised dunks), but there is no compromise in disrespecting or injuring defender players.

  33. cobi2a says:

    if you see his face during the incident, i think he needs a mental and behavioral evaluation.

  34. Fudl says:

    just nasty…james hardens head could have been broken

    • Hans says:

      The only thing that got broken was his pride. He wanted to draw a ticky tack foul and he got a lot more than he bargined for. Watch the Chandler Flop and you will see Harden does the exact same thing to Chandler, only Chandler doesn’t even hit him.
      I am glad he got hit, maybe next time he will play the game of basketball and stay out of acting because with MWP you gotta do your own stunts too.


  35. jovdelmar says:

    like i have been telling everyone in the other nba blogs about mwp.. this will be at least 5+ games suspension not ban from nba like others suggest blah blah. 7 games fair enough. 🙂

  36. celts33 says:

    Stern has lost control of this league, The crime should fit the punishmentm this is the same guy who attacked fans?
    Then after hitting Harden (wether Harden was clsoe to him or not, ? Artest knew he was there hit him, and did not even blink an eye?) He should not be allowed to play ever again, and Stern should retire, all he cares about are ratings, and don’t make the Laker fans mad. Last year Bynum, this Artest, when will it end when somebody dies???)

    • Hans says:

      McHale…Rambis….yeah, Celtic fans have nothing to hang thier head by at all…

      The entire NBA has a ton of dirty plays and very few of them are punished. What is worse is that Flops are even more rampant than ever. So guys who normally would foul a player like Blake Griffin and now hard fouling him because they feel that if they are going to get called for the foul they should make it count.

      The NBA needs better Refs to start with. They need the replacement refs who called damn near everything because the game needs to be called correctly all the time. They need a nother ref on the court as well. They should also rate the refs based on good calls and bad calls. So if a ref is consistantly calling bad calls they are done and gone. I am sure you will agree that the instant replay is a good thing but it is too little too late.

      This entire incident would never had occured if Harden had just left MWP alone. He initiated the contact and he did it to the wrong person. Everyone wants to blame MWP for a cheap shot but he did not throw an elbow at an unsuspecting player or try to take his head off while in the air. IF he had, I would agree with you that it was over the top and bye-bye Ron Ron. He didn’t move over to hit Harden, he didn’t even know he was there until he was up on his body so MWP just wanted to clean him off his shirt. And guess what…it worked. HE had a Harden stain, and the next moment it was gone.

      Just some food for thought.

      • typpercat says:

        You got to be kidding. No one owns the airspace. The elbow to the back of the ear is one of the most lethal blows a person can throw. Ron Artest is a bully and doesn’t deserve to play in the NBA! Go away every Ron Artest supporter because he exhibits a brain dead drug addict. Get help before you kill someone!

  37. douglas says:

    reading comment from laker fans just make me laugh… man i am no fan of thunder or laker but calling james harden soft.. do oyu know how big MWP is.. if a normal guy punch you at the backoff your head you would feel it what more and ahtlete his size.. do you guys actually think before you type. the albow has full extension as well on not a bump notice how he pulls his elbow back before he strike harden . I mean you guys are just trying to find excuses for him. most players trash talk. its part of the game. If KOBE was harden i would have imagine you lot asking for 25 games supension…

  38. dreandrzej says:

    Give him 3 years in prison maybe then he can learn how to act.

  39. @Cyapor says:

    what I do not understand is how a player is renamed by metta world peace that does nothing but a ridiculous and to top that appears in this type of situation do not think it takes any respect, better get metta world war LOL. the sentence that gave me the feeling well, now had to put too fine for the playoffs now do not give that kind of bickering

  40. OMG says:

    7 game suspension only and no fine?!? so MWP can KO anybody in the league without worrying much about the consequences i guess…

  41. Ledzepage says:

    The funniest thing about this entire incident is that if OKC and Lakers meet in the playoffs. When James Harden goes to the Staples Center they will probably boo him for taking an elbow to the head.

