Restless Nights In Chicago?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It feels a bit foolish to question the championship credentials of the team that boasts the best record in the league for the second straight season, the reigning Coach of the Year and the league’s reigning MVP.

But how can we ignore the obvious?

As good as the Bulls have been without Derrick Rose in the lineup (16-7 and counting after last night’s revenge beating of the Knicks). The Bulls are good enough to sit atop the heap of contenders during the regular season, but is anyone in Chicago sleeping well at night wondering if they can do the same in the playoffs?

As good as Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and the rest of the Bulls have been under coach Tom Thibodeau‘s leadership this season without Rose, it has to be tough for Bulls fans to get overly excited about their championship prospects without Rose as close to 100 percent as possible.

You know there are plenty of folks dealing with restless nights thinking about their beloved Bulls struggling through this postseason without Rose fully healthy. The Bulls couldn’t get past the Heat last year with Rose at full strength. So there can’t be any comfort in the prospect of taking on the Heat (or Celtics) this time around with a diminished Rose.

Jon Greenberg of knows exactly what we’re talking about here at the hideout when we ask the question:

The Bulls managed another win without Rose, but it’s clear he needs some playing time before the playoffs begin. With a deep bench, a healthy Hamilton and Thibodeau pulling the strings, the top-seeded Bulls should be peaking.

Chicago has become kind of a fantasy camp for basketball purists around the league. Everyone plays defense, even Carlos Boozer tries. The superstar is a no-nonsense guy and the coach runs the show.

But once the playoffs begin, reality encroaches as well. And no matter how good (Omer) Asik is at guarding the rim, the Bulls don’t make it out of the Eastern Conference playoffs without Rose. Maybe not out of the first round.

Eight games left. It’s getting serious.

Serious indeed.

The Bulls have shown themselves to be legitimate with and without Rose, which is perhaps their most compelling quality. But that doesn’t mean you’d be willing to ride with the Bulls in the postseason without a guarantee that Rose will at least be at his healthy best from start to finish.

And that means expectations for these Bulls, the championship expectations they carried into this season and have shouldered since Christmas, need to be adjusted …


  1. jan279 says:

    The Bulls aren’t gonna get past the Celtics in the playoffs? Seriously?! The way I see it, the Bulls could sweep the Celts in the playoffs with or without Rose! It’s surely gonna be a tough series, though. =)

  2. garnett says:

    bulls can’t beat Boston because i’m the best… wahahahaha

  3. garnett says:

    bulls cannot beat boston because i’m the best

  4. Bryant says:

    The Bulls will need Rose to win it all. It’s foolish to say the bulls have no chance against Miami as they still have the same lineup as last year. Even if Rip plays half his capability the bulls will still beat heat in the playoffs. Reason is most of the bulls players from last year improved….not by much as individuals, but as a team. They are a much cohesive unit compared to Miami now. And this year, the Bulls bigs will pound miami to the ground.

  5. johnrey says:

    hey jack, where have you been this past weeks when bulls choke your miami for real??? where are you! dont hate drose, theres no point to that. you betcha watch your choking LBJ for real, time will come you will used to it. okay?

  6. anonymous says:

    Bynum vs. Rondo. 30 vs. 20. Big man vs. Point Guard. Who wins? Well, which is it? Which stat is more impressive? The answer is…

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  7. Heath says:

    They only need him in the third round and the finals. They got 17 more shots than the knicks last week and that kind of rebounding advantage will be enough to beat anyone else in the east save the heat. you remeber they beat the celts last week too with no rose. They are fine or will be fine untill the east finals or the NBA finals

  8. Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  9. Jack says:

    Rose?…another choker is what i see,..lebron is a choke?..then so is rose!! overrated, all of this haters will gone when james got his first ring,..newly born haters for rose will be born as he will choke again this playoff…lol outstanding results for them this regular season,..but comes playoff lets see, they will choke to boston,..or even to new york!!

