Who Is Your MIP?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ll get back to our MVP debate later this week.

While we wait to decide between LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant for the top award, today we get an early look at the frontrunners for the Most Improved Player award.

Our West Coast bureau chief Scott Howard-Cooper weighs in today with something of a surprise pick in Jeremy Lin of the Knicks. And he overlooks the fact that Lin played just 53 percent of the Knicks’ game this season and instead focuses on the impact Lin had and the seismic rise in production for the undrafted Lin from his rookie season to this one.

H-C makes the case:

Twenty-seven games, 25 starts, 17.9 points, 7.4 assists and 44.5 percent shooting in 33.1 minutes. The season-long numbers: 35 games, 25 starts, 14.6 points, 6.2 assists, 44.6 percent shooting and 26.9 minutes.

But yes. Playing barely more than half the season, the equivalent of 43 games in a season with an ordinary calendar, is enough to earn Most Improved.

Lin was barely in the league when his world permanently changed with 25 points, seven assists and 36 minutes against the Nets on March 4. None of the other candidates was signed after the regular season had started, none was clinging to NBA life to the extent that cracking the rotation would have been an accomplishment, and certainly none produced at such a high level under an intense international spotlight that would have frazzled most anyone else.

Lin never lost his focus or energy in what had to have been an exhausting time, and if his game slipped slightly in the final couple weeks before the injury, he still offered a composure and toughness any coach would want from a point guard. The only thing he really lost was his health.

TNT’s David Aldridge went in a different direction, picking Ersan Ilyasova of the Bucks, one of many awards he hands out in the latest edition of The Morning Tip. Ilyasova’s been playing his socks off all season, not that many folks outside of the Central Division have taken notice. And even DA notes that if not for Lin’s injury, this would have really been a slam dunk for the man responsible for Linsanity.

DA makes the case:

So, Ilyasova gets the nod, having upped his scoring and rebounding significantly over his previous career highs. He was 11th in the league in double-doubles beginning play Sunday. And he is, incredibly, fourth in the league in 3-point shooting, hitting 45.4 percent of his attempts, a quantum leap from the 29.8 percent behind the arc he made last season. Only Steve Novak, Mike Miller and Stephen Curry have shot it better.

Anderson also bumped his scoring and rebounding up significantly, while shooting a career high .398 behind the arc — only Novak, Ilyasova and Matt Bonner shot higher percentages among big men. (Is this when I mention both Ilyasova and Anderson are in contract years?)

[Greg] Monroe made huge strides in his scoring and inside play for the Pistons, echoing the rapid improvement of fellow Georgetowner Roy Hibbert in his second NBA season. [Goran] Dragic took over at the point in Houston when Kyle Lowry was felled with an intestinal parasite and responded with gaudy numbers (18.5 points, 6.5 assists, 49.9 percent shooting) as a starter. [DeMarcus] Cousins got in better shape, exhibited a little more self-control and raised his numbers across the board in Sacramento.

Like with all of the postseason awards, there is a strong case to be made for every player mentioned.

But if we’re only allowed to pick one, HT’s choice is Cousins, who for all of the drama surrounding his season, has found a way to become the walking double-double many thought he could be when the Kings drafted him.

Now it’s your turn …


  1. Ana Tana says:

    Jeremy Lin

  2. MJ yaya says:


  3. ccc incisiker ccc says:

    la amınakodukları ersana vermeyen görem bacılarınızı sikem

  4. ccc says:

    inci ruhu ve Türk gücü… tabikide cCc Ersan İlyasova cCc

  5. afyon merkez 30 cm herkes says:

    akıllı olun ulayn

    hepinizi döverim uleyyyn

  6. Ersan Ilyasova says:


  7. inci says:

    inci was here

    cCc ersan ilyasova cCc

  8. Recep Albert Amca says:

    harun abi den sevgiler

    ccc inci vaz hiir ccc

  9. AMERICAN says:

    Jeremy Lin IS MIP ~ GREAT

  10. İNCİ says:

    cCc İnci cCc altın-ı şer İncis-i Ker ERSAN İLYASOVA yüklenin panpişler

  11. burak says:

    Ersanity! 😉

  12. oobbmma says:

    Jeremy Lin for MIP ~~~!

  13. halil reyiz says:


  14. İnci Sozluk says:

    ccc inci tayfa was here ccc

    NBA var dediler geldik.

  15. mete says:

    ersan ilyasova

  16. gözde says:


  17. cccErsanilyasovaccc says:

    ccc ersan s*ker ccc :))))

  18. ERSAN says:

    3 hafta oynamaynan mıp olunuosa mehmet okurda mıp :DD

  19. Tunç says:

    ERSAN ………………………………………………..

  20. murty says:

    Ersan deserves much better teams and Turkish people pround of ERSAN ILYASOVA… Even if he cant get the MIP PLAYER revard
    WE will keep going on support him….
    grettings by ISTANBUL-TURKIYE

  21. ERSAN MİP says:


  22. ALPEREN says:


  23. calliptra says:

    Are u kidding guys?

    lin play only few games, on the other hand, ersan play the whole season .
    anybody can be good at 2 or 3 match and do not overestimate lin with it.
    ersan deserves mip and he gonna beat it

  24. Cem E says:

    MIP : Ersan Ilyasova # 7

  25. radyo dinle says:

    Forever r10 ve forever Ersan 🙂 bu arada radyo dinleyin.

  26. burak says:

    I think Ersan will win.Because Lin has over turnovers for a guard.Lin plays with carmelo,amare and chandler but Ersan plays alone.Bogut injured and ersan carry milwaukee.And he has more double double

  27. Selim says:


  28. cccErsanReyizccc says:

    Ersan Reyiz Adamın Amına Koyar ❤

  29. amın oglu esteban says:

    ersan götünüzü siker

  30. gorkem says:

    ersan ilyasova

  31. veli says:

    Ersan ilyasova!!!

