Hoping For A Spurs-Grizzlies Rematch

SAN ANTONIO – There were just over 41 seconds left in the rugged, ragged affair when Zach Randolph launched a desperate 3-point heave and Manu Ginobili finally to put a wrap on things by battling, swinging his elbows and clamping down like a bear trap on the decisive rebound.

“That is a good team, a very, very tough team,” Ginobili said after the Spurs finished off a 107-97 win.

At the other end of the AT&T Center in the Grizzlies locker room, Rudy Gay looked down at his shirtless body and tried to count up all of the bloodied scratches he could find – on his neck, both shoulders, his chest, his stomach, one leg.

“Yeah, it was that kind of game,” Gay said.

And it could be that kind of series again sometime in the next couple of months.

While Bulls and Heat were going overtime to settle what is a likely preview of the Eastern Conference finals, it is quite possible that the Spurs and Grizzlies were giving a peek at what could be the tastiest matchup in the Western Conference finals.

A year ago it was No. 8 seed Memphis turning in the shocking upset of the No. 1 seed San Antonio and taking Oklahoma City all the way to a seventh game in the second round.

Even though they’ve lost all four games against the Spurs this season, the Grizzlies are feeling just as feisty and capable. Last year it was an upset and the Spurs said they were handicapped by Ginobili’s elbow injury. So Memphis is ready to do it again.

“I’m not where I was a year ago health-wise,” said Randolph, who missed 2 ½ months with a knee injury. “But we’re prepared pretty good right now as a team. We’re ready to do it again.”

Let the Bulls and Heat have the spotlight and headlines in the East.

I’ll take Spurs-Grizzlies in the West for The Rematch. Tough, physical, relentless, bruising, bloody.



  1. eggwhiteonly says:

    If you compare the two teams last year according to their lineups..Spurs: Manu is injured, RJ and George Hill was in the lineup with no back-up forward-center. Grizzlies: No Rudy Gay. Zach Randolph was incredible in that time plus the “shocktroopers” Shane Battier and Tony Allen. Grizz took the chance by their youth, speed and tough defense to beat the #1 seed Spurs. But that was last year. This year changed. NBA lock-out season. both team changed their men. Spurs traded GH to Kawhl Leonard, RJ to Stephen Jackson (member of Spurs 02-03 Champs) Acquired Boris Diaw and Patty Mills w/c is a good additional for the bench. and the distribution of scoring is exceptional. Green, Neal, Bonner and Splitter is improving. while the Grizz Shane Battier traded to Heat, Tony Allen is out of the season due to illness, ZR sidelined for almost half of the season and acquired Agent 0 (despite of struggles in his career) RG and Marc Gasol are bigtime scorers for the MEM together with Mayo proving that Grizzlies are top contenders of the west. In this year there’s a chance that SAS can bounce back in their upsetting loss against MEM if they’ll meet again. Spurs has an edge. Newly improved lineup and healthy Big 3. SAS at 6 games

  2. bittlejuice_41 says:

    it will happen in the second round of the western conference..I will of with the memphis grizzlies..this is a team that will create match-up problems specially in the # 3 spot, small forward position..other problem for the spurs is who will guard z-bo aka. zach randolph…

    • justplayball says:

      ….Who will guard Zach?? Anyone Pop wants to guard him…..besides, he may be double teamed if he gets hot to get the ball out of his hands and make the rest of the ‘team’ beat ’em….. but no to worry…..they Will Not meet in this years’ post-season anyway …….

  3. grizzgirl1244 says:


  4. justplayball says:

    ….old news…Fran……… Why don’t you speak of the ‘great rocket meltdown’….. you know ….. some concurrent news…… Grizz won’t see the Spurs this year in any round…… lucky for them , because it will leave them with the “If we would have played the Spurs this year” … excuse. Without the perimeter defender they didn’t need any more going to South Beach to wait for a title, they won’t have a fair chance. But IF it does happen –(rematch) — it wil go no more that 5….

  5. Alex says:

    The Grizz have had a hard time beating bad teams recently. Meanwhile the spurs have won 7 straight with a margin of victory of 21.5 in the last 5 games, Including 2 wins over the lakers.

  6. KingSpur says:

    Pls compare SA team this year to last year. The Big 3 are healthy. Their reserves are smarter and better. They have a better wingman this time around. Count the number of 3 pt threats, Manu, Mills, Neal, Bonner, Jackson, Diaw and Leonard, that can easily spread the defense and while SA cannot rely on offense beyond the arc, the defense has to contest every single 3 pt shot. While most teams rely on their star players to control the game the Spurs rely on every single player to contribute which evenly divides the produc tion load.

    Spurs can only beat themselves becuase the hardest aspect of the game is to stay “mentally focused” on the fundametals of the game, and at this point they seem to be very comfortable and confident doing it.

    I say SA in 6 or 7 against Memphis.

  7. ND Flo says:

    A San Antonio/Memphis series won’t make it to the 7th game. Spurs are much deeper and more talented than the Grizzlies.

    • Andre says:

      How are the spurs much deeper???? The grizz go two deep at every position. OJ mayo, gilbert arenas, coming off the bench?? Thats is deadly scary for opposing team’s second units. You guys keeping fooling yourself on the griizz, you are in for a very rude awakening.

      • justplayball says:

        ….Gilbert Arenas???????? are you kidding….. he couldn’t even spell defense….that is why NObody wanted him on their team…aside from being a head case…… if you wish to compare That player to Spurs bench ‘team’ players…. have at it …. the first round will prove his worth… or should I say ‘worthlessness’ ….good luck

  8. Countess says:

    I think both the Grizz and Spurs have added some talent that has made them deeper and better. It will be the match up to see during the playoffs. I believe these teams along with OKC are the three best teams in the West.

  9. sammy desai says:

    MEMPHIS will beat the spurs in the 7game series again. They did it last year without gay and this year they have gay and arenas who is a deadly shooter. Watchout Spurs it might be a rude awakening again. Grizzles will win in a 7game series.

  10. jamesson0721 says:

    the Grizz lost Battier which hurts but they now have a healthy Gay and they managed to sign Arenas to run the second unit. Losing Battier isn’t good but I think they are better this year. Experience and having Gay and Arenas more than makes up for the loss of Battier. The spurs may have been hampered by not having Ginobli with them that series but that is definitely not the first time he has been injured for long periods of time. They know how to play without him and they had plenty of guys step up and in my opinion play better than ginobli. Hitting lots of open three’s that sent a couple games into OT. Gary Neal…. Spurs managed to get deeper too but I am not convinced Diaw will help at all and Jackson might get a couple Three’s in but the guy is a thug and hurts more than helps. Age is catching up to the Spurs but if the Celtics are defying father time, then why cant the Spurs. I would rather see the spurs win than the Lakers any day. I am pulling for the Mavs til they get knocked out, then Im an OKC fan. Pacers after that if all else fails.

  11. Omi says:

    Let’s face it Spurs is a dangerous contender in the West, but we can’t ignore the presence of MEMPHIS. and I think in a game of 7 series MEMPHIS will win it by 6. Z-bo getting off the bench was quite a good strategy and i think he is already 100% he just don’t want to show off until it’s playoff. Watch Out coz MEMPHIS got suprises.

  12. If duncan plays with young legs like he has been and last night i don’t see the grizzles beating them in a 7 game series everybodys on the memphis bandwagon

  13. Dalwin says:

    Last year Memphis come like surprize to league a specially to Spurs team.This year is different ,no surprize here ,Spurs need to stay HEALTHY if healthy Spurs will handlle Memphis is down in 6 games .I think Memphis have better chances against Lakers ( first round ) and OKC ( second round )

    Spurs just have very bad game against Lakers , happend some time .But do not look at that one game that Spurs are wash up .No by all means. Spurs are loaded and can & will compete for the Champioship . Under one condition like I seed ” STAY HEALTHY ”


  14. BFoulds says:

    Ginobili is healthy, Tim is healthy, Parker is healthy, and Randolph (the X factor as to why the grizz won last year) tells me that in a 7 game series this season, Spurs would win. It wouldn’t be easy, but they would pull 4 out of 7.

    • Dalwin says:

      Will NOT be seven games against Memphis this time Spurs in 5 or 6 that is it. By the way Spurs – Memphis 4 :0 this regular season . Hmmm

  15. Mamart says:

    In a 7 game series, spurs should win it! A triple-double maybe? TD?

  16. DW says:

    Careful Spurs, you were the #1 seed last season……

  17. I think the Spurs will be capable to beat Memphis for San Antonio’s concern is to stay healthy. If the Spurs managed to stay healthy going in the playoffs, they will be able to overcome Memphis in 7 games.

  18. NBA Benj says:

    Without the 100% Randolph, like last year, Memphis dont have a chance even with a healthy Rudy Gay…

  19. David says:

    What do you mean the Spurs SAID they were hampered by Ginobili’s injury? They sure as hell were hampered, he is the heart of this team. The fact that you do not state that the Spurs were hampered makes me come to believe that maybe you think that the Spurs were not hurt by not having Ginobili play.

    • Countess says:

      Don’t forget that Memphis was without Rudy Guy. So both team were hampered. Let’s see what these teams do when they are at 100% Even now ZeBo is not at 100% strenght and we don’t have Darrell Arthur.

      • pravdo says:

        Yeah, but Memphis was able to adjust to playing w/out Gay for months b4 the playoffs started, Ginobili was hurt on the last game of the regular season—not much time to adjust to that.

      • Dalwin says:

        Ginobili did not play in the first game of the playoff that Mempis won . Hello he did not play that 1 st game . Got point .

    • Des says:

      Ginobili still averaged the same amount of points. The Grizz was just tough defensively and great in the inside. Spurs were just out matched.

    • justplayball says:

      …David, Don’t worry ’bout ol’ Fran? short for “Francis”??? lol….. he is just another Spur hater from some other Tx city that just saw His team implode and decides to write about the best team in the league instead minding his hometown biz….. Business as Usual for the NBA writers….. a joke of a sportswriter he is

  20. Niyari says:

    Agreed. Although I’m biased as a Spurs fan, I love watching our games against Memphis. They’re always tight and very hard fought. It’s a shame we don’t have someone in our team that’s famous (or infamous) with the media, since that’s apparently what makes teams “fun” to watch.

  21. Amitpal says:

    I think in a 7 game series the grizzlies will win again. Spurs are just to short. There center is smaller then most SGs. A good power forward and a good center can easily beat them like the lakers did.

    • ChrisTx says:

      Coach Pop Healthy Team in a 7 game series lead by Manu, Timmy and Parker is dangerous and deadly.

      • Des says:

        Should be a good matchup. Also dont blame last year on Ginobili being injured, He still avereaged 20+ points and the Grizzlies didnt have Rudy Gay, Both teams have no excuses this year.

    • Dalwin says:

      Starting five for Sprs : Parker ,Green ,Lenard ,Duncan & Splitter . This line up beat Lakers on averige by 20 points ..Got Point