  10. Chicago4DAwin says:

    Last year in the eastern finals a problem with the bulls was their shot selection especially from drose they just need to take better shots and not to keep forcing shots. Also they did good job with upgrading their starting SG. Rip Hamilton is a way better replacement than Keith bogans. With hamilton in the team it gives chicago a veteran with championship experience If Hamilton and rose could stay healthy along with everyone else,The bulls are going to win. They’re definitely a better team than last year

  11. jayhawk says:

    The bulls are good but they will not win this year . remember san antonio and the bulls had the best record last year how did that turn out. the finals will have these two teams la lakera and the miami heat . miami in seven.

  12. johnrey says:

    im sure bulls have more percentage of winning this title now compared last season, we have different boozer, healthy brewer, and other guys. improved/experience thib, and last year experience is enough weapon. adjustments will be made. if rose can coup up before the play off and stay healthy all the way. im ready to see him wear those rings!

  13. Paulo says:

    yeah yeah superstars blah blah. chicago has done it with individuals stepping up. in some games its watson. in others its lucas. deng, boozer and korver have all stepped up to the task with fundamentals. every player is playing this way every night. and lets not forget about my man jimmy butler who guarded anthony beautifully last night and took lebron to task last time. his progression as a player will be something to behold.

  14. renz_garnett says:

    still, boston and miami will present the eastern confrence in the finals.. not bulls..

  15. cris says:

    so do you guys think miami or boston can beat chicago? wake up people the funny thing is last season almost all of them rely just on rose and now that rip is back lets just see who will win rip is the missing link in the bulls team so better watch out bulls will surely burn miami and boston

  16. Lilforty says:

    Chicago has beat both boston and miami without rose. They beat boston twice. If you add a healthy rose and a hamilton like yesterday why cant they beat miami or boston. Please i need someone to give me a real reason why. Boston cant rebound and miami when needing to play half court basketball they are useless. Bulls has the rebounding and defensive mindset to beat both of them.

  17. la faker says:

    Can Chicago beat Boston without D.Rose IN THE PLAYOFFS??? I DON’T THINK SO!

  18. alex says:

    you all have valid points but still of base if rose is heathly doesnt mean bulls will win and rose and bulls and boston would be close cause of celtics experiance but i think bulls come on top and miami are so overated they might not even make confrence finals lebron and wade are good but unconsitent i think your foretting about thunder who will win it all if durant doesnt choke but i personally think bulls thunder will be finals and 4-2 thunder and btw im bulls fan so not saying it cause thunder fan

  19. gabriel Zita says:

    The bulls have betaen both Miami and Boston without rose….. much better then they were last year…. eastern conference finals bulls vs heat.

  20. matthew says:

    the heat dont look like champion contenders anymore because of all those silly losses i mean they to make a statement at home against the celtics but eehhhh they failed and chicago just too good i mean not much teams can win without their stars like denver houston but to still be no 1 in nba shows you how much talent and ready for championship

  21. Bullsfanforlife says:

    No worries, Derrick is just getting his rest. Once the playoffs begin, D-Rose will be fully healthy. You think the Bulls are good now? Wait till the get D-Rose at 100%! Wow! Then look out NBA, the best player in the league will join the best team in the league at full strenght and dominate the post-season. The Bulls will be in the Finals! The Chicago Bulls will be the 2012 NBA Champions!

    • Creep10125 says:

      what are u talking bout taking his rest> de man GROIN is injured and still his ankle. there is no way i see him at 100% by playoffs. are u insane

  22. DROSE says:

    Do you know anything about basketball. MIAMI CANT beat boston BUT CHICAGO CAN. chicago proved it. We beat them 2 times without rose out of the three so how do you sound first of all. Second you all are forgetting RIP Hamilton. HEs GONNA BEAST. So kobe bequiet cuz you obviously know nothing about the bulls. Remember RIP WON CHAMPIONSHIP ALREADY

  23. cortiz3789 says:

    Kobe you don’t know what u talking about. The bulls can easily beat the celtics with or without rose. Now for Miami the bulls will need rose

    • kobe says:

      if u think chicago can beat boston without drose just goes to show me how much u know…

      • The Worm 91 says:

        yeah, the bulls can win against the celtics without rose…but miami can’t, even with their so called “Big 3”???

      • Jayda says:

        U r reeeaaaaallllll sure of ur self with the bulls…. FYI with and without rose we STILL hav the best record in the NBA…… No other team could hav don what we hav with all the injuries to their 3 star players and also the bench. You hav to giv the bulls and Thibs some credit for doin wat they hav done and that’s win. Which is wat they will do in the finals. We have beaten both Miami and Boston with or without Rose….. I think that we are ready for any challenge thrown our way…… BTW who’s ur fav team…. Lakers maybe…… Ha, never. 2012 year for the Bulls!!!!!!!! LETS GO BULLS!!!!!

  24. yham says:

    playoff games are way more different than the regular season games..
    so dont be to confident about rose not playing. if they play the knicks
    in the first round maybe they can win the series without him but when they face
    the celtics in the second round?adios bulls fans….doc rivers will have his rematch with
    the heat in the eastern conference finals…
    go heat…

  25. As far as the eye can see i seen the bulls just beat the celtics miami and other playoff teams with out rose, the bulls have been more consistent then miami and really all the other teams in the east even with out rose and rose has a spained ankle thats nothin hell be back ready for playoffs, he just came back from a 2 week view from the bench and was ballin in the garden and should of pulled out the win so i can see them coming out the east but winning in the finals we will see the finals is a different beast then the playoffs the lights are bright and the pressure is bigger just ask the king ive been a witness to that.

    • Creep10125 says:

      I don’t hate bulls but watching from how they played last season, they don’t do to well when it comes to crunch time.they choke, miss easy baskets and often get to many turnovers in that time. If they could fix that problem they will make it further in playoffs.

  26. Angel017 says:

    I think that Bulls are ready to win another championship. At least i hope so. I dont want to see Derrick Rose becoming another L.James. NO RING . I dont hate James,but its clear that other people do,i dont want that to Rose. So i think that he should just keep working harder and they will win it.

  27. BFan80 says:

    I’m sorry did you say Rose was at full strength last season in the playoffs?

    “The Bulls couldn’t get past the Heat last year with Rose at full strength. ”

    HUH???? Newsflash…Rose was hurt, Boozer was hurt, and Asik was hurt, What planet were you on? (Not making excuses here, just correcting the otherwise very talented blogger. But as a Chicago Fan I don’t think they will do good even with him at 100% IF, IF, IF the bulls don’t play with the same tenacity, energy, and nastiness that they’ve played with him out. If they do, I don’t see anyone within a mile of them.

    • kobe says:


      • Chigyrl says:

        I believe he was referring to the columnist. He said Rose was at 100% last year in the playoffs, when he was actually playing hurt along with a few other players. The Bulls can take it with Rose as long as they bring the hunger and determination they have been playing with all season.

      • Lepiv says:

        He was quoting the Article …

      • kevin says:

        ok guys idc who the opponent is or if we have rose or not. key for us is D with or without rose we are first in rebounding, second chance points, offensive rebounding. so lets set this straight celtics- the bulls will out work them on dfense tear them up on the boards which in a 5 game seriest bulls win. the heat- the bulls will win in 6 because the heat have a major flaw in the half court no inside presence and they wont get the turnovers against the bulls for the run and gun offense also lebron will choke and drose makes his first page with a game winner in the miami series. The finals it honestly depends on who they face personally i wanna see the bulls lakers like back when it was mike for magic except this time rose vs kobe. if he takes kobes 6th title it would be the greatest win in bulls history

  28. kobe says: