MVP Ladder: Is Kobe One And Done?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The only mark on Kobe Bryant‘s brilliant basketball career will come when hoops historians scan his list of accomplishments and get to the MVP category and discover that for all the work he did over his nearly two-decades in the NBA, he has just one MVP trophy.

If it seems preposterous to you now that the best player of his generation has only claimed that prize once, just imagine how ridiculous it will seem to NBA observers in say 20 or 30 years.

We’re not comfortable having a hand in a miscarriage of basketball justice of this magnitude. And yet, while Bryant’s been a fixture in the Top 3 of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder all season long, he’s remained behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant. He’s been unable to push past either one of those youngsters and into the lead position despite leading the league in scoring 16-years deep into his career.

The notion that Bryant will end his storied career as a one and done MVP winner is something that will bother us forever, knowing that he should have won at least three or four …

As for the latest movers and shakers on our weekly hot list, you can check it out for yourself in this latest edition of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder.

And remember, someone’s rise (Andrew Bynum and Rajon Rondo) always coincides with someone’s fall (Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade).


  1. Doug K says:

    i love that no matter who kobe plays with people act like his teammates are so good that how could he not win rings. shaq never had a ring yntil kobe got him one and pau had as many playoff wins as i did.don’t even get me going on lamardasian. people need to to reconize and be in awe you will miss him when he’s gone

  2. ADam says:

    Kobe Fanboys will stop at nothing to get him to the top. NO amount of logic or actual statistics will get in their way.

  3. Sena says:

    Kobe Bryant is soo overrated, how can he be third for the season ??? it is just ridiculus

    I know he was the scoring leader all season but he shots just 43% from the field thats nothing compared to love lebron and durante who all of them not only shot better % but they go to free trow line more often. he scores because he just A LOT, 23 a game.

    And dont tell he shoots beacuse he has to beacuse thats not true, he has amazing center and an amazing foward in Gasol.

    how can the third best player in the nba has the 6 best record when playng with an all star Center and Gasol who barely made it. Most overrated player in history just because people miss jordan.

    • Clips Fan says:

      “Most overrated player in history just because people miss Jordan”
      I could not agree with that statement more. I will concede that Kobe is an excellent player, but he is hyped beyond belief because of his similarities to Jordan.

  4. Hops12 says:

    Chris Paul all the way, he shows up in LA and the Clippers go back to the playoffs, in the 1st season he gets there, simply CP3

  5. Carlos says:

    The mvp you say Nash stole from Kobe, actually was stolen by Nash to Nowitzki.

  6. Daren E says:

    About this week’s MVP Ladder…
    – Two Miami Heat players
    – Two Oklahoma City Thunder players
    – Two Los Angeles Lakers players
    – Two players who didn’t play at all
    – One player whose team has lost 38 games and hasn’t participated in a win in weeks

    …and no Tony Parker, on the Western Conference-leading San Antonio Spurs who are on a five-game win streak.

    I believe this is a serious omission. Please reconsider!

  7. OKCFORLIFE says:

    That is true

    Kobe is a player who has battled through injuries for a year or two and just recently this year he is back to full health. Kobe has the highest PPG% for the 2011-12 season and has put even the best guards to shame like Wade and Monta Elis, Many peolpe Refer too Lebron as “the king of the court” but unlike Kobe Lebron always manages to fall asleep or go missing when the game is in a clutch situation, For example game 4 of the 2011 championship, Dallas vs Heat, Lebron shot a 27.3% field goal percentage hitting 0-3 3pt shots and 3-11 field goal attempts, (not so clutch). Kobe is 2011-2012 MVP if not then definitively Kevin Durant.

  8. Clips Fan says:

    @ Kevin Nicholls for some reason I can’t reply directly to you… anyway, the Heat aren’t an amazing team, in terms of depth. They have 2 superstar players in Wade and LeBron, one of the league’s premier PF’s in Bosh, and that’s it. They have no proper PG to speak of, although those duties are shared evenly and well between those 2 plus Chalmers and Cole. They have no one who is solid in the low block. Their bench isn’t particularly crash hot either. The only reason people have ridiculously high expectations for them or even despise them is because they bought two of their starting players in free agency and, of course, The Decision. LBJ has been immense throughout the entire season, both in terms of stats and impact. He has galvanised the team. When he fires, there is no doubt about the result. LeBron deserves this MVP, and I for one will be shocked if he does not get it. He’s not just favourite because of his performance against the Nets, it’s because of his performance throughout 2011-12. If Heat win the Championship this year, they won’t have bought it. LeBron will have won it.

  9. brandenisme says:

    as i understand it, the mvp is the most valuable person to a team, as in where would you be without this player. some of you say kobe maybe deserved one of nash’s mvp awards (which i don’t agree with), but chris paul deserved the mvp award that kobe got. kobe maybe gets the short end of the stick here because he played with shaq & also, once shaq was gone, because phil jackson was his coach for most of the subsequent years. phil jackson is too good a coach to let a team fall apart if one guy isn’t there or injured. during kobe’s mvp year, i watch the lakers still dismantle teams while kobe missed a game here & there. can your image the hornets doing any such thing without chris paul that year? absolutely not.

  10. john says:

    If the Heat survive on the East play off again, they gonna be champion this year.LBJ show up his maturity attitude right now….Hopefully he learn from his mistake last season…..GO Heat for championship again.

  11. the reason why lebron should not win mvp is because since the allstar break there 1-8 against teams above 500 yes they beat okc and then came back and lost the next game, if lebron is so great numbers wise, then why the heat are not winning games against the better playoff teams, he has a good 4th agianst the nets and hes favorite for mvp com on man, why are the heat even down to the nets in the first place the heat are strugglin right now.

  12. nikolis says:

    This year LBJ is unstoppable and is essential for Miami!*

  13. nikolis says:

    Wake up guys! everyone talking about kobe’s winning shots … for this year … tell what all this has done;; because the title of mvp counts in any one year, not the career of the player! This year is unstoppable and is essential for Miami! leads the team with a good record in this year, SO WHO else has done something better; may have not digested but at least Confess that is the most comprehensive in our days! A. .. and the first MJ RING comes in the 27’s! 😉

  14. john says:

    Whos saying LBJ is choke on 4th quarter??hope you watch the game last night..HAHAHAHA and |Durant is behind him lastnight……Sorry guys this year for LBJ again…Just to be honest…season will be ended soon.

  15. Clips Fan says:

    Every argument about Kobe and the MVP revolves around the same – sometimes contradicting – points. Sometimes they claim stats, like his 2005-06 year, and then in other years when there are better statistical performers than he, they cite team impact. People always say Kobe is more clutch than anyone, which I will admit I agree with, but this shows in his Finals MVPs, and isn’t worthy of a regular season MVP. Sometimes they say he’s the best player on the best team, other times, like the post-Shaq, pre-Pau era it’s that he was the best player despite his teammates. And when all else fails, they claim which awards he should have won. An MVP isn’t for who performs exceptionally over several seasons, it’s the best player in an individual season, which based on all kinds of subjective criteria. Kobe will be a Hall of Famer, no doubt, and that’s what his career performance is for. But there has only been one season I think Kobe can lay claim to an MVP, and that is 05-06. I think CP3 should have had it in 08, but that’s another argument. I’m not a Kobe hater, I just dislike all these people saying he should have it every year.

