Blogtable: Van Gundy vs. Dwight

In this special edition of the Writers Blogtable, we asked our stable of scribes to weigh in on the Stan Van Gundy/Dwight Howard situation in Orlando. You can have your say, too, in the comments section below.

In the Dwight Howard/Stan Van Gundy mess: Who’s wrong? And how do you see this thing ending up?

Steve Aschburner: They’re both wrong but not to the same degree. Stan Van Gundy was wrong, little, in going so public with what obviously were internal conversations between him and Magic management, and between Dwight Howard and the bosses. But Van Gundy at least was being honest and seems determined to not take the fall the way he did in Miami with Shaq. Howard, on the other hand, has been wrong, big, throughout his mess. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants and is coming across as a complete phony. Van Gundy is more sympathetic now but with no more job security. My hunch: Both he and Howard are working elsewhere next season.

Fran Blinebury: Nothing about Dwight Howard has changed since the trade deadline fiasco.  He is 26 years old going on 16, saying his goal is to make a dispassionate business decision, yet wanting to be hugged.

However, the blame here belongs with Magic owner Rich DeVos and president Alex Martins for allowing this situation to fester.  If they are willing – even for a moment – to entertain the notion of firing Stan Van Gundy in order to get Howard to sign a long-term contract, that’s a cold-blooded decision and it’s their right. But it should have happened already.

It ends in the Van Gundy family kitchen with Stan asking brother Jeff to pull the knife from his back.

John Schuhmann: Dwight Howard is clearly in the wrong. Beyond his obvious immaturity is the fact he doesn’t realize that Van Gundy is one of the best coaches in the league and a huge part of the Magic’s success over the last few years. They’re the only team that’s been in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency each of the last four seasons, and you don’t do that without a great coach. And I’m fine with what Van Gundy did Thursday morning. When he’s asked a question regarding him and Dwight, he shouldn’t have to pretend that everything’s peachy.

I imagine the Magic will have a new coach (and a new GM) by August or September. Maybe by Saturday’s game in Philly. But no matter who the coach is, Howard still isn’t committed to the franchise long-term unless he signs an extension this summer. And if he doesn’t, the situation in Orlando will only get more ridiculous and dysfunctional.

Sekou Smith: Stan Van Gundy confirmed what has been rumored for years. Dwight Howard doesn’t like him and wants the Magic to make a change. That wasn’t breaking news to me. And I have no problem with Van Gundy airing the Magic’s dirty laundry. How many times can you ask the man to eat his pride and allow Dwight Howard or any other player to run roughshod over him behind closed doors? Van Gundy knows that his days are numbered. I don’t blame him for not wanting to go down as the fall guy again (the way he did in Miami). The Magic’s issues this season being and end with Howard’s training camp trade request and all of the foolishness that one act inspired. Anyone looking to point fingers needs to aim them at the cat smiling on the end of the bench and going back and forth with the Knicks’ fans at Amway Center Thursday night. This one’s on him.

Shaun Powell: Maybe both are right and both are wrong … maybe there are no “bad guys” or “sympathetic figures” and maybe they just don’t see eye-to-navel anymore. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened. Actually, it happens all the time. Deron Williams, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Shaquille O’Neal, Patrick Ewing, the list is longer than the day the Magic just endured. Van Gundy’s failure was his inability to reach the only player on the roster whose opinion matters, the player who helps him win games. Yes, Howard is a diva, but isn’t that why they pay millions to coaches, and why there’s a waiting list for one of only 30 such jobs? Howard’s failure was mailing it in against the Knicks and giving up on his teammates, all because of his bruised ego.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Good luck finding anybody who thinks Stan Van Gundy was wrong. More likely, he is being celebrated, especially by peers who have always wanted to do the same thing: Not cover for a star player. The unusual amount of straight talk even by SVG standards probably made him a hero. (And it won’t get him fired, either. That would have happened anyway.)

Van Gundy is on his way out and Howard is on his way to that special place of superstars who will spend years trying to live down how badly they botched career planning. Stan Van at least gets to come off like the victim.

His soon-to-be-former centers gets to live with it.


