Title Dreamers, Beware Of Boston

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Go ahead and mark it down now — the two cities that every team dreaming of a championship needs to avoid at all costs during the playoffs are Memphis and Boston.

Just like the Grizzlies in the Western Conference, the Celtics have given everyone ample warning that they will be in the business of crushing hopes come playoff time. Their work since the All-Star break has been well documented. They have all of the components needed to derail the title aspirations of any other team in the playoff field, just as the Grizzlies did to the Spurs last year.

From a coach in Doc Rivers (who is arguably the best in the business at taking whatever parts he has and crafting them into a cohesive unit) to a clear leader in Rajon Rondo (who has finally asserted himself as the true catalyst for this club) to the fading-but-still-furious-glory of future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (who have all had to accept diminished or drastically different roles than they are used to at this stage of their careers), the Celtics have everything in place to squash dreams and realize their own.

Their demolition of the Miami Heat twice in the past 10 days is no fluke. The Celtics, the league’s nastiest defensive team, showed last night that when they’re knocking down shots, they are nearly impossible to deal with. The Heat scrapped their way back into the game and still couldn’t overcome the Celtics, who shot a blistering 61 percent.

With Rondo directing the traffic, the ball moves all over the floor, making it hard for any team — even one as talented as the Heat — to concentrate its defensive focus in any one place. Garnett and Pierce both turned back the clock last night.

Garnett finished with 24 points and nine rebounds, and played a little of everywhere on defense (locking down Chris Bosh when they were matched up and doing his best to slow down LeBron James from the perimeter to the rim during their time going head-to-head).

Pierce might have been better than KG, though. He shredded the Heat for 27 points (on 8-for-16 shooting and 8-for-10 from the free-throw line), forcing James and Dwyane Wade to work overtime on both ends of the floor.

Rondo finished with 18 points and 15 assists, his 18th straight game with double-digit assists, marking the longest such streak since John Stockton did it 1992. And he was deadly from the floor, making mid-range jumpers and even knocking down the one 3-pointer he attempted.

Their confidence is sky-high right now and with good reason. Rivers knows it, too, having seen this team come full circle from the time they were assembled in the summer of 2007 through all of the trials and tribulations of the past four-plus seasons.

Rivers said it best last night: “We’re not complicating the game right now. We’re keeping it simple … We played a sensational game.”

Sensational enough to make believers out of many. Sensational enough to convince us here at the hideout that the expiration date on this Celtics team should be extended through the next couple of months. Because you don’t perform the way they have against the best of the best, the teams that everyone considers the true title contenders, if you’re not serious about winning a title of your own.

“We were efficient,’’ Rivers said. “I told them to take what they give you. They are a great defensive team and will overload at times. Our guys just stood, waited, and made those shots. They just kept throwing punches at us. We withstood them and kept moving forward. I thought that was important for our team.’’

A statement win, according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, who pointed out that the Heat tested the Celtics in every way imaginable and the Celtics still prevailed:

The Celtics have beaten the Heat the past two weeks in two distinct games. Miami was held to 34.8 percent shooting and three 3-pointers April 1. Tuesday, they made 44.8 percent of their shots and eight 3-pointers. They tested Boston’s defense and the Celtics responded by rebounding.

A Boston team that has been abysmal in that category most of the season competed in the first half, building a 65-57 lead as it outrebounded the Heat, 22-13. Rivers has asked his team to be more passionate about rebounding and interior defense, and that was critical to a mostly double-digit first-half lead.

“Really, you don’t want to get in these type of games when you scout them, you get into the pregame things, you don’t want to make this a track meet,’’ said Paul Pierce, who led the Celtics with 27 points. “I guess that’s exactly what it was and we showed we can go out there and put up over 100 points if we move the ball. The key was we rebounded and didn’t turn it over. We’re a great shooting team when we don’t do that and we know we can score points on anybody.’’

Anybody and everybody should be worried about these Celtics come playoff time. You’ve all been warned!


  1. Not-A-Fan says:

    All I see is bashing between Celtics and Heat haters. Just one thing to remember though… the ball is round. Miami ‘might’ win a ring this year. The same goes for Boston. And for the other 16 teams in the play-offs. It is unlikely, but not impossible, for an 8th seeded team to beat the No. 1. Who know’s? History might repeat itself this year.

  2. Da Bok says:

    The truth, no more no less.

  3. anonymous says:

    Bynum vs. Rondo. 30 vs. 20. Big man vs. Point Guard. Who wins? Well, which is it? Which stat is more impressive? The answer is…

    To read more go to http://www.nbathroughmyveins.wordpress.com

  4. MadManDan says:

    The Celtics are gonna make it to the finals, our only threat are the Bulls. Banner #18 comin’ up!

    • JOSE631 says:


  5. jose Hater says:

    Hey BEANER! Jose631 you r an idiot. All Miami does is put on fancy shows. When the game is on the line they start quivering! Please Mr beaner Jose631 fix you grammar. All you stupid California beaners just root for the team that does decently good in a couple of games. Champions are real men, not a bunch of crybaby losers like the HEAT! They are not Championship material.

  6. MIAMI030601!!! says:

    Talk all you want BOSTON Fans, come playoff time when it really counts then you could trash talk all you want.
    STOP YOUR EXCUSES about last year! You BOSTON TEAM didnt whine or have excuses you BOSTON FANS should do the same…

    this is MIAMI’s Year and this will be the YEAR ALL YOU HATERS GOTTA EAT YOUR WORDS! SMH!

    • mortred says:

      Miami’s year? you gotta be kidding..
      why is it that Miami is trailing Chicago?
      for your info, Miami isn’t the toughest team in the league this year..

      if what you mean is about who’s gonna dominate this’ post-season games, then it’s gonna be the Celtics and the Bulls on the East and the Spurs and the Thunder on the West..

  7. lakermig says:

    In my opinion there’s no way they even get to the eastern finals they just don’t have what it takes to do what they did yest on a consistent basis.and rondo is good very good but he cant keep this up for another 2 months

    • twolves says:

      that may be true, Chicago is one tough team to beat (if Boston and Chicago would meet in the post-season, the Celtics would certainly have a hard time, but i know that the Celtics would put up a great series against the Bulls).

      the Boston Celtics are doing great right now, they’re on a run (i hope this momentum keeps up to the post-season games). let’s see what happens, i’m looking forward to Garnett winning another ring (a MVP award is also suitable for KG).

  8. LakersRangafan2417 says:

    The Celtics have the potential to beat any Eastern Conference team in a 7 game series. They can make it to the Conference Finals without a doubt. Who they will face is interesting though, because they can definitely beat miami because they are a bunch of whining little girls (except Wade because he is a beast). Not sure if they can beat the bulls with a healthy derrick rose. If he combines well with Noah and Deng the bulls are unbeatable and NBA champions

  9. Kyle says:

    Heat fans don’t know sh## bout basbetball. See you in the ECF Miami Heat, we’ll beat your @$$ and make bron cry again.

  10. NDJC says:

    we’ve got it men congrats forever….. we are the CHAMPION OF ALL TIME… Gods will….

  11. Jerry says:

    I’m a lifelong green-blooded Celtics fan who is thrilled with the way they’re playing right now. The defense has always been there, and that’s where winning starts. The emergence of Bradley; moving KG to the 5; and bringing Ray Ray off the bench to give some scoring punch have all been moves of typical Rivers’ brilliance. However, there is still one more thing they need to do, and that’s obviously to rebound. IF they improve significantly in that area, they are a threat to go the distance. If not, they will lose in a tough and long 2nd round series to the Bulls. I don’t know how you suddenly address an issue that significant without a personnel change.

  12. Fan of basketball says:

    Remember that time wen Boston beat Miami 3-1 in the regular season then got dominated in the playoffs? Oh right that was JUST last year. Everyone wrote Miami off during the post-season and I hope they do it again, makes Miami play better.

    • CELTICPRIDE1224 says:


  13. paolo says:


  14. Heatles says:

    As a heat fan, I am not angry at this loss. (Hard to beat 60% shooting). Thing is we kept fighting back which is not what we had been doin at the start of the season. They gave us a great game. But watch out, if 60 percent shooting is what it takes to beat us when dwade is not playing like dwade. good luck. And for all the HEAT bashers saying we didnt rebound…..haha hard to rebound made shots.

    • RCG says:

      Could it be that Boston just plain spanked Miami twice? Could it be that the C’s defense is better than the Miami offense? Celtics haters need to understand that this team has finally surmounted the adversities of earlier in the season and they are, now, clicking. Only 7 losses since the all-star break but to the haters that doesn’t mean anything either. Top 1-2 defensively but that doesn’t count. Neither does great coaching, chemistry, leadership or heart. If the only thing that counts is winning games then the hating needs to stop. Boston is winning games. Miami fans just can’t get past the fact that some team other than the Heat can win. C’s are a complete team, even with the injuries and adversity. Miami is 2&1/2 hack-crazy superstars…and NO BENCH!

  15. CS9 says:

    If the celtics had Jermaine O’neal and if Jeff Green had been healthy, they would take down the miami heat and chicago, I mean look at what they’re doing now without them,at the start of the season they weren’t winning like this cause they didn`t have much chemiestry. now everyone WATCH OUT because the celtics are rising again.

  16. C for Cleavage says:

    in my opinion, they will not win. mark it! nyahahaha

  17. jonny says:

    The heat are playing thinking in the playoff, They are not playiong at their best. They want to send knicks or bucks to beat Bulls in 1st round playoffs if bulls succeed then boston will beat bulls or neither one boston o bulls will be with injuries and miami will easily win the esather conference and be ready to defeat the spurs in the finals

  18. joseph says:

    @ Laine,,boston will beat miami..if not with offence by defence.

  19. littleteapot says:

    “Doc Rivers (who is arguably the best in the business at taking whatever parts he has and crafting them into a cohesive unit)”. How many of these compliments with qualifiers are people going to give Doc Rivers before they just admit he’s a really good coach. Just say Doc Rivers, who is proving his coaching prowess once again, or something.

  20. Celtics200 says:

    IK i cant believe they lost. They should have won that game. But the celts r impressing me right now

  21. check says:

    Like I said before, don’t believe the hype. Too many people on the celtics bandwagon right now and their die-hard fans are high on a couple of Ws. A game when they shoot 60%+ from the floor against one of the best defensive teams in the nba and you start saying they will win everything? Don’t get me wrong, I like the Celtics and would like for them to win everything but face it, they are at best the 3d team in the East right now and they wont win a 7 game series against Bulls or Heat with their current rosters. Optimism is okay but some of you guys are plain crazy. And watching that last game the way their shots went in and how close Miami was to them all the time just proves my point. When its do or die and you need to give it all you got the celtics wont have enough gas.

  22. boston still need one more piece coming of the bench

  23. Zadar says:

    Let me just remind you. They did it twice in 10 days with a championship-calibar performance. I´m just wondering will you be claiming the same thing if they beat them third time before playoffs? ˝If Miami is the Heat, then Boston is the Winter, and Winter is coming…˝ Beware C´ship Dreamers!

  24. Patata says:

    I just cant love my celtics more than i do!
    Hopefully we will win the championship, (that we slipped away in ’10) and if we do, im gonna be the happiest man on earth!!!

  25. To bad just last week the celtics blew a 11 point lead to the rose less bulls. I cant believe the celtics hype and heat are not the same team they were in the first half of the season they been lookin bad lately.

    • the truth says:

      that game was second night of a back to back and the first game they had the spurs so somewhat of an excuse (no back to backs in the playoffs) and also they just simply played a bad game that second half

      • beantownallday says:

        hahaaaaaahhaa wow you guys are somethin else.

      • beantownallday says:

        i hope you get used to making excuses every year that the big 1, 1 , and 1 are in that horrible franchise and not winning nuthin

  26. Laine says:

    If this game proves anything it’s that Boston has 10291029312 ‘ifs’ when it comes to beating the top teams.

    You shoot 60% in the game, best against the big 3 EVER, and probably one of the best the Celtics have done for a long time.

    You shoot 60% from mid-range, with a league average of 40%.

    You score 115 points, with a team average of 91PPG.


    This was nothing more than the Celtics shooting the lights out, they would’ve beat any basketball team on the planet with this performance, let’s not forget that it won’t happen again, especially not at playoff time.

    What a joke.

    • 6nba5 says:

      I’m sure u said the same on april fools, and yet 10 days later ur fool a$$ is still talking about it won’t happen again, go have a seat clown and stop crying, the heat are not unbeatable. its a 2 man team with no real support

    • Belizeboy says:

      Exactly! It was a good performance by the Celtics but will it happen for four games agianst Miami (if they play each other in the playoffs)? I think not.

    • RCG says:

      The Celtics TEAM beat the 2 and 1/2 men from Miami…not a cohesive unit with strong coaching and proven championship mettle like the C’s have. 2 solid wins in 10 days against the “favorite” says somethging to the rest of the world even if you are too thick to get it. And, btw, the C’s have been proving since the all-atar break, that they just might be legit contenders as well. Watch some actual NBA games before you start using words like “never” and “won’t.” Just because the only opinions you have come directly from some biased media-outlet scrub commentor doesn’t make them any more credible.

    • beantownallday says:

      CLOWN.. you talk about ifs when they are facts. i think it looks like more of you making EXCUSES! go b*tch and moan somewhere else buddy

  27. Dylan Robichaud says:

    I am a hudge celtics fan and i dont think the celtics or the lakers will make it past the second round, however i do think the heat will play and lose to OKC in the finals, thats my prediction

  28. Lord p says:

    Boston had an incredible game..Garnett showed he still could delivers performance like he did..Boston is still able to win a playoff round but not good enough to win the eastern conference!The Heat showed again that they not gonna win it at all..Bosh the only talented big man they have is not though enough to play defense like he should…at this stage of the she should more consistent in the paint on both end of the floor but didn’t see any of that..sorry but can’t see a happy ending for my team!!!

  29. JOSE631 says:

    AFTER READING SOME OF THE COMMENTS THESE CELTICS FAN HAVE WRITEN ALL I CAN DO IS LAUGH, I LOVE HOW ALL OF U ” beantown haters” talk about the celtics making it to the finals just bcause they beat MIAMI in two regular season games……………keep dreaming…….. im actually ok that miami lost to boston because guaranteed miami will use those losses as motivation come playoff time……….Bosh is better than garnet all day, all garnet does is shoot jumpers and he aint gonna shoot no 60 percent come playoff time………BEWARE THERE IS A HEEEEAAAAATTTT WAAAAAAVVEEE COMING. 2012 CHAMPIONS 4 SHOW………. D WADE AND LEBRON UNSTOPABLE………

  30. JOSE631 says:

    AFTER READING SOME OF THE COMMENTS THIS CELTICS FAN HAVE READING ALL I CAN DO IS LAUGH, I LOVE HOW ALL OF U ” beantown haters” talk about the celtics making it to the finals just bcause they beat MIAMI in two regular season games……………keep dreaming…….. im actually ok that miami lost to boston because guaranteed miami will use those losses as motivation come playoff time……….Bosh is better than garnet all day, all garnet does is shoot jumpers and he aint gonna shoot no 60 percent come playoff time………BEWARE THERE IS A HEEEEAAAAATTTT WAAAAAAVVEEE COMING. 2012 CHAMPIONS 4 SHOW………. D WADE AND LEBRON UNSTOPOBLE………

    • RCG says:

      Couple of things: 1. Wade deliberately cheap-shots Rondo and breaks his arm then the entire Heat team starts sniping the elbow as soon as Rondo returns…dirty mf’s. Pretty much done for the series. 2. No center for Boston and no, JO does not count…hurt, bummish etc. 3. Battier??? Really??? Battier is Miamis’ savior this season? If he’s the difference maker then Miami is done already. No NBA team Battier has been on has made even a conference Finals run. Same goes for Miller. 4. Know your history…name one NBA team in the past 32yrs that has won a title with a “young” roster. Veteran teams win, Sorry Miami fan…Chicago is the only Eastern conference squad with match-up problems for Boston.

  31. kobe says:


  32. rajonrondo123 says:

    celtics r beast beware miami

  33. Max says:

    I gotta say that the Rondo+Bradley back court is so fast and energetic. The best two decisions Doc made this year: 1. Put KG on 5. 2. Start Bradley, so that Ray can get more shots when the 2nd unit is on court.

    • kobe says:


  34. Xaled says:

    ” The Celtics keep proving they’re well primed to spoil another team’s championship aspirations. ”

    this is the writer’s wish, Actually they didnt spoil any team’s championship aspiration as mush as they won the 2010 title for the Lakers in 2010 by eliminating the two teams that had HCA in the finals, when Garnett was outplayed by the horrible defender Pau Gasol and Ray Allen was stopped by Derrik Fisher

  35. Dom says:

    BANNER 18!!!! LETS GO!
    Nobody expected DALLAS to win last year, and look what happened…
    Now it’s Boston’s turn

  36. perfecttens says:

    I don’t care about the Celtics but I do enjoy watching them play. I hope the C’s bully the S H I T out of the Heat especially “King James”.