  42. Ralph says:

    7 games for causing a serious injury to a guy who was just waiting for an inbound. What a joke. Stern and his bias towards large market teams. Heat of the moment excuse is BS. You don’t see Blake Griffin or Lebron elbowing people after they celebrate a dunk. Artest is and always be one of the dirtiest players in the league.

    • Hans says:

      Are you kidding me, Harden moves right into the airspace of WMP. He moves right into his body and RonRon doesn’t even know he is there until he is all over him. Harden tried to draw a foul and it looks a lot like this play:

      So saying Harden was innocent is a joke. He knew exactly what he was looking for but instead of playing Basketball, he tried acting and he forgot that if you act around MWP, you might have to do your own stunts.

    • Peter M. Arel says:


  43. hs says:

    Harden blocking Artest on his way back? Come on.. People who talk like that have never played basketball.
    After a made basket, someone has to ask for the ball to bring it up the court… That’s the only thing Harden is doing…
    Artest’s elbow is just disgusting…

  44. 23nedim23 says:

    They should have suspended him for the rest of the season.

  45. Maxwell says:

    7 games ain’t enough

  46. BallerSG says:

    MWP should be called Metta Warhead, not World Peace. People change, but not much. It doesn’t matter what he tries to call himself. He is never a man of peace. From what I can remember about him, he is a violent man. And still is.

  47. Carlo says:

    After seeing the replay, I thought it was like a freak accident but yeah, he should be suspended…

  48. CR says:

    Definitely not enough given the potential injuries that could have been suffered. The NBA commissioner is not sending a strong enough message to his league as to intolerable behavior. Sad day for the NBA . . .

  49. poolguru says:

    Had MWP to undergo a drug-test? Cocaine, speed, …? Does nobody see the typical symptoms?
    No emotional control, fiscal aggression, childish behaviour, mentally retarded, megalomaniac EGO (“META WORLD PEACE”), openly lying in front of millions of spectators on TV (“I dindn’t see him”) – a role-model for who?
    MWP should use the time of the play-offs for a REHAB instead!

  50. Lakers1stRoundEXIT says:

    Another reason for laker’s to blabber about when they exit the first round of the playoffs

  51. Victor says:

    I got to say all the lakers fans comments are bias if it was kobe that got hit everyone that likes the lakers would be crying foul. NBA has given Ron to many chances if he was not in the lakers a big money making team he would have been kicked out of the NBA and fined. all the Lakers fan are going to oppose the hit try to justify it. ha while your at it suspend wade too a dirty player

    • Ledzepage says:

      my point exactly if the exact thing happened to Kobe (huge Kobe fan btw) the other player should go to jail while if an opposing player gets hit it was his fault. I hate biased fans from any team. Good thing there are intelligent fans on all teams and not just fanatics.

  52. Rocky Nuyda says:

    He should be banned for the remainder of this as well as the next season. You try and do that to someone walking down the street and you could get a year to a year and a half for unprovoked violence, add the concussion inflicted on the victim, you will pay a hefty fine. Now Ron Artest gets away with what? 7 game suspension? I say hang him to the nearest tree.

  53. TW says:

    I wonder what it will take for a player to get banned from the NBA…strangling the neck of his opponent?!

  54. Talcott says:

    Reasonable move by the NBA,

    Ron was wrong and apologized.

    James is allright, and lets be honest he violated Ron by touching him

    in a non sportsmanlike way with at the very least dubious intent.

    Then Ron(sadly reactionaly) wound up and clocked James.

    It all happened very fast thankfully no one was hurt and we can all learn to think before we …


    • WildSchatz says:

      Suffering a concussion is not considered getting hurt?

    • Peter M. Arel says:

      The fans who believe that the seven-game suspension Ron Artest got was too light should BOYCOTT BOTH THE NBA AND EVERY SNEAKER COMPANY ON THE PLANET TO SHOW THEIR ABHORRENCE OF THE NBA AND ALSO OF RON ARTEST’S ACTIONS.

