Adoption Season: We’re On The Lookout For The Next Hang Time Grizzlies

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Two years ago we adopted the Memphis (Hang Time) Grizzlies and have watched them blossom into one of the league’s most exciting and promising outfits.

Now that they are all grown up, we’re on the hunt for a new team to adopt here at the hideout, another team that might be on the verge of big things in the near future.

With several candidates on each side of the conference divide, our first look is at the Detroit Pistons. They are promising young bunch, led by Lawrence Frank and his staff in their first year in the Motor City.

They’re already out of the playoff mix this year, which means they’ll have a chance to add yet another quality young piece in the June Draft this year to go along with a young cast that includes a potential future All-Star in Greg Monroe as well Brandon Knight, Jonas Jerebko, and Rodney Stuckey (they also have two HT faves in veterans Tayshaun Prince and Damien Wilkins).

They could be close to a breakthrough season, and depending on where they land in the lottery, that could breakthrough could come sooner rather than later for a young crew that’s working hard at it …


  1. G0nz0 says:

    So Sekou, are we talking about YOUR team, or just the Hang Time team? Cause if were talking about your personal team, thats just nuts. I’ve heard of fair weather fans, but foul weather fans? Thats a new one. Kidding aside though, I am curious, who’s Sekou’s team, and are you gonna keep rooting for those HangTime Grizz as they continue to develop?

  2. Eddie says:

    I like the sound of the hangtime Warriors. If injuries would just take a dam seat for next season you’d have a starting 5 of Curry, Thompson, Wright, Lee and Bogut. Surely out of the lower ranked teams in the league that’s a hell of a team. they’ll most likely add somethin out of the lottery and have Brown, Robinson & Jefferson in the 2nd 5. I think that might rattle a few cages next year if Boguts healthy to put a cork in that leaky defense

  3. samdon jennings says:

    Hangtime Bucks baby

  4. crossover says:

    the cavs have a bright future with kyrie irving leading away

  5. MaTt says:


    I feel even tho they are not a big market team, or a very good one. They deserve some media attention. As a Canadian fan I would love to see some media attention from or ESPN.

    This team is probably the most untalented team in the league yet they still play exciting basketball. Give them a chance Hangtime!!

  6. bro says:

    Sekou bro it has to be the Wolves man!

    • I think he means real young & raw says:

      The Wolves are just one marquee-player (imho) from being a regular playoff team. Gotta admit, their W-L ratio is bad, but many of the games the Wolves lost could’ve gone either way. I like the Wolves for playoffs next season – if they can pick up some mid-top player to help in the paint. The Love just ain’t getting any help from the two centers (or Beasley) and that’s the killer for an otherwise great prospects team. Love, Rubio, Barea & Ridnour should be kept as the core, to be sure, but everyone else is expendable (tradeable) on the T-Wolves roster.

  7. Peter says:

    The KIngs!

    DeMarcus Cousins is going to develop into a great player, one that provides stories because of his love for the game and the fact that he doesn’t back down. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. Combined with the draft pick they’ll pick up in the summer (Sullinger? Idk) . This team is going to be a contender in a couple of years -mark my words.

    I hope you pick them over the Piston’s Sekou, it would make the blog more fun. Not that I wont be reading either way.

  8. the pistons? you got to be kidding,

  9. ko0kiE says:

    the kings will figure it out in 1, 2 years.. 😉 hopefully.. but they’re loaded with talent.

    • The Kings is why i am here too says:

      I like that DeMarcus Cousins is atarting to prove alot of the doubters wrong. I like the look of the kid from the start. I can see the kid eventually growing into a cross between Moses Malone & The Mailman. Add into that Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, Tyreke Evans & ‘The Jimmer’ .. and you got yourself a young core of raw talent that can only get better. If anything, i think they could do with a much better coach. With Coaches Sloan, D’Antoni & McMillan available, who knows? I think Coach Sloan or McMillan could fit, but that’s just me.

  10. tupark82 says:

    Detroit? Eh… is there a hangtime Warriors? Curry taking over the reigns with Bogut anchoring the defense with Klay Thompson blossoming and a possible lottery pick… exciting times ahead!

    • Ben says:

      You forget that Curry can’t lead a team in street clothes. He’s great, but hasn’t come close to proving that he can stay healthy and play hard, consistent ball. Build your team around him and you may find yourself severely dissapointed.