Hang Time Podcast (Episode 75) With Michael Wallace And Jimmy Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you’ve spent any time in the past two seasons contemplating the working dynamic between Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, you’re like the rest of us. You have your own theory about how two superstar teammates might co-exist, but you’re not certain exactly how that dynamic breaks down from the inside.

Well, we’re going to get as close to the middle as we can on Episode 75 of the Hang Time Podcast, breaking down all things Heat and the yin and yang relationship between the team’s two biggest stars with Michael Wallace of ESPN.com and the Heat Index, who has as good a handle on that delicate relationship as anyone in the business.

We also check on the status of the New Orleans Hornets and their new owner, Saints owner Tom Benson, with longtime New Orleans Times-Picayune sportswriter Jimmy Smith (a cousin on the Cajun side of the family). Benson promises a championship contender in both the NBA and NFL for fans in the Crescent City. He also mentioned something about a name change from the Hornets to …

Check out all of that and more on Episode 75 of the Hang Time Podcast with Michael Wallace of ESPN.com and Jimmy Smith of the Time-Picayune.


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  1. cezo says:

    lebron james will win the mvp cus of his stats. however, the heat will not reach the finals and we will be having the same conversation again next year thank you. if anything, the heat better watch out for the knicks defense and their sudden resurgence in offense from carmelo.. if the heat win, the bulls will knock them out. queen james and his crew will never win a ring… PERIOD.

  2. JaBronni James says:

    LeBron is ALL HYPE. He is a good player. And outstanding player. But a “clutch” player. NAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
    He ain’t got what it takes. Even though they’re “fun” to watch right now, the Heat are still better off without LeBron. And if they don’t get the title this year. give it another year or two, and LeBron & Wade will be over.

  3. HailtheKing says:

    Heat all the way!!! Cant wait till we beat the Bulls tomorrow night, revenge is sweet…

  4. byrdymann says:

    At the end of the day, its the head coach who is going to be the deciding factor if the Heat wins a championship. His decision making ability to substitute players at key moments in the game. No one is talking about the extremely high minutes Lebron plays. Then everyone expect Lebron to come out in the 4th quarter and display a great performance. He may be in fantastic shape, but he does get tired in the forth quarter. The Head Coach might need to let Bron sit out the last 3-5 minutes of the 3rd quarter and 2-5 minutes of the forth quarter. he would be fresh to close out the game. His supporting cast will have to step up for that to happen, however!

  5. jeff says:

    lebron all the way..we gunna win it this year

  6. HN says:

    I agree with needlepointandotherthings.
    Lebron was amazing during the 2 runs before the finals. Watch back the 2 previous runs against Bulls and Celtics.
    He just made everything against Celtics and blocked the final shot against Bulls.
    He showed that “clutch” is not only taking the last shot.
    So I think he was totally busted after that… Lebron with no energy anymore… How could anyone handle this ?
    He said it a few times during the finals, especially during tied games that were difficult physically and psychologically.

  7. chris says:

    hi,, coach Spo should not tolerate Lebrons clutch performance, he should consistently push Lebron to perform,create and shoot no matter the outcome coz someday the Heat will reap its harvest,,doing that will surely sharpen Lebron’s view on crunch time…when this happens James will become one complete versatile dangerous player from start to end…

  8. johann A says:

    like your guess (mike wallace) said, wade is the guy who makes the final decision!!

  9. johann A says:

    you can not compare LBJ’s cavs to Wade’s heat. Wade was playing with two rookies and a cripple J. Oneal. On the other hand, the Cavs were competing to get back to the finals. Lebron has by far the better athletic abilities but Wade is clearly who leads the direction of the Heat, From the leadership standpoint to that killer instinct (watch the finals last year) at the end of every game.

