Will Amar’e Knock Knicks Off Track?

NEW YORK — Here we go again.

When Linsanity was at its peak, Carmelo Anthony was out with a groin strain, and there was a feeling among pundits and fans that ‘Melo’s return would throw the New York Knicks back off course.

Indeed, the Knicks lost eight of their first 10 games when Anthony returned to the lineup, leading Mike D’Antoni to resign, having never figured out how to get his stars to align.

With Jeremy Lin and Amar’e Stoudemire sidelined, it was Anthony’s turn to carry the Knicks. He’s averaged 30.4 points on 50 percent shooting in leading New York to an 8-4 record since Stoudemire was diagnosed with a bulging disk in his back.

“‘Melo, I think now, is settling in,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said after Anthony’s 35 points led the Knicks’ offensive explosion against the Celtics on Tuesday. “He’s playing like we all thought he could play and it’s beautiful to watch him play. He’s doing a lot of things on both ends of the floor. He’s making guys around him better and we’re winning.

“It’s been a good run with him.”

And now, the catch …

Stoudemire is set to return later this week, as early as Friday if he feels well after Thursday’s practice. That would give him four games to prepare for the postseason.

But it also might knock the Knicks off track again, because as D’Antoni realized, Anthony and Stoudemire have proven to be incompatible on the floor. Since Anthony arrived last February, he’s played 1,688 minutes with Stoudemire. And the Knicks have been outscored by 84 points in those minutes.

Knicks efficiency with both Anthony and Stoudemire on the floor

Timeframe GP MIN Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-
2010-11 Reg. Season 24 672 97.1 110.7 110.9 -0.2 +3
2010-11 Playoffs 4 104 96.3 87.0 115.9 -28.8 -57
2011-12 under D’Antoni 29 730 97.8 98.5 105.2 -6.7 -83
2011-12 under Woodson 7 182 93.9 100.7 87.8 +12.9 +53
Totals 64 1,688 97.0 102.9 106.3 -3.4 -84

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

The numbers under Woodson are promising. But it’s a small sample size and includes Woodson’s first game, when the Blazers didn’t bother showing up. Further, the Knicks’ success in those 182 minutes was almost entirely on defense. Barely scoring a point per possession is not very good considering the talent of Anthony and Stoudemire.

Based on the overall numbers, it would seemingly behoove Woodson to stagger his stars’ minutes as much as possible, letting them work more as individuals than as a tandem. Anthony is a plus-175 as a Knick in 1,185 minutes without Stoudemire on the floor. The bigger difference in the the Knicks’ play has been on defense, but Anthony has also been a more efficient scorer playing without Stoudemire, shooting better from the field and getting to the line more often.

Carmelo Anthony with the Knicks

Stoudemire on/off MIN OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/- FG% 3PT% Usg% PTS/36 FTA Rate
Stoudemire on floor 1,689 102.9 106.3 -3.4 -84 42.0% 34.4% 28.3% 21.2 0.334
Stoudemire off floor 1,185 106.8 99.1 7.7 175 45.6% 37.5% 35.6% 29.3 0.397

Usg% = Percentage of team’s possessions used when on the floor
PTS/36 = Points per 36 minutes

But though he admitted that playing them together hasn’t worked, Woodson was insistent that Stoudemire would immediately be reinserted into the started lineup upon his return.

“As the head coach, I’ve got to see if this thing’s going to work,” Woodson said. “I know if you look at the numbers, ‘Melo and Amar’e, it didn’t work early in the year. It didn’t work with Jeremy Lin. But my thing is I look at things differently. Amar’e is a starting power forward, maybe 5 in this league. ‘Melo can play 3 or 4. Tyson [Chandler] is definitely a starting center in this league. I’ve got to make it work. I’m going bring Amar’e back when he decides to come back, and he’s going to start. And we’re going to make it work. That’s what I’m going to make happen.”

This compatibility issue has to be resolved at some point, because neither Anthony nor Stoudemire is going anywhere. They’re both under contract for three more seasons after this one, at more than $20 million per player per season.

