Scoring Race Goes Down To The Wire

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The 2011-12 NBA scoring race is coming down to the wire.

Going head-to-head are a pair of two-time scoring champs: Kevin Durant, who has led the league each of the last two seasons, and Kobe Bryant, who won scoring titles in 2005-06 and 2006-07.

Through Monday, Durant has a slight edge. He also has two games remaining, while Bryant has just one.

2011-12 NBA scoring leaders

Player G PTS PPG
Kevin Durant 64 1,786 27.91
Kobe Bryant 58 1,616 27.86
LeBron James 62 1,683 27.1
Kevin Love 55 1,432 26.0
Russell Westbrook 64 1,515 23.7

The team that could really help determine this year’s champ is the Sacramento Kings. Durant and the Thunder host the Kings on Tuesday, and Bryant and the Lakers will visit Sacramento on Thursday. The Kings have been the third-worst defensive team in the league. They allowed Bryant to score 38 points on March 2.

Bryant has scored 67 points in two games (33.5 ppg) against the Kings thus far, while Durant has scored 85 points against the Kings in three games (28.3 ppg).

On Thursday, Durant and the Thunder will face the Nuggets, the team he scored a career-high 51 points against on Feb. 19 (in an overtime game). So as far as opponents go, it appears he has the edge over Bryant in these final days.

One other advantage is that Durant has been a much more efficient scorer. He has scored 1.42 points per field goal attempt, while Bryant has scored just 1.21 points per field goal attempt.

Durant has shot better from both inside the arc and beyond it. And he’s been able to get to the free-throw line more often.

Shooting percentages

Player 2PM 2PA 2P% 3PM 3PA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% eFG% TS% FTA Rate
Kevin Durant 499 925 53.9% 125 330 37.9% 413 482 85.7% 54.7% 60.9% .384
Kobe Bryant 487 1049 46.4% 87 287 30.3% 381 451 84.5% 46.2% 52.7% .338

eFG% = (FGM + (0.5*3PM)) / FGA
TS% = PTS / (2*(FGA+(0.44*FTA)))

Both players do most of their scoring work on their own. Durant has been assisted on just 48 percent of his field goals, while Bryant has been assisted on just 44 percent of his.

Both Durant and Bryant take a lot of mid-range shots, but Bryant relies on them more. In fact, despite missing seven games this season, he leads the league with 597 shots from between the paint and the arc.

Shooting areas

Β  Restricted area Other paint Mid-range 3-point range
Player FG% %FGA FG% %FGA FG% %FGA FG% %FGA
Kevin Durant 69.7% 24.7% 42.9% 15.2% 47.4% 33.8% 37.9% 26.3%
Kobe Bryant 64.2% 16.9% 42.9% 16.9% 41.0% 44.7% 30.3% 21.5%

%FGA = Percentage of total field goal attempts

Durant gets to the basket more, in part because he gets out in transition more often. He ranks sixth in the league with 280 fast-break points, which is 16 percent of his total scoring. Bryant’s 146 fast break-points rank 43rd, Β just 9 percent of his total scoring.

Two stars. Three days to determine who is the league’s leading scorer for the 2011-12 season.

Who ya got?


  1. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to provide something again and aid others such as you aided me.

  2. kobenesque24 says:

    whatever comments and criticism you throws on kobe…they don’t changed the fact that kobe bryant is the greatest player today…admit it, all of the kobehaters!!!

  3. yeahp says:

    MVP stands for Most Valuable Player doobs! OKC dont need Durant, their whole team consists of superstars such as defensive player Serge Ibaka, Sixth man of the league James Harden, and Flashy Russel Westbrook. Now look at the Lakers, pretty much just Pau Gasol. Bynum, Sessions, and World Peace show results but they aren’t always as consistent. Kobe Bryant may not have the same consistency as Durant but Bryant is good for a reason, his work ethic! People dont realise the attitude Kobe puts into his game. He plays the game smart unlike Lebron’s aggressiveness. He leads the team all the way and so without him the Lakers will not be contenders in the playoffs. Just admit it! Kobe will get the MVP not because of stats, not because of inhumane point streaking, but because he plays the game patiently and smartly.

  4. Threepeat-B.M.G/KB24fan says:

    despite all the hating and trash talk about how bad Kobe shoots hes still the best. and who takes more contested shots than he does? not Durant for sure! And anyone who can speak the truth will admit..

  5. erick says:

    The Lakers is going to be smashed by the Thunders (Lakers 0-4 Thunders)

  6. CertifiedP says:

    Durant can have the titel, but…

    Kobe = 32 ?
    Durant = 23?

    those young ones, still need to work hard, to keep up with Kobe ! LOL
    they are nothing compared to Kobe, when he was at that age!

  7. Fefe says:

    @Jay: You said that many expert calls Bryant the smartest to ever play the game???? What’s that???!! Who are your experts??

    Being one of the BEST basketball players doesn’t mean being one of the SMARTEST. He is of course smart in terms of basketball IQ, but the best??? Not so. Even right now in the league I can find smarter players in terms of BB IQ (Nash, Fisher, Duncan, Kidd, etc), so talking about SMARTEST ever is crazy.

    What is sure is that you ain’t the smartest.

    And I’m being objective: I love Kobe and his game. But as a fan of his game, I can stay objective and point out his flaws (like selfishness).

  8. devilinace says:

    do you think theres still nba after jordan retired without kobe bryant????whos player in the nba ever play and moves like mJ???when mj retired in 1993 and came back in 1995, you yourselves knew between those years your looking whos gonna be next mj….if mj did not comeback, maybe theres no nba today…mj ensures that when he retired again there someone that will cary that burden and he saw that in kobe bryant the successor of his greatness…

  9. chris says:

    WHo will win …deserves it coz we know that without this players their team will not be in that possession

  10. john says:

    And still, only .5 points separating the 2. Durant can’t do it 2 years in a row i bet you

  11. john says:

    If Bryant played as much games as Durant, Kobe would surely get the title, but now we will have to see, 6 game gap, only 170 points, and Kobe scored 170+ in 4 games this season, am i wrong?

  12. lakermig says:

    as soon as you read that name K-O-B-E you know there are gonna be truck loads of comments form lovers and haters but at the end of the day the haters only hate cause hes so awesome and hes shat on their teams for the past 15 years..lets face it its a fact so its still a form of respect whether all you haters admit it or not i dont exactly see this amount of comments and hating about players like shannon brown or a tony allen or even a manu ginobli or Kevin durrant you have to be great to have haters.

    He wont win the scoring title and only because of the shin injury, KD put up 32 last night against sac and will prob put up another 20+ in the final game while kobe prob rests on thursday….who cares

  13. Parker00 says:

    I just have one question reading everything that has been posted on this. What do people have against Durant? Im just curious. Im not a lakers fan or a thunder fan. But Kobe has done stuff that has made him seem less appealing to the media(like the rape-case he was involved with in 2003) where as Durant comes off as just a young player who has yet to become effected by all the media and hype(the guy still kisses his mom on the cheek after each game)

    So. Coming from a Spurs fan, why are there so many KD haters?

  14. KB24 says:

    If Kobe was a selfish player, how come he had 14 triple doubles in his career., unlike KD who I thinks did not get any triple double in his career….

    • Kalbo!! says:

      what a moron.. you think throwing out triple double proves you’re not a selfish player? where’s your brain? and comparing numbers of career triple-doubles of a seasoned player with a new one? can’t even express in words how patheticly stupid you are..

      • Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

        tama ka kalbo.. bobo yan kobe.. dapat umuwi nlanang ng africa yung si kobe at makipaglaro sa mga kamag anak nyang baboon.. si durant mukang din baboon pero mas mukang baboon si kobe at isa pa si joakim noah..

  15. The Teacher says:

    Stupid comments are stupid.

    Let all of you reminded that;
    Kobe is way past his prime, and that Durant is on his prime.
    Kobe shoots more tough shots than Durant.
    Kobe plays in a new system where Mike Brown wants Kobe to shoot more, thus the high field goal attempts considering his age and also now he do not have the Kobe Ball play designed in the ‘during’ the triangle where he can create high field goal percentage shot of his own, but still maintaining the threat of the triangle offense.
    Kobe really has the highest basketball IQ in the league, even his co-players league wide will agree to that.
    Kobe is a better clutch performer than Durant. (see OKC v LAL latest game)
    and like David Aldridge said, “Once (Kobe) sinks one, he opens flood gates.)

    Kobe would not play versus the Kings. He needs rest for the post season.
    Durant will claim the scoring title but the Thunder will lose to the Mavs in the first round.

  16. Ruben says:

    If Kobe wants it…he will get it. Simple as that, it all depends on the minutes he plays. Look how hard he plays in the allstar game just to win the allstar game MVP. Come on…the guy is a winner

  17. nbafan says:

    looking at the game with sacramento, it seems more likely that KD will win it. Kobe might not even play on their last game since they’ve already clinched the pacific division.

  18. Paul Mari V. Darong says:

    If KOBE will play against the KINGS, he should give all of his shooting skills to score a large points, but if I were Kobe Bryant I would say that I already proved my self to the fans! I’m a laker fanatic since birth so for the Lakers go for the 17th Banner and 6 ring for kobe, !!!

  19. dayladavid says:

    The funny thing is people think Durant and Kobe actually care about a scoring title. They’ve both proven they can score; a scoring title is just a plus, but in the long run, no one cares, and neither do they. Neither of them are going to purposely stat-pad just to have the highest PPG. Winning is more important.

  20. SaYo says:

    kobe will most likely play, he wants to be warmed up for the playoffs as he said

  21. Idiots says:

    love the comments that say kd will win it because he is younger. WTF are you guys 5 yeras old? Or that the lakers will lose if he gos off for a insane amount of points theyll lose. Fckin retards in here. get a life a life and quick arguing about whos a better player. Nobody cares about any of your comments. you all simply dont matter. just a bunch of fckin little bastard teenagers in here that think they know what theyre talkin about.

  22. TulsaJohn says:

    Durant scored 32 against the Kings. The Thunder plays Denver on Wednesday so the Lakers will know on Thursday how many points Kobe needs to win the scoring title when they play the Kings. Here is a table that tells you how many points Kobe will need based on Durant’s scoring vs. Denver. The first column is Durant’s scoring. The second column is the additional points Kobe will need. NOTE: If Durant scores 30 and Kobe scores 36 they will tie with an average of 28 PPG.

    Durant Bryant
    0-1 +10
    2-11 +9
    12-20 +8
    21-30 +7
    31-39 +6
    40-49 +5
    49-58 +4
    59-67 +3
    68-77 +2
    78-86 +1
    87+ +0

  23. I.AmBball says:

    Durant will win the scoring title BUT…. if they go head to head in the playoffs Kobe will show his BRILLIANCE!! & be the one to shine

  24. Eric says:

    If there was a most clutch player title, Kobe would win that every year

  25. Eric says:

    Lakers vs. Thunder: Kobe scores 26, Durant scores 35…. Lakers win the game, Thunder loses. kobe doesn’t care about anything except winning games to ultimately win a championship. so durant might win the scoring title, but thats not the title kobe cares about. kobe has 5 of the titles he cares about and wants to get his 6th. I’m sure kobe will play limited minutes in the Kings game since the Lakers clinched the 3 seed with the clippers loss. Let durant have the scoring title, it means nothing. Although I would like to see Kobe get it as a fan.

  26. amber says:

    im a kobe fun but also a kd fan…hope kd will give it to kobe this time,after all kobe holds it a long time for this season…

  27. BBALLING007 says:

    People sitting out doesn’t affect the PPG, because it doesn’t count as a game played ! So all the guys saying KD is only near him cause he sat out are wrong, if anything it was harder for KD to catch up cause Kobe just stayed at the same PPG.

  28. GrizzBaller says:

    I’ll bet Kobe scores at least 50 points on this last game!

  29. Yugiowe says:

    Kobe has an advantage if he wants to go for the scoring title because KD had already played his last 2 remaining games
    before Kobe plays SAC on thursday night. I understand that PPG will be the basis for the title – and as of now , i think only 6 points are separating the two – with both got one game to go ….if Durant scores above 28pts against denver , then kobe needs to score 28pts +6 pts(present difference) + Xpts (KD scores more than 28pts ahainst DEN).

  30. All this stuff about someone being more selfish than the other… if you are going to singularly take over 25 shots in a game, you have to be a little selfish. And both Kobe and Durant do that. That’s not even a bad thing! That’s their job! they are on their teams to take those shots and score. Kobe was out for 7 games so Durant will likely catch up, not to mention he is an incredibly natural scorer. Don’t forget though.. Kobe’s 7 years older and he’s still hammin. Either way both guys deserve it whoever wins.

  31. Tim says:

    So Kobe’s last game will have to outscore Durant’s last game by 7 points for him to get the ppg lead.

  32. Iblocka says:

    There are far too many ignorant people writing on here. Have a proper argument to make before you write something.

  33. ACe says:

    Kobe has to play a +30 point-game to have the edge. At least 35 points-and-up to prove the doubters wrong.

    For who’s smarter, it is definitely Kobe. In terms of skills, it’s still Kobe. KD only has an advantage in athleticism, other than that, I think Kobe has the edge. He can hurt a team in many different ways. Though I think, at times, his flaw can be attributed a lot to his attitude — wrong decision making, otherwise, I think he’ll be a lot more fun to watch.

    For the guys who believe it should be judged according to the total points scored… OH! Common! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Use your logic. Compare a guy who scored a total of 1000 points in just 30 games to a player who has 1100 who already played in 45 games. Does it makes sense to you now? There’s a big difference. It takes the other guy 15 games to have a 100 more points in total.

  34. Nicanor says:

    I love Kb to win, but it seem like KD win win the scoring this year. But I do know that Kobe has no problem scoring 80pst at kings and if he dose let him be the one .

