Batman Wears No. 6 In Miami!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James still has work to do to solidify his legacy. He still has to stare down his crunch-time demons in the fourth quarter of a season and have a potentially career-defining moment to chase away his haters. He still has to win a championship to shut us all up and to validate all the premature coronation that’s gone on since he was 16.

But there is one debate that needs to come to an end today: the notion that James is riding shotgun on Dwyane Wade‘s team needs an immediate obituary. It’s simply not the case, and never has been as far as we can tell.

Batman wears No. 6 in Miami, folks. And last night’s performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder is the latest statement to that point from James, who outdueled Kevin Durant in their second MVP showdown in the past two weeks (Durant won Round 1 in Oklahoma City 10 days ago) and made you forget that Wade and Chris Bosh were on his team as he went off on the Thunder.

The MVP race between James and Durant has a couple of weeks to go before we crown a winner (even though our main man Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman, and this week’s Hang Time Podcast, made his decision last night).

The MVP of the Heat is a race that ended months ago. This is a team that rises and falls on the shoulders of James. And it has been that way since the Heat fell to the Mavericks in The Finals last year.

If it’s ultimately his responsibility when they fail, why wouldn’t he be equally responsible when they succeed?

When Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says, “Without even being biased, I think he’s the best two-way player in this league,” he’s not exactly breaking news. James has been the best two-way player in the league since the George W. Bush administration.

There are those nights, like last night, when it becomes abundantly clear just how mercurial a force James can be. And as Ethan J. Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post points out, this was James embracing it all (the pressure, the hate, the moment) in a way that only the best can:

What James didn’t do Wednesday was shake off the burden. Rather, he demanded it. The circumstances demanded that. On a night that Chris Bosh didn’t come strong, and Dwyane Wade (back from a one-game absence) wasn’t especially sharp, James took control.

He recorded 34 points and 10 assists, playing a direct role in 20 of the Heat’s 31 field goals.

Less quantifiable and more notable?

How he directed the action on both ends.

“LeBron took the challenge,” Bosh said.

He took Durant’s best, and dished out better.

After Durant cut the Heat lead to two by stroking a three, James countered by storming to the hoop.

After Durant trimmed the Heat edge to one with a nifty lefty lay-up, James and Udonis Haslem blocked shots to keep the Thunder from pulling ahead – before James pulled out of his bag of tricks an acrobatic fallaway bank.

And after Durant’s alley-oop from Westbrook got the Thunder within 94-93 with 2:34 left, James made it just difficult enough, with Durant wildly sticking a corner jumper on the top of the backboard, and later missing a three-pointer well short.

If you want James to take the heat during the bad times, when he’s slumping, when the Heat falls, then you have to give him his due during the good times, when he’s soaring and when the Heat shines.

And it really doesn’t matter how much you love or hate James, how devoted you are to Wade or anything else. There is really no way around it!


  1. Fefe says:

    LeBron deserves to be the MVP….but a little little bit less than Durant.

    If Kevin Durant is not the MVP this year, it’s a rob!

  2. AbRon says:

    Believe it or not …
    James got more stylish dunks thn Blake..
    Blake..all he does is that one handed dunk over playas…
    But lebrons got more fancy dunks as windmill, reverse, between the legs,tomahawk on

  3. 305 says:

    this is miami wade county fool

  4. HeatKingOfEast says:

    353 comments? and counting? ahhhahaha too many followers of miami, especially of lebron wahahaa. heat nba champs^^

  5. Promocean says:

    Wade County = BATMAN

  6. paeng says:

    LeBron James as the Batman? What the heck!!! Are you out of your damn mind?

    Batman always beats the enemy in clutch time. How many games did win in clutch time? NONE
    It is always Wade who saves the Heat in clutch time.

    Batman does not sulk in the corner, or does not blame anyone, when things don’t go his way. What did James do when he couldn’t win championship in Cleveland? HE PACKED HIS BAG AND ABANDON HIS FORMER TEAM.
    What does James do when his team is trailing in a game? HE BLAMES HIS TEAM MATES AND REFUSES TO JOIN THE HUDDLE AND IGNORE THE COACH’S INSTRUCTIONS (just watch when they call time out) .

    Batman never approaches Robin for help; it is Robin who came to Batman. WHO WENT TO MIAMI FOR HELP TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, JAMES OR WADE? JAMES. Because he can’t win in Cleveland, he seeks Wade’s help.

    So why the hell are you regarding James as Batman? Bob Kane (creator of Batman) will hate you for life for comparing James to Batman.

  7. Reall? says:

    Lebron may be “Batman” in the regular season and maybe in the playoffs, But he will not be “batman” in the Finlas

  8. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Wade needs James to be great, even the leader of the team, in order to get his 2nd championship. His ego and talent demand that he be considered the best player on the team, and I think Wade is cool with that. He’d have to be, knowing he lobbied to bring James to Miami. James is a generational talent, but in terms of rings Wade has done it but Lebron has not. Wade is willing to sacrifice his game, his minutes, and whatever else in order to bring a second championship to Miami. In the history of Miami Heat basketball no one has been as successful as Wade on the big stage. His performance in 2006 was unbelievable, and Lebron James must have a similar performance in order to get the respect from Wade and Miami that he so richly desires. You can say he is Batman, but he needs to be Superman in these playoffs, because that is exactly what Wade was in 2006. Shaq disappeared and Wade literally dominated for the entire series and had one of the best performances in NBA Finals history. Lebron can’t disappear like he did last year. He must perform at a very high level if he is in the Finals this year, because he can’t lose a 3rd time in the Finals. Lebron must do it this year in order to truly be Batman, and Lebron better hope Wade doesn’t outshine him or else Wade will be Superman.

  9. Zach says:

    Batman? Really? That title rightfully belongs to Ginobili swatting bats on halloween night.

    • bull says:


  10. E247 says:

    lol you ppl know less than nothing and LBJ became the best player in the game 2 seasons ago when bush was in office the whole 8 yrs and obama’s firt yr it was all kobe

  11. Bossman Ro says:

    Okay let me break it down. I saw a lot o people break down Wade vs Lebron points, 1st of all points don’t mean everything. 2nd Wade has a championship n Lebron doesn’t and he knew that he couldn’t win without abatman which is D Wade. So he left his home state to go to D Wades team that he won a chip on so right there u know hes.’s not batman. And In the biggest moments he chokes. No lie. NBA FInals he was a no show for the whole series. N if u look at it this way d wade is 3/4 with walk off shots this year 75% to Lebrons % my point is proved and i will glady go to the NBAtv studio and explain it to anybody that thinks it’s Lebrons team

  12. landski says:

    we know wade is more clutch than lebron..but that wasnt imprtant to them..all they want is to win!!!

  13. dnyy says:

    If the heat lose again this year will you finally STFU???

  14. CELTICPRIDE1224 says:

    REALY? Lobron James is not near what Micheal Jordan was. AND WILL NEVER BE as good as Jordan period.