But by trying to make it work with just a few regular season games left and facing a first-round series against the Heat or Bulls, Woodson is putting himself at risk, given his job status.

The interim coach has built up some equity with the Knicks in leading them to a 14-5 record since D’Antoni resigned. But if the Knicks flame out when their two stars start playing together again, it won’t help Woodson’s argument for keeping his job next season.


  1. Angelo says:

    not to knock on Amare’s ability but he really should be on the 2nd line-up. Knicks’ 2nd team is mostly composed of perimeter players (JR, Novak). It would free them up if they will have an insidet presence that will commend a double team, hence amare. with Lin playing the point with amare in pick-roll, against the opponents’ 2nd team, it’ll be unstoppable. I agree with the davis, shump, fields, melo, tyson 1st team and lin(if healthy, fingers crossed), JR, Novak, Amare, Jeffries. and in 4th quarters, Lin(again, if healthy), shumpert(BTW, this kid can defend!), Fields, Amare, Tyson… just my 2cents…

  2. akosibonik says:

    since Lin is not coming back, the knicks should focus on what they have now. no doubt melo is their starter, but for me, amare should be a second option. coming off the bench and an energy guy. and then when it comes to crunch time, it’s time to make them play together, it’s strategy, offense vs defense. if the knicks should need to score in a play, they should make them play together, and on defense, sit amare. that’s easy how it is. but for me, the best starting 5 for them is :
    DAVIS(if lin is still injured)

    then second unit should be AMARE on the 5 spot and NOVAK for shumpert. then after a while melo will sit for chandler. amare will go down to 4 and them melo for amare so on..

    i think we cannot play amare and melo for a long span of time, they will both hog the ball. but when it comes to crucnh time, maybe. 🙂

  3. ah i think it would be nice if amar’e will rest just a little bit more… back issues are a big problem for bigs in this league and if he is put into the starting line-up, it would just add up to injuries he’s already sustained… at this point, let him be benched for a while and give time for recovery…. the team has flourished after all in melo being the 4 and surrounded by good long-distance gunners and a solid center in mr chandler…. just let amar’e rest just a little bit more and if using him is inevitable, don’t let him play with tyson and melo togehter…. better be melo and tyson at hte 4 nd 5 respctvly or melo and ama’re

  4. McKY says:

    everybody wants to be a knicks coach these days..

  5. knicksgogogo! says:

    knicks have lotsa great players and if these players could play together. they will easily be the superstar team in the league.

    If I were the coach, i would place the best five as following

    First lineup
    Jr Smith
    (this team could give the highest mobility as Lin works well with pick and roll and in term of offensively melo and amare could play their own role where jr is doing quite well for knicks as well though I would love to see fields play but i think jr suit 2 than fields.
    Just one saying, Good offense is your best defense

    Second Lineup
    Fields (can play 3 and maybe douglas can play 2)
    Jordan(they should try more rookies before they get into playoff)
    (2nd team may not seems to be the very attractive lineup, I would make them utilize all 24seconds during the game, where this would work as the best training ground to spot the rookie they have on hand.

    Just my humble opinion

  6. kevin says:

    Melo and Stat will work… who wouldnt want a guy like stat on their team

  7. kevin says:

    Davis over Lin are you kidding me….

  8. vince says:

    well same thing kinda happened to when melo was traded to NY right? Amare was playing top all star level, then suddenly..

  9. Nada says:

    It’s funny because a month ago most of the blogs criticize and want Melo to be traded, now everybody start to worship him…..

  10. ~hu says:

    I agree that Stat doesn’t fit in the Knick’s style of play right now. When he bulked up this summer, I knew trouble was coming. Bulk is a big problem for a huge guy with a microfracture history. The max deal Stat has is not what you pay the leader of the 2nd team. However, in the playoffs, it’s about the half court game and being physical in the lane. If Amare can get physical and score at will with limited touches, the Knicks will have a great chance to advance. Melo can carry a team in the playoffs, but, like an earlier poster commented, he will get double and triple teamed and some one will have to step up. Billups did in that series. Chandler is an anchor and knows what it takes to win. Amare will not be able to rely on an iso game in the playoffs.
    In the end, it’s a good problem to have. The Knicks have a lot of talent. I hope they can get substitutions right and the units play good defensive-oriented ball. And, Melo, Stat, JR, and Davis get inspired to “fill it up.” I see a trade coming….. and I think Amare’ may be moving to a new home. It will be a hard deal with that fat contract and wonky back.