  35. NBAfan says:

    Ok..Durant scored 32 (on 7 for 19 shooting, 37%, but nobody is complaining about his shooting percentage)…IF he doesn’t play his last game, Kobe just needs 34 to tie….easy for Mr. 81….

  36. Sparhawk says:

    Durant has this easy, scoring title wont be hard since he is in the lead. As long as he doesnt shoot badly. I still think chris paul or durant will get the mvp.

  37. KOBE24THEBEST says:

    If Kobe scores 35 points, and Durant scores 28 points next game Kobe will win the title.
    If Kobe scores 40 points, Durant will need 35 points in his final game to beat Kobe.
    If Durant scores 25 points Kobe will need 32 to beat him..

    None of these favour Kobe.. but Durant’s game is first and I bet he is going to get rested. If he plays Kobe will know exactly how much he will need to beat Durant the next day.

    In a way Durant needs less points, but it favours Kobe because he plays last.

    Durant had the title in the bag.. had he played in the fourth against SAC lol.

  38. Nikko says:

    Kobe will not play on SAC. He rather to rest his shin for preparation to playoffs than winning the scoring title. trust me esp. the lost of LAC to ATL lately.

    • NBAfan says:

      I think he will…maybe not for the scoring title, but just to get his rhythm back after being off for a while.

  39. KobeinPhils says:

    KOBE is just simply giving chance to Durant for the title .. thats a fact .. take it or leave it Kobe haters !

  40. jonski22 says:

    Kobe has an advantage…KObe will win the scoring title. If the Clips lose one of it’s game, the Lakers are guaranteed to take the 3rd spot, they can rest Drew and Pau. And since Kobe has resting for a while, he will play against the Kings, with Hill, McBob, Barnes and Session/Blake…i think you everybody knows where the scoring will came up.

  41. gege20703 says:

    Im not a KOBE lover Or fan But regardless of that thing.. If ONLY KOBE played those so Called “REST YOUR ACE PLAYER” He will win The Scoring title.. 54 to 56 games vs 64 to 66 Games? hahaha! Make sense right? I’m a fan of KD35 since Freshman year of his college but i think Kobe should win it.. but statistically DURANT will Prevail=)

  42. Aldrin says:

    Kobe will get two titles. Pacific Division & Scoring Title this year plus maybe early next season 30K points..

  43. KB4Title says:

    Kobe for sure. Durant may have more games, but doesn’t mean he’s can score a lot in all of them. So that might make him go down. Kobe’s gonna rock in the last game.

  44. rebocil says:

    kobe is the “greatest ball hogger of all time”

  45. Mitchel says:

    KD had already 16 pts. in just 1st QTR against Sacramento Kings today.. I think he will get it again.

    • NBAfan says:

      KD wants it….and that’s wonderful. I’m happy that the Durantula will carry the competitiveness and killer instincts of the Black Mamba….

  46. Nerd Stats says:

    Man..Im tired of all you kobe haters.All you talk about is how many shots kobe takes and how many he misses..what % he will Average. Listen kids, first of all KD is almost 7 ft tall SF.He can shoot over anyone whenever he wants.KD is young and healthy. Of course he can average 50% if he wants to.Just like lebron 6’8 250-270 pure muscles..But you guys never think about what kobe’s going through.This guy just got divorce..lost his house.this guy is old,playing ALOT of minutes,not healthy. he’s 6’6 205.He will never have LBJ’s game or KD.Kobe is a straight killer and a scorer. All he cares about is Winning..this guy doesn’t care about low % shots, he will win the game for you when it counts because he has that heart.His been doing this since he was a young Kid in the Nba..Cause NO ONE had the ball’s to take big shots like this guy, even when Shaq was in the team.It’s sad that you guys won’t give kobe a break, even the media..Just remember he’s not in his Prime anymore.You won’t see Kobe running his mouth,tweeting about is awesome games or Highlights..The only time Kobe will talk is when the media is around him.Kobe will be at the Gym..spending hours practicing..That’s what made him great, and the reason MJ said hes great and the reason Phil Jackson said hes great.
    at the end of the day, he’s running with 5 rings because he’s a winner.When he’s gone I know some of you will miss him..I know true laker fans will miss him. and I know true basketball fan’s will miss him.

  47. Hello says:

    hey I’m Kobe and my IQ says get the rebound while i shoot my 20% chance shot

  48. GT says:

    Durrant is 10 years younger so he should be shooting at a better percentage, the catch is 14 from 20 will loose every time compared to 20 from 50. Do what you do best Kobe and put em up, make or miss he really doesn’t care, thats the difference from the Black Mamba and everyone else in the NBA

    • francisco says:

      NONSENSE COMMENT, KOBE NEVER , EVER, HAS SHOT 47%IN A REGULAR SEASON, I get tired of fans bringing over kobe age, his numbers are basically the same, STOP TRYING TO WASH PEOPLE BRAIN

      • NBAfan says:

        hey, if it isn’t HTB’s biggest Kobe hater! Knew I’d see you here…

        Hey Francisco…you do NOT like to focus on a NUMBER if it’s Kobe’s age…but you are so hung up on 47% FG???? You’re a hypocrite.

        If you’ve ever played any form of competitive and organized basketball in your life, you’ll know that players get their points differently and so their FG% will be different too. Kobe had Shaq to clog up the lane most of his career. Now, he has Bynum and Pau to do that. He doesn’t have as much freedom as Lebron or KD or Wade or Westbrook. He had to get his points from mid to long range and if you get your points that way, 45% is good enough.

        Shaq left in 2004, and Pau joined the Lakers near the end in the 2007 season and kobe averaged 27.6, 35.4, and 31.6 during those years without an inside threat so he was free to attack as he wishes. He also shot .450 and .463 in those 30+ ppg seasons. He also had amazing scoring feats like 81 pts and 60+ in 3 quarters. THIS IS WHAT KOBE CAN DO INDIVIDUALLY. I’d like to see KD or Lebron try to average 35 ppg in a season and keep their FG% the way they are now.

        If the Heat or Thunder gets a real inside threat that demands the ball, I bet Lebron and KD’s FG% will drop. Last time I checked, if you take Lebron’s 101 dunk makes and 101 dunk attempts, his FG% drops from 53% to 48%. This doesn’t even include all the lay ups he takes. If you just count his jumpers and threes, I bet his FG% is not high at all…maybe lower than 45%. Durant..well, he’s a shooter…that’s why he’s the Durantula.

      • Francisco says:

        @nbafan..where is your argument, check lebron shooting % over the years , you will see his improvement, if lebron wants to score 35 ppg he will do it with better % than kobe, kobe does not have the atleticism and strength than Lebron has to go to the
        basket, why his shooting % has not improved when SHAQ was not there to take space, that defeats your argumentLEBRON is a player maker, like durant,kobe wade and he has the best shooting % , no matter how he does it THE GUY IMPACTS THE GAME MORE THAN EVERYBODY ELSE.I am always taking against kobe because I am not a fan of him, I have follow the game from when around kobe started, he IS A GREAT PLAYER who did not became a SUPERSTAR overnigth , like LEBRON,DURANT, WADE, he matured slowly, actually when the LAKERS won the first ring(3peat).Kobe wasNOT AND STAR

        TRUST I am not a hater, I just love the TRUTH AND HISTORY(NUMBERS)

  49. Ryan says:

    KD will win this one. The reason? Theres no other scorer on OKC. minus Harden, the 100+ score will be split between RW and KD. I’m a kobe fan but this is not the championship kobe wants. He want his 6th… Go Lakers!

  50. Mokee says:

    Kobe is only interested on getting the championship title.. not scoring title / def title/ mvp none of that…KD can have all the other titles on nba but kobe aint gonna give up the what matter most..the championship.

  51. 17,6 says:

    who cares?…i just hope he wins another title be4 he retires, which will be the saddest day of my life 😦 …he is easily the 2nd GOAT behind only his airness…

  52. pup d says:

    Number 24 will pull out another 40+ game..Its Kobe guys!

  53. Thien says:

    Very well done comparison. Surprisingly I see that you added points per shot and revealed the caveat to shot location. I have durant.

  54. Jon says:

    I think it is just unbelievable that we are even having this debate when you are talking about a player in his 16th season really 18th season if you count the playoffs games and a player who is in his athletic prime. That is a testament to how great Kobe is. Alot of people say Kobe shooting percentage is low however we tend to forget the Lakers are playing in a new system. The 1st half of the season the team did not even know what plays to run. Than you have to think that Kobe was starting along side a 37 year old PG. Dont get me wrong Fisher is a Laker legend but his best days are behind him. I am saying all of this to say Kobe is by far a better player than anyone in the league. People still debate if he is the best player in the league. AMAZING!

  55. CHRIS BAXTER says:


  56. Andy says:

    Durant will definitely win the title…

  57. Wiggz says:

    Kobe is a very strange player. He has that Michael Jordan greed and competiveness. If a record is reachable, he’ll go and get it.

  58. Baelor says:

    With all the stats presented in this article, Kobe leads Durant ONLY in %FGA Other Paint and %FGA Mid-range. Durant leads Kobe in most number of points, points per game and percentage. Have to admit, if this keeps up, Durant should win this unless he chokes and Kobe scores 170 points.

  59. Carl says:

    It’s already been said, but I’ll reiterate: Kobe doesn’t care about the scoring title.

  60. SteveO says:

    Kobe(1 game) Durant (2 games)
    15 39
    16 40
    17 41
    18 42
    19 43
    20 45
    21 46
    22 47
    23 48
    24 49
    25 50
    26 51
    27 52
    28 54
    29 55
    30 56
    31 57
    32 58
    33 59
    34 60
    35 61
    36 62
    37 64
    38 65
    39 66
    40 67
    41 68
    42 69
    43 70
    44 71
    45 73
    46 74
    47 75
    48 76
    49 77
    50 78
    51 79
    52 80
    53 82
    54 83
    55 84

  61. Merlin says:

    Kobe doesn’t even care about winning the the damn scoring title that’s just child play to him he has bigger things on his agenda hmmm idk maybe like another freaking RING!!!!

  62. Vic says:

    Kobe just wants another championship ring.

  63. BIG-D4ever says:

    hey everybody shutup,
    ok now look, kobe prob wont win this title nor the NBA Finals title, nor MVP ‘title’, but for such a heavyily ringed player and such a beast he should be winning these kinda these alot more.
    Its sad tho he only was MVP once. I was hoping Dirk would be in these conversations though.
    and i dont any lakers fan tellin me we got a lucky championship run. Anyway im not here to talk about dirk.

  64. storm says:

    @JUsthoop what are talking about kd fired 11 out of 31 that game while kobe fired 9 out 25… talk about making things up

  65. Math guys, Math. says:

    That Durant has 2 games vs. Kobe’s 1 is actually a disadvantage to Kevin.
    The title is for ppg and not total points. Kevin Durant would therefore have to have TWO good games, Kobe only one.
    Also, what no one has mentioned, Kobe would have the ‘last say’ as Durant would have played all his games when Kobe goes to Sacramento. Kobe would know EXACTLY how many points to score.
    If the Clippers lose any one of their last two games, the Lakers can afford to throw away the Sacramento game, that is IF coach Brown wants Kobe to get the title.

    I don’t know who wants it more, who deserves it more, or who will actually end up with it. All I am saying is that ‘mathematically speaking’ Kobe has the advantage.

    • Wiggz says:

      i agree…100%

    • CHRIS BAXTER says:


      • NBAfan says:

        Kobe needs 36 in his last game to get to 28.00 ppg.

        Durant needs 62 in two games to get to 28.00 ppg.
        If Durant plays only his second last game and rests the last one, he needs 34 in that game to get to 28.00 ppg.

        As far as total points, Kobe just needs to score 2 more points than Durant to tie at 28.00 ppg.

        Actually, mathematically, Kobe has another advantage since he played less games. For example, if Durant scores 40, and kobe scores 42….Durant will average 28.092 and Kobe will average 28.102…not a tie, and Kobe wins.

  66. lope31 says:

    Kobe will win it.

    Durant plays Monday and Wednesday to score as much as he can.

    Kobe plays on thursday – so he’ll know exactly how much he needs to win the scoring title against the Kings D.

    Advantage: Mamba

  67. mrkike says:

    damn soooo many laker and kobe haters apparently. Even if he doesnt win the scoring title. whos got most rings? hes shown what he can do. he doesnt need another scoring title to prove it.

  68. J. KUSH says:

    Kevin Durant will get this easily. He will drop 36-38 points vs kings and another 34,35 vs nuggets. kobe will score about 26 vs kings..KD with a 3 PEAT on the scoring title!

  69. KobeTheGreat says:

    Dear Kobe,

    You are my favorite basketball ever, yes even better than Michael Jordan, your fadeway skills are so amazing and your ability to make tough shots are so sexy….One day I dream to become like you as a basketball player, I always hit the YMCA gym everyday with your number 8 jersey trying to steal your moves but come up empty sometimes on the shots but I still do my best to try to get your moves that you got from the great Michael Jordan.

    The game vs. OKC was an absoutetly amazing game to watch from you, and you proved to the world that your the best player on this planet the way you took over a game, I idolize you and I wish I could meet you up one day and we could play ball even tho it will not be no competiton going against you. Kobe I’ve also got a tattoo of black mamba on my back and number #24 on my chest, Im your biggest fan, I even got posters in my room of you…..My pregnet girlfriend wants to name our son Kobe and I’m really cool with that. As much as I like Durant, I like you more beacuse your more of a complete player and you got that killer instict like the wanna be’s LBJ want to have but they can’t, I pray to God you win this title!!!!

    Sincerly yours,


    • francisco says:

      you are blind , took over 2 of 5 in ot is not to take over , he miss the last shot on regular time, 9 out 26, if Koke is the best basketball player in the nba , I am going to start watching the brazilian league….FANS OMG

  70. Michael Jordan says:

    Rings don’t show basketball IQ, rings show that you had a good team that year and you all played well in the playoffs

    • Francisco says:

      please Michael do not be honest with Lakers fans , because you take away kobe rings the 3 where SHAQ was the man , and kobe not even an star, if you take away that Kobe becomes tracy mc grady, statistiacally, he is not Durant, neither WADE or the superplayer JAMES

  71. Goran V says:

    Scoring title shouldn’t be about PPG but overall points! Right now Durant has scored 28 points six more times.

  72. TheSentinel84 says:

    Kevin Durant for the title … Kobe is old story let’s move on

  73. Mr_Know_It_ALL says:


  74. beast says:

    John Schumann is a nerd Stats are rigged anyways I like kd and kobe but i dont like john schumann

  75. SHOWTIME says:

    Kobe is going to win. We all know he’s got this all figured out. He’s gonna score 50, win the scoring title, then go MENACE in the playoffs, go to the SHIP and win his 6th. SHOWTIME…LEGGO.

  76. SteveO says:

    This is a toss up really, could Kobe score only 15? yes. 55? yes. Both seem reasonable no?
    Kobe(1game) Durant(both games)
    15 39
    16 40
    17 41
    18 42
    19 43
    20 45
    21 46
    22 47
    23 48
    24 49
    25 50
    26 51
    27 52
    28 54
    29 55
    30 56
    31 57
    32 58
    33 59
    34 60
    35 61
    36 62
    37 64
    38 65
    39 66
    40 67
    41 68
    42 69
    43 70
    44 71
    45 73
    46 74
    47 75
    48 76
    49 77
    50 78
    51 79
    52 80
    53 82
    54 83
    55 84

  77. TJ says:

    O i forgot something. Did you all watch the thunder/Lakers game on Sunday? When the Lakers were down 6 with 2 minutes left, why were none of us Laker fans in a panic?? BECAUSE WE HAVE KOBE! When Durant took that 3 pointer to win the game why weren’t we in a panic?? BECAUSE DURANT IS NOT KOBEE. ok forreal this time THE END

  78. TJ says:

    its funny reading the words of Kobe haters. 5 Championships. ENOUGH SAID. we all know Kobe has been the best player in the league for the last decade HANDS down and he only has 1 MVP. Kobe doesnt need to win this meaningless scoring title he’ll just take his sixth ring. Durant and Lebrick can go on with their ringless ashy knuckles. THE END.

  79. TTKIN says:

    C’mon Kobe, it’s just the Kings. The same team you kill every time you see them. The same team you score over 30 per game against. The same team you downed with a game winning 3 right in front of their own bench with both fists just standing in the air (couple years ago but still). YOU GOT THIS! Lead the league in points at ur age! PLEASE!!! Efficient or not, shortened season or not, thats quite a feat! IT’S ALL YOU BRO!!!

  80. Jess says:

    Kobe is all about championships…he doesn’t care about scoring titles or MVP’s. They can keep all that, Kobe will keep pursuing RINGS!

  81. Kobe’s got the kind of game where he could bust Sacremento for 50, 60 or 70 if he wanted – the title is his if he wants it, but if the Clippers lose to either Atlanta or New York, Kobe probably won’t even play the final game of the season.

  82. KB24for#6 says:

    Kobe will win it in dramatic fashion…he will put up 52 pts in a 160-159 2OT thriller in Sac town…

  83. Kobe creates shot opportunities down the stretch better than Durant or anyone else in the league today. Not since Michael Jordan has someone proven to be so deadly in the final moments of close games when everything is on the line. Durant could win the scoring title, but Kobe’s still the guy anyone would go to with the game on the line. He’s the best closer in the NBA and know one even comes close to his talent to create a shot in the clutch. He’s the real deal and the rest are just designer knock-offs, some of you can’t tell the difference but, for the rest of us, the fakers make us want to puke.

  84. JDish says:

    I think Kevin Durant will win the title. Durant just has an edge in the race and it will be hard for Kobe unless he can muster one of those great scoring games for him. Besides its all about age and the overall health of each player. Kobe Bryant is one of the best in our generation but he’s in the latter stages of his career right now, while Kevin Durant is not yet at his peak and he already a scoring champ. Kobe can do it, he can win it, but things have to fall into place perfectly for him to overtake KDurant at this point.

  85. Bill Simmons says:

    Are you kidding me? Kobe is gunning for that title. He plays his best against poor defensive teams. He’s not like MJ, who actually stepped up and played better against better competition. Kobe, shoots worst and scores less against them.

    But, against the Kings, it’s a no brainer. Kobe will take 40 shots to get 40. Kevin will average 30 ppg against Denver and the Kings on 50% shooting, but come up short.

    Congrats Kobe!

  86. jason24 says:

    Kobe is a beast, Durant is a beast. Yes Kobe takes more shots. Yes Kobe takes ridiculously bad shots. 80% of the shots Kobe takes will always be bad shots, but those are the only shots he ever gets–because he’s only 6’6 he HAS to fadeaways over defenders that are same size/more atheltic (every kobe fan knows that he was only gifted with slight above average athleticism)/and younger–of course in his younger days he would be doubled or triple teamed on top of that. How many players do you think can face this sort of defense and still shoot .45 throughout their career (it, probably one (you know who I’m talking about but only because he woldn’t need to fadeaway given his vertical leap).

    Durant is 6’9 and very long, VERY advantageous physically ontop being an already so skilled player, because three’s are too short to guard him and four’s are too slow. I think if there were as many 6’10, 6’11 players that could move as well as durant to defend him, he would not be shooting 50%, of course he’d still be a beast scorer, the durantula!

    Saying Kobe is overrated because of the number of shots he takes and shot selection is kind of flawed in my opinion. It is true, but given his circumstances when playing, he’s doing pretty damn well. I always thought that if Tracy McGrady never had his serious injuries and played with a more desire to be better, he would have been much better than Kobe because of his size and athleticism advantage.

    Durant will win the scoring title, Kobe probably doesn’t care but will try anyways just because he believes he can.

  87. Michael Fredericksen says:

    I say Westbrook takes the title this year. No doubt about it.

  88. daniel.b says:

    although i wish kobe will win the title i dont think he will.. durant is a good scorer and he has 2games left plus hes already ahead of kobe in ppg category. kobe only has 1game left… but u never know

    • TTKIN says:

      Hey that means he has 2 games for his average to go down too! Dont give up! Kobe has this! Plus, he’ll be playing in a building where he licks his chops every time he has the chance to make their fans boo.

  89. dattebayo says:

    People care too much about an meaningless scoring title. If one player averages 0.1 more than the other doesn’t demean or elevate either one.

    And how could Kobe be the scoring champ, when Durant is basically averaging the same points per game with a much better field goal percentage? That is just wrong. When Durant took as many shots as Kobe, he would lead the league in scoring easily and if Lebron did, he would too…

  90. Ian says:

    I thought Scoring tiltle is by having the most points and not just ppg.

