Report: Back Surgery Will Sideline Magic’s Howard For Rest Of Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The lasting image of All-Star center Dwight Howard from this season might very well be that scene at shootaround practice where he and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy did their “what did he say” tango.

Howard’s season has reportedly come to an end due to back surgery. The word came down just minutes ago, from ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher:

…  Howard will undergo back surgery Friday morning in Los Angeles to repair a herniated disk, effectively ending his season and eliminating him from participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics, Howard’s agent said Thursday night.

Howard has been complaining of back problems since early March, but it wasn’t until Los Angeles-based spine surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins examined him last week that the herniated disk was discovered.

Howard received an epidural to alleviate the pain at that time and the plan was that he’d rest and rehabilitate his back for 10-14 days before deciding if he could return to play or further treatment might be necessary.

But his back has worsened and both Watkins and the Magic’s medical staff determined that surgery is necessary.

Dan Fegan, Howard’s agent, said he hopes this development debunks any thoughts that Howard’s back problem was not serious and that he was utilizing it as an excuse not to play.

A report out of Orlando said that Howard told Magic owner Rich DeVos in a recent phone call that he did not intend to play again for Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who put Howard in an awkward situation by announcing that management informed him his All-Star center had asked that he be fired. Fegan, along with other sources, have disputed that report.

As devastating as Howard’s loss is for the Magic, who have already clinched a playoff berth, it’s just as devastating for the Olympic team. There are other options at center, but no one on Howard’s level and with his experience playing with the national team.

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    Wish you the BEST!

  2. LakersRus says:

    Duncan is a power forward! Not a center! Bynum would have to be the one to replace him in the olympics!

  3. jctria says:

    Dwight Howard is a rich unprofessional SOB. He is, most probably, just paying off these people to make excuses for him. His kind has no place in professional sports. No league should be stained with the likes of him.

  4. jrulz says:

    Almost everyone in orlando wanted howard to stay…now that he is acting like a baby and not wanting to play for one of the best coaches in the league i kinda want him gone

  5. CLCA says:

    And what about Tim Duncan? He can still play.

  6. james says:

    The magic plays like a team now..yeah they are stronger with Howard but I think they are distracted when Howard is there..
    I dont think if they can win a series but who knows, they just need to play together with a lot of heart and who knows they can shock some teams or the world.

  7. KCEB says:


  8. NBA says:

    duuuhhh. of course the replacing center would be BYNUM and T. CHANDLER.simple!!

  9. Peter says:

    Talk about the Magic’s up and down season. Trade talks about Howard, All-star game, Howard wanting Stan to be fired, injuries, and now this? REALLY bad luck and timing for the team. We can’t expect them to go any farther than the first or second round in the playoffs unless all the other players step up.

  10. ESS says:

    Good lucky to you D.Howard. We pray for you to recovery both health and stregth !

  11. Shawn says:

    I feel sorry for Van Gundy. He worked wonders for that team. and i appreciate his honesty! there is so much speculation about the injury because it seems Dwight Howard smiles in your face and stabs you in the who can trust his word. that is a shame. Dwight is not a fit for New York. New Yorrker’s will tell you to your face their position. and that is why i respect the van gundy’s. . superstar or not, his attitude stinks. he belongs in dallas or phoenix where his clown act will be appreciated.

  12. JustOMatic! says:

    I myself think they should use Duncan, in his place.. Duncan has more experience and rings than the dudes your talking about…. He is still good. He never jumped above rim yet he got job done enough times to get rings.. Dwight who?? I thought he came in as some church going boy that wanted to hoop. Now he’s court jester with jokes and juggles! I doubt if he gets better than he is now… Bynum and Duncan is what they need in that position for USA. No Howard.

  13. stephen camp says:

    if he is out for the playoffs then that is a big lost on the defenive side because he can rebound and score so if he is out for 3 to 4 months then that will be bad for the magic defensive side and the offensive side.

