Metta World Peace Gone Wrong!

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The punishment for this blow will be severe. It has to be. It better be.

There is no logical explanation for the wicked elbow Metta World Peace delivered to James Harden with 1:37 to play before halftime of the Lakers-Thunder game.

Even if the player formerly known as Ron Artest pleaded temporary insanity, it would explain the foolishness he unleashed on an unsuspecting Harden after his fast-break dunk. The chest pounding celebration is one thing. But hauling back with and unleashing that elbow on a totally unsuspecting Harden has all of the elements of a player gone completely off the edge, even if it was just a momentary lapse.

And I don’t want to hear that it was just playoff intensity and that MWP didn’t mean to swing his elbow the way he did and smash it into the side of Harden’s head. Whatever his intention, the result was dreadful. And it’s not a joking matter. If Harden was knocked unconscious no one would be joking about this on Twitter.

There is no overreaction to a shot like this. There is no other context that needs to be understood. The video (above, in slow mow and from a couple of different angles) says it all. And I’d say the same if Pau Gasol or Matt Barnes had thrown that elbow. There’s no place for it outside of the UFC.

That’s why the penalty should be swift and severe, at least a vacation for the remainder of the regular season … for starters!


  1. MauroARGENTINA says:

    I think he should be suspended for the rest of the season AND post season as well. Imagine what would have happend if he had nailed Harden right in the chin or the jaw, causing a fracture that would take Harden out for the season. Equal punishment for Metta. I’ve always loved his intensity but this was straight out insane

  2. n2 says:

    maybe he should change his name again to WORLD DESTRUCTION. for someone carry that kinda name and acting like an animal. shame

  3. john says:

    The committee on the NBA must be review this matter and give a decision for the penalty. This is not a joke….Artest is an Idiot player he did that many times especially play off games.. He need to go on the doctor to checked his mentality status…HE is a NBA(Leadership in basketball in entire world) player not a UFC fighter…Hope the committee on NBA must be decided ASAP on this matter..Artest your Idiot…

  4. Kyto says:

    Metta World Peace is still Ron Artest! He’s like a walking time bomb. It’s only a matter of time before he explode again. You’re sick in the mind and you should not be playing basketball at all, as you just intend to hurt other players.

  5. esoj says:

    World Peace must be expelled from the NBA.

  6. Dew says:

    there’s another angle that they didn’t show but Harden was going into Artest. If you inbounding the ball, you go away from the defender, not into his back. Only reason it looks bad is Harden got knocked the f$%&k out!!!!! If Artest would’ve miss, would this really be a big topic? Tip: Harden, don’t be going into people’s back.

  7. ChicagoTRS says:

    This will be Artest’s 11th suspension…11th!!! Should be a long one…do not expect him to play again this season and should miss at least the start of next season.

    If this is his first incident maybe 2-3 games…11th = multiply…give him 33 games.

  8. amer says:

    With that kind of play,Metta wasnt peaceful…. he belongs to the streets. NBA should ban him from the league

  9. SWN says:

    I tire of you and some of these fans pompous bs. Get a grip, punish him as you would anyone else get off your high horse and move on. Hopefully James Harden will make a speedy recovery.

  10. Sparhawk says:

    No give credit where its due, those are expected of kobe. Hill with his unexpected 15 boards, ebanks being a pest, and Ron Artest elbowing OKCs second best player in the head caused lakers the win. Say what you want but hardin has gone for 30-40 on many occasions off the bench, he was on the right track for tonight. OKC’s Kevin Durant had what, 35 points on a

  11. phliper says:

    Well no doubt I believe MWP should be fined and suspended for the remainder of the season and possibly the playoffs too. I hope that Harden is alright and that there is no long term effects from the vicious hit he took. I believe from the replays of the incident I have seen that a lesser man could have been killed or seriously injured from that hit to the head. Their is no room for stupidity like that to continue to take place. MWP is suppose to be a professional athlete and he does have talent enough to play the game and play it well, but he is obviously missing the mentality of how to handle himself on the court.

  12. zreno1983 says:

    This was an intentional hit and Artest should be suspended for the rest of the season, including playoffs.

  13. Evo24 says:

    He should have consequences for his action it did look intentional only because Harden was being a punk* by going in front of him and guarding him,do you really need to Guard him? after a fast break? really? really? so MWP. got mad and did what he did. 4 games sup. & a fine.

    maybe Harden will learn not to mess with others? I don’t know….really don’t its one for the books…. we will have to see…

    other note* how about that COME BACK! #KB24

  14. Hey,
    I love both teams and the NBA… me though: What celebratory move involves putting your elbow by your head except the Chicken dance maybe? And if you feel your arm/elbow contact something isn’t your first reaction to see what it might have hit? He made NO effort to turn to see what he hit because he knew he threw the elbow. I say let the man sit out the first couple of games in the playoffs and the Lakers will dump him anyway at the end of the season…….MWP may have lost his job himself….

  15. Evo24 says:

    He should have consequences for his action it did look intentional only because Harden was being an as$ by going in front of him and guarding him,do you really need to Guard him? after a fast break? really? really? so MWP. got mad and did what he did. 4 games sup. & a fine.

    maybe Harden will learn not to mess with others? I don’t know….really don’t its one for the books…. we will have to see…

    other note* how about that COME BACK! #KB24

  16. Lakers Fan says:

    I am a Lakers fan since 30 years. I am so disappointed after watching the jerk’s cheap act. That could kill someone. He is saying that that was unintensional. I don’t think anyone believes on him. I think he should be suspended from NBA forever so that all other players can learn from it. He doesn’t deserve a second chance.

  17. lovebasketballs says:

    Ron Artest is a bum. He could have killed or seriously injured James Harden

  18. MikeWes says:

    I think whether it was intentional or not is almost irrelevant; I think the thing to focus on here is how utterly careless it was. He could have seriously injured Harden and endangered his career. If he did something like that on the street, he could have been arrested! When you’re 6’7″ and 260 pounds, you have to be careful where you throw your body. The NBA and its owners have an obligation to protect the safety of the employees, and something like this can’t be treated lightly. I think it must be a 5-game suspension at least (hopefully 10), a large fine, and ideally some kind of probationary period.

  19. Kobe is clutch!!! Big time!!! He is best clutch player of all time along side MJ… What a performance in the late minutes of the 4th & OT…AGAIN!!
    As for Metta World Peace…that was the dirtiest thing I have seen in basketball…I actually likeD Metta, not anymore… That elbow was clearly intentional. James Harden could have been seriously hurt. Metta needs to be punished. A severe punishment has to be handed to him to set an example… I think he shouldn’t be allowed to play for the rest of the season and the whole post season… if Harden initiated anything then it wouldn’t be as bad, however Harden was vulnerable… he did nothing at all,..He didn’t even say anything, nor did he expect a hit from Metta, it was just a dirty dirty hit, totally uncalled for! The NBA need to deal with this at a very serious offence

  20. arniemachek says:

    Artest (or “Metta”) probably got molested by his father multiple times as a child. There’s no other explanation for such aggressive behavior like this. =)

  21. Cyril Tan says:

    That guy is a killer. If you had seen the impact of his elbow on James Harden, gosh! I pity James, man. He shouldn’t be in the NBA. The word Metta stands for loving-kindness. He is not at all, man! He is a monster!!!!

  22. littleteapot says:

    This is obviously deplorable, but not worse than Bynum last year. Bynum hit someone a foot shorter than him in the interest of revenge because his team lost. Artest just looked like he got out of control and didn’t notice where he was swinging his arms. Thats Laker basketball for you.

  23. c0444 says:

    How do ppl still think Allen Iverson is more of a headcase than Ron Artest. Honestly, the guy can barely even play basketball at the NBA level anymore and he has caused so much bs in the time he has been in the NBA that they should just cut ties with him. Everyone dogs Jose Calderon for making like 10 mil a year for whatever delusional reason people decide on, but Ron-Ron makes the same and is absolutely a detriment to the Lakers and can’t play worth ****. Honestly, Stern should just say f it and kick him out. there are tons of younger, better and more mature players out there who can play the game better then Ron Artest or whatever his name is who haven’t had the chance to play. NBA shouldn’t have room for losers like him, it should be predicated on people who can actually play and aren’t dbags, like James Harden. Anyways, I’m not someone who hates Ron Artest, I just think he’s mentally ill and has no place in the league. If I wanted to see blatant melee attacks I’d watching queer UFC or hockey playoffs. Honestly, I’d be happy if I never saw him on an NBA court again.

  24. Bobeck says:

    Oh Dear, What I’m most shocked about is that he tries to plead his case by saying that elbow was intentional…
    I mean C’mon?..
    I would Seriously consider suspension Until next season. Make a statement that this is NOT tolerated within the league.
    Best of wishes to Harden

  25. Dave says:

    Ron Artest (MWP) has no place in this league. Enough is enough. Between the Palace and this, I think the camel’s back is broken. Get him out of the NBA.

  26. Sam Lawson (UK fan) says:

    I think this deserves suspension personally. I’m a huge fan of the lakers and MWP I just hope the suspension doesn’t hurt their chances at the title. I think MWP’s aggressiveness is vital in helping the lakers crack a tough defence and lord knows there are some great defensive teams still in the running.

  27. Emi says:

    for me,he should never play again in NBA. Basket is a privilige, he doesn´t respect the game.

  28. Xander Kelly says:

    I refuse to acknowledge Mr. Artest as his new namesake. World Peace is the worst kind of irony out there. What he did is bush league and despicable. You guys know those NBA Cares commercials that we see during the games? If the NBA really cares, they need to get this guy out of their organization before he puts someone in a wheelchair, or worse. It doesn’t stand on the streets, it has no place in basketball, and needs to be dealt with in a swift and severe manner. All the PSA’s in the world become irrelevant once a player attacks another one like this. Not to mention, that elbow was precariously close to the back of Harden’s head. Get. Him. Out.

  29. rafalelia says:

    I think he’s crazy and this poll is highly manipulative. The suspension for something like this and a recollection of Meta’s actions throughout his career, like punching fans for example, deserves a definitive suspension from the nba. The poll however doesn’t give this option, if it did, I bet most would vote for this. MWP doesn’t deserve to be in the NBA.

  30. Fethomtiger says:

    This is the WORST behavior I have seen in the NBA. MWP touched Harden’s body before he used his elbow. He was INTENTIONAL!!!

    MWP is not a kid any more, no excuse. What he did is worse than when he was in Detroit. He needs to be suspended longer than last time.

  31. Coach Mike Brown should be ashamed because he was shaking Metta’s hand before he he was ejected, not even knowing or pretending like he didnt even see what just happen. your player throws an elbow and you have nothing in regard to james harden to say anything about it. what happen to the coach who benched Kobe and Bynum in the same weak taking control of his team. i wonder if this guy will wake up and realize one of his players hit another player with a elbow.

  32. kalbo says:

    jones vs meta. anyone could plead temporary insanity and call it unintentional after “deliberately” hitting someone. if that the case, maybe he should get some psychiatric help and his nba career under review. just saying.

  33. Rich says:

    MWP will be suspended for at least 10 games w/out pay. A hefty fine will be there in the neighborhood of 200-500K. The celebration after the dunk was OK until the get-outta-here move happened. Momentary lapse. The Ron Artest of the past suddenly showed up. This guy could be having a dual personality disorder. Clearly has to be re-evaluated too !
    Now for the other player, Harden, why the hell would you walk too close on the path of a celebrating MWP ?! I don’t get it, other players usually get out of the way while Harden blocked MWP’s path like counter-taunting him. I wish you’re OK because we want to beat a full squad OKC in the playoffs !
    MFFL !

  34. If i were commisioner David Stern i would suspend him for the entire playoffs. He should hit with a suspension exactly how he gave that viscious hit to the head of James Harden.

  35. Drew Dayton says:

    There are examples of situations which could have accidentally turned out horribly as a results of extreme celebration after an emotional crowd energizing play. For instance, Vince Carter’s famous dunk he made (which some consider the greatest non slam dunk competition dunk ever in regulation play) so invigorated Carter that he throws his right arm powerfully and blindly as the result of this intense emotion. He nearly hits his own teammate- Kevin Garnett, who is celebrating as well. This could have turned out even uglier than World Peace’s hit on Harden. I believe what happened was initially Metta initially celebrated genuinely, then Harden stepped in front of him, perhaps subconsciously to stop Metta’s celebration, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once MWP found resistance to his celebration he became annoyed that he could not fully release his emotion when he felt the body of a Thunder player in the way. That is when it is likely MWP old habits may have re-triggered through instinct, and he elbowed what impeded him from the positive energy of his celebration- because he wanted to keep the adrenaline rush that was created. Of course he has mental issues, and he has admitted that. Yes he should be fined and suspended for at least several days. But the look on his face in the post game interview did suggest remorse and that he himself felt sorry. I don’t think we should just cast people off to the street, even with such a bad track record. He came from the Queensbridge projects (rapper Nas and Lamar Odom are also from there) where many kids don’t make it out of there alive, and if they do, they suffer extreme abuse of many kinds or fall into addiction. It would be interesting if Harden is in his hotel room in Los Angeles or on a plane holding a blue ice pack on his head looking at the clip of himself getting elbowed from many angles like we are to decide for himself whether or not MWP did it intentionally or not, and also whether it was directed at his personally.

  36. Alex1970 says:

    Couple of words for the brainless: Ron Artest out of the NBA!!! And for the mega brainless: Metta World Peace out of the NBA!!!

  37. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    I’m also a laker fan and this guy when he steps on the court he represents Los Angeles. What he did that day was unacceptible. We need to trade this guys when the season is over. I rather have a loosing season than have this MAN CHILD play with the Lakers.

  38. George says:

    Kobe’s overated! He had Shaq, the most dominant center ever! And now he has two elite 7″0 bigs! He can’t win without Bynum and Gasol!

  39. hhhfdhf says:

    That’s what you call (Metta) World Peace!