  11. Dwhit says:

    Im say this seeing the knicks play lately in being a coach myself i would changed the lineup but for a swap position on offense and defense example 1 and 2 position the same but the 3 in 4 position diff on offense ex put amara at sf and melo at pf because its a big mis match for any defense regardless who on them if amare post a sf he will score in if melo iso a pf he will score easily as we have seen now for defense i would put iman on the best player ex a dwade or rose in let melo d the 3 spot in amare d the 4 spot that way its a even swap what do you guys think of that? chandler will just be chandler lol hes the missing key and baron will only have to get into the lane not really score and when lin comes back they only need him to score 10ppg in get into the lane BUTTTTTT the guy that needs to get us more points will be Landry he needs to put up about 12ppg thats all jr n novak will always do there part there just a havoc for defense being on the court

  12. Elliot A says:

    John, what you meant to say is you hope Amar’e and Carmelo can’t play well together but what you and the rest of the Knicks haters fail to say is, under Mike D’Antoni they did not play well together. But so far under Mike Woodson the Knicks are 6-1. The Knicks were 18-24 when Mike D’Antoni resigned or was fired and the same team is 15-5 under coach Mike Woodson. Under D’Antoni the Knicks were a horrific defensive team. Under Mike Woodson they are TOP 5 IN THE ENTIRE NBA! Why the hell can’t you bunch of idiots get it right. Put the blame where it belongs. The Knicks clearly under achieved under Mike D’Antoni and they are playing like everybody thought they should under Woodson. Although you would never admit it, you are 100% wrong.

  13. F Baby says:

    The first guy had it right –

    1st Team:
    1. Davis
    2. Shumpert
    3. Fields
    4. MELO
    5. Chandler

    2nd Unit
    1. Lin
    2. Smith
    3. Novak
    4. Jeffries
    5. AMARE

    Maybe switch around a bit find out what works best. Baron Davis although a good player is on his way out. Need a solid distributor. We have a lot of good pieces and bases that championship contesting isn’t out of the question. Maybe switch Lin to first unit only because that kid does not have a gas tank. Pick up another PG if possible and maybe a more defensive capable PF (Serge Ibaka-esque)

  14. Frank says:

    I meant to put melo at the 2 and amare at the 4 xD

  15. hasan says:

    (should be) knicks line-up

    1. iman shumpert (great confidence and can pair offensively with anthony) (does hit dirty work) lol (20-35 mins/gm)
    2. novak (spreads the floor and second option offense) 20-35 m/g
    3. carmelo anthony (1 option offense) 35-40 m/g
    4. jared jefferies (defense and hustle and the “pick man”) 25-30 m/g
    5. tyson chandler (defense and hustle) 35-30 m/g


    1. baron davis (pair with amare for a vet pick an roll duo) 20-25 m/g
    2. jr smith (spreads the floor and second offensive option 30-35 m/g
    3. landry fields (defense and fast break finisher) 15-25 m/g
    4. amare stat (defense, inside presence, 1st off option and vet pick and roll duo with davis) 25-30 m/g
    5. harrelson (6 fouls) lol

    the trio of amare chandler and carmelo would be a force only in spurts… try to avoid pairing amare and melo because they are great iso players with what i like to call, respectable jumpshots… this style lends slowing the ballmovent down but usually results in a higher offensive possession if your are the knicks, especially early in the clock, but if the offensive player is have a good night, then a double team leads both the starting line-up and the bench to kick the a ball around the horn waiting for the defense to collapse…

    jeremy lin should start at the one if he comes back, move iman to two… Novak goes to bench and harrelson would move to 11 man rotation and novak and smith duo spreads the bench again (which works, at least with a point gaurd to tame the two head monsters)…

  16. Frank says:

    If they really want to put Amare in the starting lineup, then this is my output.
    1.Shump 2. Melo 3. Fields 4.Amare 5. Chandler, This will leave the post open to Amare on one side and the driving open to Amare on one side. This would also leave 2 guards busy and tired guarding one of the best scorers in basketball but Melo can also drive and work the post on the other side of the ball. Melo at the 2 and Amare at the 3 could work in a Wade/ Bosh type combo. Ever notice Wade is always on the other side of the court from Bosh at all times? This is to create space for both players. If they were to leave him on the bench then I would keep the line up we have now. This lineup works and with Amare at the 5 on the bench, which last year when he was so successful playing the center and being the main piece on the offense before Melo came it would be a fear. I believe Amare could average a good 20-22 points from the bench in the 2cd quarter playing against scrub 2cd unit guys. I also believe with shooters such as JR and Novak would be open more for those 3’s because of double teams on amare.

  17. Diddy says:

    I hope they trade that scrub Amar’e. Dude is useless. 6’10 with all-world athleticism and is no paint presence. Melo and him cannot play together. Melo is flourishing at the 4 and they need to continue with this lineup. They should try to move Amar’e in the summer for someone who plays defense and we are ready to roll.

  18. bob says:

    just trade amare for another big man for defense

    • viNce says:

      they could get Ibaka if you talk about D alone… but that’s lightyears away from happening…

  19. lakermig says:

    lets face it this year they’re not gonna be winning any titles, but next year (if the team stays together as is) if they get some good practice and work out the kinks and melo and amare learn how to co-exist. this in my opinion is the team to beat it has more fire power and star power than any other team in the league (miami included) I mean you have AMARE,MELO,J.R,DAVIS,CHANDLER (LIN comin off the bench) are you serious which team right now has anything close to that, this year they have barely all had playing time together with some comin in from injuries late some joining mid way, this off season i hope to see them come together and i truly think next year they can be devastating and i also think amare and melo can co exist very well amare might have to score slightly less but melo is playing well all over and amare has always had to be facilitated (starbury and nash) so hes game doesnt really have to change so much just let davis(if healthy) lead the team and move the ball let amare and melo do what they do(and help out on defence) chandler handle the defence and j.r drop bombs or attack the basket like it slept with his wife. IF THIS HAPPENS IT WOULD BE A REAL THREAT WATCHING THEM PLAY.

  20. LukeWarsaw says:

    The 2nd Unit from my first post has one major advance.
    If you put these 3 shotguns (Lin, JR, Novak) at perimeter they will absorb opponents D.
    That would be a great thing for AMARE to develope his game and prove his star-quality.

    Although in 2nd Unit he still would be Knicks STAR and most important player.
    Just look on Ginobili in Spurs.

    best regards from Marcin Gortat’s land 🙂


  21. zhirhiphet says:

    Melo, Smith, Shumpert and Novak can do the offense, no doubt… no need Amare anymore! Better thing next season… Trade Amare for a defensive Centers, probably Dalembert and Camby for Houston! This will result in Twin Defensive Towers & Offensive attack of Melo, Smith, Shumpert and Novak… Balance!!!

    • zhirhiphet says:

      1st Unit
      PG – Baron Davis
      SG – Laundry Fields
      SF – Carmelo Anthony
      PF – Tyson Chandler
      C – Samuel Dalembert

      Flares from the Bench
      PG – Lin
      SG – Smith / Shumpert
      SF – Novak

  22. dave says:

    Lin, melo,novack,amare,tyson.
    Dats da starting five melo can play shooting guard

    • viNce says:

      no way melo can play as a guard in the play offs… though strategic wise, that could break the D of other teams

  23. i hope the knicks can get that 6th spot in the playoffs and play the pacers in the first round like old hicks vs knicks you remember knicks fans when cheryl, i mean reggie was chokeing spike?

