Nets’ Brooklyn Dream Is A Reality

BROOKLYN — It’s been eight years since Bruce Ratner bought the New Jersey Nets with plans to move them to Brooklyn. Eight years of lame-duck status in the Garden State, with the last few being particularly ugly in terms of the basketball product.

But now, the Nets have just four more games in the state they’ve called home for the last 35 seasons. At the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, Barclays Center will be completed in September.

On Tuesday, with Ratner at his side, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov toured his new arena for the first time in over a year. And then met with the media, saying “I’m sure it will be the best arena in the world.”

There’s no question that the move to Brooklyn will usher in a brand new era for the Nets. But there are plenty of questions regarding the players who will wear “Brooklyn” on their chest. And the questions start with point guard Deron Williams, who has promised to exercise the early termination option in his contract and become a free agent this summer. Prokhorov said he met with Williams on Monday.

“We have, I think, a very good discussion,” Prokhorov said. “He really wants to win. And I want to win maybe even more.

“I think [at] this stage, we’re on the same page.”

The question is how quickly the Nets can become a winning team in Brooklyn. When he bought the team in 2010, Prokhorov promised Nets fans a championship within five years. And after a fifth straight season out of the playoffs, a title doesn’t seem to be the horizon.

“The Nets, like the arena, is still under construction, still in the building stage,” Prokhorov said. “And I will keep my prediction on the championship. So I’ll do my best, together with my friends, together with my partners, and we will make the Brooklyn Nets the champion of the NBA. I am very committed to this.”

If Dwight Howard didn’t change his mind that one last time before the trade deadline, the Nets’ future might be a lot brighter. And despite Howard’s decision, Prokhorov made it sound like he still wants to go the superstar route in building his team, saying, “I think every owner wants to have a great player.”

“We need to be really, very patient, because it is easy to have a good team, a playoff team,” he said. “And it’s very difficult to make a championship team. So we need to be very patient. We need to go slow, step by step, to find the best pieces for the team.”

That doesn’t mean that this year didn’t bring some promise. Prokhorov mentioned young players MarShon Brooks and Gerald Green, as well as the addition of Gerald Wallace, as keys going forward.

“Now we are slowly coming to the more or less adequate situation,” Prokhorov said. “And of course, if it hadn’t been for the crazy injuries this year, I’m sure we would have been in the playoffs. That’s for sure.”



  1. Jay says:

    First of all, Deron Williams is going to stay. Why leave a team where you have a new stadium and bascially a new franchise. With the talent we have on our team we are making the playoffs in Brooklyn. Also, if Dwight Howard requests a trade, Van Gundy will do it and trade him to the Nets, where he wants to go. Starting Lineup for Brooklyn: Deron Williams, Marshon Brooks, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and Dwight Howard.

  2. f the Nets could not keep Williams then let it be. After all even with the talents that he had he has not produced any playoff success. In Utah he was blessed to have a HOF coach in Sloan, all star teammates in Boozer, Okur, AK47 and reliable bench players in Brewer, Korver, Miles and many more but where did they go? Fishing. I hope that Porky the owner has already another option in mind whenever this Deron Williams signing will falls again.

  3. Laughing Jazz Fan says:

    Money cannot buy championships it takes teamwork! Dallas dropped Miami last year and Boston will drop Miami this year. D12 + Dwill does NOT equal a ring. Look at the Knicks, everyone (almost everyone) thought they’d be championship caliber adding Melo and Chandler with Amare. If the Nets had got D12 this year for Lopez they’d might be a .600 team the next year! They’re gonna need more then Dwight. Dwill is gone next year.

  4. Lex says:

    Look at what the Clippers have done this year. With D Will and D Howard, the Nets make a similar run. However, D Will won’t stay, his ego is too big. I love him as a player though.

  5. English ball player says:

    If as dreams says the nets can get hold of either ibaka or harden because both of their contracts are up soon that will be a huge plus. Getting ibaka toughens up the defensive end and harden gives you immediate offense. Deron should stay Mr.P wouldnt spend all that money to keep loosing, give him some time. Get a high draft pick this year and then hopefully they will be able to run with deron and atleast make the nets a viable team. They can keep lopez because humphries is an underatted rebounder he can make upfor his lack of rebounding. They havnt got an awful team dwill gwallace lopez humphries brooks they just need another couple of good pieces coming in for them.

  6. dreams. says:

    they are gonna get nash and hill, maybe howard (since the magic is wearing off on the orlando team), someone from the clippers ? maybe? draft this year looks good.. lamar odom? see if ray ray is free next year. jamal crawford.
    maybe lakers can be convinced to go into rebuilding stage with bynum and rookies from nets,. for kobe, barnes and metta?

    there you hav it a decent team… maybe..

    • dreams. says:

      ooh.. i think harden or ibaka is coming off a contract soonish (2013?)… i am not a nets fan.. but looking forward to see a good team come up.. wishin em my best.

  7. Nagua DR says:

    Buena Suerte para ellos, aunque creo no es justo que dejen a NJ sin equipo de la NBA.

    Good Luck for them, even I dont think its fear to leave the NJ State without NBA Team.

    From Nagua.

  8. helveyn says:

    the nets wont win a championship if they dont have a superstar center like d12 or a guy coming off the bench that can spark the team that give them a 15 or more points a game.,,the nets should have get good pick for the upcoming lottery in order for the to get a win.

  9. UnderNet says:

    Nets aren’t the laughing stock of the NBA.. who ever thinks that is an idiot. Also the best option for D-Will is the nets.. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the face of a franchise moving to a place with the 4th largets population in America. With the newest arena in America so it’s logical for him to stay, plus the core the nets have is young and athletic.

  10. MIAMIWHO says:

    The heat played like the miami freeze tonight. Looks like the Celtics have their number which means Lebron will never win a ring. LOLLOL!!!

  11. CDS1 says:

    LOL, Williams is gone gone gone. You would have to bring in a top 5 player and lots of role players to get him to stay including a max contract. even if the Nets were 100% healthy they wouldn’t be a playoff team, not even close. Haha, love the delusion. He’ll get pissed off in a few years that money can’t buy him a ring and sell the team and the Nets will continue being bottom feeders for years and years to come. If I were a Jazz fan i would be rolling with laughter….and if I were Prok, I would be trying to buy the Jazz G.M

    • If Lopez had not gotten hurt they would have been a playoff team! They have won 21 games and the Knicks 28 games and they are a playoff team! I am a huge Lakers fan, but being on the East coast I do take my son to a lot of Nets games. Had the Nets had so many season ending injuries, there are at least 10 games that could have gone the Nets way. Prokhorov will try and get star players in Brooklyn to play with D-Will! He is going to try and get NeNe and he is not giving up on Howard. Howard will be a Net in 2 years. I will be willing to bet that within 2 years the Nets will be a playoff team.

  12. Sittin court side knicks and nets give me high five i be spiked out i can trip a referre tell by my attuitde iam most definitly from brooklyn….

  13. charles says:

    If Deron is smart, he better think of more than just next year. The owner has shown he is VERY serious about winning. Furthermore, he has the opportunity to play in a fantastic market in Brooklyn!

  14. SYDALE says:

    He needs to give up on retaining Deron Williams… D-Will is either Dallas or Philly bound… and, I say Philly because right now, I’m putting out my personal plea to Deron Williams to come play for us! LOL

  15. DANITo says:

    net dream lol. williams gona leave at the end of the season. maybe after a decade we can talk about bright future for nets. even dwight and william together the far they can go the first round of a playoff

  16. Colin Blaine says:

    Sorry, he’s not staying. That’s all there is to it!

  17. Trippy says:

    LOL MR. Proky already coming up with excuses… What ever happened to five years and the Nets will win a championship? I hope Deron leaves andthe Nets continue to be the laughing stock of the NBA. It serves them right to leave New Jersey the way they are. Not even a playoff appearance and they treat their fans with no respect…. publicly announcing they know 2/3 of season ticket holders wont renew and do nothing about it??? adding Wallace was a good move but a “key” to the future…lol too funny.

    • Brian says:

      You show how ignorant you really are. The Nets had one horrible season and now they are the laughing stock of the NBA. You probably are a bandwagon Lakers fan anyways. If Lopez did not get injured the Howard deal would have happened. And they do treat their fans great. Have you been to a Nets game? I have and can tell you they are always very fun.

  18. Quit hating says:

    If they can stay healthy they are definatley a playoff team but I dont know if brooks is the right type of center going forward. He great offensively but he hardly rebounds. A 7 foot center averaging 6 rebounds is a shame. He should easily be able to get 9. Weird thing is, he had actually declined rebounding so not sure he’s the type of center you want to build around. Now if u can get Dwight and play brooks at the four that might work but don’t see it happening.