  32. Murat says:


  33. DErdogmus says:


  34. Sweet fans says:

    Jeremy Lin for MIP …. God said

  35. John Chen says:

    Fresh start

  36. inciruhu says:

    inci çin halkınıda geride bırakır özet geçtim. inci ruhu burada

  37. Extra Jel says:

    Sonunda Ersan alacak buraları 🙂

  38. Ersan İnci says:

    ccc Ersan Reyiz ccc

  39. uguralp says:

    Ersan Ilyasova

  40. inci says:

    ccc inci siker ccc
    ccc ersan ilyasova ccc

  41. KnicksChamp2012 says:

    I have greatest respect for the improvements of many up and coming star players and wish them the best for their career. We all enjoy watching them. But Let us be reasonable. The basketball shooting star of this year is Jeremy Lin, hands down.

  42. ErsanSiker says:

    ErsanSiker diyosak siker ağa her türlü ERSAN MIP !!!

  43. Ersan İlyasova says:

    Lin just played 3 weeks and he is doing too much turnovers for a guard. Yes he is a talented guy but not a MIP. Look Ilyasova he became a double double man he is working hard to improve his game. He is a forward with a three point treat and rebound skill. Most ” Improved ” Player, this is the name of award so Ilyasova improved his game and he must be mip

  44. b@b@yr@m says:

    ersan ilyasovaaaa

  45. 25 cm damarlı says:

    ccc inci siker ccc
    ccc ersan reyiz ccc

  46. Ramazan says:


  47. Ersan İlyasova says:

    Ersana atın CcC inci CcC

  48. Erdem says:


  49. Ozan says:

    ILYASOVA has a 20 double double. new york better than bucks . and jennings is very selfısh guard. Ersan deserves the MIP

  50. abraham says:

    Ersan İlyasova.

  51. metin says:

    ersan ilyasova ccc A.Q İNCİ

  52. amin says:

    ersan ilyasova ccc

  53. berke says:

    CCC Ersan CCC

  54. goo says:

    Jeremy Lin for MIP !!!!!!!!!!

  55. ERSAN for MIP says:

    ERSAN !!!!

  56. incisiker says:

    ccc ersan reyiz ccc

  57. incisiker says:


    ersan gider


  58. davidd says:

    ersan perfect

  59. MIP Definition says:

    Check out the definition of MIP:
    “the recognition is for “an up-and-coming player who has made a dramatic improvement from the previous season or seasons. It is not intended to be given to a player who has made a ‘comeback.’ ” It doesn’t define “up-and-coming player.”

    Then compare % STATS improvement of last season vs this season:
    For points:
    – Ersan improved from total points of 572 to 782, which is 37%
    – Jeremy improved from total points of 76 to 512, which is 574%

    Jeremy’s 574% is much more dramatic than 37%, even with only 35 games.
    You can also compare RBS, STLS, ASTS even TOs. Jeremy’s is much more dramatic.
    Is there any doubt Jeremy is the MIP by this definition?


  60. Mike says:


  61. efe says:


  62. ersan kuneri says:

    what a great performance this year from ersan..he is very respectable player..go ersan.crotia know and love you

  63. pound says:

    a guy plays 3 weeks and has that amount of votes? hahahaha
    and no one even heard of the other guy

  64. gökhan says:

    ersann, very importat player.. ı thınk he must be MIP..

  65. druid says:

    Ersanity akarrr

  66. tim says:

    1. goran dragic – all-star numbers. nuff said.
    2. jeremy lin – i would have voted for lin but his season was short-lived due to knee injury.

  67. hey says:

    you cant fight with turks… they will win.

  68. ek$i says:

    Eksi was here, go Lin!

  69. efe says:


  70. Mirkan says:

    Ersanity ofcourse

  71. Lebron says:


  72. mensa bonsu says:

    voting war goıng on
    who will win
    ı thınk ersan will win it, turkısh people seem to want it.
    but officially MIP award will go to Lin ı thınk. because he is number 2 in jersey sales. that is enough to give the award to Lin. All about money as you know..

  73. Umur says:

    I think Ilyasova wins MIP award..

  74. Labram says:

    Lin just played 3 weeks and he is doing too much turnovers for a guard. Yes he is a talented guy but not a MIP. Look Ilyasova he became a double double man he is working hard to improve his game. He is a forward with a three point treat and rebound skill. Most ” Improved ” Player, this is the name of award so Ilyasova improved his game and he must be mip

  75. mahmut says:

    ersan !!

  76. Turkey says:

    Ersan İlyasova is King

  77. Lessy899 says:

    Dragic should win the MIP award!!!
    He has lead Rockets to some important victorys when Lowry was injured…
    He will be one of the best playmakers in the league in few years!!!

  78. mioncindi says:

    It definitely Lin Lin Lin.. .

  79. cccc says:

    inci was here

  80. turquay says:

    ilyasova rules!!!

  81. Adele Ng says:

    Jeremy Lin for MIP…i love the kid. even without the hype. he deserve this. he works hard, very humble, and very persistent. he has the kind of attitude that is lacking in most of our NBA players today. He doesn’t have the drama, he is not a prima donna player even with all the media hype. he is a very respectable player and one that you can promote internationally. he gives good credence to the nba as a whole.

  82. inci says:

    inci was here…

  83. ...... says:

    Ersan is the best and he must be MIP # ERSANITY

  84. Mert can says:

    Ersan is the best

  85. Alisa says:

    ————————–Jeremy Lin is MIP ————————— it is great !!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lin's HK says:

    Jeremy Lin, No doubt at all…..Keep going Lin!

  87. Caglayan Delican says:

    Ersan İlyasova is the best player in nba over the season. Score and rebound his work and Ersan good defansive player all votes goes to ersan

  88. ege says:


  89. kenan says:

    Ersan İlyasova is MIP

  90. Şefik says:

    Ersan İlyasova the MIP

  91. STAT says:

    Jeremy Lin is MIP

  92. Baran Budak says:


  93. umut says:


  94. Jet says:

    Jeremy Lin .. MIP

  95. inci says:

    ersan ilyasova amk

  96. ersanity says:


    Ersan the best

    ersaaaaan ilyasovaaaa

  97. love jeremy says:

    Jeremy lin is MIP

  98. Cem says:

    ccc ersan ilyasova ccc

  99. Ersanisthebest says:

    cCc €rsan Reis cCc

  100. KEMAL ALTINIŞIK says:


  101. POPLIKE says:

    Jeremy lin is MIP , it is fair !!!

