Pay For Play On The Olympic Team?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Playing for the Heat, Thunder, Celtics, Lakers or any other franchise has always been a pay-for-play proposition for NBA players.

But what about when the USA is splashed across your chest?

Heat star Dwyane Wade piggybacked on comments made a day earlier by Celtics veteran swingman Ray Allen in stating that he believes the players on the Olympic team deserve some sort of compensation outside of medals won and the appreciation of millions for their service the country.

(That $25,000 handed out for gold medals is gas money for the NBA stars that populate the team.)

It’s a bold statement for one of the league’s biggest and highest paid stars to make, especially when you consider the economic times we are in as a country, one that he backed off of this morning — telling that “he does not want to be paid to play in London this summer.”

But in his initial statement, Wade presented quite a compelling case to Mike Wallace of

“It’s a lot of things you do for the Olympics — a lot of jerseys you sell,” Wade said after the Heat’s practice on Wednesday in advance of Thursday’s game against Chicago. “We play the whole summer. I do think guys should be compensated. Just like I think college players should be compensated as well. Unfortunately, it’s not there. But I think it should be something, you know, there for it.”

Wade said he hasn’t thought about how much players should be paid for their time. But he said there is a demanding schedule that comes with a commitment to the national team. This summer, NBA players whose teams advance deep into the playoffs could have only a couple of weeks of downtime before the start of Team USA’s training camp in late July.

… “The biggest thing is now you get no rest,” Wade said. “So you go to the end of the season, [Team USA] training camp is two weeks later. You’re giving up a lot to do it. It’s something you want to do. But it’s taxing on your body. You’re not playing for the dollar. But it would be nice if you would get compensated.”

Later on Twitter, Wade clarified his thoughts to his followers: “What I was referencing is there is a lot of Olympic business that happens that athletes are not a part of – and it’s a complicated issue.

“BUT my love 4 the game & pride 4 USA motivates me more than any $$$ amount. I repped my country in 2004 when we won the bronze medal and stood proudly to receive our gold medal in 2008 in Beijing. It’s always been an honor for me to be a part of the USA Olympic family…and I’m looking forward to doing it again in London this summer.”

Wade is right, it’s a complicated issue that doesn’t lend itself to sound bites or the 140 character limit on Twitter. And let’s be clear, he did say that he is looking forward to competing in London this summer, without worry about compensation.

But does he have a point?

Should NBA players risk all that they do to participate without receiving some sort of compensation for all the revenue they will generate as part of the Olympic team?

Allen has clearly given the idea some serious thought, telling

“You talk about the patriotism that guys should want to play for, but you (need to) find a way to entice the guys,” Allen said. “It’s not the easiest thing in the world if you play deep in the playoffs and then you get two, three weeks off and then you start training again to play more basketball where it requires you to be away from home and in another country. It’s fun, but your body does need a break.

“Everybody says, ‘Play for your country.’ But (NBA players are) commodities, your businesses. You think about it, you do camps in the summer, you have various opportunities to make money. When you go overseas and play basketball, you lose those opportunities, what you may make… If I’m an accountant and I get outsourced by my firm, I’m going to make some money somewhere else.”

Again, great points made by Allen. And if we take the patriotism factor our of the equation …


  1. dwayne wade says:

    i don’t get paid to much I’m almost poor….

  2. Jay says:

    This is the world we are living in…very unfortunate that players like dwade and ray Allen who already made millions wants more…it’s like sprewel who turn down millions of dollars cuz he thinks it’s not enough to feed his family…nba players these days are getting worst…they should replace nba players with nba d league players so those guys can get more exposure and can get the chance to make it in the nba

  3. wickedforehand says:

    If I am good enough and I am chosen… I will represent my country even without gas allowance, food allowance, and miscellaneous allowances… and this guy who makes millions wants not just allowances but also compensation? GREED!

  4. JAY says:


  5. NBAfan says:

    They should get paid the same way any other olympic athlete gets paid…no more, no less.