  24. melinamare says:

    melo is hot right now in offinsive and defensive,so give him more playing time couch woodson,with amare would be a good tandem as will as lin would give head ache to chicago and miami big three if lin,melo and amare would give each other a self confidence,trust and work as a team not on indivudual pride,they can outscored diiferent team like miami and chicago,

  25. melinamare says:

    yap I agree with AJ they shud switch fields n novak,fields n lin hve good tandem,novak can maneuver if melo would being double,and if melo and amare would fits in offensive scoring that would hurt miami and chicago,new york would be the 2012 nba champion.

  26. chris says:

    ok so NO d’antoni coached teams play D.. which is basically Amare his whole career.. Woodson teaches D.. Amare will be fine.. athletic power forward who is used to someone else handling the ball and then finding him open, then woodson will make sure he rotates on D and gets him playing properly..

    my lineup would b davis, shumpert, melo, amare, chandler..

    my 2nd unit would be lin, smith, fields, novak and jeffries..

    crunch time lineup would be shumpert, smith, melo, amare, chandler

  27. LaBaguetteCroustillante says:

    Let’s be honest for a little while, the only superstar and franchise player in this team IS MELO.
    Amare is a pretty good ball player but his body’s busted…He’s not a “Pillar” you can lean on in a long term plan in my opinion.
    Though, If he can, somehow, focus on the defensive end by rebounding, blocks, perimeter defense and add 15-18 points/ night by admitting Melo is the main man in this roster, The alchemy can work out well in the MSG.
    Let’s pray and hope that Amare has open his eyes on the role he must have in this team….AMEN !

  28. futre GM says:

    I personally believe that melo should play 3 and amare 4 chandler 5; But the thoughts behind this will be let most scoring go to 3/5 let melo run the offense game and let amare lead the Defense game this gives both of them a to run a business. the only way that amare will score nice and easy buckets is if that Nash ends up in NY next season I personally believe they should get him for guys like BIBBY & DOUGLOUS maybe add walker. TO sum it all up the Knicks will go far with melo’s hot hands on offense and amare’s nice rest ( that he had) on defense —— and chandler contributing everywhere.

  29. retep says:

    move amare to the 5 just like kevin garnett to create some problem to the other center in the league. amare has a good touch outside and his much quicker than any other center around the league. he is better suit coming off the bench to create some spark along with jr smith and novak. deadly 2nd unit.

  30. HeatFTW! says:

    I’m seeing the Knicks falling, yet again, once Amar’e is back. Melo has proven that he plays better when he’s by himself….the only All-Star on the team. I don’t think there is any All-Star out there than can team up with Melo and be good.

    • viNce says:

      actually, Melo is also efficient having another All Star with him… Remember Chauncey… yes, he might not be chosen as an All Star during their pair but he was playing as one… here’s the thing… if the Knicks could get a perennial all star point guard (or make one: hurry up Lin), like say Steve Nash (if that’s possible) or the potentially amazing Rubio (he’s not yet, but I say he will be) then chemisty goes up…

  31. man they got to be on the floor at the same time in the playoffs or they don’t stand a chance

  32. Bulls 2012 says:

    As a Bulls fan im terrified to see the Knicks in the 1st round..(I think the Knicks are going to be a tough out in the 1ST ROUND)
    I would like to see the Bucks get the 8th spot, but if they don’t i think we can beat the 76ers while Drose and Rip get their rythm down….LET THE PLAYOFFS BEGIN……STACEY KING “THIS IS A MANS GAME NO BOYS ALOUD FUNK!!!!!” LEGGO!!!

  33. knicks4life says:

    100 percent bring Fields and Amare off the bench.

  34. James says:

    Everyone said that Anthony played horrendous D during his career. But under Woodson, he’s been all over opposing players. Who’s to say the same thing can’t happen with Amar’e? I truly believe Coach Woodson can figure this whole thing out and the Knicks should totally resign him. After having a full training camp and a full regular season to jell, we’ll be able to see what the Knicks can really do.

  35. Sterling says:

    Don’t start Amare! He keeps getting hurt when he plays extended minutes AND he and Melo don’t work well together. He can/should take one for the team.

