Brown: Kobe Showing ‘Progress’

LOS ANGELES – Trying to turn a negative into a positive, as if he has another choice, Lakers coach Mike Brown said the shin injury that has cost Kobe Bryant six games and counting is beneficial because it gets Bryant much-needed rest in a season with an unusually heavy work load.

What Brown did not say is that he is the reason Bryant needs the rest – only Luol Deng and Kevin Love were averaging more minutes per game than the superstar shooting guard. Bryant never should have been at 38.4 an outing in the first place and especially not in a season with a condensed schedule that allowed less time for rest than usual.

So of course Bryant can use the breather.

“I agree,” Brown said. “That’s kind of what we’ve been alluding to the whole time is that at this point in the season, especially with the minutes that we’ve played him and the various injuries he’s had, it’s a great time for him to take a little bit of time before going into hopefully a long playoff run.

“We’re taking our time with it. We want to make sure it’s right. He’s made progress. I see the progress he’s made, and we’re happy about the progress that he has made. It’s just a matter of us wanting to be cautious about it and make sure that he’s back at full strength when he does come back and he doesn’t go into the playoff with any nicks and bruises, if possible.”

Bryant is not expected to play Wednesday night at Golden State, Brown said. Only three games remain in the regular season after that — Friday at San Antonio, Sunday against Oklahoma City at Staples Center and next Thursday at Sacramento — for Bryant to use to regain lost rhythm. Whether that is enough time to get him at 100 percent for the start of the playoffs soon becomes the central issue.

“It’s just a guessing game,” Brown said. “We can say it’s three (games), we can say it’s zero, we can say it’s one. It’d be a guessing game. I don’t think there’s an exact science to it. But the one thing you do know about Kobe is he’s been around this thing a long time and is extremely intelligent and he can seamlessly fit in with any group of guys, in my opinion.”

The Lakers are 4-2 during the absence, including the 112-91 loss to the Spurs on Tuesday.


  1. jackblood2010 says:


  2. jonski22 says:

    MJ has more MVP’s than Kobe because in MJs era there is lack of competition..and the media and fans love him..Patrick, Olajuwon, the Admiral, Clyde, Barkley has no chance against him and the group he is playing with.
    Kobe has issue with media, they like his TALENT, they like his SKILLS, but something in personality that is unlikable. No matter what and how good his statistics are, his still not being voted as MVP. He carried the Lakers without Shaq. He carried them with Smush and Kwame. He got consecutive games with 30pts, 40pts and 50pts. he carried them to the playoffs year after year. Maybe he doesn’t have that MJ smile.

    • when jordan played you forgot bird, magic and in there day you could hand check and forearm and body boys up on defense if jordan and bird played in to days game they would light it up, jordan on the wizards at age like 40 was ballin puttin up 50 and 40 point games and avg like 25 a game

  3. black mamba says:

    Lets phase it miami heats fans, and chicago bulls fans, Kobe Bryant is just the best player in the NBA, if you want to bring MJ in this conversation, wait till kobe gets his 7 ring. Lebron “queen” James is no where near kobe, he might get near kobe… but just near. Kobe “BLACK MAMBA” Bryant, is the best player in the history of the NBA, and it would always be like that. We Lakers fan goo harddd. Your best bet is to go for the Lakers.

  4. GE LAKERZ says:

    nice! thats right SAM! LBJ still has a long way to catch up. kobe won a title when he was 21yrs old. LBJ is 26 or 27 right now but he doesnt own any championship ring. 🙂

  5. jem says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Kobe will be ready to pound the courts when playoffs roll in. And with all the guys getting in sync, we are definitely looking forward to another great NBA playoffs and even greater NBA finals. my fearless forecast is that the Lakers will be knocking down the teams in spectacular fashion. The man’s heart for basketball is outstanding; he never ceases to do more if only to keep the tradition of greatness that NBA basketball has always been known for. Two thumbs up as well to coach Mike Brown for taking care of Kobe and giving him the time he deserves to have, to make the playoffs one of the most memorable ones that fans can look forward to and remember.