  40. charliemack says:

    this guy needs to be suspended for at least a season without pay. what he did could have ended Harden’s career. i hope stern sees the seriousness of this incident. if he don’t make an example out of Ron, the NBA will turn into MMA. i hope Harden recovers well

  41. Heatbuzzeat says:

    Well MWP always gets overly exicted. In the 2010 championchip game against the Celtics he started going crazy during the postgame. I think that he should have a 4 to 5 game suspension. And he shoudn’t play in the first round. He is insane.

  42. Isiah Smith says:

    This is for all the people that have said things like: “Artest should never play the game again,” or “Artest is just a thug.” And other ridiculous arguments. Give me a break. Basketball is a contact sport. I never heard anyone crying over the hundreds of elbows John Stockton used to throw, or the fact that Karl Malone used elbows as a part of his game.

    In 1998 Karl Malone knocked MVP/Sportsman of the Year David Robinson unconscious for two minutes. David Robinson, not Malone, was called for a foul on the play. After the game Malone got fined $5000 and suspended one game. Malone met Micheal Jordan in the finals later that year and MJ famously pushed off to get his championship winning shot.

    Suffice it to say, the next time OKC and the Lakers play Harden might not be so hard. But we’ll see, he might play inspired.

    By the way.. do you think it’s a coincidence that Blake Griffin has never thrown an elbow into MWP, used him as a dunking platform, or simply tried to just push him out of the way? People celebrated both plays by Blake Griffin on Pau Gasol. I suppose they were just incidental. Funny thing though, he wouldn’t pull that mess on MWP. Because refs or no refs, press or no press, nba or no nba, he knows what’s coming.

    We don’t want this type of thing happening, so there should definitely be a fine and suspension. But that’s about it.

    • GL says:

      There is a difference between ‘a contact sport’ and someone just shamelessly playing dirty as hell. You sort of admit it by bringing up Blake Griffin; “Oh that guy does stuff to so we should look at him”. I’m sorry but Ron Artest is the single dirtiest player in basketball. He’s the type of player that comes to your regular pick up game, and everyone there tells him one day not to come anymore cause it’s not worth it.

  43. JJ says:

    I am ashamed to call myself a Lakers Fan. To watch fights I tune in to UFC, not NBA.
    Even though I love Kobe and Gasol, from now onwards I will never buy a tickets to a Laker’s game or watch it on TV or buy any merchandize. Ron Artest should be BANNED FROM NBA FOR LIFE for bringing disrepute to the game. Today is the day I switch to being a Clippers fan. A bunch as talented and much more sophisticated.

    If NBA does NOT ban Artest, I hope at least the Laker’s management drop him from their roster. That may prevent more fan’s like me from switching allegiance.

  44. MWP: 5+ games of suspension and a $500,000 fine.
    If this happens again within a year, the suspension and the fine should be doubled.

  45. I Totally agree with “Truballas”. Clearly the game was intense and after slamming Ibaka MWP was amped up. While he was celebrating and fist pumping chest banging, Harden bodied up on him too close and took the elbow. Yes its unfortunate but its a physical game. MWP wasn’t looking at him and aiming for him, he was facing the crowd throwing out pure energy. If this was a big rebound and a player put his elbows up to create space and another player walks into his elbow, would he get a flagrant foul? Obviously not, but since MWP has a reputation people are convicting him extra hard. Go back and look at the video and take it off slow motion and view it in real time because then you will see there wasn’t no intent. Slow motion makes it seem so much worse than it really was. This is not somebody steping on the 3pt line, or shooting at the buzzer that you have to review it in slow motion, this is a celebration gone bad and should only be viewed in real time to determine if there was malicious intent

  46. Pimpin says:

    I feel as if James Harden PURPOSELY walked towards Ron Artest for an intentional foul. Look at how much room he had on that court to walk AROUND Artest and get the ball. Why did he chose to walk right beside Artest, because he felt that he would get a cheap foul and it backfired on him.. As for Ron Artest hitting him, it is messed up, and he does deserve suspension, but people need to look at it from another point of view.. I believe James Harden is at fault for walking on Artest like that.

  47. Gentledee says:

    D Wade broke Kobe nose intentionally…

  48. Deron James says:

    chill lakers haters…D Wade broke Kobe nose in an ALLSTAR game and what did the league do…nothing, MWP situation was unfortunate. Harding I hope you are ok, sorry bro…

  49. KinG LEChoke says:

    this reminds me of paul pierce punching the referee… XD

  50. Ben H. says:

    Ok, here’s the facts and nothing else. 1) Artest was celebrating 2) Harden bumped into him 3) MWP threw a hard elbow that smacked Harden in the side of the head and put him out for the game…now he should be suspended. See how easy that was?

  51. Matt says:

    Metta World Peace should be banned from the NBA for his actions in last night’s game.

  52. TTKIN says:

    I cant wait for the Lakers to amnesty him. I hated the signing 3 years ago I still hate it now. Him playing well the last 2 weeks doesnt help at all, he’s still the same ol’ Ron.

  53. Johnny Blue says:

    Ron artest is the man, He’s fearlessand is not scared of no none the realest!!

    • Rich says:

      I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t feel that way if you were playing against him and he put you in a coma.

    • el stone says:

      You think elbowing an unsuspecting person in the back of the head is “manly” and “fearless?”

      Man, I’d hate to face you in a fight. You’re probably the type to grab balls, pull hair and scratch with your fingernails (which, by the way, are about the 3 least manly (and most womanly) things you can do in a fight).

    • GL says:

      Well it seems pretty obvious that Ron Artest is a ‘tough guy’ according to you. He’s listed at 6’7 260 lbs. So how about this, he leaves the NBA, enters the UFC fights Junior Dos Santos and we see how tough and fearless he realy is…

  54. rogitts says:

    He should be banned from Basketball forever….NBA has no place for that….What an A**hole

  55. JuanPelotilla says:

    I think that the suspension should initially come from the Lakers. If I would be responsible for the image of an organization with the International value of the Lakers, I would be ashamed of letting Metta World Peace play in my team, representing my organization. I understand that money plays a role in all this, but if they would take an step forward and suspend him for a long time I think the Lakers would win a general audience respect that would go beyond the basketball fans. It is intelligent and respectful with Harden and all the fans, mostly kids.
    Also, should this he be respectfully keep being named by all of us as ‘World Peace’? That is really a joke, isn’t it?

  56. reality check says:


    FINALLY! a good and unbiased comment with perspective!

  57. Tarri says:

    I don’t post much comments on but I really didn’t like the way MWP hit harden it was really unsportsmanlike and disgusting that could have been a career ending injury! Thank goodness harden had the strength to withstand the hit. Any normal person would have been paralysed seriously

  58. Marlon says:

    Sorry my English.

    And elbows Griffin does not deserve punishment? Because the protected alloy is not punished too?

  59. reality check says:

    and for all of you that keeps saying disgraceful behaviour can you please go on youtube and type in dwyane wade? wade attacks his opponents on purpose! but i dont hear anyone calling him disgraceful….. once again, REALITY CHECK!! artest was caught up in emotions but that was uncalled for. once again, if you guys have actually played sports at a competitive level, you would know that you can get lost in your emotions…… if you say that this is disgraceful then you’d be calling almost all of the nba disgraceful……. so can everyone please think before you start typing?

  60. Voice from NY says:

    Shouldn’t there be some mental evaluation of this guy? I would think NBA can get a psychiatrist to examine him.

  61. truballas says:

    The elbow came with crazy force, but he was not intending to seek out J. Harden. He was pumped after being fouled twice on that fast break dunk. Then as he was looking to the crowd, and started celebrating, J. Harden ran into him with both forearms. Metta World Peace should have just pushed him out of the way instead of coming through with the elbow, and deserves to get suspended for a few games (no more than five), because of the force and the new elbow rule. Don’t blow this out of proportion just because he has a past, if it was LBJ, this would’ve been swept under the rug.

    • Voice from NY says:

      but he does have a history, doesn’t he? Which makes it more likely he will do it again. So no, I don’t think they should look at this as just any other player did it.

    • mars says:

      yeah, it’s a shame the new name he chose clings for rightfulness yet he don’t have the mentality to stand for it. just pretending to be and using it in vain. he should be on the streets, not on a professional league. maybe it’s true that if it could have been LBJ, it could be swept under the rug. the problem is, LBJ is way too normal to do that kind of stuff.

    • Michael33043 says:

      Would you like to buy some sea side property in Arizona, Not intentional my foot, waving you arms does not deliver that kind of force, or perhaps you think Ron has no peripheral vision, lol

  62. reality check says:

    okay guys, lets get real here. why is it that you guys are all riding MWP for this. im not saying that he shouldn’t be punished cuz that was unnecessary i.e. suspended and fined, but to say he should be kicked out of the nba is just rediculous. why don’t you say that about jason smith and his hit on griffin. if you guys say kick MWP out of the league then you’d have to kick smith out as well! not to mention other players like james jones hit on noah during a game OR you can make several cases for kicking dwyane wade out with his temper and dirty okays. so guys, here is a reality check, everyone is making this a bigger deal than it should be because it’s MWP. again, im not saying that he shouldn’t get punished because he should, but you guys need to calm down with the comments saying that he should be banned and pretending that you care about james harden saying stuff like “my best wishes for him” or “my condolences” because you don’t even know him. if you’re gonna kick MWP out of the league then why not kick wade out too? or andrew bynum? or even Kevin love when he fouled luis scola which led to scola being knocked down and then kick by love (done intentionally). before you guys start yapping your mouths about banning MWP, you should look at the fact that its part of the game. and for the third time, i am not saying that these plays should not go unpunished because they should be punished, these acts should not be tolerated in the nba, but to ban people from the league for such acts you’d be banning half of the nba……… c’mon guys, get real…. if any of you have played sports your lives you’d understand the emotions that comes with a high level of competition……

  63. Jammie says:

    If he plays another minute in the NBA the Lakers will lose atleast 1 fan because I will never watch another second of one of their games as long as he’s playing. There is no room in professional sports for a fool like Ron Artest. I LOVE the NBA I am a lifelong fan and I brag to all my friends how the NBA for the most part is “clean” and that the players in the publics eye atleast are for the most part good role models, no steroid scandals, no murders in clubs, So to me they have to eliminate a guy like this from the league there is no fine stiff enough in my opinion. How many kids watched him do this? How would that impact a child that wants to play like “Ron Artest” in the NBA? .. this is just disqusting and he absolutely should never play again.

  64. walleworks says:

    REAL TALK . ron artest should be punished severely , NO PLAY UNTIL THE CONFERENCE FINALS … thats if the lakers make it .. and an NBA WARNING ! .. if ron ron ever pulls a stunt like that .. he will be tossed from the league and sent to australia to work in an outback zoo or something .. suspend him … with his mental stability he should be remembered for what he did in detroit , now and the future .. AND TO THE KOBE LOVERS AND HATERS … i hate kobes guts .. but that dude be hitting some shot where i be like wowing .. he is a ball hog .. and he takes some of the worst nba shots ever .. but for some reason .. when the clock ticking .. he hits it ..

  65. Reeferal says:

    I’m no Lakers fan but Ron Artest definitely did not know where he was at that time. He looked like he was in the ring with Rashad Evans or something of the sort.

    Now I don’t see this whole ‘Harden stepped into it’ conspiracy. Harden was waiting for the inbound and merely ‘stood his ground’ as many players do to give a little bump to the opposing player its part of the game and happens all the time. However, Artest throwing his elbow is laced with intent. A wind up like that is completely unnatural even in a chest thumping celebration. The motion is too precise. He might not have meant to hit Harden in the head but he did.

    That being said, the league needs to set the bar for this kind of behavior lest we see more of it in the playoffs. I find it funny that it’s always the Marquee teams that are involved in these kind of dirty plays… The Lakers against the Mavericks last year, the Heat against the Celtics…

    The league office will likely deal out an acceptable fine and suspension. The rest of the Regular season however seems the most logical point from this point onwards.

    Luckily the Thunder managed to keep cool heads through this. I was surprised Perkins didn’t come flying from the Rafters to deck Artest as repayment.

  66. jagmanuel says:

    Complete Lakers Fan but I’d rather win without intentionally hurting anyone. There are already enough injuries through plays. It doesnt matter if this slips, he’ll do it again nor what message it sends to the fans. What matters is this does not belong in the court. This blog was right. Should we have waited until a stretcher was brought out?

  67. ethan says:

    Wow ron seriously man. that was pathetic.

  68. che says:

    if you’re on the offensive side, you must stay away from your defender… MWP shows them the intensity of the game but harden was trying to take that away from him. basketball is offense & defense. NBA players knew it already that they should avoid their defender & not to go beside them when you’re at the offensive end… give the understanding to MWP.

  69. Alan says:

    fmd y everyone making a big fuss out of this, its not even that bad. concussion happens here n there its bloody a sport. it was probly an accident anyway he said sorry so get over it

  70. Nikdons says:

    What a bogus apology! if He really care, he could had help JH get up or stop to look at his condition, anyone that have done that will know he hit somebody with his elbow. It’s 100% clearly intentional and the way he react after blowing somebody’s head with an elbow says it all, MWP should be severely punish! it’s either getting kicked out on the NBA or suspend him for the rest of the season. Both NBA and LA Lakers should do something about this.

  71. segundo simeontrivera says:

    For my own view MWP is to be banned forever in the NBA. he should play only in UFC not basketball for in there it is free to knock down opponents. He is not fitted to play in a gentleman’s game..He is sick. Penalty = 100M U.S.Dollars, six Months Rehab. Banned on any NBA sanctioned Games..

  72. Michael33043 says:

    He has to be suspended for the rest of the year and all of next year. He was already given an 87 game suspension once, this has to exceed that as this act was more egregious and he obviously didn’t learn from a mere 87 game suspension.