  16. tj says:

    tim duncan for mvp

  17. Ita about time pacers get some love

  18. FRANCISCO you need kobe because who you going to compare lebron to, and these 4th quarter numbers your talkin about must not included last years FINALS were LEBRON AVERAGED 2PTS PPG IN THE 4TH QUARTER IN THE FINALS, your boy does not have the killer instinct and kobe does that what seprates the two kobe can turn it on at any time, lebron can’t and numbers and stats can be deseaving the eye test is what i’ve been a WITNESS TO, and don’t act like kobe doesn’t show up all season and every year since 96, and you must of forgot kobe was the youngest in nba history to make the first team all defense and did it more then once see kobe has go to moves lebron does not and kobe the last five years has 2 rings and 2 finals mvp lebron none nobody in the league has it the last five years and don’t act like kobe didn’t earn those by being the best player in the world, and i know you watch

    • Francisco says:

      rings is a collective achivement, look the last ring , do you remember the biggest choked ever 6 out of 24, did he win it really
      I do not hate KOBE , I have alway have admired superathletes like, Husain Bolt, Albert pujols, shaq, and who else Lebron james
      I started watching basketball when Kobe started playing in the NBA, trust me He did not called my attention, his first 3 years he was unnoticed, the fouth year he had 22 ppg, that was fine,nothing extraordinary, he started being the second best player in a great team, STARS AND PLANETS ALIGNED FOR HIM,LUCKY HIM, he became a great player,but very,very selfish, HE did not showed any maturity until he was closed to 30, his greatness has a lot to do with being a LAKER,TRUSTME I DO NO HATE HIM, I HATE BIAS AND HOLLYWOOD

      • you give kobe no credit like hes had nothin to do with anything hes done , so when lebron wins a ring you going to give him all the credit even tho he plays with wade a superstar player and a good allstar player in bosh, lebron every year his team loses in the playoffs hes not even a factor like he doesn’t even show up, kobe shows up in the playoffs and yes there has been a few times he struggled in a few games but not a series like lebron,

  19. Rich says:

    It’s amazing fans care more about the title than the players themselves.

  20. underdog says:

    Well I don’t think Nash stole an MVP from Kobe, and it’s not even a discussion, yes I’m being bold here I do think its not even a discussion. Just think about this, if you were an NBA player, who would you rather play with at that time; someone who’s putting up individual accomplishments cause he already gave up on his teammates or someone that makes the entire team better through his wise decisions. I’m not awed in anyway by the way on those 40+ and 60+ point games hi put up in those seasons because it came at the cost of his teammates morale. It was a statement saying he can do it all and he don’t want them, I don’t think that is worth of being valuable

    • NBAfan says:

      if Jordan scores 55, he is great. If kobe scores 40 or’s a statement that he’s a ball hog…WOW! Are you Kobe’s shrink or something? He scored 40 or 60 cause he was feeling it and he was unstoppable. That’s all.

  21. kill says:

    first of all have any one been watching basketball lately, kobe is amazing no doubt about that but clearly its between lbj and durant lets be honest. and anyone who lbj dont derserve it dis guy putting stat with two other other stars, taking less then 20 shot per game he clearly the mvp and stop with those five rings have ya forgot kobe ask to be traded in 07 when he coouldnt win.

  22. john says:

    Kobe is seating down on the bench how could you say that this award is intended to him???Past year is already awarded to individuals who deserved on it.This MVP award is for this season…and this award is more battle between Durant and LBJ.Kobe is old enough for this award…….

  23. Law064 says:

    I’m no Laker or Kobe fan but have to admit he’s been the best in his era. He was robbed of MVP’s because of his alleged rape thing. That is why he didn’t get them when he deserved it. He was supposed to be the face of the NBA now they’ve made Lebron that face. But in reality Kobe should’ve gotten at least 3, and that’s a minimum. When he was teamed up with Shaq they were both important to each others success.

  24. jan_279 says:

    I agree that Kobe deserved to win the MVP award back in 2006 as he almost single-handedly carried a mediocre squad to the playoffs while having one of the best regular-season scoring averages in NBA history, highlighted by the 81-point game. As for his only MVP, he shouldn’t have won it in my opinion. I think CP3 got robbed.

    • Francisco says:

      sorry bro, lbj had better year, scored 4 points less 31.4but better shootings % and most other stats AS USUAL

    • NBAfan says:

      Hey he brought a team with Kwame Brown and Smush parker to the play offs and almost beat the suns in the play offs…The Suns…at their peak…with Kwame and Smush and Devon George….really….let me repeat it…Kwame, Smush, and Devon George……..

  25. Anthony says:

    LAL has a good chance @ a title tis year! believe that!..

  26. Anthony says:

    i dont think kobe is done! .. LAL been getting it done, however, it s not something they can keep up in the long run w/o kobe, and when kobe leaves they would need a leader and a scorer like Kobe. LAL is a great team! but, in the playoffs, its Kobe time!
    The absence of Kobe gave them new ways to create and win games, so, when Kobe returns, it can olny help them! it was/is a learning exp. for the LAL to have Kobe out for a lil while, and perhaps a good thing come Playoffs.

    • Francisco says:


      • NBAfan says:

        45% from the field from a mid-range player is good enough man..that’s the standard….25 ppg is also good enough…I wonder how high his PPG would be if you take out his first 3 years (no real playing time and maybe 3rd option at best in his team).

  27. brian p. says:

    why i can’t send my comment?

  28. OLD MAMBA says:

    KOBE SHOULD BE THE 2003 MVP! He deserves to have it, rather than SHAQ! Lebron should not be the MVP this year..

    It should be the battle between KOBE & DURANT! Think Wisely!!

    • Francisco says:


      • NBAfan says:

        they have the element of surprise because without Kobe, their play style is different…just needs to get can be stopped easily…especially in the play offs…they’ll need kobe.

        Also they’d be 4-2 if it weren’t for two 3-pointers from Gasol..FROM Gasol man….if you have to rely on two clutch 3 pointers from Pau…you can’t call that a game plan….you call that taking the lucky win and going home….

      • NBAfan says:

        sorry…3-2..not 4-2…3-2 sounds much worse than 4-2 right? and the difference is a matt barnes step on the line not getting called, and a possible matt barnes goal interferance, and two 3 pointers from your POWERFORWARD who is NOT Kevin Love…..that’s a miracle

  29. Ink says:

    Kobe’s last MVP is a joke… It should been Chris Paul’s MVP award…..

  30. Clay23 says:

    Kobe should not have even won one MVP. Chris Paul put together an amazing season that year and was clearly robbed. Go back through the archives and you’ll find plenty of writers who felt the same.

  31. Suan says:

    haters are just finding ways to put Kobe down because of his achievements don’t get me wrong but I think you envy Kobe and I think he should deserve the MVP in 2010 why? because I know he has good stats in that year plus a straight 6 buzzer beaters plus in this year even though he is sitting 5 straight games but he is also coaching he’s teammates, and when comes to who is a better player Kobe or Lebron? for me it’s kobe because he already won 5rings, 4 time all star MVP, 1 time seasons MVP, 2 time finals MVP and for those haters saying that he is not a better shooter then who in the NBA now is called the best closer answer its kobe bryant. and one more thing if Lebron is a better player why he cannot bring the cavs to its championship? and even last year as a miami they cannot defeat the mavs for the championship.

    • Francisco says:


  32. Kobe Bryant says:

    Everyone stop this non-sense im kobe bryant the black mamba and leader of the Los Angeles Lakers and for me the real MVP would be Carmelo Anthony because hes my idol period.

  33. NBAfan says:

    Kobe and Lebron in 2012

    Hey Lebron, here you go young fella. You’ve been waiting haven’t you?
    You know it man! Hey… Kobe…let go….Kobster…let go of the torch man.
    I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about Lebron.

  34. NBAfan says:

    MVP = votes = political = not Kobe’s strong point…his strong point is playing basketball and winning rings

  35. Sophia says:

    I think Kobe 100% earns MVP. He brings so much to the tell on and off court, the games he’s been missing he’s been on the bench help coaching and giving positive energy to his teammates. Ramon Sessions’ was right, was Kobe brings to this team is unreal. The only other player that should get this is Kobe doesn’t is Durant. LeBron does not deserve MVP, he’s a good player, but he’s the reason they lose the majority of their games by chocking in the 4th quarter. Kobe for 2012 MVP!!

    • Francisco says:


  36. underdog says:

    I won’t find it hard to explain to the next generation why Kobe only has 1 Regular Season MVP. It’s because those who got the MVP in the past 13+ seasons where he was not MVP deserves the MVP.

  37. NBAFan says:

    All of you need to look at it like this…….its not ONE person deciding who gets the MVP, its a panel of people from across the country and with different followings as far as teams go……seems most of you on here are Laker fans so I can understand why the lopsided cast in favor of Bryant. But if you look at it as to what it actually is Most Valuable Player Award, Lakers all those seasons still wouldve made the playoffs without Kobe, where as the Suns would not have. LeBron got his because he dominated so far above and beyond the rest of the league that there was really no one else in contention, as did Bryant when he got his. When the race is close for the award just think about what that team would be without that super star there…..Lakers would still be a solid team without Bryant, not a power house but solid, without Lebron the Heat would still be solid. Without Nash the Suns would probably be fighting for a lottery pick……he deserved his awards. As did D. Rose when he got his, yes ppl scored more and such things but he was clearly the MVP because without him the Bulls would be struggling for the playoff or for the lottery. A players value is based on what they bring to the team and all of these players brought lots not hating on any of them but some of them you take them away from there team and the team can go on and be a playoff team, others you take the MVP away and they become another bobcats team struggling to win 2 of 10……….just saying

    • NBAfan says:

      D. Rose has been injured all year, and the Bulls are still on top….just saying.

      IF Lebron took 10 games off, the HEAT would still win 9 out of 10.

  38. Guys,,, Bryant is the best player on the whole world!!! don’t you have it crear? the thing is, when he had that case in Colorado, he didn’t want to speak with reporters so that’s why they didn’t give him what he deserves, Reporters are always everywhere you go…



  39. Kobe4ver says:

    kobe does deserve at least 2-3 MVP. Lebron has 3 MVP’S but look no championship he wasted 7 years or so in cleveland for what he carried that team all the way but in the end he got nothing now hes in miami thinking he could win a championship in his first year with then but still nothing haha. Kobe is by far the best player this decade.

    But lets get real guys its time for other players to shine arent we tired of hearing the same players Kobe,lebron,wade dont get me wrong they are good players but its time to c new faces like Kevin duran derreck rose and others.

  40. manu says:

    DP explains it perfectly

    he’s one and done cuz he never deserved more than one plain and simple

    from 2000-2002 Shaq ruled LA

    from 2004-2007 LA never got the top seed in the West

    in 2008 LA is the #1 team….kobe gets MVP….easy as that

    in 2009 and 2010 Lebron was the best player and had the best team in the league so he’s MVP

    • Renato says:

      You mean the best team in the regular season.Celtics and Lakers were the best teams in 2009 and 2010.

  41. KobeTheOne says:

    Real MVPs lead their teams to championship titles..not just give some hopes to their respective cities..I know Lebron has been working hard to win a title but even “The Decision” he made still didn’t work, and also for Durant I can see his future in the NBA and i know he will win one.. Maybe we should always count first the number of “Finals MVP” before “NBA MVP”..

  42. petejmcd says:

    Just listen to Reggie Miller at the end of the video above. ” There’s nothing like Kobe, I hope people are appreciating the greatness we are seeing…. there was a void when Jordan left the league, Kobe has picked up the slack….” Or any coach around the league, who if they had the choice, would put the ball in Kobe’s hands for the final game winning shot.

    He is the best player since Jordan and still is.

  43. casperr91 says:

    Im A HUGE Kobe Fan And I Wish He’ll Get MVP. But Honestly Kevin Durant Is MVP Of This Season….
    BUT, If Kobe Comes Back Strong And Kevin Durant Starts To Slips Up, Than I Do Believe Kobe Is Getting The MVP…
    Specially If He Takes LA Deep Into The Playoffs, And Defiantly If They Beat OKC…


  44. ldhl89 says:

    Kobe in the ALL-NBA-Defensive team = Another big joke

  45. casperr91 says:

    Im A Big Kobe Fan And I Wish He Would Get It. I Think Kevin Durant Going To Run Wit The MVP This Year.. BUT If Kobe Goes To Work WHen He Comes Back and Kevin Durant Falls, Than Kobe Is Getting The MVP.. Specially If The Go DEEP Into The Playoffs And Beat OKC…


  46. JERBY says:

    MVP’s dont shy away from a challenge! and leave a teams CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES! LEBRON IS OVERRATED in a too HYPED TEAM. DURANT Deserves it. Russel just blossomed in OKC as a good Back-up Star. He was drafted by OKC. Wade and Bosh need to get ON a TEAM to start winning.

  47. ldhl89 says:

    I still can’t believe how kobe is #3 in the MVP rankings
    When was the last time … that someone win the MVP … playing with someone that has a better PER and Winshare and EFF?
    Steve Nash x 2 and almost kobe with gasol

  48. Mehul Patel says:

    Kobe= underated when it comes to deciding who should deserve MVP Kobe is a great coach as well
    He leads his team

  49. Realsitic says:

    Kobe is worthy of at least 2 more MVP awards. Whatever the case with Shaq the two of them were monsters in the court. an unstoppable dual, hence the 3-peat. Kobe may win another MVP who knows. At 33 years old an leading the league in scoring? thats unheard of. No matter who you go for an who you hate, you have to recognize that Kobe is great player.

  50. ben says:

    kobe = 2 time finals MVP….nuff said

  51. AJ says:

    Being able to score 63 points in three quarters or 81 in a game does not make you the MVP, if so Wilt Chamberlain would have 10 in a row. Oscar Robertson has one, Jerry West has none. They were just as great in their day as Bryant is now, they just had a couple of guys named Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain who won 5 and 4 MVP’s respectively to go up against. The Lakers can’t win wigthout Kobe, they just won 4 of 5. They need Kobe for the playoffs they don’t need him taking 25 shots a game. The balanced scoring of today’s game was magnificent.

  52. ldhl89 says:

    Kobe fan boy
    The lakers are winning without kobe …

    • NBAfan says:

      If you are playing the Lakers, you know you are playing Kobe. You take Kobe out, the Lakers is a brand new team that nobody has prepared for yet. It’s like Jeremy Lin scoriny 20+ points on how many consecutive games, hitting game winners and all…after he got scouted, he didn’t do as well.