  102. WANG WANG says:

    JEREMY LIN is earth`s MIP

  103. pompala cankus says:

    ccc ersan reyiz siker ccc

  104. sweet jj says:

    jeremy lin is MIP !!!!!!!!! OF COURSE !!!!!!!!!!1

  105. mensa bonsu says:

    like Lin has lost of robot votes 🙂
    taiwan sleeps, turkey votes now. a few hours later Lin goes number one again. dont worry. but the real thing is Andrew Bynum is MIP this year. it is for sure. 2.place go to Ersan İlyasova, 3. Ryan Anderson and 4. is Greh Monroe

    İf lin wins it, it is going to be for media love him (it means money 🙂 )

  106. mario sanders says:

    lost of people here voting for ersan ilyasova

  107. hsing says:

    Ersan Ilyasova had “robot vote”
    almost every 3 seconds got 30-50 votes

  108. endyy says:

    Ersan must be the MIP he does everything in 27min per game. if he had chance to play more minutes he should have double double season stats. go go Ersan ILYASOVA great player…

  109. Cingöz says:

    I think Ilyasova is MIP.

  110. mario sanders says:

    if bynum not in the list, it is for sure Ersan İlyasova.
    But ı think lin will win it, you know he plays in MSG nad media loves him

  111. stresli tospa says:

    cCc €rsan Reis cCc

  112. MIP Ersan, Turkey…..İs the best..

  113. ugur says:

    ersan ılyasova

  114. Jr smith says:

    of corse ERSAN .!!!!

  115. Xiryt says:


  116. Hüseyin says:

    Ersan İlyasova!!!

  117. Johnny says:

    Ersan Ilyasova has played very well. Must be MIP

  118. D-wade says:

    By İlyasova

  119. ccc raskolnikov ccc says:

    altınışer inci sikerrrrrrrr. forever ersan lan.

  120. Mehmet says:

    Ersanity! 🙂

    MIP Ersan, Turkey! 🙂

  121. ugreis says:

    my mip is ersan ilyasova. ersan played well this season

  122. Quiet money says:

    Lin deserves it by far! He was in the damn d-league last year and this year. He saved the Knicks season when Melo and Amare was out. The level of competition means nothing when you yourself was really considered nba material to begin with. I hate hearing that non sense about teams weren’t prepared for him. Was he some kind star that the league had to prepare for? Just the fact that teams had to prepare for him means he’s a special player. He went from undrafted to stardom, and he had a lot more good games then the seven people like to talk about.

  123. batu says:

    Ersan İLYASOVA !

  124. batuhan says:

    İlyasova because we love him

  125. Emko says:

    Ersan Ilyasova! 🙂 ❤

  126. dodi Kan says:



  127. Scamtemple says:


  128. Nba time says:

    Ersan Ilyasova

  129. D says:

    Jeremy Lin only deserves to be MIP of the month, not of the year.

  130. dattebayo says:

    OK, i hadn’t really watched the Bucks play, maybe 4 games this season (against Miami and Minnesota) and I hadn’t recognized Ilyasova. When you look at his stats he improved his rebounding, his 3P% (by 16%) and his FG%. He shot the ball a little more and his points increased, also he got to the freethrow line more. All that while his minutes increased only by 2 MPG. He started in 2/3 of the games he played compard to just over half in the previous season.

    I guess he deserves it, though I am astounded how many votes he has gotten in that poll 😀
    Maybe their are more turkish basketball fans than asians…

  131. anan says:

    daalın lan ersan sikecek

  132. alex says:

    when looking at a most improved player count younger guys out, to me monroe, cousins and hibbart are still in a developmental stage and their progression should be expected especially being that theyre all center, lin and dragic are good but at the same time its hard to say theyve improved when really theyve just shined when they have gotten an opportunity, dragic put on the same show when filling in for steve nash in phoenix and lin has never gotten a real chance until now but his injuries hurt his chances, illyasova been in the league a decent amount of time and has had plenty of chances to play and this year he took a big step

  133. Selin says:

    of course,Ersan İlyasova

  134. dusk says:

    I think one of the most important things to improve Jeremy Lin is press.They increase him too much. ok he is a good player and he deserves but there is another guy who deserves more and more….ERSAN İLYASOVA…The base of Milwaukee is around Bandon Jennings and Monta Ellis after he came.But in this situation Ersan got rebouns, points and blocks.

  135. emre demir says:


  136. Doakes-Denver says:

    RYAN ANDERSON doesn’t even get mentioned, what?? Seriously he has became much much more than a 3-point shooter in this year, Ryan Anderson = MIP

  137. KB24for#6 says:

    DJ Mbenga gotta be up there

  138. Anil says:


  139. ertan says:


  140. theanswer says:

    ERSAN ILYASOVAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Nvp salih says:

    Ersan ilyasova is the player who deserves the MIP.

  142. Kagan says:


  143. Musa Güçlüer says:

    absolutely ERSAN ILYASOVA !!!!!!!!!

  144. emrecan cumhur says:

    ersan ilyasovaaaaaaa.

  145. 白百柏 宝褒苞 says:

    Jeremy Lin deserves it Linsanity!
    林!! Go!

  146. Tolga Günaydın says:


  147. James says:

    Lin only played 27 games, even though this one is a 66 game season it is not enough for me, besides how can you know that he improved? He didn’t even get to play last year so maybe if the coaches gave him playing time he could have played like how he plays now, Ilyasova still had playing time last year and he wasn’t playing very well but this year he is totally having a blast, for me only Ryan Anderson can compete with Ilyasova for the MIP award, Lin? No, press/media just abused his story, drama shouldn’t be something that will effect MIP.

  148. par says:

    Jeremy Lin Deserve MIP the Most

  149. Shaft says:

    Without a doubt the MIP is Ersan Ilyasova.
    He can shoot, rebound, make double double like there is no tomorrow, can play defense/offense and shoots 3 pointers like nobody else. He has solid numbers and if you look to the last 30 games you will mention that he improved exponentially.