    Durant alread leads Kobe in total points 1,786 to 1,616. a whole 170 points more. Kobe isn’t going to win, Durant should already win because of this. He has scored the most amount of points!!! Yea Kobe missed 6 games, but leading the leauge in points is more impressive to me.

    • Stranger says:

      It used to be awarded to players in that season with the most points until later they changed to be based on ppg. and don’t make the rules and impressing you isn’t going to give out awards. take your ignorance elsewhere.

  91. hits_ne says:

    Durant needs to score in two games, 22 points more than kobe’s score in one game. That will gaurantee him his scoring title! or else it is Kobe all the way!

  92. JustHoop says:

    Durant will win because he’s a more efficient scorer and doesn’t have to take more shots than everybody else to come out on top as you saw against the lakers where he shot way less than Westbrook and still had 35, and if you look at Kobe’s stats he shot more shots than both of them and only scored 3 more points than Durant… Overall, Durant does it with ease, Kobe has to force his way to score, it’s time for the era of the Durantula, the Black Mamba needs to take a permanent break.

    • pdsd says:

      Durant was 11-34……….kobe was 9-26….learn to read box scores and go

    • Stranger says:

      I just want to point out that durant was not more efficient than kobe in the lakers-thunder game. durant’s 11/34 vs kobe’s 9/26. but overall this season i do believe that durant’s more efficient. why the hate on the black mamba, many people would love to see him stay and play for a couple more years.

  93. To Idiot Connor M says:

    durant is a smarter player? hahahahahaha

  94. Bez says:

    Much respect to Kobe, but this crown is rightfully Durant’s! He’s got a higher percentage while playing more games and given the teams left for the Thunder to face, the title is for Durant to win or lose!

  95. Ingman says:

    I think Kobe will win it , because Lakers will play Kings on the road , which will be more tight game , and he will play a lot minutes. OKC might blow-out Kings @ home , KD might get less than 30 minutes to play , same with Denver.

  96. juhsiz says:

    Durant will win it. Cuz his teammates and his coach cares about those stuff. In the Lakers game, Westbrook didn’t get the open dunk or layup and gave it to Durant coming from behind. They will just focus on him. But in LA, Bynum always wants to score and never looks outside to guys like Kobe waiting out there, he just blindly posts up and tries to shoot over 3 defenders. And Mike Brown lets him do it. Actually, as seen in last few games which Kobe didn’t play, Bynum shoots much more efficiently when Kobe is playing, because Kobe has played with Shaq and unlike what people think, he knows exactly when and where to feed Bynum and Gasol. The only reason Lakers are not that good this year is that his teammates unfortunately doesn’t know where to feed Kobe. He always gets the ball where Brown wants him to do, which are wrong places. Last night, he struggled with his shooting while Mike Brown and Steve Blake and Sessions decided where he would take the ball, but in clutch, he created his own shots, carried the ball up the court and he decided where to take shots and it all went in.

  97. urdumb says:

    Durant will when it because he cares more. If kobe cared more he would never have deferred to bynum knowing full well bynum isnt god enough to be differed to yet.

  98. Edgar says:

    kobe missed a couple of games (6 games) so if Durant win if because Kobe injured and that it. The Black Mamba The BEST

  99. impossibru says:

    kobe 20ppg, durant 25ppg
    kobe 30ppg, durant 30ppg
    kobe 40ppg, durant 34ppg

    simply put, kobe has to score like crazy and hope durant goes cool.

    i am nt ruling out lebron just yet, though he really is a long shot.

    for lebron to win it all:

    kobe/durant: 20 ppg, lebron 46 ppg
    kobe/durant: 30ppg. lebron 70 ppg
    kobe/durant: 40ppg, lebron 2x wilt

    i am putting out the possibilities only πŸ˜‰

  100. kyle says:

    ahaha at durant smarter then kobe lol kobe has the smartest ball iq in the history of the nba and is in top 5 dead or alive!

  101. Antwan says:

    Its a tight one here but i think kobe will out shine durant, to me he all ready has scoring wise this season he always hits unbelievable shots on the regular that are so high in difficulty. And DALLAS WILL ELIMINATE OKC IN THE FIRST ROUND MARK MY WORDS, dallas is one of the best playoffs teams forget what happened in the season we all know the truth

  102. TD says:

    Durant is a smarter player than Kobe? Are you serious? Obviously you don’t watch the games. Kobe is much more of a thinker at this point in his career. He has lost some of the raw athleticism that carried him throughout his career. In my opinion, he is the smartest player to ever play other than MJ. Durant is young, athletic, and his height and length is unparalleled at the 2 and 3 positions . Kobe relies more than ever on his mind to score points. THE DUDE IS 33 YEARS OLD AND HE IS STILL VYING FOR A SCORING TITLE!!! KOBE WILL DROP 50 on the Kings on Thursday just to prove people like you guys wrong.

  103. pasigiri says:

    I’m a BIG Kobe fan, but this is common sense folks. Kobe has one, 1, game left while Kevin has two. SAC is not very good defensively so Kobe (if he plays *he probably will*) and Kevin can basically have a field day. Those games come down to who will score more on SAC to bump up the avg. BUT Kevin STILL WILL HAVE ONE MORE GAME AFTER THAT. Kobe could put in the points and get that title, but it would probably take a SERIOUS effort (I’m thinking a 50+ night) just to keep the edge against Kevin’s “one more game” um … game. Another thing is the fact that Kobe is focused on another ring. He might just take it easy and play minimal minutes against SAC so he can be in rhythm and well rested for a title push.

    … then there is always that “thing”. That 81 point thing. That 62 in 3 quarters thing. That streak of 50+ games thing. If Kobe comes out playing SAC with a number 8 on his jersey, get your DVRs to recording because it’s going to be historic!!!

  104. jaypark says:

    kobe missed a couple of games so Durant will win it

  105. Edward says:

    Obviously is for Kobe…

  106. jay says:

    are you kidding me? durant smarter than bryant? dude you have to be kidding, cause almost every basketball expert calls bryant the smartest to ever play the game. durant will take this but only because kobe doesn’t care. ha said that few games ago that if he wanted the scoring title, he would get it.

    • Rummpd says:

      Smarter than Steve Nash? Smarter than Magic Johnson? Smarter than Larry Bird? Smarter than Bill Russell? Smarter than Tim Duncan – who plays a much more fundemental and team enhancing game? What a joke anyone that thinks Kobe Bryant is the “smartest basketball player of all time”. Mr. Bryant is a great scorer but surely not the smartest to ever play the game..

      • KDtrey says:

        Lol yea i agree kobe makes some bad shooting decisions… often.. awesome when hes in tune tho

  107. Kevin Love says:

    Kobe would have won it had he not been injured. I think KD will win because he has two games left vs. one game for Kobe. Also KD really wants to win it. Kobe is past that stage in his career.

  108. Lakers4Life says:

    kobe can care less if he wins the scoring title or not he wants a ring not another scoring title that durant is Only gona get this year

  109. fRANCHISE says:

    KD is gonna win the scoring title. I want Kobe to win it, but Durant has 2 games remaining against suspect defenses.

  110. dylan says:

    lol…durant is a much smarter player than kobe? are u kidding me.. 5 rings… 0 rings…enuff said. also durants stupid 3 pointer against the lakers in the end of regulation…not very smart, even the announcers said he should have went in to his ‘amazin’ mid range game lol.

    • dattebayo says:

      Yes exactly. One player with 5 rings after 16 years in the league having an supporting cast to win a title for at least 10 seasons against a player in his fourth year. Durant helped rebuild this team from nothing and now they are the 2nd seed. Give it time and Durant will prove himself, maybe even more than Kobe ever did…

      They are both smart players and Kobe is a savvy veteran so it’s no competition…

  111. scott says:

    Kobe needs to drop 60 pts,,,i personally dont care if they win or lose the game,,,,i wanna see him take 50 shots!!!
    go kobe, ur the man and my hero

  112. Boyan says:

    Durant is not just better scorer than Kobe, but much better player overall.

    • AJ says:

      KD is a great player. But KB got the IQ and better moves.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      When Durant is a lockdown defender and has footwork and an arsenal like Kobe’s, than just maybe we can say that because of his length. But he doesn’t. Kobe does not even get credit as a defender, did you see how soid he played Westbrook the other night???

    • Mike says:

      If you are saying KD is better than must be crazy.. Who is this KD any way? he has been in this league for the last couple of years? What he has acheived so far? In order to match Kobe’s accomplishments KD will have to play basketballl for another 50 years. Kobe was considered the best in the world after MJ for so many years in a row. KD is not even close.

      • KDtrey says:

        Durant has had a better first four years than kobe can imagine… look it up guy. durant averaged 20ppg his first yr after that 25ppg. Kobe had like 7 or something funny. he also way better rebounding

      • Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

        durant and lebron is miles ahead of kobe when talking about first 5 years in the league.. rings? if shaq did not leave orlando tmac would have been the champion not the rapist.. kobe should just go back to africa and visit play with his baboon friends

  113. Kyle says:

    durant should get it just for the fact that he has shot 100 times less and has more points, and they shouldnt do an average it should be who has the most points in that year. Durant almost has 200 more than kobe.

  114. Kb24 says:

    Huge kobe fan here and i want him to win it but i dont think he will just because he cares bout the ring so much more. hes tryin to get his team goin headin into the playoffs

    • AJ says:

      You got it!. I am looking forward to see Kobe in Playoffs. I hope we get Metta back on the lineup atleast by round 2

  115. ARABALLDAY says:

    Kobe aka make it rain on YO MAMA got this, that boy is gonna torch the kings easy win as well as an easy award

  116. Sea Pea says:

    Unless Durant has a couple single digit or real low scoring games….Kobe will have to score 81 again to win.

  117. sbfern805 says:

    If Kobe wins scoring title, Lakers will lose the game…If not , Lakers win the game…

  118. 6ema says:

    at this point in his career kobe doesn’t care so much about the scoring tittle….he cares about rings….so KD will win it because he is younger

    • dattebayo says:

      Right, that’s why he went on a 30+ field goal attempts per game rampage for a stretch until his coach probably demanded him to stop ballhogging. People were going nuts over him scoring 40+ points 4 times straight when all he did was jack up shots like crazy…

      • Stranger says:

        unless you are exaggerating the number of field go attempts he’s taking each game, please list all the games he’s done above 30 this season

      • Jim Maxell says:

        In the 4 game 40 stretch he took 31 shots 3 times and 28 shots the other. He also went to the line at least 10 times in each game. Not a Kobe hater but thats a lot of shooting

    • Schemer21 says:

      Jan 10th V Phoenix – 18 out of 31 Attempts
      Jan 11th V Utah – 14 out of 30 Attempts
      Jan 13th V Cleveland – 15 out of 31 Attempts
      Jan 22nd V Indiana – 14 out of 30 Attempts.

      He also has has 5 other games in January where he took either 28 or 29 shots per game.

      • Stranger says:

        thanks for the info, i never denied kobe being a ballhog but i’m targeted at people who say kobe takes more than 30 shots on a per game basis which is obviously not true or close to true unless they are exaggerating.

  119. Kelwin says:

    Compare points per minute, Kobe isn’t even close.

    On that note, look up Kobe’s efficiency per 48 minutes…
    He’s not even on the first page.

  120. DotheMath123 says:

    How many points Bryant needs to take the lead?

  121. Luc Willis says:

    if Durant wins, the NBA should give him Kobe’s wife

  122. Free Speech says:

    we all know Kobe can go straight out there and score over a hundred points in each of the next two games, and this argument will be settled once and for all. Durant is a nice kid and he probably got next afetr Kobe lasers the last part of his legacy into the hall of fame history stones but Durant can never even walk on the floor that Kobe pissed in his prime. Even to this day, Kobe is still Durant’s daddy, but Durant got next after Kobe is retired in 5,6 or 7 years time

  123. deadx says:

    KD’s gonna win it. Kobe doesn’t care about winning the scoring title. Kobe’s all about the hardware.

  124. KingJames says:

    well we know kobe,hes gonna be a freakin ballhoging shotjacker in the last game,i bet like 20 of 40,and will win the title,he dont care bout bad sp%/FG,he only cares for these records,or lets say honours/awards. but would be funny to see another goerge gervin or david robinson,so lebron makes like 49 on last day or 82 πŸ˜‰ and grabs the scoring title! including defensive player of the year and mvp ofcourse.

    • los lakers says:

      and lebron isint a ballhoging thats all he does y u hate kobe cause hes the best hes got 5 rings haw many does lebron have

  125. BFoulds says:

    KD has this in the bag

  126. eknuj says:

    I guess Lebron can still catch up if he scores at least 80 in a game…

  127. Oghmzz says:

    KD will win it. Not only this season, but for the next 5 seasons in a row. KD is much more efficient. KD is a better player as of today. Kobe Bryant is a rapist.

  128. Jon says:

    If Durant scores 28 in each of his last two games and Kobe scores 32 in his final one, Kobe wins the title with 27.93 PPG to Durants 27.91 PPG. Against Sacramento Kobe could easily get his 32. I think this will come down to Durant. It is his to lose. He has to put the pressure on Kobe by putting up big numbers the first game, and then close him out in the final one.

  129. LAKERS for LIFE!!! says:

    Kobe’s NO# 1.

  130. Why would KD play in the last game of the year if it does not matter? They are locked in at the 2 so it seems silly that they wouldn’t give him at least one nights rest…… Kobe has to play in the final game because if they lose they lose the 3 seed to the clips

    • Jordan says:

      Not necessarily. The clippers would also have to win both of their remaining games against the hawks and knicks to get the 3 seed. Plus, against the kings, I think the Lakers have a good shot at winning without Kobe

  131. Cylenze says:

    Kobe all the way. He’s done it season after season. But this season, has been the best. He delivers when it counts. Kobe for the scoring Champ title.

