Poof! Magic’s Howard Done For Season?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Orlando Magic is down a big man right now with Dwight Howard rehabbing his sore back. But there are reports coming out of Orlando now that suggest the herniated disc in Howard’s lower back could cost him not only the remainder of the regular season but also whatever postseason run the Magic have in them.

The initial report comes from the same place that gave us the Howard-Stan Van Gundy controversy a few weeks ago, Orlando’s WKMG Channel 6  sports director David Pingalore.

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel has a different take and reports that a final determination on Howard’s playoff availability has not been made:

Howard received an epidural last Friday after he sought a second opinion from Robert Watkins, a spine surgeon based in Marina del Rey, Calif. The injection was intended to help Howard manage the pain and begin rehabbing.

Howard’s camp is adamant that the All-NBA center wants to return for the postseason.

He will be re-evaluated on or around the end of the regular season. Depending how he responds to treatment, he could play in the playoffs.

Conflicting reports surrounding Howard are not uncommon in the Magic kingdom this season. In fact, they’ve become the norm. But there’s no question that the Magic sans Howard in the playoffs looks like a much more vulnerable team for someone to take on in the first round.

Again, there has been no official confirmation of Howard’s status for the postseason. So anyone assuming anything right now might want to take a step back and wait for something concrete from the Magic … or we can just wait for Van Gundy to confirm it at the Magic’s next shootaround.


  1. 16 banners and counting!!!!!!! says:

    I’ll take Andrew “the Beast” Bynum!!!! HaHaHaHa!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!

  2. jonski22 says:

    there is no injury..Howard doesn’t want to play with Van Gundy as coach…he’s tanking it!!!!

  3. Rommel says:

    OK, now i see Glen Davis in that replay lol

  4. anthony says:

    No offense to magic fans, but DH12 isn’t playing basketball anymore, He’s just making drama. Trade him, rebuild with new talent, and have actual basketball being played in Orlando.

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t believe he has a back injury. The timing right after the Stan thing is just too perfect. Show me an x-ray…..

    • lakersfanforlife says:

      Howards cure and treatment would be a team of his choice, and all his fans will see how fast he gets better.
      He just doesnt want to be in Orlando.

  6. Michael says:

    When every other site, speaks to fact Howard will sit if Stan is coach and your not reporting it, how can NBA have any credibility in journalism if it won’t report that. Howard should booed off the court from all Orlando fans. Let him sit. Just prove the type of person he really is.

  7. chasenguyen says:

    Anyone who knows about back injuries will tell you that it’s not a short-term injury. Ownership got greedy, should have traded him when he had max value.

  8. kobe says:

    dhoward is becoming the biggest diva in sports.he calls out his teammates earlier in the year demands trades and say he will not play for vgundy..does he realize how lucky he is ..what would he do if he actually had to work for a living..

    • Bernadette says:

      kobe what do you call what he is doing on the court if not work. I wonder how long you would last out there. idiot

    • kobe = bigger diva says:

      i funny kobe’s comments from above very ironic. its funny how bryant is the known to be the biggest diva in the nba, he’s known for complaining about his team-mates, such as gasol, etc, and was very critical of coach brown, and has never worked or gone to college. But his fans, such as “kobe” above, complain about howard. lol, what a fool!

  9. charles says:

    In retrospect, given everything the magic knew about Howard, they should have traded him for Andrew Bynum. But now that they didn’t do that, they better get a different coach or risk losing the franchise player for nothing!

  10. David says:

    Am I glad they didnt agreed to Lakers offer of Bynum for Howard; at the time it would seem like a good deal for L.A.
    From this point forward I believe Bynum will have a better career going forward.

    • Artin says:

      andrew bynum will never be as good as dwight howard

      • kobe says:


      • lakersfanforlife says:

        I didn’t like the Idea of Bynum being trade to the Magic, I know Howard is a very solid good player, But Bynum is coming along and he has been doing much better than Howarrd even before his injury, and plus Bynum has been injure last 2 or 3 seasons theis is the 1st time that has been injury free in a short season.

  11. bro says:

    That one highlight play at the top of the article is what Howard is all about. Dude plays freakin UNBELIEVABLE defense on Iguodala, gets a block, gets a huge rebound, all with his back screwed to hell. Magic will miss him in the playoffs (first round exit), and next season when he leaves. Sad.

  12. richard martin md says:

    I have been anER doctor for 37 years, and I have my own L5 disk problems. I know a simple exercise for Dwight Howard that may allow him to play sooner. my cellphone is 352-422-2922.

    • wow says:

      sick bro i’m sure you’ll be getting a call soon. everyone trusts a doctor who posts his personal cell phone number on the internet.

  13. manchildFOREVER says:

    Magic Fans say goodbye to your playoff hopes!

  14. Chris says:

    They weren’t going to make it past the first round anyway. Get him healthy then trade him. What a soap opera! Should have traded him when he made the initial request.