  150. asashero76 says:

    ersan number 1

  151. Bir Dost says:

    Ersanity <galp

  152. Cihat Ceylan says:


  153. LosSpurs2021 says:

    Forget JEREMY LIN and ERSAN!!! GREEN IS MONEY! Danny GREEN for the SPURS ALL DAY!!! He’s been shooting ridiculous from the 3pt line and has playing amazing defense all year long… But okay give ur MIP to LIN OR ERSAN… SPURS Will be Holding up the the TROPHY coming up in the finals!!! HURRY up playoffs Lets GO!!

  154. LosSpurs2021 says:


  155. Lucy says:

    There is a curse on MIP. No MIP had ever won a championship yet as a player. So it’s OK if JLin does not win MIP. He already became Times 100 Most Influential in the world.

  156. Carol says:

    I don’t think that any 2nd year player should be eligible or considered for a most inproved award.

  157. yenilmezarmada07 says:

    ersan ilyasova!! follow this guy ! he is gonna be a new Nowitzki..

  158. nbra says:

    Ersan Ilyasova of course

  159. Vİctorious says:

    Ersan FTW!

  160. mİp says:

    The title says it, Most Improved Player, not Most Overrated Player.
    And Jeremy deserves the MOP, not MIP.

  161. kevin love took his game to the three point line and started ballin hes mvp caliber player now in march and january he had 400 points and 200 rebounds in those months only shaq and ewing has done that since 1990 ewing once in 94 and shaq a couple of season last like 01, love took his game to a new level and improved his game big time.

  162. Yigit says:

    Ersan ILYASOVA is MIP.Because ıf ersan dont play games,Mılwaukee wont win.He ise a double double machine and he is a hero!

  163. Jimathai says:

    Seraphin from the Wizards!!

  164. Efekan says:

    If lin dont play games,New york will win all matches.But ıf ersan dont play games,Mılwaukee wont win all games.

  165. mithat says:

    Forever Ersan İlyasova

  166. Gineus says:


  167. Jeremy Lin says:

    Ersan Ilyasova will win!

  168. Ersan says:

    Definitely Ersan..

  169. ozan says:

    Ersan İLYASOVA ❤ NUMBER one

  170. huseyin zeybel says:

    ersan ilyasova

  171. Karven says:

    Lin ? Cmone guys. Thats all because of position of new york in nba. Why didnt people said Duranity to Kevin Durant when he plays better than Lin ? The guy who deserves MIP is ilyasova…

  172. glut180 says:

    Ilyasova is the MIP, he is a double double machine.

  173. Burak says:

    Lin huh.. Lin Played good just 10 games ! ERSAN İLYASOVA is the real MIP !!!

  174. Mehmet Ali G. says:

    Number one ERSAN ILYASOVA

  175. Brkn says:

    Ersan İLYASOVA ❤

  176. besim aslan says:


  177. Oguzhan says:

    I can’t even imagine what would Ersan do if he plays in Orlando or NY or a team like that not in a chaos.

    Ersan should be MIP for sure.

  178. Efendy says:

    Ersan Ilyasova for sure…

  179. Gianluca says:


    the other is OVERRATED BY ITALY-

    • not getting the hype says:

      Jeremy Lin became a starter when the Knicks had no one else and no one had a scouting report on him and everybody didn’t know what he could do. Therefore he had more room to operate and create plays off the dribble. The main priority was on defending the 3 point line which was the only thing the Knicks had going when he came in as a starter. Then suddenly he got Chandler good looks and penetrated which changed the entire Knicks offense and the gameplan on how to defend the Knicks. The more games he played the more other people knew about him and his tendencies. Furthermore they played vs New Jersey, vs Utah, at Washington, vs a very inconsistent Laker Team at that time, at the Timberwolves (where the refs gave NY the game by not calling the offenisve foul on Chandler at the end which was a moving screen against Rubio), at Toronto (Lin had the gamewinner there) and vs Sacramento. Then they lost to the Hornets. Now I am not saying that that 7 game win streak was not an achievement but they player not against good defensive teams or playoff teams beside the Lakers which struggled huge on offense at that time. That were these games after Kobe had those 4 straight 40+ point games after which the Laker defense had a few games with single digit point quarters.

      As soon as they played better defensive teams Lin started struggling and turned the ball over a lot more. Against Miami he had 8 turnovers and was basically a nonfactor for the Knicks who attempted more than 40 3 pointers in that game because they couldn’t create better shots with their offense.

      Lin doesn’t deserve to be MIP, because he played good for 7 games and solid for some more and then sat out because of a knee injury. Other players played the whole season and managed to contribute in every game consistently and became starters and even played a lot better than in the previous seasons. Therefore Danny Green, Nikola Pekovic, Avery Bradley, Greg Monroe, Andrew Bynum, Goran Dragic should all be considered more for MIP than the overrated overhyped Jeremy Lin.

      Frankly I don’t even think he should have played the Rookie – Sophomore Game at the Allstar Weekend, they only put him for financial reasons and because of the hype Lin caused in the Asisan communities all over the World.

  180. Rob says:

    Dragic >> Lin

    • cherrypopper says:

      EXACTLY !
      i don’t care about such awards, i’ll just say that picking lin over dragic in any consideration is not smart 🙂

  181. What??? says:

    Exactly what I thought..I really believe that Andrew Bynum is the true Most Improved Player of the year yet he isn`t even in the discussion?? I can really understand that Jeremy lin and Ryan anderson can win but COME ON??? REALLY????? Ersan Ilyasova????? last year He average 9.5 points and 6.1 rebounds and dis year 13.0pts and 8.8rbs..but andrew last year was 11.3pts and 9.4 rbs and now averaging 18.7pts and 11.8rbs..whos the MIP???? I`m not a laker fan but watching andrew bynum all year long he`s become the most dominant in the paint this year, became a all-star(a role player to the 2nd best big man in the NBA) and being carrying the Lakers(with Pau) without Kobe..while Ersan even do right now contributing with the bucks but right now not even a playoff team….

  182. Fefe says:

    Seriously….Jeremy Lin cannot be MIP, only because he played HALF OF THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even if he averaged 30ppg & 10apg, there is no possibility for a player to be eligible with very few games played!!

    And yes it’s a feel good story, but Danny Green (as said by someone else) was waived last year and is now on the best team in the league as a starter. AND HE PLAYED ALL SEASON LONG. What about Avery Bradley? He played like 2 minutes pg before Ray Allen got trouble with injuries. Now he’s already recognized as one of the best defender in the league…

    I Love Jeremy Lin, but it would be unfair to other players who really improved and played all year, to give an award just for the reason that “J-Lin” is a feel good story.

    And Jeremy Lin can win it next year, when he’ll play more games.

  183. SpFan says:

    Nikola Pekovic: 5.5ppg last year, 13.8 this year
    3.0rpg l.y., 7.3 t.y.
    13.6mpg l.y., 26.9 t.y.
    0.517fg% l.y., 0.561 t.y.

    What else does he need to be in the list????

  184. Qwerty says:

    Andew Bynum has no shot on winning this thing?

  185. Ane says:

    All I want is Lin Lin Lin ………..

  186. mvp says:

    nba should create a new award: MOP-Most Overrated Player. not hating on lin but thats true. i laughed when people thought that lin was going to be like mj, kobe, lebron, or any of the top 5 pg in the league. i dont even think he will be starter next year.(knicks could aquire a good pg instead of him). he will not deserve the mip if he wins. he was that much hyped because of he media.
    The MIP of the Year could be: monroe, ilyasova, cousins, bynum(yeah he is having a fenomenal season, in some ways better than kobe), bradley and teague cause how they got in the starting lineups, mostly bradley cause he took allen out of it, anderson, gortat(how good has gortat been this season-16ppg, 10rpg, 1.5bpg) and pekovic (had a niceseason with the twolves). i think all of this deverve more than lin.

  187. Lakeshow2012 says:

    Seriously? No Andrew Bynum in the Discussion? LOL

  188. MP says:

    Danny Green last year – waived by Cavs
    Danny Green this year – starting SG for the best team in the league

  189. reynaldsales says:

    wheres andrew bynum he does many miracles these season

  190. baris can says:

    absoulutely Ersan Ilyasova!
    Lin was great but just a couple games, it was media who brought him up!
    Ersan absoulutely deserves better!
    Just like the other Turkish forward Hedo who won MIP!
    Ryan Anderson should have been a nominee too i believe!

  191. MIAMI030601!!! says:

    maybe next year for Lin… there is soo many deserving players…and i’ll bet if Lin wont win it this year, all doubters will see that Lin isnt a fluke… i think he could average nxt year a 18ppg 8.3 ast 3 rb. 39% (ISH) 3pt Line …2.1 TO

  192. LADreaming says:

    Jeremy Lin. No disrespect for anyone else. But 10 years down the line when people remember 2012 season, Lin would be the one people remember. Not Ilayasova.

    Many people said Lin didn’t improve. He just got playing time. New York Times has an article “The Evolution of a Point Guard”. It documented how much Lin improved during the off season and lockout. He added weight, upper body strength and vertical leap by more than 3 inches. He also improved his 3pt shooting from 20% to 32%. The fact that he played less than one full season isn’t his fault. The coach sat him on the bench before Feb 4 and he got injured in April. He had less time to show his stuff and he showed more in a shorter time than anyone else.

  193. NBAfan says:

    After what Lin has done to resuscitate the Knicks…..forget the details…the boy needs some hardware and a fat enough contract to show for it. What he did was just incredible and movie worthy 30 years down the line. Who the heck voted for Ersan?

  194. omicron26 says:

    Marcin Gortat

    • ddddd says:

      No disrespect there dude….. But Gortat proved in Orlando when given the chance he can put up his roughly 16 and 10 (thats what it was the last time I looked)….. The problem is that he was stuck behind Dwight for too long. I do not call that improvement….. I call that Gortat finally got the chance to do what Dallas (the original team that signed Gortat as a RFA), Orlando (the team that matched the RFA contract then traded him to the Suns), and Phoenix all knew he could do. Good try though…… Any of the other names that have been talked about in my opinion are fair game,,,,, Lin, Pek (Minny), Anderson (ORL), Ersan I (Mil and do not expect me to spell the dude’s name), Bradley (Bos), or maybe even Hibbert or Monroe. And as far as any vet allstar names I have been hearing (TD and Lebron most notably) how bout NO! Give me stats and proof that they are now the next reincarnation of George Mikan before I consider them for most improved.

  195. Mohit says:

    Tim Duncan : Compare his last year play with this year. Even he is a superstar he improved a lot this year.

  196. merrileealong says:

    We certainly have witnessed a number of gifted and hard working players this season, but my vote would go to Jeremy Lin. What a terrific example of someone who brings desire and hope to all players, and in particular those coming into the league. Lin acknowledges that his rise is something bigger than himself, and that’s part of what makes him so special. LUCKY KNICKS!!!

  197. Yasker says:

    Hello? Ryan Anderson?

  198. Rob says:

    Hello, Avery Bradley?

  199. Lin is most overlooked player not Most Improved. He has been tearing it up back in the summer league playing for Dallas. I just feel if he wins it’s going to be because of all the story, popularity and the hype. He hasn’t been playing long enough to say that he has actually “upped” his game.

    When Greg Monroe or Ersan Ilyasova or Ryan Anderson has really taken their game to the next level

  200. leiff says:

    AVERY BRADLEY is the most deserving MIP …amazing in offence ..incredible in defense.

  201. I think Lin is the Most Overlooked Player NOT Most improved Player. I mean he was tearing it up back in the summer league with Dallas. It’s too early to say that he has actually upped his game especially playing so little time. So if he does win it’s all because of the hype.

    To me this has to go to Greg Monroe or Ersan Ilyasova, maybe even Ryan Anderson

  202. Olamide says:

    What about Ryan Anderson? He is definitely going higher and so is the Orlando Magic.

    • Ulvi Atakan says:

      Good point! Where is Ryan Anderson? Sekou, did you forget about basketball? Ersan Ilyasova is the guy though, he deserves the MIP. 25, 29 ohh, what a night was that!

    • Jolo says:

      But Dwight is down. I don’t think they can go far during this season’s playoffs so I don’t think magic is going any higher unless Dwight stays. And it is not because of Ryan Anderson.

  203. Meow says:

    Um, hello? Jeremy was UNEMPLOYED in December, became a starter in February, and is now known globally.

    No question Jeremy Lin deserves it.

    The fact that he didn’t even play a full season, or get court minutes makes his success even more amazing. He essentially learned pro basketball from watching and observing and still improved more than most.

    Also, Lin was a SHOOTING GUARD at Harvard. He’s had to learn the point guard position ON THE FLOOR in the LIMITED minutes he’s played.

  204. epic says:

    what about Gerald Green

  205. Avery says:

    Byron Mullens hands down

  206. ömer says:

    ersan ilyasova must be mvp because he can play better than other pleyers just a 27 mınute .if he take more mınute he doıng more scores ribaunts and other valuable thıngs for the game he just want to play basketboll he always thınkg thıs .we love him

  207. What??? says:

    I can`t believe that they left out ANDREW BYNUM..He has gone from being a role player to a superstar or challenging dwight howard for the number 1 center spot…. I believe that jeremy lin and ryan anderson are the favorites but gonna give A WHOLE lot of credit to the young big man in L.A.

  208. go spurs go says:

    and what about DANNY GREEN from the SAN ANTONIO SPURS he was a unknown player in an unknown team and became a SPURS starter shooting threes very well defending hugely well! where is he in your rankings? for me he is the most improoved player!

  209. Shef says:

    i think Andrew Bynum should be considered for MIP. This year is his breakout season.

  210. Get It In says:

    Avery Bradley! Best parameter defender in the NBA!

  211. squirtle says:

    consider MWP

  212. Top 3 MIP (in this order) says:

    #1: Ryan Anderson
    #2: Jeremy Lin
    #3: Goran Dragic

  213. CS9 says:

    Avery Bradley

  214. Matt says:

    Is ryan anderson dead or something?

  215. murat58meral says:

    Ersan ilyasova is the player who deserves the MIP.

  216. Robert says:

    Ersan Ilyasova for sure!
    13 points and 8.70 asists per game (by only playing 27 minutes per game)
    fourth in the league in 3-point shooting,
    hitting 45.4 percent of his 3-point attempts
    hitting 49.1 percent of his field goal attempts
    11th in the double double

    And he is doing all this by only playing 27 minutes per game and also dealing with a very selfish guard (B. Jennings).

  217. Fefe says:

    Oh I forgot Avery Bradley, he should be in the “close ones” too of course. (11th or 12th)

  218. TEG says:

    I honestly don’t know why Cousins is on there, I thought he did pretty well in his rookie season. Avery Bradley should be in this conversation and no one has mentioned Danny Green which he should get some consideration as well.

  219. ish says:

    wat about ANDREW BYNUM

  220. Fefe says:

    WHAT???????????? Again all the hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, I LOVE JEREMY LIN, and I will say it again and again, but I have been “rooting” for him since 2010 and I knew his skills (unlike 98% of the people who only cared about him when Linsanity erupted). Plus, Jeremy is a great guy off the court, he keeps his head cool and he is nice to everyone. He is always thankful also.

    But winning MIP with only 53% of the games played??? That would be an insult, and I’m not even sure if Jeremy Lin would be that very happy to win MIP because he knows himself that he played only half of the games. And I wonder also: is 35 games enough to be ELIGIBLE to win an individual award?

    Ryan Anderson did his job ALL YEAR, he should at least deserve some consideration (he is not even mentioned in the article). To me, Greg Monroe was the clear MIP until 1 month ago. Ersan was a beast all year too. My man DeMarcus Cousins is a monster and really showed what he could do. And Dragic played as good as than Jeremy Lin during the Linsanity, but it has only been the case since Lowry was out. Finally, WHERE IS NIKOLA PEKOVIC??? Him being the 3rd guy behind Kevin Love & Ricky Rubio in the eyes of the media doesn’t help his case, and him being a non-American doesn’t help his case, too.

    Anyway, my ranking is (top 10):

    – Winner: Ryan Anderson
    – 2nd: Nikola Pekovic
    – 3rd: Greg Monroe
    – 4th: Ersan Ilyasova
    – 5th: Demarcus Cousins
    – 6th: Jeremy Lin (he still deserves a good place in the rankings, and I’m sure he would have been in the top 3, if not the winner, if he stayed healthy)
    – 7th: Jeff Teague
    – 8th: Goran Dragic
    – 9th: Roy Hibbert
    – 10th: Andrew Bynum

    close ones: Kevin Love, Nicolas Batum, Kevin Seraphin, Paul George, Aaron Afflalo

    • LinFan says:

      I take offense from basketball snobs who claims to follow Lin before his rise and accuse those who just started following him after his rise. What is wrong with that? I am one of those “98%” and the only reason why I didn’t follow NBA after “Michael Jordan” is because 1) The game became boring afterwards and 2) I have to work for a living and do not have much time to watch the so many games. Plus, it became boring. Having said this, you may be right about your list of MIP although I don’t really know because I’m proud to say that I only watch the Knicks game.

    • Zak says:

      Totally agree, Pekovic has improved so much.

  221. dinoradoncic says:

    What about Nikola Pekovic.. Common NBA ..

  222. Geonosis says:

    I don’t want to give MIP to established players in their contract year. so it’s Lin. only player from zero to hero.

  223. Jetaime says:

    Agree with Scott Howard-Cooper that Jeremy Lin’s “seismic rise in production” qualifies Lin to receive serious consideration for the Most Improved Player award and perhaps, even merit winning it.

    The fact that Lin played fewer games than all the other candidates for this award makes his “improvement” even more dramatic in that he climbed from “Zero to Hero” in such a short span of time. If one charts the performance of all these candidates, it would be visually apparent Lin has had the most individual improvement.

