A Top 15 Spot For Josh Smith?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We are still a week or two away from finalizing the ballot, but it is time to start considering the options available for the 15 spots on our All-NBA team.

Most of the slotted positions are obvious. We know who the best players at every positions, so filling up the first five is a breeze. The second five shouldn’t be much of a problem either, at most positions. And the third five, when you have to start splitting statistical hairs for one guy over another, is a task that won’t take all night to complete.

But there is at least one position that will require some serious debate and deliberation: how we rank the power forwards this season. The league’s marquee position when Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki were all operating at their full powers, the position has been passed up for that top spot on the marquee in recent seasons by the point guards.

In fact, a new wave of young(er) power forwards should overtake the incumbents this season, led by All-Stars Kevin Love of the Timberwolves and Blake Griffin of the Clippers. The most glaring option for that third team power forward slot, however, belongs to a surprise entrant in this contest, a guy who has yet to reap the recognizable awards for all of his hard work this season.

Hawks power forward Josh Smith didn’t get the nod as an Eastern Conference reserve for the All-Star team, a slight the coaches who left him of of their ballots should be ridiculed for until they make up for such a transgression. But he might very well earn a spot among the league’s top 15 players on a list that carries just as much weight, if not more, here at the hideout.

Jason Walker of PeachtreeHoops.com makes the empirical case for Smith’s dark horse campaign for inclusion into this club of the NBA elite, using his work this season and not his reputation or recognition (or lack thereof) as the primary factors in the argument:

This is the season to put aside the eight season’s worth of what Josh Smith doesn’t do right on the court and stare right into the eyes of the things he does do right.

This is the season Josh Smith = All-NBA.

Why not? He’s produced better across the board than almost all of his positional contemporaries and has been the mainstay, the centerpiece of a potential Top 3 seed in the Eastern Conference.

You need more — you want stats — I get it — here are a few.

  • 25 Double-doubles is good for fifth in the league this season.
  • 5th in Defensive Rebounding rate, with 25% — only Kevin Love and Blake Griffin are better this season at power forward — [DeMarcus] Cousins and [Kevin] Garnett are playing a lot of center this season.
  • #1 in Assist percentage with 20.6%. Among all forwards, only Paul Pierce and Hedo Turkoglu have higher rates, both small forwards.
  • If you are looking for a player who has more than 70 steals and 70 blocked shots, there are only two: Smith and Dwight Howard.
  • In fact, there are only three players who have a 20 PER, 20% Defensive Rebound Rate, 3% Block Rate and 2% Steal Rate: Smith,  Howard, and Cousins

We didn’t need much convincing to include Smith on our extremely short list of candidates. But we’ve been aware of his exploits all season, particularly after Hawks All-Star center Al Horford went down with a regular season-ending injury (torn pectoral muscle) and Smith stepped in and stepped up to keep the Hawks in contention for one of those coveted top four spots in the standings.

He’s been in the final five on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder since the first week of March and will remain in that mix until the final day of the season, he’s earned his way there.

Whether or not he’s earned his way into the Top 15 when it comes to All-NBA selections is another story, and more importantly in the hands of the voters …


  1. hawksfan80 says:

    Do you people really think Smith got snubbed for the All-Star game?? The coaches didn’t vote him in because up until that point, he was not having an all-star season. He still has some serious shot selection issues and was playing streaky basketball before the all-star break, things that the coaches obviously take issue with (i.e. he is difficult to coach). When Smith can put together a consistent season with games full of the stats he has had as of late, then he will get voted in.

  2. downland says:

    some of these lists are terrible. d rose shouldnt be in any team. dwyane wade has had a bad (for his standards) season yet is still in most 2nd team clearly on popularity.