  36. VK Boogie Down BX says:

    Starters (Shump, Melo, Chandler, Stat, JR)

  37. kobe24 says:

    This team works best with melo being melo. When he plays with amare he tries to fit in. Knicks can go far in the playoffs if melo puts up big numbers and jr smith and novak keep making 3’s.

  38. knickscity2013 says:

    1. Shumpert
    2. Fields
    3. Melo
    4. Amare
    5. Chandler

    2nd Team
    2. Jr
    3. Novak
    4. Jeffries
    5. jerome

  39. AJ says:

    they shud switch fields n novak, fields n lin have good chemistry, novak can make teams pay for doubling on melo

  40. knicks for life says:

    Stat can be very efficient around the rim; he just need to regain his confidence that will cost double teams then he could kick it out to Melo, JR and Novack. In addition, now that Melon is breasting he will cause double teams also which would leave Amaree or someone else open in the court in Mg opinion they both have to stay in the court is just a matter of figure things out.

  41. Lin MVP! says:

    sorry i meant to replace novak with fields, since fields and lin have great chemestry

  42. Lin MVP! says:


    second unit is

    i would give lin more minutes douh! and mix him once and a while with melo and chandler since his chemestry with chandler is very effective… and he can give melo some breather in bringing down the ball! this would work belive me

    • ventilatora says:

      If Lin and Amare are healthy Knicks can form the best offensive line-up, but also the worst deffensive: Lin, Smith, Novak, Anthony and Stoudemire…

  43. Jay says:

    Melo is playing really good defense this season under Woodson, all who say hes not arent watching knicks games and just following the media perspective. SO SHUTUP, if u fit under the latter you have no right to speak about something you know nothing about.

  44. down_tothe_wire says:

    they could always be add ins as the second front court behind Chandler and Amare though.
    Davis, Fields, Melo, Amare, Chandler
    Shumpert, Smith, Walker, Novak, Jeffries
    Extras(No offence givin to them):
    Bibby, Douglas, Harrellson

  45. down_tothe_wire says:

    Woodson should try some isolated pick & roll plays. Davis, Fields, & other bench players can setup for 3s while Melo keeps control of the ball and Amare powers down into the paint like he did in Phoenix. Chandler can always setup to the opposite side of the play and cut to the basket baseline or cut in for the offensive putback after the plays done. That would leave Novak w/ minutes and all the around guards/forwards. The only worry is Jeffries and Harrellson who arnt as good and consistent w/ 3s. Correct me if im wrong but I’ve never seen Harrellson shoot an actual set up jumpshot 3 pointer maybe a buzzer beater but the other ive not.

  46. chelsi says:

    It’d be interesting if they tried Amare at the 3 … he’s tried it in all star games before. 😛

  47. down_tothe_wire says:

    I say they go day by day if Melo’s feelin it in the game go to him If Amare’s feelin it then go to him and leave Chandler for the offensive putbacks. As a coach all woodson can do is work with what he’s got. I respect him for wat hes done with this Knicks team. & if i was him id do the same thing and start them both. Ther on the same level of impact for that teams gloat and glory they need to work together and forget about whos the teams best star & stop worryin about thier roles on the team b/c thier both practically the face of that franchise.

  48. knickselodeon says:

    wow everybody turning their backs on Amar’e that’s crazy when the guy was the first star here putting work smh i wonder what they going to say about Lin when its time for him to comeback

  49. I AGREE WITH LUKE WARSAW AND SADIQ ABDUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. susie says:

    The Knicks probably will need Phil Jackson!

  51. Chase says:

    Maybe there is no solution to the Melo + Stoudemire ‘problem.’ Yes, they’re both good players in their own right but talent doesnt always = chemistry. Some combos, unfortunately, just don’t work. Everything we’ve seen so far would seem to suggest that’s the case with these two. They both can play both sides of the ball, but rarely do consistently, game-in-and-out. Two inconsistent one-dimensional players that lack chemistry can bring the entire team down with them, and have. It’ll be interesting if Woodson or anyone else finds a way to make them mesh, as that’d pretty much gaurantee them the job as head coach.

    • M3lo says:

      Two inconsistent one-dimensional players? Where have you been lately?

      • killin it says:

        M3lo, leopards don’t change their spots, their just wear costumes from time to time. Sure Melo is playing great D AT THE MOMENT, but thats it, come playoffs he’ll be good ole’ melo, with D like a sieve trying to catch water.

    • LOL says:

      I agree with the inconsistency… but one-dimensional player??? Both were not known for their defense but that doesn’t mean you don’t give them chance for improvement. And also, the argument of a one-dimensional player will always be a never-ending debate. There are many great players that are one-dimensional yet excel in the league: Allen Iverson(mediocre defense), Steve Nash(mediocre defense), Kobe Bryant(mediocre defense), Shaq O’Neil(inaccurate free-throw and mid-point shot), Ray Allen(mediocre defense, no lowpost and inaccurate penetration inside the basket) and Wilt Chamberlain(inaccurate free-throw and mid-point shot).

  52. MELOFAN00000015 says:

    This is how i see it Melo is a post player Amare is a post player they both want to work in the post in order for it to work their going to have to switch roles or play in a different angle

    • LOL says:

      Amare DOESN’T PLAY POST… Since when did you see lately that Amare played post? The only time when Amare played the low-post is when he was in the Phoenix Suns with Steve Nash.

  53. KING236 says:

    I personally believe they cannot co-exist playiing respectively at the 3 and the 4. Melo has been terrific playing at the 4 as he is quicker than most 4s in the league and is a terrific shooter. He also draws so much attention which leaves other players wide opened like we saw yesterday against the Celts.
    If you Keep Melo at the 4 and Stoudamire at the 5 you leave your best defender off the floor and rely on those two to pile up the points on offense which you can’t bank on during the playoffs.
    Solution: I say they should follow the TomThibodeau’s way. Keep your best defender, most active and productive player inside in the money time to make sure to get the stops you need at the end of the game emaning keep Anthony at the 4 and Chandler at the 5 during the final minutes. During the first 3 quarters you can switch between Melo or Stoudemire depending on the matchups but both cannot thrive together. Ultimately I see a trade down the line even though I don’t see many takers for Stoudemire due to his salary/injuries ratio. Still an All-Star though.
    He would fit perfectly in an eventual Garnett-less Celtics team with Rondo.

    • boris says:

      why would the celtics want an injury prone defensive liability on 20 million a season…and who would they trade

    • viNce says:

      the only way for STAT to be an all-star again is by bringing him back to his up tempo game… you know, the run-and-gun era of the Suns… though loooks like there ain’t a lot of teams interested in him doing that playbook…

  54. sadiq abdul says:

    i think knicks can work this out under Woodson with defense.. i suggest we should have two unit which means either unit can come off the bench.. during Lin-sanity it seem like Amere fit into the system so that team could be one unit consisting of lin, Amare, chandler or jeffery, Novak and smith. the other unit can be the Carmello’s team consisting of anthony, chandler,davis,field and Shumpard..

  55. vamos a la playa says:

    well … tough to say.
    stoudemire is NOT reliable as a defender, the same is carmelo.
    they both can rebound but that doesn’t automatically mean that you are a true tough dog under the rim.
    let’s see what happened yesterday against the celtics: both teams scored with a plus 50% fg, this means that the game was driven by the perimeter shooting and some pick and roll.
    during the playoff that won’t happen beacuse in the post season is all about defense and the court terribly shrinks.
    you have to beat the fear and the stress.
    how can you manage carmelo and amar’e both on the floor at the same time? you need schumpert and some D adjustaments.
    i think that woodson has a nice puzzle to solve and he is brilliant enough to figure out the right strategy.
    let’s go bros …

  56. Pierre says:

    The starcombo of a big man and a wingman has been so successful in the past. Lakers? Celtics? Why couldn’t it work in NY? They just need to be guided right and Woodson might be the man. Give them some time to glue with Woodson and this team might be pretty good. Benching Amare would be ridiculous anyway.

