Blake Griffin’s Dunkfest On Pau Gasol

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s probably best to just let the video do all the talking in this instance.

But rest assured, these two items will never be shown at a Gasol family reunion.

Blake Griffin over Pau Gasol … two times:

And again …


  1. figure8dc says:

    Half of Griffins “dunks” ARE NOT dunks. If you just throw the ball down thru the net, it’s NOT a dunk. He has several where he just grazed the rim with his fingers. not impressed. A dunk should be thrown down with authority.

  2. brock campbell says:

    hey i think blake griffin is awesome at layups


    Both dunks will definitely be posters. To all the Blake haters. Pao did not block out nor did he jump straight up on the first dunk. That is not an over the back call. If you are to cry foul on that play. Then make sure you watch Pao on every rebound because he is climbing over everyones back on every shot missed in his area while using his height. He just happen to be on the receiving end of a thunderous rebound dunk by Blake.

    2nd Dunk: Yes it was an offensive foul by blake. But Blake did it the right way. Pao was going to foul Blake no matter what on that play. Pao did not jump straight up. He ran towards Blake to foul him and make sure he didn’t get the shot off. Blake knew he was going to get fouled so he met Pao the same way. Everyone seen the result. Queue Video. lol

    Hate if you must but Pao, if you going to try to foul Blake get your weight up. lol

  4. steve says:

    The restricted area determines charge or block, that’s it. On the 2nd dunk Blake used the off arm to ward off the defender. You can’t do that just as you can’t extend the arm to hook an opposing player. I was listening to a sport talk show and an ex NBA ref made the same conclusion on that play – clear offensive foul.

  5. GriffinFTW says:

    omg so many people overeacting …if u let blake dunk on you like this you probably deserve it,pau is a 7 footer with the strenght of a point gaurd, 2 GREAT, SUPERB dunks by blake…thank god hes in the league and whats wrong with taunting anyway? it just makes the game more intense, if you are pau you just have to keep your eyes on him and shut him down, BLOCK him the next time he tries that on you and dont let that happen again. most importantly get the W…the nba is too soft already you guys dont know what you are talking about,and if it ever happens to start a fight because u got dunked on and stared on then u dont deserve playing in this league and getting payed millions. NO BOYS ALLOWED

  6. Oh Gee!!! says:

    I have a lot of fun reading all the posts and comments here. I’m a huge laker fan, I don’t see anything wrong with blake’s dunks. Its all part of the game. Gasol wasn’t hurt anyway. I agree on the second dunk, gasol saw a blake rampaging forward for a dunk, but still he opted to block the shot, so what happened to him was expected. Gasol just have to lick his wounds and move on. He has plenty of opportunities to get back at blake. Go lakers!!!! 2012 world champions!!!!

  7. J Blase says:

    Wonder when the league will do something about these violent and extremely DANGEROUS dunks over the top of defensive players, when their BACK IS TURNED and they get smashed in the head and neck — before or AFTER the neck of an opposing player is broken???? Rather than pamper and encourage the morons who continue to this (and then take great PRIDE in it ), the league better start being concerned about the law suits that will follow when one of these grandstanding moves paralyzes or kills a player. Apparently the collectively brain-dead individuals in charge of the NBA either don’t know or don’t care just how fragile the human neck is. And, sad to say, the idiot “fans” would probably only cheer louder if the defensive player went down with a broken neck. What’s next — gladiators and lions? But then, I guess that could provide some REALLY great posters to hang on the wall. What a sad commentary on who and what this society has become and what we think is important. It’s disgusting!

  8. Mavs Fan Bill says:

    IS nobody watching the whole play?

    1. Griffin IS behind Gasol, BUT jumps above him and has control on the ball BEFORE making contact, he then makes contact with a defensive (that’s a stretch) player who is inside the restrcted zone.

    2. Foul is on Gasol for jumping INTO Griffin before the dunk, play is then dead EXCEPT for shooters continuation.

    If this was LaYawn, it would not be a disscussion.

  9. chirs says:

    wow those were fouls first was over the back and second blake got his hand on gasols face!

  10. cry babies says:


  11. juzray says:

    Hit by a Train coming LOL

  12. Karl gooo Celts!!!! says:

    i smell shamrocks coming 😀 lol

  13. Mike says:

    If Blake Griffin can dunk like that, then why is he such a slob on D?

  14. Mark says:

    Why do you guys SO affected? It’s a clear dunk for Griffin. Over the back foul what? Did you mean he doesn’t have the right to go for the ball and dunk it because he is behind the back of Gasol? He can fly, and they should back him out. Gasol tried to block the shot but Griffin takes off higher.

    Just enjoy the moment and if you hate it, don’t watch it. nuff said.

    • theo says:

      then lets see him do it without the arm there….all 3 dunks Perk Mozgov and gasol…could have done any of those if he didnt use his arm ? I promise the next time he tries that he is going to get an offensive foul from this point on everytime he tries dat

  15. GoldenboyofheNBA says:

    Both are offensive fouls no doubt.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. ray says:

    blake griffin = a poster boy material type of player.. not a championship caliber player.. 🙂

  18. phillip says:

    HAHA Gosol got Mozgoved twiced

  19. 9s9 says:

    I can’t believe the number of cry baby fans in the NBA.. to all the people calling for more offensive fouls, technical fouls, ejections and over all less aggressive play, please do your self a favor and watch play off video clips in the Jordan era. You will see people getting clobbered by today’s standards with more trash talking, shoving and general things you expect when you take top level pros and have them play against each other.

    Stop calling for nerf, cream puff, no contact, no emotion, basketball. Quit your whining.. Gasol got owned TWICE. At this rate you will not be able to contest a shot in 5 years, they might as well lower the basket to 7 feet just to make sure more shots go in and whining fans can watch 175 point games with the refs deciding everything… technical fouls for high fives.

    The NBA took away hand checking and any form of defense to drive up offensive points and expand viewership, now you are complaining about aggressive offensive plays??? Please have your head checked. Gasol was looking for the foul call rather than trying to stop the play. When he failed, and got handled by Griffin he just complained rather than take action, another aggressive player would have made a point to stop that 2nd dunk but Pau Gasol just took it again, collapsed to the floor, and waited for the refs to bail him out. That’s not the type of basketball I want to watch.

    • theo says:

      The Mozgov The Perkins The Gasol were all offensive fouls. I bet you if someone flipped him on his back while he was that high youd wanna foul called…lmao! So stop that non sense, you must not have a basketball team….because I guarantee you call for fouls all game long when ur watching….so just stop dude

      • 9s9 says:

        Its clear from reading your other comments, you just don’t like Blake. If you say the Mozgov, the Perkins and the Gasol were all offensive fouls then you can’t respect talent that’s not on your favorite team. Not much more I can say to you since you have no logical argument to hate on this play.

        For anybody else hating, the fans that enjoys a steady stream of uncontested jump shots rather than a mix of plays that include driving to the lane with authority let me say this:

        If Gasol had flipped him on his back on the 2nd dunk I would have understood his motivation foul or no foul called. Go listen to the video of Shaq talk about this Griffin dunk and recall how Rick Fox got a good shot in on him making Shaq determined to return the favor if Fox drove the lane again. This illustrates my main point: looking for the refs to bail you out, that’s what losers do. Rather than complain, go do something about it- make your own play. Gasol got dunked on early and should have been in the mindset to not allow Griffin to posterize him a 2nd time. The NBA needs more players like Griffin that can figure out how to be aggressive within the overly zealous NBA rules that water down the game year after year.

  20. garbagetimeblog says:

    Not bad, not bad at all…….

  21. MeLoveLACLAL says:

    Hi to ALL! I’m a HUGE L.A. Fan (Lakers, Clippers)

    The first dunk I think is a good play. No foul. Blake just rebounded the ball. He didn’t elbowed or kicked or punched Gasol, it is just pure body-body contact.

    But on the second dunk, I think Blake should get thrown out by elbowing and taunting Gasol. His first two poster dunks (on Mosgov and Perkins), he didn’t land his elbows on his opponents. But this time it landed so the ref should give him a technical foul + plus the taunting = 2 Technical fouls = Ejection.

  22. fer says:

    FGM-A: 7-16
    BLOCKS: 0
    BLOCKS A : 2

    just a dunker…

  23. JOHn says:

    look at bynum’s face at the end of the video, he clearly knows it a legit posterized dunk

  24. wonder says:

    for the first dunk, why are people blaming pau for not boxing out, even when blake griffin is so far from him?

  25. Nicanor says:


  26. Angel moreno says:

    Oh my goodness how abusive were those 2 dunks???

  27. tuaNERi says:

    And DeAndre Jordan has to be there with Griffin’s posterize dunk again!!

  28. E says:

    Personally I think the whole league is getting soft. Back in the 90’s this wouldn’t even be a conversation “NO FOUL” either way keep playing. To many guys are going to lane looking for the foul rather than trying to put the ball in the hoop. Big Ups to Blake. Man up

    • 9s9 says:

      You are not immagining things, the league is softer from the 90’s, The focus now is on high scoring games to satisfy casual Basketball fans that can not appreciate defense plays or physical contact.

      Just read all the people on here calling to technical fouls, ejections, offensive fouls etc..