  73. magicjohnson says:

    Ron-ron must be banned for life, and his contract voided. There is no room for such things in sports, and if there is, I am not going to let my child watch the NBA. Ever

    Moreover, he should face legal charges, who knows if spend some time in jail. Psycho, that’s what he is, just watch the expression while he is delivering the vicious elbow

    Oh, and I am a Laker fan…

  74. shawnsandy04 says:

    The NBA should do a Mental Evaluation of Ron Attest before allowing him to play in any game again!!!!

  75. Vincent says:

    Why did this guy ever changed his name to World Peace? And why did anybody let him…

    I’m from the Netherlands and even in our country that is considered quite progressive and liberal you can’t get your name changed like that.

    This guy needs to be in a mental hospital instead of the NBA.

  76. Jeff Beck says:

    Artest belongs on this team with the other clowns. “Hype” Bryant’s comments after the game was just stupid. Throw Bymum in the mix and you have the complete package of A-holes. It’s no wonder their are so many Laker haters.

  77. GABE says:

    Did someone notice that a punch like that could kill a man? I’m not talking about a hard injury I’m about life…

  78. andrew says:

    he should get the arse for the rest of the regular and post season ! Disgraceful Behaviour !

  79. el dominicano says:

    en verdad estuvo mal lo de artest, ahora bien, que hacia Harden pegandosele a Artest o Metta World Peace, o The Animal, o Hanibal Lester, el debio irse por otro lado, una suspecion estaria bien para artest, porque no hay justificacion para este tipo de actitud, y viendolo de otro punto de vista, Artest puede tener problema, toda vez que con 12 puntos, 5 repotes, 3 robos, ayudando al equipo, no hay necesidad de prospiciar tu expulsion del partido, tienen que hacerle su examen psicologico, y su castigo por su actitud.

  80. Reumon says:

    Insane and dreadful hit! Totally agree with a severe punishement. There’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

  81. Mazeas says:

    Harden was the problem for the lakers and MWP (<<<< this suits him perfectly) found a solution which is not surprising coming from him. How can you not see that he did it on purpose ?! This guy should be suspended for the rest of the season at least !
    With Harden out, the game took an other dimension, i'm not saying the lakers didn't deserve the win but everybody should know that Harden is the key for okc ! they were leading the game by 18.. But still a great come back from the lakers though !

  82. rayver says:

    MWP should be heavily punished! Im not defending MWP but it would be best if Harden did not go near MWP. Especially after a good shot. If you look it this way maybe MWP think that Harden push or something we don’t know the intention of Harden that resulted for MWP to do that. Though MWP is WRONG for doing that. I hope it will serve as a lesson to NBA Players.

  83. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Watching the replay makes me sick. The thing I am sure about is that MWP had no clue what he was doing or who he was hitting. He was so charged up (a la Indiana) to the point of losing control. People who lose all control (i.e. feeling another player on their shoulder and swing elbows to injury) should not be in a pro b-ball league. This guy has been given many chances…the gig is up and its time for the Turkish league for this guy.

    The Lakers are lucky that it wasn’t Kobe running the floor behind MWP bumping his shoulder…he would have had the same reaction. Sad and Pathetic.

  84. Gwoei says:

    he brought shame to his own name

  85. jovdelmar says:

    My argument:
    1.Its clear that Harden tried to get in MWP’s path trying to draw tech/gesture/push from MWP he didnt want LA to gain momentum.
    2.Its also clear that MWP INTENTIONALLY threw and elbow to clear his path but he WAS NOT INTENTIONALLY aiming for his head.
    3. AT LEAST 5games suspension+fine.
    4. why even compare it to Bynum’s flagrant foul on JJ.B it doesnt make sense… but people like Mike and lep Zed here cant understand a thing.. lol oh well
    5. move on people

  86. Ram says:

    It looks clearly unintentional. Also immediatly after the game he apologised for his action. He should be suspended for the regular season games this year and next year games and not for playoff games.

    • KLK says:

      you call that an apology?!? he never even took responsibility for his actions! and how did he not know Harden was there?? Harden is right up next to him before the elbow is thrown. I don’t buy it

  87. AfAn says:

    Because of his past actions, honestly I think he should just be kicked out and never allowed to return. he is nothing but a punk B*&^%

  88. Matrix01 says:

    I am outrage that this guy continues to be allowed to play in the league. That stuff in Detroit, What he did last year to Barea and now this!!!How many strikes does he need before the NBA Bans him for life?!?!?!?!?

  89. metahz says:

    I think the minimum suspension is the first round of the playoffs, with whatever fine. Rondo got 2 games for throwing a ball at a ref. Whoever is saying Artest should get 2 games is foolish. An elbow to the head is very DANGEROUS. He could have broken the jaw or gotten a concussion. Stupid and ridiculous attitude by Artest.

  90. Just sayin says:

    So why isn’t there a blog in here everytime someone gets knocked hard to the floor! Oh that’s right! It’s the Lakers and MWP! They should be punished more than anyone else! And for people in here calling for huge suspensions, wait until your favorite player does something similar! Then watch the excuses you make for them!

  91. bastard says:

    Ron is a psycho! Should be banned for the remaining of the season and the playoffs and the whole year next season without pay… This is justice!!!

  92. Ron Artest knew what he was doing because he must of felt Harden’s shoulder as he was coming back way clearly before he gave him the elbow, the Laker fans do a standing ovation out of ignorance.

  93. Ron Artest knew what he was doing because he felt Harden’s shoulder before giving him the elbow and Laker fans start applauding out of ignorance.

  94. elbowMACARONI says:

    world peace vs jon jones.. elbow striking match.

  95. MK says:

    Well.. at that standpoint.. If I’m David Stern.. I should give him a 110,000 dollar fine and a 3-4 game suspension.. I know that’s unintentional.. and I feel for him.. and I hope that Harden is OK and learned his lesson on trying to approach the player like MWP..

    If you don’t like MWP.. you don’t like NBA BASKETBALL..

  96. eddie57 says:

    An elbow like that to a small guy would probably end his season. I am sure OKC will have the last laugh if they meet in the 2nd round.

  97. boombooroomboomboom says:

    let MWP play!!!!!!!!!!its part of the game.. its a full contact says protect yourself at all times…and he didnt even commit a violation didnt hit below the belt,,oops wrong sport..just kidding..
    well truthfully MWP needs to be fined and suspended for couple of games.. he was just in his emotion when he did a great play and james was in the wrong time and place thats why he was hit.. what if steve nash made a crucial game winning basket the threw a big punch in the air didnt realize that someone was standing there and hit him in the face?

  98. bomb says:

    stop wining people, it is over

  99. Celtic Fan says:

    The Lakers are the most disrespectful team in the NBA

  100. Wink says:

    this was unintentional. maybe a suspension but a suspension from the PLAYOFFS!?!?! unwarranted.

  101. art says:

    As usual, a lot of stupid lakers fans

  102. Rafael says:

    Francisco is clearly and idiot… (see his post) he should be banned from posting, and not get paid in his day job…

    MWP should be put in therapy… seriously.. has major mental issues. I mean just watch him in his interviews, the guy is clearly crazy. just the way he speaks and the things he says and does.. he is physco!! Get him out of the NBA, it pisses me off to see this and the Lakers actually had a chance with him in there. Im sure they will suspend him for at least Rd. 1.

    And for you Kobe haters, Im not a Kobe fan…but he is definitely making me one this season.. give credit where credit is due. Kobe is the BOSS.

  103. jebbbig says:

    10 games out would be a good start

  104. Just saying says:

    sekou with all my respect, you have nothing to do with it man (:
    MWP has done some bad things in his entire career, but all the angels of that video shows that he did not see harden nor meant to harm him, if your going to judge bad plays go for tha miami heat on rose or d.wayde’s all night long elbows on kobe.. don’t judge him ” MWP ” on that accident, there was no intention to hit him.. he was celebrating
    im not saying what he did is not bad, and i agree on hip getting punished because no matter what, and whether it is by accident or not, he harmed a career partner.

  105. TRUBALLA says:

    if you watch the replay, and look at his eyes, he neva seen James harden, this is crazy, even after he hit him he kept running, he was in the zone, he was getting hype, yall just hyping it up the cuz of the result of the celebration. And for people that say he felt james harden run past him thats dumb, how didnt he know it wasnt kendrick perkins or someone else, if it was kendrick it would have hit him on the shoulder, he never even looked at the player, James was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, smh yall overreacting, he should be suspended for 3 games like they did kobe when he was swringing his arm out after a shot and hit ginobli and some people in the face, other than that they picking on him.

  106. eddie57 says:

    He derserve more than one game. I’d say 4 games minimum with a serve fine. Maybe $100,000. Also, he doesn’t deserve to be called World Peace. That’s false advertising. The guy is a lunatict. That became apparent in the brawl in Detroit and this just confirmed it moreso.

  107. MASOY says:

    I like MWP aka Ron Artest, but his action on swinging an elbow on harden’s head was way off the line. There was no provocation whatsoever, he just did it as if he’s just gonna knock off a mannequins head. It’s disturbing to know that someone like him, a well know public figure, a celebrity who is supposed to be a role model to people would do such thing. I’m pretty sure the nba board of commission would come up with something on this matter, it’s not a laughing matter anymore, it’s serious, MWP did it before.

  108. Logan says:

    James Harden is a punk and i would have done the same thing. MWP = MVP

  109. nimoyski says:

    NBA should give MWP a stiff penalty for what he did!for me why not a temporary ban?!?!

  110. roger dodger says:

    Word Peace or World War?

  111. jun reyes says:

    different name same attitude,im also an avid fan of LA Lakers but metta should be vanished in the playing court,he did it again,A lot of kids are watching the NBA cheering for their basketball idols,here comes METTA giving the NBA a BAD reputation,suspend him for the rest of the conference………………

  112. patandbecsmom says:

    My two cents re: Thunder v Lakers game. I have been a Thunder season ticket holder from day one. I traveled all the way from OKC for this particular game. I was shocked when the Laker fans shouted ‘World Peace’ constantly while James H. lie on the floor. I was appalled that the Laker fans booed the (rightfully so) refs’ call. That type of fan behavior wouldn’t have happened in OKC if the reverse had had taken place and a Laker player lay on the floor obviously injured. If OKC EVER exhibits that type of behavior I would be disgusted and write a similar posting about it on this wekbsite, too. Laker fans, please remember that basketball is a game – it’s a sport. Fans have their loyalties and I understand loyalty but your behavior was cheep and left me with a bad, bad impression of LA which I will never forgot.

  113. santino1027 says:

    sorry for harden…


  114. KLK says:

    Also, if it truly was an accident wouldn’t he have turned around as soon as he made contact and been like, “oh, I’m sorry James, I didn’t see you there! Are you alright?” Instead he just runs off like nothing happened. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I hit someone that hard I would know about it, no matter how “worked up” I was. Accident…I don’t think so!

  115. OMG says:

    MWP is a disgrace. And so is anyone who acts like him. And WTF there are people who justify his psychotic attitude?!? PLAYERS BODYCHECK AND WALK INTO EACH OTHER EVERY SECOND WHEN PLAYING BBALL. MWP mental issues cant be cured, he should be banned from the nba he did enough already.

  116. Tad says:

    I wonder what everyone’s reaction would be if he hit him in the shoulder or back. He could feel Harden, but wasn’t looking at him. Seems like he clearly threw the elbow to get Harden away from him, but was not aiming at his head.

    Crazy how the NBA has changed in 2004 Karl Malone knocked out a couple of Steve Nash’s teeth with an elbow and it wasn’t even ruled a flagrant one.

    • jovdelmar says:

      yeah man this has been my argument. its clear that Harden tried to get in MWP’s path trying to draw tech/gesture/push from MWP. Its also clear that MWP INTENTIONALLY threw and elbow to clear his path but he WAS NOT INTENTIONALLY aiming for his head. 5+ suspension. why even compare it to Bynum’s flagrant foul on JJ.B it doesnt make sense. but people like Mike and lep Zed here cant understand a thing.. lol

  117. Celtic Fan says:

    MWP= Metta World Punk
    He needs to get his act togehter. Looks like he learned nothing from the Malice at the Palice

  118. gillie666 says:

    what a dog

  119. akosibonik says:

    i see laker fans defending him, but why? we all knnow it was pure intentional? why struck an elbow like that? he should play american football where helmets are allowed, let’s say it was unintentional, but hey. he got harden in the face. argue all you want, but this deserves a bigger sanction. but i bet this world peace would never learn.

  120. Frederik West says:

    He should be suspended for the remainder of the season; both regular and playoffs.

  121. Choker says:

    Metta World Peace should have at least a 10 game suspension and a fine because of that. I am a Lakers fan but this is wrong.

  122. Andrea Morelli says:

    No longer in the NBA

  123. johny says:

    i think MWP tried to make it look like an accident…but you can see by the expression and the anger on his face that he wanted to hit harden with th elbow…so yeah there sre some laker fans saying it was by accident because MWP wasn t looking at harden but for me there is no doubt it was on purpose

    i would ban him for the rest of the season especially given his record

  124. Patrickmarc says:

    Ron Artest was ready to fight against Ibaka ! he was waiting for him in boxing posture!
    But Ibaka was clever and asked the referee to watch the scene.

    Artest should go in a boxing club, until he get calmed.
    After three days basket ball : boxing three hours.. (against Bynum, to make it tough).

    Poor World peace, he didn’t want to hurt, he was just stupid, emotive, deaf and blind… It’s a big challenge for his doctor, and a big problem for his trainer, and for so much people around him..

  125. Fraka says:

    We can all see that Artest has mental problems.. you can see it in the way he looks.. some mental illness 100%

  126. KLK says:

    I don’t know how anyone can watch this video and not be disgusted. If it were up to me, Artest (I’m not going with the “World Peace” thing anymore because its stupid and I completely agree with niloting here, he disgraces that name) would not play in the NBA again. he has had multiple chances to clean up his act and has shown that he clearly cannot be trusted to play within the rules of the game and has absolutely zero respect for it. Being that its not up to me I hope that he would at least be suspended for the playoffs and into next season. There should be ABSOLUTELY no room for this in ANY “Professional” sport oustide of UFC. Then he made it worse by giving the press that “Apology”. He knows what he did and should at least own up to it. the league should also consider that he wouldnt even take responsibility for his own actions. Artest should be suspended indefinitely pending the league getting a good look into it, whether that takes until playoffs or until next season.

