Spurs Still Facing Size Issue Vs Lakers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Few teams understand their deficiencies the way the San Antonio Spurs do.

When the man in charge, Gregg Popovich, is the commander of the real straight-talk express, that’s just the way it has to be. So we’re sure that Popovich didn’t spare anyone’s feelings after Andrew Bynum worked the Spurs for a career-high 30 rebounds in the Lakers’ win over the Spurs last night in San Antonio.

What had to be clear to Pop (and his team as well) is the fact that even in a lockout-shortened season that saw them make all the necessary tweaks to their own roster, the Lakers’ length and athleticism in the paint remains an issue for them.

Depending on how things break down in the playoffs, it might not matter much. But if these two powerhouse franchises do get together in the postseason, the Spurs will have some things to resolve against Bynum and Pau Gasol.

More from Tim Griffin of the Express News, who suggests that threats from teams with towering frontlines could be the Spurs downfall in the postseason (the Grizzlies series is obviously still fresh on the minds of folks in San Antonio):

The Spurs have been receiving a lot of favorable national buzz since the trade deadline after adding Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills to their rotation.

The extra players are nice, but they haven’t made the Spurs any better equipped to face the Los Angeles Lakers’ height that has always been their biggest advantage against them.

The Lakers took full advantage of their size in a resounding 98-84 victory over the Spurs Wednesday night.

With Kobe Bryant out of the lineup, the Lakers were forced to work inside-out with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum as their offensive focal points. In a weird way, it might have made them even better equipped to attack the Spurs than if Bryant was in the lineup.

The Lakers outrebounded them, 60-33. Bynum grabbed a career-best 30 caroms as it seemed like no Spur was able to contest him inside.

“I was just going to get them,” Bynum said. “They missed a lot of jump shots. They shot quickly and they were coming off the rim nice and soft.”

Gasol added 11 rebounds to go with 21 points as the Lakers limited the Spurs to one offensive rebound in the game. It came with 7:34 left in the third quarter when Tony Parker grabbed Kawhi Leonard’s missed 3-point shot.

“He got a lot of position rebounds,” Spurs captain Tim Duncan said about Bynum. “Obviously, he’s a big body. He ended with eight offensive rebounds, and that hurt us, but all in all we just didn’t play well enough.

“Our focus wasn’t there, for whatever reason. We just didn’t play well enough for long enough.”

Long enough is right!

Of course, there is no other team in the league that can boast the length, skill, size and ability the Lakers can in their dynamic big man duo. Gasol is still one of the best in the business and there is not a more skilled offensive low-post player in the game than Bynum, who is flourishing this season in spite of some his antics (including this almost gaffe Steve Blake saved him from last night).

Duncan, DeJuan Blair and Tiago Splitter should be fine against most anyone else. But against the Lakers, they’ll face the same issues that every other team in the league does when they have to go against Bynum and Gasol.


  1. ldhl89 says:

    Lakers still facing “they are not as good as the spurs”

  2. lakeshow2012 says:

    yeah Metta and barnes will not score always. but kobe will :)) lakers will go to the finals. lol! they beat the hell out of ur LOB city!

  3. Johnwe says:

    One of the few thing that I agree with Shaq~
    Spurs can win the West and in this pace they will win the west.(Unless the face a Kobeless LAL or a healthy Grizz with Zach)
    And even though Heats has LBJ,D-wade and Bosh that’s all they got.
    Spurs bench are a lot better then the Heats.
    Also, though the Bulls are great in defense the only true superstar in their team
    is Rose that makes them an easy target for the Spurs.

  4. 88taichi says:

    we still have 2 weeks to play before the playoff then we go from there. there are things that going on out there.sometimes we wish that it will not happened but it happened.like none conference team try to spoil the one that is trying to go in the bracket of the playoff.

  5. argel says:

    prix is an idiot

  6. anonymous says:

    Bynum vs. Rondo. 30 vs. 20. Big man vs. Point Guard. Who wins? Well, which is it? Which stat is more impressive? The answer is…

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  7. That was pure luck last night on Lakers’ win. Rebounding killed them. They ain’t winning the Finals anyway..

  8. no kobe and spurs can’t win thats a problem and they were well rested and thunder loss to the clippers at home the wild west is wide open

  9. tdot says:

    i said it from day one im STILL saying it now . . . ITS SPURS AND BOSTON FINALS !!!!

    2012 – the year of end of eras

  10. ChrisTx says:

    I still believe if we made shots last night the floor would have been more open for drives and Bynum would not be able to room and get all those boards.

    We need to move Bynum or Gasul from the paint and we have to make the shot. If these two bigs stays in the paint and when we miss forget about the rebound.

  11. LAL says:

    It’s ok. Metta and Barns won’t shoot like this rest of the way, and the Spurs bench will outscore Lakers 30 per game.

    • TWizz says:

      Yea the difference in this game was Metta and Barnes. Metta was chunking up prayers that were going in, Barnes were just making them. Won’t be like that for long.

  12. prix says:

    HAHA LAKERS SUK!!!! EVEN THE OLD SPURS BEAT EM!!!!! HAHA IN YOUR FACE FAKERS FANS LOL!!!!!!!!LOB CITY WILL WIN THE TITLE FOR FINALS AND L.A!!!!!!! better luck next time kobe “olda$$” bryant LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned Fan says:

      What game were YOU watching??..I see you have the right name …Prix…LOL

    • LAbaby says:

      Prix are you serious? if you are, I’m laughing, If not then I just want to tell you the CLIPPERS aka FLOP CITY are pathetic there is no way they are going…hahaha to the finals lol. No even talks about them going to the finals the only time anyone talks about them is when Blake Griffin has highlights, because lets be honest here thats all he truly wants 🙂 Flop city is just simply that floppers.

  13. prix says:


  14. Nada says:

    Spur now have two worthy opponents….! Memphis and Laker. Don’t know if they can get out of second round!

    • justplayball says:

      …..not a problem….at all….Lakers are a ghost of a team and the cubbies just proved they can’t hang…..we will just have to wait and see