Ginobili Still Not Quite In Rhythm

OAKLAND – With only the Spurs’ championship hopes riding on his return to form (so says Gregg Popovich with no hint of exaggeration), Manu Ginobili is admitting he may not be 100 percent when the playoffs begin.

“Physically, for sure. Basketball wise, who knows,” Ginobili said after the Spurs’ easy 120-99 victory over the Warriors that allowed Popovich to play Tim Duncan just 11 minutes and Tony Parker and Ginobili 15 each in the first step of the back-to-back-to-back.

“I may have a good game at the start and then, boom, it clicks. It may not. I don’t really care. I just want my team to win.”

Ginobili reports no lingering problems from the fractured finger that cost him 22 games in January or February or the strained abdominal muscle that resulted in another five missed games in February and March. The issue is that the lost time combined with the lack of practice time this season has allowed little time to find his rhythm.

“I am feeling good,” he said. “Conditioning wise, I am much better. It’s just scoring wise, I am not with my whole package. I don’t feel like I have my whole repertoire, I would say. (I am missing) mid-range shots, attacking the rim. It’s not a matter that I am weak or don’t have it. It’s just confidence. We can’t practice this season. It’s hard to get it back.”

The 12.6 ppg is on pace to be his lowest production since posting 7.6 ppg as a rookie in 2002-03.

“No Manu, no championships,” Popovich said in advance of the playoffs.


“He’s Manu.”


  1. Leo says:

    I think he’s playing well.

    The 12.6 ppg are because he averaging only 23 min per game !!

    He’ll rock on the PO. As usual.

  2. SpursFan says:

    Yeah I agree that w/o Manu there is no championship , but the truth w/ regards to the team Spurs is w/o any of the Tres Amigos (TD,TP9,Batman) there is no championship at all or if three bench player are out like (Tiago,SJax and Leonard) they will play horrible defense( Spurs bench are the true X-factor) because the big 3 are the anchors.

  3. Rainman says:

    Everyone knows , he is their most complete , and their est player when helathy. Tony Has done a great Job leading in his absence tho, but Everyone knew coming into the season, that Ginobili was their best player , and they’ll only be going as far as he can take them really. And thats still the case today

  4. player says:

    Domainsnext — spurs won against lakers, how does eating your own words taste?..

  5. Troyerz says:

    Pop knows what he’s talking about!

  6. GENOBLI! says:

    There are 2 different players: Manu and Playoff’s Manu, period.

  7. BFoulds says:

    Look. Last year Spurs were not 100% healthy, Ginobili had a broken arm for gods sake. This year will be like all the other years OTHER than last year. They will go deep into the playoffs like THEY USUALLY DO WHILE THEY ARE HEALTHY.

    Oh, another fun fact. If they win the west, they will win the finals. How do I know?

    Spurs in the finals = 4-0

    Swallow that.

  8. James says:

    THIS is Manu!!!! Now you know!

  9. Cedric says:

    Go Spurs GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ManuIsTheMan says:

    Manu is the man!

  11. sanchi says:

    @baller; cp3 may great players but his team not a contender yet. but for ” no lebron, no championship “, you got this very2 wrong. the right phrase is ” WITH Lebron there never championship “!!! let’s go MANU, Go SPURS Go…

  12. byron says:

    its true that manu ginobili isnt playing like last year but when the playoffs start he isnt gonna stop he is gonna try his best to help the team win besides the bench has his back spurs bench is one of the best in the nba. Also TP9 plyaing very good this year and duncan too so i say tthey still have a chance.

  13. Amitpal says:

    Pop is right. Manu is easily there most complete player and has always been there closer. It’s not Tony and at this age not Duncan. Manu has always kind of been the closer on this team and without him they can not win the championship. Stats can’t describe how important and how good this guy really is.

    • Sportman003 says:

      Really??? The Spurs are on top of the WEST with Manu out for 22 games and they can not win without him. Duncan and Parker, a couple of rookies, and a deep bench that won with playing TEAM basketball. You and the rest of ESPN crew are going to eat crow when they win number 5.

    • Nada says:

      Are you watching WNBA??????

    • Mike says:

      Amitpal is right. We’re not talking about the regular season. We’re talking about the playoffs. Every player and every team seem to find another gear in the post-season, but it’s the heart and the will to win that gives teams the edge. Spurs are still one of the best teams in the league without Manu, but his ability to control a game and get under the opposition’s skin is the key ingredient to a deep run. Remember when San Antonio played Utah in the Western Conference Finals in 2007? Ginobili got Derek Fisher so frustrated that he was ejected from the game. Moments later he got Jerry Sloan ejected also. There’s no stats for that kind of thing.

  14. charles says:

    Manu is an intense competitor. If you look at the Spurs previous championships, just watch the way he plays – he attacks the basket like he’ll never have the opportunity again. He does this in every play when he’s in top form. Parker is a great player but Manu brings a level of intensity that few in the league have. He’s Manu!

    • Les says:

      Manu is the ONLY player, in my eyes, who plays with his heart. He always gives his all and he brings the Spurs confidence and intensity.

  15. poundtherock says:

    Domainsnext — you don’t know Pop if you think that.

  16. Domainsnext says:

    Gregg Popovich trying to find an excuse to what is coming NEXT.

    • Baller says:

      @Domainsnext: let me put it in terms you will understand:

      No Kobe Bryant – No Championship
      No Andrew Bynum – No Championship
      No Lebron James – No Championship
      No Chris Paul – No Championship
      No Rajon Rondo – No Championship

      these are now excuses, they are facts

    • justplayball says:

      ….are you watching –at all–what is happening in the West???? Excuses??? ….What’s coming next is playoff basketball, something the Spurs are comfortable with more than anyone….. History speaks for itself….except to the haterclowns….get used to it. Wish the fakers would drop to last seed so they can have an early vacation and tee time. lol

    • Pfft says:

      Pop doesn’t need an excuse for being THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

    • chode says:

      actually pop knows everything thats why he has 4 rings