  132. shashank says:

    hope kobe wins, but kevin is hell of a player

  133. Qukel says:

    I’m not KD fan, but he will win the title.

  134. Connor M says:

    Durants got this covered hes a beast in the paint and is a smarter player also, so kobe doesnt got what it take to have the title. Its gonna be KD for sure

    • truspur says:

      well no, you can not say Durant is a smarter player than Kobe?! Kobe probably has the best basketball IQ in the league along side the likes of Pierce and Nash… Durant will win the title purely because he is a better scorer than Kobe, but he is by far not the smarter player. And that’s coming from a Spurs fan!

      • Francisco says:

        how do you identify basketball IQ DUDE?O YEAH RINGS…

      • non biased b-ball fan says:

        kobe has above average iq that being said he doesnt have the highest b-ball iq in his team gasol does, top 5 bbiq 1.Derek fisher 2. Tim Duncan 3. jason kidd 4. pau gasol 5. Roy Hibbert

      • TTKIN says:

        I like that you respect the Lakers cuz I respect your Spurs too. I aint gonna lie, you guys gave us one hell of a licking the last 2 meetings. But yes, I agree with you that he is one of the smartest players in the NBA, but you gotta give props to your Big 3 also (and the BEST Big 3 in the NBA). Everyone can argue about Bron/Wade/Bosh or ?Melo/Amare/Chandler (or Lin, whatever) or the Kobe/Bynum/Gasol deal…but anyone remember that Manu/Parker/Duncan have been doin this ish together for dam near a decade now???

      • Edub says:

        Kevin Durant is not a better scorer, he just scores more. And Kobe has been out for like 7 games, and has 1 game left while KD has 2. I want Kobe to get it but gotta be realistic, Kobe will have to have another 80 pt game to just pull away, and not even for good. KD is going to get 20+ in these last 2 games and he is already ahead of Kobe.

    • kobe says:

      kobe doesnt got what it takes to win title…how dare u say that about the black mamba ..connor stick to WNBA

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      Kobe wants it most, and even if he has to go 13-40 he’ll clinch it.
      He will go above 40 against the Kings, and I don’t see Durant wanting it more than the Black Mamba. One final award for nmbr. 24

    • ADkel says:

      Hey dummy Kobe is a TWO-TIME scoring champion. How does he not have what it takes ?

      • pistolj7 says:

        kobe has what it takes . . . . . . selfishness. kd does not have that.

      • lens2film says:

        Hey dummy, Kevin Durant has won the last two years without playing selfish basketball. Kobe may have what it takes, but he will have to shoot a lot of shots to get there.
        KD will win a third year in a row. I guarentee it. If he loses, come back and blast me on this post. I dare you.

    • Kobe says:

      lol now kobe doesnt have bball IQ. yall r sad to look at. the only reason y durant caught up is cuz kobe was sitting out for 5-6 games… and @Francisco dude lame.

      • lens2film says:

        sitting out games doesn’t effect per game average. You are lame…dude…

      • nbafan says:


        Technically it doesnt but what Kobe was saying is that Durant had the chance to increase his ppg since he played more games. If KB had the chance to play, he might have increase (decrease) his ppg as well. Kobe was just looking at the bigger picture so dont say his lame if you havent thought about that!

      • Kobe says:

        It keeps his the same but it means he can’t increase it which he may have done so Durant did techcially catch up

    • Bj says:

      kd is a beast but not a smarter player then kobe or else he would be rocking a ring by now but if he stay on the track he on and keep his stats up he gne get one soon

    • Jordan says:

      Hahaha! Kobe doesnt have what it takes to win a championship and Durant does??? Kobe has 5, Durant has NONE

      • Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

        if shaq did not leave orlando then tmac would have been the champion not the rapist!

  135. Brandon Lee says:

    i got a feeling durant”s gonna get it. he’s scoring just as much points as kobe with less shots.

    • TDallthewayacrossthesky says:

      11-34 on sunday, yeah right

      • Sparhawk says:

        Lol didnt kobe shoot 8-22? Almost as bad and if you look again, durant had 35 points.

      • Zack C says:

        Good job TDallthewayacrossthesky, you just so happen to pick KD’s worst game. He has never missed that many shots before. Stupid argument is stupid.

  136. odee mar says:

    kobe will win the title

    • tduncan21 says:

      if kobe scores 40 in his last game, and durant goes for 60 in his last 2 kobe would have the edge…

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, @Lex Liu.. I do appreciate LBJ’s skills but I’m not he’s fan.. I’m a Spurs fan even before their first championship, but not any player in particular even from my own team, so to speak. I would honestly say I have little bias when it comes to kobe.. Because I have back up (if this is what you want @Paul, maybe you’re the one who needs back up & research) What does he’s 5 rings have to do with the scoring tittle for this season? Lakers won those championships not solely because of him alone. He had shaq at 1st. When they lost him, Lakers never even made it to the playoffs for a few seasons. Not until Gasol arrived. But who took all the credit? Kobe did due to popularity. So, Pau lost some motivation and slowed down. Then he gets all sorts of sermon. Now Kobe’s blaming him and even wanting him out of the team. What an insolent dumb idiot without gratitude! It’s because they have Bynum and he think he may not need gasol anymore. Doesn’t anybody here even have a heart to notice this? Yes he’s a very talented player. But he has no impact to me. Not that of MJ. He is the true GREATNESS to me, @unselfish (you may wanna work on you’re english). Open you’re eyes fans of kobe. He’s not the noble one you’d want to idolize. Not to mention he’s being a nympho maniac pervert who got out of the court because he has the money.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Look at kobe’s shooting percentage. He’s just too selfish with the ball that he shoot’s it more than anybody else in the league and just not making that much out of it relatively. Needless to say that he’s only pretending not to go for any individual awards when it much apparently looks like it. He’s a selfish jerk hiding inside a priest’s wardrobe. So don’t count on it, kobe-fool! He’s not even close to GREATNESS because he only keeps on shooting & shooting too much knowing it would eventually result in piling up scores & therefore achieving milestones & individual awards. I’m not gonna be one of the many idiots born yesterday to be fooled by he’s show. Think about it kobe-fools!

      • Lex Liu says:

        maybe you’re a lebron fan! lol

      • los lakers says:

        y u hate player cause u know hes still the best in the league

      • Paul says:

        Dude, Kobe’s won five championships. That means he doesn’ t just have individual awards and milestones. If he was just going after the scoring title, he would have been much more intent on scoring when they beat OKC in double OT. Instead he just iced them with clutch shots while Durant couldn’t get it done. If you’re gonna hate, at least come with something new and back it up!

      • unselfish says:

        @Kalbo – so, mr.brainpower – you great who is great acc to you ?

      • Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

        tama ka kalbo mga bobo talaga mga fans ni kobe.. Go heat!!

    • Faithful Laker says:

      Kobe will not play the last game of the season against Sacramento. Clips lost tonight. Lakers have already clinched the Pacific. Mike will rest him and Durant will get the scoring title