  14. celtics says:

    Bynum is too immature for the olympic team and I don’t think he wants to play. This is the only year he has been healthy, Why risk a career for no pay? LOL

  15. axwhd says:

    send howard to seattle

  16. Baller says:

    Maybe the Magic would have been better off with trading Howard. He has made a tantrum of himself all season with his trade demands, his indecision, signing the extension for the next season and then demanding from his management to fire his Coach. Now he is out for the season and Orlando’s hopes for a title, if Magic fans had any at all during this Drama Season, are gone now. Orlando was doing ok and they were the 3rd seed for a long time, then they had a 6 game losing streak and have played inconsistent ever since.

    The 6th seed and probably first round exit in the postseason will be a bitter ending of a promising season, that turned unsuccesful along the way.

    People criticized Lebron’s Decision but he was at least always committed to the teams success and respected his coach and management they way it should be. I am getting tired of teams trying to trade a superstar the entire season and all the hype and rumors. Lebron’s Decision was brutal and hard for Cleveland but the team could focus on getting it done the entire season,,,

  17. Davi Boruszewski says:

    The thing is…., Lebron will never get a ring.

  18. Bok says:

    @ jektonoporkins:

    I’ve got to agree with Chandler as 2nd option. I didn’t know that Noah plays for France & Hibbert can play for Jamaica. If that’s the case Bosh isn’t that bad or Al Jefferson.

  19. Orlando native says:

    man orlando just cant help bad things from happening bynum at center and big baby time for orlando

  20. Nbeatz says:

    The team should look like this:
    C- Love, Tyson
    F-Durant,,Bosh,Melo, James, Aldridge, Griffin
    G-Paul,Rose, Westbrook,Wade,Kobe, D-Will

    LOVE, BOSH, ALDRIDGE can also play Center, Bosh did a great job twice before,some even saying he played better then dwight last Olympics.Love playedgred fro them in the World’s, and aAldride in\s big ennogh toplay against most all front lines in the Olympics. Spain will give them issues OF COURSE.
    I am a HUGE fan of Bynums game, but TEAM USA wants to run with the players they have,if Bynum was there, it would only slow them down.Besides they dont need offense they need defense, and TYSON IS THE SECOND BEST CENTER IN THE LEAQUE ON THE DEFENSIVE END.

  21. David says:

    Hi. For everybody who says that it’s a big loss for Team USA I can tell that he doesn’t make big difference. The fact is that your team is so much stronger than any other that I would be really disappointed if they win any game by less than 20 points (if Howard would be in i bet at least 25). I really would like to see your team loose (because I see this team as the top competitor to my team), but let’s be realistic if players of this team will play seriously as in play-offs nobody can stop them. BTW, I really hope this team gives good show in Olympics.

  22. From a Celtics fan says:

    Re The Olympics

    After how he has performed in the 2nd half of this season should Kevin Garnett be considered for starting C in Team USA?

    Re The Future of Dwight Howard

    Surely he and the Magic are done after all this. Where should they try and do business for him?

    What about some sort of deal with the Celtics for Rajon Rondo?

    • Baller says:

      The Big Ticket has played great at Center since the All Star Break. I think he would not give up his summer to go to London though, rest is probably more important to him and he already won Olympic Gold in 2000 with Vince Carter…

  23. HOT SAUCE says:

    dwight should be replaced by Bynum. with all the issues surrounding the big man in the east, its best he declares himself free from all that goes on in orlando.

  24. Amitpal says:

    My best bet is Chandler or Aldridge and I think durant can also play a little bit of center as well.
    Tyson, Aldridge
    Durante, love, bosh
    James, melo
    Kobe, wade,
    Chris, rose, Williams
    Extra option Russell Westbrook

  25. NBAfan says:

    What is going on?