  6. daniel.b says:

    lebron can win as many mvp trophies as he wants he can be the king of that
    but just like any other sport, championships are the main goal
    and define a player

    i also bet if lebron “queen” james wins atleast one ring
    everyone will go off and say hes better then kobe win kobe has 5 and
    by the time hes done 6 or 7

  7. jesu says:

    every comment i read is KOBE KOBE KOBE lol! too bad im kobe’s number one fan (:

  8. kobe bryant says:

    I don’t care who you are you cant fight father time

  9. Laker4life says:

    Let Kobe rest till the playoffs maybe play him against okc but play him for bout 25-30 minutes he needs rest

  10. Linsanity says:

    That was funny, Tony was like what are you doing? you were open bank shot. Timmy was like i saw you backed out…

  11. JASON says:

    I’m sorry, but why isn’t anyone talking about the homeless guy in the picture between Parker and Duncan?

  12. Louiemdc says:

    Michael His Airness JORDAN Never Lost in NBA FINALS. 10 time Scoring Champion. 5 MVPs
    Kobe Beans Bryant Lost twice in NBA Finals.
    2004 vs Detroit PISTONS
    2008 Boston Celtics.

    KOBE is Better Than AIR JORDAN?

  13. kobi says:

    kobe should be at the bench and let her teamates do the starter… if u put at perinneal all-star off the bench that would be a good decision for the coach and will boost them up.. in fact if you bench kobe and let him in when the starters are in exhausted form they shall put kobe and other bench role players in the game so that kobe can hog the ball again and can do his favorite play of “get out of the way” and “isolation where i like” in that case kobe can do this dirty works and can have a amazing game…

  14. Ben H. says:

    I like how a story about Kobe and Brown being in sync turns into a duel between he and LBJ. I’m more of a LBJ fan, but Kobe has 5 rings. You can talk about how Kobe had Shaq and all that, but he still has the championships. I don’t think LBJ needs 5 to be considered up there with Kobe, but he needs at least one.

    Anyway though, back to the point of the article. Kobe needs rest, his shin is fine, and he will be close to 100% by the playoffs.

  15. Oula says:

    Quick recovery to KB24. Please play Andrew Gouddelock ~8-10 minutes especially when Bynum is on the court. He can shoot lights out yet coach Brown leaves this young talent rotting on the bench. He will help open up the floor for Bynum. Go Lakers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Romesh says:

      I would play Gaudlock ahead of Blake

      • Pfft says:

        Blake and Sessions were nothing but pylons for Tony Parker last night. It was as if it was the All-Star game again, with TP winning the Skills Competition.

  16. armoured_skull says:

    LBJ & Kobe are both great. But when the crucial stretch comes, you can tell who’s the boy & who’s the man!!

  17. jack blood says:

    kobe needs rest and injuries to be heal. if that happens, watch out for another championships ring. kobe is playing lot of injuries yet he can match up the intensity of other players. he is the leader in scoring right now. if kobe is 100 percent, i guess every play off games he will score 40 plus with a 52-60 percent field goal percentage…

  18. Ricky says:

    pff.. it is always cooper and aschburner who are looking negatively towards kobe. let the man play as if you made a lot of your life thank you

  19. Per says:

    I think Lakers, with Kobe would have won the game against SA…

    • Pfft says:

      They also would have lost the first game IN San Antonio. The Lakers have been impressive without Kobe because they haven’t had to rely on isolations for him. The recipe for the team’s success between 2000 and 2002 was to pound the ball to the inside (Shaq), which proved true for Bynum last time out. But the Spurs started to front young Andrew and he was helpless. Gotta play smarter than that.

  20. Kobe is the best…Point blank. I HAVE BEEN TRYIING TO SAY
    THAT FOR ALL THESE YEARS…Better than Mj, LBJ, any body on the court. Everyone says he old, but hey for a 33 year old he’s a heck of a player. THE ABSOLUTE BEST

    • Pfft says:

      That is true. But eventually age will catch up on him. And sadly, we all have to say goodbye to him, as well as to his peers (Duncan, Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Nowitzki, Nash, Kidd).

    • LakerMafia says:

      ^^^^ Yes sir!!!!

      Lebron Shames….. ..dwayne gay……. Chris socks……… three all stars and still cant win a ring??? Garbage!!!