    Besides Lin’s individual performance numbers, he has also directly and/or indirectly “improved”:

    1. Team members’ performances – they were considered an underachieving team with a weak bench. Now they’re playoff-worthy.
    2. Visibility of the Knicks – national and global
    3. Visibility of the NBA – national and global
    4. MSG stock prices
    5. Relations between MSG and cable companies
    6. Relations between MSG and overseas revenue opportunities
    6. Popularity and sales of Knicks products
    7. Popularity and sales of Lin products
    8. Sales of New York vendors (restaurants, bars, sports stores, ticket sales, etc.)
    9. Influenced some non-believers to think, “Hey, maybe there is a God, a higher power out there”.
    10.Influenced some non-believers that it is true that hard work, perseverance, and belief in one’s self can bring success.

    But, as has been the case for Lin almost all his life, he’ll probably be overlooked, yet again, for this, too (sigh).

  224. Mitar says:

    Lin… he exploded, that is true, but his performance went down and soon he got injured.
    Bynum is also playing a lot better, so does Cousins.

    My pick would go to Goran Dragic. He deserves it… He was in Steve Nash’s shadow, learning from him. He didn’t have solid stats, but now when he got the chance and had to step up to cover the Kyle Lowry’s absence and he did great job. He “over-throned” him and now is the first play in Houston. Not to mention he carried the Houston on his back over the past (two) month(s).

    Ersan Ilyasova would also be the right candidate. I could also write why he deserves it like I did with Dragic, but you already know

    I think most of the votes on J. Lin are because he was all over the news and voters quickly decided to “make him a star”. Silly sheep, easily influenced and not thinking.

  225. Really?! says:

    It’s quite unfortunate that Avery Bradley doesn’t even get a mention. Jeremy Lin? NO! Avery Bradley is the most improved player.

  226. Kevin Love says:

    Clearly no one has watched the Timberwolves this season which makes me kinda sad. We had a lot of young and unexperienced players this year and a new coaching staff so figuring out the rotations and starting lineups took some time. None the less we had a record of 21-20 and were headed for the playoffs and unfortunately Rubio tore his ACL in the Laker game. Maybe if our record was better you would have watched us play sometimes.

    Back to the topic, Nikolas Pekovic is clearly MIP this season. He worked hard and took over as a starter for Darko Milicic who later fell out of the rotation because Pek was playing much better. He increased his rebounding and scoring and is a better defender. Last season he had only one double double and this season managed to get 15 Double Doubles. He has become a great low post offensive player with hooks, spin moves and he can back you down under the rim, so you cannot block his shot. He is undersized against most centers but he runs the floor hard and can usually overpower other centers at almost 300 lbs.

    Lin hasn’t improved this season, he just played some games this season. All the asians should therefore stop hyping him so much. Goran Dragic and Avery Bradley have improved and become starters for their teams and I don’t see Lin starting for the Knicks next season. I haven’t seen Sacramento, Detroit or Milwaukee much, so i couldn’t say how much Ilyasova, Monroe or Cousins might be deserving. Ilyasova had a 29 points 25 rebounds game once though, which was a career game for him and set a team record for the Bucks.

  227. Brandon says:

    What happen to Ty Lawson and Jeff Teague

  228. kobe says:

    lin..he played good bball for 3 weeks..not even top 3 for mip..
    2.Ersan Ilyasova
    4.Goran Dragic

  229. Rekal says:

    Arron Afflalo????

  230. Rekal says:

    Ersan Ilyasova…Cousins second…You guys are choosin Lin because off all the hype and the media…but Ersan Ilyasova deserve it better

  231. Ivan says:

    i think MIP belongs to someone who worked on his game and improved the most, at least thats how i understand the most improved thing. Thats why i dont think someone like Lin belongs into conversation. I think he thrived under new circumstances and the system that fed off him. He deserves a lot of credit cuz he seized the opportunity, but i would not say he improved that much, rather than he was given the chance to show whats he capable of. Thats also why i dont see Ilyasova winning it, he has been around some time now, so its hard for me to believe he improved that much to be considered an MIP candidate. Maybe he improved a bit, but i think it was something else why he is having a career year, certainly not him improving that dramatically in his skills. I see Monroe and Cousins as top candidates.

    • Karen Chen says:


      • LinFan says:

        Uhmmm…so if I follow your way of thinking, I think Lin really deserves this. In case you didn’t know, Lin worked on his weaknesses during the lockout by training. It’s too bad that the Warriors did not benefit from this because they waived him too soon. Also, everytime Lin goes to a game, he adjusts based on the last game. So, if you want to shoot down Lin you better find a stronger case than that.

  232. Ted says:

    Jeremy Lin all the way! But no Bynum on the choices? Cmon.

  233. Glaursen1 says:

    It has to go to Jeff Teague. He went from no PT to a Starter, going at the likes of Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, and Rajon Rondo on a nightly basis. He has improved his Jumper, and has been taking the ball to the rack with authority, Jermey Lin dont want no parts of Jeff Teague. He ain’t ready for them problems.

  234. Filip says:

    Why there is no Pekovic

  235. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    Where would the Magic be without Ryan Anderson this season??

  236. lblock07 says:

    You have both Demarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe on the poll but not Nikola Pekovic? What gives? It cant be about the team records: Sac-town 21-43, Detriot 24-40, Minny 26-39. Or actual increase in production and efficiency over last year: Cousin pts +3.7 on 44% shooting, rbs +2.3, TO 2.68, Monroe pts +6.1 on 52% shooting, rbs +2.2, TO 2.42, Pek pts +7.3 on 56% shooting(!!!), rbs +4.3, TO 1.89. Or length of time in the league as they are all 2nd year players. And I KNOW it can’t be about toughness. Pek has caused every center in the league problems including outplaying both Cousins and Monroe in their match ups. On top of that a while back the guy committed himself to playing through mutliple ankle injuries despite the fact that he has a surgery set to remove bone spurs just 2 weeks after the season ends. Pek really isn’t getting the recognition he deserves.

  237. Boy Pickup says:

    Why not Hibbert :)?

    Anyway, if its between Lin and Ilyasova, I’d pick Lin. Should MIP just be limited to “from the previous year to this year”?. All Lin did was be a scrub for some games early this year, then be the Knicks STAR after that… with a magical run better than Kobe’s 40+ consecutive games and Houston’s 22(?) straight wins. I mean this year alone, Lin embodied the “from Zero to Hero” cliche, which is what MIP is all about.

    Heck, Lin made every Knick fan think “Why did we even bother spending millions on Amare’s injury-riddled-body, and even losing Galo and W. Chandler to the Melodrama, knowing Melo wanted to be in NY anyway???”… That’s the impact Lin has made LOL.

  238. allidoislinlinlin!! says:

    gotta be Jeremy Lin!!!!

  239. Aleksandar Mishkov says:

    As usual, the hype gets the award. Nobody talks about Greg Monroe, and his improvement. He gets 10 votes, are you serious? Do the fans even watch the games? As a celtics fan, i would love to see bradley there, but he has not played enough games. He had great late march and april, but that’s it. Monroe is quietly becoming a Tim Duncan type of PF. Those don’t grow on trees. It is a shame he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Watch some games people, not just your team

    • bram says:

      Are you crazy? Greg monroe has not been heard since his injury at Portland.

    • Marcel says:

      What seed will the Detroit be in the playoffs thanks to Monroe?

      • KareemOfTheCrop says:

        Marcel, your playoff question is starting to get old. We are talking Most Improved Player and that almost always mean stats.

  240. LinLin says:

    Just Lin! Baby! I will give you some specific reasons.

    1. He believes in himself when no one else does.
    2. Seize the opportunity when it comes up.
    3. Being an original, not trying to be someone else.
    4. Stay humble.
    5. When you make others around you look good, they will love you forever.
    6. Work his butt off

  241. Ido says:

    I’m surprised it is even a quesiton.
    Jeremy Lin had numbers Michael Jorden did not have in his first 5 games as a starter. He single handedly brought the Knicks back into the playoff picture, during which he won for them, yes, single handedly, two straight road games, Vs. Kevin Love and RIcky Rubio, and right after, brought them from -3 to +3 in the last minute of the game in Toronto.
    Oh yeah, he outscored Kobe Bryant… 38 to 34 I believe, and a win over the Lakers… And nobody knew his name besides his family and friends in the beginning of this season.
    Clearly I can see why you’d pick Iliyasova (you know what, just pick me…!) over this amazing kid.

    • Branson says:

      Jordans first five starts were his first five games of his career. Lin’s first five starts were two years in to his career ansd were not his first five games. It really is the most misleading stat one could use to support Lin or any player in that respect. He is the stroy of the year but when it really comes down to it, Avery Bradley, Roy Hibbert and Ilyasova deserve it over Lin without question. They’ve done much more than energize they’re team for 3 weeks. Not to mention, the Knocks played some of the worst temas in the league with the exception of LA during the Linsanity era.

    • QuestionMark says:

      You do realize Jordan averaged 28 ppg in his rookie season right?

  242. abdurrahmanx says:

    Roy Hibbert is one of the top five big men in the NBA!

    • Vinsanity_1525 says:

      definately top 10 CENTERS but not just big men. the top 5 big men(not sequential) are Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, and Blake Griffin.

  243. MP says:

    Just posting this here, the power rankings free fallers of the week include number 1 ranked San Antonio for some reason

  244. tupark82 says:

    no doubt about it jeremy lin for me. he went from a nothing to everything. yes he’s been hurt, but that doesn’t take away from what we witnessed out of him this season. ersan has also been quite good, but my second pick would be goran dragic.

    • Kyle says:

      Are u kidding me?! Have him play the entire season then we can talk and he hasn’t play the later part of the season, MIP as in he has played at a certain level and has done everything in his power to improve that play. Lin played 3 weeks and of course he was good nobody knew his strengths and weaknesses. Ilyasova has played a few years and has improved his play, he is a rebound machine and is FOURTH in the league in 3 pt %, FOURTH if u know anything about basketball he should get this over the fact he works his butt off he is not talent with athletic ability yet he just plays his butt off!

      • Marcel says:

        What seed will the Bucks be in the playoffs thanks to Ersan?

      • LOL says:

        I think 27 games is enough for Lin to win the MIP award. He is from nobody to being the future of this league. He was once the 15th player of the Knicks(end of the bench) to be the 1st player on the roster(point guard) and not even Mike Bibby, Baron Davis and Iman Shumpert can replace his game. He adds +55 ratings every time he’s on the court which makes him the big factor for the Knicks team. MIP is about how significant are you from just on the bench to being the key of the team. I know MIP is subjective in winning this award, but people misunderstood the difference of MIP to 6th Man of the Year. I don’t think Harden, Cousins and Dragic(who is underrated) belong to the MIP because these players are already expected to be good on their team. People need to understand in picking the MIP, it should be somebody who made a huge leap in his game this year for the team and for the league, and NOT just somebody who is a starter or a 6th player who already was given a big role in his team. That is why I pick: 1#Jeremy Lin 2#Ryan Anderson

      • KareemOfTheCrop says:

        Even with Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire the Knicks are 4 games over .500. The Bucks lost Bogut to injury and Ersan stepped it up big time and won quite a few games for them. The Bucks are better this year than last year and alot of the reason is because Ersan has put the team on his back and given Jennings the big man he needs.

      • tupark82 says:

        Playing the entire season isn’t in the criteria for MIP, and Lin played more than 3 weeks. You’ve got to get your facts straight before arguing against someone. No one said Ilyasova doesn’t deserve consideration, but he’s not the winner for me. He can be yours though.

    • Wat says:

      What about Lin having a horrendous amount of turnovers each game and being a complete volume scorer

  245. Sea Pea says:

    How many game winning shots would Lebron have to hit to win the MIP?

    • David says:


    • ddddd says:

      None…… Note that MIP means most improved player. All Lebron did this season was get his head right when it came to the jumpshot versus drive or post part of his game. His numbers are give or take about the same as the past 4 years….. (Yes I included CLE days in that equation)…. Let Lebron get the MVP and leave the MIP to someone who actually significantly improved their numbers. MIP=Most Improved Player….

    • John says:

      Don’t be hater !

  246. Satisfaximus says:

    Avery Bradley doesn’t even get a mention?