    Heat will face the Knicks in the 1st round….easy win for the Heat

    Heat will face either a Dwight-less Magics or Pacers in the 2nd round….either way, another easy win. Wouldn’t have been so straightforward if Dwight was playing.

    Heat will most likely face either Boston or Chicago in the conference finals….their only REAL challenge in the play offs…before the finals.

    Nice to be #2 in the conference eh? Bulls should lose and let Miami take the #1 spot for an easier time in the playoffs!!!!

  26. Javixu_Zombie says:

    If Dwight Howard is not prepared for playing in the play offs… It will be better for Spain xD
    Spain has a good team 😉

  27. Willy says:

    Noah plays for the French, Hibbert for the Jamaican. USA has Bynum and Chandler left for the 5 spot. By the way, if France and escpecially Nico Batum shuts down Navarro in a semi-finals game, Noah will shut down most od Marc Gasol, then book it, France is in Finals. Just to show how this team is improving, with Noah Parker Batum, Beaubois, Diaw. It’ll be a good Olympic run I hope

  28. Bok says:

    To Howard, I hope everything goes well on his operation, rehabilitation & his long term plan career-wise. To Team USA, I hope they consider Andrew Bynum, Joakim Noah & Roy Hibbert at C/PF.

    • jektonoporkins says:

      Joakim Noah plays on the French National Team and Roy might opt to play for the Jamaican team, However Bynum would certainly be a good choice or Tyson Chandler.

  29. R.Wade says:

    Roy Hibbert’s Nationality is Jamaican….. He can’t play for Team U.S.A. FILIPINOBOY…. He needs to be naturalized.

  30. Jun Abaya says:

    BYNUM can easily replace HOWARD……HE IS THE REAL SUPERMAN….superman can’t get hurt you know. BYW “H”

    • Yo says:

      are you stupid? Bynum has been plagued with injuries his entire career. This is he first time Howard has had a major injury. Get your facts strait you imbecile.

  31. FILIPINOBOY says:


  32. FILIPINOBOY says:


  33. Baller says:

    I would have gladly taken Aldridge, Bosh, Love and Chandler along with Durant and James. Among those guys you have 4 that can play at Center and 5 that can play at Power Forward. If Aldrige can’t play at the Olympics too because of injuries Coach K will have to get another nominee or take Blake Griffin.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron playing Center is a bit too much don’t you think? He’s great and all, but that’s too much….

      • Baller says:

        Have you really read my post or are you not able to understand what I am writing? I will reiterate for the slow witted people reading these Blogs:

        Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge have all played at Power Forward in this season, Durant and James obviously not as much as the other three but they can manage.Tyson Chandler, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge have had much experience in playing at the Center position. So If Coach K would take these 6 players he would have 5 options for the 4 and 4 options for the 5.

        Oh, that last sentence might confuse you again, sorry. 5 of the players mentioned above can play Power Forward and 4 players (Lebron James not included) can play at Center. Are you still with me?

  34. The Machine says:

    I hope Superman returns with a speedy recovery, but as far as Olympics, I’d say its between Bynum, Chandler, and Joakim Noah if he doesnt play with france. Maybe even K. Love might be willing to play that Center spot

  35. LameBron fan says:

    I’m a fan of dwight. but with all the drama surrounding him the past weeks/months, its getting tiresome.
    Why don’t he just play and let everything fall into place! if he wants to leave, then stay with the magic for the rest of the season and leave! but play like a professional. millions of dollars are paid just for these athletes to play at their level at least until their contracts has expired!
    then here comes that injury issue. Well, that will be the statement of dwight for this season. Drama and Karma.
    But i wish him a speedy recovery.
    Get well soon dwight.

  36. QCATRAL says:

    Bynum and Chandler should be the centers for team USA. i dont give a f*() about Howard….

    My Team USA wishlist:
    Bynum, Chandler
    Durant, James
    Wade, Bryant
    Rose, Rondo
    Gay, Granger
    D.Williams, Westbrook
    Randolph, Bosh

  37. Авторский блог Тимур Еримбетова says:

    Duncan to replace Howard in Olympics.

  38. Dave says:

    Review the Boston-Orlando game. Orlando is basically going through training camp at season end to figure out how the players fit together. The guys left are doing a GREAT job and pulling together! Van Gundy is a very good coach and together they may dump the Pacers. And they are visibly now working together…

  39. Davi Boruszewski says:

    I bet Monroe wants to play the Olympics more than Bynum, and he doesn´t trigger any three´s.

  40. Sentral says:

    Trade DH12 for a 2nd round draft pick.

  41. D_Rose_mvp says:

    I’ll go for Tyson Chandler as a replacement for Dwight. That boy proved himself last FIBA World Cup. Just ask Kevin Durant.

  42. bittlejuice_41 says:

    hate to see DH12 not play for the playoffs and the olympics….

  43. LALFan says:

    Bynum for Olympic team. I don’t care about the finalists, there is no true center, Pau and Marc will eat USA alive without a center. When I say eat alive I only mean lose by 10 points but USA is supposed to blow them out a an average of 40 a game and without a center, that’s hard. I’m not American but I think Bynum should play.

    • Nada says:

      I don’t think so….Remember the World Championship games couple years ago, US team were fine with Chandler and Kevin Love…..They were undefeated!!!!!

  44. Bev says:

    I am not a Dwight Howard fan, however, I wish this young man a speedy recovery and best wishes to
    his career.

    Lots of Love,

  45. 2x_ROOKIE_OF_THE_YEAR says:

    Bye Dwight!

    Andrew Bynum will take your spot as the No.1 Center in the League.

    oh btw it’s karma lol

  46. Daniel says:

    The dream team wont miss him, he under performs for all the skills he has, he should be averaging 28-30ppg 15-16rpg 3-4bpg but he seems not to have the killer instinct that would make him un-guardable. The dream team will still win the gold medal by 20+points in the final against Spain.

    • NBAfan says:

      you have these numbers how? NBA2k12?

      With your Logic, Lebron should average 30, 10 an 10 and have at least 5 rings by now….

      • rollUupNsmokeU says:

        If this were NBA2k12, Lebron would be averaging 0 ppg, 0 rpg, 0 bpg and 0 mpg because I would hit the reset button until that steaming pile of over-rated spit was injured for the season!!!!!

  47. mohawk44 says:

    he should have just played the season and stuck with opting out after the season (just like D. Wlill is doing) instead of all the drama.

  48. Get Well soon Dwitht says:

    i Feel Sorry for the news,

    Get Well soon D.Howard

    I Guess Bynum will be on the Olympic Team?? Just sayin’.

  49. Fingazz says:

    damm and right before the playoffs

  50. MagicFan says:

    This stinks

  51. HOWWARD says:

    consider andrew!

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      LOL, too late for that. Most people wont admit it, but Bynum has taken the number one spot at the center position. At least for now. Even before Howard went out with this injury.

      • Dennis says:

        I hate the Lakers ( but I hate the HEAT more now), but, I agree 100%. Bynum is the best centre in the NBA, hands down. I reckon Noah can compete with Howard.

  52. arnold says:

    obiously howard wants to get out to magic thats all it was……….. for dwight DALLAS is waiting for you cap and talent around you….do it men…………….

  53. Jay says:

    Well his doctor is in LA, he might as well stay there

  54. D.ROse says:

    lets go D–white

  55. Highlander says:

    No one can help or like injuries, but this guy has really become high maintanence

  56. uoykcuf says:

    First, the Indecision, then the “behind the back please fire ron jeremy” and then this? IMO I seriously doubt this “timely” surgery, I guess 7 good years and now it’s time for one. Magic needs to trade him this summer, obviously SVG cannot coach Mr.Tantrum anymore. I rather have SVG than *ahem* Superman.

  57. Tim says:

    Glad Howard received the opportunity to shut it down. This season needed to end.

  58. GrimLegionX says:

    I hope he they get a suitable replacement for Dwight in the National team roster..
    maybe Bynum or Javale,..

    • MagoHaydz says:

      Javale? HAHAHAHAHA yeah, great replacement! Joakim Noah would be a much better fit. Obviously Bynum will get the starting spot now, but Noah backing him up makes sense.

  59. kobi says:

    so long big fellow… just watch the LAL to win a championship again…..

  60. Dieymen says:

    Woah men i feel really sorry about howard, but as a celtic fan i want boston to go against Orlando in the first round 😀 Go CELTICS!! hope to se you healthy soon Dwight!

  61. jimmy jones says:

    this is a real shame for howard. with all the posturing he forgot his posture. Team usa will be better with bynum starter though

  62. Clinton says:

    good for him, he blame everyone for is mistakes, he is very sneaky, he went to management and was trying to get stan fired while at the same time laughing with stan, stan is a good coach, i use to respect dwight but he showed the world that he his an A-hole, even if a new coach comes along, it won`t matter, he needs to stop blaming everyone and practice more on his free throws and become a better scorer, he is a very good defensive player but he needs to improve in his shot selection and free throws percentage.

    • ventilatora says:

      Absolutely right! He is not even the best center in the league, Bynum is. Orlando did mistake by keeping him, they should have traded for him with Lakers and get Bynum plus something else.

      • Dennis says:

        Absolutely right. I see Howard in games 4th quarter, get left wide open because he is so terrible at scoring, and cant make a FT.

        Honestly what good is a marquee player who cant score at will? Shaq was bad at FT, but he could score at will with his versatile go to moves. Howard looks like a football player trying to play basketball, gifted athletically, and tall, but cant really do the J-Smovve if you know what I mean.

        And finally, making some shots, being at least 5 from 10 at FT (your an NBA player for god sake in your 7 8 th season, surely you know how to shoot a FT by now.) that just shows, no practise. Paid, and blamiing.

        Bynum eats this guy for breakfast.

      • abc says:

        ok as far as playing basketball goes dwight is better than bynum. but even tho i hate bynum i gotta admit i would rather have bynum on my team than howard. howard makes too big of deal out of everything and doesnt care much for his teamates.

  63. HeatWade says:

    this makes Indiana’s 2nd round hope brighter…

  64. steve says:

    good alibi for losing the playoff without the bigman and ending the coach contract with the team…nice plan!!!

  65. Bob says:

    why not have Andrew Bynum replace howard?

  66. NashtyDobie says:

    Damn, I feel bad for the Magic. They “rolled the dice” and lost. Whoever faces the Magic in the first round is certainly relieved.

  67. kbizz says:

    damnn it

  68. muggs says:

    soo..thats bad news, no we have no good center with no injuries in the league. thank god the Lakers trade didnt go through after all no trade is better than bad trade. Bynum for Olympics then ?

  69. Boss says:

    well, there goes his career

  70. D_Rose_mvp says:

    I hope he recover fast. D-Will prolly praying now for Howard’s health.

    And I’m hoping this will not affect his value on free-agency market.

  71. Tight Life says:

    Surely there isn’t person with the experience of playing on national team but the second best center in the league, Bynum can surely be a potential substitute.

  72. LakersWinSuperBowl says:

    Bynum at center

  73. LOL says:

    He just doesn’t want to play for van gundy.

    • Imad Akel says:

      lol @ this video

      im saving this because when dwight howard walked in and put his shoulder around van gundy, that was just epic awkward…

  74. Ken says:

    So is Dwight Howard not playing in the playoffs?

    • stephen cam says:

      if he is going in for back surgery then he might be out for at least 3 to 4 months but thats if its serious but if it anit that bad then he might be out for 2 or 3 weeks or longer but it depends on how the surgery will go.