LeBron Has Eyes On Third MVP Trophy

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Let’s be clear about one thing, there is no shame in the MVP game of Heat star LeBron James.

He knows that he could very well be on the cusp of joining one of the NBA’s truly elite groups as a three-time winner of the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, becoming just the ninth player in history to win it three times.

James opened up to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com about the potential of joining Hall of Famers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird and Moses Malone in becoming a three-time winner:

“It would mean a lot, honestly, it would mean a lot,” James said. “If I’m able to win it this year it would be very humbling knowing the caliber of guys who have won it three times.”

“I remember me being a little, scrawny guy from Akron, Ohio, and watching so many greats either watching live or watching games, knowing and loving the history of the game and seeing the guys who have paved the way for myself. I’ve always respected that. I’ve always respected the talent that came before me.”

The difference between those players and James, of course, is that all of them had won championships by the time their careers were over. [Chamberlain and Malone both won their third MVP in the year they got their first championship.

But that lack of a title to this point may not affect how the voters who select the MVP view James. In a sampling of veteran NBA journalists and broadcasters who vote, none said historical context would play a role on how they would vote on the award this year.

James’ case is reasonably strong. He’s averaging 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. He’s also posting career highs in shooting, 3-point shooting and rebounding. The Heat are performing at a slightly higher pace than they did last year in terms of winning percentage. And the team is 11-1 when James plays and Dwyane Wade does not.

“LeBron, to me, is the (MVP) favorite every year,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said last week. “If he doesn’t win it, it’s because people are tired of voting for him.”

We just had a robust debate about James, Wade and their complex on-court dynamic and relationship on Episode 75 of the Hang Time Podcast. And James has been at the very top or right near it on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder all season long. So it should not surprise anyone that he is speaking on the topic now.

What’s unclear right now, though, is how much of the LeBron fatigue Rivers spoke of in play when the ballots are being filled out. Based solely on his regular season performance, James is an almost impossible candidate to knock. He shows well in every category.

But this award is never just about the performance. There are so many other layers since there is no set guidelines the voters are required to consider when casting those votes.

We’ll know soon enough if James gains entry into that elite club of three-time winners. And in a few months we’ll find out if he can add that other piece of hardware they all have as well.


  1. mariele dhane bael says:

    he is the most deserving player to be the mvp this season .,.,.,.,.,.,.,he is a all aroun player ,the best all around palyer in the his not just scoring his making plays for his team mates and his not a selfish player .,.,.,

  2. True Talk says:

    !!!!!!Most of you don’t know what your talking about. I mean really. Some of you think that Kobe is in this race and he isn’t. Ya he scores a lot but that is all. He isn’t having an MVP year like James and Durant. I work for espn and I have been studying this subject since the all-star break. To be honest I think Lebron will be the leagues next MVP and the Heat will win the NBA Championship or at least take it into 7 games. Thank You!!!!!!!!1

  3. ALREADY, I am celebrating!

    Thanks to all who will vote for LeBron James!

    He deserves it MORE this season THAN any other seasons past and the future!

    My MVP!

  4. smith says:

    hahaha hey mamba chill men wahahah well truth really HURTS!!!! hahah sory dude:> wahahaha i love when kobe fans is losing ,, losing badly wahaha

  5. john says:

    I will remember those words against LeBron and make argument with you after winning a championship this year…Let’s see what happen haters…

  6. LeBron believer says:


    I learned that dwelling in the past doesn’t get you anywhere. If you are still hooked into what happened last year, you might have been left out all along. Great players stay as who they really are and keep improving even in the worst cases of being an entire favorite to the most hated and talked about player in the league. Despite all the boooos and angst towards Bron, he’s been the “guy to watch” in every basketball game! I wonder if there is a team who has no “kick of nervousness” when they would face LeBron and the Heat. Haters just can’t hide their fear and rather resort to discriminating a power player to be seen in the next ages to come.. Start thinking well for others.. It may lighten up your mood for haters and even in your overall perspective. He is definitely going for it. I believe in him and definitely on him bringing home the MVP award this season.. =)

  7. Andy says:

    Lebron James, is the MVP 2011-2012 NBA. He’s the best in the league.

  8. MAMBA says:

    for those who says kobe doesnt deserve mvp of the 2010 finals only watched game 7. did you game 1 to 7 ? tell me about kobe stats f game 1 to 6. now tell me what have u seen about his impact defensively in game 7 ? if it was for kobe lakers would win this series in 5 or 6. NOW GET THE F**CK OUTTA HERE SOCA!!

  9. smith says:

    you should ready a video camera and try to film your self when james receives his 3rd mvp ,,, after that ,take a look at your self on the video ,,,now that is what you call a loser fan hahah sory KD especially you kobe haha,

  10. Stop Haters... says:

    Why does so much people hate Bron? I understand Cleveland fans, but the others..? There’s no reason. Are you afraid that LeBron is getting better than Kobe, than MJ? I’m not saying he’s now actually better than these two ( For my opinion, the two best ever), but why, for example why do some Kobe fans just hate LeBron? I think their hate comes from jealousy, because this guy, wether you accept it or not, has got talent. Much talent…
    And now refering to the MVP. I don’t really mind, because this is just a trophy. Look at Kobe. 5 rings, MJ succesor, and one MVP? Do the people matter of that? It is impotant, but do you really think LeBron minds of it? Don’t think so. He’s a winner. And you’re gonna say no, okey, you can say it. He isn’t a winner because he went to South Beach. That’s your whole argument? And can you hear yourselfs talking trash, when this guy, with4 seasons and no team, with just 22-23 years, carriend Cleveland to the NBA finals… He didn’t win them, again you’re answer…Did Kobe get to the finals without help? No, he won three rings with Shaq, and the other two with Pau… What was Kobe doing in the meantime? And, again, I dont want to critize Kobe. I’m just showing you that you’re hate is just envy. That even if LeBon went to South Beach is because he’s a winner. You’ll again say he’s not. Keep hating, if thats what you want.
    Or for other example: Dwayne Wade. Didn’t he called LeBron and Bosh? and people don’t critize… Dwayne did the same as LeBron did? And you’ll answer Dwayne’s got a ring. With Shaq.