    Also, how are any of you people making this Harden’s fault?!? If any of you had ever played basketball, you would know, people push up to you…its part of the game, that doesn’t merit a cage fight style blow to the head.

  127. Billal Allen says:

    As a Lakers Fan…Metta World Peace deserve the sanction…And nO One CAn Hit the Clutch as Koby Doing…;)

    • Francisco says:


  128. andreleon88 says:

    If you feel he needs to be suspended from the league and all that stuff, you’re prob the one at the park who calls travels and charges all the time. It’s an emotional play. Not defending MWP cuz he SHOULD at least get a game for it, but Harden approached him. You get what you ask for.

  129. FANS says:

    I think this must be a heavy punishment
    This is not a good demonstration
    There are many children will see NBA
    This will teach bad they

    I hope the NBA
    Can properly handle such a thing
    And to ensure that does not happen again
    In the NBA
    We need a better environment

  130. Heisenberg says:

    I really don’t know what to make of this but I agree that it does look vicious in SloMo! One thing that got my attention is that while his elbow is swung at full force his eyes are not following his elbow or that he is even remotely aware of harden at least with his eyes. I think he was celebrating excessively then he and Harden walked into one another and his natural response was to get him away and I don’t necessarily agree that it was conscious and intentional it just seems that way in SloMo.But there has to be some kind of repercussion I just don’t think there was conscious intent like with Andrew Bynums foul on JJ in the Playoffs last year.Maybe I’m just reading too much into the no eye movement thing but I just thought I’d voice my concern here

  131. Sagudep Labian says:

    Metta World Peace intentionally swung his elbow but he did not expect Harden to be that close for the latter to get actually hit. What MWP did was similar to a punch thrown in the air – a statement punch so to speak . I think MWP did the elbow swing as a strong statement to the Thunders that in the Staples Center, he is the man. And he did the elbow swing after a dunk. I think MWP thought that his elbow would just swish near Harden’s head but he somehow miscalculated it and boom! Harden was floored hard. For his action, MWP is due for a severe punishment.

  132. Jeff says:

    That was one of the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. People who don’t see this are delusional (hello Barkley). Suspension for the rest of the season, and disallow him to use that silly nickname.

  133. FrenchReno says:

    Unfortunately, this is one of too many. MWP is probably not a bad person inside, He’s just “slightly” insane and out of control when he gets in that “zone”. Harden had nothing to do here and unfortunately, Ron Artest + adrenaline is a bad combination to get close to.
    Nevertheless, considering Ron Artest’s history, it makes absolutely no doubt that this guy should be taken off the court. This elbow could have been lethal a few inches over and there is absolutely no excuse, whether it’s “an accident” (really?) or a rush of emotion, whatever brought him to swing this elbow. You don’t swing elbows, period. The NBA is rather severe on such things and it makes no doubt that in regard to the millions of kids watching this, MWA is gonna pay the price.

    About Kobe: the clutchest, but Harden was just on fire and I wouldn’t have seen L.A. win the game if this tragic event hadn’t happened. Luckily, the young Thunders were wise and calm enough not to get on top of Artest and make it a bar fight!

  134. demo65 says:

    no punishment should happen. playoff emotions, ron is allowed to celebrate too. and as far as his past, at the palace, ben wallace shoved him in the face and some jerk fan threw a spitty cup as he laid across the table. that is not acceptable. also, harden saw the celebration happening/coming and decided to stay close and prevent it from happening. ron wasn’t defending him so why was he so close(his job was to receive the ball in bounds so he should have been avoiding contact with a defending player. harden also put his hand up to shield himself from attempting to stop the celebration. trust me, harden is okay, everything will be negative and it didn’t work, lakers stil whupped dat @$$.

  135. Ricky says:

    If the NBA or any of you Laker Fans didn’t realized someone is mental for changing their name to this MTW and then allowing him to put it in his jersey, commentators professionally addressing him as World Peace, EVERYBODY IS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. The word FAN is part of FANATIC

  136. FrankL2010 says:

    i am a laker fan but mwp has gone out of his mind and must be punished (maximum as allowed)

  137. Power Forward says:

    He don’t belong to the professional sports in any way of expression this is cruel and violence this is not a sport.
    Meta World Peace??? I don’t see it and there still things that never changes is aggressive human begins like Ron Artest.
    This is shame for the world sports, NBA, Lakers and the whole country if you have something like this.

  138. NorthPole says:

    10 games suspension is a must for this re tard… he was out of his mind, even want to fight Ibaka…smh

  139. ban says:

    suspend this idiot for the rest of the season you can kill a man with a hit like that

  140. mike says:

    this person “MWP” or simply bed old Ron has to be suspended for life!!!
    There is one thing to hit back if your were hit first, or you have been fouled hard but the way he hit Harden should be
    investigated for attempted murder!!! He is simply not ok with his head! Shame on him.

    Michail Kalchev

  141. Ted says:

    Harden was clearly blocking MWP’s way! MWP was clearly out of his way and then he swerves to MWPs direction. Watch it. That flopping Harden.

  142. MoJo_RyZen says:

    Wow!! After hearing the idiot talk, you’d think he was the one who got hit in the head. 😀 whatta dope.

  143. incognitor says:

    No matter how one would try it is impossible to understand what on Metta’s mind when he elbowed Harden. Such a behavior deserves severe punishment from NBA. The reasons for that are simple – preventing creation of precedence as well as tempering Metta, who gets out of control really often.

  144. Davi Boruszewski says:

    Listen, everybody in Detroit already shouted that this punk should be somewhere else but the NBA.
    We play hard, but we aren´t disonest, and we do accept criticism for when we do play detroit basketball, but we have 3 rings, Lebron has zero( just to say it once more ).

    The thing is, and the worst of all is his name: META WORLD PEACE.

    WTF ? Is he bipolar?

  145. boston.rondo says:

    he said he waqs celebrating.. who the hell celebrates by pulling back their elbow and swinging…. you have to come up with a better excuse MWP i mean he has gotten into so many fights in his career.. aybe he should go to UFC..because WWE is fake

  146. Magpayo101 says:

    I really believe this was intentional. There’s no way that MWP did not see James Harden. MWP first touched Harden with his forearm then swung his elbow back and then delivered the swing. MWP should actually face criminal charges for this act.

  147. tony says:

    truly i agree Ron Artest should be penalized through what he did!…..don’t ever used META WORLD PEACE if your CHARACTER doesn’t show PEACE!!!!!!…………

  148. Anirudh says:

    yea man he’s a great talent……
    I Won’t say MWP shoulf be suspended from the nbaa but he shoulf be severly punished for that
    like a ban for playoffs or anything like that
    James Harden Should Return Quickly , speeedy recovery to such a great talent

  149. Big picture guy says:

    What Ron did is in no way excusable, and in my opinion does warrant a suspension, but if you really look at the play, Ron was using his elbow as a hook to emphatically move through Harden who bumped him, and in all of his excitement let his arm get away from him… it glances off the shoulder of Harden and bounced up to his head, all the while he was aiming towards his back. All of you calling for a lifetime ban are over reacting though, this had no Malicious intent unlike many flagrant fouls you see, it was just an accident that happened as a product of terrible judgement from an emotional player.

  150. On behalf of millions Thunder fans from China says:

    This is the most gross and ugly scene of this season, Laker’s boss should take a page from Dallas, suspending this beast, he is a big trouble. he is not going to bring honor to LA anymore, he does not deserve Laker’s brotherhood, Millions Chinese NBA fan witness what he did to James, on behalf of Millions Chinese NBA fan, I would like to suggest David consider suspending this guy for the rest of season, because nobody can guarantee thing happened in Detroit years ago would not take place again. for the sake of having fair and clean competation. please keep ‘the boxer’ away from basketball court

    • On behalf of millions Thunder fans from China says:

      footnote, it’s millions thunder fans and over hundreds million of NBA fan

  151. Viejra says:

    Artest you are sick man, and you should be locked in a psychiatric.

  152. Dan says:

    the actions of a complete coward and a self centred moron.come over to England and ill show ya what a real elbow looks like and you won’t b getting up from it “metta”.

  153. Keenan says:

    The Ultra Mega Violent Player in NBA

  154. aaron says:

    at least a 5 game suspension for a cheap shot like that…absolute no place for it in the game. it was clearly intentional

  155. Jordan says:

    I think that that blow was foolish and reckless, and yes could have been extremely dangerous if he hit the right spot – an dI mean MWP is a big man with alot of power. But doesn’t anyone remember Dennis Rodmann? (I’m in no way comparing skill, simply personality). If MWP put his crazyness into bball, and became a rebounding machine, he could still be of great use.

  156. Paul M says:

    Are there any grounds for getting him to change back his name? Cos really he is giving World Peace a bad name. Totally uncalled for. The dude picks up suspensions like some players pick up injuries. Only difference is that the suspensions are all his own fault.

  157. Tom C says:

    MWP should be out for a long time. No way that was unintentional

  158. David says:

    you remember what he did in detroit? or last years playoff game 2 against dallas? he just hit jj barea again “accidently in the head” this attack on harden in slow mo looks like a punch in a boxing game. how could he change his name to metta world peace if he s acting clear the oposite. he s a disgrace for the LAL and he should be ejected from the NBA imho

  159. lord says:

    What about coach Brown being asked after break what he thinks about what ron artest did and responding “i haven’t seen yet what he did!!!”. Pffff you’re right Your player is ejected and you don’t want to see why .
    That’s a shame for him too. He could have said something else.

  160. Angolan Laker fan says:

    Ron is a bad guy,there is no place for him in the NBA,that can also happen to Kobe.

  161. it was a nasty elbow…. hit to head like that and some guys would have gone cold… that’s just not good…. it was wicked…. i think ron was drawn away by his emotions and somehow got into a little bit of a high and felt tough after dunking on air congo and baby ice and channeled that into a very painful elbow to harden’s head… sad thing ron, if only you could’ve gone back and help james stand up or checked if he was ok, this would be less worse than it is right now…. you got to have your head checked or be in a rehab for some time…. something’s not right in your head right now…..

  162. Nicholas says:

    This is not a UFC this NBA ,World Peace should be out from NBA ,i don’t like that player at all

  163. Tannie says:

    His name should be change to METTA WORLD WAR…..maybe he thought harden to be Bin laden…this guy should definitely be in the UFC….lolz

  164. Baller says:

    Unbelievable Game. MWP should be suspended indefinitely and maybe for life. This was an unsportsmanlike action like no other and this was not his first offense.

    This is btw at least the 4th Game this season the refs gave to the Lakers. The game vs Denver should have been a loss, Galinari had a fastbreak layup at the end and got shoved which was a nocall. At the Raptors they called a 5sec violation against Toronto on the last possesion. Against Dallas they counted Barnes putback even though he was out of bounds and 1 possesion later counted Gasols three even though Barnes guided the ball into the basket. Now the ref claimed Sefelosha stepped out of bounds on his steal with 2 minutes to go even though the replay showed he clearly did not. Kobe hit a three to take the lead when the Lakers should instead been down 4 points.

    My friend always asks me why I dislike the Lakers. It’s because of things like that….

  165. Brain32 says:

    I wonder….how long will NBA put up with this guy? Until he kills somebody or ends a career of a perspective young player?
    Or not even then?

  166. niloting says:

    ron artest is just making a mockery on his name…WORLD PEACE?….PWEEE…he cannot even make peace with his opponents…stop using that name ron…’re a hypocrate in the highest degree…

  167. rajonrondo123 says:

    the way the NBA should determine MWP’s suspension is until Harden comes back, MVP can’t come back

    • rajonrondo123 says:

      the way the NBA should determine MWP’s suspension is until Harden comes back, MWP can’t come back

  168. Richie says:

    I love how after an incident everyone forgets what started it and only dwell upon the end results. What MWP did was wrong but it was equally wrong of Harden to intentionally walk into him.

    • led Zep says:

      your right I mean seriously when ever somebody bumps into you dont you try to rip their head off in retaliation? its just common sense! push=knocking them into a coma its exactly the same!

    • blloyd says:

      thank you at least someone was watching the same game as i was

  169. KK says:

    Apologize?? Emotional?? Over Excited?? Come on, this is not the 1st time. What would yourself feel if you were hit in such way?? Please rewind the match yourself, you acted like a gangster than a PRO player when IBAKA tried to get near to you. You are trying to play Kung Fu infront all the fans…

  170. mj says:

    Artest and any other player that strikes out at his opponent should be penalized to the fulless especially when their intentions are meant to harm another player this kind of action should never be excused or applauded There is going to be alot of controversy on what happen the point is it happen and it has to be dealt with the right way it was a brutal intent on his part regardless of how people see it ..Harden we wish you a full recovery.

  171. KK says:

    World peace?? There will be no peace whenever he is on the court. Understand that basketball is a physical game with lots of body contact, but what he did to Harden is brutal and done it purposely. There is no excuse at all, get him out from NBA, I meant forever!!
    From the beginning, I was hoping Lakers to win the title but I now rather hope Charlotte Bobcats is the Champion… Sign…

  172. afterkwiss says:

    Always thought Meta World Peace wasn’t a proper name for this guy …

  173. nbajustice says:

    The elbow was intentional. If it was non-intentional, the person will turn back and check to see what/who he hit and see if the person he hit was okay.

  174. simm says:

    1. if you suggest that Harden provoked MWP to react with an elbow… weak argument – provocation is almost in every game and every quarter;

    2. slow motion is extremely helpful here – you can get a better look at all situation. (microexpression, body movement, everything that would be a evidence for (put your thesis here)

    even if it wasn’t intentional (honestly i doubt it – if he did it accidentally, he would behave differently. people usually declare their unintentional behaviour right after such incident…)
    it wasn’t accidental, look at his arm’s movement…it is a clear punch.
    MWP doesn’t control his emotions on a such scale that it gets too dangerous for other players, especially in play-offs. and you cannot forget his past. it would be irresponsible.