  55. Jon says:

    Actually, a first round matchup with Memphis is no longer possible. Have fun w/ that Clippers

  56. NBAfan says:

    I’m tired of pointing out the obvious, but I’m glad more people are realizing that it wasn’t entirely “unprovoked”. It’s still wrong. Nobody is denying that, but all these self-righteous calls to burn him at the stake is just way too silly.

    7 games…it was decided. Get over it. I bet you Harden will be back for the play offs….maybe miss ONE game for show….

  57. ShieldedToad says:

    Let me just start by saying that Ron Artest off the court could have been hit with California Law Penal Code 243(d) PC Battery with serious bodily injury because of the concussion. So how would Ron Artest fight such an allegation… well was it willfully?… Was it an accident?… Was the injury really not that serious?… Now lets look at the punishment… given the circumstances of the case and criminal history which he has… he would be looking at 2 to 4 years in a California state prison and a 10,000 dollar fine… VERDICT : a 7 game suspension is a joke. He should have been done for the rest of the season… in all honesty Ron would be better off pleading insanity… which he is… btw if convicted he would also lose his gun privileges for 10 years haha

  58. Nebraska says:

    Look, I’m Lakers fan, but I really think he should be suspended throughout the playoffs… 7 games is still pretty fair, and can be accepted (he played well lately, it will hurt Lakers), but I would like to see more.

  59. hunter says:

    naah,,its just unfair,..what about the kevin love incident?thats worse compared to what mwp did,,the suspension is fine,but not that long,,its not his fault that he is ron artest,dont judge him because of what hes done sick!!of all the tons of good things youve done,1 mistake erases it all..thats just stupid,,

    • Peter M. Arel says:


  60. PAOLO says:

    Now they might regret trading Luke Walton. LOL.

  61. Jeff says:

    7 games is not enough. Artest is a thug. He could have seriously injured the guy. He should not play more basketball this season.

  62. Tim says:

    I thought Metta should have been suspended for 10 games or so, but I think Stern took into consideration the extra importance of playoff games. I don’t think MWP wanted to elbow anyone in the head. Bigger players get used to grappling and elbowing each other. When he felt pressure on his back he swung without thinking. You don’t have to be a Laker fan to see that he didn’t have time to think or act out of intention. It was pretty scary looking though. It’s almost scarier knowing he did it unintentionally. He is a better player when he let’s himself get excited and a little rowdy, but at the cost of being physically dangerous.

  63. TruthBeTold says:

    I think he should have been suspended all the way through the first 5 games of next season. He knew what he did when he did and showed no remorse at all. Then goes and beats his chest while the ref is talking to him. Something is truly wrong in this mans head. He should just change his name back to Ron Artest

    • Peter M. Arel says:


  64. Ron Artest says:

    sorry just harden.. i forgot to take my psychotic meds… hell yeah.. i will kill u if i have the chance..

  65. angelo says:

    kevin love just suspended for 2 days on stomping luis scola.. 7 games is too much

    • Hans says:

      Exactly, this was an intentional stomp but since Love is a poster child for the NBA, we will give him 2 games. Where is the parity in the league now???? The NBA is a joke.

  66. NOT-ON says:

    So what the NBA is saying is that u can elbow someone in the face and only get 7 game sup? It’s not on, Should of made an example of him and gave him 12-15 games sup, so he has to miss the playoffs and maybe he can have a good hard look at himself and realise u cant get away with that stuff.. Might of came a better player next season for it too.. Harden isnt soft Worldpeace is a hack/dog period

    • Peter M. Arel says:


  67. jer says:

    I am a fan of the game. The Lakers are not my first team nor are the Thunder. It was a sad, sad day for basketball fans. You don’t have to be a role model, but some kind of ‘self control’ is necessary. Celebrating a dunk is no excuse. Save that for after the game. Artest is a great defender and can give offense too, but he has a bad record and I am sorry, but it makes the league look bad. You simply cannot condone violence, there are so many little kids that look up to NBA players. I think the suspension was within reason (moer games and $ would have been ok with me), but if a fight had broken out, which very well could have, it could have been a flashback to Artest’s 73 game suspension which no basketball fan wants to see. I want to say World Peace is an enforcer, a defender doing his job and I also understand that trash is talked and emotions can flare in the heat of battle, but it still unacceptable and it destroys the image of the game. Honestly it’s just sad. I hope Harden recovers and doesn’t have any permanent damage and I hope this is the last time we have to hear World Peace’s name linked to something unnecessary and violent in an NBA game. Basketball should be competitive, nail biting, nerve wrecking at times, but sportsmanship is a big part of it. It’s a great sport and it’s a great privilege to play to play in the NBA. I hope World Peace and all the players get that. I hope that people understand the power of forgiveness. It was a sad, sad day in the league. I am not one to judge so I can hope to not see something like this again. Long live basketball

  68. Rasheed Syed says:

    Every action has a reaction. NBA is aware of that Harden initiated the action and MWP had a reaction, which to me is not justifiable and deserves punishment.
    But 7 games, is too much.
    NBA must have no choice but to surrender in this case to the angry fans and people.
    This punishment justification is only for the fans and people and less for MWP.
    NBA cannot make everyone happy.
    In this world the people who scream more gets attention; thats the way system works.
    NBA justice to MWP = Not fair!!!
    NBA justice for the people/fans = fair (too much pressure)
    It must have been a difficult decision for NBA to make.

    • Peter M. Arel says:

      Commissioner David Stern Should be told how to do his job by the people who can make the biggest imact on the NBA-the fans themselves! A BOYCOTT OF THE NBA IS HOW IT ShOULD BE DONE! TELL COMMISSIONER STERN THAT FANS WILL NOT PAY ONE MORE CENT TO SEE THUGGISH BEHAVIOR ON-OR OFF- THE BASKETBALL COURT!

  69. jonathan says:

    MWP dunked the ball hes celebrating then OKC was in-bounding the ball probably harden thought he could get a foul by moving closer to MWP while he is celebrating (which indeed he got). You see when you want to get the ball from inbound usually you move away from the defender in hardens case he move closer to MWP. I still believe MWP should be suspended at least 10 games!!!

  70. Peter says:

    MWP has abolute mental issues, honestly. I have no idea how he manages to hold a spot on any roster between his contant mental ramblings and garbage like this.

    As a Boston fan I have seen two instances in the a last two seasons alone here guys (Marquis Daniels, Michael Pietrus) have been hospitalised and missed major time as a result of either head or spinal injuries which were not even intentional – actions like this are absolutely unacceptable.

  71. Laker Fan says:

    Ron Artest should stop working out his muscles so that more blood can flow to his brain.

  72. uoykcuf says:

    i don’t think it hurts lakers chance though. MWP was invisible @ most of the games.

  73. Not Enough says:

    i’m a laker fan, yet a thunder fan.. i think the suspension is just right, every game in playoffs is a huge game..

  74. beantownallday says:

    only place that dude should be allowed to play ball is in prison.. thats how he plays anyways

  75. Aljon says:

    that is enough sanction on his an sportsman like act.. it should not tolerated and it should punish

  76. An unhappy laker Fan says:

    Obviously, he intended to throw the elbow. He’s had so many chances, and the people who say he did it accidentally is obviously a Laker fan (with tons and tons of bias). I mean, I love the lakers, but I am not sticking up for what Artest (I am NOT calling him “World Peace”) did.

  77. abcdefg says:


  78. John Villalobos says:

    I agree that World Peace deserve that punishment! But take look back on Dyane Wade that also hit Kobe Bryant that also suffered concussion. Think about it! They do anything about? Nothing……..

    • NBAfan says:

      Who gets injured in an All-star game? Wade lost his cool and he injured Kobe….in the end, he didn’t apologize and he acted all smug about it. WHO THE HECK GETS INJURED IN AN ALL STAR GAME?

  79. armin halvadzic says:

    Murphy at SF ? I don’t like it. But Kobe playing SF and Goudelock and SG sounds ok.

