Time To Vote … DPOY?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Much like the debate that goes on every year regarding the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award,  selecting a Defensive Player of the Year is an exercise based largely on the subjectivity of the voters.

Without a clear-cut set of statistical markers a player can reach to solidify his case, the issue is left to the discretion of those with ballots. And that means 2.4 blocks per game by one player might be seen as defensive prowess while 2.4 blocks per game by another player are simply digits and a decimal attached to a name and little else.

NBA.com’s Shaun Powell had to try to make sense of the minutiae while crafting his ballot, which includes a list of the expected names (Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler, LeBron James and Serge Ibaka). But instead of riding with the obvious and incumbent choice, Howard, Shaun went in a different direction:

Is it possible to be the team MVP when Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudamire wear the same uniform? If so, then Chandler’s that guy. The Knicks didn’t become a better team until they took a cue from their center and began to make defense a priority.

Chandler is indispensable because he means so much defensively. He bails out teammates, starts the break and does what others cannot do or will not do. He ranks in the top 20 in rebounds per game (10.0, ninth), rebounds (607, 11th), blocks per game (1.44, 18th) and blocks (88, 16th).

“Tyson is our anchor,” Anthony said. “He gets us going.”

TNT’s David Aldridge picked Serge Ibaka as his winner, giving the nod to the league’s shot-blocking king rather than the incumbent. He makes the case for Ibaka:

At any rate, Ibaka has already surpassed his block total from all of last season despite playing nearly 200 fewer minutes. He leads the league in swats (3.6), but it’s not just the rejections that make him the league’s standard-bearer. His intimidation factor is close to Howard’s, and the Thunder have become tougher to score on in the paint. (OKC has improved from 13th to eighth in defensive efficiency, even more impressive considering the Thunder are sixth overall in pace, meaning they have more possessions per game than most teams.)

If the award went to the most versatile defender, James would get our nod. He’s the only player on the ballot capable of guarding all five positions on the floor (depending who the opposing team’s center is at any given time).

But again, without a clear-cut indicator of what the standard is, we’re left to our own imaginations. Same goes for all of you. That’s why we’re putting it to a vote …


  1. j says:

    TYSON. Hes completely turned my knicks around.

  2. Ken says:

    Kevin Garnett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. beantownallday says:


  4. TC777 says:

    The poll in this post is meaningless because There is a program bug in the poll – ppl can vote as many times as they want; that’s gotta screw the votes.

  5. icyplatinum says:

    Oh… and get this, Ron Artest won DPOY back in 2004 averaging 2.1 steals and 0.7 blocks and 5.3 rebounds a game. Just food for thought for those of you who think this DPOY is a stat game. If that’s the case, Amare Stoudemire would win… get it?

  6. icyplatinum says:

    Just look at the games when Tyson Chandler did work on Dwight Howard (“Best center in the NBA”). I think that says enough…

    • Telcontar says:

      Dwight Howard was playing after missing games with injury and a few days later, he would be completely out for the season.
      So don’t talk about how Tyson Chandler defending an injured Howard as thoungh Howard was at 100%

  7. Law064 says:

    Ibaka or Dwight are the front runners. I pick Dwight because he is averaging more steals and Rebounds

  8. Bill says:

    Dwight Howard averages 18.2 rpg with 10.8 drpg

    Tyson Chandler gets 10 total rpg.

  9. Bart Apollo Monton says:

    Serge Ibaka should be the DPOY,because he has the most blocked shots this year.It’s no doubt to select IblockA…

  10. Reggie says:

    It should be Tyson chandler by a mile. Not even close.

  11. San205ful says:

    Tyson Chandler no doubt. Deserves to be the defensive player of the year.

  12. king james says:

    king james is the best when he gets near the rim theres a block party i mean come on he blocked dwight howard so you should refer to king jmae right now

  13. TS says:

    Ron Artest

    When you are allowed to knock out another team’s best shooter, then your team wins a dramatic comeback, that’s the most impressive feat of defense that you will ever see in basketball.

  14. Iblocka says:

    If my name doesn’t give it away, i’m a Thunder fan, so my view are heavily biased.
    I think he shouldn’t win DPOY, since there’s so much more in playing defence then blocking shots, but it’s a big part of it and when ever you average 1.4 blocks more then the second guy, that’s a strong case to stand on.

  15. Neutral says:

    Does getting a lot of blocked shots really indicate you are a good defender?

    Do you really think dwight howard got worse defensively?

    How are the magic defensively as a team? Look at their individual players and then tell me who contributes to their defense.

    Who is the fastest, most explosive and athletic center in the nba?

    I really think there is no argument. Nothing has changed from last year, Tyson Chandler was just as much of a monster on the Mavs. I feel many of you are posting your bias opinions without having seen all of the people in question play. And please, get Lebron out of the conversation, hes a good 1 on 1 defender, but a defensive anchor does much much more.