  15. alvin says:

    lebron why he is great when he can even hit a clutch jump shot a pure muscle player who’s crying in the last minute

  16. Big C says:

    who cares who is batman or robin,they r a good squad.Lebron and dwade will always get there numbers it how bosh and the other players play that will determin if they win.LBJ and DWADE or pretty much the same talent except for lebron being in a terminators body and can play better d. This is basketball any team can win or lose,how many of u thought the spurs would get bumped in the first round and dallas would come out the west last year,SWEAPN THE LAKERS ALSO, upsets happen in this sport like no other.yet i do think if miami plays with TOTAL energy and heart that noone can stop them and if they end up with home court I think its a lock to at least make it to the finals

  17. so you should know says:

    for those of you who say that having the most nba rings makes you the greatest player of all time quit saying mj is you should know that bill russell has 11 so technically he is the greatest player by your standards

    • CELTICPRIDE1224 says:

      Those are not very good standards anyway, becuase when Bill Russel played it seemed that the tallest players were always on top. Now I know that you guys are saying what about jerry west and oscar robertson, well jerry west had to team up with chamberlin to get his first title and oscar robertson had to team up with kareem abdul jabber to get his first.

  18. Heatfor Championship says:

    why are commenting like that, as if dwade and bron and competting to each other.
    dont forget they are players hungry for championships. Not hungry for MVP title.

  19. Bryan says:

    No point in comparing 2 teamates to each other. No matter what lebron does he will be hated by some and loved by some. but hate him or love him you cant deny that he is a amazing player. people down him and say he cant be mentioned with the greats such as jordan but whether he can or cant his name still always manages to be approached with theirs. miami will win the championship this year and lebron will get both the finals mvp and the league mvp a die hard wade fan but facing the facts lebron is obviously better. and i seriously doubt wade and lebron argue with each other about whos better, all they care about is 1 thing and that is championships and miami will be getting plenty of those in the years to come.and when they do win championships people will still find a way to bash lebron about something, stop hating !! its seriously pathetic

  20. Ken says:

    Good post. Love him or hate him, nobdoy is as good right now as LeBron. Anybody who says otherwise is letting emotion interfere with judgement, or is a complete fool.

  21. These Writers don't now anything says:

    These writers don’t know anything. Lebron may be more athletic talented than Wade, but Wade is a better closer than Lebron will ever be. It shows. In almost all games when it has been close, the ball ALWAYS goes into the hands of Wade. Wade has won a championship, averaged 34 points in the Finals series. Came back from 2 games down, and won in the Mavs Arena. Lebron couldn’t do that when he was with the cavs. Simple as that. Case closed.

    • Big C says:

      who cares who closes the game,if u look bak at the games that were close lebron brought them either back or had them in the game for the first 47 min to let them get a chance at closing it out,when lebron has a off nite they dont even get a chance to stay close enough to win. Dwade is either really good or he is really off,he forces more shot and foul attemps then any1 who ant wheren the #24

  22. Rolan says:

    LeBron is past his prime. He primed in Cleveland about 3 years ago. Then, he would take over a game, literally, anytime he wants to. That he cannot do today. Then, he could jump with his eyes above the rim. Couldn’t do that no more, look at the way he lands now, he lifts up his other leg in order to prevent an injury. Why because it’s hurting. Only time will tell how many dunks he can do more.

  23. Tongan says:

    Sure this is true for the regular season, and probably the start of the postseason too. But people need to realise that when it comes down to the last shot or the biggest stage of all, Wade is BY FAR the Batman of this team. LeBron has pretty strongly shown that he is at least one of the 2 or 3 best players in the world, probably the best. However, Wade has even more strongly shown that he is one of the top 2 or 3 in the league in the final moments, more so on potential game tying or game winning shots. He has also shown that he is one of the greatest of all time when it comes to the Finals. Let LeBron lead this team to the conference finals, then let Wade take them home. That is the only way the Heat will win a championship.

  24. Cons says:

    here comes the haters

  25. That Dude says:

    James might be the best player in the league right now. But for me wade is the best player when its a clutch game.
    The haters always spread hate they dont know anything about James and Wade’s hardwork in order to climb at the championship. Ill tell you! This is the year of the miami. Go get that second championship! :))

  26. Who finds these writers? says:

    I’m not sure you should even be allowed to talk about basketball again! LBJ hasn’t done anything with his career, he hasn’t dominated and won a NBA chip, among a list of many things that D wade has a least done, NOT to mention LBJ came to MIAMI, D wade would never leave his team to play in CLEVELAND.

    But more importantly, D wade has something LBJ will never have, and that’s the killer instinct to score the ball with the last seconds on the clock, to be selfish enough to shoot 25-30 times even after going 4-16 to start.

    MJ, KOBE, BIRD, MAGIC all made their way to the top, LBJ shouldn’t be given it

    • jfoster4 says:

      Buddy its Cleveland…. No one would leave Miami for Cleveland… I wouldn’t leave Utah for Cleveland. (Ok I’d leave Utah) Wade was begging Lebron to come that doesn’t mean Lebron isnt great and that he isnt the MVP. Wade cant even play 5 str8 games w/o sitting out.

    • Big C says:

      kobe rode shaqs dong for his first three rings

  27. Dwyane Wadeeeee says:

    i disagree..i think that the Heat is still Wade’s team, he’s been there the longest so i think he’s still the captain of the team.. even though Lebron is the best player of the Heat, i think that Wade is still the leader

  28. Isiah says:

    I’m tired of people saying its Lebron’s team. He came to wade. Wade already has a championship and has proven himself a winner. Lebron has not. Also while Lebron is a great player, people just don’t get it. MVP means MOST VALUABLE PLAYER not necessarily the best player. Lebron is in discussion for best player but the heat, unlike the bulls last year, are still a threat without him.

  29. Lebum says:

    Geesshhh, Batman never chokes…
    Lebum is the Joker = with his multiple title claims.

  30. Dylan says:

    This article is 100% legitimate, UNTIL post season. Because of LeBron’s inconsistency in important moments, he will ride on Wade’s shoulders during the must win games in the finals. LeBron is the regular season Batman for sure, but you can’t deny Wade’s importance to the Heat’s success in a championship run. I’ve said if before, LeBron would be much better without Wade if they didn’t play close games.

  31. LBJtheKinG6 says:

    i wonder where would these haters hibernate when miami wins championship this year.. and LBJ will get the mvp for season and finals..

  32. Ryan Harris says:

    ………So does that make Chris Bosh Batgirl?

  33. cm punk says:

    just trade lebron to kevin love or kevin durant! all team who will get lebron wont win championship lebron just cant handle anything he’s a mess when it comes to crunch time peroid… wade is the best crunch player in the league and will always carry the heat no matter what…

  34. 5rings says:

    pau got posterized by blake? tell me how many rings does blake have

  35. bigboy11 says:

    did anyone notice wade was giving lebron the ball the whole 4Th quarter he was in a slump for the past 6 games and wade was carrying him why did these reporters say he was robin then those guys( the big 3) know what they are doing playing the public in the last Toronto game bosh was the leading scorer i think he had to have a good game last night cause bosh and wade were playing so bad, if battier and Mario did not hit all those 3s they would have lost even with a good game from lebron, was about time lebron stepped up i remember u same guys was saying lebron was not clutch and how it was wades team most of these reporters are stars watchers

  36. Nyle says:

    Real heat fans aren’t really bothered by ‘who’s the Batman or who’s the Robin?’ in the team. As long as they play good together, that’s all that matters. There are times when Wade or Bosh scores higher than the rest, but in winning, it’s a product of teamwork

  37. Kiyan says:

    Lebron is the best player in the NBA – period. And as good as Kevin Durrant is ..Lebron is simply better. Lebron proved it the other night, Durrant had 9 turn overs. Lebron actually does everything, he’s a major factor in every area on the floor, and he does it in convincing fashion.