    I’m just saying you hate with no reason.

  11. Gerry says:

    no doubt lebron james is the mvp for 2011-2002 he deserve that trophy…from deffensively to offensively he can
    carry the heat into winning without D-wade…because he knows how to involve his teammate….

  12. Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

    if you understand the game of basketball you will see that what lebron does for his team is more that what the rest of the players are doing for their respective teams.. lebron is the mvp so far, durant is close second..

  13. RC says:

    To all of you, this year LeBron James deserves the MVP more then anyone

    just look at what he does at both side of the court, if you cant see that stop watching basketball because you dont understand the game.

  14. Jack says:

    haha kobe fans,..its over people,..dont dream on it becoz theres no room for the lakers this year,..@KOBE@MANILA; i wonder if u are really a KNICKs fan??..hmmm mybe u are one of the FAKERS???lol

  15. Guy N. says:

    Let’s be honest ….the only thing that will hold the Heat back from the ring this year is the Heat. These last few games they have rested their stars sans LeBron to hopefully work out the bench and finally get their rotations figured out. Their center position has been a problem since Shaquille and Zo so we need to let that go! They may get lucky and get something in the draft or go global like the Spurs have done. It has worked pretty well for them so far. Anyway back to my point. The Heat need about 30 points per game from their bench to get over the hump. It can be done. Batter, Jones, Miller, and Cole need to hit those open shots. The stars get many more opportunities in the post season due to a more half court game. We know what the Big 3 can bring. Is the bench going to continue to play scared or will they stand up and be pros! If the latter happens the gold ball will be in Miami this summer.

  16. The Giver says:

    I read through some of these threads and Coach Dee is pretty retarded. You need to check yourself on the playoff seedings. Guy said ATL will beat the Heat in the 1st round. Then someone corrects him and he said “oh well, there’s a chance, a slim chance, but still a chance. You are such a moron that it creates laughter for everyone else but you.

  17. R.J says:

    lebron is obviously MVP half of the people bagging on lebron are probably still angry at him from leaving cleveland. and there is no doubt that he is the best player in the world and if he had a ring on his finger right now everyone would be bowing down to him and talking about how good he is.

  18. smith says:

    hahah say what you want to say … to bad for you james will walk away AGAIN::> this year with the mvp and not kobe or kd or rose hahaha sorry dude:>

  19. RingfortheKing says:

    if you think kobe can win in it idk so because of his injury and kobe’s body is weak i mean come on lebron james not getting injured because his pure muscle and pure strength and best of all lebron james can plays different position like pg,sg,sf,pf

  20. RingfortheKing says:

    Lebron will surely win the title and mvp awards

  21. ywang1990 says:

    If MVP is all about stats, then sure give it to LBJ, he can have all the MVP in the world, but if he fails to get a ring even with Flash on his team, I will still have no respect for him. God basically gave LBJ the the most athletic physic to the mind of a 12 year old girl. If LBJ actually grows up and ignore all the haters and actually focus on his game instead of his PR then he could be in the conversation of GOAT further down the line. But it is what it is

  22. smith says:

    hahahah just cry when you see lebron james hugging his 3rd mvp trophy

  23. Ace Player says:

    LBJ deserves it. NO DOUBT !!

  24. Brian says:

    Lebron HATERS dont grow old. They never fade away. THEY JUST DIE YOUNG! LOL!!!!

  25. 6e1iev3 says:

    Ok to straighten things out Miami has beat the Thunder and Chicago after the All Star break… So what if they lost they proved last year that regular season doen’t matter… Yes Chicago swept Miami in the regular season last year, but what happened in the playoffs. Bulls lost Celtics lost… Cased closed!

  26. That’s all he’s gonna get for more years to come; individual award. He ain’t gonna win any championship.

  27. Yeaahhh says:

    Lebron James has been the MVP since 2008…

  28. NBAfan says:

    As big as a Kobe fan as I am, IT’S NOT KOBE THIS YEAR…so please. stop forcing it.

    Lebron’s stats THIS year, is very similar to LAST YEAR (higher fg% and 3fg%but less APGs). The Heats’ place in the conference (i.e. 2nd) is the same as LAST year’s as well.

    If Lebron didn’t win it last year, then WHY ON EARTH WOULD IT BE LEBRON THIS YEAR? Because Wade has been injured?

    Give it to Durant. Nobody expected OKC to be this good this fast. Nobody expected OKC to be contenders so early in their stint at Oklahoma. Give it to Durant!

  29. bogs123 says:

    It’s been a roughed season for the MIAMI, But I’m 101% sure and confident that the HEAT will going to win this championship. You might not remembered what they learned from last season since they’ve combined the big three.Lebron gonna pick his first final’s mvp this year together with season’s mvp.

  30. vince says:

    plain and simple for mvp: great numbers, making a true difference for his team and team with great season record. thats lebron

    • NBAfan says:

      what difference? Heat was 2nd in the East last year…and again, 2nd in the east this year. Even the Bulls without Rose is winning more than the Heat with Lebron. So again, what difference?

      Lebron has great stats. He’s always had great season stats since he entered the league. Nothing new here. Lebron is a great great great player…nobody is saying he isn’t. But is he the MVP this season? That’s not so clear cut.

      If you are looking for the player with the best stats out of the top two teams in each conference…yeah..it’s Lebron.

      If you are looking for the Most Valuable Player…other players can make a case for themselves….Durant, Tony Parker, CP3..and yes…Kobe is in this discussion…maybe even Granger and Rondo.

      • Baller says:

        Using your logic Kobe Bryant has made no difference either since the Lakers have the 3rd seed and were the 2nd seed last season. Please think about some of your comments and find the flaws in your logic. The difference Lebron is making for his team is securing that 2nd seed. As versatile a player as he is the Heat would miss him, were he not to play, and would surely not have as good a record as they do.

        Every Team has a most valuable player, for the Heat it’s Lebron. Since Rose didn’t play much this year the Bulls MVP is Luol Deng. Lakers – Kobe. Spurs – Parker. Celtics – Rondo. OKC – Durant. Looking at all these guys Lebron is the most versatile both way player meaning offense and defense and he has filled his stats sheet more than any other player. The reasoning Lebron should not be MVP because he has Wade and Bosh is false. Durant has had Westbrook and Harden throughout the season and they were both healthy and ready to play each game. Parker has Duncan and Ginobili, Rondo has Pierce, Garnett and Allen. The only MVP caliber player who has had little help this season is Kevin Love, but that is mainly because the T-Wolves had a new coaching staff and really would have needed a long training camp. They consist of a lot of rookies and sophomores and had to deal with a lot of injuries.

  31. lebron#6 says:

    I can’t believe Lebron still has haters. Like Doc Rivers said, he deserves MVP every year. He feels the stat sheet. People always talk about about Lebron in the 4th quarter. He has made a BIG improvement in the 4th since last year. He scored 14 points in the 4th quarter anganint the 76ers. The fact is LBJ will never get his credit no matter how much does.

  32. alishah pearine says:

    listen you guys said the same thing last year miami is going to the finals stop hating, don’t doubt on the king

  33. pogi says:

    you guys just hatin lebron because he left cleveland but before that admit it you love the guy!

  34. mikelowry3124 says:

    Lebron is for sure the leage mvp. NO player has done what he has done under more pressure. IM tired of the heat cant beat god teams argument thats the same argument people said last year and the heat demolished the bulls and the celtics with lebron closing out the series . they had a 2-1 lead on dallas and then the whole team collaspe including d wade and chris bosh. Dallas just out played them. people need to stop hating on lebron and just be a fan of basketball and enjoy the game. the dude is 27 years old probably has like 9 more years to play and 6 of them will be mvp caliber years ..let the man make his legacy and stop trying to write it before he is even through playing. I dont even like the heat but i love basketball so just give lebron his props hes the best player on the planet period

  35. Francisco says:


    • NBAfan says:

      This blog is about Lebron…why bash Kobe in a Lebron blog?

      I agree with you that Kobe is NOT the MVP this season (but top 3 sounds about right).

      I highly disagree with you that Wade is having a better season just because of FG%. Why is FG% so important TO YOU this season? Should Tyson Chandler be the MVP of the regular season? He’s making 68% of his shots?

      • Baller says:

        FG% is important when you average 23 field goal attempts per game like Kobe does. Chandler does not score as much as Wade and Kobe so you cannot compare these stats. The keypoint is you don’t understand efficiency. If you have 2 players who average 20 field goal attempts per game and one has 40% FG% and the other has 50%, who is the better shooter?

      • NBAfan says:

        Not all shots are created equal…you know that baller…if you really are a baller.

        If you are Kobe, and you have Bynum and Pau clogging up the middle, you have to get your shots from the perimeter and hope they get the rebound if you miss.

        If you are Wade or Lebron, and you have no low post presence, and your team runs a lot, you can get lots of easy buckets on fast breaks and driving in, ESPECIALLY if you are playing with someone as good as Lebron or Wade.

        Lebron has 101 dunks, and Wade has 62 for the season so far. Kobe, only 27.

        Lebron is at 53% FG, but if you take his 101 dunks (makes and attempts), his FG% is only 48%…not TOO impressive.

        Wade is at 49% FG, but if you take his 62 dunks (makes and attempts), his FG% is actually 45%…again, not TOO impressive.

        Lebron took 146 3pts, made 53..pretty good. Wade…15 out of 56 from deep..Kobe had to take 281 3 pointers…and HE IS NOT A 3 POINT SHOOTER. Kobe is a slasher and a mid range player…

        You take away his dunks and his 3 pointesr, he is at 45% from mid range…not bad. Wade is at 47% without dunks and 3 pointers.

        NOT ALL SHOTS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Kobe has to take 3 pointers and can’t get easy dunks on breaks or driving in. SO PLEASE STOP COMPARING…apples and oranges…

  36. HeatFTW! says:

    Also, look at where the Spurs were last year this time around?….SAME PLACE THEY ARE NOW: unbeatable and great towards the end of the season. What happened in the play-offs? they choked.

    • Hmm says:

      they didnt realy choke.. they met a team that just played far better than they did. choke is more like having the potential to do something but failing to do so. like vanishing in the fourth quarter. whereas spurs they just didnt have the potential to beat memphis. and they wont have the potential to beat whoever they r playing this year either.

    • The SPuRs last year was not healthy. This year aren’t 100% either,but their bench rocks! Pop has different rotation. AND they PLAY Like a TEAM and as a TEAM..

  37. David says:

    Rondo. The most unique player in the league, playing at his best, breaking records, multiple triple-doubles, leading the best team since the All-Star break. Rondo is the MVP.

    • I agree. He’s been my MVP since they won the championship. Without him, Celtics won’t be in the playoffs..

    • Baller says:

      i will not argue, that Rondo is the Celtics MVP, he has played great for them all season. The best team since the All-Star Break is the San Antonio Spurs though. They have more talent though too.

  38. kobe says:


  39. I agree Kevin Durant is playing at a very high level, but one thing that everybody fails to take into consideration is that Kevin Durant has had a healthy supporting cast all season long. Russell Westbrook has been healthy all season long, as well as James Harden. Take last night for example; both James Harden and Russell Westbrook were playing for the Thunder. The only reason why the Thunder won last night’s game (Wed April19th) against the Phoenix Suns is because of James Harden, he was outstanding last night, the best player on the court, by a long shot. The Thunder were getting slaughtered before he came off the bench, and when he stepped on the court the entire game changed. Just look at the stat line, James Harden had a career high last night, and his overall game was much more impressive than Kevin Durant’s.

