Discipline Delayed For World Peace

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The one thing the sports world didn’t need was another day to watch, analyze and then suffer through the collective paralysis of analysis of the film of Lakers forward Metta World Peace‘s wicked elbow to the side of Thunder forward James Harden‘s head from Sunday afternoon.

But it doesn’t really matter how many times you watch it, how many different interpretations there are of it and how many different ways World Peace tries to explain away the lick he passed as both “unfortunate” and “unintentional.”

The video evidence, and World Peace’s extensive history of incidents as Ron Artest, will make it extremely tough for the league’s judge and jury to show leniency for a player who has straddled the line between having and losing control many times before. Even though it did not come by late Monday night, there is little doubt that a suspension of some sort is on the way in next 24 hours.

And at this stage, it’s really only a matter of how severe a penalty it will be for World Peace and the Lakers, whose regular season finale is Thursday night in Sacramento. While the reaction from folks on both sides of this issue was as immediate (thanks to Twitter and other social networking sites) as it was passionate, discipline for World Peace will have to wait until the league doles it out.

Using the Lakers’ last such incident as a guideline, it would seem that World Peace is in line for at least something along the lines of the five-game suspension Lakers center Andrew Bynum received for his mid-air knockdown of Mavericks guard J.J. Barea in the Western Conference semifinals last year.

But, as one prominent agent explained it, that does not mean the league is limited to game penalties in dealing with World Peace. The league is perfectly within its right to fine him an unspecified dollar amount on top of the games he would be forced to sit out, without pay. For a player who has already missed 111 games due to 13 previous suspensions and lost millions in related fines and penalties, this latest incident is a sobering reminder of a place he probably did not intend on revisiting after a relatively incident-free past couple of years.

“I would think at least five games and anywhere from 5 to 10 games,” the agent said. “I thought it was definitely an egregious act and a totally over the top move. It wasn’t a basketball play. There wasn’t a basketball involved at all. Bynum got five for knocking Barea out of the air. This was just as bad, in my opinion, if not worse. It wasn’t a basketball play. And it wasn’t a mistake. Harden never even looked at Artest, didn’t have his hands up and never knew that elbow was coming. This wasn’t Harden’s fault.”

“Like I said, this has to be at least equal to the Bynum [suspension] in length. I can’t see how he gets less than five games.”

Keep in mind that Bynum’s suspension came at the end of the Lakers’ season, so there was no playoff action he could have missed as a result of his suspension. The Lakers are just days away from the start of the playoffs and face the very real possibility of embarking on that tour without World Peace in uniform if the playoffs are a part of a potential suspension.

Meanwhile, Harden underwent further tests Monday, per league stipulations for any player dealing with concussion symptoms, and is listed as day-to-day.  Harden is also not expected to play in either of the Thunder’s two remaining regular season games, Tuesday against Sacramento and Wednesday against Denver. His availability for the playoffs remains unclear.

What’s clear is that Thunder and Lakers are seriously damaged by the absence of Harden and Artest, respectively, if they do not have them in uniform and cleared to play in the playoffs.

You saw the Thunder lose that 18-point lead to the Lakers without Harden available after halftime Sunday. Without Harden, they lose not only the frontrunner for this year’s Sixth Man Award, but also the third member of the Thunder’s dynamic trio of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Thunder use Harden’s scoring and playmaking ability late in games to not only take some of the pressure off of Durant and Westbrook, but also to throw a serious curveball at teams designed to slow down those two All-Stars. Harden averages 16.8 points, 4.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists and is shooting 39 percent from beyond the 3-point line. And the Thunder don’t necessarily have anyone on the roster designated as the backup to the best backup in the game.

World Peace was Artest the last time the Lakers made a championship run in 201o. It was Artest’s clutch work in Game 7 of The Finals that saved the Lakers’ bacon, Kobe Bryant included, and helped them hold off the Celtics for the championship. The Lakers have the depth to replace World Peace. Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks and even Josh McRoberts can work somewhat at small forward in his absence. But it’s still a blow when a team could potentially lose one of the premier perimeter defenders in basketball on the eve of the playoffs. World Peace was in the midst of arguably his best stretch of the season, averaging 15.9 points, 4.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 2.0 steals in his last 10 games.

“If either one of these guys is out for an extended period of time in the playoffs,” the agent said, “it’s a major blow for their team. They are both extremely valuable pieces to their respective teams. The Lakers can get by without Artest, but the Thunder without Harden … that’s something I’m sure they don’t even want to think about.”


  1. Stern H8r says:

    None of this matters…..Stern has a hard-on for Kobe and LA. If Carmelo had done something like this Stern would have given him 30 games. Kobe’s a rapist and didn’t miss one game. Stern will give RTEST the minimum that fans can stand. Watch and see

    • justplayball says:

      …..ditto…..and ONLY 7 games is a joke and they know it…… but hopefully it won’t even matter ’cause that lala team bows out in the 1st round !!

  2. Go Lakers says:

    Metta World Peace is completely innocent! He was just celebrating. Its very common to celebrate by swinging one’s elbow. And James Harden knew this. So after the dunk, Harden ran into position and then flopped to the ground in order to get MWP ejected. What a dirty play by Harden! The NBA should suspend Harden for at least 50 games for this flop! GO LAKERS!!! Don’t let the NBA push us around; we are the best! Peace and love to all

    • justplayball says:

      ….you just couldn’t be more biased….and you are a freakin joke……and probably just a mindless/robotic blog troll….. ‘stir it up’… baby …. and your basketball knowledge is non-existent …….. but you are right about one thing…..”Go Lakers”…… go right out of the playoffs….. so the fans can just watch playoff basketball and forget about … “As the ‘Whirled Peas’ Turn” …..that sad little tragi-comedy from the Capital of ‘Make Believe’ ….. holywood and the big waffle iron(stapler’s center)

  3. Eugenia says:


    There’s no place in the game for his animalistic behavior! I tried to accept that he was trying to change, but he needs psychiatric care…permanently! He needs not to be let out with the public. He’s an animal. and proved it with his actions.