    Lebron is the ultimate complete basketball player.

  38. thunderfan1 says:

    In addition…All I read about is Heat…You guys keep on doing that like there is no other team. We do not need to blog it…we play it. None of you ever hear anything about our young men. WHY…because they are unselfish…on and off the court. We and our fans do not talk…we watch our kids play…Man it has been fun for us since they came here…Like I said…with respect… watch out NBA it is Thundering and the storm will last a long time soon!!! Love it

  39. LEBRON JAMES #1 says:

    Lebron James #1 baby!

  40. LBJwut says:

    your a fan of LBJ ?? ofcourse you’ll believe in him , but you must accept the fact that LBJ is a drama queen like D12 in Orlando … LBJ is a great Player a great athlete but if he’s the best and want to be the best out there he should not joined Miami Heat !! LBJ fans please tell me why did LBJ joined Miami !? For me he’s not a warrior like Kobe , Dirk , Wade , Duncan , Rose , Nash , and Pierce he don’t have the courage to do it by himself . Yeah there are players around them like Kobe with Shaq … Kobe with Gasol … Dirk with Kid … Wade with Shaq … Duncan with tony and Manu …. Pierce with the Big Two … Rose with good Players …. and Nash who never wins a championship is still in his team . They won without building they’re own team …. the people around them the management and the city build them . so you say to me LBJ is the most greatest player in this planet ??? you must be kidding me .. he can have the best of the best stats in this league , but he never for me is the greatest ! PERIOD !

    • LeWadebosh says:

      yeah! as if what matters to you is important.. people see it as lebron going to miami to team up with wade well in fact wade asked james to join him since wade need help.. it does not matter.. they joined forces because they need each others help..

  41. thunderfan1 says:

    I have read all of your blogs on the game last night between the thunder and heat. First of all…may have been the best game played in the regular season this year. at least that i saw! Turnovers killed the thunder…20 i think. 9 by durant. But that being said…our big four are only 23 years old or younger. They have bought into our system….winning. Big markets aside…if we keep on improving we will be the next SPURS…(pretty good franchise). We love oyur kids and support them…rest of the NBA better watch out right now…much less in the coming years! With due respect…watch out!! Love it!!!

  42. lebron hater says:

    please u guys who cover the nba are so quick to drink the lebron kool aid. last time i looked wade won a championship and i believe he carried the heat in that finals against the mavs. what happen last year lebron hid in the finals so before u go about talking about wade is robin remember: wade has been hurt and when the playoffs comearoung lebron will choke. and on that game last night when okc started to pull away the refs called everty tictac foul they could to keep miami in it. lebron isnt jordan get over it the nba is fine withou having the next jordan.,

  43. Nick Xavier says:

    Are u kidding me? Wade, Bosh clearly not in the same league as Lebron. Lebron IS still the best B-baller in the WORLD. Kevin & D-Rose close on his heels, not there yet. Kobe is done. No more rings. Lakers need to rebuild.

    Lets be clear, different era, diff circumstances, different NBA league. Its DUMB comparing Jordan to Kobe to LeBron to Wilt etc. You cant. It’s not based on the number of Rings, stats etc. Shaq gave Kobe 3 rings, Shaq gave Wade a ring. Real ballers will understand what great player Shaq and Duncan were/are. Cahmpionships are not won by a single player, its a team effort.

    Stop talking rubbish, and think before posting complete rubbish.
    Here’s a statement t think about – the Boston Trio (Garnett, Pierce & Allen) at their peak were better than the current Miami Big 3.
    Wade & Bosh are 2nd rate. Miami has the best change right now to win a championship, ONLY because of one person’s superior play – Lebron James. But HIS team needs to come to play in the playoffs.

    Wade & Bosh – they worry me and it should worry the Miami Fans. If they lose this year, they should trade these overrated muppets.

  44. Emula7845 says:

    how quickly they forget!!!!!!

  45. motley says:

    D.Wade is still the main man for the miami heat. it will never be lbj, come on let’s face it, when everything is on the line it is wade who is there. lbj is good but he is the one who joined wade and not the other way around.

  46. thatdude says:

    Yes Lebron is Batman, I live in South Florida and the Heat is my home network team, so I have seen at least 90% of their games if not more. I’m not one of those guys who just so happens to watch the heat when the games are on tnt or espn or just look at the highlights. Lebron has been carrying Heat since he got there. Dwade is looking older and older and often not consistent, neither is bosh. Lebron hardly ever has those 4 of 16 games like Wade and Bosh consistently have. The funny thing is this guy is still putting up MVP numbers despite having Wade and Bosh. Wade won a championship with Shaq on his team, Shaq was declining but he was still the best center in the league at the time. If a younger Shaq would have played with Lebron in Cleveland he would already have a ring. This guy averages 27 7 and 7 for his career. He is the only guy in the league who could literally average a triple double for a season if he wanted too. This guy is clearly the best player in the League, and has been for awhile.

  47. malcolm says:

    like i said d wade is a BEAST!!! bron aint nothin without him. but i still think MIKE MILLER is the heats best weapon on the court. he can shoot, dunk and has tremendous defense! MILLER FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. ag says:

    Wade as robin to Lechoke?!! Nice joke. He will never be robin. Wade is still recovering from an injury and it is basing it off the past two games LBJ has playe good. This article is pure bull****. Very biased article

  49. anish ghandhi says:

    I love brian scalabrine

  50. Tom says:

    defense wise, there are no bad days, and Lebron is one of the best, i will want him to defend the opponent’s go-to-guy any second of the game (though, Wade is a close second – the heat have great G-F defense)
    offense wise, when every body at their best, James is great.
    but during a season, a series, or at the 5 last minutes, he disappears sometimes, Wade, KD, Kobe won’t..

    btw Kobe defense this year is bad, very bad!

  51. Dthuggin says:

    D-Wade is the Crunch time king for Miami he has proven this in 06 and all through his play off he is not scared to take the big shots or put his boddy in harms way. Too much Hype on James when he does good, yea he’s one of the best but honestly until he wins quite a few finals MVP’s I will not crown him. At this point he’s like a waaaaaay better Scottie Pippen who is not as clutch.

  52. Lebum says:

    the open court dunking bum machine strikes again the next day he chokes.

  53. luke b says:

    The Heat will always be Wade’s team while he’s playing there. James would have been the leader if he’d gotten Wade to sign with the cavaliers. James came to Miami because he felt he needed Wade’s help to win a championship, not the other way around. Wade’s hit a number of game winners this year as well, take into account those wouldn’t have been wins had wade not hit those shots. James can’t jump around to different teams and expect to be the leader on all of them, he gave that up when he left cleveland.

  54. Lionel says:

    Miami Heat is Dwayne Wade team. He is the captain and he runs the team. He is their most clutch player and Lebron will never own Miami until Wade retires.

  55. DMC says:

    yeah lebron is the batman in miami…its just so that batman always let robin handle things when the tough gets going…but yes he is the batman in miami.

  56. Bosco4l says:

    Wade won the title in 06 but he had a lot of help..from the refs. Wade shot more free throws than the entire Dallas team in the finals The refs were calling fouls on guys standing 3 feet away from Wade. That’s when the league had beef with Mark Cuban. That 06 championship will always be tainted. Look it up on youtube. Dwayne Wade finals phantom calls.

  57. Chaitanya S Bhat says:

    Being the best player on your team doesn’t make you the leader. I would argue that Fisher was more of a leader than Kobe.
    FLASH is the LEADER of the Miami Heat. LeBron is the BEST PLAYER of the Miami Heat.

  58. chopanzkie says:

    this blog was made by the fan of lebron james, that’s why he said that… he’s very biased









  60. kILLarifIC says:


  61. Miami FAN says:

    Extremely Dumb article. What would have you written about if Durant wouldn’t have missed the last shot? Since when allowing your opponent to score 30 is lock down defense? Since when is the Heat Lebron’s team when it counts? Dwyane Wade is no one’s sidekick. GO HEAT

  62. manimike says:

    How you gonna say wade is a sidekick? you remember how wade was one and still is one of the best players playing the game now. he lead the heat so many times to a win, he and shaq worked together to win a chamionship, and he lead the scoring leader two years ago. you could never say he is a sidekick

  63. tyler grande says:

    the heat are my favorite team but until James can come up big when they need it not when everyone is creating for him then i will say its his team but until then it is DWYANE WADE’S TEAM.

  64. luis3 says:

    i still believe wade is batman just look at the finals as an example and most of the playoffs yes i knw in the eastern confrence championships lbj was great but i still believe dwade is the heat leader batman and closer

  65. Heat says:

    I just dont understand how anybody can think that LeBron JAmes is the leader of the MIami Heat. Some of these comments are ridiculous. How is the guy who couldnt get it done on his own and ran for help to the top 3 player in the NBA who had already won before the leader of this team? LeBron, a second year player on the team who failed them in the Finals, or Wade, the lifelong Heat member who brought the franchise its first title? James is more talented than Wade, but he will not be the one leading the team to a championship.

  66. David says:

    D wade is better he has a ring and got it all by himself

    DOes lebron have on yet!! noo!!!!!
    he had achance last year but couldnt do it

  67. Mike says:

    Sorry but batman has to show up to save the day in the 4th quarter and the guy who does that most frequently on the heat wears #3 not #6. Yes Lebron is a better all around player but in clutch situations the gameplays are being drawn up for D Wade who never shys away from the spotlight. How many game winners does Lebron have this year? 0. D Wade has 3. Until the day comes when D Wade stops putting the team on his shoulders in the clutch it will still be binky for bron bron a.k.a. Robin.

  68. JEM says:

    Can someone please remind the guy that wrote this article who was Batman and who was Robin when it counted in the 2011 NBA Finals.

  69. Raz Rah says:

    D-WADE ALL DAY. Who was BATMAN when it counted the most. (the Finals) Lebron wasn’t even Robin on the biggest stage. How many Finals wins Does LBJ have and how many rings?

  70. LBJMVP says:

    Sekou is right and Lebron is definitely the batman of this team now. Lebron is so much more fun to watch and efficient with the ball. I havn’t seen wade hit a jump shot for awhile honestly and in fact, he did not hit one jump shot all game against OKC. Referring to the game yesterday, everytime James was on the bench, OKC goes on a run that forces Spoelstra to call timeouts. Wade loses control of the ball too much resulting in couple OKC fastbreak 3 pointers which gave OKC the big lead in the first half. James was then subbed back in to help the team go on a run and took the lead at the buzzer before half time after being down 11. It was all James. Wade occasionally makes couple easy layups and misses a few. To those who are still saying this is Wade’s team, please stop watching old youtube videos and referring his games from 06 because that is 6 years ago and we’re talking about now. And now, this is no doubt LeBron Jame’s team. Wade built a good name for himself throughout his years in the NBA, but if you actually watch his games still, he’s not quite the same player he was before. His style of play frustrates me quite a bit. He needs to develop his mid range game badly and stop turning the ball over so much every time he decides to isolate. However, Wade is currently busy being the perfect father and publishing his book bout his life in september. And like he said, his life is more then just basketball now. He is clearly not as dedicated and focused. American Airlines Arena is now LBJ’s house not wade’s. I’m sorry.

  71. michael says:

    LBJ and D- Wade and rest of the team are family………..ties must be retain what ever gonna be happen….thats sport sometimes you win sometimes you loss….Sekou like LBJ/Wade and most of HEat team……..right sekouyyyyyyyy……poyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  72. Foureyez says:

    i mean nobodys saying lebrons not sick juss not better than the best

  73. Gerald says:

    At the moment Lebron is performing the best on the team but in my opinion, they are virtually as good as each other just that on some nights Lebron performs the best and on other nights wade performs the best. That happens a lot when you bring 2 superstars on one team one day one player takes over the game the next day the other play takes over

  74. rex says:

    0-4 vs. Spurs.
    2006 FMVP

    do the Math.

  75. syntax says:

    oh c’mon sekou really? making LBJ the “hero” again? i’m a heat fan (loyal since 2000) wade and bosh just happens to have a bad night with OKC. why can’t wade or bosh have an article like this when they are lighting the scoreboard and when james is only scoring 17pts against tough teams and still win. I mean I know you guys are giving lebron all the media type, but lets face the truth without those 3 they will not win that matchup against OKC, BTW the Heat won by 5pts! If i were you Sekou i’ll thank Battier instead for his clutch 3’s!

    • syntax says:

      and BTW Wade still has a sore knee, stop giving LBJ the Hype, thats why his choking on every NBA finals, you guys are giving him too much pressure.

      • mel says:

        your not really a heat fan… why dont you support LBJ to be the MVP…. im A HEAT fan, and i love what they do to be a great team… you supposed to support every player in the miami heat team… LBJ did his best…

  76. mel says:

    LeBron deserves to be the MVP… he is the best… he can play different position, from PG to PF… he is number 1 in this league this season…

  77. kobe says:


  78. all about the benG's says:

    As a heat fan and watching every heat game, they still have not shown consistency in their game. It looks like at times they get bored playing the game, you could tell by the body language and the lack of intensity they bring. We all know who the true leader of this team is BUT they still want to keep that question mark in the locker room. Until the players themselves accept the fact that Wade is no longer the leader, they will continue to struggle with their identity.

  79. To me Nba wants that Chicago, Lakers or Boston got the ring this year cuz the tradition of those teams.
    Men 2012 it´s not a simple year….IT´S 2012.!!!!

  80. Zkane says:

    “If it’s ultimately his responsibility when they fail, why wouldn’t he be equally responsible when they succeed?”

    So his reasoning is that because the media places irrational blame on Lebron James they should also give him irrational praise? If your going to write an article about basketball, try writing about basketball. If you use one non-playoff game as evidence of who is a better player, then you’d have alot of players who could be considered better than the best on their team. I’m not saying that Lebron playing better than Wade is the same as Ramon Sessions playing better than Kobe, but that’s what your logic is saying. Disappointing that this man is probably being paid handsomely for writing this garbage.

  81. It´s a kind of “Boston support -backing” from Nba about “Nba green”? Nba wants Boston get the ring this year cuz 2012 and that franchaise have history? mmmm…senseless.

  82. JTastick says:

    Just because Lebron doesn’t take the game winning shot in the fourth quarter doesn’t mean he’s not clutch.. I can name countless times Heat have been down by 15 or more points and than Lebron stormed them back into the position to win, Wade may have made the game winning shot but it was with the help of Lebron. Never forget that!

  83. bruce wayne says:

    I’m not sure but isn’t Bruce wayne batman?