  175. SELLVA says:

    metta is wrong but why Harden provoked when the ball is OKC

  176. DJ says:

    I think MWP should be given another chance. Just like Bynum, MWP needs to grow and learn how to control his feeling because i got a feeling that MWP will help the Lakers win another title.

    • dfd says:

      after attacking fans incident in Detroit piston?
      He’s 30 something, what more he needs to learn? He’s professional player, nba veteran.
      Even kobe will not do such disgraceful act, which I and many people believe kobe is living legendary.
      Basketball isn’t just about title, it is sport, so show sportsmanship.

  177. Drazard says:

    HAHAHAAHAHAHA, that elbow is so SICK ! and it made me laugh so hard, NICE ONE WORLD PEACE, because of you the lakers stop OKC on their winning streak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I wishi he did that to durant so that there would be no problem in OKC

    I’m a Kobe Fan BTW not a Laker Fan 😀

  178. stephenmanton says:

    10 game ban, $50,000 fine. Let’s move on.

  179. heatfan6 says:

    What kind of a celebration was that? Hit your chest and swing your arm around liike an idiot?If his elbow was unintentional, he would have turned around and checked on harden.

  180. Derbyforthree says:

    That means WORLD PEACE is a MUST! Anybody who block the path of WORLD PEACE from happening gets knocked down. WORLD PEACE MUST PREVAIL. jk. felt bad for Harden to be honest, but lesson learned Harden, just dont block the path of a player after a dunk. emotions are all running high. for Metta elbows arent needed, a hard bump may just will do.

  181. bittlejuice_41 says:

    this is the second no brain move of metta world peace…the first one is changing his name from ron artest to metta world peace..I think this guy has no brain…he got the wrong name to change from…he got the word “peace” on his new name but he represent the opposite… fines or suspension can change this guy from hurting other players specially big stars from other teams in the NBA..look guy my question is why do the lakers got mwp? the answer is…. all kobe bryant’s rivaled in the past are how all in the lakers line-up for example matt barnes and metta world peace….remember how they argue in the playoffs lakers vs. rockets…and this is not the first time he has done a terrible thing, remember how he and his buddy stephen jackson attack and beat the hell up a fan when he was playing in indiana paces….mwp, should leave or the good thing is to retire…you should be a role model…

  182. JEC says:

    Ron Artest should be suspended

  183. Scottie Pimpin says:

    he said it was an unintentional elbow, yeah ok. someone should have fould bynum with a round house kick to the groin, cant stand that dude.

  184. Aumma says:

    Bad reaction but why Harden goes in direction of WorlPeace finding a contact evitable?

  185. KENJ says:

    MWP should suffer for a 1 game suspension. I think it’s not intentional in part of MWP. MWP just show his extreme feelings and competitiveness that’s why he did that but as I’ve said, it is not intentional.

  186. Juan says:

    World Peace? wow…promoting peace????? in what way?

  187. Christos says:

    He needs a suspension, things like that are a disgrace for the game. I will suspend him for a few weeks if I could that way he misses the playoffs too. He is also a bit up himself that’s why he behaves like that. BOOOOOOOOO.

  188. mikel_artist says:

    suspension for the rest of the season.

  189. Roy says:

    I was waiting to say this all season long…………..”I GOT ELBOWED IN THE HEAD BY WORLD PEACE LMFAO”

  190. Dirk says:

    I’m not a laker fan. I’m a spurs fan. But why was Harden getting all up on Meta in the first place, hes going on offense? He needed to back off and Meta made him, was it a bit extreme, sure, but you know the guy is a bit crazy and you get all up on him like your defending when Harden is going on offense, I don’t really see a problem with it. Sure, I see a minimal suspension, but the thunder will think next time their trying to get physical, which isn’t their game. He deserved it imo, quit crowding someone when your not even on defense, he was going on offense. The Nba today is pathetic, back in the days, that would of been a personal foul and nothing more or said about it. I liked it.

  191. U R advocating for MWP says:

    I don’t believe what you just said. The text is totaly opposite with your request for suspension of 2 games. TWO games?!?! Two years maybe and after that only with approval of commission of 10 worldwide experts in Psychiatry.

  192. NBAer says:

    Regardless of whether this was an attempt to injure or not, this was not a basketball play. This was a shot to the back of the head, which is severely punished in EVERY sport, The NBA is no exception. Just because this may have been an accident, doesn’t rule out the possible damage done to Harden, and the Oklahoma City Thunder. I believe it to be fair that Artest be suspended for however long Harden is out, plus an amount of games determined by the leagues disciplinary committee, be it 3-5-10 or whatever. Players get fined $10,000+ dollars for speaking out on officiating, so it would only be fair for Artest to be fined a much larger sum as well.

  193. mrspydaman says:

    Uncalled for and should be suspension & fine it was intensional and was meant to be a message just a little too much adreneline going and badd choice. I see Haters going nuts in these posts don’t you have anything better to do? For real BBall fans go back and watch the game again MWP was hit in the nose in the openning minutes and Harden tries to get under any opposing players skin by bumping and pushing walking through others paths (Just like Perkins). And he succeeded with the wrong guy. It was still not right and she be punished harshly but if your going to wave the red flag dont be so suprised when the bull gets you.

  194. Stack says:

    Say it all you want but it’s Harden’s fault for walking close to him like he’s just begging for Artest to throw that elbow. Sorry Harden but you should know better than that for a player like Artest. There goes OKC’s championship dream.

  195. Your stupid says:

    I’m sorry but I’m mean how you do you know it was on propose I don’t think he would do it on propose unless he has a reason just not to just do it you guys the media just wanna story and bring a man back down

  196. Henry says:

    Vicious play, not necessary and was dangerous. but what is Harden doing stuck next to MWP when he’s celebrating after a good play? applying pressure..for his..own teams imbounds play? what?

  197. boy takas says:

    I think world peace is not the name for him… his a bad player even before in the indiana that suspend for the season.. ron artest whatever should not be allowed to play for NBA anymore… he puts NBA in bad image… that elbow is so dangerous he could kill HARDEN… Comm. DAVID STERN do SOMETHING…. not just fine or suspend him for the rest of the season.. ban him in the NBA.. im a lakers fan.. he is the only player in the lakers that make some $$$$# thing… THANK YOU…

  198. kevin says:

    I’m an RN in an Emergency Department. I’m also a Lakers fan. However, I am mortified and embarrased by what happened last night, even more so than what happened with Bynum last year. This act was truly more dangerous and reckless by far. I’ve seen people die on a gurney from brain hemorrhages caused by less trauma than what MWP delivered with that intentional elbow. I don’t think I can even root for the Lakers this postseason if Ron Arrest is allowed back in the game this year.

  199. dreadyjun says:

    How is is any different from Blake Griffin’s fore arm, elbow etc on Gasol?

  200. basketball_fan says:

    That was intentional and he knew what he was doing. Definitely didn’t think of the consequences at the moment, but that’s no excuse. With a hit like that he can destroy the work of a whole season for player and his team. Harden went down so hard, lucky he didn’t break his jaw.
    I think the NBA should take him out for the rest of the season, maybe that’ll help him grow up and learn the rules.
    sorry but there’s a line and he doesn’t know it…

  201. ced says:

    he not deserve that. period !

  202. Paul says:

    There is no reasoning to this. We all know Ron could feel Harden, he feels the guy and elbows him? Messed up.
    Get him out of the NBA asap

  203. x-writer says:

    are everyone blind? can one PLZ look what harden is doing???

    He goes intentionally in MWP way to provocate a thing, then … ok the celebration was a litte too much…

    So where is the suspension for Harden plz ok 2 Games or so

    It has to stop this things like Perkins ,LBjokes, etc did so often because results we saw in the video above

  204. Jay says:

    15-game suspension minimum

  205. this guy says:

    its goes both ways. yah ron ron shouldnt have thrown the elbow but why does james harden have to walk directly into his chest while he is screaming and pounding his chest. if harden didnt do that then ron ron wouldnt had hit him. simple as that. he is sorry for what he did but at the same time punishment is a must.

  206. Normally I do not learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, quite great article.

  207. Brian May Merlan says:

    that’s really bad.

  208. lazylays13 says:

    innocent until proven guilty…. all im going to say….. until they can 100% prove that he did that intentionally. i dont believe he should receive a lengthy suspension.

  209. Jasmin says:

    Yo, I’m not gonna call him MWP, to me he is still the retarded Ron Artest we all know and hate. He should be in jail. First he bumped into Harden, so he knew Harden was beside him standing. That’s when Ron The Uber Retard Artest hit him with the elbow. LAL first round out in the playoffs.

  210. Gabriel Arroyo says:

    No place for this in basketball. There is another player more deserving than ron artest to be in the nba entertaining fans of the game. I didn’t really get mad at the riot in detriot but MWP has lost all my respect as a basketball player with this play.

  211. armin halvadzic says:

    He really is a STUPID human being. He changed his name in to World Peace and then he goes around elbowing people in the head for no reason. I’m a Laker fan but this just stupid.

  212. AC says:

    don’t allow him to play in the playoffs, he will do more dirty works other than that.

  213. vincreations says:

    it’s ok if the man is trash talker

  214. Damien says:

    I’m a huge lakers fan, but come on, this guy has to be suspended for as long as possible (even maybe fired from this league). The guy has always been a retard (just listen to his interviews). He only plays in theNBA because of his being so physical. He can’t even move around ! And the worst about it is he called himself “World Peace”, well I guess he doesn’t know how to spell “p*ss”…

  215. schrink says:

    one of the main questions is ” who started it ”

    why is Harden that close on metta who is celebrating emotional after his dunk. he is clearly trying to provoke him

    Mettas reaction is not the one that is providing world peace and he diserves a punishment

    but i think Harden should get a suspension too for provocation !

    • Tom says:

      Players bait with position and nudge/bump into each other all the time after dunks, and nobody elbows people like that for getting in their way at the time. If you think Harden should be suspended, then logically you must think Garnett, Perkins, Bynum, Robert Horry, and the entire 1980s Detroit Pistons frontcourt should have been suspended just about every other game they ever played for getting in the opposing player’s personal space when they’re emotionally “celebrating”. Watch the video again (keep in mind I’m not an OKC fan or a Laker hater)… Harden doesn’t change his course of movement from back from the foul line on down (he’s on the same course the entire time). Now Harden certainly didn’t move out of MWP’s way, but he didn’t trip him, slip an elbow in, or do anything to deserve a tony jaa style elbow to the head. Standing in someone’s way so as to negate their personal space as they travel back upcourt is not suspension worthy. If it is then most player’s in the league would be getting suspensions on a regular basis. MWP/Artest turned, found Harden in his path, both in each other paths, and MWP/Artest just snapped, displaying no sense of emotional control, and delivered a nasty elbow that took the guy out and he still danced away pumped up afterwards. I’ve accidentally elbowed people in the head before playing basketball – you know it when you do it. He felt he eblowed the guy in the head and then continued displaying some of kind of bravado… be it psychotic or not you be the judge. I’m happy for the Lakers pulling their season together and the emergence of Bynum as a quality top center in the league, but that doesn’t change the fact that this was completely beyond the pale.

    • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

      Harden was waiting for the ball to be taken out of bounds. Artest who was over celebrating clearly knew he was throwing an elbow, and closed his eyes to disguise the act. I guess if you’re a 13yr Laker fan you would be dumb enough to think otherwise but if not get real.

  216. Ball fan says:

    The nba has to take firm action or it will lose all credibility. Artest has to be suspended for the rest of the playoffs with minimum fine of $100,000. The world is watching….

  217. Bentley says:

    Thing I dont get is James Harden is young and grew up watching the absolutely crazy and mental head Ron- Ron. So tell me why the HELL you would get in direct path of a absolutely steamed up Artest that is doing his Chest Bump? It is evident in the video that Harden bumped into Artest first, most likely trying to stop his celebration. With that being said I still believe Artest should get max fined, and heavy duty suspended. This is not right for the NBA especially with such AN INCREDIBLE young talent like Harden. (Hope you get better soon lil b-diddy.) BUT C’MON KID OPEN YOUR EYES NEXT TIME AND STEER CLEAR OF A FULL STEAMED FREIGHT TRAIN LIKE RON ARTEST.

  218. Neil says:

    Everyone here is overreacting. Something like this would only result in a few game suspension. The rest of the season and playoffs would be overboard. It’s not like he turned around, looked Harden in the face, and started throwing punches on purpose. Players get into intentional fights all the time and only few game suspensions result. Stop hating just cause it’s the Lakers.

  219. Eddie says:

    Everyone knows that Sekou Smith is a Lakers hater, so seriously no one cares what you say anyways. What he did was wrong but what you wrote just screams your biased views and hate. Lol, maybe go get a proper job? And yes I am a hater of yours and there’s nothing about you that’s worth liking. You should just stick with REPORTING the facts, and not share your biased opinions that make many shake their heads. At the end of the day you don’t dictate anything at all.

  220. Mike says:

    MWP should be artested, I mean arrested, for that attempt at murder, I mean foul.

  221. Zack says:

    Pls, how can that be unintentional? if it is unintentional, the moment u hit a person or something while celebrating with all your attention, shouldn’t you be at least surprised that you have hit something? ron was obviously fully aware of where harden is. though i like the physical and tough defense he puts up on a consistent basis but such action by him is beyond sportsmanship and most importantly, it is the total opposite of what he have changed his name for.

  222. The man says:

    This is one of those situations where there’s a lot more than meets the eye, as cliche as that sounds. There’s a message here, and only people like Charles Barkley will understand or see it.

    A few games ago, Kendrick Perkins fouled Pau Gasol hard and when Pau turned to walk out of where he was, Kendrick stood in his path defiantly to, “send a message.” He didn’t move, and the ref had to come in to break things up. In this case, Harden clearly went up and tried to get in Ron’s way, and instead of stepping aside and letting him by, he put his arms out to push back.

    The response?

    Ron elbowed him. To send a message. To say, “I’m not Pau Gasol, I’m Metta World Peace, and I’ll do something to hurt you to make sure you don’t try to punk me around in the future.” That’s the kind of player Metta is, and I wish Pau was the same way. Blake Griffin, too. If Blake Griffin was like Ron Artest, you can bet your piggy bank savings that players would not foul him as hard as they’ve been doing lately.

  223. ldhl89 says:

    Probably the first smart thing you write here ….

  224. Tadas says:

    This Artest guy should be suspended for a lifetime. The NBA court is not for violence

  225. bittlejuice_41 says:

    mwp..this guy has metal issues..NBA should not allow players with metal issue or problems..he should be force to retire or leave the NBA before he destroy the good image of the whole NBA..I remembered one guy….Laimbeer….

  226. Fenek35 says:

    Enough of that !! take him out of the NBA. Even if I’m a Laker fan, I do not agree with that !

    Metta is still RON “the wrestler” ARTEST and you can change your name, not what you really are !

  227. Celitcs4Life says:

    Let’s kick MWP out of the NBA? Thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Cmon people get real itll be anywhere from 3-10 game suspension and/or fine.

  228. xepherius says:

    I find it interesting on what people commenting on Ron Ron’s action. I totally agree with everyone’s view point on how wrong MWP did, it can indeed cause severe injury to Harden. But I have to say, he doesn’t deserve suspensions that is longer than 3 games. If you kids think that elbow is dangerous, and MWP deserve to get banned for the rest of the season, then go think what did dwade do in all star. yes he broke kobe’s nose and caused him concussion, and no punishment for him? and recall back to last year’s playoff on celtics vs heat, when wade intentionally drag rondo to floor and caused his elbow to dislocate, and he didnt get suspended? and this year when kobe caused ricky rubio’s knee surgeory, and kobe got no punishment?
    I am not a fan of any team, but I want to say MWP threw this elbow because he was too emotional, 3 games suspension should already teach him the lesson. Note that is almost playoff, players are getting emotional than usual.

  229. topyxyz says:

    The Thunder would only get pumped up after this event, and after that loss…

  230. Jukka says:

    This just waited to happen. He had that lunatic-face on too and after that hit was still going on, if Ibaka would go nearer that would have continued. I think he should be fired from the team.

  231. tamba says:

    artes suspen..his carir to and play b,ball…he look drunk person…and he look mental problem

  232. jb says:

    he should be permanently suspended to nba..he could kill someone..changing your name will not change your attitude.

  233. Michael says:

    Harden was not blocking MWP’s path, he was looking at the player about to inbound the ball. It’s quite common to stay close to a defender as the ball is about to be inbounded, and then to move quickly away from the defender to get open. Watch a play after a timeout in a close game and you will often see eight players bunched up closely in the lane, and then all the offensive players push off their defenders and run out in different directions.

    This was a vicious, malicious attack by one of the strongest players in the league. The punishment will be appropriately severe.

  234. eric says:

    Metta World Peace is a shame of NBA. tHIS GUY SHOULDN’T BE SEEN ON THE COURT ANYMORE!

  235. Hardelbow says:

    @Intristic Factor

    You know what’s the difference between those injuries?

    Meta World Peace “INTENTIONALLY” elbowed JAMES HARDEN.
    The Word “INTENTIONAL” makes you’re argument invalid.

  236. LakersFan says:

    He shouldn’t be suspended. It was a total accident. The NBA is too strict.

  237. Amon Kuti says:

    He should be banned from the NBA forever.
    This is complete disgrace.

  238. Lakers_Win says:

    Justice will be served for both players. Harden tried to prevent Ron from celebrating, that’s really dumb, and hopefully he learned a lesson. What he was thinking stepping in front of a bulldozer hoping to halt his charge, and it wasn’t even in play. As for Ron, come on man, push would suffice; this elbow would knocked Lesnar down. 3 games suspension for Ron.

  239. MackDaddy says:

    Harden was getting in Ron Ron’s face, but no way did he deserve a shot to the side of the head like that. Harden’s actions might have contributed to a reaction at the time, but not like that…. not an elbow to the side of the head like that. Couldve killed him.

    Sorry Ron Ron…. no 1st round of playoffs for you as a minimum. More considering how hard you hit him and what ‘could’ have resulted from it. This was no accident, and as much as I’m sure MWP is remorseful now (considering the flack he is currently getting online), the NBA needs to send a clear message that uncontrolled fits like this are not tolerable at all in the NBA. I’m sure he didnt mean to hit quite so hard, but the hit was still intended…. and that alone is enough for a decent suspension. The severity only worsens things.

  240. Roarque says:

    I went to a basketball game and a hockey game broke out.

    Get World Peace some skates!

  241. Zeke says:

    Is this basketball? I am done watching NBA till idiot ron artest is out of the game FOREVER…

  242. apu says:

    lakers players always injures players in important teams, eg: perkins during the final, kobe injuring rubio and finally that psycho artest injuring my man Harden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. get him out of nba

  243. carlos morales says:

    i say it was a bad decision for him to celebrate a little too much for dunk a in the regualr season but how about when Paul Pierce swung and hit a ref 2 yrs ago after a play he did? he did the same as metta, he celebrated . he wasnt ejected or anything not even a slap on the wrist.

  244. get him out says:

    WOW these laker fans who are making these excuses that there was no intent are really ignorant.. its a tragedy, ron artest has mental issues.. he belongs in the hospital…no talent pure strength and bad intent… bad example for children all over the world… the fact that he has history should give people the hint that he is no good for this league… He needs mental help… he could kill somebody with an elbow like that.. stern get this guy out of the league before he seriously injures somebody

  245. Fan of LA says:

    5 game suspension + fine.

    And let’s review the Heat-Bulls game too and suspend Wade and the other guy for their behavior too.
    1-2 game suspension for them as well, if you’re talking about fairness.

    • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

      It’s a different story when there’s a shot to the head like Artest did. Wade pushed someone, big friggin whoop. James Jones on the other hand should get a suspention. Anyhow you’re an LA fan so nothing you say is going to make sense.

  246. RealNBA says:

    It’s just sad to hear the Lakers fans booing the officials as they made the ejection. But it’s priceless to hear them go silent when they see the replay in slow-motion. lol. Lakers is a very good team, but with immature players like Matta Word Peace, Bynum, and Barnes. Oh well.

  247. lawrence123 says:

    lmao at those who applause as Ron is walking to the locker room, perhaps they should eat an elbow too and then see if they would still applause

  248. Peter says:

    He should probably get 10 games suspension or rest of post season with fine. If Kobe came up and accidentally bump mwp. We all know he wouldn’t swung.. If durant swung his elbow like mwp on Kobe. Lakers nation would want him out the league. Moves like that should be kept in UFC and not nba. Bynum poked his elbow out and hit J J in the ribs and he got 5 games. Mwp swung his elbow and struck harden in the head. Cmon now..

  249. lawrence123 says:

    MWP definately has done it on purpose, suspend him for the rest of the seasons including playoffs…

  250. F Artest says:


  251. Pilar says:

    I don’t want to see him playing basketball.NEVERRRRR AGAINNNN!!!! I HATE HIM

  252. jonski22 says:

    why is James Harden “guarding” him after he already made a dunk? should he be guarding him before the attempt?….LOL…poor James Harden…that should teach him a lesson not to bully a bully!!! oh yes I am a Lakers fan! I don’t condone what he(MWP) done, he deserve a fine and 2 or 3 games suspension.

  253. SwishEveryTime says:

    He should be banned from the league for that.

  254. MrMarMarBay says:

    I’ve been a Laker fan since the Jerry West days. Both Artest and Bynum don’t deserve to wear the Laker’s uniform. I hope that he is kicked out of the league.

  255. YOOO says:

    James used HARDEN
    METTA used ELBOW
    Its super effective
    HARDEN fainted

  256. Lebronity says:

    Why the hell harden stuck his head under world peace’s arm…Strange

  257. Enriique says:

    Grow up people. Did he do it on purpose? Yes. Should he do it like that? No now move on. Harden is moving into him and as far as I am concerned couldn’t care less if he got his head clocked or not. Suspend him a few games and move on. There much better things to chat about then whining over ONE HIT by two grown people.Harden go screw yourself and stop acting like a child. MWP grow up and just play basketball. Fans deal with it, it’s over. Journalist congratulations, tonight you don’t need to use your brains to come up with something original. The story is handed to you on a silver platter which should fade fast.

  258. TS says:

    I hope Harden is OK.
    You really want little kids watching this sport David Stern? That elbow would have gotten Artest DQ’d from an MMA match. He is a twisted individual with a terribly violent past in the NBA. This incident is another horrible event, in the Lakers recent history, that is just absolutely disgraceful.

  259. MK says:

    And another thing.. when D-Wade tackled Rip.. and he didn’t gave a suspension or a fine perhaps.. that sounds odd to me.. 😐

  260. SDF05 says:

    Forgot to say, that’s the same for MWP, just move on.

  261. SDF05 says:

    I feel sorry for both of them.
    One, MWP went way out from his celebration. He may have not seen James Harden there or he may have it done on purpose, but now it’s time to pay your price for doing that.
    and James Harden, i wish you to get well soon and forget about the incident. This is NBA and those things happen sometimes.

  262. MK says:



    • dfd says:

      you are blind buddy, I wished it was you who get elbowed and talked like this.

      • MK says:

        Well.. FYI.. I also had the same fate that Harden also experienced a few years ago.. I was elbowed also in the neck.. and almost paralyzes me.. But I didn’t take it personally coz he’s said that’s unintentional..

  263. laker fan says:

    Sorry to say this but that was completely intentional. MWP felt contact from harden and made his best Jon “bones” Jones impersonation. Totally uncalled for, but Harden shouldn’t have been there, why is he blocking MWP’s path when they’re on offense? tsk3…

  264. 1Laker2Live says:

    And Kobe SINGLE MAN HANDLED Westbrook !!

  265. Ja'Kne says:


    • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

      I agree. It sounds drastic but think about it this is like his third really violent act in the NBA. If he was on the streets he’d be in jail for something like that. End of story.

  266. Tyke says:

    Not only was Ron the center of what happen in 2004 with the worse brawl in NBA history but he has shown over the years that he is a hot head. Let us not forget the close line of JJ Barea is last years playoffs.

    He knew exactly what he was doing and his actions after the elbow proved that when he started bowing up in a fighting stance to other players who were not coming after him. I’m hoping the commissioner throws the book at him once and for all. He needs to be out of the league before someone gets hurt seriously and he ends their career.

  267. Karl says:

    I am a Laker fan, and a suspension is necessary becasue of the effect of the play. Intentional or not, he should get a game or 2 and a fine.

    Basketball is a physical sport, not a contact sport but physical, and stuff happens. The paly happened, lets move on and in my opinion this does not proves that MWP is back to being his old self. If Harden did not try checking MWT after he’s big dunk then we would be here talking about a Thunder win and why the Lakers loss badly at home.

    Again I’ll say an elbow to the head regardless who’s delivering it is unwarranted, but if a player gets a big emotional dunk while the team is making a run and is heading back up the court to paly D (not even looking to steal the ball) why does the offensive player need to get in his way to stop is path? that’s my only beef with the string of event, let the guy dunk and run back to play D, there’s no reason to check him when all he’s looking to do is head back up the court.

    All that being said I hope Harden is aigh so that Kobe could spank the Thunder again later in the playoffs.

    • blloyd says:

      thank you, amen. karl

    • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

      So Harden should have to watch everywhere MWP walks? Harden was not checking him you idiot. He was waiting for the ball to be taken out. Stop watching the slow motion replay and look at it real time.

  268. Lakers#1 says:

    I saw this game and that MWP hit made no sense what so ever! MWP was celebrating a good bucket implying he was happy. I don’t think the intention was to hurt Harden but rather fend away an obsticle in his way. Does MWP even know it’s Harden? He did not once look in that direction.

    That being said, MWP should not throw his elbows around like that! A fair ejection!

    On another subject; who knew Jordan Hill could play ball like that? Hill was fantastic! He was everywhere! 15 rebounds, 14 points and 6 of 11 shooting. Put that man in the second unit instead of warming the bench.

  269. NBAfan says:

    We all know MWP is a ticking bomb…a volcano that can erupt at any time.

    If you look at the video…Harden had no business bodying him while he was celebrating….VERY SMART!

    Also, initial tests show no concussion….came back..said he didn’t “feel” good…make it worst than it really is perhaps…VERY SMART!

    I always liked James Harden…great it intentional or not, you weakened a threat in your conference!!!

  270. NBAfan says:

    His emotions got the better of him. He was celebrating, punching his chest..trying to make a statement. Harden wisely or unwisely tries to body him for no reason…maybe to get under his skin. MWP let his emotions guide his actions, as we all know he has a tendency to do.

    Unfortunately, this couldn’t have come at a worst time. The Lakers are peaking (not yet peaked, peaking). Fortunately, they have Matt Barnes and he is a very good replacement for the few games MWP will be out. Maybe even for good.

    It was funny how MWP was in a fighting stance..and Ibaka didn’t even dare come close to him even though nobody was holding him back. Luckily it wasn’t L. Saunders or else it’s gonna be the Palace once again….

  271. Mike says:

    The guy shows no remorse whatsoever after the incident proving that he did it on purpose. Mission accomplished due to tact that Harden was so hot in the game

  272. abdurrahmanx says:

    ron artest is suspended for three games and fined $75,000 or the NBA head office is a joke.

  273. jovdelmar says:

    everyone is looking for the elbow shot but what happened before that is people wont even try to notice.. take a look at 0:06 seconds… harden was playing defense on mwp after the dunk lol, he even steped to the side twice to block mwp’s path (why would you do that?).. its obvious harden bait mwp to throw a push/gesture//technical, he didnt expect a vicious elbow to the head though..

    it doesnt make it alright i agree suspension at least 5games+fine, punishment should be more but harden bait mwp to drew a technical he just didnt think an elbow to the head was coming.

    • Mike says:

      Stop come up with excuses. Last year Bynum got 5 games and this one is 10 time worse. You can defitely injure someone with that kind of hit.

      • jovdelmar says:

        excuses? do you even know what “excuses” mean? look at you dude even comparing to what bynum did? treat this matter as different one, its a whole new topic. some people really are idiots, bringing up the issue of lakers nation being dumb and all and then you sir mike, coming up with another topic “bynum last year”.. you dont compare 1 offense to another you treat it differently.

        excuses? more like facts. Harden obviously tried to bait MWP look how he block MWP’s path celebrating (he took two steps to the side blocking MWP), playing defense after his dunk? he OBVIOUSLY bait MWP. You dont even have to play the video above, you can see Harden anticipating an elbow/push/technical from MWP.

        but like i said, MWP took the bait and elbowed him, he didnt even know he hit Harden’s head hence it was an unintentional elbow to the head. it was an intentional elbow yes but he didnt even know he hit his head so it was unfortunate so should still be at least 5 games+fines

      • Geese says:

        This. It’s bizarre what some Lakers fan are saying to defend Ron Artest… And as Mike said, if Bynum got 5 games for what he did to Barea last year, Ron Artest should get much more. Don’t forget that he is the same player that got the biggest suspension in NBA history (86 games) in 2004 for that insanity attack in Detroit.

      • led Zep says:

        I mean seriously Mike! Jovdelmar has been trying to explain to everybody that Artest had no other coice but to smash his elbow agianst hardens head. I mean did you see how close harden got to artest? whenever anybody gets that close to me when im playing a game I feel obliged to smash my elbow as hard as I can agianst them too.
        (irony mode off)

      • jovdelmar says:

        No led Zep, im saying we all should play D when trying to inbound the ball, we should block people’s path celebrating after they get a dunk just like setting a screen and its cool to provoke the opposing team in that manner.

  274. cthom says:

    I’m a Laker fan, but it was a savage and disgraceful act by MWP. He has come a long way but it shows that he will always struggle with his anger. That being said, he was on a primal charge after his dunk and Harden unexplicably slide over into his way when he should really being sliding in the other direction to receive the ball from out of bounds. No shading of what MWP, he gets what he gets. Should be at least 5 games. There’s only one game left in the regular season for the Lakers and he deserves more than just a 1-game suspension. Josh Lucas, I agree.

    • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

      Please go look at that video agian. Harden was just setting up to get the ball from out of bounds. Players bump into each other all the time, but no one throws elbows (of that magnitude) when they bump into someone or are bumped. Even if Harden did slide over it does not justify what Artest did. Please stop making excuses for the guy just because you’re a fan.

  275. abdurrahmanx says:

    That he has done this before matters. He changes his name to “world peace” and then he goes out in front of 100 million people and shows them he is still ron artest. The penalty should be a minimum of three games or two weeks, whichever is less. He should also pay of fine of a minimum $75,000. The playoffs are here and Harden is a star on one of the league’s most attractive teams and those things matter. He has show a low character too many times. This time the league had better make him pay in a bad way if they want to be taken seriously as authority figures.

    (on a side note: you KNOW he was getting payback for the bloody nose he got from Ibaka in the first quarter)

  276. Celebi So says:

    And he is one of the involvements from Pacers – Pistons brawl, when he is on Pacers.

  277. Celebi So says:

    Is that an example of world peace? Then why would you change your name if you can’t change your attitude? I expect no rejections coming from MWP.

  278. Matthew says:

    I don’t agree with Sekou at all. Ron swing his elbow purposely. Jeff VG even said that Ron had no idea what happen. That CLEARLY show it was not intention.That being said, Ron does deserve a punishment, but I SAY it should be remainder of the season and/or fine. If it carries on to the post season, I say that is obviously dumb. Ron likes to celebrate and doing a play like dunking would obviously excite him. Harden should’ve got out of his way. IF RON likes to celebrate, stay out of his way, simple as that. Harden shouldn’t be THAT near.

    • led Zep says:

      yes because celebrating dunks by hitting anybody in front of you as hard as you can is totally legal………

  279. Damon says:

    2gm suspension is enough , he didn’t even see harden. What was harden trying to do?

    • asdfdsg says:

      someone doesnt have to see to know that there is someone behind you

    • jovdelmar says:

      harden didnt want mwp to celebrate, hence he bumped him, he expects a push or abit of elbow from mwp back (look at his right fist/arm tryin to fend off an incoming shot from mwp) mwp is so strong though and unfortunately hit harden in the head….. MWP softened harden <<lol

      • n-smooooove says:

        2 game suspension is enough? man i dont get these laker fans at all thinking that only deserves a 2 game band, get real, he saw harden fine to me, what you think hes blind? harden was going back to his freakin position after that and stepped in MWP way and then bang he decides to land a cheap shot to the head, he knew damn well he was there, its just the thug mwp is,he is a disgrace, MWP, more like metta world thug, acting all tough, dunk wasnt even that good, or anything to get excited about, 2 games, he shouldnt even be allowed to play after that,he doesnt belong in this sport, go to mma orsomething tough guy

      • led Zep says:

        dude seriously get out of heree harden wasnt even looking at arteste and besides he wanted to hit harden. I mean seriously this is undefendable I really dont get how anybody on the planet could defend artest in this play.
        From a Laker and Okc fan.

  280. Gui says:

    He should have been arrested for that.

    • rareair1 says:

      Rubbish pal. If it were on the street maybe, but on a basketball court no way. These guys are pro’s. Big and strong and tough. Sorry to make this personal bud, but you need a teaspoon of concrete added to your meals on a daily bases….seriously mate harden up… pun intended.

  281. Sosay says:

    has anyone ever noticed that ALL nba players still call him ron artest?

  282. Intrinsic Factor says:

    Only thing I disagree with –> “If Harden was knocked unconscious no one would be joking about this on Twitter.”

    You’re overestimating the average fan. Big Baby was knocked out by Howard years ago. There were jokes on Twitter. Kevin Love got a concussion on April 11. There were jokes about it on Twitter. Matter of fact, Charles Barkley was joking about it on TV. Not that either of the other incidents were intentional.

    • Real Peace says:

      Agreed. I’ll even indict myself here. I remember loving the elbow that Barkely threw at that Angolan guy in ’92. We applaud the intensity and crave the blood-lust. The players know this and it lowers their inhibitions. For the players that are borderline personalities to begin with, this is a recipie for disaster. I don’t excuse Artest, but the environment was not created by him; many of us are culpable,too. This was a horrible event, Artest should be suspended for a LONG time (10+ games), but all of us should bring greater civility to this game. Celtics fans should not wish injury to Dwight Howard, Bulls fans should not demonize Heat fans, and Lakers fans should not defend Artest’s attack. Perhaps if we can clean up our acts, the players will clean up theirs.

  283. AnoNymouS~ says:

    I wonder if it was intentional. I mean I watched the video 5 times now and if Ron really intended to hit Harden, he would have at least looked at him. I always thought Ron was crazy but not to the point where he would hit for no reason. Maybe he was in the heat of the moment, who knows.

    • rareair1 says:

      No mate. You don’t have to look at someone to hit them intentionally…are you serious??? Ron’s the team enforcer, that’s what he gets paid to do. These boys are strong and tough, Harden included. I’m not condoning this type of play, but I do accept that it is a part of the game, and If you are going to send a message to the other team do it properly…now he’ll have to cop a suspension and fine and hope that he hasn’t sacrificed his place in the NBA for good, given his reputation. I severely doubt that the punishment will be that harsh, but now he’ll have to be very careful during the playoffs, might actually cost the lakers a game or 2…..

  284. Coach Dee says:

    I’m a huge Lakers fan. But.
    I’m expecting 2-3 games off + fine.
    T’was really dangerous. I just hope it wasn’t really intentional and Harden was the poor casualty of the celebration by MWP after the rare emphatic slam.

    You guys must agree. That game was one hell of a preview for the 2nd round/West Finals match-up!
    Whoever won that game, that was a thriller!

    • Clutch says:

      2 to 3 games out?
      You are a blody Lakers fan and a dreamer too.
      Get ready to cry and blame him for the reason why the Lakers will be knocked out of the playoffs early

  285. Herr says:

    Apparently to some idiots, running into a guy and then elbowing the back of his head is completely an accident. Laker fans are as stupid as this fool Artest. The Lakers need to be searched, I’m pretty sure these guys are purposely trying to injure other plays. These guys are all dirty and I don’t see how any sane person can be a fan of them.

    • Nomnom says:

      I don’t think MWP ran into harden. I agree that the elbowing was mwp’s fault but harden was bumping into mwp.

      • MWP = Most Worthless Player says:

        Look at the video, and not in slow motion. After the play Harden is standing and waiting for the ball to me taken out. Artest acts like he’s celebrating but clearly goes to elbow him. In face he’s a master of this and knows how to get away with that kind of stuff, but this was so blatant that only a fool would think it was an accident.

    • jovdelmar says:

      Apparently to some idiots, they think mwp run to harden and elbowed him when in fact harden looked like he didnt want mwp to celebrate, it even looked like he was so close he was playing defense on mwp. harden was expecting a push or an elbow look at the picture how he tried to fend it off.. it was just mwp is so strong, mwp felt the contact and elbowed him, unfortunately it him in the head, yes uncalled for and should be suspended+fine at least 5 games. move on.. why bring lakers nation, lakers fans blah blah blah kind of silly

      • Geese says:

        My god… It’s almost disturbing to see the Lakers fans trying to defend this psychotic. I wonder if they acted like this back at the event on the Palace of Auburn Hills.
        Cmon, Folks… One thing is to cheer for your team, but trying to justify this insanity from an ogre that shouldn’t be allowed to play on the league is just too much!

      • Jones17 says:

        He wasn’t trying to defend Artest at all. He stated that Artest should be fined and suspended. It’s almost like you didn’t read the comment and instantly brought your biased viewpoint regardless of what Laker fans are writing.

        Clearly there should be a fine and suspension but Harden didn’t help himself walking into Metta’s path to stop him celebrating. It was idiotic of Harden to go across and warranted a push from Metta. But, that elbow was stupid, deliberate and he should face the consequences. I just can’t believe Metta has come out and said it was an accident. The video clearly shows intent and the look on Metta’s face when swinging for Harden was of pure hatred.

      • led Zep says:

        not sure if serious….

  286. abchome says:

    Have to be suspended for the rest of the season, including playoff, at the very least. Recklessness is no excuse, especially if it seriously endanger other people.

  287. Charles Barkley says:

    Are you kidding me? You all have short memories, The game has a history even if known of you are old enough or too feeble minded to recall it. Karl Malone busted Isaiah Thomas’s forehead it required 35 stitches, Dennis Rodman kicked a camera man in the groin. Blake Griffin leads with an elbow every time he dunks. Just the other night Dwayne Wade hit someone in the chest with a fore arm and knocked him out of bonds.

    First of all, I am not excusing Meta for the shot to the head of Harden. Ron is the team enforcer, just as Horace Grant was for M.J. and the Bulls. Sometimes he is over the top, but let’s not go over the top with him. He should lose the last game of the season, the first playoff game, a fine and lets move on. Harden will be okay, he just got his bell rung.

    Some people just like to make big things over relatively small things because they have no life. It is not as if he went into the stands and started whipping behind. He sent a message to Harden, who has been talking a lot to Kobe over who the Thunder is. If they give META more than two games and a fine it will be TURRELBELL.

    • seriously?! says:

      “Sent a message to harden”…..seriously?? yeah the game can be rough but that was completely uncalled for. Ron ron is a head case and always has been. If you hit someone that hard you’re gonna notice it, and yet he kept up his ‘celebration’ even after decking harden. Guy is a serious liability. Remember malice at the palace? Different name, same stunts, over and over. Get him off the court for good.

      • Lachlan Jones says:


        Ron Artest definitely struck James Harden on purpose, the video shows that he only initiated the elbow because he felt someone brush past him. Does he realise that if you strike someone hard enough in the side of the head that you can kill them? Meta World Peace should be on medication to stop the voices in his head from telling him to injure anyone else.

        I’m sorry Sir Charles but there’s no place for that in basketball regardless of whether it’s happened in the past.

      • Lachlan Jones says:


        Ron Artest obviously struck James Harden on purpose because he only initiated the elbow when he felt someone brush past him. Does he realise that if you hit someone hard enough in the side of the head that you can kill them? Meta World Peace should be on medication to stop the voices in his head from telling him to injure anyone else.

        Sorry Sir Charles but there’s no place for that in basketball, regardless of it happening in the past.

    • kenny says:

      Yeah he started whipping behind in the stands 8 years ago…

    • AM says:

      The real Charles Barkley, last thursday said that DWade was right to push rip hamilton out of bounds, so come on. Wade did that because Hamilton threw an elbow into his chest

  288. Jeff says:

    Penalty should be for the whole season including playoffs

  289. Derek says:

    If a Lakers do something like this everyone cry for suspension. I see the Heats pushing and shoving people game after game for the past week and no one ejected or suspended. All any one can say is oh the refs are going to let them play playoff basketball. Funny…

  290. Amitpal says:

    I feel sorry for any dummy Who think this was an accident. It was definitely not an accident. Plus this should at least be a 10 game suspension. This is just like punching someone if not worse. The elbow cost the thunder the game. Had they had harden they wouldve won. They should have anyway but with harden it was almost a garunteed victory. And this game was one thing but what if he has to miss 6-10 games. Love had a concusion and he missed 10 games. Ron artest is the dirtiest player in the NBA.

  291. lawyerbyday says:

    MWP should play in the NHL, not the NBA; NBA is just a sport, not bloodsport

  292. Markus says:

    This was undoubtly a very savage move from MWP, and there is no place for it in the game of basketball.
    Of course you can understand that he anted to celebrate after scoring that pivotal dunk, but to then swing that elbow at harden was totally uncalled for.