    Hardin should file a lawsuit!!!

    BANNED FOR LIFE, I say!!!!!!!

  4. Zamboha says:

    Where is Hardin’s elbow at when Metta swings ? What was the reason for stepping in front of Artest ? Was it to be an enforcer & stop his celebration ? When you try to get tough with a crazy person bad things happen ! It does not make what World Peace did alright by any manner . Just as there was no reason to throw an Elbow , there was no reason to step in front & stick a forearm in the kidney . When you try to draw a reaction from a person that you know has a chemical imbalance , you may just get a little more than you bargain for . The league needs to put an end to all the ticky tack stuff that instigates these incidents , then we don’t have to talk about how a wanna be tough guy got crushed by a known thug !

  5. JessMac says:

    Really everyone,
    How many of you call 10 fouls a half on any opposition you have during a game of 21? Some of us get further into the game
    like the crazy dayz from Detroit, New York, and Chicago. All you couch potatoes calling flagrants while sipping on your vitamin water need to change the channel to HGTV. Metta World Peace plays with all heart, you could never score on him or even get a shot up. He is a professional NBA superstar champion, yeah one of the best defenders of all time. Im sure all you ticky tack foul callers would close your eyes and hide in a shadow if you saw Dennis Rodman walking at you. Was Metta wrong for throwing and landing that elbow? Yeah, sure. How many of you see every under the rim rebound elbows clearout and just want those flying elbowa to connect? It can be and is scary having giants trying to behead one another, but guess what IT WORKS. Rodman is a Champion as well as World Peace, you don’t know what it takes to even get to a game. So for those of you who don’t know that basketball will always be a physical game, take a turn at what your best at. Start by spell checking this comment like Im sure you already started. The incident happened on the pine, just seconds after dunking on DurCant. How would you react in the same situation? Like I asked, HGTV is just a click away into that happy never see or feel confrontational sparkly world~

  6. Chinoy says:

    Lakers fans are correct, MWP’s elbow to Hraden’s head was Harden’s fault because his head got in the way of MWP’s elbow. The NBA should give every scoring player about 30 seconds to celebrate a score and any player that goes within 5 feet of a celebrating player should be called for a technical foul. This way, celebrating players and freely throw karate kicks, chops, elbows, knees and boxing punches and anyone who gets in their way should get a technical foul. It would have been nice if Harden was thrown out instead of MWP because he already had a concussion and would not be able to play anyway.

  7. Streetsilence says:

    First and foremost, anyone who defends this type of madness or says that if wasn’t intentional is a lunatic and is obviously bias. I think even his mother wouldn’t back him up on this one. Just these ridiculous Laker Fans who were cheering for him as he exited, and making excuses for him are backing him up. The same fans that would be raising hell if Artest was on a different team and did this to Bynum, Kobe, or Gasol. No one in lakerland would even think about stating some of these ridiculous comments. It’s funny to me how idiotic some of these comments are. It’s like defending him for the Malice of Auburn HIll. How can you defend something like that. I wish the shoe was on the other foot, and you laker fans had this happen to you. (Well I don’t wish than on anyone, I’m just saying). But you would probably Riot if he got anything less than a playoff exit. Believe me, I live in LA. I know how dumb these fans can be. I’m not talking about every laker fan, but if you get offended by this then you are one of them. Be a true basketball fan for the love of the game, not an unbiased freak.

  8. Ali says:

    People need to relax when they start talking about long term suspensions.. World Peace hit him hard and it was intentional but how much time are you going to suspend him? More than 10 games? That would be absolutely ridiculous! People are looking at this the wrong way they are not looking at the crime they are looking at the criminal. Ron Artest has a history of being a dirty player however people are judging him as the “Ron Artest” character. No matter what anyone says the guy has come a long way from the brawl at the palace and recently won some citizen award or something like that. Not that that is an excuse for what he did he absolutely should be suspended but its not fair to caculate the suspension based on his history because he isnt the same. Jason Smith tackled Blake Griffin on a fast break that could have been a career ending hit fortuanetly it wasnt. Then after the hit Jason Smith was throwing his hands up in the air as if to pump up the crowd like he was proud of what he did. An act like that deserves a more severe punishment just because Jason Smith doesnt have a history of doing things like that shouldnt lessen his punishment as compared to Metta World Peace.

  9. OK, I have posted my opinion here yesterday and honestly I don’t really care since I am not Lakers or no OKC fan. I just hope Harden can get well soon. However, this morning my son talked to me about this. He currently playing in a local basketball team and I was surprised that he thought this is not a big deal since a lot of people think Artest didn’t do anything wrong.

    I told him very seriously if he do such thing to other player I will have no choice but ask him to quit the team. I feel shame for my boy, how come he feel nothing for this? Is this world has completely changed? People can’t tell what is right and what is wrong? I wasn’t really care about this yesterday, but now I have to re-think about everything again. And I really have to talk to my boy to make sure he is in the right track.

  10. lost but now found says:

    Artest or WarPeace should be banned forever in the NBA…act like that is not appropriate in the league..take a walk or play in UFC or MMA!!!!

    • Jason says:

      I think he should be banned for the entire playoffs and at least 20 regular season games and I wouldn’t have any issues whatsoever with an entire season or permanent ban given his history. Elbows to the head aren’t basketball and can seriously injure someone permanently.

  11. inkybreath says:

    It would be interesting to see some other celebrations after similar plays for Artest to see if he uses this Hulk-elbow move…

  12. mark says:

    dan wolves… provoked? watch the footage…harden hardly bumped into him… and world peace or world hate whatever his name is swung his elbow from behind his head, your obviously a laker but u can not defend this bs

  13. mark says:

    kidney shot? go back to nhl or ufc zamboha because we dont need your sort in this great game

  14. mark says:

    ive seen this footage a few times and every time i feel sick… i like james harden as a player even though i support the heat and i think he shouldnt be allowed back on the court this season… imagine him taking out the star player on a team with this sort of rubbish in the playoffs…. it could ruin the entire playoffs if he does this to durant lebron dirk or one of the other superstars

  15. SS says:

    I remember when Karl Malone clocked Dennis Rodman in the playoffs. Don’t remember Malone getting suspended.