  84. Minoltian says:

    Dwade is also overrated. He won the ring when Pistons were already aging and when Mavs committed suicide in NBA final. Heat didn’t win at that time, Mavs simply lost. Post-Shaq era, Dwade also didn’t have significant achievement with Heat.

  85. It´s no about Lebron Batman or Wade Robin rather it´s about a team unite. After Jordan era almost all players wanted “clutch ball” in the final minute of the fourth quarter. For instance;
    Kobe ( he was very criticized because he spoiled in the final minutes)
    My theory it´s that after Jordan era people got crazy with all those finals shots that Michael did in his career.
    Boston had to set a team with 3 big stars. Pistons had to join 5 superstars to achieve the 2005 championships. Lakers 08 had Kobe, Gasol , Fisher , Artest ( in fact Artest made the championship shot that time)

    Heore ball is obsolete.

    -remember Paxon and Steve Curr winning shot. Michael did not made the final shot in those occasions. Think.

    • wtf? says:

      to all the people above me who are clearly ignorant about basketballn Lebron had NO ONE when he was with the cavs mo williams played no defence and was not that great and big Z….. WTF? i guess if balding is a talent

      • oops says:

        i was wrong mo williams was good but still played no defence but lebron still carried his team williams only played with the cavs two years. DOES NO BODY REMBER THE PISTONS/CAVS…. SERIES LEBRON WAS THE TEAM

    • Heat says:

      Its not about the winning shot its about WINNING. Simply put Wade has led his team there, James hasnt.

  86. Brandon says:

    Yea and if this is LeBrons team then the Heat will fall short AGAIN!! Cuz lets be honest.. when its crunch time in the playoffs.. LeBrons not the go-to guy for Miami. D Wade is. LeBron does his thing in the regular season but when its time for clutch playoff buckets.. he does ride shotgun to Dwyane Wade my friend..

    • Retro Silk says:

      Lebron and Bosh both get paid more than Wade. Wade should get a “clutch” bonus!

    • HowABOUTweTHINKforONCE says:

      50 bucks this guy didnt watch miami vs boston or the chicago last year or hed realize hes talking out of his you kno what

      • Retro Silk says:

        Lebron dribbles the ball up top until time runs out and misses again, and again and again. I just do not see Lebron being the dagger player that Wade is known for. Sorry if you can’t pick up what I am laying down ya clown!

  87. Hannes says:

    I know, nobody is going to read this, but:
    ‘He still has to stare down his crunch-time demons in the fourth quarter of a season and have a potentially career-defining moment to chase away his haters.’

    So one moment shall define one career? That’s stupid stuff that pundits are telling over and over again…

  88. JJ says:

    We said too much, this article was trying to compare and contrast the two MVP candidates based on the two team performances on yeaterdays game. It was true that LJ was the best on the floor. Sekou was trying to say it was LJ a better player when he said Batman & Robin. Otherwise, both are great players and ofcourse one is better than the other. We were blaming LJ for the team losses. Have any one said something constructive when he was playing with dislocated fingures, and other injuries? One more thing. no one has commented on the dirty plays some players of the Thunder. Title comes with opportunities. Pls lets concentrate on the article and not try to split hair or try to reflect hiddne agendas. LJ & Wade are matured they are not supposed to intemidated and agitated by our garbage comments posted here out of context.

  89. its me from germany says:

    O man Miami is facing a very difficult situation, but its a luxury problem. Lebron is having big performances this season but i think that wade is the much better competitor when it comes to real important victorys. If Wade has to be Robin the hole season, its hard for him to be the fourth quarter guy in the playoffs. Heat will not be champs this year

  90. JTastick says:

    Dwyane Wade takes backseat to no one! But I do have to acknowledge and give props to Lebron, he took over that game and honestly, I don’t think Miami can beat OKC without him. P.S. LJ shot has really improved 😀
    Heat for the championship!!!

  91. typical says:

    sekou only writes about the heat when lebron is doing better than wade. Watch, wade will get on a role and sekou wont say a damn thing. It doesnt need to be batman and robin, they need eah other. Lebron will dominate 60% of the game and wade 40% along with a game winner if need be. Both the most incredible players in the league if you ask me. Sekou… lay off lebrons gutch bro

  92. yaron says:

    at least when they were dwayne’s team the won a ring. as long as the 3-quarters wonder man will take charge, they won’t go all the way. dwayne has the extra something that james doesn’t have.

  93. XTIAN says:

    So, just to ask, for people who are saying wade is greater than bron because of the ring, is robert horry, steve kerr and james posey better than them wade and bron coz they got too many rings.. and should we say that karl malone and charles barkley and pat ewing and ateve nash and grant hill and anyone who doesnt have a ring is worse than luke walton, who have two rings? Rings are OK to count, but abilities, both tangibles and not are the basis of everything.. bron and wade are like seesaws.. whenever the other one is on slump, the other one carries te team.. and when both of them are in the zone? Hell breaks loose.. ohh, and based on the stats sheet, and the way they are playing after the allstar game, bron is the better of them two.. And did you ever heard wade or bron or bosh or spo or pat or anyone from the heat team saying it is wade’s team? nah, it is their team.. for haters, feel free to comment.. =)

  94. luis from miami says:

    sekou smith you dont anything about basketball your underrating him. wade is the third best shooting gaurd of all time besides jordan and kobe. your fat and you never could of made it to the nba that is why you are just a writer for the nba. and i will say a horrible writer

  95. okctfan06 says:


    Though I am KD fan, i really didn’t like the way OKC played yesterday. I really want them win against heat but not with physical game and rather I like if they reply with their game skills. You can’t do a hard foul on some one just because he steal the ball from you. Comparing with KD to LRJ, KD can play at only one position and still learning his defensive skills, but LRJ is an much efficient player at all positions and tough defensive minded.

  96. welcome back to reality says:

    the best comparison this 2 guys should have is not batman and robin nor justice league.. they are BUGS and DAFFY and james is bugs and wade is daffy coz whatever you do to this 2 guys you just can’t kill dem.. critizize them, bomb them, drop tons and tons of issues on them, squeeze them, walk on them, hit them with a gun, bang them with a car whatever you do to this guys they will just continue to live and laugh at you no matter what.. This 2 will always entertain in any possible ways you just like bugs and daffy do so respect them and love them and not to mention bugs and daffy look up to MJ like these 2 does 😀

    • LeWadebosh says:

      i love that..even before miami big three’s era lebron and wade has always been my favorite players..i dont care whos better.. i just love them both..

  97. Shadow says:

    This is BS. Wade is so much better than LeBron but he took the role of secondary because if he didn’t, this team would fail. If Wade cared to, he would be able to what LeBron does but even more efficiently. If LeBron weren’t such a whiney bitch, this would not be the same situation.

  98. Griffin is cheap says:

    April 5, 2012 at 11:24 am
    It just shows how dangerous Miami right now..seems like an easy road to the finals now that the Bulls is plague with injuries..but today belongs to the Wonder kid Blake…for posterizing Pau and hit L.A so badly…kobe get amazed…

    April 5, 2012 at 12:44 pm
    u dont know anything

    April 5, 2012 at 1:34 pm
    Posterizing Gasol? Yeah Griffin’s left arm smashing Pau in the face had nothing to do with it right? Hit L.A.”so badly?” Did you even look at the final score or the game for the matter? The Clippers got destroyed in the post all game by Bynum.