  10. Russ says says:

    LeBron James has my vote for MVP this season. He is more valuable to a team than Kevin Durant not only because of his near triple double stats but his defense is tremendous. He is one of the reasons that Miami is so good defensively. LeBron James will win the MVP and ultimately win a championship, however not this year, Spolestra does not know how to manage this Miami team and it will show in a 7 game series. Sorry LeBron, however at least you will get your MVP trophy this year.

    Teams that give Miami fits in 7 game series and can take them to the max on the way or in a championship series:
    Celtics, Spurs, Thunder, Bulls, Lakers

  11. mike larry says:

    mike wallace is the truth, more people in the business need to take note from this guy mike
    straight, real and honest, so sugar coated stories, just facts. I’ve never heard or read a story that speaks so much truth.
    There are too many fans and writers out there that ive seen and read that are biased to their personal super heroes like me with blondes and brunettes.
    For me I can tell if a writer is telling the truth or just trying to stir up a story for the sake of ratings.

  12. Per says:

    Wade is a productive cluch player so the Heat shouldn’t fret 😉

  13. Kael says:

    LBJ all the way!! hail the King!!!

  14. eknuj says:

    Gratz lebron..Regular season MVP, Finals MVP and a championship ring is not bad…it’s your year..take it all..

  15. Tallblacksnz11 says:

    This is one of the most honest and correct pieces of media that i have read/listened to this season the heat are going to get to the finals however the role players are playing and what happens from there is up to the big three. absolutly loved listening to this and will continue to do so.

  16. rian says:

    it isn´t fair to say that lebron´s cleaveland won 60, 61 games and wade´s heat won only 40, 41. cleaveland wanted to win the finals, the heat just went miserable to clear cap space and get lebron and bosh together with wade

    • Paschal says:

      Dude…….it’s a shortened season. They play less games…..think first, THEN post.

      • Paschal says:

        Wait, my bad man, I didn’t take my own advice……thought you meant this season for Wade’s. Whoops, feel free to make fun of me now. 🙂

      • ChiCity says:

        Dude…….it’he’s talking about last season. They played a regular amount of games…think first, THEN post.

  17. Unfortunately after the finals Lebron has been given the title that he isn’t clutch. I know the finals is the biggest stage and ultimately that’s what you need to close out, but he was without a doubt HUGE in the fourth quarters while defeating the Celtics and Bulls in the previous two playoff rounds. Dallas’ defense was very instrumental in stopping Lebron’s offense in the finals and of course that’s what everyone saw on TV so now everyone thinks he’s not clutch. And last night, for example, he scored 17 straight points to close out the nets in the fourth quarter. And let’s not forget all of the huge fourth quarters he had while on the cavs, including those in the playoffs. Lebron can take over a game, and unfortunately since the finals was such a big stage (and maybe b/c of all the haters) he’s been labeled as being not “clutch,” which I don’t think is accurate to say after a poor performance against a very good Dallas team.

    I also agree that Lebron’s case for MVP is strengthened by looking at the heat in seasons with and without Lebron. If you want any more indication on how valuable a guy is to a team – he is the guy who took an average, occasional-playoff-making team to the finals in his first year on the team. Secondly (and I don’t think this statistic has gotten NEARLY enough acknowledgment), his Cavs during the 2009-10 season had the overall best record in the league. The next season (2010-11) the Cavs had the absolute worst record in the league.That’s crazy how one guy can make such a huge difference to a team – how much more VALUABLE can a guy be to a team. End of Lebron defense. Good podcast.

    • r-ill says:

      I agree to an extent. What people forget about the Cavs is that they lost ALOT more the Lebron. No doubt they lost their best player but they lost other starters as well as the coach. That’s ALOT. Also concerning this “he is the guy who took an average, occasional-playoff-making team to the finals in his first year on the team:” If you are typing about the Heat then I don’t understand that. It’s not like he was the only newcomer on that team. That was a totally different heat team. Plus Wade was just as important if not more last season.

      • bryan says:

        i like wade, but i think the heat are honestly better without him or with ALL the offense running through lebron

  18. crate blanche says: