Hang Time Podcast (Episode 74) With Paul Flannery and LeMont Calloway

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the start of the NBA playoffs just a couple of weeks away, no team in the league is hotter than the Boston Celtics.

From Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett to Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass, Doc Rivers has them all clicking at just the right time. Might another deep playoff run be in store?

Everyone believes the league-leading Chicago Bulls have another deep run in them. Even with Bulls superstar Derrick Rose hobbled and struggling to make an impact, as he did in Thursday night’s win over the Heat, the Bulls look poised to make some serious noise in the postseason.

And that’s why we’re making plenty of noise on Episode 74 of the Hang Time Podcast with “The Professor,” weei.com columnist and Boston University professor Paul Flannery, and NBA.com’s Dunk Ladder guru and Chicago’s very own LeMont Calloway.


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  1. Tanganika Chalfant says:

    R. shouldn’t be suspended as I’ve been a men’s basketball official for two decades. The official which tossed him broke the cardinal rule by becoming emotional when tossing him. This caused R. to emotionally himself. Both men were wrong. Thus, two wrongs don’t make a right by suspending him. We as officials need to also keep our emotions in check. Watch the video & you will see an emotional official. This is from a women who is a men’s officials perspective. It would be an injustice to the NBA, the game of basketball, and all fans if R. is suspended.

  2. abdin says:

    ray allen is a pro at playoffs and he moght come back from injury out of the blue

  3. BasedonStats says:

    I’m not buying the Ray Allen injury…these are all resting methods being taken just for precaution. And Mr. Mamba over there in the west I believe is doing the same thing. Their respective teams need them in the playoffs and with both teams playing well without their respective superstars what valid reason is there to bring them back now, just wait till the last two games to get them conditioned, reacquainted, and ready for the playoffs. There have been a lot of injuries this year but these two in particular I’m not buying.

  4. tamanjiri says:

    if Rondo play awesome basketball like these past few weeks, there’s no doubt the Celtics would be 2012 NBA Finals Champions..

  5. the lakers are gonna win the championships cause of kobe and his beast moves.celtics do have a chance but not with the lakers…:D

  6. Nick says:

    I really want the Celtics to win it all, I really do but I just don’t see it happening unless everyone on their team is healthy and right now Ray Allen isn’t but Its the NBA and anything can happen in the Playoffs. I’m rooting on the Celtics all the way but I think it will be Oklahoma City vs Miami Heat in the Finals and the Heat win in Game 7

  7. beantownallday says:

    The Celtics will continue to do well if they keep their intensity up and Doc continues to be almost like a chess master and making the right moves to put on and take off the floor at the right times. I have complete faith that he will do that and that the celtics can beat anyone in the league. Keep it up boys!

  8. the bulls and the celtics??? i don’t think anybody wants to see the pacers in a 7 game series there playin as good as anybody they have won 8 of 9, this is nba,com and i never see any pacer love there third in the east and have a lot of talent they can matchup with anybody and are coached well and play as a team well, gave the bulls last year all they could handle in the playoffs at the 8th seed and i see them making a run.

    • Peter says:

      I’ve been saying it ever since I saw what Indiana did to Chicago in the playoffs last year…Bulls may have won convincingly on paper (in 5 games or so) but almost every one of those was decided in the last 60 seconds minutes.

      Start of this year they picked up extra pieces and clearly got better – right from the start I said Indiana are going to be tough. I don’t think they will win a title, but I think they will push every team they play to the limit.

      I see Bostn, Miami, Chicago and Indiana as the teams to eat in the east, with the Knicks being a possible wildcard given their recent play.



  10. Latrelle says:

    Celtics going all the way no matter what going on with a team mate they got another one ready to get there team a win. Celtics had that 5 streak win, and lost against Toronto and came back with a win against New Jersey. Celtics going for the champion and for the win.

  11. i thought it would be the end for them because even their boss are expecting that they will not make it against the bulls (with rose) and miami heat and they will just start to rebuild a new celtics instead of pushing to the finals this season. but look they are the only contenders who both beat those team this past few days, why not those big boss push and encourage the team to the finals and then after that it would be much easy for them to build a young and fresh players as what they are doing right now, instead of admitting that the contenders now are huge as the beasts. Because i know they’re not, i still believe of Filipinos sayings that “BILOG ANG BOLA”, no one can predict the game until the team SURRENDER. oh! by the way, i would be happy to see them in finals with their no. 1 rival LOS ANGELES “LAKERS. 😀

  12. Banvan says:

    the celtic’s can win if….paul pierce will not play by his own………..

  13. HDBornkiiler says:

    Ray Allen is a strait up baller if Ray Allen isn’t healthy then the Celtics will have no chance at getting past the second round of the playoffs.

  14. saywatnow says:

    yeah! celtics will make in to the nba finals and win the championship!! yeah!!

  15. nicole singleton says:

    I don’t know what’s gonna happen, people counted the mavs out last year and look what happened! The celtics aren’t going away easy……just wait and see!

  16. Yavi says:

    the celtics will win the finals because this his possible the last chance for them.

  17. BIGG LYNCH says:

    celtics will winn dont be surprised bulls and heat fans…..i can see them making it to the finals and possibly losing to OKC if they cant win it all

  18. ballhog says:

    bulls will win if rose is off the court

  19. ballhog says:

    Age really matters here…… ray allen is no longer stable to play…

    • CL says:

      What the hell u talking about?
      We need Ray for the playoff for the CLUTCH!!

      • saywatnow says:

        yeah they need ray still tho his having hard time on the postseason but for sure he will do what he needs to do to win his team!