    • not better then micheal jordan, the best player in kobes era is tin duncan never lost in the finals has three finals mvps tied for second all time with magic and shaq, and has more mvps in the regular season then kobe and shaq, kobe has lost two nba finals to the pistons, and celtics jordan never lost in 6 finals apperances

  21. James4MVP says:

    James and Kobe now is no comparison. We all talk about the help that James needed to win a championship. But look at that last few “dynasty teams”. MJ had Scotty(one of the top 50 greatest players of all time? for six championship and for the last three had possibly the most dynamic rebounder of all time. Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his team for the first three championships because Shaq was there and for the last two he had an all star powerful forward and one of the best centers. What did James have in Cleveland? NADA. Look at Cleveland last year. Now we doubt the great player he is. He will probably never be the scorer that Kobe is but in every other aspect of the game offensively and defensively he is and always has been better.

  22. Lakers4Life says:

    Kobe will Play until He Breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar For Most Points In NBA HIstory

  23. Roberto says:

    Yeah, they’ve been saying that for about 9 years tho…

  24. armin halvadzic says:

    Keep Kobe off the court untill playoff starts. Then: Black Mamba mode.

  25. lakermig says:

    well said NBAfan

  26. KB says:

    @HeatWade look how funny you are, LBJ might break Kobe’s record but he won’t be able to win 5 rings like KOBE did (and he’s not over yet) it’ll be sure to have another ring! Get dwight and nash/williams and maybe they will win a gold medal, but not a RING! LOL Poor Miami how many stars more do they need to win a RING?!

    • Baller says:

      I am laughing so hard right now. Where were you in 2004 when the Laker offense could not get anything going offensively in the Finals? How many stars were on that Laker Team and who became the World Champions?

      The Heat do not need another star player and they are not likely to get another because they cannot afford him unless he takes considerably less money. And please stop with the Kobe ring references. Switch Lebrons and Kobes careers, Lebron wins rings and Kobe gets pissed off year after year in Cleveland and demands to be traded. If it had been Lebron in LA when Shaq was there, they would be best buddies now and have more rings than Kobe…

      • Pfft says:

        I’ll gladly answer that:

        2004 Lakers — Stars: 4.
        2004 Pistons — Stars: 0

        Result? Pistons won the NBA championship, 4-1.

      • wUT says:

        lol your joking right? the Shaq and Kobe combo worked because Kobe had shooting presence unlike Lebron. They have different personalities as well you can’t just switch them around and expect them to do the same thing the other does. Lebron can’t shoot three’s or hit jumpers like Kobe did even tho Kobe isn’t like he is now. Shaq would’ve bullied Lebron like he did to Kobe. All those start were old and not contributing much Karl Malone and Gary Payton. The difference is they came to proven place to win a ring.

      • PJax says:

        typical Laker fan, trying to defend Kobe with no facts to back it up. let me show you how different Kobe and Lebron shoot the Ball:

        Regular Season:
        Lebron James Career Numbers: .483 FG% – .330 3P% – .746 FT%
        Kobe Bryant Career Numbers: .453 FG% – .336 3P% – .838 FT%

        Lebron James Career Numbers: .460 FG% – .323 3P% – .746 FT%
        Kobe Bryant Career Numbers: .448 FG% – .335 3P% – .815 FT%

        Kobe is the better shooter but they both hit threes with the same percentage. Claiming Phil Jackson could not have made a Shaquille-Lebron Combo work the same way the Shaquille-Kobe Combo had worked is a ridiculous claim in my eyes…

      • KB24Yeah!! says:

        @PJax.. so when lebron played with shaq in cleveland i recall hearing how it didnt work out since shaq just clogs the lane and made it harder for lebron to drive since that is the main part of his game, therefore the comment of them not working out might be accurate!

  27. Ebanks has potential says:

    I hope kobe plays till 40

  28. NBAfan says:

    Kobe is old. Kobe is injured. Kobe is banged up. Kobe is tired. What else is new? He’s been like that for years, but he just keeps on playing the game that we all love.

    You know why I respect Kobe? It’s because he never changes. Love him or hate him or hate him some more…he is always going to be Kobe, and he’s just going to do his thing…and his thing is to keep on playing ball and competing.