  16. unodemuchos says:

    bunch of sissies here posting about nba players acting too rough. that’s what contact sports is all about. you pay them your monies and buy them tickets because you want to see things you can’t do by yourselves. so cut out all this crying, and whining about guys roughing it out. now, the truth of the matter is the nba office will decide this based on how the team owners and other nba powerbrokers see the incident. ofcourse within bounds of the nba rules, but as this involves a popular player in a big market team, politics will play a much bigger role than the black and white letters stated in the book.

    so stop whining as if anyone of you has a say in the matter. coz you don’t.

  17. KM says:

    This elbow reminds me of Kermit Washington punching Rudy T. in the face. It is both reckless and unsolicitied. And Artest reminds me of Mike Tyson. This is almost as crazy as biting a guy’s ear.

  18. Jose says:

    For all of you ignorants, Artest should be suspended for the rest of the season, he need to see a brain doctor, he;s a disgrace for the basketball world.

    • kobe says:

      u guys are crazy..this was the normal thing in the 80’s and 90’s..what about when dwade broke kobes nose in the all star game..that was an all star game and he bush wacked kobe..was it wrong what artest did..of course it was…suspend him entire playoffs kick him out of the league..u guys never played sports .im saying 4 games and $75,000 fine..

  19. KM says:

    Artest should be banned for life. He is crazy and dangerous.

  20. my2cents says:

    I’ve been a Lakers fan practically since birth, and I’m a big fan of the (formerly?) reformed MWP–but what he did was inexcusable, full stop. Of course it was intentional; you can tell by his reaction. If I accidentally hit someone that hard, yeah, I’m going to turn around and see who it was. He just kept going. I don’t see how people (including a vocal minority of fellow Lakers fans, sadly) can blame Harden in any way for it. 5-10 games suspension, though I’m afraid it might even be more. I hope Harden recovers in time to help his team in the playoffs, and I really hope MWP gets the help he obviously needs.

  21. DONSKIE says:

    big things are coming in bloody playoffs!! beleive me….im so sad that sometime unsportmanship in my fave sport is gradually fade:(

  22. Zamboha says:

    Hardin throws Kidney shot , Artest counters with an elbow to the head . Down goes Hardin , Down goes Hardin . There is always somebody bigger & badder , you play tough & it will come back to you ! They both deserve to sit & watch for a while .

  23. koalatdan says:

    It boils down to Artests priors. Just like a criminal, If a criminal goes out and does a crime, they take his prior arrest record into account. Therefore, Artest should be banned from the league. No one in the history of the NBA has probably been suspended more times than Artest (for violent acts at that). BTW, I have been a Laker Fan since 1972. Just to show how biased I am not.

  24. hooplover says:

    why are you comparing mwp’s incident to bynum’s? 2 different incidents, 4 different people! mwp’s punishment should fit the crime, i can’t help but agree but i have to agree with “sir charles”, if any of you read his comment posted on another of sekou’s articles, anything more than final season suspension and first game of the playoffs would be just “turrelbell”! play ball!!!!!

  25. Lakers Fan says:

    METTA WORLD PEACE???? He is carrying his name as a moving joke. The word “Metta” is from the Buddhism and he is insulting the Buddism. He should immediately change his name to “Iam World Garbage”.

  26. Michael says:

    I’ve had enough of Ron Artest over the years. If the NBA doesn’t throw him out of the league, they will be giving tacit acceptance to this violent behavior. I want to watch athletes, not thugs.

  27. Jah says:

    ban him from the game. he is just too unstable.

  28. kobe bryant says:

    The NBA is very different from the one I grew up watching to many rules for differnt players Ron artest was wrong i think he didn’t know he hit him

  29. baller 0.1 says:

    they should put MWP out for the rest of the season and change rules to punish harder this type of situations, Please 🙂

  30. chardy says:

    this should be a huge punishment for artest!!! hes should not replace his name with some peace on it!!! damn…. artest should be ban forever in the nba!!! he can play in china, europe or here in the pba.

  31. Doncha says:

    Ron Artest i love u man..wont listening haters..they doing their job..hate other ppl..


  32. Dan Wolves says:

    It was an emotionally charged moment. MWP was provoked by JH but still there’s no excuse for MWP to swing the elbow. MWP should be banned for a couple of games and JH issued a technical foul for provoking and taunting. JH has no business bumping into MWP who just made a spectacular play and MWP has no reason to swing the elbow at JH. both of them are at fault in some way. as in any other sport, there’s always an over reaction after being hit. just look at soccer players pretending to be in a lot of pain after not even being hit in the leg or shin area. just watch aussie rules and rugby players who play without body protection and take hard knocks and hits night in and night out. i could be wrong but JH might have over reacted as well.

  33. Aldrin says:

    While it is true that what MWP have done is definitely wrong, no argument on that…but the point is if you take a look at what happened that elbow will not be thrown if not for Harden’s action by going to MWP’s place and try to iritate MWP by which is the catalyst of throwing the elbow…We should be mindful that MWP will just throw an elbow beause he want to hurt anybody…but because Harden successfully iritate MWP while celebrating to a beautiful dunk and try to block MWP’s way….

  34. Abdres says:

    Its obvious Harden wanted to get Artest kind of emotional by going towards him? Why would he go towards a defender to receive the ball. He absolutely deserved that elbow for taunting. Nevertheless he got it in the head, Artest should’ve hit him in the body. Stop it with this fake moralism and understand we are not the same persons when we have our heart going twice as fast!! Forgive this guy and stop forcing people to behave perfectly all the time!! Cheers Ron, your one of the best players in this league!!

  35. Dan Wolves says:

    It was an emotionally charged moment. MWP was provoked by JH but still there’s no excuse for MWP to swing the elbow. MWP should be banned for a couple of games and JH issued a technical foul for provoking and taunting. JH has no business bumping into MWP who just made a spectacular play and MWP has no reason to swing the elbow at JH. both of them are at fault in some way. as in any other sport, there’s always an over reaction after being hit. just look at soccer players pretending to be in a lot of pain after not even being hit in the leg or shin area. just watch aussie rules might have over reacted as well.

  36. Losing Interest says:

    I watched the game and have seen (watched) most of the comments about other players actions. My bottom line is this. When is enough, enough? Really, his apology is, “I am sorry that Harden got in the way”? Is “World Peace” so aloof that he could not feel his elbow making contact with another player and then never look back. I simply do not buy it that the elbow was an “unintentional” part of a dunk celebration. There was nothing professional about Ron Metta World Peace Artest’s behavior or attitude. Personally, I feel he should be removed from the court permanently. Sure, there have been others before him that acted in ways that were unacceptable but when is enough, enough? Does a player have to be permanently disabled or worse before appropriate action is taken? This type behavior has been subliminally accepted and we are growing more accustomed to this type behavior. What’s next? A bounty program for injuring another player on the court? Don’t think it couldn’t happen. Unacceptable behavior should never be rewarded. If any of us were to “unintentionally” elbow another employee from another corporation, we’d lose our job permanently… Maybe that’s just where I work.

  37. Zachary says:

    I think he should be out the rest of the season and i think it’s bullS**T that he didnt see james harden because you can see his arm felt him and then he hit him…im not saying to bench him because im a okc fan im not lakers fan ethier but i think he needs to be benched for awhile because there is no need for players getting hurt like that..

  38. Knicksfan says:

    MWP should be banned for the rest of season. He was famous for violent behavior in the games. NBA should set up a more strict rules for those who physically hurt other players on purpose like Jason Kidd and Kirk knocking down Jeremy Lin before. This is a serious thing to be reconsidered for NBA officials. NBA should tell all the team players: they are human beings not animals.

  39. Mehul Patel says:

    I think 2 games is fine how about we all calm down here? We should just make sure harden is ok for playoffs

  40. hooper2 says:

    i think you all are missing a valuable thing and i think someone said it before in one post. the nba and all pro sports leagues look at your past behavior to dole out punishments on new incidents. So whether or not this was intentional or incidental, they must still go back and look at his past behavior on the court, i.e. flagrant fouls, technical fouls, hard fouls, etc. And almost every game Metta is getting into with someone because of a semi flagrant type foul. As a professional athlete, you often times brush up against players after fast breaks, it happens. What does not happen is a follow through elbow. I think because of Harden’s size, he was hit in the neck/face area, if it had been another player, it might have been the chest and shoulder area. It does not matter where he was hit, it is the wind up. You can not say Harden should not have grazed him, or that Metta has the right to swing through, when you know it is not true. I love all hoops and I think the right call was made. Now I think the NBA has to take its time to dole out further punishment to Metta for swinging through. I think they will suspend him for Thursday’s game against Sacramento and for 2 games of the playoffs. And fine him some dollars to put towards charity. All in all I think we all lose ourselves sometimes in the game and the heat of moments. Think about your job (if you have one), and when someone made you angry enough to yell, scream, argue, kick stuff, throw things and then later you wish you had not lost control. Even Kobe said afterwards that MEtta has to control himself in these situations.

  41. bpirnat says:

    Then Wade should be band because he broke kobe’s nose (it was clearly on purppose). This year were a lot of ejection based on violence, so they sould band the hole NBA if thats the case.

  42. NBAfan says:

    What he MWP did was wrong? That’s for sure. He will get suspended, that’s for sure. He will be fined. That’s for sure.

    But lets consider the following before we get ahead of ourselves being so “outraged” by this unsportsmanlike conduct from the infamous Ron Artest:

    1. MWP got away from Durant
    2. MWP “dunked on” Ibaka
    3. The Lakers got to within a point of the Thunders
    4. MWP was celebrating
    5. Even Kobe was celebrating (see double fist pump under the rim)
    6. MWP is an emotional guy.
    7. It was an emotionally charged moment
    8. Harden was not guarding MWP, nor was MWP guarding Harden.
    9. Harden had no business bodying him up on an inbound
    10. Westbrook (the point guard) was wide open on the other side of the court, nobody was trying to press them
    11. MWP was trying to walk AWAY from Harden.
    12. Harden was NOT even trying to move away from MWP as any player on offense should
    13. Harden was NOT trying to post MWP up from over there
    14. If anything, Harden was MOVING with MWP (why?)
    15. We all know Ron Ron is not the Shy type. If he really wanted to do something to Harden, don’t you think he can come up with something better?

    AGAIN…MWP was in the wrong…but I dont’ think it’s worse than Kevin Love stomping on Scola….Anyway, didn’t Larry Bird slam his head on the floor chasing a loose ball and he was still fine and kept playing? Didnt’ Harden go back out only to have symptoms come up after? I’ve had a concussion playing organized basketball…you feel it RIGHT AWAY…not minutes later.

    • Nelly says:

      actually, your name should have been lafanboy and not nbafan. I can’t believe in what i see. MWP is TOTALLY in the wrong. Just don’t try to excuse him because nobody can do it. he “felt” harden, he “felt” a human body and after that, immediately, he tried to kill him like a gangster. The only fair punishment is eternal suspension from nba. Any other comment is coming from lal fanboys and nothing more. For those (like you) that still continue to excuse him, i just wish the same fate (no more, but no less, too than an elbow in the face). So, before writing anything new again, just think about it: Think about an elbow right in your head, while no reason exists for such an attitude. Because it was totally unjustifiable. MWP is mentally ill and retarded. The sooner he stops basketball, the better for the league (even for lakers, too!)

