MVP Ladder: Rondo Rejoins The Party!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome back Rajon Rondo. We missed you around here.

But you are back where you belong, among the league’s elite, and back in the Top 10 of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder.

The Celtics’ All-Star point guard has been on tear since All-Star Weekend, the likes of which LeBron James and Kevin Durant know well. They remain atop the list as we head into the final weeks of the regular season.

But Rondo has made his way back onto the list courtesy of an assist standard that only he and two-time MVP Steve Nash have achieved since the 2004-05 season.

Check it out for yourself in this latest edition of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder, where someone’s rise always coincides with someone’s fall (smile for the camera Dwight Howard … and yes, we’re with Stan Van Gundy on this one).

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  1. juan tellez says:

    rajon rondos triple doubles says it all !!!! ronod for mvp!

  2. casper says:

    Hi there

    I would say that is good thing for the Lakers and maybe not so good for Kobe. Why ? Because one MVP during Laker days (I think he might change team is year or two) just says that they are very team TEAM. And when Jordan, Lebron, even Magic or Larry – were carrying their teams on their shoulders, Bryant has (or had) very strong teammates to lean on. Take: Shaq, Horry, Odom, Fisher, then Bynum, Gasol, – when You have those kind of guys You hardly can win MVP. MVP means someting – it means Most Valuable Player – was Bryant most valuable for his team during years ? of course ..but there are many more players that carry much more load during season then Bryant. He has very comfy situation and is leader and mvp for his team. Statistically Lebron or Durant or Rose are doing much more for their team then Bryant – so it cames to all-around player You have to be and still lead your team and still lead in NBA as player. Crazy. I think Kobe is more Pippen like – PLAYING ALL-around bball – but not staying above league great plaeyers as much as it is needed to be considered NBA MVP

  3. brendan says:

    Kevin durant is mvp because he been over looked for his career and he and his team get better every year because of him lebron had to leave his team to get a worse record then he had in Cleveland and they num 4 in the league with the best team on earth and when it all bar down its about wins and rings if Kd have more wins at the end of the season and playing at this level he lead his team to victory taking over the game and he deserve mvp

  4. asdercap22 says:

    kobe is hte best of best in points so he is the real mvp

  5. jordan says:


  6. Austin says:

    LeBron and MJ can never fully be compared, because at the time both of these guys played, were way different. If LeBron played back in the 90’s he may have been better, because zone defense was not allowed, and it was a 1 on 1 game(a.k.a where the heat and especially lebron excel) Due to lebrons size, he’d have a huggee advantage in this time, and would probably be equal to if not better than MJ. No offense to MJ, but i would take LeBron over him if it were the 90’s. In today’s time? it’d be fun to see MJ adjust. Idk who i’d pick nowadays.

  7. rj says:

    mvp dont matter if u dont win a championship and u win championships as a team look at the celtics people say we aint good how we beatthe heat then

  8. Jamaal says:

    What about Danny Granger? How do you think the Pacers are doing so good?

    • Elden Hume says:

      Our dear John called us idiots so why doesn’t he share his “expertise” on MVP rules and regulations instead of insulting us? One of the rules here is we must remain respectful of others who submit comments. Doesn’t this rule apply to him? Who is the biggest idiot of all? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  9. SaintMorning says:

    i think we need to close the thread 😀 MJ still won every baller’s heart all over the globe!!!! nothing cant compete with his airness!!!!

  10. joel says:

    Yo en mi humilde opinión creo que duran es ahora mismo el mvp lebron a sido muy inconsistente en estos últimos juegos y es mi jugador favorito pero tiene que entender que el enfoque en el juego es lo primordial duran no solo la mete de afuera sino que esta muy dominante en la penetración y sobretodo terminando los canastos

  11. Adam says:

    How is LeBron a top MVP candidate when he plays with DWade? Thats absurd. MVP’s take scrubs to the playoofs and win. He has two top 20 player beside him. Numbers dont mean jack either, this isnt fantasy baseball. Take LeBron off the Heat and they still make playoffs with Wade and Bosh leading. Just sayin

  12. devon says:


  13. devon says:

    where is that peon prix ….. he must have got threatened by somebody on here because he is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

  14. john says:

    some of you guys are idiot….you must learn the rules and regulation for the MVP before you comments.

  15. John says:

    In compliance in the comment of “sick” haha are you making me laugh?! okc? will lose to denver?! haha…. haha…. hahahahahahahha!!!

  16. braindead says:

    Durant over Lebron…for the main reason that Durant doesnt choke and not afraid to take a big shot

  17. ernie says:

    i think Rondo is definitely mvp of second half of season.hes been phenomenal and the celtics have been too but throughout the entire season its been lebron whos having an incredible year as well but im a lakers fan and hope neither of them ever get mvps or rings >:) they’ll all be kobes lol

  18. josh says:

    why didnt any of you complain when drose won lebron’s numbers were wayy better than his

  19. HeatRDaBest says:

    Lebron, all day, every day

  20. dew says:

    Parker would be a better choice than Rondo. He just lead the Spurs to a win over the Celts last week. He also leads his team in scoring, minutes, and won 19 games without Ginobili and won several games without Timmy also. No other team would could do that except Chicago winning without Rose. Parker is playing the best basketball of his career and has the Spurs #1 out west. If Durant or Lebron were MVP, their teams would be in first place right now. They would have the best team and the best players on the best teams. Miami and Oklahoma City are not the best teams. The Spurs and the Bulls are. With Rose missing so many games, you obviously look at what Tony has done to get on top and rightfully so, he is the MVP right now.

  21. dannelle says:

    rondo is still the best, the triple double of a small guy, no wonder. . .

  22. Bob MacEnstein says:

    Bob feels that Marshon Brooks should get no consideration for MVP

  23. Devon says:

    the celtics are still a top team in the nba rondo is too raw with all his triple doubles he should be mvp GO CELTICS!!!!!!

  24. HeatFan says:

    Carmelo Anthony should be on here.

  25. Leroy says:

    The reason why Lebron and Durant shouldnt get MVP this year is because they have Wade (6th) and Westbrook (5th) both in the MVP race also… As i recall Kobe a few years back didn’t get MVP because Pau was also in the running for MVP…. So whats the difference between now and then?? If anyone should get it, it should be Rondo, Kobe or Love but knowing the NBA they will give it to Lebron again…. Little point arguing about it….

  26. komai68 says:


  27. Phamie says:

    Rondo is far from Steve Nash. That’s it! Nash is better than any PG in the NBA right bcos he’s 38 and still doing his thing.

  28. rham says:

    kobe is the MVP

  29. the celtics were looking to trade rondo at the deadline now hes mvp because the celtics are winning, the celtics are winning because of defense like bradley in the starting lineup and kg getting his legs under him and paul start to hit jumpers rondo looks good when things are going right but when things are going bad there ready to ship him out the door rondos a good player but not mvp

  30. JG says:

    I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT MVP meant MOST VALUABLE PLAYER?? That means a players OVERALL value to his team!! Not how he can only play DEFENCE. Or that he can score more points than anyone. MVP? Is the player who means more to his team than ANY other player. One who makes the other players on his team BETTER, who gives more of himself seemingly than ANY other player on his team….or the floor for that matter. He wil dish, he wii rebound, he will get you steals, he will direct, conduct, and seemingly be in control. Wen all seems hopeless…U can count on ya MVP! That being said there is only one choice! Rajon Rondo!!

    The other MVP canidates and pretenders you speak of are all jus favorites of media that produced them. Or fans that are jus dont appreciate the game.

    Both Labum & “D. Hitman Wade”. And even Kobe, have felt it…Have known that while playing against Rondo that he is the best player on court! Rondo has destroyed Labum, Wade, and all over the course of the last 4 seasons! He has embarrased players who were suppose to be MVP. lol So couple say lets get together, come to Miami. Then we can FINALLY get that RAjon Rondo and them Celtics.. lol And then wat happens. They still had to get by old Boston..And with the HELP of the NBA REFS. They still showed weakness. They loose a game in series and then sombody put a hit out on RONDO? Next thing, arm broke, Miami moves on the go to Finals. YES TRUE MVP will PROVE in the playoffs again. This time you cant break his arm again witout evreryone knowing. REFS CANT SAVE MIAMI THis time.. RONDO WONT BE DENIED! RONDO is the blue print and the standard all other point guards in the NBA are quietly looking to.

  31. Bruce says:

    KIA is not appropriate to use while we are at war unless used in military terms.

  32. mattman says:

    rondo is a top 5 pg, but mvp? I dont know about that..his team has struggled and if you want to give kudos to players who perform well on sub-par teams, than steve nash should be in this conversation too..

    • HeatherCeltics07 says:

      Good teams struggle bulls was struggling in the beginning of last season but he still got the MVP ROOONNNDDDOOOO deserves the MVP or Kevin DURANT Boston struggled in the beginning of the season but they winning now it’s not all about how u start it’s how u finish #TEAMCELTICS #TEAMBULLS although I wouldn’t mind if Kevin DURANT get the MVP he deserves it too

  33. Blair says:

    Lebron & D-Wade share season mvp? … Durant + Westbrook share NBA finals mvp?

  34. beantownallday says:

    Take a look at the heat boston game, Where rondo was shined a LOT brighter than dbag lebron. In fact, it was Lebrons worst game ever, our Defense detroyed him. Therefore showing who is the more valuable of the two, Rondoooooooo

    • JG says:

      U know wat it is!!

    • L.A. says:

      Have you forgotten about how LeBron destroyed Boston in last years playoff? He definetly didn’t choke then when he closed the elimination game out with 10 straight points!

      • SaintMorning says:

        have you also forgotten how lebron irritated so many miami heat fan’s eyes last FINALS? damn|!!!!!

  35. Ruby Hume says:

    “Who is Josh Smith?” was just a joke that I wanted to share with the Rondo fans–no offense intended. Josh is a good player, who scored 22 points last night, and the Hawks won. However, Rondo is probably the most unique point guard in NBA and definitely deserves to be on the MVP list., He can also rebound, which really helps his team since rebounding has been the biggest weakness of the Celtics. Maybe they should get someone like Howard, someone who can shoot from inside the paint and rebound the ball. I totally agree with the fans who say that Rondo can use some improvement on his jump shots and free throws. If he excels in those areas, he might even be better than Nash, but I do feel that he is MVP material. Having 5 triple double in less than a season is quite an accomplishment, so Rondo, keep working hard, and your fans will always be loyal to you.

  36. Etan says:

    such must reason to hate the average thinker around here

  37. Don says:

    Rondo jumps up the ladder a day after that Bulls beatdown by two back-up pg’s?

  38. Carlos says:

    Rondo Deserves to be MVP hes been great this season keeping the celtics on track

  39. Celticsrck says:

    im glad to see Rondo on this list after so many good games,he is an excellent all-round player no doubt

  40. Rajon Rondo says:

    Steve Nash has been my inspiration, my goal is to be able to distribute the ball like he do, and the bad thing about my game is i haven’t developed my jumper yet, if i can shoot the ball like pierce, DAYUMM it’ll be RONDO TIME

  41. BasedonStats says:

    Funny to hear all the Lebron fans bring up Wade and Bosh and if the Thunder don’t have a little guy called Russel and some 2 guard called James Harden. And I saw a comment up there about who is Josh Smith? Idk just some guy on the Hawks averaging 19ppg, 10rpg, 4apg, 2bpg, and pretty much on the strength of his back keeping that mediocre Hawks team in contention. Put him on the heat and he’d be in MVP talks for sure. With that said i love Kobe, but his efficiency is “Ehh” at best this season…42% from the field and a couple 3/20 games don’t help his cause. But then again nobody is more valuable to team then Kobe right now. Take him off that team and kiss that season goodbye if Bynum can’t get his act together. If it was based off of stats then it’s Lebron hands down with Durant a close second. Tony Parker, Rondo, Pierce, and of course others deserve mentions but that’s about it.

  42. Kevin says:

    Rondo now just needs to develope free throws and jumpers of Steve Nash, and He will win 2 MVPs like Nash in an instant. And I think Durant deserves the MVP this year cause he is matching up with like a 8 year pro of LeBron James when Durant is his like 3 or 4th year.

  43. LakersRangafan2417 says:

    this is my nba awards this year:
    MVP: Kevin Durant because lebron has TWO all stars on his team who both put up excelletn numbers each night, Durant takes over in the fourth and seals victories, lebron hands it to wade.
    Sixth Man Of The Year: James Harden, future all star no question about it.
    Defensive Player of The Year:Serge Ibaka, leading league in blocks and how many 10+ block games this year?
    Most improved Player: Ryan Anderson simply because Jeremy Lin is injured for the rest of the season.
    Coach of the Year:Tom Thibidau, coaching the bulls to an outstanding win percentage without their star player
    Finals MVP: Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose

  44. Law064 says:

    Lebron better than MJ?? Dude stop smoking drugs and get real. In the MJ era hand checks were legal smh some of you Lebron holders are funny. Rondo is the most important piece of the Celtic’s. Without his floor precense the C’s struggle on Offense. I can’t say he’s the MVP but he should be in the category. Rondo’s leading the league in Triple Doubles and he’s a 6’1 PG. Give him some props for the job he does, he’s not a scorer but he is a pure PG with good D. Go Bulls Go Celtic’s. The MVP for me is KD for the simple fact the Thunder have a better record and KD’s value to his team is greater. If KD goes down the Thunder are not going to be #1 in the West. If Lebron goes down you still have Wade & Bosh.

  45. TS says:

    Rondo NBA commercial with Primus music, is the coolest commercial on television.

  46. Beantown says:

    Who says Rondo is not an MVP material? He sure is! Who says he can’t take over a game if his teammates are not scoring? He sure can! He’s the only baller with 5 triple doubles this year, those things don’t come from nowhere, you gotta earn ’em. Doc should be also in a conversation for the coach of the year. How many times this season I’ve heard that Celts are dead? But they are not, despite the injuries and all the adversities, they sit atop of the Atlantic division. And yes, Paul Pierce should be definitely in top 10. So often you just see the top 10 being comprised of the star players leading the star packed teams. By the definition these player have an edge over the rest of the league due to either other players on the roster or just being selfish and taking over the team’s stats sheet (Kobe). In Boston things have been different since the big three, because it’s about team and sharing the ball. Doc maintains the culture despite the changes around the core, while Rondo, Pierce, and KG are its driving force. Nobody talks KG now, but he’s been amazing at the 5th spot, the best of KG since 2008. However, in the MVP talk, Pierce should represent Boston. When needed he can facilitate, and he does. He is still the go to guy on the offensive end. And he rebounds, the C’s weakest point. So if the MVP award should go to the Most Valuable Player, who drives his team through adversities and progresses through a season in which his team was sentenced to fail, the award should go to Pierce. If this whole thing is again about identifying who is the most Star player on the most Star team then I don’t care about it at all, give it Durant for a change.

  47. matthew says:

    ur crazy arik kobes always on top of the game he averages the most in nba that means hes got concistency and hes always good and lebrons not best if he cant win a championship with wade 2nd best guard and bosh a top 15 power forward or 10

  48. Brad says:

    Rondo all day, Lebrons a cry baby biatch. btw, the heat finally lost at home huh? whatd they forget to make their referee payment for that game or smtn? DOS!

  49. SILVERBLUE says:

    haters gonna hate. lebron is even better than mj, should he be in his era there’s not gonna be an mj-malone or mj-magic. some just cant accept the fact that lebron have it all. rings cant be the basis of how good a player was or has been.

    • Boy Pickup says:

      yet at the end of the day… if you cant lead a team of your own to win it all… it doesnt really matter.

      there are great players… but still, basketball is all about team play, and its all about being the best player on the best team. Lebron IS the best player on the teams he’s played on… but has he led his (or Wade’s?) team to be the best? not yet. Most talented basketball player in history, Im good with that… but the BEST player? not even close.

      • MJ23 says:

        SILVERBLUE you are CLUELESS, yyou have just told everyone that LeBron James, a man who couldnt even take the miami heat with Wade and Bosh to a championship, is the greatest of all time! he doesn’t even come close. (I don’t know if you have noticed but Rings are what seperate the greatest players from the good players

      • rikii sousa says:

        ok well heres were you mj23 and boypickup need to pay more attention mj did have help with pippen kerr and rodman oh and how about probably the best nba coach ever phil jackson who has lebron had wade a no show bosh and eric spolestra is he the best player ever not yet but IF he wins two championships yes the best ever

    • lebron isnt even the best player in the league i can think of two right now better lets see kobe and dirk the last three finals mvps hell tony parker also got lebrons finals mvp man and mj, lebron hasn’t done half of what mj has done if your the best of all time you win championships i mean at least show up lebron has folded every year in the playoffs when his team loses he hes not even a factor at least show up jordan brought it every night avg 30 for his career and in the playoffs avg 33.4in 179 games now thats steppin up, 6 Finals MVPS for first all time 3 more then second and 6 and 0 in finals.

    • Underling says:

      Just what are you smoking?

  50. Shark jones says:

    Look at the picture of rondo…it looks like he’s fresh off a fat blunt with his right eye that red

  51. kj says:

    KD- yes lebron -no why? because kd is showin up dis season meanin okc ALMOST swept miami (the end)

    • Sick says:

      Okc swept almost swept Miami?? What world are u came from? by the way Okc can’t even handle granger…. lol

      • Yummy says:

        Just like how Maimi couldn’t handle the Bucks? Yeah exactly. You’re stupid if you think one loss against a team means they can’t handle someone.

      • Sick says:

        oh yeah coz your OKC cant handle SPURS… lol

  52. Ruby Hume says:

    If you understand the role and importance of a point guard, you would appreciate a player like Rondo. He is great, amazing unique, and entertaining on the court, and that is why he has been selected as a MVP. Teams can only succeed with players who can contribute in some way; therefore, not only those who shoot well should deserve recognition. We can choose whoever we like to be the MVP, but let’s not criticize those who are not are favorite ones. By the way, who is Josh Smith?

  53. christy says:

    sekou what about kobe? you even said it in the description that “Bryant’s got the strongest argument for a move up this week of any player on this list.” So why dont you move him up! it should be debated between Kobe annd Lebron ! Kobe is at the top of his game and hes doing terrific now! kobe should move up atleast to 2nd and if he keeps up to #1 !

  54. ryan says:

    Lebron #1yess

  55. Gabriel Zita says:

    Rondo isn’t MVP material…. yet. He’s good, but not MVP yet.

  56. Gabriel Zita says:

    Rondo…. MVP? Thats like saying Josh Smith. He’s NOT MVP right now.

    • rikii sousa says:

      maybe rondos not mvp cailbar yet but he is by far the best pg in the league

      • jj says:

        well rondo gets a double double like 4 to 6 rebounds and 2.5 steal he has lead everyone in steals the last three years and leads all guards in rebounds the last 3 years thats an mvp he is way better then cp3 d rose everyone he controls the game like a point guard and he has been the best point guuard for the last 2 years not the best player but best point guard

  57. t says:

    how can dirk drop out of this ladder, he still playing dominant basketball, rondo has done good but not enough to take over dirk, and dirk can take over a game when he’s team needs him to, where if rondo’s team mates arent scoring he cnt

  58. Pierce is the mvp on boston but this year they need to have co-mvps durant and lebron i mean its too close both are ballin this year and both have weakness and strengths but if you ask them there say the other should win it but there both say they would rather have FINALS MVP AND A RING RATHER THEN REGULAR SEASON MVP so just give it to both of them its too close.

  59. xchris123454 says:

    why rondo pierce is the reason celtics are making the push hes player of the month he is the captain it should be him making the push

  60. Arik says:

    1. I think that Lebron is greatest player after MJ, he should be MVP
    2. If Lebron and Wade were in different teams they would be first and second. Yes, Durant was third. Lebron has far better stats only because he plays more minutes and he plays more games while Wade is injured. If Lebron was playing without Wade he would average 31 9 8 in the season Wade would have 32 5 8.
    3. Blake Griffin should be in top 10, not Tony Parker, because he is a better player. San Antonio is a strong team because of their coach.
    4. To continue thoughts of part 3, I think that Greg Popovich and Tim Tibodou are far better than all other coaches in the league right now.
    5. I don’t understand why Kobe does not play so good always, why did he have so many games of 3 from 30 this year. Sometimes I think that he is just trying some different things, plays. Hope for him that he will do his best in playoff because he does not have a good coach this year. Phil would not let Kobe to take so much shots with so low percentage – look at his scoring stats for the year – they remind me Gilbert Arenas.

    • Jackson says:

      If your saying blake griffin should be in the MVP race then we may aswell put Bynum (who is having an awesome season) paul millsap and al Jefferson in there. ever since CP3 came along Griff has played worse. But bynum has bryant and gasol to share the numbers with and he still puts up good numbers

  61. lets go says:

    rondo’s amazing

  62. DoctorJ says:

    Lebron is the one.
    He has been historically efficient during the 2/3 of the season, his stats are way better the durant’s or anyone else’s, he’s a contender for DPOY whereas Durant’s D is more discutable.
    The only points Durant could get are matchup (tied) and team’s record (tied for the moment and uncertain).
    what else?

  63. Egert says:

    I don’t even know why Durant got 1st place a week ago. LeBron has been dominant all season and his numbers are just crazy. Sekou, when the MVP will be announced?