    I used to like Blake Griffin until I found out how cheap he is. If you look closely all of Griffin’s “posterizing” dunk are offensive foul because Blake uses one of his whole harm to either smash the other player in the head or cover the vision. He did that to Perkins, Mosgov & now Gasol.

  99. welcome back to reality says:

    KD missed a gaming tying 3 and shot over the backboard in a big game on big stage and had 9 TOs to go with it.. does that mean he’s a choker?!? ofcourse not he’s KD not LBJ.. whew i wonder what’s with lebron that everyone hates.. maybe he’s got scary talent that’s why..

  100. Domas says:

    This Batman Robin stuff… I thought it was over by now… This is not how it works down in south Florida. Yeah, LeBron averages better numbers than Dwyane, but that’s just about it. Anyway, they are just two stars playing side by side. Where one struggles in a game, the other one picks it up. That’s the whole point of them being together on one team- they don’t have to dominate the games just so their teams will have a chance to win.
    Batman and Robin scenarios are set in LA with Kobe and Pau, CP3 and Blake, in Chicago with Rose and Boozer etc. Not in Miami.

  101. jon305 says:

    who really cares labron has been the best from day one wade has been taking the back seat for years i don’t think he cares because hes still going to get his shots. so let labron be the best player on the floor i think it works better that way…

  102. nbafan says:

    haha losers..GO MIAMI!

  103. bballvishal21 says:

    This is pure foolishness. DWYANE WADE?! A SIDEKICK?! Let me ask this question: where would LeBron be without Dwade?! This is just stupid. Without Wade, Lebron wouild be NOWHERE. Also, how could Lebron possibly be the best player in the league? compare him to Kobe, Durant, and even Wade!
    Dwade is far better than lebron and hes proved this to us many times this year. Lebron is still a good scorer, but you cant call him Batman. Its dwade’s team.

    • Francisco says:


      • bballvishal21 says:

        Ok. KOBE? NOT EVEN CLOSE?! wow people need to actually watch basketball before they talk about it. No LeBron has not been the best basketball playr in the league for five years. Wow…

  104. Foulpowl says:

    once a choker always a choker.. enough said..

  105. likedamaster says:

    Unbelievable how Bron has one good game, and is now the leader over Dwyane Wade’s consistent game. Amazing how rides this guy. Sure, I’m all for hype but this is ridiculous. I can only imagine what the next headline will be when Lebron has his usual playoff meltdown. “Lebron, not the Batman we thought.” No? Of course not. would never admit to their love affair with this inconsistent hack of a player, that is all hype and no substance with a terribly anemic clutch game.

    And oh yeah, get the heck off my lawn!

  106. YP0220 says:

    D. Wade got it easy, he knows he could not work for a championship. So he lets LJ do all the hard work and enjoy the free ride of winning games. He did the same with Shaq, D. Wade is nothing by himself, can not even get his team to playoffs, let alone win a playoff series.

  107. Garen559 says:

    i like how HEAT AND THUNDER VIDEOS…haters still mention LA LAKERS….cuz they know who gonna make em pay..
    get off LAKER nuts

  108. Scholar says:

    When Lebron wins a ring this year. The haters still will hate and say one of the 3.

    He got a lucky ring and Kobe and Jordan still has more

    He got a ring during lockout(as if nobody else played the same amount of games)

    Wade is the only reason he got a ring.

  109. Top Five Players of all time
    1 Jordan
    2 Russell
    3 Magic
    4 Bird
    5 Duncan
    what yall think?

  110. NY Vlad says:

    Wade is injured every other season because of his style of play i look for him to have just as much of a mvp season as lebron next year and he might even take the finals mvp trophy if they win.

  111. lbj > kd says:

    funny how nobody mentions kd’s 9 turnovers if lebron did that you internet bullies would be all over him

  112. shavau says:

    Not saying that LBJ isn’t a beast, we all know this. But what did Lebron do that Wade couldn’t do if Lebron was having a off night?? The difference is when Lebron does it, he’s the savior all of a sudden!! Lets not forget one of these men were poised to be the finals mvp last year had the Heat won and it wasn’t James. Wade even had better numbers than LBJ in the Celtics series last year!! I admit Bron did carry the team against the bulls but that just shows that when one of them struggle the other can pick it up!! Its just some big story when LBJ does it! 2006 mavs fans…Refs don’t put the ball in the hoop plus Dallas got their revenge last year against and absentee Lebron. And the Shaq argument? seriously? Shaq averaged 13 and 10 in that finals…. a heap of other centers are averaging those numbers right now!! He even tweeted that Wade was the reason!! Long story short Lebron is a beast but Dwyane Wade is no sidekick!!

  113. Ron Gone Wild says:

    The king wears a bra.

  114. Mr. Right says:

    Dwyane Wade is Robin to NO ONE

  115. malcolm says:

    i totally disagree with this article. wade is definitly the leader of this team no matter how bad he plays. if lebron wants to be batman go somewhare else.

  116. jr says:

    miami does win or loose depending on lebron. thats a fact… but thats only because his stats fluxuate so much. spolstra knows what hes gonna get from wade and bosch every night. in the end all that matters is clutch, and thats 1 thing i need to see from lebron before i can give him the crown in miami. remember lebrons not carrying any team. if any 1 player is carrying a team its dwight howard.

  117. Raphael Ansaldi says:

    Here’s how you’re wrong, Sekou:

    1) You don’t watch every Heat game, otherwise you wouldn’t come out with a garbage article game. Here’s what I mean, throughout the season, when Wade has been healthy, he was the closer for the Heat. He handles the ball, he makes the decision, he even had a string of game-winners throughout the season. So right off the bat, you’re dead wrong about the pecking order.

    2) The greatest magic trick in basketball: It hasn’t even been a year that the greatest magic trick was performed in the Finals. Lebron, the best player in the league, disappeared in the most important series of his life with a superior team and a Dwyane Wade who was the “Batman”, I think even a momo like Sekou can see that as it was not even debatable. This leads me to point 3.

    3) Dwyane Wade is a champion, he had one of the greatest finals performance of all time when he won against Dallas. When the tide turned five years later, he regained that exact devastating form while Lebron looked like mini-me on the sidelines. Taking on four defenders at a time and laying it up, scoring every bucket the Heat needed. See, fools like you who want to jump the gun based on numbers without looking at the actual psychology of the sport get taken aback when they see Lebron failing so miserably two years in a row (let’s not forget Cleveland-Celtics now).

    Now, as a Heat fan, I love having Lebron on my team but he doesn’t have a champion’s mentality like Dwyane showed us from year 1. Unfortunately, Wade is not a man of steel like Lebron and injuries get to him. But when the most important of games is on the line, Wade has a switch that Lebron never had. Perhaps he’ll eventually get it, but whether we talk this season or last year’s finals, you’re dead wrong. It’s a shame that I often find so many holes in your arguments for a paid NBA writer, but this is the only time I’ll bother correcting your silly theories on a pecking order in Miami.

  118. Same old james playing like the month of march coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb in june?

  119. kiran says:

    All i want to say that you are not an objective writer and a lebron fan. Lebron is great. there is no need to undermine wade’s game. Its a shame that a journalist can write articles like these and still hold on to a job

  120. willie says:

    why is everyone forgetting who the real champions are? the defending champions are the MAVS, and they will win it again this year… enough of this heat and thunder nonsense…. the mavs kicked both of these teams’ buutts last year and will do it again this year

    • K says:

      Willie we’ve already gave out the Congrats for last year’s championship………. Time to move on!!!!!