  1. DC says:

    I love how people are blaming Dwight Howard for the whole situation. He asked in training camp to be traded. Either trade him or don’t. The Magic decided to hold on to him thinking they could persuade him to stay. If part of him staying was hiring a new coach, they should have either done it, or told him that his only job is to go out and play hard, not run the front office. Instead, a bunch of spineless people give power to someone who makes them a lot of money, and now he’s the bad guy? Please! If Van Gundy has known all year that Howard wanted him out, why speak up now? Why not say something at the beginning of the season? Why not, oh I don’t know, sit down with the guy and hash things out privately? If you have the heart to speak up with a mic in your face, you could have easily sat down with the guy behind closed doors.

    Both guys are to blame for the media debacle that has occured. The front office is more to blame. They’ve cowtowed to Howard’s back-and-forth all season & then want to pull a Pontius Pilate and act above it all when things are made public.

  2. Sam says:

    Hey, everyone here. Dwight Howard is one of the few NBA big man who has a dominate present on both end of the floor. We can say he is among the best rebounder, post-up scorer, and defensive player, but certainly not a team leader. His lack of team spirit, team cooperation, and praise himself over everything have certainly erased all his values and abilities. Orlando needs to find a leader with leadership ability, like D. Rose in Chi, Paul Pierce in Celtics, Durant in OKC, etc. Trade this immature, brainless DH to get some young players and draft picks, so that Orlando can actually has a real chance of winning a championship. With DH, no way, NBA is a team’s game (look at Spurs, Chi, etc.), not a one man game and certainly not a selfish DH game, period, period. Hopefully, we can eventually see some light in this darkest hours in Orlando.

  3. Heath Nash says:

    Dwight Howard is the biggest knob in the NBA, marginally in front of Lebron. But it’s not his fault: it is genetics. Within that pin head of Dwight’s is a pea-sized brain, that loves nothing more than a good mirror. The man (can I call him that?) is a narcissistic fool, and is more fake than SVG’s collection of blow-up dolls. And, during the interview with the Media, SVG pounded Dwight just like one of those dolls, leaving Dwight with an gaping mouth with words pouring out that just proved how much of an immature knob he is. Dwight Howard, you are a knob.

  4. Sorry if people cannot deduce from my statement… I want to say clearly that SVG is wrong. Could SVG ACTION be right??? I see people here to be very biased! Howard should go to another Team where management have the professional objectivity in dealing with this type of issues!

  5. Yes, Howard. Take it from Carmelo Anthony, just play your game and the next season you will be with the Miami Heat! Do not think of loyalty… that is the saddest word in the NBA. Or it does not exist in the NBA. Now the Magic is trying to destroy you with the revelation from SVG that you want him fired… Only crazy people will believe that.. and only the unprofessional writers buy that! It has been clear from the start of these rumors that the Magic gives you the freedom to choose the Magic coach, and in the NBA that is business as usual. But these morons want to paint you in the shades of black! Just GO on. That is the game… this is what has become of the NBA. And I love this game. Love the merry go round of the NBA players.Teach the hypocrites… this is the GAME. And those who do not accept the facts of the NBA are fools… they are just trying to look intelligent!!!!

    Down with the fools. Smith, are you included????

  6. Ryan says:

    they’re both wrong and i think that the magic should toss both of them.

  7. Libertatus says:

    The NBA has long been a players league especially when the players teams are doing well. When those teams go a little south it’s a coach’s league and not in a good way. And even though a star player may, at times, be immature they are smart enough to recognise that it is the players fans pay to see and it’s the players jersey fans are wearing. And the coach of the struggling ‘star-studded’ team shouldering all the responsibilty is soon isolated and alone with a knife in his/her back and an axe pointing at their head. At least NBA coaches are well paid.

    Fair or unfair? You decide.

  8. Castiel says:

    nice articel! =)

    i liked shaun powells comment best: howard is a diva

  9. bob says:

    i would hate to be a an nba coach. a bunch of guys who are selfish and have self-entitlement written all over them.