    1st team: paul, bryant, lebron, durant, howard
    2nd team: rondo, westbrook, love, griffin, bynum
    3rd team: parker, wade, smith, aldridge, chandler/hibbert/cousins (tough decision as all 3 have different but equal merits for it) 2nd choice defensive player of year vs all star on good team vs poor team yet beastly numbers

    • KareemOfTheCrop says:

      Dwayne Wade’s stats are low sure but he is the second best guard in efficiency, top 3 in scoring, top 7 in rebounding and is throwing in 2 steals and a block per game while leading all guards in blocks per game all while playing 33 minutes good enough for 23rd amongst guards.

      This isnt all popularity here.

  3. NBA Benj says:

    1st Team:
    C Howard
    F James
    F Durant
    G Bryant
    G Paul
    – I think no question here
    2nd Team:
    C Bynum
    F Love
    F Smith
    G Westbrook
    G Parker
    – Love – his crazy stats offsets his teams weak record
    – Parker – best player for a superb top 4 team
    – Smith – Good stat, good offense and great defense
    3rd Team:
    C Chandler
    F Griffin
    F Nowitzki
    G Wade
    G Rondo
    – Nowitzki – I cant imagine the Dallas’ record without him. Still reliable despite his slow Start
    – Chandler – Simply Defense. Anchor Defense of the 5th best defensive team
    – Griffin – Stats are great at 21-11-3 on a winning team but ranked lower because of lack of defense
    Honorable Mention
    Rose, Nash, Aldridge, Duncan, Gasol M
    Rose – Can be an All NBA 2nd Team but team success without him hurt his chance plus he missed 40% of his Games
    Nash – Still efficient and his team is still in the Hunt for Playoffs but there are a lot of guards better than him
    Aldridge – A good scorer but Not a good Rebounder and defender for a 7 footer and his team’s lone inside operator.
    Duncan – Still good but not good enough for All NBA
    Gasol M – Early on he’s in but his latest plays are just off and Chandler is for me the Defensive PLayer of the Year

  4. renz_garnett says:

    all nba 1st team – wade bryant durant james howard
    2nd team- rose westbrook love griffin garnett
    3rd team – rondo nash pierce smith cousins

    all nba defensive team – rondo bryant james garnett howard

  5. Marshall says:

    The best, most underrated PF’s in the game are simple.
    I first noticed J-Smoove when he won the dunk off his rookie year. He became a favorite when he came 2nd to D12 for DPOY.
    LMA is my fave in the west. Possibly the next Tim Duncan. Enough said about Aldridge.
    Last? Iblocka! Hes only known for his defense, but his offensive game is quietly blossoming from the midrange.

    In all honesty, i think the best PF in basketball might just be J-Smoove, just he doesnt even know it yet.
    Kevin Love is great because of his rebounding and his 3pt shot, but he doesnt defend! And Blake just does the basic requirements of a PF extremely well. The same way LMA is more offensively sound and Ibaka more defensively.
    The most all-around game though, reminiscent of KG pre-beantown, belongs to J-Smoove, end of question.

    On a side note, who wants to see Josh Smith and Blake Griffin in a head-to-head dunk off? I DO! I DO!

  6. Giargo says:

    You guys are so ridiculous, your hatred toward Griffin is ridiculous, it is obvious you hate him as he shines over your beloved players (yeah, I’m talking to you, non-clipper fan) and posterize ’em.
    He shines above all forwards thanks to his big athleticism, he can grab rebounds at a height your power forwards can’t even reach, he’s improving very quickly (just look at his mid range jumper coming out of nowhere with a very great and improving percentage). He’s trying to find a way to create his space and, ehi, teams are supposed to have a guard that create plays and space, that’s how basket works, don’t blame Blake if your team don’t have aguard that can properly create plays for your PF so he has to play all-alone. Yeah, Love is definitely a great player, nothing to say, he has improved and has reached incredible levels. Griffin is still to improve, remember this is only his second year and looking at his improvements this year only, well, he’ll probably be a more prototypical PF Aldridge or Smith will ever be. Love is a completely different PF, definitely atypichal, impressive and definitely foundamental for his team, still you can’t take him as a prototypical PF: he can do great from outside, but he can’t top Blake or Smith inside.
    Anyway, stop the hatred for Griffin, NBA is about fun also and he definitely can put on a show!

  7. Diddy says:

    Josh Smith is legit. I am not a huge fan of his but credit should be given where it is supposed to and if Blake Griffin ends up on the All-NBA team on dunks alone, then its a travesty because he isn’t in the same league as J-Smoove.

  8. theguywithopinions says:

    well question at 4??

    we know who the best is….. kevin love. no question

  9. ZULU says:

    Way to go Sekou. You ‘ve done it agin, what ? Open up pandoras box of opinions. Your blog was interesting and on point regarding Josh Smith. The responses bare out the old saying, ” opinions are like a__holes everybody has one”.

  10. vamos a la playa says:

    just an extra list, based on the real game consistency and not on the marketing brands
    (so a guys like paul pierce or stoudemire will not be included)

    first team: tony parker, bryant, james, love, howard
    second team: rondo, wade, durant, smith, bynum
    third team: paul, westbrook, deng, griffin, marc gasol
    fourth team: nash, joe johnson, rudy gay, aldridge, gortat

    i have a soft spot for a player like z-bo randolph but he has been injured …

  11. kill says:

    First team: Paul, Kobe, Lbj, Durant, Howard
    Second: Westbrook, Wade, blake, love, bynum
    Third: Rondo, Tony, Carmelo, deng, j smoove
    Rose: have not play for the most of the season stop basing it on popularity, carmelo he just coming on he been struggling for the most part of the season.

  12. james says:

    This article fails to mention Kevin Durant.

    The All-NBA first team is going to have LeBron James and Kevin Durant at the two forward positions, u could make a case for Kevin Love being better than KD if you look at the stats and what each player means to his team.

    Anyway, it is also forgotten that the All-NBA teams are selected as 2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 center.
    So it is irrelevant if Josh smith is a top PF because he is not in the top 6 forwards. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, Luol Deng and Lamarcus Aldridge have all had better season this year than Josh Smith

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:


  13. gsukjdakid says:

    For all u people who say Blake Griffin only dunks, doesnt watch the Clippers. Griffin can create his own shot. He just cant do it consisently. Yall say he wouldnt get his numbers w/o Chris Paul, emm, he had better numbers last year, dummies. U got the nerve to say Josh Smith deserves it ova Blake Griffin. GTFOH. Yall just hating on Blake Griffin cause hes on sportscenter all the time. Get over it.

  14. Fefe says:

    @ LakersRangafan2417

    I agree with most of your pics. But WESTBROOK & PARKER are the two guards on the ALL-NBA 2ND TEAM. D-WADE IS IN 3RD TEAM (even if he’s a beast).

  15. Simon says:

    1st Team: Paul, Bryant, Durant, James Howard
    2nd Team: Parker, Wade, Love, Smith, Bynum
    3rd Team: Westbrook/Nash, Johnson, Pierce, Griffin, Hibbert/Gasol M

  16. Fefe says:


    I agree with most of your ALL-NBA Picks. BUT how can you put Westbrook in 3RD TEAM?? He should be in 2ND TEAM CLEARLY, over D-WADE (even if D-WADE played well). The two guards on the 2ND team should be PARKER AND WESTBROOK.

    AS for J-SMOOVE, yes he should be in3RD TEAM

  17. Jayce says:

    1st team: Paul, Bryant, Durant, Love, Howard
    2nd team: Westbrook , Wade, James, Aldridge, Duncan/Bynum
    3rd team: Rondo, Ginobili, Anthony, Nowitzki, Bynum/M.Gasol

    All Defensive 1st Team

    All Defensive 2nd team

    All Rookie 1st Team
    -Shumpert/Rubio(if not injured)
    -Leonard/Klay Thompson/Parsons

  18. Ree-No says:

    Are you joking? Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony are so overrated. Blake in general and Carmelo this season. As a coach i want to have the best Players in order to win. for me this season (separating pg/sg and sf/pf!)