  80. notenough says:

    He should change his name from “World Peace” to “Metta War Freak”.hehe

  81. Darell says:

    I think he should request for another name change it should be “METTA WRONG PIECE”. That elbow shot is clearly controllable but he did nothing.

  82. docstone says:

    Seven games is NOT enough, He should be gone until next season, at least.

  83. Mike says:

    I’m a Laker fan till I die and I love MWP (Ron Artest) and I’m 100% behind him and the team but what he did was really shocking even for me as he is really one of the best defenders on the Lakers and him being gone thru out the playoffs will hurt the team a lot (lucky we clinched the 3rd seed and don’t have to play Memphis in first round). I don’t like Harden at all but this is not how a game of Basketball should be played on the hardwood and even if this was on the street you never hit a guy like this. What MWP did is now in the past and Lakers, NBA and all of the fans have to learn from this and move on. I hope this is truly the last time MWP gets himself into sticky situation like this. I truly hope that Harden is ok and ready to play on Saturday as his teams needs him just as much we need MWP.

  84. keith walter says:

    harden is just such a softy like a little baby. so soft!!! i dont agree with the suspension. most probably 3 to 4 games is enough.

  85. Court Lutgen says:

    Should have been stiffer punishment. Makes me feel ill to see it. Bad person. Bad for league. He never really apologized for anything. Embarrased for NBA. What would NFL commish had done?

  86. Marjun P. Arboladura says:

    didn’t learn his lesson.surely this guy have an attitude problem.release this guy from the roster.

  87. richy says:

    As a Laker fan, i am disappointed about the suspension. it should have been a 2-3 games suspension, not seven. this is too heavyhanded and defeats the purpose. MWP is human and it happened in the heat of the moment and he did apologised. those guys were getting too physical and we werent getting the calls….
    whoever made this decision definetly didnt think it through. i am disappointed

    • Kenneth Mittbach says:

      MWP did not appologise. He elbowed Harden in the back of the head and then pretended as if nothing had happened. After the game, he tweeted that he ‘did not see him’. A cowardly and disgraceful act by MWP both on and off the court. The Lakers (and their fans) should consider themselves lucky that he only got seven games suspension.

      • Peter M. Arel says:


    • Sam says:

      5 games suspension should have been sufficient

    • typpercat says:

      Be disappointed! Artest is a menace!

  88. Chris says:

    I am not sure if I am the only one who saw it or if im the only one who knows how punks try to act in the court. Yes, MWP’s reaction was a little too much. But what I also saw was Harden was tryn to act like a punk and got in his way to irritate MWP. I know it because I played enough physical ball. Watch the replay again and see Harden move in to MWP’s path with his shoulders ready to bump someone. Not saying WWP’s action is justified, what he did was wrong and he deserved the suspension. I’m just saying we should all look into what brought about the situation closely as well.

  89. AJ says:

    Why would Harden get in the way of celebrating if its their ball, they still have the run up court but he gets in his way?

    Harden wanted that to happen, he knows MWP and he would elbow..

  90. kaleil12 says:

    lakers can win the first ound without him, but they need him in the 2nd round to guard kevin durant so they should be good.

    • justplayball says:

      ….won’t make it out of the 1st …. even with the badboy in there like a bull w/ battered brains!!!

  91. few2many says:

    David Stern cannot be permitted to run the NBA like a dictatorship. I look forward to the day he’s forced to leave!!
    This is another example of his unfair and seemingle uninformed ruling; which cannot be appealed.
    Call a spade a spade and call a punk a punk. Harden is a bigger trouble-maker than WorldPeace. He’s been trash-talkiing and beard-rubbing and pushing and shoving to the point of technical fouls. Harden bumpded into WorldPeace. He provoked the attack. Sure, the attack may have been slightly more than what is acceptable. But, the point is, Harden is not at all innocent.
    If no elbow was thrown, would HARDEN have gotten a “T” for intentionally bumping into a player, for no reason? He’s been doing it for way too long and it’s about time it stopped! This incident can be squarely blamed on the officials and their unfair and incosistent calls of games. Mgmt is TOP Down. Officiating of games if just like the way Stern runs the NBA.
    ALSO, message to Mr. Dictator Stern:
    How can you do this and NOTHING to WADE. WADE’s was preMETTAtaded! WADE YElled at the ref and took the law into his own hands, tackling KOBE, resulting in a concussion and a broken nose.
    Stern is NOT FAIR! Stern’s dictatorship must end!