  29. LakersGoooood says:

    Griffin the BEST in Dunks but no matter what good is it still we look at the endgame,,,NOW who won the GAME!!!!?LAKERS……

  30. 1lt says:

    monstrous dunks….no doubt about that. maybe griffin has to exert more effort on improving his medium range jumper and freethrow…andrew bynum is way better freethrow shooter than he is and has a reliable 10 to 15 foot jumper…

  31. E says:

    The first Dunk was a legal play period. The second dunk was a 50/50 call for the ref. Only way a defensive player would get the call is by selling it. Pau body would had to make a sudden change in direction in mid air for the ref to call it offensive.

  32. nessa says:

    lakers won ….he can be a highlight reel all he wants …childish immature behavior does not win rings

  33. D-fense says:

    Gasol is the biggest be-otch in the league. It his didnt flop and have that stupid face and fall every time he gets hit, they wouldn’t look that bad. What is up with his face! LMAO, the Lakers are going to get embraced this year like Gasol

  34. DMC says:

    dunk #1: over the back foul.
    dunk#2: another offensive foul (using non shooting arm to wave off defensive this case..drilling your entire foreman to the def players head)..but of course ref cant call any one of those cause it will ruin the moment for blake..thus no highlights no magazine cover no blogs no marketing mileage for the NBA.

  35. paeng says:

    Yeah, posterized.
    And who won the game?
    The win is listed in the standing, the dunk is not.
    The loss of Clippers is added to their loss column.
    Besides, how many, or how little, did Griffin score?
    Who was blocked by Gasol? Blake Griffin.
    Who got the last laugh?
    All show off. It won’t get them to the championship.

  36. midskie says:

    well dunk/showtime of one player like blake griffin doesnt affect to the lakers team to win the game…

  37. Guts says:

    First dunk : Pau wan in semicircle (restricted area) and the rule is you can rape anyone in that space without fouling which is a dumb rule but it’s a rule and everyone plays by it. Second dunk : If Pau wasn’t trying to block Blake’s dunk in mid air by jumping in his direction and thus fouling him he wouldn’t get smashed, because you have the right to protect your ball in that way, another stupid rule and everybody else does it.

  38. stfuyou says:

    1st dunk ok, fine no argument.
    2nd dunk great, got me jumping out of my seat however still a offensive foul. I’m BG fan but that was a foul if i ever saw one. I’m no expert on the rules nor do I get payed to be one but anyone with eyes should agree it was a foul. For all those saying Gasol was already in the air and it shouldn’t be called a foul because he was mobile is just stupid. If I jump in the air with my arm extended out as a fist and end up landing that fist on someones jaw knocking them down by the logic of “he jumped into my fist” it should be a legal play? Yes it was amazing and i agree with most that gasol needs to be stronger but come on….

  39. Griffin initiated first contact warding off with the left arm, stopping pau from blocking him, and then lowered his arm again to push pau down… clearly offensive foul if you watch it slow mo.. it just looks like pau was late to cover blake but slow mo shows he was pushed off with the arm.
    restricted zone does not matter, this only works for getting a charge.

  40. John says:

    In my opinion the first dunk could’ve been called either way. I say this just because he isn’t clearly climbing over the back of Pau and neither did he correctly box out.
    The 2nd dunk however in my eyes was perfectly legal. If you look at the video again Blake is already in the when Pau decides to jump up in the air to contest the shot and collides with Blake. So either it should be a foul or a clean dunk. As for the so called elbow to the face. I’ve played the video over a dozen times and it is clearly questionable because If you’ve seen other videos a similar dunk Blake has done he always sticks that arm out uncontested or not, its just a natural instinct to do. I’m not saying that my opinion is perfectly right but thats how I see it in my eyes

  41. troll says:


  42. Bobby says:

    “It was a legitimate dunk,” Bryant said of the slam on Gasol. “It was a helluva basketball play. But two points is two points.”

  43. John Collins says:

    And why not round up the hattrick with a good punch in the face…

  44. ekin09 says:

    Bynum’s face at the end is priceless.

  45. Country Boy says:

    Video #1: Seemed like Griffin just grab the ball out of the air almost jumping over Gasol entirely.I dont know about the over the back foul argument.

    Video #2: The forearm makes it a foul but the dunk was amazing and appropriate given the nine point deficit so the refs gave him the “superstar” call. Bynum’s face was priceless lol.Hes like “DAM my man Gasol just got abused” .

    Both plays can be argued in either direction. The Clippers were home so Griffin gets the “superstar” call. The NBA is entertainment and spectacular dunks like those keep the game exciting.

  46. Brazilian best of all time says:

    Puta que pariu, esse bunda mole ta quase dando umas enterradas iguais a minha.
    Americano é tudo viado filho da puta
    This guys remember me.

  47. Gabriel Zita says:

    So…. have i missed anything? Apperantly over-the-back fouls are legal. Or is that just an exeption for Lob City?

  48. memyself says:

    look at his boy kenyon martin, when younger, used to do the same thing, and never won nothing, so is good entertaing but takes away what the real game of basketball is all about, winning a championship……

  49. memyself says:

    I rather have a RING than A Poster

  50. lateralus says:

    Posterizing does not make you win games.
    Posterizing does not make you win rings.
    Posterizing is useless.
    Basketball is still about making you team win, so give me Kevin Love and you can keep Griffin for yourself.

    Just beautiful stuff that will be forgotten in a couple of days.

  51. russel says:


  52. reks says:

    basketball is a physical game. if the refs don’t make the call just continue to play.

  53. Nonya says:

    Blake got a knee from Kobe behind that second one. Just saying.

  54. JC says:

    If Blake wants to play old style its OK, NBA defenders better start defending the court and not let him DUNK and he will have only a few points since that’s all he can do its DUNK

  55. ywang1990 says:

    I can’t believe the number of idiots that watch basketball.
    It doesn’t matter if a defender is in the air or is in the restricted area, there are certain things that the offensive player can’t do.

    #1 Use the ball as the weapon
    #2 Clear out with the off-arm
    #3 Extend/Kick out with your legs

    The first one should be a no call, since Blake just jumper over Gasol to draw contact instead of reach across
    The 2nd one should be an offensive foul, it’s not even close…

  56. djib says:

    First dunk : OK. He jumped higher and got the ball. Maybe ther’s a little fault, but let’s say it’s fine. But the second one? Not only did he commit fault by using his elbow but then he pushed Gasol again when the man’s down… And DeAndre Jordan is a cold blooded player, he did react the right way : Griffin was going too far. Personnaly I’m tired of all those monsters players, like Lebron or Griffin. I do not enjoy their dunk, because being them? Well, dunking is too easy. But every time I see Derrick Rose going for the slam, I’m impressed. That’s the kind of player I like.

  57. Guy says:

    Can Sekuo Smith please amend this post with the exact rules on whether these could have been fouls or not?

    From my understanding as soon as you go up in the air as a defender it can’t really be an offensive foul. But seems to be a lot of BS back and forth between Lakers and Clippers fans. Would love to actually just know the facts.

  58. asdf says:

    both fouls on griffin

  59. Neil says:

    First one, over the back, second one, warding off with the elbow. If I’m Pau Gasol, you do that again on me, and you will get hurt.

  60. Swagflu says:


  61. ern says:

    pau is inside the restricted offensive foul.

  62. Unknown says:

    Got to love these Faker Haters. Just accept the fact that Gasol got his A$$ dunk twice. Although we lost, we got two amazing highlights from last nights game. Way to go Blake. Sorry to rain on your parade Laker Fans, Lakers will NOT be champions this year.

  63. Choker says:

    2nd dunk should have been offensive foul….. the forearm pushed Gasol’s face off

  64. lakerfan323 says:

    dunked over gasol twice…. and they’ve lost twice to the lakers…. kudos?

  65. bball fan says:

    The first dunk was over the back and the second was an offensive foul! I wish that coach Brown would have sent one of the bench players to knock him on his butt a few times and that would stop real quick!

  66. whatzup33065 says:

    who gets the last laughs

  67. Chris says:

    All of you crying for an offensive foul sound ignorant. They were amazing plays just watch and enjoy. One of MJ’s greatest moments was a push off but they dont discount him for that. I swear every dunk Blake does people find something to hate on

  68. Restricted Area says:

    Let bynum go into blake with the same elbow and it would have been an ejection, and injury for you tough guys that called pau soft for taking an elbow to the neck.

  69. Swagflu says:

    Whether the dunks were fouls or not…the only thing that matters is the big brother continues to bully the little brother. By that I mean lake show has won I think 19 consecutive season series and counting. Highlight dunks don’t win games griffin…go develop a jumper better yet learn to hit brick your free throws consistently. You are what people call fake big man, aka no post game..

  70. Restricted Area says:

    Will half of these posters please explain how there is a restricted area on a rebound attempt and a play that originated below the key??????????????? They were both offensive fouls period..

    • Queiros says:

      Those who are saying that only care about the show and don’t know jack about the rules… that’s why it is so weird, to me, to see this promotion of two great dunks that had every bit of greatness as were fouls…

  71. AnthonyM says:

    Blake is a dirty player, he wants to throw elbows and shove guys around, but when ever some one even gose by him he FLOPS…He’s so pathetic. He is like 250lbs and flopping around like a fish. I liked him at first, but after watching a couple of Clipper games’ all the whole team dose is FLOP, that whole team is arrgont as hell. I only watch some of thier games if my team aint playing they always seem to be fighting with someone they are just comical, honestly I can’t take them as a serious team.

  72. Q says:

    Foul, foul, foul!! is this basketball or wrestling? Griffin is an awesome athlete, but rules should be for everybody.

  73. GABE says:

    At 2nd dunk, Paul knew there is nothing to do but foul Griffin so he could stay away from him. That elbow can be named part of inertly.