  10. Blair says:

    i think stan van gundy is a great coach & what i like about him is that he treats every player the same whether your Dwight Howard or Kwame Brown he will tell em what they need to hear, cant see him being around next season so i wish SVG all the best for his next challenge

  11. h.debonk says:

    Superstars has and will always complain about their coaching staff and teammates to management when they believe they should be winning more games and even championships and t is not happening. Management knows that Stan Van Gundy is a good coach, they also know that the chances of replacing Howard is next to impossible. They also wish to fill the arena seats every night. So they are dong what they always do, that is to try to get the two to work together. It has backfired because of whom Charles call “the snitch”. Now management have to make a decision that they were avoiding, that s to get rd of one or both men.

  12. David says:

    Van Gundy, too, knows the dirty tricks game. He pulled it on the Sacramento Kings fours ago. After agreeing to a coaching contract, he and the Mrs. come to town to house hunt and sign the contract. After checking into a downtown hotel, he stationed himself at a FedEx office waiting for the better offer from the Orlando Magic. He got it and was out-of-there without even staying the night.

    So much for Van Gundy. I’d put my money on DW, that VG gives him no respect…as he did the Cowtown Kings.

    • Libertatus says:

      If Van Gundy better dealed the Kings it doesn’t follow then that “VG gives him [Howard] no respect”.

  13. missy says:

    SVG in the wrong. Hurting the team by going to media. He should have had meeting with Dwight and mgt’ and do right thing for remaining games left. try to work through differences in private. its not right for players or coaches to air dirty laundry just to save his job!

  14. jimmy says:

    SVG is wrong for blurting out to public,How is howard wrong for talking behind his coach back to management huh????And when did Howard said I DEMAND SVG FIRED he just said he wants a new coach and fire SVG,he never demanded that or threated Orlando Magic.Howard on the other hand who said he had a bad attitude,how is he uglyness,everybody has to critisize i even agree with howard.EVERYBODY knows in the NBA you want to win a championship BADLY so to do that i would keep howard and wouldnt want this nightmare 1995 to happen again.It feels terrible to be like charlotte bobcat and not win REALLY!!to magic and howard its about winning.THATS THE POINT OF THE NBA.

  15. Baeta says:

    Both wrong.

  16. Djf says:

    At first I was disappointed when Dwight did not come over to New Jersey. Now I am glad, who wants to have to deal with a player like that? Deron Williams keeps his cool and backs his team no matter what the situation, he doesn’t need this immature child conflicting with that.

  17. Toineadon says:

    Dwight Howard is definitely in the wrong. I dont blame SVG at all because that’s what i would’ve done. Why should SVG have to lie to the media just to make Dwight happy when Howard really doesn’t even want to be in Orlando anyway. If anyone needs to get fired it’s Otis Smith because he’s probably the worst GM in all of sports.

  18. Horrible , this DW is a jerk , Magics are the Chicago Cubs of the NBA , never are going to be champions , too many inflated egos , just watch one game . Orlando is a very bad market for the NBA . DW should go to other place , he deserve to be traded to the Wizzards , he is a looser .

  19. DQ5 says:

    I most often take the player side and this is no exception. Dwight wants the team built around him and he will more than likely get it. It happens all the time but the coaches rarely come out and say it to the media. I agree that Dwight is acting like a spoiled kid but it is the coaches responsibility to reign that in and Van Gundy hasn’t done that. There is no way that the Lakers or Magic would have benefited from a trade. Both Howard and Byum are inmature and they would just be trading trouble. I don’t even see where Howard is that much better than Byum. Ultimately it is the managements fault. Do what you have to do, but don’t betray your player by telling what his demands are. They created the tension when they have the power to fire and/or trade. Apparently, they want Howard or they would have traded him and if I was them Van Gundy would be gone. Howard has the potential to win but Van Gundy is a coach and he is not going to run up and down the court to make anything happen. I say bye, bye Van Gundy because I think the team has lost respect for him. Dwight is coachable, they just need a coach that can do it.

  20. Miami needs to get rid of Bosh and sign Dwight. Hey Pat, this is your chance. Get rid of all of the scrubs in Miami and free up some cap space. I’m not opposed to trading the always injured Wade either. Do what you need to do and get Dwight Howard on the Heat. Get r done!

  21. STAN THE MAN says:

    Stan doesn’t care anymore. He is sick of management, D12, and the whole Orlando Magic organization. They gave him the boot in Miami, and now they’re giving him the boot in Orlando. Stan is a great coach, but I am not sure he knows how to connect with his players, especially divas like Howard.

  22. STAN THE MAN says:

    This is about Orlando losing as many games as possible in an effort to get someone decent in the draft. That’s why someone whispered in SVG’s ear. He’s outta there by July 4th. Orlando wants to rebuild around Howard. They know they’re not getting past the Bulls or Miami, and I don’t think they care. Orlando has never really been focused on championships. Howard is an amazing athlete, but he is a goofball as well. Howard has been there for many years, and he probably thinks SVG is too serious and SVG think D12 is not focused on the mental/emotional/psychological aspects of the game of basketball. D12 has great talent but he is not a KG, Dirk, Duncan, or Kobe. He’s not serious like those guys. He thinks he is Shaq but he is not. He is not as dominant as Shaq offensively. Shaq could goof off, miss games, get fat, and still dunk on everyone and have a 30/20 game in the playoffs and Finals MVP. SVG needs to lobby for that job in NYC, and D12 needs to grow up. Basketball is not about Superman- it is about leadership.

  23. bull says:


  24. bull says:


  25. Brain32 says:

    I’d say it’s the Magic administration fault, simply for not keeping their mouth shut about what DH told them, that was seriously unprofessional and I don’t care what status SVG or anybody else for that matter has there you just don’t talk about such things period.

  26. Gabriel Zita says:

    If you want to win? Van Gundy. But right now, if you want to win long term Dwight.. but do your best to keep Van Gundy.

  27. Shawn Thompson says:

    I think if Dwight is not happy he should leave. Van Gundy lead Orlando to lean in both
    Defense and Offense, he has earned his respect and should stay. let Howard leave and not even make the playoff. Since he cannot give respect where respect is due. later for him superstar or not. He may leave anyway and Orlando will be without a super coach

  28. Zarko says:

    @Rey You are 100% right brotha!!! Let SVG go and it will straighten up the things! Hire Phil Jackson n leeeets gooooo Magic!!!

  29. Squeaky Wheel says:

    First, being immature is not a crime, and neither is being young, brash, and impulsive. But when you are the most dominant defensive player in the NBA, you’re allowed to crow a little. When you are the primary reason the Magic are where they are, then you can crow a lot, cause it’s true. So anyone who thinks the solution is to dump Howard and keep Van Gundy, is using defective logic. It seems that not too long ago, people were telling us what a great coach Brian Hill was, and what a young, brash, and impulsive young man Shaq was. Remember how that turned out? Both Hill and Van Gundy were blessed, yes blessed, with two of the NBA’s preeminent big men, and both coaches were given far more credit than they rightly deserved for making the Magic a team that could seriously contend for a championship. No, what would have been amazing is, is if they hadn’t. Van Gundy has to go, and more than anything, GM Otis Smith has to go, you know, the guy who brought Rashard Lewis to Orlando and let Marcin Gortat go and brought back Hedo Turkoglu. More defective logic a la the front office. Enough with the amateur mismanagement. If the Orlando Magic management is not willing to build a team around Dwight Howard, instead of an EXPENDABLE COACH, then the prospects for a championship banner hanging from the Amway Center’s rafters is going to be a long way off. Shaq didn’t leave Orlando just for more money, he left to find an NBA franchise that was run by serious professionals, who knew how to win championships. Unfortunately, Stan Van Gundy is not a great coach. If he was, he could show off how many times, and how many teams he’s led to an NBA championship. A still rising NBA superstar, or a so-so coach. A 6 year old child could make the correct call here.

  30. DH12 says:

    I used to like dwight but now, after this mess, my view and his immaturity has really changed my mind

  31. Rey says:

    I have listened to all this foolishness about SVG and Dwight. Dwight is an employee with a lot of leverage within the Magic organization. What franchise player doesn’t????? This is no different from Kobe pulling a trade me a few years ago to bring Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Dwight’s immaturity has nothing to do with this. Obviously, some people in this blog have not experience a tough decision in their lives.

    The fact remains that a private conversation with your franchise player took place and it was leaked to SVG. Same thing happened between our government and wiki leaks. What makes this issue different from the other? The person who leaked the government secrets is being prosecuted if not in jail already. Wow! Obviously there was a violation of confidentiality agreement in the room where the conversation took place.

    I think the person who leaked the story should be fired as well as the coach for putting Jameer Nelson instead of Rafer in the finals with the Lakers.

    SVG is a bad coach. Orlando is been in the first spots in the east because the other teams are just very bad. I mean, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Indiana, Washington…I mean really!!!! The Orlando Magic weren’t in top places because of SVG. Are you kidding me????

    SVG you needed to be gone after the finals loss with the Lakers. You are just lucky to be there. Let SVG go, and get another coach.

    The franchise relationship between the head coach and the players is tainted.

    Do what you must. Fire the coach……Enough said!

  32. HMH says:

    Last time I checked, there was no gag order issued by the NBA for coaches to talk about these things, especially good but lame duck coaches like SVG. These situations only manifest themselves they way they do because management allows them to happen — i.e., placating to their superstars and surrendering the franchise to them no matter what they do. I thought most would have learned from the ordeal that Cleveland Cavaliers experienced with LeBron James, but I guess Orlando missed that saga.

  33. TroyEarth says:

    Just a text book example on how not to handle a super star play with a super star ego who wants to leave :-)…there should be a clear line between management and players. Players they come and go but management if they posses true leadership should be able draw a plan and follow it. It seems management in Orlando is out of touch with the realities and do not have a valid plan for the future. I think bottom line is they lack courage and vision to see a future without Howard. And everyone has probably experienced that if you become too dependent on someone that someone will end up messing up whole your balance..

  34. Rich says:

    Meanwhile LeBron is smiling in his little corne… ‘soon, I won’t be the most hated man in sports !”

  35. terradamnata says:

    Lol DH, is this how you plan to spread the Word of God in the NBA? 😆

  36. apparently shaq wanted him out of miami too: poor van gundy

  37. Mr. Basketball says:

    First of all I really can’t see why everyone is blaming Howard for this mess. Howard is the most dominant player in the league (forget his free throw average – Remember Shaquille Oneal, wilt chamberlain – all notoriously bad free throw shooters). van gundy is a bad coach – it’s why he was fired in miami. You have to change your coaching style to go with the players you have. The magic need to play inside out ball – they’ve been playing outside in ball for years. the reason they’ve won so many games is because of Dwight Howard – not stan van gundy. He has the talent on his team but not the wherewithal to figure out how to shape it into a championship caliber team. So he should be fired. Dwight Howard is loyal to a fault – (See Nene or any of the other players who get traded on a whim). Coaches go to ownership all the time and tell them what players they want traded. Howard is the star on the team – he can have that conversation with the owners – the owners then are going to make a decision that’s best for the team not necessary for the player. Also, the owners should not have divulged to van gundy the information from what was obviously a confidential conversation they had with Howard. Van gundy should not have disclosed this to the media – that’s where the fault lies. not with howard. squarely with the team management and their coach. They’ve handled the situation really badly. They are the ones that want Howard the superstar. they want to keep him so that the can fill the seats of the arena and make millions. So he has the wight to say what he wants – it’s all a part of negotiating. Howard is too nice – he should have done what Shaq did and just left. Obviously Magic ownership and management are incompetent. He should have gone to the Lakers – they understand how to use big men superstar players there – Wilt – Jabbar – Shaq.

    Magic should have gotten howard more help and a better coach – one who understands what it takes to win. van gundy doesn’t and that’s why Pat Riley fired him and why the magic should do the same.

  38. CHUCK #2 says:

    SVG was asked a question in which he responded honestly,Now all of a sudden he should’ve been more professional.lmao Most all of us would’ve answered the same way under the circumstances.I was really shocked by Barkley’s comments being he’s one who prides himself on being candid.Shaq,however wouldn’t know honesty if it slapped him in the face look at his track record.Some of these young guys are whats ruinning the league with this me first attitude.GO CELTICS OR GO HOME

  39. brains2481 says:

    obviously svg will be fired, but what happens when d.h still looks to be traded next year, hes torn the club apart, a club he wont be at come playoffs next year, d.h acting like a spoilt brat

  40. Dwights the one to blame here and he is making a complete fool of himself. The man needs to grow and act his age. He is not the coach, SVG is. You NEED all players to be at least respectful of the coach. Take a look over at OKC and you will see the advantage of your star player deferring to the coach. D12 needs to take a page from KDs book and learn a bit of humility. You may be the best player on the team but you’re not above the team!

    Check out my site at

  41. Stephen Hunter says:

    DH is still maturing emotionally, and like most superstars gets caught up in his own hype, thus concluding that he really is super-human. Combine this attitude with the fact that the big 3 in Miami have conspired to create a super team. DH figures that he has to create his own destiny too, so he would consider staying with the Magic, IF he can control the team. SVG stands in the way of this happening. and that is really where this situation is currently at.

  42. bloggercam says:

    SVG is a great coach and the reason they made to The finals in 2009. Dwight COWARD and shut up and work on your free throws!

  43. Rodney says:

    I don’t think Stan said anything wrong. I espically loved his comment that I am sure at 1 of you reporters don’t like your job, but you still come out and work hard every day. The players get to publicly say they want a trade, what is wrong with saying a player wants me fired. The player and the coach are leaders, and should be held in the same regard.

  44. Derron to Orlando says:

    SVG is an excellent coach. He’s done great things with this ball club. It’s management constant placating and pandering to Howard that made him the diva he is today. Orlando magic management is soft. SVG is exhausted with playing this charade already. He knows he is wrongfully getting fired at season’s end and honestly answered a question. Dwight Coward, cowardly lied to everyone. Dwight, you lost all my respect. SVG, stay strong! Trade Dwight and if anyone should be fired, it should be OTIS SMITH!

  45. Sean says:

    It should always be the players fault, a lack of adaption towards the coach. The Coach sets the tone, the player should always obey the system. Dwight Howard lacks maturity, Van Gundy has always been a coach of a higher understanding of the game. And I feel that the organization have shot them selves in the foot by not trading a overvalued center who’s game is entirely dependent on dishes from team mates 1 foot around the basket. He has no dependent free-throw, his percentages show just that. He might be the current All-star center spot of the east, but that only comes from the lack of dominating inside players at our current time.
    He believe it’s entirely D.Howards fault, since his comments about his current coach should have been kept to him self, instead of spreading insecurity among his team mates, and creating a story of the Orlando Magic.

  46. Jason says:

    The shame is that Barkley and Shaq both seemed to side against SVG. Apparently someone felt that continually lying to the Head Coach was a poor way to conduct yourself, but that was not good enough in the eyes of Shaq and Charles. I’ve come to expect player-siding from Shaq, but Charles should know better. Everyone should have just been open about it – if they prefer SVG to Dwight, then just say so and fire him halfway through the season.

  47. Ruben says:

    Can somebody tell me what happened with Van Gundy in Miami? I hear them talking about VG en Chaq but I don’t know what it is all about. Somebody?

  48. nc says:

    For Orlando, if you are management you ride Van Gundy and Dwight Howard for as far as they will take you. Both will (eventually) be motivated as they’ll be playing for their marketability in the next season. You do not have time to get a new or interim coach ready to handle playoffs.

    During the offseason you fire Van Gundy. Media types love his honesty. But Van Gundy’s mouth made the Knicks game a guaranteed loss and probably cost the post season. Saying “no comment” is the professional thing to do in that circumstance.

    You also trade Dwight Howard. In addition to his indecision and the bad press it generated for the Orlando Magic, you now have a player that knows that management either betrayed his trust or couldn’t keep a secret. The chance to retain him after the extension is pretty much zero. So trade him for as much as you can get him and rebuild.

    Oh, and you fire everyone in the front office responsible for this mess. What a disaster!

  49. Bobarry says:

    First and most blame goes to MGMT. For one, they are soo dumb for telling SVG about this whole situation, at this point in the season. Playoffs are just around the corner, and it makes no sense to tell SVG something like this, regardless of whose right or wrong. MGMT also gets the blame because they are the main reason this team is in this position. They have always made poor decisions, either because they aren’t that good at what they do or cause they are cheap. They never surrounded Dwight with enough talent. I mean HEDO has been the second best option on this team for as long as I can remember. It is actually quite amazing what SVG has been able to do with the amount of talent at his disposal, and this includes DWIGHT.

    Which brings me to the second person to blame, and that is Dwight Howard. This guy makes Lebron’s “Decision” look mild. As of now, it seems he is just dragging this city by a string, and I still do believe he will be leaving this organization. Dwight needs to stop worrying about other people and worry about himself. For example, instead of doing commercials or movies, he needs to work on his free throws. I mean seriously, if he could make free throws, this team would be fine with the pieces it has. I understand that this MGMT has failed to put the right talent around him, but they did put the right coach. Like i said, Its amazing what SVG has been able to do with this team, and its unfair that he is being thrown under the bus like this. SVG is a solid coach. He tells it like it is. Should he have brought this up right now? Probably not, but I would of done the same thing in his shoes.

    I’m a Mavs fan, and this makes me question whether I want Dwight on the team…but who am i kidding? Of course I do

  50. Lev says:

    I completely agree wtih John Schuhmann. Howard is too immature and he needs to realize that he’s an employee that works for the Orlando team and not someone that makes decisions for the organization. I hope Orlando will ship him out next season.

  51. Bill says:

    LOVED Van Gundy totally calling out the magic organization and upper management, made them look like complete fools. I agree with Fran, it should have been handled way sooner, and if you’re willing to keep an immature player and comply with his wishes to fire one of the top 5 coaches in the league, so be it, just get it done.

  52. Michelleintheoc says:

    The Magic Mgmt is wrong in the first place for hiring Van Gundy. He is clearly not a NBA level coach. They are both victims of poor mgmt.

  53. Ace says:

    I’d say the Orlando Magic administration are most at fault. They hired a coach who can’t keep his mouth shut publicly (which everyone has known about Van Gundy for years) and have allowed Howard to effectively hold the entire club to ransom in regards to his future. He wants to either run the whole organisation or he’ll leave. If they had any spine they’d take control of the franchise they are supposed to be in control of. They should have traded Howard before now, because any player who says “I want to play for this team… as long as I get this and this, and have a say in this and that” doesn’t REALLY want to be there. Trade him before they have a repeat of the Shaq situation where he walked and the Magic got nothing for him.
    For the record I’m not a Magic fan. Both Howard and Van Gundy share responsibility for what is going on with the Magic now. But it’s management that have allowed it to go on for this long. They need to do something to remind both Stan and Dwight who they work for.

  54. Krespino says:

    SVG has every right to behave as he has done. It’s his decision. I would have done the exact same thing. Enough is enough with this D.Howard ugliness. Obviously this had been going on on SVG for some time. The franchise ownership and front office are the ones responsible for allowing all this happen to the coach, and the rest of the team. DH has killed all team spirit there. I have been a Magic fan and I am dropping being a fan, until DH is sent out of there. It will not be any better with The Magic with another coach, one that will be a yes man to DH, and even if the players arround him were changed. DH is not the best center in the NBA, he is most probably the least valuable in terms of attitude and character.

    • BFoulds says:

      Look Orlando. We told you to trade this clown. You didn’t listen. You brought this upon yourself. You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.

    • Jacky says:

      D.Howard ugliness, why we need to support this kind of player… MVP

    • Jacky says:

      Made fun of your coach like that, it look urly, do not look professional…
      Players like that will not help the team to get anywhere

    • Leon says:

      coach is the always the one to blamed on nowadays. and people behind DH12 are not doing their jobs.
      Loyalty hahahaha! i used to like this young big man a lot, but he is destroying his reputation these days. if you are not gonna sign the extension and can’t stand for ur coach, then just admit it. he doesn;t even has won a championship yet, n he alrdy wants his coach to be fired?????you can win here, you can;t win elsewhere.
      lakers is kobe’s team, not shaq
      heats is d wade’s team, not shaq
      cel is Paul’s team, not ray allen or KG
      SAS is tim duncan’s team
      loyalty, hahahaha