    • Kenneth Mittbach says:

      ‘Harden bumpded into WorldPeace. He provoked the attack.’ What a load of BS. Harden was walking towards the baseline under his own basket, looking for a teammate to inbound the ball. He had every right to be there. So what if MWP was celebrating his dunk, is there a special rule that states that players are not allowed to go anywhere near their own basket if a player of the opposing team is standing there after they scored? That’s like arguing that Bynum should not have been ejected from the Lakers’ last game in the playoffs last year for shoving JJ Barrea, since Barrea ‘provoked’ the attack by driving to the basket…

      • Ledzepage says:

        That Harden is one of the dirtiest players in the league has to be one of the funniest comments I’ve read all year.

    • David says:

      Laker fans are really a trip, or maybe just on one?

    • justplayball says:

      ….AGAIN…… Ken and LedZep…… y’all are 100% on target and few2many is just a normal lakerfan/MORON

    • Peter M. Arel says:


  92. Coach Dee says:

    It looked like a non-appearance in the First Round of the Playoffs. Just as I expected it to be. More than that will be just not as appropriate.

    No worries to the team that will face Lakers in the 2nd Round. MWP will be tamed by MVP Kobe Bryant. He’ll kick his behind if MWP will get out of control. LOL.

    #GoLakers #PlusOneMoreRing

    Just hope Mr. Sekou now is happy. Why didn’t he write about MWP getting the penalties?

  93. TS says:

    Acceptable to Laker fans, and that’s about it. The NBA needs to to better. It can do better. There’s 29 other teams in this league. If Artest had done this on a different team, in a game that was not publicly televised, the suspension would’ve been much stricter. But since this game was a Laker game, and was on National TV, the NBA clearly is trying to save face by suggesting it wasn’t that bad of a foul, and that Harden and his Oklahoma City Thunder deserved a big fat elbow right in the back of the head for no reason whatsoever.

    Players maliciously attacking players to win games might be good for ratings, and might be normal for the Lakers, butan elbow like this is extremely dangerous and should heavily be avoided as much as possible in the NBA. This slap on the wrist 7 game suspension does not serve the atrocious act of violence that Ron Artest displayed. Not even close. I’d say the NBA should be ashamed, but I’m not going to scratch anyone’s back by adding disheartening comments towards the suits in this league that care nothing about the sport of basketball, and enjoy watching fans struggle though the horrible actions of a Lakers forward.

    Basically, take that you wussy fans that can’t handle a blend of dirty street fighting/NBA that we’ve created. This is 2012, you don’t like our product? We’ll I’m sure there’s a Pro Soccer team somewhere in your state. Go buy one of those jersey’s, we could care less about how you wimps want our league to be played.

  94. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    the suspension is not enough, metta world peace should be terminated from the is not the first time that mwp did this, maybe worst thing will happen next to other players specially all-star players from other teams..the NBA should thing about this..

    • justplayball says:

      ….If it does….there should/will be a LAWSUIT against Artest, the laker organization AND the nba for allowing him to remain in a professional sports league!!

  95. Belizeboy says:

    RIDICULOUS! Stern considered his past history in deciding this yet only added two more games than Bynum got for a hit that was at least 2x worse. I guess Stern can relate to Artest quoting “celebrating” as his reason for his action, as Stern qouted “basketball reasons” for his earlier this season.