      The Lakers are winning FOR NOW..but if teams see enough of what they are doing. they will be stopped, and they will need Kobe to try and bail them out….

      Lakers without Kobe is an unknown for now, so they have the surprise factor and can win that way…PLUS, it took TWO 3 pointers from GASOL to beat them.

      Lakers with Kobe is a KNOWN, but still, they can’t stop Kobe and the Lakers still have a good record after having a new coach, losing lamar, and Kobe injured all season long (wrist, nose, shin)

      D. Rose should be worried…

  53. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    As far as Kobe getting MVP’s ..He is talented enough to win more MVPs but after that first 3peat when Shaq left L.A. that could have been more championships for him ..he dominated as an individual..does he deserve it this year ..I would choose Durant…but for Mamba playing at the level he is is amazing for his age ….and MVP’s aint just about scoring it’s about being priceless to your team…your team can’t win with out you..the lakers are still a very dangerous team with out the Mamba…still and other teams regualr season records are in better than the lake show’s currently like OKC, My Spurs, Bulls, Heat ..but yes Kobe is perhaps the best player of the past decade ..with my boy Duncan , Dirk and KG in the conversation..

  54. Derek L. says:

    I enjoyed how JordanL. took one of Tim Duncan’s MVP’s even though that year Tim Duncan lead his team to the best regular season record with probably less talent then Kobe had (considering he was still playing with the most dominant big man of that time period in Shaq). Then in the playoffs (even though regular season MVP’s aren’t won there) Tim lead his team to the title going through the Lakers and won the finals MVP. But let’s not worry about that. Take his MVP and give it to Kobe.

  55. Schoolyy says:

    No one wants to talk about it or mention it but the aftermath of Kobe and his Rape Case of years ago has effected more than endorsement deals and trust from fans. It has effected how voters placed him as MVP. The years where Dirk won MVP and Steve Nash won back to back MVP titles are definitely years where Bryant should have had at least 2 MVP titles. 81 points in one game and still no MVP, leading his team to the playoffs year after year without a start studded Laker team was still impressive even with a one round knock out. Again, no speaks on it or will mention it but deep down, that Rape Case forever changed how Kobe was looked at and I strongly believe it affected how he was not voted the MVP in those years of high scoring, high flying #8 Kobe Bean Bryant!

  56. tommy says:

    He got robbed that season when he scored 35ppg, but that was mainly because of the colorado incident.

  57. DP says:

    Kobe has one MVP because he deserves one MVP. Shaq won the finals MVP 3 times and deserved to have won it 3 times. Kobe was Pippen for the first half of his career. People don’t take long to forget how good people were. I saw an article saying Kobe not Magic was the greatest Laker of all time. Rediculous. Magic almost averaged a tripple double for an entire season and was one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball, not just his generation. He has 3 season MVPs and had Bird and Jordan to compete with.

    I am a Kobe fan and realize how great of a player he is but people see the guy who is leading the league in scoring today and forget about the players he was competing with over the last 15 years. Shaq only has one MVP, so does KG. People see KG today and forget the years he averaged 23.0 13.0 and 6.0. It won’t be until Kobe retires and he is remembered like those above will people realize where he stands in history. And it won’t be as the best Laker and he has only deserved season MVP once.

  58. Tj says:

    Kobe got robbed 2 Season MVP’s last time. This year I think that Kobe or Durant should win it. Lebron should not win it because how can he win the MVP if you always choke in the 4th quarter?

    • Francisco says:


      • Renato says:

        I recommend you to watch last year´s Finals again.Then you´ll see who´s the best in decisive moments.





  61. Mamaaa says:

    Why is everybody saying that Durant deserves MVP?? He got Westbrook one of the greatest guards in the NBA and 5th in ppg. Then he got Ibaka the blockshotmonster and also Harden who is the 6th man of the year by far. He got all the help he can get and they can win without him. Kobe deserves the MVP this year!!

  62. JordanL says:

    Kobe could have legit gotten MVP in 2002-03, 2005-06, 2009-10

    2002-03: 30ppg, 7reb, 6ast, 2.2stl, 40% 3pt (lead the Lakers in 4 categories) and Lakers were 5th in the west

    2005-06: 35.4pts, 5reb, 5ast, 2stl (Having possibly one of the worst supporting cast for a superstar in a LONG time; and lead them to nearly 50 wins; 48-34 record)

    2009-10: 27pts, 5reb, 5ast (1st in the west and he had a record breaking 7 gamewinning BUZZER BEATERS that season

  63. Nate the Gr8 says:

    For those of you who are touting guys like Lebron and Dwade for taking their teams places with less than stellar cast members, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER HOW WEAK THE EASTERN CONFERENCE USED TO BE??? In ’09 OKC was the 8th seed in the west with a 50-32 record, in the east it was Chicago with a 41-41 record. In ’08, the east’s 8th seed was , that’s right, 39 – 43, in the west the record was 48 – 34. That would have made them 3rd place in the east that year. Btw, Cleveland won 66 games that year to LA’s 65.

    Let’s also keep in mind that you play teams in your conference way more times than you play teams in the other conference, so if you factor this in, the ‘good’ teams in the east would end up with noticeably inflated numbers, and deeper playoff runs. So Kobe’s been leading his team in a tougher conference, while LBJ’s done the same in a much weaker conference.

    Teams with sub .500 records were making the playoffs while in the west 50 win teams were missing out. No, please remember that the west for the last decade has been a much tougher conference to play in, so build that into your stats about LBJ and his accomplishments.

    The travesty really is how Kobe could be so good for so long and still only have 1 mvp to show for it. Kobe’s had good supporting cast, bad supporting cast, ok supporting cast, but so has everyone else on the list so I don’t know how that matters in this discussion. And based on that reasoning, we should disqualify LBJ and Dwade. I mean, Dwade and Bosh vs Bynum and Gasol as team mates? Really? Bynum and Gasol are good, but LBJs got 2 Franchise players on his team.

    Maybe the idea of Kobe Bryant is greater than the reality will ever be… thanks to all the haters who constantly knock his accomplishments. Truth is, people have hated Kobe from the start, calling him arrogant, selfish, and worse, But the fact is that at 33 almost 34, he is still in the conversation as the best player in the league. If that doesn’t put him down as one of the greatest ever, I don’t know what will. He should have had more MVPs to be honest, and he would have if he weren’t so hated by those responsible for making those decisions.

    • Francisco says:

      kobe statiscally can not be compare to lbj, check the numbers, lbj is superior year after year, People talk about the heat
      , if they have the big 3 bla, bla, bla, the Lakers are a better built team, both teams lack a good point guard, but the heat lack a real center, and Lebron and wade overlap each other, they basically had the same role in previous teams, either gasol , or bynum would make a heat a better team in exchange for bosch, by the way gasol was a franchise player in memphis also, did you notice how the lakers beat the celtics in the last laker championship in the game 7 with kobe choking big time 6 out of 24, he got like 14 rbs, but 6 out of 24 is really bad, and they won the ring for kobe, who was the MVP, DESPITE a disastrous game KOBE, if lebron shoots 6 out 24 either with the cavs or miami, they win nothing,KOBE can shoot and miss many shots, he has had good rebounders to put in.