  40. To conclude, this is just one of the many examples this season (2011-2012) of how Lebron James has had to play without D-Wade/Chris Bosh and has carried his team both offensively and defensively. In addition to that, he has been outstanding in the clutch and won numerous games for the heat with his terrific late game abilities (For example, Lebron’s 4th quarter heroics vs the Nets on Monday April 16th – Scoring the Heats final 17 points in the last 4:47 minutes of the 4th quarter, willing his team to the improbable win.)

  41. Kevin Durant game production vs. Lebron’s game production on this particular night is definitely in Lebron’s favor. Lebron James was much more efficient from both distance and close range, carrying his team offensively. However, we must not fail to ignore the fact that Lebron James sat on the bench for almost the entire 4th quarter. Based on that circumstance, we need to give him more credit, as he would have drastically increased his stat line, if we stayed on the court. This would have made this game at least a +30 point game for Lebron, if not a +40 point game, just based on his level of play.

  42. Why Lebron James deserves MVP this year (2011-2012) – The Real Facts behind the case
    I agree Kevin Durant is playing at a very high level, but one thing that everybody fails to take into consideration is that Kevin Durant has had a healthy supporting cast all season long. Russell Westbrook has been healthy all season long, as well as James Harden. Take last night for example; both James Harden and Russell Westbrook were playing for the Thunder. The only reason why the Thunder won last night’s game (Wed April19th) against the Phoenix Suns is because of James Harden, he was outstanding last night, the best player on the court, by a long shot. The Thunder were getting slaughtered before he came off the bench, but when he stepped on the court the entire game changed. Just look at the stat line, James Harden had a career high last night, and his overall game was much more impressive than Kevin Durant’s.

  43. Mike says:

    I can’t argue with Lebron on how great it would be if he were to get the MVP this season. But in all honesty, my money is on Carlos Boozer getting the MVP this year. He has lead his team to the best record in the NBA so far. He has done this with Rose missing a good chunk of the season. Although his stats don’t support this, it is the things that don’t show up in the stats column that back me up. He is the Bulls spiritual leader and the main reason for there success. I consider him to be the best PF in the game today. Probably the third best all time!

  44. I agree Kevin Durant is playing at a very high level, but one thing that everybody fails to take into consideration is that Kevin Durant has had a healthy supporting cast all season long. Russell Westbrook has been healthy all season long, as well as James Harden. Take last night for example; both James Harden and Russell Westbrook were playing for the Thunder. The only reason why the Thunder won last night’s game (Wed April19th) against the Phoenix Suns is because of James Harden, he was outstanding last night, the best player on the court, by a long shot. The Thunder were getting slaughtered before he came off the bench, but when he stepped on the court the entire game changed. Just look at the stat line, James Harden had a career high last night, and his overall game was much more impressive than Kevin Durant’s.

  45. Benjamin says:

    Why Lebron James deserves MVP this year (2011-2012) – The Facts behind the Case
    I agree Kevin Durant is playing at a very high level, but one thing that everybody fails to take into consideration is that Kevin Durant has had a healthy supporting cast all season long. Russell Westbrook has been healthy all season long, as well as James Harden. Take last night for example; both James Harden and Russell Westbrook were playing for the Thunder. The only reason why the Thunder won last night’s game (Wed April19th) against the Phoenix Suns is because of James Harden, he was outstanding last night, the best player on the court, by a long shot. The Thunder were getting slaughtered before he came off the bench, but when he stepped on the court the entire game changed. Just look at the stat line, James Harden had a career high last night, and his overall game was much more impressive than Kevin Durant’s.

  46. In reality Lebron should take Mvp this season but all those names above ; Kareem , Mj, Magic, Moses, Larry…are tough to reach them because they win championships. Michael Jordan 6 times Mvp and 6 times finals Mvp- Magic as a rookie took the winnig championship shot- Larry Bird had tough matches vs Magic- Kareem is considerer for many people as the best player ever..etc.
    In that list is missing Shaq because merits altought he got two regular season MVP´s.To me Shaq should have get Mvp when he was in Orlando Magic.

    The table is set now only remain the actors. Who will get the OSCAR?
    I´m not sure.

    I can´t argue in this topic. I mean, I love Lebron but I think he is more similar with Oscar Robertson. Oscar Robertson is considerer among 5 best Nba players of all time. Even more confused, I see reflected D Wade on Oscar Robertson.

    I´m not sure who player is Lebron. Can you compare him with Michael? Can you compare him with Magic? etc…

    • cp3 da best pg says:

      look CP3 really should be MVP im sick of all of you wanting kobe kd or lebron to get it based off there scoring their impact to their team is not even close compared to the likes of CP3. Everybody talks about lbj but against top teams this year he has lost series to boston to chicago (after tonight) lakers but he’s head and shoulders “most valuable” to his team please they got to playoffs with wade alone for years so take out lebron insert wade and bosh and you stlill have contender in east and kobe’s lakers are 4-2 without him durant has had a 2 other teammates besides him score 40 russell and harden so chris paul should be a runaway he has made the biggest improvement on his team than their record last year easyily the best pg and most valuable to his team.

  47. ;jgkjhhlkh says:

    I thought that the MVP award was all about giving it to the player that without him, his team would be terrible (or at least much lower in the rankings). Without Lebron the past 2 years, the Heat would still be solid playoff contenders, especially with the addition of Chris Bosh. For me, the MVP should go to either Kevin Durant, or Kobe Bryant.

  48. Benjamin says:

    Most Valuable Player = Most Dominant Player in the NBA – In the regular Season. There is no question that Lebron is the most dominant player in the league today. He is the most gifted player in the league and displays his talents on a night in, night out basis.

  49. Dave says:

    Lebron is a great player, and will probably win a 3rd MVP award…

    But this year the MVP should go to Kobe Bryant

    His minutes, his scoring, his prescence, his ability to win

    Why should it go to Kobe? He is a guy that hogs the ball even though he has two high percentage scoring players on his team.

