Blazers’ Aldridge Done For The Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Add LaMarcus Aldridge to the list of names that did not finish the season on the active list for the Portland Trail Blazers.

The All-Star forward will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right hip and will miss the remainder of the season, the team announced via Twitter this afternoon. They also released a statement as well, detailing the latest blow for a franchise that has been dealing with injury issues for years:

“In his most recent MRI, and following further evaluation, it’s been determined that LaMarcus has a slight labral tear and will require arthroscopic surgery,” said Acting General Manager Chad Buchanan. “LaMarcus’ priority is that he’s 100-percent healthy going into training camp this fall and we all feel this is the best course. He’s had an All-Star year and his long-term health is the most important thing to consider.”

Dr. Marc Phillipon will perform the surgery at a date to be determined.

A first-time NBA All-Star this year, Aldridge averaged a team-high 21.7 points to go with 8.0 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 0.93 steals, 0.82 blocks and 36.3 minutes in 55 games (all starts). He shot 51.2 percent from the field and 81.4 percent from the foul line, both career highs.

Aldridge currently ranks eighth among league leaders in scoring, 14th in field goal shooting and 25th in rebounding. He is the only NBA player averaging at least 21 points and eight rebounds while shooting better than 50 percent from the floor.

He joins the list of casualties this season that includes Brandon Roy (retired), Greg Oden (injured and later waived), Gerald Wallace (traded), Marcus Camby (traded) and Nate McMillan (fired), among others.

Recovery time for the procedure is expected to be two to four months, effectively ending the chances of Aldridge competing for a spot on the Olympic team for the London games this summer.


  1. TS says:

    He’s tough, he’ll heal, he’ll be back…GO BLAZERS!

  2. TS says:

    {What you do not want to step in when walking through the park} !!!!

  3. D Lion says:

    For some reason the Blazers-Mavericks 1st round matchup didn’t seem to cause many bad feelings between the teams and their respective fan bases, because many of the comments on here are from Mav fans. I think that speaks to the character of both organizations. Blazers will always be my #1 team, but I will always respect and like the Mavericks. As for the Blazers, this season was a tough one to swallow, but hopefully Aldridge comes back healthy and the Blazers can move forward. They’ve got lots of potential still, but all the trials this year were a little too much to overcome. Go Rip City!

  4. Ira says:

    As a Clippers fan, I too feel for the Blazers. We’ve had some great battles when both teams are healthy and I look forward to them next year and hope Lamarcus gets over this and back in shape as soon as possible.

  5. B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

    seems like theres a curse on this team!!!!!! =( NO BRANDON ROY! no oden!!!! no camby, wallace, and now no ALDRIDGE!! oh and no coach nate… wow.

  6. partizan1999 says:

    I am a Mavs fan. I hope the Mavs win another championship, but if there was another squad that deserves it more it would be the Blazers. It seems like thed NbA put a curse on the Blazers also because they get like 10 injuries every season

  7. gary says:

    no coach, no gm, no star,and tomorrow is fri the 13th…….if they have management it is not apparent.

  8. Me says:

    Character guys like Roy, Aldridge and Oden all out while Aholes like Kobe, Lebum and Howard run the league despite their arrogance, self centered attitudes and narcissism….doesn’t seem fair.

    • B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

      i agree. exspecially brandon roy. he was the most humble guy in the nba.

      • nba fan period says:

        every player is selfish in their own way so you can’t blame kobe and lebron or any good player for bein arrogant or self centered. also keep in mind that the corporate media surrounds them more than most players which does cause alot of effect on these players that just wanna play and go home to their families

  9. Tim says:

    From a life long Blazers fan, THANK YOU. It’s been rough at times.

  10. B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

    brandon roy…. then oden… then 2 of our fan favorite players…. then the coach….. now our #1 player and all star on the team is out. =( why does it seem all the bad luck happens to blazers. but no matter what happens i will always be a blazer fan<3 RIP CITY STAY UNITED

  11. jake says:

    the other problem is nic batum continues to play on knee tendonitus, big case of it, its noticeable if you watch him, not as sharp and stands in the corner more than sweeping baseline, they should shut him down as well

  12. garbagetimeblog says:

    Such a shame. Seems like everyone gets hurt in Portland. Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever reviewed their medical staff/ trainers. There just seems to be so many injury problems in Portland, or maybe they are just unlucky…..really unlucky.

  13. Evan says:

    I’m a Mavs fan and I’m sorry Aldridge will be done for the season. But maybe he’ll comeback healthy next year and hopefully have a better season.

  14. nick says:

    i have a lot of respect for you dan… I’m a blazer fan for life and live in portland…

  15. Dan says:

    Despite being a Mavs fan, I cannot feel worse for the Blazers. This is a team that has been borderline elite for so many years now, and are continously held off by strings of bad luck and the injury plague. I always look forward to when the Mavs play Portland because of how this team never makes excuses and continuously floor amazing teams. I wish LaMarcus a speedy recovery and the Trail Blazers organization nothing but the best.

  16. Tired of Haters says:

    This team is cursed and I’m sad to say that because I liked them since Drexler’s days.

  17. Herr says:

    Besides Paul Allen and Larry Miller, Aldridge was the only one here in 2007.

    Blazers were done this season anyways. The team gave up on Nate McMillain and the way they’re playing shows they’ve completely shut off for the season. It’s best to get this out of the way and then we can have our drat picks/Free agent pickups and Aldridge all come at once. Aldridge isn’t an Oden, he’ll be back and HOPEFULLY can play in the Olympics.

  18. Magnum says:

    Can we blame this tight season schedule to the player’s injuries?