  121. #thenbaisabusiness says:

    Well, I agree James is the man during the regular season, but njust not sure he will step to the plate with the game on the line during the playoffs. Let’s see.

  122. Zee says:

    James performance and the Heat’s togetherness was great. If you know basketball, James still did not want to guard Durant. This whole hype of competition between the two started during the Summer at a celebrity pick-up game. Durant was on fire over the summer as a basketball player. The numbers he dropped wherever he played clearly showed he could not be guarded which included LBJ attempt to hold him down. The Thunder is a tough-minded team with tough-minded players. Miami is game but they are not the Thunder. LeBron got his buckets in transition which is normal. He also got his buckets on iso switches in the pick and roll where the switch got Durant off of LeBron and a smaller player switched on him. Good move by the Miami coaches. This is not talk. This is real ball. Check the game out again. The Heat do not want the Thunder. Thunder won at home by 16. Durant still got his numbers with anybody from the Heat on him. LeBron, not so much. Miami won but the Thunder still had a chance to win the game. Why is that?

  123. bullsfan says:

    i hate the heat and lebron james but i’m not gonna act like he isn’t a great player. that being said, batman may be getting beat up and need robin to save him a few times but batman always, some how saves the day. dwyane wade may be having a bad game and need lebron to carry them in the first 3 quarters, but in the 4th, when it matters most, wade is the one who comes through most of the time. especially in the post season. he did that before lebron came to miami, he did that last year, and he’s done that this year. In the fourth quarter down 1 with 10 seconds left, I’m giving the ball to wade. not lebron, wade

    • Gullaver says:

      I agree Wade is better in the clutch, but he is no robin either. I know everyone tries to act like his 2 league MVPs mean nothing but lets be real guys. As it came to show in last years playoffs, the Heat need Lebron to be doing well not Dwade to win. When Dwade averaged average numbers (against the Bulls and Celtics) the Heat won, however when the script was flipped so was the result, as the Heat fell short in the Finals. Dwade can average 17-18 points and the Heat can still win, however the same can’t be said for Lebron. Lebron is their most important and valuable player hands down.

    • MrsWade03 says:


      D-Rose to MIAMI!!!

  124. unbiased says:

    D Wade’s most underrated player in the league; there’s no way he should ever be compared to Robin. On average, he has been more clutch for miami during crunch time. D Wade and Lebron both have strengths and weaknesses, but it’s their friendship and teamwork that makes both players better and beastly down the stretch. Just look at their dunks from feeds and steals, it’s almost like they’re connected by a 6th sense at times.

  125. 100man says:

    Dwyane Wade is my favorite player and I hate saying this but even though his play is stellar, and how he is an elite game closer, he has slowed down. I still think its his team, but Lebron is the best player on the Heat. Chris Bosh hasn’t really been aggressive as he was when he played in Toronto. All of the Big 3 have slowed down by coming together. Look at the stats but Lebron has took the lesser hit. Publicly hes been slammed even harder but play-wise almost unaffected.

  126. Bron Man says:

    Lebron aint Batman,, and certainly D.Wade aint Robin,,their not hero and sidekick, their partners.. just like Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker)..The other one is quiet and the other one aint..but when both of them are on point nobody gets away..It’s pretty hard to see how great lebron played last time against OKC because you’re too much taken over by being a hater..He poured his heart out there, took the challenge from every hater and stepped up his game..come NBA playoffs and NBA Finals, I know he’s gon bring more to the the way, who made KD miss that last shot? NUMBER 6! Go Heat!

  127. Sekou please let’s agrea to disagrea!!! The timing of this conclusion it couldn’t have been at a worst time…oh yes it could…when wade wouldn’t play at all…This suject can have the arguments only after lebron gets a title and seeing how much of lebron or wade were in that cup!!!

  128. Anel says:

    I think all of you are Alfreds… Bosh, LJ, Wade, Haslem, Battier, Cole and many more are all amazing players and the Heat would not be the same without them. Noone is a Robin or Batman to anyone. They have all proven to be able to carry their team without the presence of the other BIG players. Bosh has proven it in a very dramatic game, as has LJ and ofcourse D.Wade. Give credit to all of them for being so professional and entertaining.

  129. mercidieu says:

    shutup allready with batman name sidekick realy realy

  130. Can'tStandCheaters says:

    Lebron is a joke! He tried growing out his ugly beard because he thought he would be able to play like James Harden if he did! What a JOKE! If it weren’t for those referees making those horrible calls against OKC, the Heat would have not even stood a chance! I guess when a team is playing against the opponents and the refs, it makes it kind of hard to get a fighting chance, even though OKC still put a whooping on them!

    • MrsWade03 says:

      Yea because westbrooks fouls didnt deserve to be called or Perkins foul either right? What happened at home to the Grizzlies, LET ME GUESS….bad officiating?

    • K says:

      Thank you for clearing that up! Now I don’t feel so bad about the Heat losing to Boston and OKC last week; the referees cheated! It’s funny how when your team wins, it’s all about how great they played. But when they lose, oh the referees cheated or some excuse. Stop whining! Miami won the game last night because they made tne necessary plays that needed to be made down the stretch, PERIOD!

      • Mike says:

        Surely Westbrook and Perkin did some fouling yesterday but last night game was officiating by one ref who was calling every touches against OKC duing OKC-Dallas playoff game. I don’t know the ref name but he looks somewhat hispanic.

  131. JZA says:

    Damn how fast this guys feelings change. Wasn’t he publishing that post on “how to fix the heat”. A few days back. What happened with those flags of doom. I mean he’s on some New yorker stuff, blowing things out of proportion.

    Heat are the top 2 teams in the east, they have a confortable position and yeah they can afford to take a day off like they did in Boston. The Heat doesn’t need fixing at the moment. They actually need to do the opposite and recharge

    They are a healthy distance from the 3rd and once playoff come, they will be focused enough for the challenge.

  132. Ben H. says:

    Also, I don’t think Wade is Robin at all. His ability to penetrate a defense and move without the ball is one of the things that keeps Miami competitive.

  133. vishal Saini says:

    I like the last para the most … mate it’s true. If you want him to get criticized for every bad loss … You must admire him for his performance for a win …. It’ s not just abt points with LBJ … he has the potential to change the game on his hands… as he almost done in this year ALL-star game.

  134. Ben says:

    Dwyane Wade actually won a title and what did Lebron do in 2007?

    • Gullaver says:

      Check the rosters and the refs big fella, 06 was rigged and the Cavs (nor anyone else is the East that year for that matter) would have been able to do anything with the Spurs that year.

    • a-more says:

      oh genius…

      wade has shaq, morning, payton, williams, walker etc

      lebron has z, snow, hughes, varejao, gooden.


  135. timjah43 says:

    @prix u r just dumb

  136. Sea Pea says:

    That’s a horrible supporting cast you just named. Jason Williams and old slow gary payton? That’s funny. Wade is a complete superstar player. Just too fragile.

  137. Jordan Dillard says:

    bosh is alfred lol…..sike naw…..why can’t they just be members of the justice league…wade is batman, lbj is superman and bosh is martian manhunter lol idk

  138. Your stupid says:

    Don’t you ever compare Lebron to one of the Greatest Heroes of all time….stupid

  139. manu says:

    wades ring is tainted….every1 knows 06 was rigged cmon thats old news….whoever thinks wade is batman is out of their mind…..hes not even the best sg in the league and never has been

    • K says:

      Really! Other then Kobe on certain nights; what other SG in the league is better than DWade?