  37. MIAMIWHO says:

    Glad they beat the heat. It should show heat fans that the heat arent a lock to win it all this year. On the other hand, calm down Celtic fans. It aint like the Celtics are gonna win it all this year either.

  38. davey boy says:

    But in the series last year KG was playing horrible, the big ticket scoring single digits in 2 games? and one of the games he opnly scored 2 points? Miami only beat Boston last year because Bosh dominated KG…and it was the opposite the previous game.

  39. kobe says:


  40. Andy Roo says:

    Well the heat are done for, all teams will need to do now to knock them out of playoffs is to follow the blueprint Boston has laid out for them.

    -shoot 65% from the 3 pt. line

  41. goldieasia says:

    Sekou…Sekou ……Sekou….If I remember correctly the little ole lady from Boston warned you about the C’s just before the break….but I am too old and too wise to say I told you so and in addition to that I’m pretty sure Doc will out think himself during the playoffs……these coaches who believe in shortening the rotation during the playoffs are nuts.You go home from the dance with who ever took you…….What really makes the C’s dangerous right now is that Paul has finally realized that he can do more damage inside than out…KG has been a beast all year and Avery is probably one of the best defensive players in the league …But all you C haters not to worry Doc will revert to playing Ray (whom I love) at the end of thegame instead of going with the youngblood who will take and can make the outside shot and loves tiptoeing on the baseline.If I could only talk to Doc I know I can help …but who’s going to listen to……….The Little ole Lady from Boston

  42. Adna Abdi says:

    It was a great win but now they have to prepare for the playoffs. If they play like they did last night and the game before in Boston, then they will have a good chance against Chicago or Miami in the playoffs. We can’t get all hyped up just because they won these 2 games against Miami. I’m very happy they did, but I wanna see the C’s do this again in the playoffs. Looking forward to seeing my Celtics do some damage in the playoffs! #CelticNation

  43. eric august says:

    KG, The Truth, and Ray know this is their last run together. They’re out to prove they have what it takes to do it one more time. I think they have a stronger focus than last year. KG is thriving at the 5 spot, and playing as well as he has in 3 years. Pierce’s game is at a high level without question. And Ray being willing to come off the bench, shows he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win, and we all know he can catch fire at any given time. Rondo is playing extremely well. They have the best coach in the league in my opinion. Avery Bradley and Steimsma have proved to be major contributors, and don’t forget they still have Pietrus coming back. Last year Rondo basically had his arm broken in the Miami series. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Celtics made it back to the finals, and the Big 3 get a shot at their 2nd ring…

  44. check says:

    Don’t believe the hype. Regular season is nothing. Playoffs are where/when this game gets serious and guys start fighting for a ring. Teams to beat still are Heat in East and Mavs in West. Show some respect to the reigning champs of their conferences. They took care of bussiness when it mattered and went straight to the finals. Heat went 12-3 in East PO last year, going through Celtics and Bulls (supposedly the best teams) 4-1 which is close to a sweep. Until I see the Bulls or the Celtics (who seriously remind me of Spurs = too old) take the Heat out, my bet is on the Heat in East this year. And no regular season exhibition game can make me change my mind about a 7 game series in playoffs after I saw the Heat manhandling the East last year. Same goes with the Mavs in West. Teams to watch out for are Knicks and maybe Magic in the East, not the Celtics who havent gotten any better this year (or actually got even older and no J.O.). So not to be hating on any East team, but ya’ll must be high if you think that anyone is going to go past Heat this year since they got Battier, Turiaf and that Rookie while still having the same guys they had last year. I’m not going to change my mind till I see some playoff action.

    • Chuck says:

      the only business that Dallas need to take care entering the playoff is buying fishing gears. Without Barea this year they’ll go fishing fast…..

    • celtics4ever says:

      BITTER MUCH CHECK? lol!!

    • RCG says:

      Like Battier is a game changer or something. Since he’s been in the NBA has any team he’s been on even made a title run? Answer: NO!

  45. todd mulcahy says:

    with age comes wisdom,
    doc rivers knows what he has available to him, 3 quite great older basketball players who when healthy along wit rondo doing his thing are as good as any team in the league. The bench has stepped up and defense is a decision of the mind and heart. That is why they all have 6 fouls, being tough and determined has won Boston more than one championchip. The celtics have somthing going for then no one else in the league has in there favor!!
    THEY ARE THE BOSTON CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!! (not just some other team)

  46. Seeding is what Matters says:

    The Celtics have the edge on the Heat, but I think the Bulls have the edge on the Celtics. So what matters so much is the seeding. Right now, the Celtics are in 4, Bulls 1, and Heat 2. So the Celtics would meet the Bulls, not the Heat, in 2nd round, which is a very tough matchup for the Celtics. What the Celtics need to happen is either a) Heat stay in 2 and Boston somehow catches Indiana for the 3 spot (so Indiana needs to lose a few), or b) Celtics stay in 4 and Heat overtake Bulls for the 1 spot. I’m not sure if either of these scenarios is likely, but the Celtics need one of them to happen in order to play the Heat in round 2 and not the Bulls; it is critical.

    • Sideliner says:

      I would agree with you on this one if we were sure Derrick Rose would be healthy for the playoffs. But with his injuries, the continuing random injuries to Rip Hamilton, and the wrist issue with Deng, Boston definitely has the upside–and with Bradley emerging, they’ll have a great defensive stopper to answer Rose (though you can’t really fully stop Rose in every game).

  47. gocharles says:

    If Wade didn’t deliberately hurt Rondo in last year’s playoffs it would have been a very close series. People should remember that!!

  48. shaun d says:

    To anyone that really knows and watches basketball. The Celtics are an older team, yes; but still have great players. That’s why Rondo is the best point Guard. NOT player playing the PG position (Rose/Westbrook). He makes it easy for for the big three/ team to get their shots. So wit that being said. The lose of Ronda in the playoffs last year hurt them as they were in ever game against Maimi wthout him, but lose. Now that he’s playing the way he’s playing; it will be very hard for anyone in the East to beat them.

  49. Where's Prix?? says:

    This isn’t Bostons last year together. They will win the championship & be given another shot together next year

    • RCG says:

      Prix ain’t commenting when his teams lose like this. He’s still busy choking down all that garbage he talks the rest of the week.

      Does anybody else out there think that Doc Rivers has been showing old Muhammed Ali films to his team? It looks an awful lot like the C’s have been playing rope-a-dope. Somehow this team is getting better and stonger as some of the other “Elite” teams are sliding.

  50. Sebastian says:

    What is the use of the writer saying pierce was better then Garnett he took a couple more shots. KG only missed 3 shots the whole night and hit a huge basket on Bosh. They both did great. The Heat don’t want the Celtics in the playoffs to many match ups in the Celtics favor. Who says they can’t score I mean there whole starting line up averages more then 10 points with Allen coming of the bench. If Pietrus comes back they will have the firepower to beat anybody.

  51. Tony Monteon says:


  52. welcome back to reality says:

    i remember celtics taking 3 out of 4 games last season but heat took 4 out of 5 in playoffs where it really counts..

    • Fraka says:

      Do you remember Wade breaking Rondo’s hand?

    • Guy says:

      Yes when DWADE murdered Rondo and then when he played with one hand they all banged his wounded shoulder

      • robert says:

        don’t forget about the injured big guys in no bench play if the celtics win the title this year it will be the greatest title win in the history of the nba because of all injuries this team has had this year and their age and even though their winning all the experts are saying no because of all the injuries JESUS is lord

      • Sick says:

        Too much reasons celtics fan.. lol

    • Josh says:

      Hey Welcome Back,
      I recall Wade being a dirty lil ____ and busting Rondo’s arm with a take down that swung the series. Rondo’s healthy, we beat your @$$.

    • Kel says:

      Well, Pierce got ejected and Rondo got injured, and the Celtics were on the downslide–playing well in the beginning of the season, and slipping towards the end. This Celtics team is much different than last year’s. Young players and bench players are emerging (see Bradley), and they are on the up-slide now, playing their best basketball and will probably take a lot of momentum going into the playoffs. KG has moved to the 5 spot. Ray Allen is coming off the bench, but not decreasing in minutes to provide a punch for the offense when before the bench would have problems holding leads. They are playing championship caliber defense, and Doc (once again) is pushing all of the right buttons. Meanwhile, last year, the Heat were coming together towards the end of the season. They are struggling a little bit now. Completely different circumstances. In last year’s series, both Wade and LeBron shot ridiculously well from the outside. I wouldn’t expect that consistently from either of them. As it stands, I don’t think the Cs and Heat will meet in the playoffs, unless both make it to the ECFs. Indiana’s playing well, it’ll be hard for Boston to catch up, even while playing great basketball. I think they’ll hold on to the 4th seed. Miami wants it this way, they don’t want to see Boston in the playoffs. Make no mistake. And if Miami draws NYK, they’re not going to have an easy first round. Miami’s better, but you never know what’s going to happen with either of those two teams. Miami has been inconsistent as of late, and NYK might decide not to play defense.

    • the truth says:

      i remember the celtics winning the championship 17 times and the Heat 1 time where it really counts..

      • michaelson11 says:

        the heats came in the NBA in 1988, by 1986 celtics had already won 16 championships and the heats had to play Jordan and the Bulls and detriot pistons when the pistons were a dynasty before they could go championship

    • Wes Wynter says:

      …remember dwade pulled rondo down and nearly took his arm off! one armed rondo vs. a two armed rondo is a HUGE factor! that series could have very well swung the other way…

      • michaelson11 says:

        no it couldnt because heat led series 2-0 and that was in game 3 whcich celtics still won and rondo still had a big game then heats win game 4&5 to beat 4games to just 1

    • Sideliner says:

      And they’re both very different teams this year. PLUS, the Heat have been exposed: no one’s standing on the side watching them to see how they play anymore. Boston knows how they play, as do other teams, and they’ll be prepared to stop them. I’m not saying Boston’s going to beat them easily–I’m not saying they’ll beat them at all–but the Heat aren’t the powerhouse they were last year, and Boston’s looking proud and strong for the playoffs.

    • Just stating the facts says:

      Yes the Heat did beat the Celtics in the playoffs but if you remember correctly the Heat were just starting to get their chemistry together in the 1st part of the season, when they played the Celtics 3 times early in the year, as the year progressed the Heat got stronger and the Celtics had injuries left and right and after the trade of Perkins it really killed the chemistry and confidence of that team. Then Rondo went down and that was it. This year the C’s started out being the weak link and the Heat started off strong, now as the season is nearing the end the Heat (w/no injuries) are weakening and the C’s ( still injury filled) are showing up and taking over…not saying they will win it all but it’s looking better for them than the Heat.

    • EB13 says:

      I also remember that that was last year, you should try focusing on this season and stop being in denial. if they play they way they played last night or last Sunday, no matter what Miami does, or whatever adjustment they make will not matter they will LOSE. It’s easy to point out that you beat a team that was unhealthy in the playoffs last year, let’s see if you can do it again when we actually are healthy and have a starting center now. Miami fans are the one who needs a reality check, you should wake up and realize your team is overrated.

    • Igor says:

      But last season Boston came on the offs in clear decline, but now two weeks to the offs and Boston is improving its game.

    • Celtics_Diva says:

      Whole new day with new players, playing new roles. You just worry abt getting out of the first round against, possibly the knicks.

    • reality bites says:

      Last year’s Celtics also had a better record….so what? last year was last year

    • XtravaK says:

      Rondo Allen and BOTH O’neals had injuries in the playoffs last year. Heat cant beat the Celts when everyone is healthy so i dont wanna hear anything about the playoffs last year when the Heat was healthy and Celtics werent.

      C’s baby.

  53. Victor Manoel says:

    The Heat is better, of course (although the team to beat in the East is still Chicago). They just need Bosh to get in the court, because he’s becoming a constant non-factor for the Heat. Right now, that talk of “Big two-and-a-half” makes more sense than ever. Come on, Bosh, we need you! Without strong games from Chris Bosh, Lebron e D-Wade will have to be MVP every single night if the Heat really wants this championship. Yesterday, LeBron played like the MVP he is, and still Miami came up empty. So, beware!

    • Devon says:

      Didnt the celtics just beat the sorrya$$ heat yesterday in their own city? and they killed the heat in beantown a week ago? get your sh## right the heat will never win the title and the only reason they won a few years ago was cuz of SHAQ!!!! so quit ssayin sh## thats not true and watch some basketball!!!!! PEON!!!!!!!

      • michaelson11 says:

        celtics and bulls both beat the heat 3 times last year , when the playoffs started thats when miami started to play with effort and full potential. and they won championship because wade was the best closer alongside 4 allstar , shaq, garypayton , antione walker and alonzo morning consitent bench and were albe to come back in the 4th quater

      • Sick says:

        as always Celtics win all games in regular season.. lol

    • beantownallday says:

      you make no sense buddy, get the hell outta here and go walk out with 2 minutes left in the game like the rest of your CLOWN a** fake fairweather fans.. coudnt stand to see the refs actually call a decent game in your corrrupt home court huh? wowsa… guess it wasnt just april fools day how Dwayne… CLOWNS all of you!

  54. K says:

    This was a good win for Boston because their now in Miami’s head. Boston destroyed Miami in Boston and last night took away Miami’s thought to be only advantage; their home court. Boston outplayed Miami once again, only this time it was on Miami’s homecourt. Miami was really never in the game last night! Everytime Miami tried to work themselves back into the game, either KG, Paul Pierce, Rajon or Ray Allen would hit a big shot to knock Miami down. Miami has to be questioning themselves right now because outside of an all out effort against OKC last week; just to squeak out a win, they really haven’t beaten another play – off caliber team. An the disturbing part is that the better teams in the NBA are beating the Heat with easy. Doc Rivers said it best last night “Miami can’t score in the half court!” LeBron is trying to bring it every night, unfortunately the same cannot be said about DWade and Bosh! Miami can not even be considered for the NBA championship if Wade and Bosh continue to play as inconsistent as they’ve been playing. For this team to win, all three of these players have to play great ever night. Each one of them has to win their match- up and then have one or two other players have a good night. If Miami doesn’t find an answer quick and go into the play – off playing as inconsistent as their playing now; then they’ll be pictured on TNT as “gone fishing” after the first round!

    • Please! says:

      Bosh is a school girl … don’t expect him to bring anything but a packed lunch. D-Wade? Yep, i’ll go with you for sure on that call. LBJ and D-Wade have to both fire come playoff time else their South Beach vacation begins real early this year.
      They have a cast (on paper) that can do the job … real question is, will the Heat do the job? I’m not convinced. Celtics are to the Easter Conf’ what the Grizzlies will be in the Western Conf’. Remember you heard it here first.

  55. Law064 says:

    Good game from the C’s well for the Boston haters saying they’re tooooo old well guess what, they looked younger than Miami last night. The C’s are playing well towards this final stretch of the season. The heat was a great test for the Celtic’s and they have beat them the last 2 meetings. The Celtic’s are clicking at the right time and if they play this well in the post season they will cause a lot of problems to their opponent. Go Celtic’s

    • Devon says:

      HELL YEAH U KNOW WAT IT IS BROTHA!!!!! im tired of all these haters saying all these bullsh## remarks about how the heat is the team to beat this year they couldnt even win in their own city last year in the finals against an old a$$ team mavericks i hope the lakers get swept in the playoffs this year just like they did last year I DO NOT LIKE THE LAKERS AND I HOPE KOBE DOES NOT GET A SIXTH RING…….. FUK ALL THE HEAT AND LAKERS FANS!!!!!GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

  56. Celtic#5 says:

    BEWARE OUR GAME!!!!!!!!

    • Can't argue with you says:

      There may be teams with younger, faster legs. There will even be teams that have more raw talent. But what none of them have is the Team spirit, hard work ethic and never say die attitude of these Celtics. Actually, for anyone that’s followed the Celtics over the decades (like me), this big punch by Boston comes as no surprise at all.

    • Can't (won't) argue with you on that says:

      There may be teams with faster, younger legs. There are surely even NBA teams with more raw talent. What there ain’t, are teams with more spirit, team chemistry, hard work ethic, never say die attitude and sheer character. Now anyone that’s followed the league over the last 30 years and more – and has seen Boston perform in the playoffs throughout the years – isn’t surprised at all with this current Celtic surge. If i have to add anything else, it’s just this: i feel sorry for whoever has to meet them in Rnd 1 & Rnd 2.

    • AgentZero says:

      It’s all about 18 this year

  57. LuiOkamoto says:

    Beat the heat in the playoffs!

    • NBA Fan Number 1 says:

      Coming right up!

    • GREEN_MACHINE_GO_C'S says:

      Come on really the heat have no title coming anytime soon yeah sure they have more then enough talent to win games when things go there way but just as soon as there down a couple points and they dont get the foul calls they want “FREE THROW BABIES” they start pouting and pretty much just give up thats not a championship team thats a over hyped team with no identity if you need proof just watch any game when they get put in to those situations…. GO CELTICS