    I have to say that even though I’m a huge laker fan and I love the actions of MWP both on and of the court these last couple of weeks (not counting this obviously) I do believe in a harsh punishment for the elbow, both for the sake of teaching MWP and other players in the league that this behaviour is not acceptable. I would say that this warrants suspension not only for the last game of the regular season, but also in the first leg of the playoffs.

    The lakers will be fine without him for a while

  293. xStephenx says:

    He felt the contact from Harden then threw the elbow. There’s no way he didn’t know that harden was right next to him.

  294. Travis Beasley says:

    Its a paradox the way lakers won this game. they won it in an unfair way. Infact, MWP won the game for Lakers. Had harden stayed in the game, OKC trio of KD,RW and harden would have made uncle kobe and team gasping for breath. losing harden cost OKC the game! Its sad but MWP won the game for Lakers

    • Garen559 says:

      ur a moron….Kobe finished yall out like a closer should……see u fols at conference finals

      • kenny says:

        Actually you are the moron! Harden was having a great game! And your lakers barely won with a double OT with Durant and Westbrook shoting a combined 14 for 56…. If that psychopat Metta “World Peace” hadn’t hit Harden, Lakers would have never won that game!!!

      • rareair1 says:

        Agree with Kenny, MWP did it for a reason. Harden is OKC’s heart & sole, losing him cost them the game. Kobe may have hit some clutch shots, but although it is all SPECULATION, i think OKC would have been too strong for LA with Harden playing the whole game.

    • david says:

      the thunder went up 18 without harden. due to the benefit of th whistle. two step dunk n durant foul with no call. harden does the same with a layup n no 1 touches him they blow the whistle.if refs blow the whistle this doesnt happen. lakers missed metta world war for the rest of the game who is doing well in april. hard hits n fouls have been going on like this for a wihile. when a team talks a lot because they think their great and tough and taking hard fouls and not being called for them or flagrants not being called. players due this to protect there players. i love harden im an la guy but its a grown mans game and he should know better than trying to get under rons skin. ron was playing d n harden goes to body him up on offensive end. wth. people need to get over the past too. that was years ago and what would u do if someone threw a beer at you. do any of you remember fishers hit on scola he got 2 playoff games on a harder n less emotional play due to dirty play by scola.

  295. Eduard says:

    I hope James Harden is ok. Metta should be suspended for the rest of the season, regular and playoffs.

  296. Josh Lucas says:

    Ron Ron can be suspended for a few games. But if you look at the clip replay in slow motion, harden did not have to stay close and keep pushing a roaring, chest thumping ron ron. I am sorry for harden, but hey, dont stand in the way of a charged up ron ron aka MWP

    • rareair1 says:

      Sorry pal, but you use the excuse that “you shouldn’t have been walking so close to that pit bull, that is why you got bitten”, and you would get laughed at. The Dog would get put down, and the owners probably sued…..Incidental contact is one thing, but that was a clear statement. JH has as much right as anyone to be anywhere on the court that he wants, MWP was wrong, there is no reasonable excuse, and he will be severely punished.

  297. Thomas says:

    Sekou, you get paid to make articles I understand that BUT, your perception of the matter is different then most people. You said the key word though, SLOW MO it looks A LOT worst and intentional. Given his history you believe that it’s even more serve because of the player. Once again your perception misguides you.

    Now for my thought about it, Brutal and uncalled for. MWP claims celebrating but this should be a lesson as to why you should never swing your arms around like a monkey and not expect to hit somebody after a dunk. Stuff like this will happen and now you’ll have to pay the price. At least 5 games or even a full play-off series if the Lakers survive. Taking a look at it in fast motion it happens so fast that everyone’s first reaction was “WOW what a accident gone wrong). Then everybody looks at it in SLOW MO and go “WOW he did that on purpose and the media begins to start the chatter).

    Either way MWP accident or NOT this is what happens when celebrate with swinging arms you can really cause some damage. Thank god Harden is OK (FOR NOW) and nothing seriously went wrong.

    • Blueprint says:

      That’s because the real-time shot isn’t zoomed in, and people are just watching the general court. The slow-mo is zoomed in, and I don’t know how an unbiased observer can think it wasn’t intentional. That elbow swing would have been a completely unnatural movement even for Artest.

      Looking back at the unzoomed out real-time clip and focusing on Artest, it’s clear as day he did it on purpose.

  298. Fr3D says:

    Oh wow…that was bad…hopefully James Harden will be fine…an elbow like that to the nose could kill someone, that’s crazy…

  299. Belizeboy says:

    Sekou I completely agree with you. This shot was far worse than Bynum’s one to Barea and I’m thinking a 7 game suspension at minimum plus fines. Also I saw his bogus apology. If you’re going to cheap shot someone at least own up to it.

    • loslakers says:

      i disaccord to this.. i dont think MWP designedly hit J.harden… its just that refere are so stupid.

      • rareair1 says:

        Whaaaaat? Have you no watched the replay??? Did you not see the INTENT, the way he pulled his elbow back and intentionally struck James Harden….dude…go back and look at the replay, it was CLEARLY INTENTIONAL. He may not have intended it specifically for JH, or even intended it to hit his head but the elbow was definitely intentional…that is all.

      • eddie57 says:

        You sound like MWP hit you too.

      • Matrix01 says:

        Shure you didnt. Kobe got hit for 2 games for this type of trash!!Give MWP the benefit of the doubt, Hes an angel and would never do that to anyone

        -Detroit Fans
        -JJ Barea
        -James Harden

  300. Francisco says:

    he should no be allowed to play for the rest of the season, including playoffs, no pay..also I want to comment about press sensationalism trying to make kobe the hero of the game, that he was CLUTCH, HE MISSED THE LAST SHOT IN REGULAR TIME A BRICK THAT DID NOT TOUCH THE RING, IN OT HE MADE 2OUT OF 5 PLUSS 2 FREE SHOTS, NONE OF IN THE LAST 30SECONDS, YES HE MADE TWO LUCKY 3 AFTER BEING SINGLE MAN HANDLE BY SEFALOSHA, I HATE WHEN THE DRIVE BY MEDIA try to credit the best player and forget the real heroes, jondan hill, DBANKS

    • Swagflu87 says:

      I smell hater.. Kobe was clearly the best closer in the game. He hit multiple clutch shots. What are u smoking?? Cuz I want some

    • LOL says:

      such a dumb comment

    • Ryan says:

      wth, did you NOT watch the game? kobe hit clutch shots the whole time!!! someone is just another ignorant kobe hater and too blind to see what really happens in basketball games. must be a lebron james fan.

    • Clips Fan says:

      Man seriously, my name says it all but that comment is just ridiculous. Kobe was the epitome of clutch. And why the hell should he be allowed to play with no pay? One would think that would make him angrier. MWP should be out of the NBA full stop.

    • Carl says:

      I guess you’ll just ignore the back-to-back three pointers, the shots in overtime, and the clinchers in double overtime. Please shut up.

    • LKRFAN4LIFE says:

      Lucky 3 pointers? Seriously. I think you need to watch basketball for a few years before you comment on who is and who isn’t a clutch player. Kobe is most definitely the ultimate clutch player in the game today. No one has forgotten Jordon Hill and Ebanks but sorry mate, they were not going to hit the shots that pulled us level and eventually got us the win. They did their jobs and we applaud them for their efforts but when it comes to closing, Kobe everytime.

    • Francisco says:

      a bunch of Lakers fans, ignoring science to justify any kobe action, let me explain , kobe is a 45% career shooter in overtime he misses 3 shota and made 2 , overtime should be considered CLUTCH time, so in overtime he shot 40% , he was under his career average, what is special about it, if he is basically the one taking the shots at the end, obviously he is going to make some, any player does it, THE TWO HE MADE ARE CLUTCH, THE THREE HE MISSED ARE NOTT.the most clutch shot of the game was the last one he missed in regular time(the last laker shot).HE was having (actually he had) a poor performance,when he mAde the two threes, they look amplified compared to the 7 out of 22 he has having previously. NONE OF THEM WERE IN THE LAST MINUTE,BLAKE MADE THEM ALSO, GASOL ,ETC

      • david says:

        he shouldnt have had to take that shot but the refs called a foul on gasol to give westbrook freethrows to tie when russell didnt get touched n he smacked gasol in the face.

      • Mattza says:

        It’s not the number of shots he took, it’s not the number of shots he made or missed, it doesn’t matter whether he made shots in the last minute or not; it’s the neccessity of the baskets Kobe made that makes them clutch. The lakers NEEDED those 3-pointers from Kobe. They were a major contribution to the Lakers’ win. If he had gone to the free throw line instead of hitting those 3-pointers, any free throws he made would’ve been clutch because they would’ve been neccessary. All of Blake’s 3-pointers were clutch, too, because they were neccessary. Also, Kobe shot 2-5 in the last minutes, which, in comparison to his 5-17 shooting prior, is an 11% increase, which means he did increase his level of play in those last few minutes of the 4th quarter. So, contrary to your sentiment, Kobe Bean was indeed clutch yesterday.

    • Lebrick says:

      hell yeah he was clutch?!?! and he gon be clutch in the playoffs man! he’s the best player INDEED my friend. too bad your thunder team wasn’t as “LUCKY” as THE kobe bryant, Francisco (that’s what you think he is right?). 🙂

      ..oh except for harden. 🙂

  301. omg says:

    MWP shouldnt even be allowed to play bball hes too dangerous, his mental issues must be really serious.

  302. Krespino says:

    Enough of that from World Peace… The man should be suspended from the NBA.
    He could fatally impact a player with a hit like that. This is not the idea with sports or with basketball. If he can do this one he can do it again; why allow him to continue in the NBA and wait until he ends the career of a rare talent like Harden…

    • Artur says:

      Absolute +1! That’s what my first thought was: get him out of NBA. forever.

    • Anirudh says:

      yea man he’s a great talent……
      I Won’t say MWP shoulf be suspended from the nbaa but he shoulf be severly punished for that
      like a ban for playoffs or anything like that
      James Harden Should Return Quickly , speeedy recovery to such a great talent…
      MWP should be fined

      • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

        Another thing About Metta. He needs to change his name back to his orginal name. He is a walking joke who does the opposite of what his name stands for. That blow to the head could have caused permanant damage or been fetal. For one min I want to step into his mind and see whats goes in his thought process when he thought what he did was okay. He probably thought the Laker Fans were behind him on that stupid hit to Harden. WRONG!!!!!

  303. Daver says:


  304. newyorksteelo says:


    • Coach Dee says:

      I’m a Lakers fan and I wanted to say like,

      — the guy stuck his head on the somebody’s elbow

      but that was really not cool. Any sanctions the NBA will give will be accepted by me, and so should my fellow fans.
      Wishing Harden the best and that he’s okay.


    • kolos says:

      I wouldn’t want to be in the guy’s skin who leaves Metta World Peace playing for the NBA…
      He could have killed the man with that elbow to the head, and just thanks to Harden’s strength he isn’t heavily injured.
      If in a month by now World Peace would critically injure/kill someone on the court i think the Judge would closely look to the reason why this incident right now didin’t give anyone to think… Metta World Peace belongs on the streets not in a ball game.

      • rocky says:

        Precisely, get him on the street, not the court.

      • kishken says:

        for me, its better dont give him the 3rd chance.2nd chance was good enough for some unsportmanship like that, who can 4get what he did b4 when he was in Pacers, but still everyone deserves another chance but this time i would say “NO” befpre anything happens to some players. More power to NBA, i love this game!!!!!

      • poppy1075 says:

        Artess has unready done one un unpardonable. ( Going into the stands to hit a fan). This guy’s lack of personal control is going to get some severly hurt if not killed. Permamen expulsion is the only answer. Hoe can the league take a chance on a maniac.

      • eer says:

        Ron Artest has always picked the players he chooses to hurt. The guy pretends like he is tough and crazy on players who won’t respond in kind to his behavior. Were was all this toughness when Ben Wallace confronted him during the Indiana-Detroit scuffle? Ben Wallace fighting stance sent him cowering in fear and he then turns his anger towards fans who were hal his size. He wouldn’t dare display this kind of thuggery to the likes of Charles Oakely. He is a plain and simple cheap shot artist and a bully. There are many like him in the NBA. Kevin Garnet and Kenyon Martin are prime examples.

    • david says:

      did anyone watch ibaka break rons nose n no foul be called. so i guess its on popularity on when a foul,fine or suspension is necessary. thats why dwade in an allstar game got a concussion n broken nose from wade’s malicious hit on his face with two hands. that is not a wrap up foul but no suspension and kobe didnt miss a game like harden will cause hes tough as nails. my biggest problem with the hit is that it wasnt on da clips blake griffin who gets away with the most techs not called n flagrants n fouls than any other player then wonders why players want 2 level him. as for the lakers haters cause you know there isnt any true thunder fans. the thunder arent better than the lakers n never will be cause they will never win 16 titles and wont win the title this year or the next. get happy over the regular season, in the playoffs if your not first your last. you dont get respect for battling hard and coming up short. you got to get to the mountain top at least once. as for that joke of an award. the mvp is a shame ever since they started letting media people and not nba players n employees vote. its popularity contest. that being said lebron deserves it but the award shouldnt mean anything to him.

    • N.YMARK says:

      I dont think Artest should be given more than two games. You think he planned to clock Harden? I think he just happen to be in the way after a good play by Artest who doesnt get many. If Harden wasnt there after the play would Artest look for Harden to elbow him in the head? NO. Im a Clipper fan who has watched Perkins flagrantly foul Blake with elbows to the head,push to the floor. All because he doesnt want to be on a poster. OKC got a taste of their own medicine and obviously it doesnt taste very good. Wish all the best to Harden but OKC dishes it out repeatedly. Artest come over to Clippers since we lack tough guys. K.Mart is soft as butter now. Always smiling. D.Howard jr.