  6. Mark says:

    I don’t understand… So their bodies will get more of a break if there is extra cash rolling into their bank accounts – yet they are still on the same schedule? If you don’t like it, pull out and give someone a go that will relish the opportunity to show what their country means to them…

  7. MaTt says:

    You guys are all forgetting a real big point…..

    The ”dream team” played in the last olympics. But where the **** were they for worlds? oh yeah they werent. They werent there because it dosent market them or there brand. They say they arent being paid to go to the olympics. But that is complete BS. They make there money by marketing themselves there. If they didn’t they wouldn’t even bother playing. If this wasnt true they would have played at Worlds.

    Kobe was the most popular guy in China, IM sure he made a few dollars for ”representing his country for love of the game”


  8. anonymous says:

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  9. matt says:

    that’s a joke. it should be an honor to play for your home team at the olympic games. dwane wade earned that much money. i can’t believe this statemant. if he don’t want to play there payless he should make his roster place free for someone who knows what its about to play at the olympics.

  10. karim says:

    What Ray Allen is referring to is the very basic economic concept of oppurtunity cost. Obviously he is speaking (and thinking) economically, and thinking so, his idea makes sense. But playing is voluntary and no one is required to do so. So that is it. If your good enough and you are selected you have a choice, it may be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity but you still have a choice and the $25,000 compensation is a nice little payday.. Any other arguement is irrelevant. All you people are speaking so subjectively, seemingly out of envy. Please be rational in your arguements.

  11. Eduardo Balines says:

    I agree with Davi on the veteran part. I am tired of these NBA players thinking that they are gods gift to earth and that we owe them everything. If we as fans would quit going to their games, buying all the merchandise and all that other stuff they would not have a dam paycheck cause we are basically paying them. I am a US Veteran and am very proud to have risked my life for this country. I would do it again if I had to. We get out of the military to come find jobs in this country that don’t even come close to paying us what these players make. What are they risking some injury that might make them have to find a regular job cause they can’t play no more. I was in for the beginning of desert storm risking my life. Veterans are coming home after years of risking their lives. What do we get a thank you, a holiday or two, and years of frustration trying to get the benefits they so much promise us and when we get them still more pain and suffering to get them working right. A veteran would only dream of getting what these players get. I loose more respect for these players every day. They think the country owes them when its the other way around.

  12. Moderators stop being sticks in the mud says:

    Who cares if I dont put my real email down. This is about freedom to voice your opinion. I made good comments, none of which were abusive or offensive. Stop being a cotton headed ninny muggin and post my stuff

  13. the flag should be a dollar bill because thats what represents this country, theres soliders makein little money and dieing in defending this country so you can get paid millions of dollars, every thing is about money, what happen to the love of the game.

  14. Pundit says:

    Players getting paid to play in the Olympic= Dumb
    Companies making millions off the jersey sales= Greedy
    Wade’s comments to get paid= Unacceptable
    Wade’s comments not to get paid= Acceptable
    Companies and Pro athletes making billions of dollars= Rediculous
    Money going into cars, boats, huge mansions, etc, while thousands of people around to world starve to death= Perspective

  15. TypicalHeat says:

    Just because businesses juice the Olympics for all its worth and make all the money off of it doesn’t mean the players have to do the same. And yes, comparing basketball players and soldiers is just moronic and shouldn’t be done. Dwayne Wade= approximately $17 million a year plus endorsements. Enough money to fly home or send a family all they could ever want or need. He plays a sport he supposedly plays because he has loved it his whole life. Your typical soldier enlisting out of high school or college=$20-30 thousand a year I’d guess. When they’re overseas they don’t have the money or the option to just fly home. They’re putting their lives on the line, not exposing themselves to ankle sprains. “This is america and money talks nothing is for free” That speaks greed, selfishness, and ignorance to me. Studies actually show we have more things but are less happy these days.