    • Tony says:

      Another MWP fan…Another loser with mental problem!!!!

    • fab says:

      i agree with you 100 percent and if you watch previous games with OKC you will always see harden trying to get in someones face he always trying to challenge people like he is a bully ive watched the games and ive been saying it long time that he going to get it from somebody and unfortunately it was MWP,but hardenung was fine because he went to get checked out and came right back out most likely the coaching staff told him to finish sit out so MWP situation would make it look worst than what it is nothing is wrong with hardening put it like this he got hit yes but he sat out the remainder of the game so the officials and the league would think something drastic happened to him so MWP would be punished severly,but aint nothing happening just fined MWP it wasnt all is faults please whos reading this just look at some of okc games see that hardening always trying to get in peoples face check out some of the games with miami with lakers with spurs check out most of the games and youll see this punishment doesnt deserve to be drastic please be leniet on MWP,THANK YOU

    • dattebayo says:

      Harden could bump into him, trash talk him, get into MWP’s face, provoke MWP and claim to have had relations with Metta’s sister (has that douche a sister?). Still nothing what Harden could have possibly done could ever justify an elbow to the head swung with full force the way MWP did.

      That’s a 10 game suspension at least and I personally wouldn’t even let him play in the playoffs. Accept it you delusional Laker Fans…

  43. MJ likes KB says:

    hey METTA, do you know any other sports?? I bet NBA will ban you for life. WHY don`t you try the NHL or WWE, at least after there you get to play and fight. NO FINE NO PENALTY NO DISCIPLINARY actions….LOL

  44. Santiago R.G. says:

    I think it would be enough with MWP banned out for the season and permitting Harden to break MWP’s neck when James is 100% healthy (something I hope to happen soon),
    ‘Noooo, the poor kid was celebrating… He was going nuts…’ For God’s sake, where not children, If you can’t celebrate a bucket without knocking out a man you are a perennial danger. Losing the head is not a valid apology, even less for a recidivist.
    I can’t believe comments about Harden needing to take care of walking near MWP.

  45. Raymond says:

    Ron Artest changing his name to World Peace is prob the most ironic thing. This guy is the one of the least peaceful players. Anyway, he can change his name to whatever he wants, but he is still the same person — stupid and violent.

  46. jack0808 says:

    lakers fan is a moron

  47. Weare LA says:


    Iam a Big LA fan and MWP wanted this ! As you can see, after the dunk, James just wanted the ball again in the game after the basket, so he wasnt just in his way !

    Big lost for LA 😦

  48. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    2 to 5 games suspension without pay?Is this enough?If this will be the punishment, it will not do any good to discipline players like WORLD MORON.So do it again WORLD MORON,5 days without pay is nothing to a player with big contract like WORLD MORON.

  49. lippip says:

    galaragabigcat are you a LAKERS fan???if yes that’s why….lolz

  50. Coach Dee says:

    All the hype is being thrown at Ron Artest because he is a Laker.

    • justplayball says:

      no……it’s because he is a loose with an nba rap sheet as long as his arms……. no matter what team pays his salary — which is large — and he doesn’t seem to respect the responsibility that comes with it……………


    This site should be banned

  52. xepherius says:

    I have no clue how sekou can become a professional journalist… his comments are so biased that he just think ron ron should be suspend for 10 games because of this elbow. Why doesn’t he bring up dwade’s action on all star game when he INTENTIONALLY broke kobe’s nose and caused him concussion? Why doesn’t him bring up dwade’s last year performance in playoff against Boston when he INTENTIONALLY caused rondo’s arm dislocated? and why doesn’t him bring up kobe caused rubio’s knee injury, which ended rubio’s season game? all their actions are worse than MWP’s elbow, and yet, they didnt get fined nor suspended…

    • justplayball says:

      … I don’t agree with your premise …but I am not a laker fan and I could not believe what dwade did in the all-star game with all the young people tuning in to watch the “stars” …. HE , Yes , should have been suspended for at least a game…… and not to mention the rest of the ‘Most popular player” game….

  53. Mario says:

    There is simply no excuse for this sort of behaviour and Metta should recieve a ban for the season as well as a huge fine. James Harden could have been killed if that elbow had hit him in a specific place. Metta swung the elbow so high and brought it down with so much power and never paused to look back when he hit Harden if really he was not aware he was there.

    Had this happened in soccer the punishment would have been swift and heavy to serve as a detterrent to others.

  54. jungz says:

    Harden should watch this from PBA….hehehe

  55. Marko says:

    Mwp is not the real man.I loved to watch him play,but because play like this he need to be banned from the playoffs.He doesn`t even stands behind what he has done ,he says I didn`t mean to hit him.Be the man say i`m sorry and I will take the punishment.He is just a bitch!

    • justplayball says:

      …..absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!! ! What marko said…… 13 exclamation points for each prior suspension….and ONE more for this LAST one……….c-ya’…..Ron

  56. Ted says:

    I don’t even know why Sekou makes a big fuss about this. OKC fan maybe? Because the James Jones foul and Griffin hard fouls could have had similar consequences.

  57. patrck says:

    when you almost kill someone by this kind of move, you have to be baned from the league…and it’s not the first time,
    he clearly saw James, nobody celebrate with his elbow, and he means he didnt saw him but at least he felt him, and he act like he didnt felt him…impossible…have a good retirement MWP…

  58. Payaso says:

    Clearly MWP has done something unacceptable in any basketball league. He has to be judged according to this event, Not based on who he was. There is also a growing attitude of players who want to play down any “good play”, and i think that was what harden was trying to do. In some cases, players simply bump the other player who has made a good move, or bring them down, or do anything just to play down any beautiful move by the opposing player.

  59. Romesh says:

    Metta should be thanked by James Harden for hardening him up for the playoffs.!. The question I have is…why did James Harden go and bump MWP? makes no sense to do it. The last thing I want after I’ve dunked it, is someone coming and bumping me.
    Metta should get 2 games for reaction and Harden should’ve gotten a technical foul for taunting.

  60. I am not OKC nor LAKER fan, but I really not sure if I still want to watch any of OKC game in the play offs if this elbow was drop on Westbrook or KD’s head………… I mean, seriously, if it was not Harden but instead it was Westbrook or KD, then it is just going to be a disaster, right? OKC will be in big trouble.

  61. Lauw8 says:

    It’s so hilarius that he changed his name, and thinks he is a better person now. But he still have a lot of aggression inside of him.

    The way he threw that elbow, it’s sure for me he did this on purpose. The first reason why I think this, is that he felt someone standing next to him and then threw the elbow. The second reason is that after the elbow he didn’t even look behind him. No way that he didn’t felt that he had hit someone. If it was unintentional, he would look to the guy he elbowed to the ground and apologized immediately. I hope he is not playing anymore this season!

  62. I am not OKC nor LAKER fan, but I really not sure if I still want to watch any OKC game in the play offs if this elbow was drop on Westbrook or KD’s head………… I mean, seriously, if it was not Harden but instead it was Westbrook or KD, then it is just going to be a disaster, right?

  63. Troy says:

    First of all i”m not gonna call that idiot meta world peace. He makes it seems as if he”s bilor and jus plain crazy. I think the nba is sick for allowing him to play with normal ppl. He’s mental look at his youtube clips and his interviews!

  64. windowswebwereld says:

    It’s so hilarius that he changed his name, and thinks he is a better person now. But he still have a lot of aggression inside of him.

    The way he threw that elbow, it’s sure for me he did this on purpose. The first reason why I think this, is that he felt someone standing next to him and then threw the elbow. The second reason is that after the elbow he didn’t even look behind him. No way that he didn’t felt that he had hit someone. If it was unintentional, he would look to the guy he elbowed to the ground and apologized immediately. I hope he is not playing anymore this season!

  65. vincreations says:

    banned for 1 game only like what kevin love did to luis scola.. if you banned him its to much.. so EMO!!

  66. chito says:

    Not a good basketball act but give Artest aka MWP the benefit of the doubt. A very intense game after a very strong play by MWP and Harden should have moved out of the way instead of moving towards celebratory MWP. I hope it would be a regular season suspension. But then be fair in handing down punishment…NBA is full of bias judgement.

  67. Paul Mari V. Darong says:

    As the playoffs is nearly starting, lakers should think and have a strategy to replace MWP, although it was bad foul, but you cannot blame MWP for reacting like that especially when you are energizing the team!!!! it’s a tough game, MWP should be penalize at least 5 games!

  68. ee says:

    good on ya butta you dont hear many reasonable laker fans. The guy just has no impulse control there is something wrong with his brain.

  69. Counter Point says:

    The 2 fouls your talking about were on the ball, to stop a layup or dunk both times. Artest was “celebrating” which basically isn’t even allowed in the league anymore. I’m sure you’ve seen the technicals thrown out for just a stare down after a dunk.
    Also the argument of “clearing space” is not a legitimate one. First of all Harden does run the offense a lot even with Westbrook on the floor, and no one is going to elbow someone that high to clear space. Maybe you are a Lakers or MWP fan so I’m sure you know his history. He will be punished and in my mind MWP’s foul is on a completely different more violent level than Lopez or Jones.

  70. femi says:

    I believe the blow is unintentional, MWP closed his eyes and was flinging his hands in jubilation. Harden was on the way of the swinging hand and was caught by the elbow. It was a severe blow that shows that the neck might have been dislocated. For overjubilating and getting an opponent injured MWP should be punished. The league (NBA) and the commissioner have a stardard disciplinary measure for such act and should not delay in giving justice.

  71. MackDaddy says:

    It looks bad on the replay, no question.

    But if you look closer, MWP isnt aiming for anything…. he is using his elbow in a pushing motion to move whoever it is that is impeding his path.

    Yes Harden got hit in the head, and yes regardless of intent MWP did use excessive force in trying to move in his intended path back up the court.

    But 2 things…. what the hell is Harden doing rubbing up against a player that obviously isnt defending anybody? He is getting in Ron Ron’s face for no reason other than to be a pest. Also, if Harden was any taller it would have been a strike to the shoulder…. not the head.

    I’m not defending the force used by MWP, as I believe in any context viewed it was excessive for the intent.
    But I dont believe MWP aimed for the head nor intentionally went out to hit Harden that hard.

    I hope the league looks at the footage more carefully than a lot of knee-jerk reactions made online thus far.

    Excessive force is the issue here, not the actual blow to the head- which I believe wasnt intentional. Plenty of other players bump and shove with elbows all the time with no penalty. It’s just that this one struck the head and why it’s copped so much media spotlight.

    Suspension for a few games for excessive force…. but not for an intentional blow to the head, which is clear this wasnt.

    There’s also the first issue as to why Harden was there in the first place, but since he copped one fair and square on the head, that’s penalty enough for him. He wont do that again!

    • Clober says:

      Sure Harden moves a bit towards MWP, and he probably moves into him to create a little bump maby to try to annoy him or what ever. MWP has a 40 pund advantage on Harden, why doesn he just run over him. It’s clear from the video it was an intentional elbow (not nescarily ment for the head), the wind up starts after he bumps into harden, and it’s a big wind up and a realy hard elbow.
      An other thing, MWP says he didn’t even see him, you can see his feet get tangled up with Hardens and he could easily have tripped so to get his footing he even pushed Harden a bit after the elbow. However not once does he even look in Hardens general direction. That is not a normal reaction for someone who just felt their elbow connect hard to someones head. If it realy was unintentional any sane person would notice something bad just happened and make sure he’s all right.

      • Laker Fan says:

        Agree. 1st. Any normal person would have said “Oops” and stopped. 2nd. He was defending his actions to the ref. 3rd. He slapped hands with a fan who was admiring this horrible act as he was leaving the court. Again, I hope the league looks at the actions after the elbow more so than the elbow. That tells the real story. This was intentional and was meant to do harm. This act is so harmful that a UFC fighter was disqualified for doing it.

    • justplayball says:

      …..lol…ha …ha …ha …. just gave yourself (AND Artest) away……. “….excessive for the INTENT …….. ” There you go so it is obvious to even the laker sheep that is was INTENTIONAL…… hope the NBA management scans through these blogs…. I’m sure they would find it enlightening !!!! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • justplayball says:

      man…..you laker lickers are really something…..but that’s OK you had your fun…. this team(using the term loosely, of course) is finished…stick a fork in ’em…..better blow up this team ’cause gm/coach kobes is goin’ to the east coast next year when the ‘good doctor’ starts from scratch with a newly bought s****star….guess who that is gonna be????? not enough room in one locker room for both of those egos…. adios!!!

  72. Lakers4ever85 says:

    galaragabigcat has a very good point. It must be fair. Lopez and Jones was intentional! MWP is debatable but from what I saw he wasn’t looking and did too much on the play! They should be dealt with in the Same way! That’s favoritism in my opinion. Yea he did something YEARS ago straightened up and made a mistake. U can’t say its the OLD Artest! Like ppl don’t do dumb things. Jones and Lopez Just got eject and they could’ve REALLY hurt the players involved. Be fair NBA!!!!

  73. world peace says:


  74. ERA710924 says:

    Yes…it was a wrong act. But, it was not premeditated! So why should demand for too much punishment??? 2-game suspension will just be enough.

    • Reality Check 2 says:

      You hit the nail on the head, it wasnt premeditated. Losing control is not premeditated. And if MWP cant maintain control while on the court, he shouldnt be on the court.

    • justplayball says:

      …..because of his track record of these type of outbursts….. it is a Team sport not a “look at me” opportunity just because you got the round ball in the ring!!!! His past demands that he needs to be on a short lease….and this action shows a Complete disregard for the league and those who allowed him back in this league to play at this level (READ: $$$$$$$$$$$$$)…… no more big $ to thugs….period…good luck in your new profession….something where hitting another is REWARDED ….like boxing –that way he would ONLY be matched up with someone as large as he is ….. in the body AND in his own head !!!

  75. Wayne says:

    If anyone looks past the unforgiveable and easy three game suspension Artest should get. I can easily see HARDEN looking to create a problem, got a little more than he though. He wailks down the center of the lane then starts to move towards Ron, after he is past Kobe, so no need to go in Rons direction, but lets even put that aside, why is he putting his hands in a blocking position befor he’s even a couple feet from him. His intent was for contact, and i’m glad he got it. Ron should be suspended, and Harden should be on some sort of conduct watch himself for trying to create problems. The league wont stop players from creating that contact Harden tried to make with Ron. If players cant show up other players after dunks or whatever them what Harden tried shouldnt be allowed either.

    • NBA Fan says:

      You are a joke! You are just making yourself look stupid for writing that comment!

      You want the league to put a stamp on players slightly touching other players or else they deserve to cop an elbow to a potentially deadly part of the head!???
      Not even in MMA do they allow shots to behind the ears due to the danger of it.
      Artest is a punk and he deserves minimum 5 if not 10 games for what he has done.

  76. Bopperani says:

    The notion that the elbow blow was part of his “celebration” just does not hold water. He was pounding on his chest to celebrate. He could tell someone was next to him – Harden was even touching him, trying to get by to get the ball inbounds. I have never seen anyone raise an elbow to his shoulder and flail it as part of a celebration. It’s very clear if you watch the whole sequence because after the blow Artest continues down the court celebrating by continuing to pound his chest, but there were no elbows being thrown about. I don’t think it was deliberate in terms of “I’m going to take Harden out with some emotional outburst as a cover” I suspect it was more like “no one better get close to me and mess with my well deserved celebration for such a macho play”.

    • Jon says:

      So Lets eee u go to inbound the ball by contacting the opposing player who is running in the opposite direction. What would Ron Do press him fullcourt with his back turned???

  77. Butta. says:

    I’m hoping it’s regular season games. Maybe 1 or 2 playoff games. We need MWP. But at the same time, he needs to be severely punished for that action. Hope Harden is okay and recovers well.

  78. Ray says:

    I’ve been a fan of the game for over 50 years. I’m a Knicks fan, but I’ve always liked the Celtics and the Lakers. This type of behavior should be severely dealt with. Today’s “stars” are getting away with murder. This is not the first time that Meta World Peace is involved in violence on the court. By the way, meta in spanish means goal, as in achievement. He’d better change his name.

    • ICTOAN says:

      Yes, “meta” with one “t” means “goal” in Spanish, From Greek, “meta” means “transcending”.
      However, Artest spells it with two “t”s. “Metta” is a derivation from Buddhist scripture and it means “earth” or “globe”.
      So what exactly was your point?

  79. BigRedPeppers says:

    Calm down would you please. Two games will be enough.

  80. The league needs to start discipling equally. James Jones took out Noah at the neck/head in the Miami/Chicago game last week. It was a flagrant 2 foul and he was ejected, the same as Artest’s. Lopez closelined Blake Griffin and slammed him to the ground. Lopez grabbed Griffin right around the neck and threw him to the ground. That was also a flagrant 2 foul and he too ejected. All three fouls were wrong and targeted the head and neck area. But Jones and Lopez did not get punished like Artest will and that is not fair. All flagrant 2 fouls, especially to the head/neck area should have the same penalty and discipline. Why is it ok for 2 guys to get away with it and the next a huge suspension. It should not be ok for anyone to do it.
    I think it was WRONG what Artest did, but Harden should have stayed away from him. As Artest was celebrating, Harden ran right up to him. And you can’t say it was to go up and get the ball from out of bounds, he is not the point guard. I think Artest was celebrating and Harden got in his space and Artest gave him an elbow, as to say get out of here. He didn’t look to see who it was or where he was elbowing the guy. I don’t think he was trying to go for the head or try to hurt him, I think he was trying to get him out of his space. It was still wrong and deserves punishment. But James Jones and Robin Lopez would need to get the same punishment! The league needs to crack down equally on head/neck fouls!