    Interesting stat for Lakers fans who claim that Kobe is the top socrer, Lebron has scored MORE points from far FEWER shots this season. He has more rebounds, more points, more steals, better shooting efficiency and is just about better in every category despite playing fewer minutes.

    Yes, he plays with two all stars but so does Kobe.

    Unlike Kobe LeBron wasn’t able to piggyback Shaq and the NBAs best all time coach to 3 rings by the age of 23. I don’t even know why Kobe is a top 3 candidate, Paul or Ronda, possibly Parker are all more deserving.

    • Sammy says:

      LOL DEAR DAVE. this was alot of anger. And a very surprising use of piggyback term while referring to kobe in defense of lebron LOOOOOOOOL
      wade and bosh r not just all stars, they r lbjs teammates on team USA lol i cant find pau and bynum on the roster tho

  50. TRUpointguard says:

    Lebron is the MVP, how can any haters dismiss his effort on both offense and defese this season?? It doesnt matter what haters say but he’s working hard and despite that slip after the all star he’s produced more than anyone on the heat. he’s doing so without wade and blowing out teams without wade and bosh, Mr. durant got 40 from harden yesterday? when was the last time bosh scored 40 for the heat?? Westbrook also gave the thunder 51 points I believe, westbrook/harden have produced more than wade/bosh this season and he still has perkins and ibaka are you kidding? LBJ MVP this season, it’s a season award not an after the all star break award. Plus people forget his defese could also get him DPOY, which he also deserves for guarding 1-5 and doing it at a high level. Who else can defend rose on the perimeter and gasol inside?

  51. miami boy says:

    lebron+wade=ring2012 lets go miami

  52. haters gonna hate says:

    i dunno how lebron is not the mvp, if you take him out of heat, no way the heat will be in 2nd. without him, heat have virtually no one to play the SF position, much less do what he is doing now. i don get the argument for kobe, if he is so good in 4th quarter, then i fully expect lakers to win every single game because he can close out games, apparently he is not, the argument is invalid then. so kobe is leading in scoring, ONLY. if you give lebron the ball every night (with a pg like paul or nash), lebron can drop 50 ppg on you, but why is he not, because he shares the ball, not jus hogging the ball for points. scoring yourself does not make your team better, making your team mates score makes your team better. lets not talk about finals yet, its not even started you ppl start doubting whether lebron will choke, y dont u say kobe choked against dallas, rose choked against miami, spurs choked against memphis, so on and so forth.

    haters gonna hate

    give lebron the mvp

    • mikelowry3124 says:

      Great comment I agree 100% all these haters are people who are from cleveland or towns that lebron didnt want to play for. had he went to their cities they would all be lebron fans

  53. From a Celtics fan says:

    Lebron is a great player, and will probably win a 3rd MVP award…

    But this year the MVP should go to Kobe Bryant

    His minutes, his scoring, his prescence, his ability to win

    Give the award to Kobe

  54. Kobe@Manila says:

    Let us see if he wins the MVP ones they’ll be eliminated from playoffs by the Knicks.. Go NEW YORK.. Let the Heat be Heatless..

  55. stephen says:

    though lebron has the best statistical data among all players this season, the mvp should still be awarded to the best player with the best record in the nba (except for the bulls though). this has been the trend for the past seasons. i think tony parker deserves it more than lebron do. If it all boils down to popularity + stats = mvp then lebron will clearly bag the trophy. If only parker was that popular then he will have his chance getting a hold of that hardware. Spurs will destroy the heat in the finals if ever they will meet.

  56. king moxey15 says:

    kobe stats are bs he shoots 43 precent and all he does is score and takes over 20 shots a game lebron shoots 53 precent 7 rebound and 6 ast thats a all around player while kobe is just a hog . kobe won all his rings with help shao 3x and gasol and byum 2x so everyone needs help theres no i in team. so lebron should win the MVP.

  57. supplanter33 says:

    not a surprise thats the way how laker fans thinks. Its obvious that they have weak basketball knowledge. I dont know why these laker fans are so fighting for kobe being in the MVP discussion and their reason is that he has won in the past some championship rings. Hey we are not talking about Past accolades we are talking about right now, the season at the moment. You just cannot reason out that Kobe deserves MVP because he has championship rings, When we talk about MVP, we talk about the player that has the best statistical numbers AND also the player that helps his team the most. There is no other player in that discussion but Lebron James. even though the heat is not playing wade or bosh they have Lebron James and they are winning. Lakers are not playing Kobe and they are still winning. Kobe’s numbers are also down this season. So please Laker fans, pls post intelligent arguments because you guys are simply showing your ignorance about basketball

    • DJ3 says:

      Exactly. Laker fans are not knowledgeable. They even wanted to trade Derek Fisher for Monta Eliis last year.

  58. lakermig says:

    I love kobe and think that he is by faaarrrr the best player of this generation (past ten years) and will always be in convos with the greatest of all time no doubt about it, and he has been robbed for only getting 1 MVP in his magnificent career (mainly in one of nash’s) But although he had a great year this year although some ppl love to hate cause he was shooting a lot ,yeah he was shooting a lot and scoring a lot whilst injured and for the first half of the year simply carried the lakers nothing more nothing less if that isnt a valuable player i don’t know what is, i mean thanks to him and totally no one else we won about 7-10 games in the 4th quarter.
    Now that being said i still agree with someone above who said it quite well he has played very well but still not well enough to take it from lebron who i thought didnt deserve it seeing as he has wade and bosh…but not really and in the second half of the season even more so bosh has kinda disappeared and wade is more often in a suit than a vest and shorts.

    Klove has been a beast albeit kinda disappeared too in the second half of the season a bit.

    And in my opinion there is no way KD deserves it more than kobe cause he relies HEAVILY (no matter what anyone says) on russel and even harden he is barely the most valuable player on his team (in my opinion him and russel are equally valuable) so how can he possibly be the most valuable player in the league.

    Bottom Line: It should go to Lebron James he totally deserves it.

  59. HeatWade says:

    did u see how LBJ destroyed Raptors and Nets in back to back? can durant and kobe do that? i think not! even great MJ do that rarely, LBJ does that in daily basics. LBJ is MVP forever!