  96. NBAfan says:

    I agree that the swing was wrong. I agree that the he should be suspended. I dont’ have an opinion about the number of games….but to call it an “unprovoked elbow” isn’t fair I think. Harden had no business bodying him and basically moving with him while he celebrates. Was he trying to set a moving screen on Metta as he was trying to get back on defense? That’s provocation in my book! A smart, sly, and legal provocation the led to a clearly illegal elbow to the head, but that’s NOT UNPROVOKED.

    Kevin Love, one of the leagues brightest stars stomped Scola while he was on the ground. THAT was unprovoked, and he only got what…2 games?

    Metta, because he looks like Ron Artest of Malice in the Palace infamy, gets 7 games.

    Metta, if you’re reading this. I understand man. If some random bum throws a drink at you just because you’re on the visiting team, anybody will get angry. If some young punk disrespects you while you celebrate, you get angry. HOWEVER, YOU GOTTA BE SMART ABOUT YOUR ANGER MAN!!! You want another ring don’t you? More importantly, you want to continue playing ball no?

    • Kenneth Mittbach says:

      Last time I looked, players end up close to each other on the court all the time during a game. Harden wasn’t even looking at MWP, he was looking at Ibaka to inbound the ball. To call his ‘action’ provocative just proves that you’re a biased Lakers fan.

      • Ledzepage says:

        Ive been dealing with these biased laker fans all week. There reasoning is summed up in: Harden bumped into Metta intentionaly and therefore deserves to be hit in the head by mettas elbow. And Metta had no other option but to hit Harden because he is,well,Ron Artest.

      • justplayball says:

        ….Kenneth and LedZep…… exactly ……. & lakerfan is ALWAYS biased and spoiled…that is how they have been raised by the nba…. Now when things Cannot go their way…. they turn into their normal crybaby selves……Live with it lakerfan…..and move on…. He didn’t NEED to be on your ‘team’ but they(management) did what they ALWAYS do ….. grab/buy the highest profile player available ….. too bad you got your hand slapped with it in the cookie jar this preseason!!!!! lol….lol…. How do you like sharing the spotlight (in you own arena no less) with the Clips?? It is fun to watch outside SoCal…..

    • David says:

      Wonder where you live?

    • Bill says:

      After seeing that flop he took doing the exact same thing against Chandler I don’t feel bad at all. Keep playing with fire and you’ll eventually get burned. On the bright side, at least he didn’t have to flop this time.

    • Darklander says:

      Wow! You are trying to bend the logic because you are a moronic laker fan? You idiot!

  97. world peace says:

    Please help the world to have peace, not violent!

  98. allaroundballer says:

    That was big elbow swing, no matter metta saw who’s blocking his way or not. He just want to hit! This guy simply unable to control himself, explode anytime. who knows

  99. AJ says:

    As a Laker Fan, Kobe needs to be a SF and Morris or Goudelock be a SG…

    Or Trop Murphy can be a SF 😉

    • AJ says:

      Troy cannot be a SF, BTW, Morris also cannot be a SG as he cannot shoot at all. Goudelock is a good choice though.

      Hope Matt and Devin both are healthy…

    • phillip says:


    • OMG, Troy Murphy doesnt even belong on the court. I don’t even know why the Lakers signed him. There is a reason he has played for 4 teams in under a year, he stinks!!
      I think Artest is still playing under the mentality of the 80’s/90’s when things like this happen all the time.
      He needs to get in this decade, he did it last year too, otherwise he will cost his team the playoffs!

  100. Cray says:

    I agree with the suspension, but it seems that HTB really doesn’t agree with the suspension given the “fair” option on the poll still believes that it was too little…

  101. Hahaha says:

    Harden is just soft…..

  102. Jay says:

    Well like was mentioned in the video, players don’t get paid nearly as much in the post season. I don’t even think they are paid per game, but some kind of bonus depending on how far they advance. A good image does not win championships and the people that truly care about metta like his family will not dissown him for this. They will be there for him. Lakers don’t start the playoffs till sunday afternoon so ebanks and barnes will be ready to go. Harden will be ready to go on sunday/saturday too, yall making too big a deal out of this. What’s done is done.