    • DaveD says:

      LukeWarsaw, I saw you line-up. You are a genius! Nothing needs to be added to the line-up or this reply.

  57. Imad Akel says:

    Oh you writers and your logic….
    First it was “Chandler is disrupting the Knicks’ offense because he’s crowding the post”
    Then when Melo got hurt and came back during Lin-sanity it was “Melo should come off the bench for the Knicks for them to keep winning”
    Now when the Knicks are being carried by Melo, it’s “Reuniting Amar’e and ‘Melo for major minutes could surely spoil the Knicks’ offensive harmony.”
    Where does it end…
    Honestly I realized something that you can quote me on: Those who can’t play, coach. And those who can’t coach, write…

  58. 916KingsFan says:

    Seems like Woodson is caught between a rock and a hard place. But it’s not really his fault; he inherited D’Antoni’s problem. Carmelo is a liability on defense. Amare is not. In otherwards, Carmelo should do the majority of scoring on offense. Stoudemire should control the majority of boards and blocks, exclusively on defense with Tyson Chandler as a frontcourt anchor. That might be the only way for these guys to stay on the floor at the same time for more than one quarter at a time.

    • ihNY says:

      are you retarded? how is melo a liability on defense? have you been watching lately or are you too busy being a KingsFan to even notice. smdh

      • M3lo says:

        Somebody’s not watching the Knicks lately.. Melo was on top of his game when it comes to defense right now.

    • jose says:

      are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! have you seen the knicks play lately, melo has been doing it all, defense and ofense. how can you say melo is a liability on defense!!!!! amare is the liability on defense, he cant play D at all!!

      • Dave says:

        Everyone that has replied to this is absolutely right!!!! I have never seen amare play defense, I have only watched him watch the opponents score with an open door mentallity. Carmelo will carry this team as far as he can, but in order to make a huge run and hopefully the championship, we do need Amare but we also need him to care on both sides of the court and have the correct spacing rather than bottling it up in the middle where our players love to get to. Flash cuts, pick and rolls, and moving on the weak side well will give Carmelo the best opportunity to find Amare and all the other players which he has been doing great by the way. Amare is not a creator and you should be a recipient of a lot of easy baskets if he plays smart with melo. Go KNICKS

      • Dave says:

        Oh and by the way… If Lin is healthy he should be the backup so the second group can run more efficiently on offense because he is a definite liability on defense. Keep him in the second group because usually the second is playing against less skilled players so it disguises his weakness, but also shows his strength on the offensive side. You will see a lot of open looks for Novak and even more for JR which will make the team that much better. But don’t forget that Lin is very turnover prone so the second group is the choice for him and with JR on the floor with him, Lin does not have to always have the ball in his hands and can float to find open shots as well.

    • Alex says:

      did you just say amare isn’t a liability on defense? Have you ever even watched Amare play?

    • dom42 says:

      Amare is way more of a defensive reliablity then melo is ….

    • Knicks fan Australia says:

      obviously your not a knick fan, ever watch knicks game at all? if you really have to say someone is the liability for the team, it has to be amare, if you look closer in the tape.

    • ethos says:

      More importantly Stoudamire is not a defensive F/C. We already have Chandler to fill that role too. Stoudamire needs to be able to play quality defence without being excellent on any team if they are going to be legit. How to play them both together is a great question! The man who figures out the answer would be worth his weight in gold to the franchise. Let’s see if Woodson is that man.

    • viNce says:

      sorry kings fan… but you don’t have the right to judge how the Knicks play seeing how the KINGS keep breaking their crowns… though i got to hand it to demarcus cousins and tyreke evans for lifting up the team…

  59. LukeWarsaw says:

    The best option:

    1st Team:
    1. Davis
    2. Shumpert
    3. Fields
    4. MELO
    5. Chandler

    2nd Unit (BEST IN THE LEAGUE)
    1. Lin
    2. Smith
    3. Novak
    4. Jeffries
    5. AMARE

    Please, make it happen!