  74. OMG says:


  75. villimero says:

    C,mon men. Clearly offensive foul with elbow¡

    I love Showtime , but not at any price.

    Basketball has a rules, and even BG must respect those rules

    What about (LEGAL) Pau,s blocks on Blake?

  76. Gwoei says:

    fouls or not, lakers own players (look at the bench), almost jumped on d 2nd dunk, which can only mean one thing, its AWESOME DUNK!

  77. boombooroomboomboom says:

    looks sickly great!!!!
    but illegal over the back and elbow to the face….
    imagine if he and dwight always do that nightly….
    they will injure the other players…

  78. TTKIN says:

    Second one should have been an offensive foul and a technical. Im glad Bynum and Kobe jacked off all over the Clippers last night. Good job pissing off the game’s most lethal agnry player. Id like to see Blake display talent every now and then…you know, something other than jumping. He shoots horribly at the free throw line, he can barely hit jumps shots (Pau can hit threes for God sake’s). The LCippers are inferior and everyone in LA knows it. 16 to 0 last time I checked!

  79. Carlton says:

    Both dunks were offensive fouls!! The Lakers won and I’m sure Griffin would take the win over the 2 dunks…Oops my bad, I stand corrected…Blake is not focused enough on the team winning, just himself and highlight dunks!!

  80. Mik0 says:

    Both plays are offensive files. Is this what the league is coming to just for a few cheap so called highlights jumping on peoples backs and using elbows. The refs should be fined on both plays for no calls thats just rediculous. That wasnt impressive in the least bit mainly because I think anyone using those tatics would be able to make a “highlight play” on just about anyone in the league. That was a super sissy move on blakes end. What type of guy goes up and uses his elbow to clear the defender that type of play could cause potential injury to someone this isnt street ball this is the pros If your going to go up to dunk over someone be man enough to keep your elbows to your self and risk taking a potential hit like a real man and make the point. blake has done decent “highlight Plays” in the past but this wasnt one of them in my opinion.

  81. Jon says:

    the first dunk was wicked but the second dunk was kinda or should have been an offensive foul. (just dunk don’t protrude your forearm just so you can have the dunk) overrated!

  82. JTastick says:

    The first one was not a foul, stop being stupid. The second one, kinda hard to tell since Griffin was on offense and Gasol didn’t set his feet, he was going for the block. You have to keep that in mind, even though it did look like a foul.

  83. Highwind says:

    Bynum’s face on 0:27. LOL

  84. Carl Johnson says:

    It’s easy to dunk on someone when you get can get away with over the back and using your left arm to clear out the defender. The Clippers are still the bastard children of LA, they should move to Anaheim.

  85. Mike says:

    Oh come on!!! You’re talkin’ about fouls, but Blake is just too strong for those guys! There aren’t any offensive fouls, and on the second one Gasol jumps on Blake to block him so I don’t see why an offensive foul would be called… (Thank Blake for the show!!)

  86. Nelson Jiang says:

    Both are offensive fouls… is this nba or WWE? Sekou is also shameless to bandwagon these dunks.Thank you.

  87. mj says:

    I don’t understand why D. Jordan pushed Blake after the second dunk. he looked mad while he was doing it too. Any explanation

  88. Domainsnext says:

    if this is not a flagrant foul what is? walk up NBA.

  89. Voice of Reason says:

    Obvious offensive fouls. Don’t understand what is the ref’s problem. Guess the league wants another star.
    Can’t be leading with a forearm like a fullback on dunks.

    Try to pull this against the wrong person and a face first landing will result, which will put a stop to this nonsense.

  90. stevan says:

    People who call there were no fouls on the both the plays ; really understands the physical game of basketball especially in NBA
    People who call either of the dunks or both the dunks were offensive fouls ; are as soft as Pau

    • Queiros says:

      And your comments just reflect you’re confusing NBA with NFL or something like that, because there is a crystal clear difference between being physical (like, say… D-Howard) or being a martial artist (Turkoglu’s dunks and, in this case, Griffin’s second dunk). If I punch you square in the face while going for a lay-up or a dunk, am I being physical or a martial artist?

  91. Larian1983 says:

    not going to argue the first over the back dunk. But the second dunk is definitely offense foul, Clipper fans, imagine if someone else does that to your team, elbow in the face and then dunk. Anyone can do that, just knockout the defender with one hand and dunk with the other. Wake up already, this is offense foul anywhere in the league, I don’t know what was going on with the officiating last night.

    I don’t feel bad for all the hard foul on Griffin anymore, those two dunks served as a warning to all other teams, knock Griffin out before he knocks you out. I am expecting to see lot more flagrat foul on Griffin from now on, Lakers was too nice last night.

  92. MIke says:

    Que pena,Pau. (What a shame, Pau)

  93. Mylife says:

    Stop crying offensive foul or not!!!

    Two men boxing in the air. One lands still a man and the other you decide!!! enough said!!!

  94. TeknoViper says:

    The first one is a foul, the second one, Gasol jumps to him, BG is too strong. Anyway Sekou always has been a Laker hater, I remember all the comments that he wrote on the 2010 Finals, always good thing from the Celtics and Paul Pierce. That is why he wrote now this, and enjoy the humiliation of Gasol last night. Sekou most learn to be more professional when writting a column.

  95. andres says:

    the second dunk is the biggest offensive foul I`ve ever seen

  96. Croakus says:

    “For the second time tonight Gasol gets posterized”

  97. nbasuxbad says:

    will be not watching this pile of piss league anymore.

  98. Yey0 says:

    Tell us why you mad!
    a. has Poster-izer instead of the laker victory feature
    b. laker fan
    c. blake griffin hater
    d. all of the above

  99. yo boy says:

    people if gasol wants to jump hen its his fault lol. Blake knew his choice and pau did and if blake went up weak, pau would have put blake on his back. At the end of the day you decide if you want to jump or not, but pau was gonna either be a hero or look foolish like he did so enough with offensive fouls because if anything it was defensive before the elbow to the head, but you cant really control that

  100. Elbowtotheface says:

    I think many of you are unaware of the rule that it doesn’t matter if you are in the “restricted space”, an offensive foul by a player creating space through the means off extending the arms, legs, and so forth ( in this case Blake Griffin using his elbow to gasols face) can be called a foul anywhere on the court, including the “restricted area.”

  101. NC18 says:

    Who’s Griffin? is this the same Griffin who shot two(2) AIRBALL free throws? Gush… this guy knows only how to do dirty dunks.. Do some descent basketball Blake…

  102. Ref Hater says:

    How can you call OFFENSIVE foul when Gasol’s feet are moving? Watch again. He’s totally mobile!

  103. Edward says:

    Maybe Blake would not feel the need to stiff-arm defenders on his way to the rack, if they would quit trying to tackle him in order to avoid being posterized.

  104. El Rakista de Manila says:


  105. Elbowtotheface? says:

    Gasol to Blake Griffin: Kiss My 2 Rings, Bitch.

  106. NY Vlad says:

    wow people are really arguing the second video….griffin muffed gasol i dont care if he is already in the air thats a foul no argument…(no hate)…keep it up blake

  107. Allan says:

    The first is a gasol fail, he doesn’ close the rebound, but in the other hand, the second is a flagrant foul

  108. NY Vlad says:

    i think they will make the blake griffin rule next year and tell the refs to watch for it. Blake always throws that arm out but most of the time he uses it to move the defenders arm like he did to perkins. but those two could have easily been offensive fouls the second one was 100 percent a foul…but stuff like that happens in hyped up games and with players that people havent seen before…they didnt know what to do with shaq and now its griffin.

  109. Marcos says:

    that second dunk was such an offensive foul and then the taunt tbut they let them get away with it

  110. WOW says:

    both offensive foul we know but the 2nd …smh blake always uses his forearm when he is going to dunk on people perkins had to ice up his face after Blake dunked on him,he is gonna knock someone down one of these days, and i didnt watch the game but were gasol and griffin beefing why was he taunting gasol?

  111. Big Ron says:

    Funny how Blake Griffin doesn’t get called for “Over the back” on his first dunk and how he is allowed to lead with his elbow and forearm on his second dunk. If it were any other player, both plays would have been whistled for fouls in favor of Gasol. But I guess the NBA would rather have a highlight reel than call the game the the right way.

    In spite of this double standard, the Lakers still won. So if all Blake Griffin is known for is dunking on a person in definace of the rules of the game, let him. Blake Griffin will be playing golf in June while Pau Gasol will be polishing his two championship rings. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  112. Grif the ish says:

    At first, looking through these comments, I was just gonna laugh at the Laker fans who tried to defend Gasol, but when I looked at the arguments from both sides, and watched the videos over, I can’t help but think they were both fouls. The over the back foul for sure, the drive to the basket is questionable. Blake sticks out his elbow, which you can do to ward off a defender. You just can’t lower your shoulder because it makes you look out of control AKA offensive foul. Here though, Blake strikes Gasol in the face with his elbow. Since Pau left his feet, he pretty much brought the foul on himself, but that elbow to the face is questionable.

    Celtics all day

  113. Chris says:

    Not to trash on Griffin because the man is a beast! but isn’t there an over the back rule in the NBA? and I’m pretty sure you can’t forearm someone in the face without a suspension. To me it looked like he was a little out of control and needs a rules reality check. Gasol is lucky he didn’t get hurt on both those plays. Just because you’re making highlight reals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have to follow the rules.