      I have tried to reply to galaragabigcat’s post with not only a positive reaction, but also totally within comment policy, and still consistently denied… Just don’t happen to agree with Sekou’s point of view.

    • Jasen says:

      Do people rewatch the play over and over and still come up with statements like this? First off, when Artest landed, he turned to his right to get back down the court, seeing Harden at THAT point and taking 2.5 more steps before elbowing.

      Secondly, Harden was trailing the play, as the ball was being dunked a trailing Kobe jumped in front of Harden who then moved 2 steps slightly to left to avoid Kobe which is why he was even near Artest.

    • David says:

      Artest has a HUGE!!!! history, 13 suspensions and 111 game missed due to suspension. The suspensions and treatment will not be the same due to the violator. You must look at the crime and the criminal. Also both the other plays you site were basketball plays. This was not.

    • abchome says:

      Your insanity defence hits the nail. Artest doesn’t belong to jail, he belongs to psychiatric hospital. Anyway he does not belongs to basket court.

    • MzLee says:

      I totally agree james jones looked like he was playing football and there has been no talk of any suspension and it needs to be accross the bored. Also in the same game Wade through a fore arm straight at Rip’s head andwas ruled a flagrent 1 that should have been a 2 and ejecited. World Peace should not have to have his past haanging over his head for the rest of his career since the big 86 game suspension and others he has sought out help with his issues and has been relativly calm. He got caught up in the intesinty of the game and celibration went wrong. his action does deserve some reaction but not 5-10 games unlike the other plays mention his was a celebration gone wrong. the others were 100% intent to due harm. the harden foul was more like in football were a defense player was already full steam headed for a legal hit and at the last second the offensive player drops his head now you have a helmt tto helment harden was going to get hit with a elbow because he ran into MWP. But if the league is not going to make it across the bored then 1-2 games and fine max becuase the palys you mention could have been much worse then the harden becuase intent was behind them harden was nowere near MWP when he started celebrating and wasnot even in the play he was trailing the dunk was on ibaka and durant I believe harden was trailng so there could not have been intent.

    • Lakers Fan says:

      I wonder how your comment will be if you got hit by MWP instead to Harden.

    • Chris says:

      Garlara – You can’t compare World Peace’s action to anything you listed. An elbow to the head is ENTIRELY different from a shove. This was intentional. That James Jones play was minor and should have only been flagrant 1 (unless jones kept talking).

      Is your post a joke? I think you’re playing devils advocate.

      • The foul that James Jones commited was not minor and was a flagrant 2. Like Kurt Rambis even said, that hit to Noah by Jones looked scripted and if he was a real man he would have done it when Noah was looking at him and expecting it. Noah was looking up for a rebound and Jones blindsided him. I don’t care if it is a baketball play or not, if the league wants to stop these head shot they need to punish equally. What MWP did was not cool at all, but players have been doing it all year and for years! If you remember the 80’s the players used to get in fist fights and hit each other in the head all the time. Kurt Rambis, Bill Lambier, Rick Mahorn, Charles Barkley, and Dennis Rodman were some of the dirtiest players the NBA ever saw. The only reason for all the harsh words agaisnt MWP is his past. If LeBron, D-Wade, Pau Gasol, Durrant, Noah, or anyone else did what MWP did no one would be making such an issue out of it.

    • justplayball says:

      …..just read the numbers in this article to know why Artest get the boot…… 111 games missed in 13….that’s right 13 PREVIOUS suspensions…… GET IT !!!!! What does it take to Learn to be a ballplayer Only and NOT a ballplayer AND a thug…. I would say ….. 13 !!! 13 is MORE than enough!!! Heeeee’s …outtahere!!!! go try boxing and get your violence fix MR. “PEACE”—– you can change your name , buddy , but you obviously can’t change your ways……… (111 games for 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIOR suspensions….. just let it sink in !!!)

    • KMAC says:

      Thank you for your obsevation as mine is the same. I don’t condone MWP actions however, if you look at the replay and see where Harden came from (in the paint) he truley wasn”t going to shake his hands after that nasty dunk and did get way into MWP space. I to don’t belive it was intentional and again look at the replay as MWP did not see who it was just felt a body in his space and reacted. Again, not condone and he will face at least a 5 gm suspension to include some dollar bills…

    • hardin says:

      galaragabigcat You sound like Artest! its the NBA not Romper Room. There is no such thing as his space during a game. Hardin was maliciously attacked and could have been killed if he was hit in the right area. Artest should leave the NBA or they should oust him perminently. The less thugs, the safer the game, the better the reputation of the NBA.

      • merrileealong says:

        It was horrible and there are no excuses. To make matters worse, MWP, dangerously oblivious and vacuous, was spurred on by the shameful behavior of the crowd, which for me tarnished the outcome of my beloved Lakers. Such crowd reaction confuses people who have such mentality. I am so sick and disgusted by players crossing the line of sportsmanship.

    • Reality Check 2 says:

      Try watching the video for the first time. Harden did not get into MWP’s space. MWP turned upcourt, without looking were he was going. You can see him clearly looking toward his bench, then running into Harden, who had trailed the dunk. Harden did not veer into MWP’s “space”. MWP just lost track of where he, and others were on the court, then when MWP ran into Harden, he gave the “get out of my way” elbow. To say he didnt target the head, how did his elbow get so high??

    • wasilla resident says:

      Sorry, thats like saying “she was asking for it”. I think not only should Ron Artest (I refuse to call him World Peace after this) should be OUT of the playoffs all together. I also think the Lakers should forfeit that controversial win.

  81. Weatherd says:

    Artest should be baned from the playoffs. There is no place in the NBA for that action.He should have asault & battery charges against him.