    • David says:

      Too big a deal, huh? He belongs in jail!

      • Concerned Fan says:

        Jail?? For real?? It was not THAT serious to warrant jail time.. yes the punishment was well deserved but I have seen MUCH worse in the season and nothing was done but a slap on the wrist (fines) or fouls called during the game… Let’s not put more into this than is needed.

    • Being Reasonable says:

      Hey Jay, forget about the money the players get, forget about the first round of the playoffs. As players and PEOPLE we’re supose to be carteful with the partner’s health. And taking a hit the way Harden did and where he got it is a huge risk, he could easily get a PERMANENT damage in the brain. So now, you tell me, COULD YOU PUT A PRICE SO CAN ANYBODY CAN HIT YOU ION THE HEAD WITH A BAT? Think about it.

      • Hans says:

        Harden tried to initate contact. He did this with Chandler and it ended up being a foul on Chandler. He tried it again with MWP and he found out that life is not always perfect. He wanted to flop, he ended up getting popped. I am not defending what Artest did, but all Harden had to do was move out of his way. It was an emotional response but Harden knew exactly what he was doing when he went into MWP airspace. He just didn’t know what would happen once he did it.

        He should focus on basketball and not doing this:

      • Rich says:

        I am one of those who’s been bashing MWP for the vicious contact but then…
        Hans good find, this is one of those play I had also been referring to. Harden has a habit of going into somebody else’s way trying to initiate unecessary contact even sometimes in a dead ball situation. Too bad he got hit really bad. Elbow by MWP might not be warranted but he clearly presented himself that lead to that opporunity. One of the reason why I can’t feel totally sorry for this guy. Hope you feel better and ready to play for the playoff. We want to beat a full OKC squad.
        MFFL !

      • Denzo says:

        Hans, excellent find, and I have said this all along. it was in intentional to get in Artests way, and you just dont get in a LIONS way.

    • justplayball says:

      ….supposedly WE don’t know when the lakers will play….. got some inside info OR are you just counting on the ‘ol Sunday afternoons are reserved for the nba darlings……celts-lakers and lately heat-bulls?????

    • Darklander says:


  103. Fingazz says:

    it is messed up that this happened to harden but world peace better be ready to play in the playoffs

    • dan'o says:

      Very regrettable on the part of MWP. I believe that his recent “good behavior” buffered somewhat the full weight of his past – in other words caused a 7 game suspension rather than a 10+. As a Laker fan, I hope they can survive the first round without him. As a basketball fan, I wish James Harden a speedy recovery in time for round 1.

      • Owa says:

        The punishment wasn’t even close to adequate. Contact to the skull is serious. Concussions are serious. Law suits over these kinds of actions are increasing. Intentionally inflicting this kind of attack should be dealt with much more harshly by the league if it wants to avoid legal action in the future. Showing no deterrent against the act will only add weight to a plaintiffs claims.

      • RaymondG says:

        I have to agree, I think he should have been suspended from the league. imagine seeing that intentionally done to your father, son or brother….. That is what a few people saw! How many times does someone have to do wrong before he is just kicked out? I use to want to be a basketball player…..I wanted my sons to be players… I dont even want to watch it!

      • justplayball says:

        ….you are probably right……. I would have liked to see 10 games OR the rest of this season, including playoffs….but I hope he can Really turn it around or get back to the good that he has done in the last two years (man that was hard to say!!) but, you Dan’o have the Most reasonable lakerfan post I’ve seen—-on Any issue…. kudos !!!!! PS: I also wish J Harden a speedy recovery!! Good luck to both teams in the postseason and I hope it is strong and safe! playoffs !!

      • justplayball says:

        @RaymondG……..I clearly see your point ….and it is one of the Most Important points in this issue…. how this is perceived by younger set ….. good post Ray

    • maran747 says:

      To RaymondG….so you only watch the NHL now?

      • justplayball says:

        …man what a snotty reply……. you don’t know what he watches but you make a snide remark because he cares deeply about his kids….. uf Do YOU have kids??? naram 474???