    • DJ3 says:

      I love that you like lebron but really learn some grammar.

      Did you see how LBJ destroyed the Raptors and the Nets back to back? Can Durant and Kobe do that? I think not! Even the great MJ does that rarely, LBJ does that on a daily basis. LBJ is the MVP forever!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah, Kobe destroyed the Raptors for 81. LOL.

    • Sammy says:

      OMG RAPTORS, NETS !! in little girls voice

  60. Ball fan says:

    Why y’all hates much, thought people followed basketball because they love the sport. If ya know the game you realize Lebron is the MVP for the season. That’s the fact of the matter, Durant has had a great season, so have all the other candidates, but this is the way it is. He heard all this doo doo last year and Miami won the east, quite convincingly if you watched.

    Keep hating, he is amazing to watch like everyone else, when he do get his rings everyone will be on the bandwagon. If ya know your game, MJ use to get all this slack too, a scorer will never win a title and blah blah, he won his first title at the age of 28 and then look whats happened, everyone is on his jock. Stop hating and enjoy the game.

  61. LBJ D’ BEST!!! my MVP 4 LIFE..go HEAT…

  62. nbaCool_guyz says:

    Go LeBron 4 MVP..u deserve 8..truly stats don’t lie..

  63. JACKY LOUIS says:


  64. JZA says:

    Lebron deserves this 3rd MVP since he has keep his numbers spotless even if he has to share the basketball with Wade and Bosh.

  65. Russ says says:

    Im taking LeBron for the MVP, his numbers are too good. C’mon Lebron is a first ballot Hall of Fame guy, it seems like he has the Jim Brown curse coming from cleveland. LeBron has the numbers and before you guys hate, take a look at his Efficiency stat. Add that with his Defense and you have the 2012 MVP.

  66. joblagz says:

    mvp = lebron
    dpoy = lebron
    most improved = ryan anderson
    roty = irving
    coach = popovich
    im 100% on the mvp and dpoy..

  67. Coach Dee says:

    LBJ is the MOST VERSATILE PLAYER in the NBA today, but he is NOT the MOST VALUABLE on a team.

    Ok, good incredible stats for an individual player. But did those stats helped them beat above .500 teams last 20 games?
    I even think Bosh is even a more valuable piece in the Heat roster.

    • mikelowry3124 says:

      who cares about beating teams over .500 games are lost in the nba all the time. A more important stat is losing to teams under.500..the bulls had the best record in the league last year and beat a lot of teams over .500 and then lost 4-1 to the heat ..so what are really saying and please tell me you are not a real basketball coach throwing out irrelevant stats like beating teams over .500

    • Gullaver says:

      @ Coach Dee Wow dude you are one of the biggest haters I’ve ever seen man. You don’t have to like Lebron or his game for that matter, but that doesn’t mean you start disrespecting the man for that. The heat can win when Dwade puts up ordinary numbers averaging 17-18 points as seen in the Bulls series last year. However, if Lebron puts up those numbers the heat don’t stand a chance as seen in the NBA finals. That shows that Lebron is the superior player on the teams roster. Now I love Dwade but he isn’t the player he was in 06 we all can agree on that. The Bron is the best player on the heat and the most valuable player in the league. Come on man get serious, don’t disrespect him because you don’t like him, you’ve got to be more objective man.

      • Coach Dee says:

        Like I said before, I’m not a hater. I respect LeBron.. I HATE the hype given to him.

        Kobe, didn’t have any of this in his early years. Kobe earned his reputation and proved it by his accomplishments.

        I really hated the fact that, LBJ, not even drafted yet was already being compared to Michael Jordan/ or said to be the next MJ. LOL..

        Eff to me for you like LBJ. But that doesn’t mean I’m a hater to the fella.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        @ Coach Dee
        Kobe had Shaq in his early years. As well as a strong team. Most of his accomplishments are because of other people, like Shaq. In the years Shaq was away and before Pau arrived, that was the time to prove himself. What did he prove? He literally took them to the playoffs but that was it. Lebron took his team to the Finals.

        For the record, I am not a Lebron fan but I respect what he has managed to do in his career.

  68. Coach Dee says:

    define VALUABLE.

    If you take out LBJ from the HEAT, will they still be the HEAT?
    If you take out Rose from the BULLS, will they still be the BULLS?
    If you take out Durant from the THUNDERS, will they still be the THUNDERS?
    If you take out Parker from the SPURS, will they still be the SPURS?
    If you take out Paul from the CLIPPERS, will they still be the CLIPPERS?
    If you take out Bryant from the LAKERS, will they still be the LAKERS?

  69. Guy N. says:

    It’s pretty obvious that LeBron is the best regular season player of our generation. He will always be at the top of the MVP polls until his mid 30s. The MVP award is for the reg. season. It would be nice if they awarded it after the finals but that won’t happen. The year that he is having is historic and by all accounts he is the best defender out there as well. He could take home all the hardware this year including the gold ball. Stay tuned.

  70. vamos a la playa says:

    how can you compare kobe’s season with james season?
    no comparison: just look at the statistics and you’ll understand something more about nba, bro.
    probably the best three players in this RS are: james, durant and tony parker.
    they have benn very consistent and reliable.
    parker is having the best RS of his whole career, just amazing.

  71. Baller says:

    Looking at he Cavaliers rosters in Lebron’s 7 years in Cleveland, there are just a handful of names that stand out among the others. Zydrunas Ilgauskas was the starting Center most of the time, an old Ben Wallace was there for 2 seasons and Shaq was playing at the age of 37 in the 2009-2010 season. The only other players who have made other teams as well and are still playing in the NBA are Drew Gooden (solid starter for the Bucks at PF), Shannon Brown ( 2 rings with the Lakers and now playing in Phoenix), Sasha Pavlovic (coming off the bench in Boston), Mo Williams (coming off the bench for the Clippers), Danny Green (starter in San Antonio), Delonte West (roleplayer in Dallas) and maybe i could add Anderson Varajeo, J.J. Hickson and Antawn Jamison.