  114. Pogz0r says:

    For people’s info, Gasol is in the “restricted area” (no charge zone) so whatever it is it’s an amazing dirty poster dunk. Gasol got owned bigtime. And who cares if the Lakers won? We’re talking about this dunk video right here.

  115. T 0T says:

    if u hate getting cheated then dont play!!!!!!!!!! 😛 offensive fouls or not! it was a smashing dunk @ 3@

  116. hunter bautista says:


  117. Not a Foul says:

    Never seen so many cry babies in my life.

    Neither of those were fouls. The second dunk was a foul on Pau Gasol. Pau’s arm hits blake right in the chest before he catches the elbow. Since when can you run into a player mid air and hit him in the chest and he gets called for an offensive foul?

    The young nba fans of Today are soft as cookie doe.

    And what fool asks “Why don’t they show blake getting blocked”? That’s a stupid question…

  118. Johnie Bravo says:

    C’mon this is wrestling not basketball. Where is looking referees?

  119. if blake put the effort he does in dunking and tryin to dunk in a game and puts that in to a low post game and freethrows , and defense and carrying his team to wins the clippers might be able to compete .

  120. Adrian J says:

    Both dunks were fouls! First one was over the back second was a forearm to Gasol’s face. NBA referees play favorites and Griffin is the current league golden boy. The officiating in last night’s game was awful. Make’s the league look bad.

  121. bernadict montenegro says:

    a spectacular dunk like griffin did?yes it was stunning but it is not a play for a a game to win, basketball is not all about shows or showing great moves it is all about winning, he (grffin) has a lot of potential to be the greatest player to to have a best dunk ever but can’t be a greatest player off all time. many players like him like vince carter, nate robinson, gerald green and others who can dunk as much as griffin did but not like michael jordan, kobe bryant who can dunk and at the same who can bring his team into championship. griffin is young and a long way to run to have that championship trophy just like gasol have..2 rings on his hand.

  122. bkshawn says:


  123. Dude says:

    Wow. Not only are the fouls not called, but the dunks are being promoted like hell. Sad.



  124. Chris says:

    Everybody who says those are offensive fouls are out of their minds. Gasol is in the restricted area on both, and he jumps INTO BG on the second dunk.

  125. sboy says:

    there is no foul in the second dunk gasol got in the way and griffin dunked over him. its not griffins fault gasol decided to shove his face into his elbow………

  126. Hi says:

    W\OW!!!!! And twice too!!!! Next?

  127. 100man says:

    Wasn’t basketball in the 80’s and 90’s this aggressive?

  128. Foulpowl says:

    Over the back foul & offensive foul.. elbow to the face wtf? enough said.

  129. lakerboy says:

    yeaa. he got the dunk but griffin’s team lost! fvcking refs

  130. kobe says:

    he does monster dunks.cant disagree but those were offensive fouls..over the back and the 2nd one uses left forearm to push off and catapult himself..

  131. Dale says:

    Now I know why other teams are pounding on Blake. I had no idea he was such a dirty player till last nights game. Both of those “highlight” plays were offensive fowls. The second one could have been a flagrant 1. Then he puts Pau in a headlock and gets a double fowl called with Pau? The commissioner showed his bias when he nixed the Laker deal for C-3 then last nights officiating confirmed it.

  132. flip says:

    were these refs blind or something? damn its just wrong how they let blake get away with these, i mean cmon man be fair that was obviously an elbow and a push on that 2nd dunk.
    @k33p1t r34l the fact that he jumped into him does not discount the elbow to face the push off and the taunting

  133. damon says:

    1.not a over the back foul at all, he didnt climb over his back to get the ball he got the ball then hit his back
    2.blake was already in the air so def not a foul on him buta foul on gasol for making contact in the air comon people know ur rules.

  134. Ernie says:

    SeKkou….I used enjoy your postings but its really getting outta hand. You just thrive in hating on the lakers and I’m not even a Laker fan. Yes they were good dunks but Gasol blocked him and forced him to travel where’s the love for that?……..Dunks don’t win games. People like you urge on bad basketball habits. No wonder ppl still don’t recognize the spurs as the most well rounded team in the nba because they are “boring”

  135. JPDC says:

    LOL to Bynum nd Foye’s reaction. second dunk was nasty. i need a poster of this 😀

  136. nanaks says:

    people who call it a foul – Lakerfan
    people who call it its not – Clipperfan

  137. laimis8usa says:

    yes, looked at it enough times to say 1st was a nice, good, put back and the second was a dirty trick that people who don’t play basketball care not about. I see many comments here from people that obviously don’t play this sport and probably any sport for that matter.

  138. realtalk82 says:

    dunks were siiiiiick……………………but yeah they were both fouls!!!!! That second one was a straight elbow to the face c’mon people!!!! The refs can’t let that slide

  139. JAson says:

    bynum’s reaction is the best part of the second video ….

  140. laimis8usa says:

    well, look at the LEFT griffin’s hand and you see an obvious push, hold hook whatever you call it but it is the NBA and its for the SHOW and NOT the basketball…soon you’ll start seeing everyone do this, go up with the right sweep with the left, dunk is in, defender is down, crown on their feet, referees looking stupid.

  141. uutje says:

    the nba changing its rules to so call keep the game clean is one thing.. bit that fans would adapt this quick.. its a pitty..
    people are actualy crying over a so called push… come on man..btw the dunker has to finds balance aswell in this case the only option is get a hand on the player near you.. this wasnt a real push..

    where is the manhood among fans like we had in tyhe 80’s and 90’s when we loved it how players hype up after a poster or a boig block screaming at the other player r pointing him out..

  142. ivan says:

    lakers have the worst fans… “oh, my player got dunk on, better protect him with some insults” hahah
    great dunks… amazing hang time…. freak of nature

    • Queiros says:

      And the Clippers lost… oh well, does that matter? A dunk, as good as it may be, will always be as valuable as a lay-up, and that’s a fact…

      • Phil says:

        Fact is that 50 years from now no one is going to talk about how the Lakers beat the Clippers in a regular season game on April 4, 2012… BUT these dunks will be a part of history forever.

  143. jazzfan says:

    I’m not biased by being either a Lakers or Clippers fan, so I’ll give you my unbiased opinion.
    Dunk 1: No foul, Pau needs to make a choice, either block-out, or jump; he does neither. Thus being in the restricted circle is at the mercy of a better physical specimen, NO foul, NO way.
    Dunk 2: Subjective. Could have been called a foul (I would have been fine with that), however, I’m also fine with the no call. there was no intent on Blakes part to elbow. It’s not Blake’s fault that in challenging the dunk, Pau was only able to leap enough to get his head up to blake’s forearm.

  144. dNixon says:

    If u have a pair of working eyes, you can easily see dunk 1: Over the back, dunk1: offensive (elbow and forarm). Both missed calls because they want to add controversy to clips and lakers

  145. roger says:

    That dunk was DIRTY and the offensive fouls are debatable. There is no need to taunt Gasol after that play though, thats for the WWE. We just want good clean, ethical, but strong and exciting basketball. Refs give superstar treatment, but that’s how people with the money like it.

  146. Juan says:

    I watched two dunkes and I think that the second It´s foul. Blake uses his left elbow to prevent Pau jump and also pushed him toward the ground. Blake is a man show but often make foul.
    In Europe they would always be offensives fouls. ¿Gasoft? I´m very proud that we have a Pau in our national team.

  147. Dutch says:

    @ sbfern805. Those slow and boring Lakers won, but who cares? It’s about putting up a show, and you need Blake for that. If the Lakers ever win the title by playing the way they do, it would be a disgrace to basketball. Celtics is my team, but I love the Clippers for Paul and Griffin. And I’m pretty sure OKC will finally win it, beating Miami in the finals. They deserve it.

    • no says:

      if they ever win the title………………….?……………………….?………………….?……… you WATCH basketball?

  148. japs2318 says:

    YOU sissies all saying it was an OFFENSIVE FOUL look at it CLOSER
    1st one Blake was the first one to rebound and putback the ball so CLEARLY it is NOT an OFFENSIVE FOUL
    2nd Blake has already jumped to dunk the ball Pau was late to get to Blake so it was CLEARLY an AND1
    so quit whinnig …..

  149. Kael says:

    I remember Coach Carter (movie released by MTV Films) He always tell his boys not to taunt or celebrate whatever you did on the floor. Treat every baller with respect because this game was invented for everybody not just for high flyers. Gasol knew that was coming but he still defend up to the last moment. That was a trait of good baller!

    • Bob Boe says:

      Pau is soft…He needs to get the hell out of the way, like Drew did in the 4th quarter…Kobe and Drew were on fire last night. Clips are good, but have a long ways to go to be the kings of LA. The two dunks were legit..enough said.

      • Kael says:

        being soft os not the question here..what matters is that you let the opponent feel that you’ll challenge every shot they short there will be no easy two or three. That’s what Pau does in international games.No easy shot baby

  150. tony says:

    both amazing dunks not a blake griffin fan but yall call me when you can dunk better than griffin
    #for the haters

  151. k33p1t r34l says:

    as for the throwing him on the ground and staring, yes that should have been a call. lol reminds me of when pierce caught bosh and he stared at him.. but of course pierce got a knee to the jewels while trying to block him…

  152. k33p1t r34l says:

    @ Stack. um pau jumped into him that is why the offensive call was not called. also shaq and all other dunkers as well as his airness and kobe have used the off arm.

  153. Zilla says:

    Lol@All these Laker Fans with their feelings hurt.. But When Kobe gets away with Fouls its Fine though
    And…Annnnnnnd neither was an Offensive Bodies are in Motion.. before you go Crying a rule know it First..


    • dNixon says:


  154. Elusive1 says:

    ok ok, The second dunk was an offensive foul. Pao should have been boxing out or his team should have put a body on Blake for the first one. As for the technical, by today’s standards, yes it should be a tech but i for one think the NBA has gone sofTT. I would hate to have not had the days when Sir Charles and Kemp would BOOM it on someone and show off a little. It’s an emotional sport. If people are not fighting, why suppress your feelings?

  155. Aaron Y says:

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate those two dunks should not watch an NBA game. I’m sure you can find a league somewhere in Europe to follow, but stay away from NBA games. You are watching probably the best power dunker in the history of NBA and you’re crying about offensive fouls. It didn’t even affect the outcome of the game, the Lakers still won. All these comments should be on how amazingly entertaining these dunks were, and how good Blake Griffin is. The guy single-handedly has put the Clippers on national TV and has sold out every Clipper game.

    • MJ says:

      Exactly why they didnt charge him becuase he rakes in money. If it was anyone else it would have been an automatic foul. If NBA wants to allow plays like that im fine with it just dont discriminate and pick favorites. But i can say Blake is an amazing dunker! one of the best.

  156. Phil says:

    Sounds like entirely too many people commenting on this are completely butt hurt. Stop being critics and give credit where credit is due. Blake made two amazing plays. If it had of been the other way around I dont think anyone would be crying. It’s the NBA, back during Jordan era the game was alot more rough and grimey than it is today. That’s the problem with the NBA today. Everyone is expecting every ticky-tack foul to be called. Its a contact sport, let the boys play.

    • MJ says:

      Um he elbowed him in the head. Thats not fair at all. if they let everyone do what Blake did there would be fights breaking out and alot more injuries. And i liked blake as player but after this i kinda don’t.

  157. Glenn says:


  158. Theping says:

    There was no the first gasol did nothing while rebounding.the second blake did not extend his arm it was stationary just relative to blake’s body forward motion.

  159. Truth says:

    It’s simple really. The first dunk isn’t a foul or over the back because Pau wasn’t boxing Blake Griffin out. Yes he was positioned for a rebound but for it to be over the back you have to be boxing an opposing player out and then they jump over you. The second one, yeah it’s a rough play. But it’s a rough sport. Gasol jumped at Griffin, Griffin jumped at the rim. Gasol’s fault.

  160. Manny says:

    I just want to say that griffin is a hell of a player but the second dunk was a clear offensive foul by griffin. Now griffin if he wants to become the next rain man he needs to work on his jump shot but just for the record he is never is going to be like shawn kemp neverrrr.

  161. skyhigh_kobe says:

    i was like ” omg…why always Gasol!” Im 200% lakers’ fan, so i wont deny how much I hate LAC and Blake when he made Gasol two times to be posterized on the today highlight. But Im glad that LAL still won the game, and I believe it’s a so important game before the playoff, especially in this short season.

    Also while Bynum today performance gives me hopes of new Shaq-Kobe champs-matchup, Blake actually deserves our claps that new Kemp may have been born. I really cant find many players nowaday are able to play physical but artistic basketball. Yes, this wild dunk is just AMAZING.

  162. Jeff W says:

    Yes Blake’s forearm crushed Gasol’s face…but a split second earlier Gasol fouled him. No offensive foul IMO.

    • KR says:

      first foul is the foul, and the first foul is gasol’s. blake’s contact is otherwise illegal, but gasol offended first.

  163. thearqot says:


    Blake had a clear path to the basket on the 2nd dunk. he already left the ground before Pau slid over. And people are saying it was an offensive foul.

    That seems ridiculous. Pau was in the restricted area. Pau was moving, he was not set. Did Blake level him with a forearm? Yes. But it would have been a blocking foul first before anything else would be called.

    Good no-call by the refs.

  164. Navster says:

    SEKOU again? What kind of a writer are you?

    1st lebron the BATMAN of miami and Wade is robin… Now this one… you need help.. maybe get your eyes fixs…

  165. OpinionOnly says:

    both are offensive fouls. its good to watch (for business) so…refs are like “see no evil”…

  166. Chris says:

    Great dunks if this were some street baller game. But in the NBA, those are offensive fouls that were not called, most likely because the league doesn’t want to rain on the parade of all those who are entertained by these kinds of dunks. It’s exciting to watch, I’ll give you that, but it’s not legal in the NBA rules.

    For those talking about it being a man’s game and that Pau is just soft – read the rules. You aren’t allowed to clear out with your off arm, and you certainly aren’t allowed to use your elbow to create space (or prevent a defender from contesting the shot by holding them downward and swatting their arms away) on your way to the basket. Pau should be pissed, not that he got posterized, but that he wasn’t given at least one of the calls.

  167. Jason says:

    I do not like the Lakers at all, so I feel I’m pretty objective (though not necessarily right). The first dunk is probably illegal. If Blake had come down with it instead of dunking it, a foul should definitely have been called. However, in this league they generally let that go on tip-slams so I can’t claim bias or anything. The second was clearly a foul in any league or plane of existence. That should be called in the NBA and it was a clear missed call. I hope Blake doesn’t get top 10 credit for that. In some sense, I love what Blake is doing cause he’s flat-out entertaining. However, I’ve been watching 80s vids lately where guys got wiped out on their way to the hoop and every bucket meant something in the playoffs. It was kind of ugly, but I miss it a lot.

  168. fede says:

    what happend is his face. he looks terrible

  169. Graham says:

    lol first thing is the first dunk wasent a foul gasol just didnt block out
    second dunk is by far a offensive charge im a blake griffen fan but he alays uses his off arm to push the defender back
    clearly that was a offensive foul and if you disagree your obviously blind and in love with griffin

  170. Igor says:

    dunno, where you see an elbow to the head. yeah he hits him, but with his forearm. And Griffin probably didn’t mean to foul him, as he probably didn’t expect Pau to jump for the block, because not a lot of people try blocking Griffin. ye, it should’ve been a foul, but stop hating on Griffin. and btw, if you had to choose, either landing on the floor or bumping sb to the floor, then what would you have chosen? oh wait, i think i know the answer…

  171. C Jones says:

    Everyone is talking about offensive fouls. 1st of all, the first one was NOT a foul, you have to box out in order to expect an over the back foul. Secondly, the way Blake gets fouled, I see why he is trying to protect himself when he goes up, people in the league try to flagrant foul him when he attempts such things. I would have done the same thing. You have to play the game to understand why the refs call the game the way they do. Every foul cant be a foul. Pau shouldnt have jumped haha

    • stevan says:

      Two thumbs up on your comment and a very detailed explanation on a no call.Almost all are saying both the plays were offensive fouls at least we’re on the same page.

      • Queiros says:

        And you’re both defending that the second dunk where he stretches almost totally his arm out is not a foul??? Ok, now the NBA takes a page out of Slamball…

  172. Stag says:

    Can we all admit that Blake Griffin does some impressive dunks….but he fouls like mad while doing it, too? Come on, if he had a jump shot, maybe he wouldnt have to foul so much.

  173. joshua says:

    hahahahah blake make pau his bitch

  174. spurs fan says:

    I agree with everyone that it was an offensive foul, but look at where gasol was standing (2nd dunk). He was clearly in the restricted area and he did not jump straight up, he leaned towards blake so that is why the refs did not call the offensive foul

  175. Diego says:

    Both of them offensive fouls. Then in another play, Griffin pushed Gasol on the back when he was dunking. That’s a flagrant foul. I am starting to hate Blake Griffin and his Karl Malone dirty style of playing. I remember players complaining about Malone because he throws elbows in every single play. I agree that Griffin is the league’s golden boy, with all those dunks, but hey, it’s against him, because he would never improve his game if he continues to receive those calls.

  176. junior says:

    waooooo dunks is realy wooooooooooooooo

  177. stevan says:

    no foul on both dunks..Pau is just too soft compare to the power of Griffin that’s why it looks like offensive foul for both plays.Try to put Bynum in place of Pau for both plays,for sure he will not be thrown away like what happened to Pau that’s why it looks like offensive foul.

    • KR says:

      pau makes the first look worse than it is. the second he cops the elbow, but only due to his poor footwork & body strength.

  178. Jean_Phi says:

    For me, the first one is clear as a whistle. Gasol’s feet are on the circle line so it can’t be an offensive foul.

    The second dunk is a foul. As impressive as it is, he uses his front arm to stay up. He should have got a technical for taunting.

    I understand it is difficult for referees to give him a foul with such physical abilities but it would be fair.

    • Queiros says:

      Sorry, but that rule (on the 1st dunk) does not apply when you’re rebounding because at that moment we have a LOOSE ball, meaning it’s anybody’s ball…

  179. GamePro says:

    Would agree the second dunk should have been called an offensive foul… But not the first. It’s very rare that two guys would be going up for an offensive rebound/put back and for there to be a foul on the guy who rises higher and does a two handed put back.

  180. Sean says:

    God… What has this game come to. I’m no fan of neither team.. But seriously both dunks, are illegal… over the back (big time) and the other one putting his forearm out of his own cylinder. I understand that referees are also caught in the moment, but I really think that the NBA is heading in the wrong direction of what great basketball is. I’ve seen Euroleague for some years now, and honestly it is getting to the point that I rather would see that (prober basketball) instead of videogame NBA2k12 style of basketball.. Simply all comes down to losing the respect for the league and what it stands for. Which has gone from Basketball to Flash, highlights and Basketball Stars… Sad but true. And people know which teams in the NBA are still going for the old codex of team basketball and keep coming back to the frontier of the top of the playoff games..

  181. JayZ says:

    Come on. NBA encourages offending. If Gasol dunks like that on Griffin, it’s also gonna be an awesome dunk. Nothing to do with protecting Griffin.

  182. Stacks says:

    I’m ready these posts and it makes me laugh. That’s what the NBA needs. More offensive foul calls slowing the game down with inbounds the other way.

    Let the man crown any foul that attempts to contest those plays.


  183. did anyone see the look on andrew bynum’s face at the end of the second video?

  184. Schowitzki says:

    Totally surprised that most of the comments say that Blake should have earned two offensive fouls! I absolutely agree, especially on the second one which should have been followed by a technical foul for taunting!

    I really thought that that Griffin guy has seriuos talent, but all he does is dunk and tryto look nice … but as someone else already admittet .. he cant hit a jump shot or free throw for life , right now he is totally overrated and overhyped … sry Sekou your totally wrong on that blog, just delete ist you are making yourself a fool!

    Greetz from germany!

  185. blakowned says:

    2nd is not an offensive foul. its normal motion to have your left arm/elbow out when you are approaching the rim the way he was. all the ones crying should try to dunk like that and see..

    you cant have your arm down. not only does it look retarded but how would you slam the ball?

  186. Jsilva says:

    The two plays are offensive foul, Nba referees just keep letting Blake go away with this fouls. Should post the block Pau makes on Griffin on clutch time. Griffin cant shoot and he taunts players like Gasol who is a lot better than him any day of the week. Keep the good work Pau.

  187. giovanni says:

    just look at Bynums reaction. lol!

  188. Jay says:

    If you look closely at the second video Pau would have actually blocked Griffen’s shot if he didn’t get hit in the head with his elbow.

  189. snukesniz says:

    Offensive foul? PSCHHHTTT he should of gotten his face out the way, Stop being such ladies about it. And taunting is one of the best things thats been removed from the NBA. Think Shawn Kemp, Dikembi Mutumbo, Michael Jordan, anyone that goes into beast mode. Its part of the game! If it was removed you’d all bitch even more.

    • Laker Fan says:

      I totaly agree with you, trash talk is a part of sports and competition. The NBA is trying to take it away and the NFL is the worst with there penalties for endzone celebrations. We are turning you young men in to you women.

  190. JazzFanJ says:

    These fouls, er, I mean, dunks, remind me of Slamball

  191. S says:

    First one, off the rebound should be an offensive foul. Second one is ok by me. Watch it again, he’s not throwing an elbow or really even pushing off. His arm is extended as he jumps. Gasol practically runs into his forarm. And since Gasol is the softest big man in the history of the NBA, he falls to the floor. Just to be consistent, Griffin should have received a technical for the stare down.

  192. Andrew says:

    the second dunk was NOT and offensive foul, Blake was just protecting himself from Pau under cutting him, if he didnt have that arm out PAu would took out his legs and the who know what could have happened, plus Pau was in the restricted circle

  193. TEYOB says:

    Amazing dunks, clearly no offensive fouls on both dunks, Blake has s good timing and jump higher, while second one Pau is inside the circle, no offensive foul circle.

  194. hmmm says:

    people forget that blake griffin pushed gasol in the back and got away with it. obviously he is trying to get under gasol’s skin in this game.

  195. Oren says:

    blake is a punk. NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL

  196. jax2345 says:

    taunt + foul

  197. JayJay says:

    Last time I checked, an over the back foul is only when a player is boxing out. Pau was just standing there.

  198. Oren says:

    The refs jobs are to make the game as just as possible. The refs can let Blake griffin away with these dunks they are clearly both offensive fouls.

  199. JDish says:

    #2 Dunk – Why Oh Why Pau would you come over LATE from the weak side, at the end of a pick & roll, with Blake Griffin attacking the basket. You knew what was coming so its your own fault.

    • JJones says:

      JDish, “PLEASE” RE-POST This 29 more times b/c you just hit the nail on the head!! You basically ended this discussion

  200. Alban Pajova says:

    The second one is such a foul it’s not even funny, this coming from a bulls fan

  201. Dom says:

    They both looked nice until you looked at the replays. Clearly offensive fouls, but what can you do.

  202. wompus says:

    Both dunks totally legal. The offensive guy has a right to the basket unless the defensive guy was in place. The first done, the ball bounced off of the rim so it’s anybody’s game. Pau does more to flop on the play than we does about getting hit.

    The second play, Griffen is making his way to the basket and Pau was no way in place. However, there was a technical foul at the end of the play for taunting, but since the clippers play pushed Griffen and Griffen then turned away, I don’t think the refs caught it.

    both good plays, but the offensive guy has a right to the basket unless the defender is in place, Pau was not set on either instances and was in the restricted zone in both cases.

    Actually Gasol probably should have gotten a charging foul on the 2nd and Griffen the technical…… sorry Lakers fan, Gashole got owned! That’s why my team, the Jazz, when they see a Blake Griffen you’re going to get posterized dunk coming, they move out of the way…..

    • sbfern805 says:

      OK gasol getting a charging foul? LMAO!! really man? That comment itself tells EVERYONE that you have no idea of what you are saying… A CHARGE FOUL ONLY COMES FROM THE OFFENSIVE PLAYER, NOT THE ONE WHO IS DEFENDING…THAT IS CALLED A “BLOCK” CAN YOU SAY “BLOCKING FOUL”? LOL

  203. Bartek says:

    Check Andrew Bynum’s face after second dunk;d

  204. hector says:

    The first one, granted…however the second one is a clear OFFENSE FOUL by NBA and FIBA RULESSSS. Too bad the officials.

  205. JJones says:

    Some of yall either don’t know the rules or insane Laker fans. These dunks were clearly “NOT” fouls. The 1st dunk Blake outjumped Gasol before any contact was made so no foul. The 2nd one Gasol attempted to make a block shot, “NOT” take a charge so he got dunked on. Was there maybe to much forearm by BG?! Yea maybe so but name a player who throws down hard that hasn’t done that. I like the Lakers and at the end of the day they won but to complain about to amazing dunks is just ridiculous. Had Kobe done it no one would gripe(except kobe haters) but since blake is going on a poster tour this year people wanna complain. Wonder if yall would complain if he was wearing purple/gold when he done those dunks?! hmmmmmm.

    • sbfern805 says:

      read what you just wrote kid!!! and i quote…”Was there maye too (you spelled that wrong btw) much forearm by BG?! Yea(h) maybe so…” THIS IS CALLED A FOUL SON!!!! when there is too much of something it is not correct!!

      • sbfern805 says:

        maybe* lol my bad

      • JJones says:

        Well for one, that was funny how you tried to spell check me and you misspelled the same word yourself. 2nd of all re-read the comment and YOU WILL CLEARLY SEE(unless your blind and by the looks of it you may be) THAT “MAYBE” is spelled correct. 3rd when someone says “maybe” it can be either yes or no (ex: do you wanna hoop today? re:maybe (meaning maybe you do or maybe you dont) 4th it is NOT A FOUL KID!!!!!! Gasol jumped to block the shot and not take a charge!!! so whether it was to much forearm or not it was NOT A FOUL KID!!!!!! 5TH. YOU MADE NO POINT SO YOUR POST WAS POINTLESS, BUT THANKS FOR CHIMING IN THOUGH.

  206. BelizeBoy says:

    It’s not an offensive foul. I mean if you’ve ever played basketball and understand the rules you’ll know why. Anyhow that is the greatest dunk of year.

    • Queiros says:

      I’ve played in college in my home country in Europe, and I can tell you that both would have been called fouls. In fact, I’ve seen them being called, specially those elbows to the face (more on trying to take a charge, but the principle applies no matter what)

      • stevan says:

        Don’t compare European basketball with American basketball that’s the reason for you both plays were offensive fouls.

      • stevan says:

        Don’t compare Europe basketball with USA basketball that’s why for you both plays are offensive fouls

  207. Luis says:

    Like some of the people here already said, The NBA and the referees are allowing some players, especially B.Griffin do completely illegal actions. The second dunk was a HUGE foul on Gasol. I can not imagine a referee saying to me that the play was legal. This is why we just see more players without technique or IW basketball in the league. We are promoting jumpers not basketball players. Very sad.

  208. agus says:

    It’s fault!

  209. mambanizer says:

    both dunks were spectacular but it was offensive foul, only blind will not see that ^_^

  210. Sosay says:

    so many lakers fans in the world

  211. casper says:

    no offense. Pau moving. He sets illegal screen when forearm or no forearm ..does not matter clean slam dunk and defensive faul.

    • Queiros says:

      And an english grammar rape… Ever since when because a defender is moving, the offense player is allowed to elbow him?

  212. shazam says:

    I thought i was watching NFL. Do they let players climb all over another players back and elbow them in the face these days? Blake might as well throw a punch at Paus face in the air. -__-

  213. JDish says:


    #2 dunk – The look on Andrew Bynum’s face at the end of the vid is priceless … lol

  214. atlbb says:

    Great dunks regardless, but the Lakers won the game.

  215. Gmoney says:

    Clearly Pau was in the restricted area in both plays so no fouls on Blake

    • Queiros says:

      Dude, you don’t know jack about the rules… I mean, where in the hell does it say that the restricted area applies to a defensive rebound attempt???? And for the second dunk… well, it was a straight on elbow to the face, and anywhere on the court it is a foul…

  216. nonsense says:

    blake griffin = an overrated dunk boy without outside shooting skills. everytime he has the ball, immediately thinks of dunking it. shoot your AIRBALL free throws first before you boast about your CARABAO moves. there’s no talent or skill on what you do. just pure strength and hustle. that’s all you got dude. tsss..

  217. larry says:

    Griffin is a freakish one trick pony………………. Dunking is all he can do, and normally fouls every time he does

  218. Btip5000 says:

    Blake is my 3rd favorite player.. but i bleed purple and gold. i loved the dunks. they had me hyped. but come on clipper fans… the 2nd one was a foul and he should have gotten his 2nd teck with an ejection… admit it.. i mean the taunting was wayyyyyy more clear than tryin to determine if the dunk was an offensive foul….

  219. TeamFan not Playerfan says:

    Someone call the cops because I’m pretty sure gasol just got raped

  220. Btip5000 says:

    gasol’s clutch block.. no ones talkin about that.. dunks dont win championships. blocked shots do..

  221. Btip5000 says:

    ok. forget the dunks.. i think the 2nd dunk was a foul but ok forget it… y didnt they give him a second tech for taunting. he got his 1st one in the 1st quarter.. they didnt give him a second one y? cuz he would have been ejected. the refs didnt wana c that.. which is some str8 bull….

  222. Ponyup12 says:

    too bad he can’t shoot a freethrow to save his life.

  223. Ya Boi in the Buildin says:

    I never imagined Lakers fans to be so upset…. Until I saw this dunk… Both of these dunks were technically legal. Just because Pau Gasoft got completely humiliated doesn’t mean that Blake committed an “Offensive Foul”.

    • Queiros says:

      You go out there and take a flat-out elbow to your face and then come back and tell it wasn’t a foul… Like Bynum said “they can have the highlights, we’ll take the W”

  224. Cali says:

    Awesome dunks, but they were fouls. End of story. Both sides need to get over it.

    • Laker Fan says:

      The first dunk was not an offensive foul cause gasol was inside the circle and didnt block out. However the second one was an offensive foul. The rule is called warding. And in this case he warded off the deffender to the extreme! Contact at the rim is allowed, however the offensive player can not ward off the defender to get the shot off. With all that being said if you play ball you know gasol doesnt get either call in the park, he gets laughed at. He needs to get tuff. Artest would have put him on the floor. Call it thugish if you want but in the end he will think about it before he challenges you next time.

  225. jonski22 says:

    it doesnt matter, the Clips can have all the highlights they want but the Lakers got the win. the dunk is awesome, offensive foul or not. but i prefer Kobes clutch shots.

  226. no says:

    there is no such thing as jockeying for position when YOU’RE IN THE AIR…..pau obviously had position while on the GROUND…=over the back….and the second one MAY be an offensive foul? REALLY? get real, an elbow to the face is a foul no matter what you are doing, dunk or not…and the fact that blake stood over pau taunting him afterwards just shows that he is complete trash….send blake to the globe trotters, thats where he belongs…the guy has epic DUNKING talent but no basketball skills whatsoever. Blake is a punk and i hope he gets some messages sent to him just like the hornets did.


    Kia pet Blake Griffin has been getting away with murder for a while now with his dunks. Even the refs are in on it when they jump or bounce from his dunks. They stop officiating and start spectating as soon as Blake leaves the ground.

  228. charles says:

    that was sick.

  229. Tia says:

    Both dunks were great to watch.
    I didn’t see the offensive foul in the second one only because it seems like Blake and Pau jumped at the same time. It even seems like the defensive foul came first while Blake jumped.

    Now the 1st dunk, poor Pau, he didn’t even see Blake Griffin coming so we can’t get on Gasol for getting dunked on that time.

  230. Alex says:

    I don’t know a lot about basketball but the second dunk was a nasty foul. If you jump into someone and put your forearm into the opponent’s face like that it’s only a matter of time until someone breaks his nose or cheekbone. Ridiculous.

  231. Danny Boy says:

    BOTH are offensive fouls.

    That first one is definitely a foul – Gasol was not in boxing out position, but he was really just standing right beneath the basket. There is NO WAY that another player who doesn’t have the ball can just jump on another player’s back in that situation – it’s 100% an over-the-back foul. I actually once played with a guy who always did the same thing to try and get an edge in getting rebounds – by jumping on people’s backs from out of nowhere. It’s a foul and it’s dangerous play – in the end, he ended up breaking a few bones in his OWN back so thankfully he can’t do that anymore..

    The second ons is also clearly a foul – twice. The first is Griffin pushing his left elbow out as Gasol comes over to defend, it’s unnatural to the dunking or laying up motion and is utilized to push the defender away – definitely a foul. Once the contact is initiated, he uses the same arm to pull himself over Gasol towards the rim – again also clearly a foul.

    Referees messed up big time. I’d love to hear Stu’s opinion on the plays…

  232. Michael says:

    two nasty dunks…

    the first one is not an over the back because he clearly jumped and never touched gasol until he was going to stuff it. not like he actually pushed on his back.

    2nd dunk is not a foul either because griffin was already in the air at the time and Gasol tried to contest. it wasn’t and intentional elbow to the head nor was it intentional for Gasol to drop. Gasol was just at the wrong place wrong time lol. if he stood still then you might could of called charge

    • LAkers says:

      regardless of whether it was intentional or not, the elbow was used and should have been called. Clear offensive foul.

  233. Russ says says:

    Blake is a monster ! period. Both dunks were spectacular !

    • LAkers says:

      granted they may have been impressive, neither should have counted. offensive fouls on both. ESPECIALLY the 2nd. technical should have been called.

  234. Dennis says:

    Offensive foul plus the over back foul. NBA refs are inconsistent

  235. Robert Rogers says:

    Wow you guys sound like some whinny little girls,Grow a pair.Two GREAT dunks

  236. Austin Hackett says:

    The first one was not over the back. If you read the NBA rulebook it is the principle of verticality. He jumped straight up to get the ball and didn’t go over Pau until he had control of the ball, which would just make it like any other great dunk.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Yes it wasn’t but there are A LOT of Blake Griffin and Clipper haters. Shaq would dunk on people like that all the time.

      • sbfern805 says:

        First of all, Suaq couldnt jump as high so it never went like that. Second Shaq didnt have to jump he was 7’1″ . So Shaq was just too big for anyone…Griffin has to jump and push people to the side to dunk.

  237. jaz says:

    sekou smith loves the heat and blake griffin.

  238. BBallfan says:

    Blake gets away will a lot of offensive fowls. Thats why folks in NO were happy when he was thrown to the ground,. The league needs do a better job at calling his fowls the way they would everyone else.

  239. Nate87 says:

    The first dunk was an over the back foul because he clearly made contact with Gasol’s back before dunking the ball with prevented Gasol from fully extending to contest the ball. If someone cannot see the second one was a foul then all hope is lost. I’m tired of refs giving special favors to players when they make what are perceive to be nice plays, whether it’s a Blake Griffin offensive foul dunk or a Chris Paul carry before a crossover. Less respect for the refs then the players. If this were a finals game there would be alot more outcry

  240. Kablabber says:

    Oh come on…There’s absolutely no foul in first one, he’s allowed to jockey for position isn’t he. There’s hardly any physical contact until after he throws it down. The 2nd one maybe it’s an offensive foul because of his left arm but you might also argue it’s a defensive foul cause Pau is not standing still on that spot but moving towards him trying to contest the dunk. By the standards some of you guys adhere to, dunking on someone will be a thing of the past cause there’s always going to be some contact involved, it’s the name of the game.

    • LAkers says:

      Of course it’s an offensive. He doesn’t need to be inside the restricted zone for it to be considered an offensive. Look at that elbow coming down. He should have gotten a T for taunting as well. Dirty player

  241. #thenbaisabusiness says:

    the follow dunk isn’t an offensive foul, gasol needs to box out his man. could have been called though. the second dunk is an offensive foul in my opinion. at the very least should have been a no call, but definitely not a foul on gasol

  242. Kikz says:

    Sekou, you should also show the video where Griffin was blocked twice. It sounds fair to have that video posted in your blog.

  243. Kikz says:

    This is a selective video posting. How about Pau blocked Griffin shot? It should be a highlight too…
    Oh, by the way, what about the blocked of Bynum to Griffin too? Why you don’t dare to mentioned it? It was all highlight blocked shots that shuts off Griffin.

    • Slam Fest says:

      The vid wasnt called Griffin VS. Pau, its called Blake Griffins Slam Fest. If you wanna see Pau’s block on Griffin watch the vid Pau blocks griffin. Dont watch the video if you dont want to see it

  244. JoshC says:

    He just keeps getting away with these ridiculous fouls. At somepoint he’s going to take it too far. The boy can dunk but a forearm smash and the taunt belong in the wwe, not the NBA.

    • likedamaster says:

      The taunt was definitely uncalled for. I believe that is why De’Jordan pushed him like he did, so he won’t get the call. Can’t believe he got away with that, though. Clearly a taunt.

    • jose says:

      Clearly Gasol put his body on the line in both of those plays, he is MAN and sissis trying to defend him just sounds a little weird.

  245. gl33sta says:

    Most of you who comment have obviously never had a chance to dunk on somebody. At the second dunk, the only thing that Griffin was looking at was the rim. He did put the elbow in Gasol`s face, but that was clearly unintentionall. However this could never been an offensive foul because Gasol jumped in the area where there are no offensive fouls. Griffin did the similar thing last year to Gortat and they charged him with offensive foul which was wrong. I do agree that the rules arent exactly right for the game, but according to them, the second one was a clean and1. As far as the putback goes, look a little closer. They both went for the rebound and both jumped, Griffin bumped into Gasol with his body on his way up, he did not push him in the back.

    • Jay says:

      You clearly don’t know what you are talking about, an elbow anywhere is an offensive foul and always a flagrant, the flagrant in this years rules. You can’t elbow a guy to the head and not call a foul anywhere on the court or in the key. Many times shaq had been called for similar fouls back in the day for doing that in the key although it wouldn’t have been a flagrant back then

    • sbfern805 says:

      Dude, do you even know the rules of the game? Gasol does not need to be out of the restricted area to be called offensive foul… Second you can say it was not intentional however he still used his elbow to separate him from Gasol just so he can dunk. In ANY NBA ruling….this is an OFFENSIVE FOUL!! And as far as the Putback goes when you interfere with the other player from the back and do not allow him to jump freely, its called a FOUL!!! IDK if you play street ball which all of that is allowed, but not in NBA nor FIBA rules…. sorry buddy, try again!!!

      • Huh says:

        Well said to the two repliers, gl33sta is obviously a guy who can almost touch the net of a basketball hoop and think’s he’s athletic, because he obviously has no clue what a real dunk (that isn’t an offensive foul) is.

      • jose says:

        You whinners are making the Lakers sound kinda soft and like divas, and can’t you tell Blake can jump little bit higher, this game if PHYSICAL and if you start CRYING, you should go home to mommy.

    • leohimself says:

      go watch the euroleague if you want hardcore rules and defense in the paint. i don’t know why you’re still here.

    • chalice says:

      The first dunk was fine as both were going for the rebound and griffin is just better at jumping higher and dunking than gasol. The second dunk is not an offensive foul as griffin had no intention of forearming gasol and gasol jumped into him. I think the refs were right with their calls on these plays. As for “an elbow anywhere is an offensive foul and always a flagrant” that sounds like rubbish as gasol jumped into griffin to stop the shot and got posterized. The forearm was in the act of shooting. By that logic, if kobe takes a shot and you jump directly into his shooting elbow, Kobe should get the foul? That don’t make a lick of sense. Give this one to Griffin.

  246. duro says:

    Both offensive fouls. The second one particularly bad. Gasol can show them as a proof that a highly capable technical player can be overcome by a freak with very poor fundamentals thanks to NBA permitting things which are OK for the show (but not for the spirit of the game.) The fact that “dunks” have become a specific stat is highly indicative (why should a “dunk” be different from a “layup” or a trad jump shot?)
    WIth the introduction of the “smile”, NBA regulation and officiating have definitively gone south.
    Enough with these offensive dunks.
    Enough with superstars regularly committing traveling on almost every penetration.
    Enough with jump shooters always earning cheap FT’s by just getting close to defenders.
    Enough with offense almost always being given clear path vs defense.
    NBA is quickly going the way of the Harlem Globetrotters.
    It is a universal law that ignorant people are pleased by cheap, un-technical actions. And ignorants are the majority, and the majority spends the majority of the money.

  247. zagor says:

    This is the mans game,Pau is softy Spanish primadona…

    • mkmkm says:

      your stupid, pao, is one of the best 7footers in currently in the nba, not as strong, but can make any shot, from any where

  248. haterzRtrolls says:

    Watch Andrew Bynum’s reaction on the last dunk. LoLz

  249. 1st Dunk: Over the Back Foul
    2nd Dunk: Offensive foul…Blake’s Left elbow on pau’s head,Technical foul on throwing pau in the floor..

    i’m not a hater, i’m just criticising on blake griffin dunks on pau gasol…it was niicccccccccccccccce…but its a foul oviously…

  250. dchoosenone says:

    jaz saying my piece..

  251. dchoosenone says:

    why you think sekou this will not be shown in a gasol reunion. He got fouled and a technical foul at the end.. GOOD DEFENSE, but VERY POOR OFFICIATING!!!! hope my comments will not be erased i’m jaz sayin my peace

  252. dchoosenone says:

    it was an illegal play dey jaz wanted to make griffin look good. See the replay SEKOU SMITH!

  253. dchoosenone says:

    offensive foul!!!!! wonder why refs are allowing Especially the second one.

  254. HeatWade says:

    yeah that second dunk was straight up OFFENSIVE FOUL…

    • Jesse says:

      #1 If Gasol was actually boxing out, he might’ve got a call. #2 Gasol was inside the circle, if anything, it was a blocking foul as he was going to the cup.

  255. Mark says:

    In my opinion both dunks were fouls by Blake. The first one although questionable but the second almost worthy of an ejection. The first, Pau had position with his feet outside the inner circle and Blake comes over the back, how is this not an offense charge? The second clearly a foul with the elbow to the head, pushing himself up off of Pau. Then, standing over him is taunting. Blake is an awesome player but I thik he went too far on the second dunk.

    • JBT says:

      he was jumping for the ball, if your feet leave the ground its not an offensive foul. learn the rules.

      • JLin says:

        So if I punched your balls while laying up that’s not a foul right? Since you are 1) feet off ground, 2) defensing 3) inside restricted area.

  256. Edwin Alvarez says:

    Dont get me wrong Gasol needs to get Tuff but the way that The League let’s Griffin just bully or get away with offensive fouls just to look good in a dunk it really needs to stop. I am the first to acknoledge he is a great dunker when done right but when he is all out of control he is either going him or another person seriously hurt or there going to be another Ron Artest moment like it happen in 2004 when he does it to a wrong player. Why do you think he got taken out last time Vs. The Hornets by a Dirty Play…It was unnecessary but he deserved it.

    • MJ says:

      The reason they let him get away with it is becasue all he can do is Dunk. If he got the foul they could not put him in the highlights and then he would fade into obscurity and you can’t let that happen! it would mean people will stop buying his jersey and the sales go down. Nice to know that almost everything even sports is corrupt

      • crybabys says:

        both of you are crybabys and need to shut it down. Gasol who is a big baby–as well as both of you are–complained about both dunks. Blake knows the rules and that’s why he took the ball and delieverd the way he did. Learn and know the rules before you speak. You’re only making yourself look like foolish fans and are giving the sport a bad name. Thank you; case closed.

      • Bigger crybaby says:

        …..and how old are you? You are not even making a s upporting statement about the “rules.”

  257. Stack says:

    Video #1: Over the back foul.
    Video #2: Left elbow to the head of Gasol.

    Not a hater but that poster dunk is straight up nasty! Almost KO Gasol.

  258. Greg says:

    both offensive fouls. technical foul for throwing him down. another tech for taunting. but the nba’s golden boy could get away with anything. show pau’s clutch block on blake in the clutch.

    • Cwigg says:


    • MJ says:

      I agree with what you said. Whats up with Blake getting away with everything! Shows how the NBA isnt about how well you play but how well you can show off and bring in money.

      • truth says:

        come on guys. you just talking nonsense. as soon as both players are in the air the defender gets the foul. you cant get a offensive foul in the air. THATS NOT POSSIBLE. also gasol is standing in the restricted area in both dunks. so there cant be a offensive foul ANYWAY!

      • WLS says:

        @ Truth You can’t get an offensive foul in the air? Bledsoe got one in the same game! You might just want to watch some basketball before saying something like that. Of course you can get an offensive foul in the air, if you smack someone with your elbow or the ball. Otherwise everyone would just jump elbow first into the defender to clear him out.

  259. Denzo says:

    Awesome dunks! Second one maybe too much forearm, but wild dunks anyway.

    • Alexzo says:

      OFFENSE written all over it! Only blake gets away with such. Referees are trained not to call it because it ruins the moment & is bad for the business.

      • manne says:

        blake griffen expose the pretenders. Separate the boys from man. If you are going to block make sure you jump high and go up strong, the problem is that gasol went up to alter griffen shot but he forgot one simple detail griffen is not affraid of getting blocked and he will wencome any dunk challenges. Griffen’s house has one more poster on the walll ( the gasol poster lol)

      • Splif says:

        @ Aleszo i agree with u the both dunks were OFFENSIVE FOULS but once again its Blake so he gets away with it. Over the back n the forearm come on. Its funny thou that when he did get dunk on they never showed it on espn or talked about it i wonder Y !!!

      • AgentZero says:

        If you knew something about basketball, you would have noticed that Gasol was in the restricted area. Think before you start complaining

      • John says:

        @AgentZero clearly you don’t no anything about basketball restricted area or not you can use your off arm to create space

      • John says:


    • sbfern805 says:

      AND WHO WON???!!! How many times did Griffin get blocked? who is the best in LA? Thank You!!! lol

    • CTran says:

      Griffin got away with offensive fouls, just like the Kings’ Cousins said he was babied by the NBA, and it cost Cousins 25K to speak the truth. Truth of the matter is what else is there beyond the dunks? He is a lousy free throw shooter (60%), not so great jump shots, and not bad but below average defender. But worst of all, he has a big head, often acting like a bully, enjoying staring down after dunks. In the NBA, what goes around comes around so I am not surprised one of these days another hot head playing tired of being posterised, will commit a flgrant foul knocking him flat on his fat head. Imagine if the Clips win a championship, how arrogant this guy gonna be?