  64. Teddy says:

    While Kobe was robbed in 2006 of the MVP, he also didn’t deserve to win the 2008 MVP, when Chris Paul took a much worse supporting cast within a game or 2 of the number 1 seed. The thing about Kobe is, he has always been incredibly consistent, but except for 2006, he never separated himself from the pack. He has always been one of the 5 best in the NBA, but other than 2006, it was easy to argue that there were others that were better. Think Shaq and Duncan for 2000-2005 and Lebron 2009-now. Kobe has always been among the best, and for such a long time that he is a top10 player all time, but his peak was never as high as MJ, or Jabbar, or Bird.

  65. john says:

    guys right now it still LBJ,very slightly if ever LBJ will continue struggle on the rest of the regular season. No other than will be more kobe MVPs right now…LBJ is talented player if you compare KD…..we have to accept the fact that LBJ is all around player than KD…hope Heat @ OKC meet at the finals…..just saying

  66. duro says:

    @reuben: Wrong question. It depends on your needs as a team. Kobe and Nash fill very different roles.

    @prix: Wow! Destroying Bobcats! That’s a REAL tough task!

  67. duro says:

    Nonsense. The MVP award is a subjective acknowledgement given by others. One can be the MVP or not and it’s not the MVP award which makes it so.
    What about the fact that players of poor teams never achieve it? Can’t one be the best player in the world and be in a losing team too?
    All these subjective/voting awards are just a way to stir up media fuss.
    Take a look at the Defensive POY award: it’s usually given to guys who block a lot or steal balls. That’s not defense, just ask to a real good coach.

  68. Francisco says:

    @lakerswillwin, calling people stupid because you do not get theirs idea could shoot back to you, 10 years ago guys like james,wade,durant ,rose,howard were not playing in the nba, also there is a price to pay in the first seasons, you have to get adapted to the NBA, kobe 10 years ago, was a good player,an nba ready player,so he is a candidate for the best player of the decade, and the BEST players of the last 5 years lebron,wade,howard do not have the minimun requirements YET,YET,YET

    • lebron wade howard combined have 1 ring and 1 finals mvp, kobe 2 rings and 2 finals mvps in the last 5 years, and howard should not be in the discussion,

      • Francisco says:

        robert horry had 7 or 8, the doctors in the lakers have rings also, does that make them better?BY THE WAY THE LAKERS ARE 4 AND 1 WITHOUT KOBE?WHO NEEDS KOBE?

  69. Airtaz says:

    Bottom line is, the voters jump on bandwagons.

    For example, the Miami Heat. There is no way in any sport, someone from a bought All-Star team should even be considered for an individual award. None, what-so-ever. With teams having to double team up to three players at any given time, everyone’s numbers will be inflated.

    This year, it should go to 1. Durant 2. Kobe. No others should even be considered, period.

  70. prix says:

    did you all see how LBJ destroyed bobcats last night? can kobe do that? i think not!
    LBJ is true MVP and wade is MVP-B

  71. Patrickmarc says:

    Kobe and Dirk are MVP for ever.
    Durant, Paul, both MVP this year,
    then Love, Wade, Lebron, Parker, Nash.

    It’s so difficult to say, therefore I vote for clever, patient, capable as a cat.
    I wish he becomes famous as Dikembe Mutombo.

  72. Alex says:

    Who cares if bron win the mvp ???? That doesn’t mean he is the best player … We all know that kobe is best when the team need him most.. In cluch !!

    • Francisco says:


      • NBAfan says:

        Yup…bring in stats to sound smarter and to sound like what you’re saying is true. Yeah, count how many clutch shots Kobe missed….that’s fine…

        WHY DON’T YOU COUNT HOW MANY CLUTCH SHOTS LEBRON DIDN’T TAKE….if you don’t take it, you have NO CHANCE of winning…..that’s worse than missing

        The thing is..if the Lakers are down by 2 or 3 with one possession left…you know who WANTS TO TAKE THE SHOT THE MOST….regardless of whether the shot is made or not…that’s up to destiny….but to WANT TO TAKE THAT SHOT…that’s clutch!

        Making or missing doesn’t make one’s to want to take the shot..that’s clutch. Go ahead and quantify and use stats to see how much Kobe wants to take that shot vs how much lebron doesn’t want to take that last shot….

  73. Reuben says:

    Here is a question. If you swapped kobe for steve nash right now which team would get better and which team would get worse?

  74. Leondria Bryant says:

    What’s going to be hard to explain is how Lebron wins 3 MVP’s and no championships.

    • Francisco says:


      • NBAfan says:

        @ Francisco….you posted a lot of comments in this blog…all of them anti-Kobe…you must really hate Kobe to even mention things like stats, Robert Horry, and double standards over and over again.

        I’m sorry nobody is talking about Lebron James or the Miami Heat even though their record is good and LBJ’s stats are as great as always. I’m sorry they lost to the MAVS last year. I’m sorry Kobe has 5 rings and has been to the finals 7 times. I’m sorry Lebron is 0-2.

        I’m sorry basketball isn’t all about stats. I’m sorry it’s not always about how fast you run or how high you jump. I’m sorry that Kobe is great and I’m most sorry that you can’t see that.

        Just one question for you. If Lebron is such a great individual player, AND he is so good at making his teammates better (cause Kobe is such a ball hog), how come he can’t win a ring? He can’t make excuses anymore cause he had wade and bosh last year, and he has even more support this year. He BETTER WIN THIS YEAR OR ELSE HE REALLY SCREWED HIS LEGACY…I guess you’re feeling the pressure too.

  75. henry says:

    ok, someone just explain this one thing to me. i can see y durant would finish in front of kobe for mvp, but lebron? seriously, all he does is choke in the clutch for him team. if theres a mvp on the heats its wade not lebron.

  76. Kobe is MVP says:

    Kobe should be the MVP, not LBJ.
    Why? The guy who screwed up the 4th period can be the MVP?
    It’s unfair to Kobe, cus he is the last minute killer.
    In addition, his sportsmanship is great, he tried to play every game he can with all the mileage markings and injuries on his body. He might not be as good as MJ, but he deserves his own place in the whole history of NBA.

  77. History says:

    Kobe was lucky to squeeze in one MVP. He Had no chance in the first five years of his career with MJ winning three titles in that time. He had no chance in the next five years when Shaquille rebounded from his Orlando days to win in LA. He had no chance in the five years after that when Tim Duncan won three of his four championships. So he is lucky in his final five years to get one by LBJ, Wade and company. Sekou, there not a lot of people better then Kobe in his generation he is definitely the starting two but Tim Duncan is the captain because he has a better personality. But the 92 dreamteam sweep Tim, Kobe and co. 4 – 0.

  78. Hey Sekuo, yeah its very hard to understand. i mean just look at other greats like kareem, Magic, Jordan…they all have multiple MVP trophies, and rightfully so. then you look at kobe and you only see one?
    clearly unfair to everything kobe has done for us and the league.

  79. mvp says:

    kobe should get the mvp this season, stats are for basis only. anyone can score 30+ and yet his team is loosing and not maturing. kobe lead the lakers with dedication, and winning attitude. players these days are playing for fortune and fame. THAT IS WHY PLAYERS WITH GOD-GIVEN GIFTS CAN’T WIN A TITLE.