    If Howard doesn’t get it, he’s getting robbed. I don’t think its a big deal regardless, he’s still teh best defensively player of the decade in my eyes

  16. santos q says:

    Brian Scalabrine deserves it!

  17. dan says:

    LBJ is the best defensive player this year, his overall defense from 1 to 5 position is great, plus he is in top 10 in steals, he is a good shot blocker and he deny the ball in the post and one of the best and quickest help defender out there.
    He will get it together with the MVP thropy.

  18. NBAfan says:

    Defense can’t be quantified with stats so easily…so Lebron has nothing here. Anyway, why size someone up for chase down blocks? If you’re that fast and that strong, you should be able to stop the shot all together…that’s just padding your stats, and at the end of the day, you only got .8 bpg?

    Dwight Howard or Chandler. Dwight for stats and he IS the Defensive Player of the League…not just the year…but Chandler if you value his defensive impact on the knicks…kinda like how Garnett did it for Boston his first year.

    Lebron if you really want to give him a shot at history by making him the only (?) player to win MVP and DPOY in one season….

    In a fair world, Durant is MVP and Dwight is DPOY. In Lebron’s world, he wins both…which world will it be NBA?

    • Telcontar says:

      D12 winning DPOY is a fair thing, BUT
      LBJ puts upa much more well rounded game than KD-
      he’s a much better defender, facilitator and almost as good a scorer
      So D12 for DPOY, LBJ for MVP

  19. Furqan says:

    lebron james should get it, clearly the best perimeter defender in the NBA

  20. dsmith says:

    I voted for the best overall defender in the NBA, Tony Allen.

    Hands down the best defender overall. He shuts down superstars on every team, and has been consistently for 8 seasons. No guard in the league wants to be guarded by this guy, and for good reason: he makes life on the court very difficult. No easy shots, and always the threat of getting your pocket picked before you can shoot the ball.

    DPOTY is about defensive impact, and Tony Allen has it in spades.

  21. IRCool says:

    Loul Deng

  22. Dwade says:

    i think bron will get mavp and dpoy. remeber durant got 9 TO because of lebron defense.

  23. simon says:


  24. simon says:

    GREG STIEMSMA baby!!

  25. tyrone says:

    I think that lebron deserves it. When people think of the DPOY they dont think of on ball defense they think of who can block shots. Lebron can guard everyone, it doesnt matter if they run the point or if they play post. Serge Ibaka though has a very strong case, I would not be suprised at the slightest if he won. Serge Ibaka leads the league in blocks with over 3 per game with less minutes than last year. His per 48min stats is almost six. If Serge Ibaka got the minutes that someone like howard had he could easily average 5 even six bocks a game

    • Bill Russell says:

      just playing devil’s advocate here, but Jared Jeffries can guard all five spots well, and no one is clamoring for him to win the trophy..

      And Ibaka is a shot-blocking dynamo, but has a hard time playing his usual 25-30 minutes without getting in foul trouble – which is often the problem with shot blockers. This is something that people always underestimated about Mutumbo, who could block and rebound at a high rate and stay on the floor.

  26. Mrs Rondo says:

    Kevin Garnett!!

  27. alex says:

    i just want to address a player that isnt the defensive player of the year, but is the best defender in the NBA… Tony Allen
    during the celtics improbable run to game 7 of the finals two years ago, TA shut down melo, wade, and made the lakers rely on their big men (mainly bynum destroying perks knee) had bynum not blown out perks knee the celts would have one that title in 6 games and it would have been because of TA

  28. Dom says:

    Iggy should have, at the least, received a mention…

  29. soaponapope says:

    I have to give the nod to Tyson Chandler. He has pretty much single handedly transformed their entire identity into a defensive-minded team. Say that out loud to yourself: The Knicks. A defensive-minded team. Yes, it’s true. And it’s because of- almost entirely- Tyson Chandler.

    I just can’t think of another player who has so wholly and so completely transformed an entire team’s defensive identity the way Chandler did for New York. LeBron James actually did something similar for Miami, although that was his first year there (although this year they have taken it to a new level and have become just an outstanding defensive team, if sometimes inconsistent in their effort).

  30. Mark says:

    Howard for sure! The only thing Ibaka could do is block. However, Howard can steal, rebound, and blocks.

  31. DPOY says:

    Give it to king james and lets move on already lol

  32. sri says:

    Grant Hill? at least in the first all defensive team….

  33. NBAfan2k12 says:

    Shawn Marion. Look at the box scores of star players playing against Dallas.

  34. ardit12345 says:

    Why not Tony Allen in the mix ? He is maybe the best perimeter defender in the NBA , he maybe hasn’t the good stats but he stops superstars ,I think they should award him with at least an All Defensive Team award

  35. larule says:

    This is an insult to Andrew Bynum and the Lakers franchise, absolutely disrespectful!

  36. googergieger says:

    I always feel the reason Lebron and Kobe by extension are such “great” defenders is because the referees let them. Ever notice the guys playing defense on them are just as aggressive if not less so and yet get called for quick fouls, yet Kobe and Lebron constantly bump into the guys they are defending and slash, poke, and prod and not so much as a warning? I’d give it to Chandler though. He does do a seemingly thankless job. Ignoring Dwight’s late injury, I felt this season he was phoning it in at times. Last year he had an MVP type season. This year? It seems he was ready to leave the team all season and only stayed because there were clearly no better options. At least not mid season.

  37. newyorksteelo says:

    Tyson Chandler hands down, no questions asked!

  38. White mamba says:

    Scalabrine should have it.

  39. Chris says:

    Lebron takes over all positions for defense. His ability to steal and block is incredible. Overall he is the most powerful Defensive player this season

  40. bsj968 says:

    Shawn Marion

    • Dulabob says:

      Thank you! Finally someone with some sense on here. So sick of all the LeBron love, gimme a break. I’m all for Tyson Chandler, think he is amazing, but seriously, there is not one person on the so-called “short list” above who is as versatile a defender as Marion. Marion has to take on the likes of KD, Kobe, LeBron, etc on a regular basis. What this guy does is so underrated and unappreciated, especially by the national media, that it’s ridiculous!

  41. jason24 says:

    probably tyson chandler, without him the knicks have below average defense. with him, they become playoff contenders (not championship, PLAYOFF, because I know some people never truly read the exact words and just start typing a reply as soon as something seems odd to them–when it’s not).

  42. KingJames says:

    Lebron ALL THE way! he D is so intense,ppl like kd dream of it,much better than kobes defense,but thats no secret really.

    • Carl says:

      Why must you mention anyone else other than who you want? Since you brought Kobe in, you must not be aware that there is no better perimeter defender in the NBA.

  43. Billy Brown says:

    Luol Deng deserves this award. He can guard anyone.

    Considering the fact that the Chicago Bulls have the #1 Record and rank #1 in Defense, how is not someone from the Bulls considered for Defensive Player of the Year or even the All-Defensive team. Last year, Luol Deng got snubbed from that team/award. Okay, Joakim Noah got recognized (he’s good defensively but there’s a lot of guys on our team who are better) for the second team.

    In fact, maybe Coach Tom Thibodeau deserves this… But in all seriousness, Luol is the best defender on the best defensive team in the NBA. How is he not even considered? Luol Deng is very underrated. I’m just happy he FINALLY got to be an All-Star this year, even if he should have been last year.

    GIVE LUOL DENG, THE MAN FROM SUDAN, THE AWARD! Or at least put him in the All-Defensive team. He deserves it.

    There’s a reason the Chicago Bulls are #1 in defense. Everyone will acknowledge the Bulls’ great defense, but for some reason no one will acknowledge Luol Deng’s hard work. The guy lead’s the NBA in minutes ahead of Kevin Love, LBJ, Serge Ibaka, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, and everyone else. He’s #1 in minutes, playing about 40 minutes a night. There’s a reason he’s always playing. It’s because of his defense and everything else he provides, which is a lot, might I add.

    Give some credit to Tom Thibodeau and the rest of the Bulls coaching staff by choosing Luol. He deserves it.

    • dattebayo says:

      The reason the Bulls are so good is their teamplay and frontcourt depth. Also Lucas and Butler the 3rd pointguards on the team really produced when Rose and Watson weren’t playing. I agree with you, Luol Deng is an Allstar and first rate defender, he should be All Defensive First Team, but he will have to beat the other forwards in that category. James is right there with him and Shawn Marion had a great year too, Serge Ibaka came up big this year, he would deserve a spot too.

      The competition is tight and as you said: “Luol Deng deserves this award. He can guard anyone.”
      The same goes for Marion and James and the difference is, Marion really had to guard position 1-3 and James 1-4 and not just minor but at certain games major minutes. You have to reward people that do things and not people than can do things and never did.

  44. Tyrant says:

    To all you Dwight Howard haters, LOOK AT THE STATS! Dwight is better and more efficient defensively than any other player in the NBA. His injuries, trade problems and other off the court issues shouldn’t blind ur eyes.. DWIGHT is the DPOY

  45. player1 says:

    if you asked any player in the nba, “who would you hate to be guarded by?” they d all say LeBron James. Hes the toughest one out there!

  46. par says:

    Tyson Chandler deserve it

  47. player1 says:

    Lebron should win both mvp and dpoy. he is clearly the best player out there on the court. And also he will probably win the finals mvp as well. its his year, just let him have it!

    • tom says:

      that is if they get to the finals, and then win in the finals, they still have to get past the bulls and then will more than likely face the thunder in the finals. and we all know how lebron gets in the 4th quarter. i swear everyone forgets what happens to lebron in pressure situations everyone wants to give him the throne every year and act like the year before never happened.

      • lebron#6 says:

        tom you are a complete idiot. How dare you talk about Lebron in the 4th. You must have missed all of those games when he scored 10+ points in the 4th. Get your facts straight before you try to hate on lebron.

  48. Ibaka, Howard or James ?? says:

    This will be a really hard decision. Depending how many games you have seen of a certain team, you tend to pick the best defender on that team. And this year you can make a case for many players:

    Tyson Chandler:
    33.3 MPG – 6.5 DRPG – 0.9 SPG – 1.4 BPG – 3.0 PF
    Shawn Marion:
    30.5 MPG – 5.1 DRPG – 1.1 SPG – 0.6 BPG – 1.4 PF
    Serge Ibaka:
    27.2 MPG – 4.7 DRPG – 0.5 SPG – 3.7 BPG – 2.7 PF
    Dwight Howard:
    38.3 MPG – 10.8 DRPG – 1.5 SPG – 2.1 BPG – 2.9 PF
    Lebron James:
    37.5 MPG – 6.4 DRPG – 1.9 SPG – 0.8 BPG – 1.5 PF
    DeAndre Jordan:
    27.1 MPG – 5.1 DRPG – 0.5 SPG – 2.1 BPG – 2.9 PF

    If it were up to me I wouldn’t vote for Howard because he is not leading as demonstratively as he has lead the league in rebounding and blocked shots in previous years. He lead the league in both categories in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 and last year was 2nd in rebounding trailing with 1.1 rebounds per game and was tied at 2nd in blocked shots trailing by 0.2 blocks. Serge Ibaka, DeAndre Jordan and Javale McGee seem to be the better shot blockers to me, they are all longer as Howard after all. They do not play the minutes Howard plays though and I am not sure if they could physically and without fouling out eventually. Furthermore I am not sure wheter playing more minutes would increase their rebounding numbers up to Howards.
    Lebron is 3rd in steals, a great perimeter defender and I have not seen him struggle as much as you would think while guarding the Power Forward position. Kris Humphries blew past him a couple of times but Pau Gasol, Paul Milsap and other Power Forwards had their problems with him. He is also really good at denying the ball in the low post and boxing people out to rebound.

    I guess the writers will have to choose between Serge Ibaka, Lebron James and Dwight Howard. Best shot blocker, best rebounder oder best all around defender…

    • jason24 says:

      Although stats are important, they aren’t they best in telling the story for awards such as DPOY. However a better stat to include would be the scoring margin when said players are in and out of the game.

    • Telcontar says:

      The only reason D12 isn’t leading in blocks like he used to is because, as the main (and really the onlyimportant) player on his team he has to limit his fouls. This year, he has really tried to decrease them. Morover, D12 is theonly player averaging over 2.0bpg and 1.2 spg (both). Plus he does lead the league in rebounds and D-rebounds.
      Also, he’s Superman.
      So give Dwight Howard (even if you don’t like him, even if you hate him), his fourth DPOY, which, bye the way he TOTALLY deserves

  49. Karl says:

    Dwight Howard no doubts. Why not Ibaka? It’s simple. The Defensive Player of the Year has to have several defensive aspects such as blocks, steals and defensive rebounds. Currently, Ibaka is the best blocker in the NBA but for example, he’s not a player with many defensive rebounds. Dwight Howard was more complete defensively and the stats support this. In this season he averaged 2.2 blocks per game, 1.5 steals per game and 10.8 defensive rebounds per game.

  50. Kobe says:

    Lebron should win DPOY

  51. eknuj says:

    Give it to Lebron..He knows how to block shots and make some steals..qualities of a defensive player..oww how great he is..he is also the MVP this season..Congrats in advance..Don’t forget to take the Finals MVP and trophy also..

    • NBAfan says:

      that’s the thing..as great as Lebron is…he actually might FORGET TO GET THE FINALS MVP and the CHAMPIONSHIP

  52. tupark82 says:

    Tyson gets my nod. Ibaka’s quite a specimen and his shot blocking is extraordinary, but his overall defense is not better than Tyson’s. I mean come on. There are some teams out there that just have FIELD DAYS against the Thunder on a bunch of nights. That’s why you see all these ridiculous shoot-out games with that team. When’s the last time you saw the Knicks defense allow 140 points in a game? Chandler is solely responsible for the Knicks turn around and why they have a chance to win every game because of him. I don’t think you can say the same about Ibaka’s defense just because of his shot blocking prowess.

  53. Bashir says:

    lebron will inw dpoy mvp and finals mvp!