  16. shawhill says:

    Yes they should get Paid Because Gatorade, addidas and Nike are getting Paid and Promoted. The Nba is getting Paid and Promoted so of course the players should get paid. Patriotism out the window soldiers get paid and they are the most patriotic. This is america and money talks Nothing is for free

  17. JL93 says:

    Ask Manu Ginobili and Scola what they think….
    Dumb article, dumber NBA players

  18. ko0kiE says:

    it’s naive to say he should play for the country and take no compensation because there are so many poor people who deserve that money much more.,,even if that’s probably right, the money doesn’t just go to those mentioned people if the players don’t receive big amounts of compensation.. the money goes to someone else probably someone much less deserving than even the players..

  19. PatrickofCanada says:

    The reason this discussion should be looked at are that similar to the lockout; we are speaking of athletes who are playing for their own country and the billionaires that run the network programing and the rights to air the Olympics. There is definetly some BIG money to be made for any games showcasing NBA talent and the ad spots during these games. Someone is making money from these games so why shouldn’t the players not be as well? Any person contributing to and helping run the olympics should be compensated. Whether its a NBA athlete from the US or an international basketball player that made the team through tryouts, someone needs to be compensated from the kind of money the networks are earning. I also agree with some points regarding a players body and personal time from the game. Coming from a condensed season and the added strains of the playoffs, any person who is voluntarily playing in the olympics be losing precious downtime come next season. Compensation from the olympics to any athlete should be a must.

  20. Co Co says:

    Comparing NBA players jobs to the jobs of soldiers or even secretaries is like comparing apples to thermonuclear missiles. Please stop.

  21. Chris says:

    No compensation. Play if they want to play, not if they want to get paid. If you’re complaining about free time, then don’t go to the Olympics and take your free time to relax. In 1 year, Wade, Allen and other players will make more money that I will in Fifteen years…and I don’t work at McDonald’s. Didn’t we just go through this whole lockout thing because players were getting paid too much? How is money ever going to buy players less of an ego?…cause we know, that’s all they want. They can have anything else.

  22. kiefynugs says:

    Yes they should be compensated. They’re putting their bodies and lucrative careers on the line for no reason other than to represent the country.

    However, I also think its funny that there is no FAN input in the collective bargaining agreement, even though the fan’s are 90% of the economic equation. If players weren’t getting paid ridiculous amount of money this wouldn’t be such a controversial question and we wouldn’t have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for tickets and 10 bucks for a beer.

  23. maki says:

    Representing your country in the Olympics is voluntary. You don’t get paid for doing voluntary work.

    We understand the sacrifice that comes with it. If you think the schedule is too tough for your body, then don’t participate. There’s a lot other people lining up to join. Now, if you care more about the money that you would have made instead, then you really should not represent your country.

    But there is a point regarding the revenues gained from Olympic business. If there really is and its a lot, now that part should be talked about. Who gains this revenue? Maybe a part of that should be given to charities or something.

    At the end of the day, representing your country must come from the heart, not because you’re getting paid.

  24. mk says:

    That is just disgusting to read. We have soldiers overseas giving their lives for the service of this country at a fraction of what these players make. And they are whining that they should get paid for representing your country in basketball. Just shows you how most of the league are just a bunch of overpaid crybabies. Get real.

  25. Jordan says:

    i think that all olympics athletes in general should get paid like pro atheletes

  26. ebo says:

    i ve aways been reading comments here but i ve never commented but i feel a strong need to comment on this topic
    yes they should be paid as are athletes, soccer plays and all other sportsmen
    the argument that they make millions already and so should not be paid is bull
    i mean why on earth shud anyone work for free in the name of patriotism
    tell that to the soldiers and see their reactions

  27. RCG says:

    I love B-ball…and from my ealiest memories I have loved this sport. Having said that…it sickens me to see such ridiculously high paid athletes opining that they shuld be paid even more…for volunteering no less. Last time I checked that was what volunteering meant…optional. No pay. D.Wade’s statements would have you believe he’s out on the streets actually selling jerseys. Not! Ray Alen thinks that as “commodities” NBA players should be compensated beyond a $25k gold medal and worldwide adulation. Is he saying that NBA players are more deservng than ALL of the other athletes competing in the games? They don’t get paid. It’s not what the Olympics are about. Allen, Wade and the rest of the league who believe that they are somehow more special than the rest of the word need a severe reality check. Who knew becoming a millionaire athlete turns you into a greedy d**k?!! Wait a sec….I guess we all knew that already.

  28. Renford says:

    Actually other athletes DO GET PAID for being in the Olympics. And though the Olympics has that feeling of patriotism surrounding it, its run by the IOC, an organization that takes money for Olympic bids. On top of that Wade is right, without the NBA players there, te arenas arent aspacked, jersey’s don’t sell like they do, viewer ratings drop. So do these NBA players bring in much more money than if they weren’t there, yes they do. And just like the NCAA, these athletes should have some sort of compensation. Keeping this arguement solely about patriotism, means that you’re clearly not looking at the whole situation.

    • RCG says:

      You’re forgetting that jerseys “sell like they do” worldwide largely because of the forum that the Dream Team opened up in ’92. Wade, Allen and other superstars should be thankful that they even have the option to play as until ’92 it wasn’t possible. Also, while being one of the larger attractions at the summer games, b-ball still doesn’t draw the crowds like gymnastics/ track and field do. These are pro athletes as well…and NO the Olympics does NOT directly pay any athletes for competing. If an athlete wishes for riches beyond fame and gold medals the olympics definately provides the proper venue to propel athletes names beyond what a national league can. You would be mistaken if you think that olympic b-ball would somehow become unpoular without greedy NBA stars playing. Thats like saying NCAA basketball and the tournament would suffer greatly if a few guys or a single team weren’t present. Faulty logic.

  29. Retired Military Man says:

    This disturbs me greatly as a fan of the game. The NBA has a grueling schedule I agree. After these comments I would rather see the B squad because I fought in a war that allowed you Mr Wade and Mr Allen to continue to get up and have the freedom to play basketball. All we are asking you to is represent our country for a lousy few weeks. Now you gotta be compensated. I am retired and I work everyday and will never even come close to the riches you get for playing ball. But if the President ask me to suit back up and go back to war, my answer is yes, so that you can continue to have the freedom to play basketball and be compensated. Understand your blessings young man you have a choice, Really disappointed because I never thought you of all players would say that. More men fight wars than play in the NBA that’s for sure,

  30. David says:

    Pay them. But don’t forget to pay all the other Olypmpic athletes the same amount. Everyone gets paid, or nobody does.

  31. TypicalHeat says:

    This is typical of the Heat and I’m sure many other players in the NBA. The Olympics has and always has been about the pride to represent your country. The Olympic medal ,just like the NBA championship, should be the reason these guys play the game. Not the money, publicity, or endorsements. But the Heat are the worst with it. Simply put, watch the way Lebron reacts or Wade acts after they miss a shot. They look at the opposing teams crowd more than they start to run down the court to help their teammates. Perkins said it right when he said that you don’t see all these other guys posting on Twitter about the ‘Dunk of the Year’ like Lebron did. NBA players shouldn’t be allowed to have Twitters, etc. How about you stop holding the hands of these big businesses and they will stop feeding you baby food(money). Go back to when you were little and you played for the love of the game. If anything, make these businesses donate to the communities that prideful players come from.

  32. RIDICULOUS!!! These sort of things are for love of your country and for honor!
    SHAME ON YOU DWAYNE AND RAY!!!! you two should be fined for those comments, absolutely ridiculous what they’re saying. Rich and pompous arses!

    and college players should get compensated????? gimme a break!!!! gettint paid for something that is part of school??????? STUPID AS HELL!!!!You are obligated to follow school and they want to be paid for it? get out o here!


  33. Keith says:

    I think its too simplistic to say its the Olympics and your representing your country so do it for free, that was the original Olympic ideals which unfortunately have long been supplanted by advertising and profit. I agree with the players comments in so much as yes people are profiting from your ‘labour’ and you may well be putting extra milage on your body which could effect performance and therefor salary down the road, however the salaries and endorsment opportunities that NBA players now benefit from are largely down to the ‘Global Market’ that they play in – something directly linked with the Barcelona Olympics and the Dream Team – players would have a fraction of the Global appeal they now have if not for the Olympics. How many jersey’s or products does Wade hawk in China / India / South America / Europe due to his Global brand the Olympic platform helped create. Ultimately i think there should be no money given to these athletes for representing their country the Olympics generate millions from their participation and elite athletes Wade / Bolt / Phelps etc generate themeselves millions from being linked to Global Olympic success so either live with the good and bad or like many have said just dont take part!!

  34. John says:

    Greed! Just think of those soldiers in any country who put thier lives on the line but do not complain of how much they get paid. You just play basketball for aliving for crying out loud!

  35. ME says:

    Hell yea, they definitely shud. I thought they got paid I mean the medal’s are nice but I thought they still got some sota compensation. Now these idiots say play for your country but before black people were NOT part of your country. Fucc that, pay this brothers

    • Davi says:

      well, I would play for free, 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, Olympics. I would defeat anyone for my country.

  36. Obelsik3 says:

    I completely agree with Wade and Allen. I feel that international players who represent their country should also be compensated. I’m a strongly advocate the concept of “if you’re making money off of me, i should be awarded a certain percent of your earnings”. I don’t think this is unreasonable, especially considering 1) America has a capitalist government (for countries like China, for example, i can understand the lack of compensation) 2) Makes millions of dollars from advertisements/merchandise/paraphernalia off of the players 3) Players are putting extraordinary wear and tear on their body to train/play in the olympics (plus they have shorter rest time due to this truncated season). yes the opportunity to play for their country should not be taken lightly and should be seen as a privilege- i’m sure they do see it as one- but like i said earlier, if i’m putting my body at greater risk for possible career shortening deterioration and/or injury, then i’d like to be compensated, reflecting the appreciation for my efforts. Personally, i feel as though spectators undermine how much effort and work ethic athletes put into their craft (to be able to shoot 90% FT, for example) and, therefore its hard to understand the players’ vantage point when they ask for compensation. Anyways, its just my opinion, ya’ll are entitled to your own.

    • RCG says:

      They don’t have to play. They want to. This is not about patriotism this is about outright greed. Do you honestly think that Wade gets zero percent of the $ from sales of his olympic jersey? Do you think these athletes dont benefit from being seen on tv, magazine covers, cereal boxes etc, around the world? Don’t be naiive…this is about the athletes feeling that they deserve the lions share of proceeds simply because their names are involved. If they want ALL the $ and want to change the set-up then they should start their own league with their own rules regarding compensation for non-league contests. As far as wear and tear on a body is concerned…think how many pro athletes return to training camp out of shape and stink it up for a portion of each new season due to an off-seasn of partying, laziness or general lack of caring. Athletes who complain about wear and tear need only check their bank accounts to see that they have been AMPLY compensated for their time. If they can’t hack that, just think how bad they’d be in the real world where people actually have to work a full year almost every day and don’t make a fraction of what pro’s make.

  37. spittingame says:

    hmmmm – do these guys EVER stop sounding like spoiled brats?

    The choice is simple – you make a choice to play for your country, or step back and watch 250,000 individuals stand right up to take your place. Let’s see some true love for the game that has made you filthy rich, given you a lifestyle billions of others around the world dream of, and let you do something you say you “love”.

    Yes, basketball is a business, gentlemen. A lucrative one on several levels. But nobody is forcing you to do it – the only thing stopping you from quitting your job and finding a new profession is you …

  38. Koen Munk says:

    I’d give away all the money I’ve got to participate in the Olympics…

    Davi Boruszewski I totally agree with you!

  39. Devil's Advocate says:

    While I do agree that NBA players are already paid more than enough and should not be the ones complaining about compensation for their participation in the Olympics, I feel I must play devil’s advocate on this one. Whether you like it or not, people are making money off of the Olympics. The television stations covering the events, merchandise sales, increased tourism for the host country, etc. Should the athletes not get a portion of the profits made by the television stations covering their events? Should they not be compensated for jersey sales, posters, or even bobble-heads? And I’m not just talking NBA players, but all participating athletes. It’s all well and good to suggest athletes should participate for “honor” and for “pride”, but when people are making money off of their hard work and effort and they don’t even see a dime of it, I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit unfair.

    Bottom line, either broadcast for free (and commercial free) and give away the jerseys for free, or give the athletes some kind of compensation.

    • RCG says:

      Anything with a players name on it brings a percentage of revenue $$ to that player regardless of the venue. Just because the IOC doesn’t cut paychecks doesn’t mean that the athletes aren’t being compensated. BTW, if James, Wade, Allen, Bryant etc appear in ANY commercial, olympic or otherwise, then you can believe they got paid. You’d be mistaken if you think the olympics doesn’t represent a HUGE payday for pro’s. Endorsements and merchandising alone could net them several million $$ for a 1 week span. Greed should NEVER be excused!

    • Good Point says:

      You make a valuable point and have convinced me to open up to the idea. If the basketball players get paid all participants should get paid as well. Everyone who is in the olympics is top in their sport in their country. The olympics are about national pride, but people do make money off of it.

      There could be one salary given for all participants.
      Money being made by companies…a lot.
      Charities that could get more money…innumberable

  40. Brian E says:

    The olympic ideal of amateurism is long gone. Soccer players that play for their country get paid by performance. Win, draw, loose, qualification for big tournaments and how well they do in those. Not the $$$ they earn each month but at least a compensation for spending more time away from their families. To focus on what they earn already – or war veterans or factory workers for that matter – is irrelevant. Nobody puts in time for free. By the way I think other countries do compensate their olympic athletes.

    • NBA (doesnt) CARE says:

      yea they compensate their athletes…. with a complementary breakfast or lunch, not paid dollars

    • JoshC says:

      In the UK, Soccer players give away their fees to charity. Surely this should be the happy medium keeping fans and players happy.

  41. BFan80 says:

    It’s nice to know greed has no color and I’m a black man. Of course we already knew that but this is crossing the line. No matter how you slice it this will comes off as absolutely revolting. To make matters worse we’re not talking about guys working in hazardous conditions for no pay, we’re not even talking about an office clerk being forced to work 20 hours of overtime with NO pay. We’re discussing filthy rich albeit talented ball players who would like to be compensated EXTRA (on top of the hundred millions) to play a GAME on their “off hours.” Stuff like this makes me want to spit. And this clown is from my city.

  42. eeejay says:

    Playing for team U.S.A. is voluntary. You don’t get paid for doing volunteer work.

  43. NBA (doesnt) CARE says:

    this whole idea is stupid… I was watching the winter olympics in Vancouver and there was a skater from korea or some other southeast asian country who wasnt decked out in a crazy costume and his skates looked like something you would find a community center rental… anyways when he attempted his first jump the skates broke on him and he was still able to skate through his performance with a bum skate

    my point is that so many other athletes are doing this to represent their country and the pride of doing that is enough for them… when they go home (probably not winners) they still have to go through their regular day jobs whereas these NBA players go back to a life of fame, money, and playing basketball
    why do you need to get paid for something you volunteered to do… if you are complaining about the taxing schedule or your bodies not being up to it that argue for some more rest time…is money going to rejuvenate your body?


  44. Jorge says:

    While I understand this is a basketball site, think about all the other athletes who instead of being paid for participation have to pay out of their own pockets to be able to have the privilege of representing their country. There are dozens of sports that do not have a professional league and as such have Olympic representation by people who work regular jobs and do Athletic training on the side. These people pay their own trainers, many times pay to travel to events and competitions, etc. Even some of the highest paid athletes in the world, on a different sport (soccer players,) still do participate for the pride and opportunity of competition. FIFA even requires teams to make players available to international competition games. If the NBA players do not really want to participate because there are better business opportunities leading camps, maybe you should just look for the next person in the list. I would be tempted to say that there are plenty of players in this NBA who would simply play for the love of the game and would not think twice about getting the opportunity of representing their country in the Olympics. To the rest, just go and coach on leagues and go back to your family, it is your right anyway,

  45. WOW says:

    Don’t give rich people any more more just to play for their country. They should do it for love of the game and teamwork like every other country does.

  46. Bob says:

    If you don’t want to be there, then don’t go, Dwayne.

  47. Dieter says:

    Play for free or don’t play at all. Who cares if Wade, Allen and some other dudes don’t play? There’s alot of players in the NBA, D-League, college who want to take their spot.
    Having a team full of players who want to be on the team (and don’t care about any compensation) is much more important than getting that gold medal with a bunch of millionaires who think they’re more important than the country’s team itself.

    If I was a professional basketball player I wouldn’t go to the Olympics, because I would take free time over any Olympics or World Cup or whatever. If they would compensatie me, I still would take the free time. I think Allen and Wade should be placed in quarantine, so they can’t spread the disease to the other players 🙂

    • Amen to that! says:

      They’re just being ridiculous and are dishonoring the spirit of what the Olympics – which is to represent your country to the best of your ability, at whatever cost that might be. Athletes have been doing that for the last 100 years or so, what the has changed lately?!?

  48. billcollector1999 says:

    no way, this is what JOE TAIT meant by collusion and players running the league

  49. Jeremiah says:

    It’s pretty simple – do any of the other athletes get paid to come and play? No. What makes NBA players so special? There are other sports where people work a day job and train at night just so that they can go. Then NBA players on millions of dollars feel like a little bit of compensation for their time. Going to the Olympics is a privilege. They should consider themselves lucky to be going to it, and if they don’t feel like doing it, they aren’t under any obligation to go.

    • adam says:

      Thats why its optional to go, b/c if u wanna be greedy and money grubbing you can stay home and do commercials. News Flash D-Wade: The U.S. is winning the gold with or without u.

    • You' re right says:

      I always thought, Olympic athletes are not paid professionals *for the duration* of the games – even if they are in competition elsewhere. Either way, i think it’s disgraceful that someone would even think about a paycheck over the opportunity to represent their country. It’s not like they’re struggling athletes from some 3rd World country … dang! We’re talking about NBA Stars that are already earning 7-8 digit salaries being asked to forgo, 2-3 weeks to represent their country. My dog! There would have to be hundreds .. maybe thousands of pro-ballers (even even college b’ballers) that would jump at the chance to represent. Shame on these guys for even thinkin’ about putting a price-tag on their so called “Patriotism”.

  50. Davi Boruszewski says:

    Ow, yes. They should get paid. As well as the veterans of war who lost their legs, arms, health, or maybe the Kids from Hiroshima who were born double-headed. Or maybe guys who work for 8 dollars an hour carrying boxes. They should get paid.

    Why, instead of only thinking about how good they are( and yes, WADE, you´re stil good ), don´t you donate this well-arranged money to some community in Africa or countries affected by the world economy?

    It´s an absurd that millions of people around the planet can´t eat a bowl of rice and spoiled righ ballers still wanna make more money because they can shoot 90% FT…

    And I don´t even want to start with the “National pride” for playing to your country, which is, IN ALL THE COUNTRIES, a MUST. Especially Argentina, Brasil, etc…

    The guys who don´t feel good to play, meaning that they feel that they deserve cash, they just don´t go. They stay at home with their families, instead of defendind their country. A great example, I don´t think all of the players should participate on the NBA CARES thing…, only those who truly care, who truly give away, who truly spend some time with people who love them and inspire them to be better people…

    The ball don´t lie Ray Allen, and you are as cold as your shooting and probably your could spirit.

    • Kesavan says:

      Well Said Davi

      • Theodore B Lucas says:

        Totally Agree as Well It’s Not Like We’re Not Paying Inflated Prices to Watch Them Now a Days…I Think Representing the Country Abroad Is Payment Enough ; Unless They’re Paying For There Room and Board…Nothing Worse Than a Greedy Millionaire.

    • Rain Man says:

      You do realize that Wade is one of the biggest donars of money that have played basketball. He right up there with Jordan. Like 2nd or something. Everyone should donate as well but its not fair for you to call him out when he already donates so much