    To all of you Laker fans out there, do you honestly think Kobe would have done any better than Lebron did in Cleveland? Kobe had 5 time NBA Champion Ron Harper, prime Shaquille O’Neal, 4 time NBA Champion Horace Grant, Rick Fox, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Lindsey Hunter, Glen Rice, Robert Horry. He had Lamar Odom until last year and he still has Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Somehow the second list of players sounds more successful, more talented and has a lot more individual quality.

    Having said all that, Kobe is a fantastic player, his footwork is still the best in the game and no one poses a greater threat from the triple threat position. If Kobe gets hot he will drop points on you like no one else and he is mentally tough like no one else and even playing through and with injuries. His statline is respectable and I enjoy seeing him play. Yet this year there are at least 3 players signifcantly better performing than Kobe this season. Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and Lebron James are all more deserving of the MVP trophy than any other player and that includes Kobe Bryant. If you had seen any games of them this season you wouldn’t go around stating lies for facts Trent Jackson…

    • Coach Dee says:

      That’s why LBJ left. He can’t handle it. He’s over-rated, he know that. All eyes are on him, he’s so pressured that he can’t deliver. That’s why he went to seek help with the CHAMP D.Wade.

    • Ballallday says:

      ur argument would be so great if lebron was not on miami heat just bluntley discrediting everything you are accusing kobe of. kobe lbj and wade are arguably top 3 players of NBA, but more so top 4 since KD>wade in my opinion. wade lbj and chris bosh played TOGETHER on 2008 USA olympics team and will do it again this year. now you are telling me it is normal to have 3 US olympics team player together at their prime while there is a single laker on that team, by the way, and your argument is that kobe couldnt do it without starpower? Kobe needed a good pg and a good center/fwd. Lebron james needed Wade and Chris Bosh. Just consider one question, how long down the list of top NBA players in past few years do you have to go before you name another Laker?….

  72. Bron Man says:

    dont hate Lebron if your guy aint winnin the MVP this season, just say better luck next time.. NOT!!!
    Lebron’s gonna win MVP and his first ring this season..Go Heat!

  73. mpk1988 says:

    Trent Jackson : You are one of those absolutely pathetic and butthurt cleveland fan or kobe rider not to appreciate what LeBron does.. and his Game.. If you even had a single iota of knowledge you would know that Kobe is sooooooo much more worse than Lebron in clutch.. STATS dont lie.. so before you spew your garbage out go to school.. and better yet.. do the world a favour.. Roll over and DIE..

  74. mpk1988 says:

    You are one of those absolutely pathetic and butthurt cleveland fan or kobe rider not to appreciate what LeBron does.. and his Game.. If you even had a single iota of knowledge you would know that Kobe is sooooooo much more worse than Lebron in clutch.. STATS dont lie.. so before you spew your garbage out go to school.. and better yet.. do the world a favour.. Roll over and DIE..

  75. Andy Roo says:

    MVP is not MVL

    MVP = most valuable player

    MVL = most valuable laker

    I understand that the lakers have the largest fanbase, and are a historically and contemporarily awesome team, but they are not the only team in this league. Their best player is not necessarily mvp, and this year Kobe’s numbers just are not there.

  76. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Trent Jackson isn’t wathcing NBA games this year. LeBron is the MVP slightly ahead of Durant. Kobe is the third.

    • They must be go the names mixed up because it should be KOBE KEVIN DURANT and then Lebron.
      He came to the Miami Heat and tried to take over. That’s something he don’t understand that is D-Wades team.
      Lebron team is Cleveland Cavaliers

      • Micc says:

        if you really think about it, if there was a year to beat the miami heat, it was last year in the finals, LBJ relaxed in the finals because he wantted D-wade to take it over before he makes it his team, why is it that Lebron is leading his “team” in scoring, why is it when they play better without D-wade/Bosh, Lebron is running his “team” the only team capable of stopping Lebron’s Heat is spurs, but even if the spurs does make it to the finals, its gonna be a tough series but Heat are comming with it, opps i forgot, LEBRON IS COMMING WITH IT

  77. the lebron will win the mvp his numbers are to good

    • forbiddenFRUIT says:

      lol ya to bad jamal crawford will win

    • Coach Dee says:

      if #3 in the league in scoring is GOOD.

      what do you call #1 league’s points leader[not to mention sprained wrist, recent knee surgery, broken nose]? I’ll give you hint.
      -THAT’S PURE GREATNESS [Other MVPs like LBJ will never have]

      • Francisco says:

        poor argument if between #1 and #3 there is only 1point of difference, but #3 lbjis shooting 53.3% and #1 is shooting poor 43%
        Thisis an abismal,huge difference.

      • Coach Dee says:

        1 point difference per game.

        LBJ played 3 more games than Kobe. that’s 84 points behind.

        And 1 point wins ball games.

        1 point difference but still, the hype is all over LeBron right?

      • man when kobe was on teams with no other allstars he was at his best 8th or 7th seed in the playoffs lebron was the first seed and back to back mvps

      • Coach Dee says:

        Who redeemed the GOLD back to the USA Men’s Basketball team again?

        Who was in the 2004 roster and who’s not again?

        Weigh-in VALUE of player. Not pure stats. MVPs leads teams to victory. Enough said. LBJ will always be over-rated.

      • DJ3 says:

        Dude you idiot lebron was a rookie in 2004. NOBODY will ever make the usa team in thier rookie year. not even kobe did.

      • Coach Dee says:

        Yap. You’re damn right. NOBODY should be representing the USA at his rookie year.
        But because, he’s so over-rated, all responsibilities are given to his shoulders. What happened? They lost the GOLD.

      • LBJ for MVP says:

        @coach Dee
        Ur saying that when kobe misses 6 straight games with a SORE shin…Lebron is on pace to have the most efficient season in NBA history now thats MVP calibur.

      • Francisco says:


      • Coach Dee says:

        NO chance? Why is Kobe on top then?

    • His numbers maybe good but not better than kobes

  78. Trent Jackson says:

    Well, I don’t see him winning anything else in the foreseeable future. Seems like they are just wanting to give him something, ridiculous if you ask me, Kobe should have had it this year.

    • Francisco says:

      statistically explain why kobe?, the lakers are 4 and 2 without him, the lakers are far from having the best record, kobe shooting % is only 43 worstof his career(career 45 nothing extraordinary),he is the leader scorer because by an small margin due his volume of shots, give any stat where kobe is the BEST?honestly he should not be even consider

      • HeatWade says:

        i bet he can’t explain…lol

      • underdog says:

        I’ll tell you where… when the game is on the line… figuratively and literally, Lebron shoots at 76.7% while Kobe is at 84.5% as of the time I posted this. What does that mean? Lebron, with all his talent, can’t perform well under pressure. FT is just one part. I can’t find the stats for 4th quarter scoring and stats when the game is very close, I bet Kobe, Durant, even Wade is above him in those stats.

      • Sick says:

        kobe is out of the picture for MVP this year…haha.. GTFOH

      • Francisco says:

        @underdog, you got that one rigth, but lebron has been always around 75 % , not only when the game is on the line, in the first
        quater , but nobody is considered the BEST player for being a good FT shooter, look to efficiency , LBJ has been the best 5 years in a row, 5 years in row woooo,WHEN YOU HAVE SUCH EFFICIENT PLAYER THE GAME DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON THE LINE at the nd

      • underdog says:

        But efficiency does not equal rings if you can’t perform that on the most important moments. What did Lebron’s efficiency did on the finals game vs spurs, on not winning against boston, in folding every single 4th qtr against the Mavz? That efficiency has no use if it can’t be performed in the crucial moments. Stat bragging is for the insecure. Shaq said it best, I don’t know the exact words but he said “the moment I stopped being conscious with my stats, is the moment I started winning.”

      • Gullaver says:

        @underdog I hear you our on his Finals outing last year against the Mavs, personally I think he ran out of energy and it was predominately a coaching error. Even with Lebrons performance they still could have easily beat the Mavs. However, you can’t knock him for the 07 finals, come on man I’m a Cavs fan and I understood there was no way we stood a chance against the Spurs. The Spurs would have beat anyone that year. And to make matters worse Donyell Marshall (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) was playing significant minutes. We didn’t stand a chance. I think Bron will have a good playoffs but I’m not sure if it will be enough if the heat continue to not use Bosh in the half court.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Yeah he deserved it this year, and last, then the year before that. Pretty much every season since he won his first championship huh trent?

    • Coach Dee says:

      I agree.
      That’s how the NBA works. It’s business.

      Give him the MVP, he’ll sell more NBA products.

      • Gullaver says:

        But you can’t say he doesn’t deserve the MVP guys, who does more for their team??

      • Coach Dee says:

        He deserves it, but I really think Kobe deserves it more this year.
        The Lakers was revitalized after several games with 40+ points of Kobe. And specially, when everybody thinks the Lakers are not a playoff team this year. But Kobe and the Lakers proved doubters wrong.

        The Heat were the favorite and overly-hyped to be at the top seed. but they sit at #2 in the East and #4 overall. Did the Heat back the talks? All are just blah blah blah

    • Sick says:

      keep on dreaming trent.. your kobe will not win another MVP ever again…LOL

      • Promocean says:

        If that is the case, he would still have more accolades this season than this choke artist will ever have in his career.

    • Everybody know KOBE deserves MVP if not KOBE then Kevin Durant

    • Kobe started off with 40 points and he doesn’t deserve MVP you don’t think.
      Plus he’s the leading scorer in the league

  79. BFoulds says:

    LeBron will probably get his third MVP trophy, but again lose in the finals to the Spurs.

    • Trent Jackson says:

      He’s not making the finals. He’ll choke, when will people realize he is NOT a finisher he buckles under pressure and quits, just like he did with the Cavs and just like he did the Heat. Lebron knows this, he knows he can’t carry a team that’s why he signed with the Heat to get the help to get him the hardware.

      • kobe says:

        took the words right out of my mouth trent..

      • HeatFan27 says:

        We are talking about a Lebron James which is better than last year and with a stronger Heat team. A team that made it to the Finals. The teams that will win it this year are the Heat or Thunder. Maybe the Spurs can get to the Finals but no one in the East can cope with the Heat in the post season.

      • HeatWade says:

        sorry to disappoint you Trent but Lebron’s going to the finals. he’s a monster on the first three rounds before buckling in the big stage last year so this year’s gonna be the same except that he’ll no longer fold at the finals…

      • Coach Dee says:

        in their face from my mouth!

        Very well said.
        How many above .500 teams have the Heat defeated after the All-Star break?
        They are 12-8 last 20 games.
        And all 8 losses came from playoff-caliber teams. (CHI,BOS,MEM,OKC,etc)

        I wonder if the HEAT and their so-called MVP could really get past 1st round.

      • Gullaver says:

        Come on guys, I know that everyone hates Lebron but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of the MVP. As mentioned the heat are 10-1 or 11-1 without D-wade while KD has been getting great production from both Westbrook and Harden this year. Also Ibaka has been doing his thing this year. The heat live and die by Lebron’s productivity and he truly is the MVP this year. However, the heat making it to the finals might not happen again this year cause the heat don’t use Bosh enough and rely too much on James and Wade. But Bron deserves the MVP even if you don’t like him

      • Putangina nyong mga kano kayo says:

        wow! are you some sort of psychic? can you tell me what number should i pick to win the lottery?

    • Spurs might not go to the finals and probably not miami. I say bulls might i’m not saying they are but might go to the finals.

  80. mattman says:

    no one has recorded a season stat line like LBJ’s since Oscar Robertson..he deserves his kudos: http://www.mindofmattman.com/2012/03/mattmans-mvp-hip-hop-ladder.html