    1st: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard
    2nd: Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Josh Smith, Andrew Bynum
    3th: Rajon Rondo,Monta Ellis, Paul Pierce, Luis Scola, Tyson Chandler

    Ps: Luis Scola is way to much underrated, he is so important and a teamplayer
    pps: Monta Ellis is selffish but a scoring machine (thats what u need in the shooting guard position) and gives such a boost to a team (have a look on the bucks)

  19. NEED4SHEED says:

    Josh Smith should’ve been an all-star this year and the previous year!! All-NBA will not entirly make up for it but its a start he should be an All-Star and All-NBA for the next 5 years and All Defensive team too

  20. TITO says:

    What about Paul Pierce? Doesn´t he deserve a place in the 3rd team?

  21. Kurt says:

    Josh Smith has been snubbed for that all star slot the past 2-4 years. Making him at least 3 team all nba may help make amends for those mistakes.

  22. DARKR00 says:

    Griffin shouldn’t be even mentioned as a all NBA Team Player he is just a highlight machine as many have said, cant play defense and really just lives above the rim. JSmoove is horribly underrated the hawks literately are being carried by this man and his efforts. Best PF players this season Tim Duncan, Novitz and Smith, just a shame that the last two’s teams have had issues this season.

  23. Peroul says:

    So, HTB, what exactly is your list then? I present you mine and correct if I’m wrong but the spot for Josh Smith will be heavily contested with Luol Deng.

    First All-NBA Team:
    G- Derrick Rose
    G- Kobe Bryant
    F- Lebron James
    F- Kevin Durant
    C- Dwight Howard

    Second All-NBA Team:
    G- Chris Paul
    G- Dwyane Wade
    F- Kevin Love
    F- Blake Griffin
    C- Andrew Bynum

    Third All-NBA Team:
    G- Rajon Rondo
    G- Russel Westbrook
    F- Luol Deng/Josh Smith
    F- Lamarcus Aldridge
    C- Roy Hibbert

    I think all the position are not even arguable, except for that Josh Smith/Luol Deng spot. I personally would have to go with Luol Deng and the way he carried his team, even when Rose wasn’t present. But it could go either way.. Tell me what you think

    • Peroul says:

      Just a little correction… with the Center spot, I would go with Marc Gasol for the All-NBA Team who is playing out of his mind lately. So it goes:
      First All-NBA Team:
      G- Derrick Rose
      G- Kobe Bryant
      F- Lebron James
      F- Kevin Durant
      C- Dwight Howard

      Second All-NBA Team:
      G- Chris Paul
      G- Dwyane Wade
      F- Kevin Love
      F- Blake Griffin
      C- Andrew Bynum

      Third All-NBA Team:
      G- Rajon Rondo
      G- Russel Westbrook
      F- Luol Deng
      F- Lamarcus Aldridge
      C- Marc Gasol

  24. Dom says:

    WHAT THA %^$£???

  25. dwade says:

    1st team: PG: chris paul, SG: kobe bryant SF: LEBRON/DURANT PF: kevin love, C: dwight howard
    2nd team: PG: rondo/parker/westbrook SG: dwyane wade SF: lebron/durant PF: blake griffin C: andrew bynum
    3rd team: PG: rondo/parker/westbrook SG: james harden SF: gay/anthony PF: smith/nowitzki C: marc gasol

    • Nupeykollins says:

      How is Tyson Chandler not on either team?…. He is going to be the Defensive Player of the Year.

  26. LakersRangafan2417 says:

    1st team
    Pg:Chris Paul
    Sg: Kobe Bryant
    Sf: Kevin Durant
    Pf: Lebron James
    C: Dwight Howard
    2nd Team
    Pg:Tony Parker
    Sg: Dwyane Wade
    Sf: Carmelo Anthony
    Pf: Kevin Love
    C; Andrew Bynum
    3rd Team:
    Pg: Rajon Rondo
    Sg: Russell Westbrook
    Sf: Luol Deng
    Pf: Josh Smith/Lamarcus Aldridge/Tim Duncan
    C:Marc Gasol/ Roy Hibbert/Demarcus Cousins
    Derrick Rose is not in here because he has been out with injury for a lot of the season, and Blake Griffin is not here because he cannot create his own shot or consistently make a jumpshot yet.
    All Defensive 1st team:
    Pg: Chris Paul
    Sg: Dwyane Wade
    Sf: Lebron James
    Pf: Serge Ibaka
    C: Dwight Howard

    All Defensive 2nd team
    Pg: Rajon Rondo
    Sg: Kobe Bryant
    Sf: Metta World Peace
    Pf: Josh Smith
    C: Roy Hibbert

    All Rookie 1st Team:
    Pg: Kyrie Irving
    Sg: Klay Thompson
    Sf: Kawhi Leonard
    Pf: Derrick Williams
    C: Kenneth Faried

  27. Royale says:

    To be perfectly honest the top 3 forwards in the league this year are

    Kevin Love,Aldridge,and Smith replacing previous year holders Duncan,Garnett,and Dirk respectively and should get there due as suchc

  28. emmanuel42876 says:

    MY ALL-TIME NBA TEAM (all in their prime):

    1ST TEAM = Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing

    2ND TEAM = Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal

    3RD TEAM = Chris Paul. Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Dwigh Howard

    • coolknicksfan says:

      That’s wrong.What about Wilt, Kareem, and Bill Russell.I’m a bigKnicks fan, but c’mon, Ewing shouldn’t be on.
      1st team: G, Magic Johnson G, Michael Jordan F, Larry Bird F, Tim Duncan C, Bill Russell
      2nd team: G, John Stockon G, Kobe Bryant F, Julius Erving F, Karl Malone C, Wilt Chamberlain
      3rd team: G, Allen Iverson G, Clyde Drexler F, Lebron James F, Charles Barkley C, Kareem Abdul Jabeer

  29. Andrew says:

    Kevin Love and Blake Griffin is way way way overrated (esp Kevin Love). it is a sad thing that people only see statistics to back their choice. i would have picked Dirk, Garnett, Timmy or LaMarcus before Kevin Love.

  30. TiPZi G says:

    Griffin is over over rated.. He only know how to DUNK but doesn’t know how to create for his own shots… He’s NOTHING without CP3/Chauncey/Mo. my top 3 PF were Love, Smith, and hmmmmm Duncan, He’s back….

  31. JSMOOVE says:

    Josh “JSMOOVE” Smith is way better than Melo..
    He should have taken the place of Melo in All-Star Game.
    NY’s front office should be considering a 1on1 trade between the two.
    Agree NY Fans?

    • Alex says:

      Smith is better than melo at rebounding and defense. Melo is more dependent in the clutch, and he’s so far out of Smith’s league as a scorer that it isn’t even fair. Just because Melo has one subpar season, you horribly underrate him. Melo for Smith? With chandler and stoudemire on the team? Just stop.

      • coolknicksfan says:

        Smith is only better than Melo at redefense and rebounding. We already have STAT at power forward, we don’t need Smith when Chandler and STAT ar on the same team. We need Melo in the clutch and he is a lot better at scoring than Smith. Melo is probably the most clutch player in the league. Plus, his defense and rebounding is improving.

    • coolknicksfan says:

      NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need Melo in the clutch, he’s the most clutch player in the NBA. Smith is better at defense and rebounding, but we don’t need that or Smith. We’re one of the best defensive teams in the league and we’re good on the boards. We already have STAT and Chandler, we don’t need Smith. Plus, Melo’s defense and rebounding is improving.

  32. Jarrett says:

    I think Serge Ibaka should be in the conversation of being atleast 3rd team power foward… C’mon guys he’s the best shot blocker in the league !!

  33. Thomas says:

    J-Smoove is still one of the best PFs in the league, he deserves a better supporting cast to compete for a title.

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      if hawks had a GOOD true center (andrew buynum) or even dwight howard they would win championship one day
      PG: Jeff Teague
      SG: Joe Johnson
      SF: Josh Smith
      PF: Al Horford (much better at PF)
      C: A true center that can rebound and play defense
      Bc atalnta has offense they just dont have size al isnt a center he is a pf thats what kills me no BIGman

  34. J-Smoove is still one of the best PFs in the league, he deserves better supporting cast to compete for a title.

  35. the truth says:

    Griffin = Over-rated. He actually needs to earn his spot. Sure he’s athletic and entertaining at times.

    Is Jefferson or Cousins in the mix (statistically) for 3rd team center? I like Hibbert though.

  36. Boothy says:

    ALL NBA 1st team = D.Howard at C, K.Durant and L.James at Forward and K.Bryant and R.Westbrook at Guard
    ALL NBA 2nd team = A.Bynum at C, K.Love and C.Anthony at Forward and D.Wade and T.Parker at Guard
    ALL NBA 3rd team = M.Gasol/R.Hibbert at C, J.Smith and L.Aldridge at Forward and R.Rondo and C.Paul at Guard

  37. Metta World Peace says:

    How is everyone so brainwashed into thinking Blake Griffin is actually a top 3 pf…. smh

  38. Wolves says:

    I can’t include Wade and Rose just because they have been injured so much.

  39. Wolves says:

    What is up with people putting Love in the first team over Durant? Are you kidding me? Real list down here:

    1st Team: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard
    2nd Team: Tony Paker, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Andrew Bynum
    3rd Team: Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, DeMarcus Cousins
    Honorable Mentions: Steve Nash, Monta Ellis, Josh Smith, LeMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Garnett

    As much as I love Rondo, Westbrook and Parker have had a better statistical seasons AND their teams are better. If Dirk played center, LeMarcus Aldrige would have been my second forward for 3rd team. As for as Cousins goes, he is behind Bynum and Howard but WAAAY ahead of any other center in skill and statistics.

    • Alex says:

      Sorry, none of your list makes sense. Where’s Derrick Rose? Carmelo/Dirk/Griffin/Cousins over Aldridge/Smith? We aren’t giving points for previous seasons here. Either replace parker or Nash with Rose. Drop Nowitzki for Smith and Griffin for Aldridge.

      • coolknicksfan says:

        Cousins does not deserve to be on the 3rd team, Kings are horrible. Nowitzki shouldn’t be on this list. Where’s Tyson Chandler? Replace Nowitzki/ Cousins with Smith/Chandler

  40. Jermaine says:

    You also have to remember that for these All-NBA team votes, they take the two guards, two forwards and center with the highest number of points, not the best PG, SG, SF, PF & C in the league. Kevin Love is having a great year no doubt, but if he’s 1st team All-NBA, who do you drop down to 2nd Team: LeBron James or Kevin Durant?

    For Josh Smith, I think he’s definitely deserving of an All-NBA team spot. He has been able to put up great numbers across the board while having to carry the team for a little bit when both Horford and Johnson were out. Blake Griffin and Josh Smith are right next to each other in rank for me (Their teams both have the same record too), but Josh has had to carry the Hawks more often than Blake has had to carry the Clippers. The Forwards that should be All-NBA are James, Durant, Love, Carmelo Anthony (not sure where though because of the injuries), Josh Smith and Griffin. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dirk on that list if he made it though.

  41. Shane says:

    1 team – Derrick Rose (when hes 100%), Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard

    2 team- Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, Carmello Anthony, Blake Griffin, Andrew Bynum

    3 team- Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Kevin Love, Joe Johnson, Tyson Chandler

    • coolknicksfan says:

      How is Kevin Love in the 3rd team? He’s supposed to be in the 1st or 2nd team! Kevin Love is a lot better than Blake and will always be. D-Rose doesn’t deserve to be in the 1st team because of the injuries and how the Bulls played without him. CP3 should be in the 1st team not D-Rose. Plus, where’s Rondo? I hate the C’s, but c’mon, look how Rondo’s playing lately. Joe Johnson should not be in the All-NBA team. Your list is awful and based 100% on popularity.

      • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

        joe johnson hahahaha im a hawks fan and i would never put him on all nba team im might of a couple years ago not now

  42. Just Wondering... says:

    If K Love is first team All NBA, then that would make KD second team?
    I’m not a huge fan of Kevin Love, but he has done some great things, but don’t people say that LeBron is probably the best player in the league, and that his natural position is Power Forward?
    I only bring this up because I don’t see why Kevin Durant should not be considered a first team pick, while I can see why Kevin Love shouldn’t (shotty defence)

  43. kobebryant says:

    carmelo anthony does not deserve to be on any all-nba team this year, people open your eyes.He has been playing well lately but it doesnt change the fact that the knicks are the biggest underachiever this year and that carmelo hasnt produced to his capability. The team was playing better without him, that says a lot…

    • Alex says:

      The team WAS playing better without him. Or was it just D’Antoni? How are the Knicks doing now, pray tell? Kobe Bryant fans, delusional.

    • coolknicksfan says:

      He wasn’t playing good early in the season because D’Antoni’s system didn’t fit with Melo’s game. And look at how the knicks are playing with him, right now!

  44. TMACfan says:

    Most def he deserves a spot. Blake Griffin can dunk (and win the dunk contest by jumping over the hood of a car) but so can Josh Smith. The slight advantage Blake has in dunking, Josh brings you 100 times more value in defense.


  45. cs says:

    Kevin Garnett !

  46. Ben says:


    1st Team: G Chris Paul, G Kobe Bryant, F LeBron James, F Kevin Love, C Dwight Howard
    2nd Team: G Rajon Rondo, G Dwayne Wade, F Kevin Durant, F Blake Griffin, C Andrew Bynum
    3rd Team: G Russell Westbrook, G Tony Parker, F Carmelo Anthony, F Josh Smith, C Roy Hibbert

    No love for the reigning MVP Derrick Rose. It’s not because he isn’t a good player, just that he was injured 75% of the season

    • david says:

      i second ben’s list

    • Rick says:

      @Ben. So according to you, arguably the best player this season (Kevin Durant) will get 2nd team and not 1st team honors? as good as Kevin Love has been, the two forwards on the first team will be LeBron and Durant.

      • chris says:

        agreed.. as good as Klove has been balling.. Durant has had the thunder first all season besides lately and hes 2nd in scoring in the league.. switch him and love, leave blake in there as hes still a double double machine at 20-10 and 3 dimes.. id switch roy with marc gasol, the rest of the list is spot on.. even tho wade has been injured there is simply no better 2 guard in the league more deserving.. and in 3 all NBA teams u cant just have one 2 guard lol

    • Alex says:

      Drop Griffin for Aldridge. Dwayne Wade, according to your DRose reasoning, should also be gone. Rest is good.

    • coolknicksfan says:

      Where’s Tyson Chandler?

  47. Human highlight fan says:

    Only thing josh lacks in is name recognition. Even if he is doing better than players like bosh and Gasol, his name is unpopular and some people will tend to look past that

  48. Human highlight fan says:

    Blake Griffin is SO overrated, he con only score on fast breaks and pick n rolls. the guy cant create his own shot and cant play defense.

  49. coolknicksfan says:

    !st team: 2nd team: 3rd team: Honorable Mention: Jeremy Lin, Brian Scalabrine,
    G, Chris Paul G, Russell Westbrook G, Tony Parker Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, Tim
    G, Kobe Bryant G, Dwyane Wade G, Rajon Rondo Duncan
    F, Lebron James F, Kevin Durant F, Carmelo Anthony
    F, Kevin Love F, Blake Griffin F, Josh Smith
    C, Dwight Howard C, Andrew Bynum C, Tyson Chandler

    • normstah says:

      Duncan at guard? Hilarious!