  80. LakersRangafan2417 says:

    ok kobe got robbed when Steve Nash got the MVP. But is anyone talking about when Dwyane Wade got robbed by lebron james in 09? Wade and Kobe both deserve more MVPs than they have recieved. And if Kobe couldn’t win the Mvp because he had another player on his team in the MVP race (Pau Gasol) then LBJ, Durant, Kobe should not win the MVP. It should be Chris Paul

  81. wickedforehand says:

    C’mon now… He has maybe the best for a long run… but he was just not the best in the league for a year except his MVP year… The best for the generation on long term basis, not for a season…

  82. Xzed says:

    Wade should have won ’09 MVP…he had 30.2 ppg and made Miami 5th in East all alone!So shut up with Bryant!

    • NBAfan says:

      5th in the east for ’09??? That’s a joke…

      the 8th seed that year…the bulls with a 41-41 record…..the 8th seed in the west that year, OIKC, with a 50-32 record…..

      Kobe and his Lakers were top in the west which was clearly much much better….I mean, the bobcats made the playoffs that year

      you want to give Wade an MVP because he got his team to the play offs and averaged 30 pts for the first and last time in his career???? He was alone? He had Beasley, JO and Marion…he was NOT alone….yeah, it wasn’t the super team he has now, but he was NOT alone…Alone is Kevin Love in Minnesota right now. Alone is John Wall in WAS. Beasley, JO and Marion are pretty decent company and 5th place in a weak conference is nothing to be so proud of.

  83. rapstyle says:

    Wade should have won ’09 MVP…he had 30.2 ppg and made miami 5th in East all alone!So shut up with Bryant!

  84. Julius says:

    Kobe should have three or four MVPs? That’s nonsense man, when Kobe was leading the league in scoring the Lakers were as poor as piss. Apart from those years there have almost always been better MVP candidates.

    This article is no more than a tacit denigration of the Steve Nash years.

    • Renato says:

      You´re talking about an “era” that ended without the Suns even getting to the Finals.Nash is a great player, but didn´t deserve his MVP awards.Kidd and Bryant should have won.They´re both better players than Nash.

  85. the mvp goes to the player on the winningest team after shaq left the lakers stuggled yes kobe was ballin but he didn’t get a mvp till gasol came along and he got his teammates involed and they got the best record in the west, and for someone to say that kobe was not the best the last five years what game are you watchin 3 finals 2 championships 2 finals mvps no one else has that in the last 5 years, i mean the only player i can compare to kobe is tim duncan 4 time champ {and has never lost in the finals} 3 finals mvps tied for second with magic and shaq, 2 league mvps, kobe has a good chance of gettin mvp hes carried the lakers thru the adjustment of a new head coach and system and scoring like crazy and playing thru injurys and still playing at a high level kobe is the best closer in the game will he win mvp i don’t know and kobe he proably does’t care neither hes lookin to get number 6, best post season player in the game, you can keep the regular season awards nobody remmembers them.

  86. kobe says:

    i should have at least 3 for sure..all im saying ..nash stole one ..hahaha. im out got denver tonight..need to get to work

    • underdog says:

      you are entitled to your own opinion sir. I do think anyway that Nash deserves those back to back MVP.

  87. underdog says:

    Kobe deserves all the hardware he has now. I don’t find it hard to explain to the next generation

    • pistolj7 says:

      The only thing that I find hard to explain now and to the next generation is how some people think 3rd place for Kobe this year is a travesty. At best, he is 5th. heck he’s not MVP on the Lakers.

      • underdog says:

        I agree with you in that sir. Hekc the Lakers are winning without Kobe. And several players (Barnes/MWP) have actually stepped up because there is no ball hog on the court that ruins their game

      • Renato says:

        People,i beg you, think before you write your comments. Kobe´s obviously the best player on the Lakers, he´s the playmaker. And in the postseason,that´ll just become more evident.

  88. mvp says:

    ive seen some comments and i dont agree with one thing. kobe is a fenomenal player, an its damn sure the best of the past decade. but people dont understand one thing. im a big nash fan and also a kobe fan and i saw these guys in the past 10 years and they alongside duncan were damn sure the bests of the decade. but nash didnt deserve the two mvp’s? i mean, kobe deserved it, but nash turned the suns into an offensive machine. they were crazy fast. kobe had bether numbers, but nash deserved it has much has kobe. and nash should have also won in 2007. i agree that kobe deserves to win maybe one more but not in nash’s 2 mvp’s. and if im right, the lakers at that point were a bit struggling. i would love to see nash with kobe one year. maybe kobe would help nash with the championship and nash would help kobe with the mvp. who knows…?

    • Francisco says:


      • LakersWillWin says:

        I think the last 5 years would translate into the last decade? That just shows your stupidity. lol bravo

      • mvp says:

        yeah. just commented cause dont agree that nash didnt deserve the 2 mvps more than kobe. i saw how nash played and it showed up when we beated them 4-3 in 2006. and commentators said the guy that would win that series would surely be mvp. nash won. period.

      • Austin says:

        LakersWillWin – What? A decade is 10 years. Deca is a prefix for 10. How does 5 years translate into a decade? That doesn’t make any sense.

        Did you really just call someone else stupid and then try to correct them by telling them a decade is only 5 years?

        Also – Lakers will lose because Kobe can’t make shots anymore, and Kobe will retire before he gets another ring.


    • mr.ed says:

      mvp, just wanna point out that those commentators (whoever they were) are absolutely wrong.

      just because you win a playoff series doesn’t get you the mvp (though the mvp is awarded around the time teams started to advance into the second round)

      if how well you did in the playoffs factored into the mvp voting (not counting the finals since that has it’s own mvp honor), then there’s absolutely NO WAY dirk could’ve won it in 07, considering his 1st seed mavs were upset by the 8th seed warriors.

      the mvp is a regular season award and based off your play in the regular season.
      i remember having to explain that to some friends who were confused as to why he was getting the mvp after the mavs were upset.

      just saw that in your post and wanted to point it out.

  89. martin says:

    Show the man some respect the man is 33 years old and he is playing like he is in his mid twenties NUFF SAID Lakers 4 life
    hate bandwagoners stick with one team

    • pistolj7 says:

      He’s playing like a young man. He’s not getting the results of a young man, though. The one thing that confirms he is getting old (and that he knows it) is his obvious need to dominate the ball and take 24 (that’s 2 dozen) shots per game. He has to do this to score more so that guys like you will not realize that he no longer is even the most productive player even on his team.

  90. Student of the Game says:

    The hard facts are pretty evident, although have been easily ignored… Because of Kobe’s actions 1. Colorado, and 2. betrayal of Shaq he became systematically “shunned” & ignored. A look into the NBA past show’s Kobe was the “air” apparent and rightfully so crushing all competition. However, his acclaim ran into a brick wall where the league that once heralded him turn a blind eye to his accomplishments and achievement. In the years 2004-2006 Steve Nash won two MVP awards, and although he was playing honorable ball, Kobe deserved AT LEAST one of the years awards. The “slap” in my opinion only fueled the Black Mamba we have today. Bottom line- its a business NBA (National Basketball League, Inc.) and it’s sole purpose is profits. It’s decision to ignore a player who probably will go down as one of the GOAT’s is a travesty. Yet, we should find resolve in Kobe’s efforts to persevere and ACHIEVE his potential and more. Ironically enough, we’re all still WITNESSING the media proclaimed “king” either crumbling to his demise or rising above HIS obstacles. Sadly enough, Lebron is a young man with no guidance to help him mature as a man. It seems as if he does not win a championship THIS YEAR the wheels are set to deteriorate his confidence or his potential to achieve- not basketball individual achievements, however, mental maturity! In retrospect, the Mamba has arrived!!!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      If LeBron had someone like Phil Jackson he would definitely have won something by now. Phil just has a way of getting through to guys. Maybe not Kwame or Smush Parker (ha) but people who do have greatness like Bron.

  91. mr.ed says:

    well here’s the one thing some people forget about the MVP: it’s an award that’s decided by the media.
    up until the 79-80 season, the MVP was voted for by fellow nba players. since then, it’s been a panel of voters made up by the media.

    put simply, if you aren’t really liked by the media, you’ve got a next-to-nothing chance of winning the MVP.

    remember that during what would arguably be kobe’s prime years, he was still dealing with the fallout of the breakup of that lakers dynasty, the feud with shaq, and the rape case. not sure if there’s an official poll they have like nowadays for “most hated athlete” but i’m pretty sure he would’ve been first in that poll for those years.

    and honestly, mvp simply means “best player on best team” as that’s the standard it’s been on. one can argue that kobe should have nash’s second mvp for the absurd numbers he posted that season. consider the lakers did make the playoffs that year and gave hope that they had an outside chance, one can argue that he was the “most valuable player” on his team. take him away and that smush parker and kwame brown would move up one spot up in the offense.

  92. Michael says:

    The guys scored 63 in 3 quarters against the mavs and 81 vs the raptors in one game, and you guys gave the mvp to Nash, so it’s your guy’s fault and really you should make kobe MVP this year to make up for your past errors, he leads the league in scoring he’s still the best finisher in the league, what else do you guys need ?? for real, ya’ll are Kobe haters, I think everyone will look back at this in history and true fans will tell the story of “something was wrong with voters back then, they thought some 6 ft canadian was a better baller than Kobe who could almost score 100 in any given night, and don’t give me some “look at the league records, ya’ll know, that kobe had to ball with Kwame (the butterfingers, softest big man ever) and if ever there was an exception it was that season, ya’ll should be fired and let some of us who know what were talking about run things. . . .

    c’mon !!!! STeve Nash two MVP’s ??? Kobe 1 ???? It’s like when the mail man won over MJ, everyone was like “every year MJ is in the league, he should be MVP, case closed” the voting group of whoever is a strange group.

  93. Celtics says:

    Although i’m a celtics fan, I must say kobe deserves an MVP this year. Do you guys not understand what does MVP means? So what if Lebron is having great nights? The Heats are still losing games! An MVP is someone that is indispensable for the team. Without this player, the team cannot win. Wasn’t that the reason Rose won the MVP last year? (the rest of the bulls were far from how they are now) If by the logic that Lebron is putting up great stats and he should get the MVP, why not consider Carmelo? He’s has been putting up huge numbers for the Knicks! But we all know with or without Carmelo, Knicks’ performance won’t be that much different. There are only a few players that really do deserve the MVP this year. These guys are Durant, Kobe, Rondo and perhaps CP3

    • pistolj7 says:

      Of course you are a Celtic fan. The other thing that you are is grossly misinformed. If you really know what MVP means, you should recognize that the team should be winning more games because of him and not in spite of him. The team should NOT be losing games because of his selfishness coupled with his inefficiency. The team wins a couple at the end of games because of him but the game is close in spite of his 9 out of 31 and the twin towers carried the team for 46 minutes in spite of him. If you have not been watching because you’re a Celtic fan, look up the box scores and the play-by-play. These are available.

    • Someone knows what they talking about.

  94. sentt says:

    kobe should ATLEAST have two… and thats just minimum

    • pistolj7 says:

      What kobe should have 2 of are basketballs during the game. He can have hois own while every one else plays with the other. No one will care then if he shoots 3 out of 21.

  95. Go Mavs says:

    Dirk is BETTER than love, for cry’in out loud! Why is Kevin (Love) even on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week he averaged 18 points a game, and DAVID LEE averages more than that! Nobody ever looks at what Nowitzki does…

  96. cono_m says:

    you guys should better leave basketball and go watch another sport..2nd best player EVER, PERIOD. LeBron has always had great supporting cast (except 2007 when he made it to the finals alone).. so did Duncan.. But seriously you can’t compare the Spurs’ twin towers to the Lakers’ ones.. can’t believe so many kobe haters out there..

    • HeatFan27 says:

      2nd best player? He is good but not that good. Kobe always had a good supporting cast. Remember Shaq and those Lakers? Now they have Pau and Bynum. As for the years in between, Kobe moaned like a b*tch for another good big man. Kobe always needed help to win just like any other superstar to win a ring.

  97. Francisco says:

    I do not remember him being the the BEST player in the nba in any specific season, when people(fans) defend him as
    the best player in the nba is usually based on career, rings(team achivements),, his has always had a super supporting cast, now he has gasol an bynum averaging over 18 ppg and more than 10 rb, it is like playing along duncan an robinson and still he is in the number 3 , he should not be in the first 5, his shooting % is like 43, he shoots 3 out of
    20 and the press is quiet, he had the biggest choke in a game 7 nba history 6 out of 24 and he still got the mvp.
    he is likeable as a player for his elegant style of playing, but that does not translate in efficiency.HE has acomplished more than players who were not lucky to be playing in a powerful franchise but are f better.

  98. Gman says:

    It doesnt make sense Dwayne Wade has none…. so move on

  99. Kevin F says:

    And also, I cant believe Sekou just said “KB should have 3 or four….”

    4 mvps for what?
    From ’96 to ’04 Shaq did almost every thing. From ’04 to ’09 Lakers did nothing. And ’09-’10 it was LBJ’s years. Dont argue about the Magic loss. How in earth can a player score 49 points and his team still lose? But you, lame haters only remember the Game 4 and the supposed “I quit” atitude.

    • pistolj7 says:

      He could be MVP in the YMCA league in my town, Kevin F. 8 out of 26 shooting is good enough there.

    • Well if shaq did most of the work then why did they most likely shared MVPS. If they did nothing from 04 to 09 why did they go to the finals in 07,08 sdeason and won it in 08,09. If it was lebron years then they should of gon to the finals and won a chapionship. But he has none and kobe and the lakers have 16 champions. Lebron has not 1 ring. Only person got a ring is D-Wade. You see lebron couldn’t male one in cleveland so he moved on. You see when he used to play with cleveland those puppet commercials everyone thought it was cleveland and lakers but no. He can’t even get 1 with a better team.

    • Renato says:

      It ain´t a supposed attitude, Kevin F.,it happened. James wasn´t playing in a great team, i´ll give you that, but he´s always had an incredible mental weakness, that´s a reason why he still doesn´t have a championship, even tough he´s got the best teammates when compared to the rest of the great players in the league.

  100. AJ says:

    Kobe’s not by far the best player of the last generation. That would be Tim Duncan who could have easily have had 3 or 4 MVP’s, especially the one that Iverson got. Kobe for much of his career was a relatively inefficient scorer (low pfg) who was overshadowed by Shaq in his early years, whose team wasn’t very good during his best years, and who falls short of the impact of James now. For all the chatter about championships Kobe played with Shaq, Gasol and now Bynum. Perhaps the one MVP is a sign that voters aren’t as persuaded by the hype as fans and some segments of the media.

    • Jay says:

      So Lebron deserves it because he plays with Wade, Bosh and Haslem? I’m sure they are inferior?

      • Francisco says:


  101. Kevin F says:

    I dont know whats about the fuzz going on. Kobe, until ’09 he didnt led the Lakers anywhere. Early playoff exits and the inabillity to close out series prove that. And no, he didnt deserved any of Shaq’s hardware.

    • Jay says:

      And i’m sure lebron led his team somewhere when he won his first mvp right?

    • HeatFan27 says:

      To be fair it is the MVP for the regular season so how they did in the playoffs doesn’t really matter. Rose won last year but showed that one great player and not much help can’t take a team to the title. I don’t like Kobe but he does deserve his MVP award.

  102. japez says:

    hey dude kobe will always b da mvp bcause of his leadership n’ skills……kobe ur da best

  103. DoctorJ says:

    Seriously guys what’s wrong with you?
    How can the leader of the 2nd team in the league be only 10th? His numbers are likely the same than chris paul’s.
    Tony parker simply deserve a top 5 spot.

  104. mj0824 says:

    Totally Agreed Kobe knows that he should have won at least three or four …

    • pistolj7 says:

      This is from the same basketball expertise as Kobe fans chanting “MVP, MVP” as he shoots free throws. It makes me want to throw up. At that point in the game, he’s shooting 5 out of 17.

  105. Shiu says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise and I think no one should since shaq has only won one MVP. Nba is a business after all. They tried so hard to rise stars and focus on status more than the actual ability. Well…. Every sold jersey counts….Don’t worry, the ring speaks.

  106. lakermig says:

    ive been saying this for ages , of course it doesnt make sense, by far the best player for the past decade has only 1 MVP
    and yes it doesnt make sense how a 33 year old player who is leading the league in scoring and till the all star break completely carried the lakers and kept them in the 3 seed with only the likes of OKC and SPURS ahead of us in an impressively tough conference keeps getting overlooked for two players who although amazing are by no means doin it alone.not to mention he had a thorn ligament on his shooting wrist for like half the season which is when he did the bulk of his scoring.Basically yes in 10,20 years time ppl like me will be reminiscing about kobe and his awesomeness and think how the hell did he only get 1 MVP. the poor guy deserved at least 3 but at the end of the day he doesnt need multiple MVP’s when he already has one of the most successful careers in NBA history.

    • Gman says:

      Its almost like Gasol and Bynum… and Odom in the past didnt exist eh??

      • Jay says:

        As soon a Kobe went out they lost an easy game and then almost lost to New Orleans so I wouldn’t talk if I were you, lakers with all their hype have been proven to not be that great of a team when kobe misses games. Kobe outplayed Lebron when the heat faced them as well and the heat haven’t beaten the lakers, lakers have beaten pretty much all of the best teams all with Kobe leading them except for the San Antonio game.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Jay the Heat and Lakers are 1-1 for the season.

      • FanOfTheLeague says:

        You’re off, man. Kobe has the 2nd best center in the league & one of the most skilled power forwards. He spent most of his prime years getting knocked out the playoffs early or not even making the playoffs. Him getting to the Finals 3 str8 seasons, soon as Pau joined LA is NO coincidence. Yes, LA beat the Heat but PLEASE, do not forget that LeBron torched them earlier this season, when his right hand man Wade was injured & couldn’t play. Not to mention, Wade has missed 11 games this season. The heat are 10-1 without him, why? Because they have the MVP, the true MVP. As great as Kobe is, he takes away from Pau & Bynum & everyone else by jacking up 25 shots a game while shooting career-low-like percentages (not saying they’re better without him, just stating facts) Durant is even more efficient in the scoring department than he ever has been & LeBron’s put up career highs this yr. Shaq was extremely dominant & deserved every award he got, maybe one of Nash’s MVP’s should’ve been Kobe’s, but you can argue MVP races for every season. All I know is this season, the MVP race is a 2 man race & Bron’s got the slight edge, putting up numbers matched by no one while leading his teams to win, even when they’ve dealt with injuries. Either way, 24’s career is solidified & he’s got 5 rings & 2 FINALS MVP’s. Those are more valuable than any regular season trophy.

      • Lakers can beat any team without kobe. Just look at the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks.

  107. Coach Dee says:

    And history will always be remembered that Kobe “deserves” to own one of Nash’s MVP title and also one of Shaq’s hardware.

    It’s also in the NBA books that the MVP title don’t matter if can’t get your team to win championship(s).

    The real MVPs lead his team to CHAMPIONSHIPS. MVPs should not be solely individual stats.

    • Gman says:

      Sorry but Shaq can keep his, he earned it.

      • Coach Dee says:

        Either way, if it went to Shaq or Kobe. Both deserved the MVP title on their run on the 3-peat.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        You clearly did not watch the Lakers 3peat and what Kobe did for that team. It was NOT only Shaq. Go to youtube type in Kobe’s greatest games… This dudes username is “mamba” and some numbers and go watch all of Kobe’s greatest games from the 2000+ playoffs. Scoring 45 points 16 rebounds on 60% shooting against the Spurs. Shaq was a dominant force but you don’t realize what Kobe did… OBVIOUSLY>

      • He’s not the only one though think about it

    • Coach Dee says:


      I agree.
      But still, either way, both would have deserved the MVP.

      Shaq would have not dominated the paint easily without Bryant. Defense can’t help on Shaq because Kobe is also a threat from the outside.
      And vice versa, Shaq draws defense even without the ball inside the paint. Thus, Kobe gets only one defender outside.

      To sum it up, the defense cannot risk double-teaming either Kobe or Shaq, because one will be open eventually. Not to mention the other deadly shooters surrounding the two.

      • darryl says:

        in the year 2001-2002 kobe deserved to have that mvp. shaq played 66 games vs kobe’s 80 so although statistically they were ven the games difference proves that kobe attributed to more of the reason lakers got to that playoff point and beyond more than shaq attributed

      • Coach Dee says:

        I agree.

        But, that’s how it is. Shaq was the more hyped star-player that time. Kobe has just recently replace Jones on the shooting guard spot. Being underrated, not to mention drafted #13, is hard to earn that reputation. Especially, you have a buddy like Shaq.

        But that’s the way it goes, popularity will earn you MVPs.

        I even thought, the Rookie of the Year award was for Yao Ming. Stats were similar to LeBron then. The Houston Rockets made it to the Playoffs but the Cavs didn’t. But that’s how the NBA awards players, being popular(overly hyped) will get you the hardware.

        It’s funny that, some players are overly-hyped that before even drafted to the NBA is already being compared to Michael Jordan and said that will get rings more than MJ, but until now, has not proven anything.

      • Kael says:

        Coach Dee don’t state the obvious you’re a LBJ hater.come on there’s alot of great players who didn’t won a championship but they were MVPs like Rose don’t take away their recognition just because they haven’t won a crown YET.getting MVP simply doesnt mean Championships. Championship means TEAMWORK!

      • Coach Dee says:

        Excuse me?
        I’m not an LBJ hater, I hate all those who overhyped for him, and still not proven anything.

        Rose deserved the MVP, Nash too. They both carried their team to a top title contender. Can you say that to LBJ, knowing LBJ is been carried by Wade and Bosh? Is he really that VALUABLE to the Heat?

  108. Belizeboy says:

    I have a feeling that Bryant will (suprisingly) be getting the MVP this year, but it will be a robbery if anyone besides Durant gets it.