    Keep on mastering the game of basketball and we’ll enjoy your remaining years (hopefully at least 4 more) in the league and see you in the hall of fame and GOAT discussions.

  29. HeatWade says:

    step aside kobe it is lbj’s era. u one and done mvp. watch lbj break ur records just like that

    • NBAfan says:

      oh that’s new? one and done MVP is now a dis?

      I agree that Lebron will probably break lots of records (some of them Kobe’s), but that doesn’t take away from Kobe’s greatness. It just means that Lebron is also great in his own right.

      IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHO IS BETTER..well, we’ll never know. We’ll have to ask a 26 year old Kobe if he can take on Lebron now…but I wonder if a 33 year old Lebron (less athleticism, and injuries piled up) can take on Kobe now….

      I always wonder if Kobe stayed with the Hornets and never got traded to the Lakers…well he’ll have a better career scoring average and that much closer to Kareem. The Hornets will still be in Charlotte and they would have built around him for sure. Would he have won championships..well, if he did with the Lakers after Shaq (needed to rebuild)..why not do it in Charlotte? Imagine if Jordan owned the Hornets (they would never had to change it to Bobcats if Kobe stayed) and Kobe was their superstar….man…that would have been a damn good mentor apprentice partnership.

      Lebron couldn’t even win a gold medal until Kobe joined the team…common now

      • NBAfan says:

        oh…and if Kobe stayed with the Hornets…Shaq wouldn’t have 3 rings….how about that?

      • We will see when LeBron is done playing how many championships he has. I doubt it is anywhere near 5! Kobe has gotten 1 MVP and should have more. Steve Nash got one that should have been Kobes and LeBron will probably get one this year that could easily go to Durrant or Kobe. Let’s remeber LeBron chokes everytime he is in the playoffs and finals and I for one hopes he ends up like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone and get ZERO championships. Because the only way LeBron knows how to do it is to stack a team. He did it in AAU, he did it in his private High School and now the NBA. I respect Kobe who, yes was traded to LA his rookie year, but has stayed with ONE franchise his whole career, even when years were tough. He played with what he had, and made winners with what he had. LeBron is a cry baby and doesnt want to work hard for anything!

    • Sam says:

      I’m nt a big fan of Kobe but i believe that he’s one of the guys that just loves to play. Agreed he gets tempramental & over agressive but the fact is he is this way cos he loves the game. The work ethic of that guy is amazing. He has done things that will never be accomplished by anyone else.

      Coming to ur man LBJ tell me how many 4th quarter victories he’s pulled off? How many clutch shots has he made? How many NBA finals has hw won? He keeps dreaming about 5,6,7 rings forgetting that the count of rings starts at 1. He is an amazing athlete no doubt but his attitude and ego always pull him back. He still has a long way to go to catch Kobe.

    • Chris says:

      LOL! Yeah Right!

    • Chris says:

      LOL! Were you born yesterday? LOL! LBJ ain’t proved anything yet…..

    • Players Comment says:

      Maybe you just don’t know the essence of basketball.. Basketball is for the team it measures greatness by the rings.. We don’t care how many season MVP your Lebron has he’s done with 0 championship ring.. o hey I’m sorry I forgot that D Wade was in his team and Chris Bosh too.. that could be a possibility of 1 ring for your LBJ.. your LBJ just wants attention and he’s what now 27 trurning 28 and I don’t think Kobe will retire after his contract he may end his greatness with 7 or 8 rings more.. If Kobe was 27 now with 3 championship rings with Shaq I don’t think your lebron is part of the conversation to compaire to Kobe’s greatness.. your LBJ is not even close to Kobe.. maybe your LBJ didn’t won his controvercial season MVP’s.. it could have been Kobe’s season MVP’s..

  30. Romesh says:

    Kobe and the Lakers will be fine. Hopefully they get an easy 1st round and then the Spurs in the 2nd round. and OKC in the WCF. They should probably rest Kobe through to sunday. Play against OKC then get 3 days off and then play the Sacramento Queens.

  31. Bok says:

    Now’s the time for Brown to utilize/experiment with his bench. It’s also time for guys like Bynum/Sessions to get more touches & eventually be a focal point on offense to ease the load off Kobe.

  32. Stranger says:

    Kobe Will Own them all in the Playoffs