    • kobebryant says:

      lol at carmelo anthony

      • coolknicksfan says:

        Who else was I supposed to put as the 3rd team small forward????????????????????????????????????

    • Metta World Peace says:

      How is Rondo not even 3rd on your list? I’m a Laker fan but jesus he’s dominating the pg position right now, your list is based on popularity as you clearly don’t appreciate the actual skill in basketball….how does Blake Griffin end up as the second best pf? He can’t create his own shot and would be nothing without Chris Paul. Smh

      • coolknicksfan says:

        He wasn’t nothing without CP3 last season. Plus Westbrook and CP3 were playing better than Rondo up until this point of the season, All-NBA is for whole season, not the past few weeks of the season.

      • coolknicksfan says:

        Rondo is on my 3rd team. Look closely

    • coolknicksfan says:

      1st team: G, CP3 G, Kobe F, Lebron James F, Kevin Love C, Dwight Howard
      2nd team: G, Russell Westbrook G, Dwyane Wade F, Kevin Durant F, Blake Griffin C, Andrew Bynum
      3rd team: G, Rajon Rondo G, Tony Parker F, Carmelo Anthony F, Josh Smith C, Tyson Chandler
      Honorable Mention: Jeremy Lin, Brian Scalbarine, Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan
      That was what I meant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      marc gasol should take tysons place tyson should be on 4th team if they had one

    • KareemOfTheCrop says:

      Tyson Chandler?!? LOL
      I’d put Al Jefferson, Marc Gasol or even Greg Monroe before Tyson Chandler

  50. jaydawg says:

    blake griffin is garbage. no way he should be even mentioned.

  51. Big B says:

    i never bother witing these comments but a great player like Josh Smith deserves alot more respect and evaluation then what has been given to him, carrying the hawks on his shoulders, averiging 20 ppg 2bpg i think the hawks will go far this year especially after watching their last 5 games wheer jeff Teague got his groove goin and he has been more agressive

  52. aaron says:

    i dont know about all-nba at his position. i mean at PF you got Kevin Love (my first team pick hands down), Blake griffin/aldridge and nowitzki to pick from…no offense to Josh, but these guyz have had better seasons. But he’s definately an all-star in my mind regardless of what coaches voted.

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      He definitely had a better season than Aldridge and Nowitzki.

      • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

        yeah all nowitzki does is score and same with aldridge and he rebounds but he isnt a kevin love josh smith fills up the stat sheet i think he should be second team all-nba

    • KareemOfTheCrop says:

      Remember, all-NBA choices go guard, foward, center. There is no power forward or small forward. Thus, Lebron and Durant are going to be 1st NBA hands down.

  53. kiran says:

    Mr Sekou,
    Who gave you this job? I can do a better job than you. You keep forgetting lamarcus alridge and hyping kevin love up.
    You had a garbage article about miami’s batman a few days ago.
    Man you are lucky. You have no qualification for this job.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Kiran…simple response to you…. Stop reading his articles and do something constructive with your life. You think your better, prove it.

    • chris says:

      also kiran, no diss to LA he aint bad, dude balls hard.. but u might want to check the stats before you say hes been better then josh this season.. smoove beats him in every stat besides scoring..

  54. TJ says:

    Why do people think Blake Griffin is good?
    He is not capable of creating his own shot. He is nothing without Chris Paul. He depends on others to create space for him. Josh smith is way better than Griffin and Griffin should never mentioned as a top player in this league.

    • leohimself says:

      says mr. nobody here…

    • chris says:

      are you serious? the dude last year had better numbers without chris paul so how can u say he is nothin without him? to say he isnt good is plain stupid.. im no saying i like him better then josh.. i love smoove better defensively by a mile and better offensively to.. but he isnt anywhere close to bad yo..

  55. Josh smith is ballin this year carring the hawks with all the injurys to al and joe they would’t even be in the playoffs if it wasn’t for josh, and hes one of the most efficent players in the league he fills the stat sheet up, i think his all around game is better then blake griffins game.