    • KR says:

      you’re a taint.
      seriously, wade’s ring is tainted? wade > kobe now, and even then perhaps. if you can look past kobe’s scoring, or at least forget the fact he is a allergic to sharing the ball you would see how baller wade is.

  140. Phil says:

    Lebron played great last night, he truely showed up. But to say that he is batman is ridiculous, who do we turn to to save the team and get three game winners in less then 35 games that hes played dwyane wade. Lebron played very well last night and dwyane wade will do the same on other nights as they continue to pick up each others slack, but dwyane wade is a finisher and he has won with maimi to things lebron still has to proove and when he does that and dwyane wade fails to as many times as lebron has then you can call him batman and wade robin. Keep in mind I’m not saying lebron is a bad player or anything diminishing his skill, he is incredible but someone who has prooved to be more incredible over time not just in a injuried game (dwyane wade) should be counted out as he always is until he shuts up all the people who say he cant do somehting or that he is lesser than anyone else.

  141. Foureyez says:


    Best players in the league in ORDER…The only reason Why kobe is the best is because he has been for over a decade at both ends of the floor at his postion(check his accolades)…Other than that KD is way better than lebron anyone that watches ball will tell you KD is the best right now hands down……..Oh ye an one more point LEBRON PLAYS IN A HORRIBLE EASTERN CONFERENCE AN HAS FOR HIS WHOLE CAREER…while kobe and kd bang it out in da rowdy west…..LOL lebron is weak

    • HeatFan27 says:

      I would rank Durant over Kobe. Kobe is great and all but at the moment he just doesn’t dominate in the same way. He takes too many bad shots. Durant at the moment is the better player.

    • HEATFAN01 says:

      Kobe is definitely not the best player in the league, what games are you watching? Kobe is the best ballhog in the league!! And KD is not better than Lebron!! KD may be a better pure scorer, but Lebron is a better all-around player!! Lebron can play 4 positions offensively (1-4) and can defend all positions (1-5) if needed!! A 6’8, 260 lbs. beast who can play PG very effectively!!

    • KR says:

      where’s tim duncan? i mean, you’re ranking current players based on their careers aren’t you? kobe is not #1 this season, not even top 3.
      -fresh air-

  142. Goldenstaes says:

    say all you can, after the season ends, we’ll know the championship ring belongs to KD.

  143. manu says:

    wade didn’t lead anybody to anything in 2006….the refs screwed over the mavs and wade shot the most free throws in finals history…..o yeah….i forgot the idiot had shaq, gp, jwill, antoine walker, mourning, eddie jones, etc on “his” team….considering shaq was 2nd in mvp voting the year before says it all

    lebron james is by far and away the heat’s best player…wade tried to take over in the finals last year and they lost…..if he tries to do it again its gonna ruin lebrons chance to be top 10 all time….he has the talent to be

    wade has a grand total of 3 moves….a eurostep which he copied from ginobili , a step back which misses half the time , and a jump into a straight up defender to the get the foul call move

    wade = overrated , and always will be overrated

    funny how kobe is STILL better than him at the age of 50

    • Nikki says:

      Manu I couldnt have said it better myself.

    • Luke says:

      Wade took over in the finals last year cause lebron was struggling. They would have won too if Wade hadn’t of gotten injured in the finals. Wade has more moves than that, besides thats three more move than you have. Wade is underrated if anything all anybody talks about is lebron, kobe and KD, three years ago Wade led the league in scoring and led an awful Miami team into the playoffs. Kobe is NOT better than Wade, sure kobe scores a lot but he`s shooting 43% from the field that kind of shooting doesn`t exactly help the team. Plus he has lost a step on the defensive end. You are obviously just not a fan of Wade, but let`s be honest he is still one of the premier players in the league.

      • Huh says:

        Oh, so 3 years Wade led Miami into the playoffs… big deal? If you want to look at the past playoff accomplishments of both LBJ and Wade, LBJ has accomplished MORE with a garbage team. Before Shaq came to town, the Heat were competing for 8th seed and were busy getting knocked out of the first round. Then after Shaq left, the Heat were back to being nobodies. Whereas LBJ was busy getting the talentless Cavs to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals. And how is Wade underrated when he’s always in the talk of top 3 players in the NBA? By the way, KB is 4 years older than Wade, being 30 years old and 34 years old are completely different and is natural for KB to lose a step on defense, though I’ll agree that Wade is possibly a better overall player.

    • luis from miami says:

      you dont watch basketball your just a hater. wade is better than kobe right now. if he shot as much as kobe he would average more points. look at their career stats. and what about when kobe had shaq for 3 rings?

    • K says:

      Well lets give the referees the same credit for Dallas’ championship last season; because Dirk Nowitzki was the recipient of a lot of phantom calls all throughout the 2011 play-offs! An let’s see, Dirk had Jason Terry (who could have easily won the finals MVP); Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler (dominated the middle defensively) and a host of other young energetic role players. Most of the players you named that we’re on that Miami Heats’ 2006 Championship team were at the end of their careers (Gary Payton & Morning) retired after that season and Shaq left trying to chase another championship in Cleveland; which by the way it didn’t get! An Wade had to try an take over last year during the Finals because LBJ couldn’t figure out how to attack what Dallas was doing to him defensively. LBJ is a great player and plays the game at a high level; however, don’t try an diminish DWade’s abilities because he’s just as great a player!

  144. Bjornaa123 says:

    2011 finals enough said.

  145. What? says:

    Dude, shows the guy knows nothing about Batman… If LeBron was Batman he would win everything all the time… Did you just pick a superhero team and leave it at that? That’s like saying Aquaman is the Michael Jordan of the Justice League because he is a good team player, works in the ways he can, but on his own is completely useless against a whole other team… Wait, my example actually made sense. 😀

    Stop besmirching the name of Batman for a very talented basketball player who has no idea how to lead a team when it counts and looked for the easy way out when it presented itself. Also, serious douche. “The Decision” was Jersey Shore levels of audacity.

  146. john says:

    Wow..i was surprise about the professionalism of LBJ thats the real NBA player……after a flagrant foul made by westbrook….awesome LBJ your the men…….demolish all haters on that game….OKC guys are dirty players….LMAo

  147. jovoo says:

    James will have a couple good games, and all of a sudden he’s better than Wade.
    James will have a couple bad games, and all of a sudden he’s the bad guy, and need improvement -.-

    Miami’s captain is Wade, not because he’s the best player, but because he’s the voice and face of the team. James can only pray for the admiration that Wade gets.
    And btw, we’ll see who’ll carry Miami in the finals 😉 as we saw last year

    • MrsWade03 says:


    • K says:

      I hope this article sparks both players (LBJ & DWade) to want to prove that their both the man! Maybe that way, they’ll both come out an play to their full basketball ability every single game. Should that happen and Bosh gets back to playing like he played during his first seven years in the league then Miami will be the next NBA World Champions. For Miami to win, all three of these players need to get their numbers each and every night. Miami struggles come because the big three are not consistent in their game to game output! Both LBJ and DWade need to be averaging 25-28 points every night and Bosh needs 20-23, plus 10-12 rebounds for Miami to dominate and win a championship. Only 2 times this year have all three scored 20+ points in the same game; compared to 20+ times last year.

  148. heat4life says:

    LEBRON IS BATMAN CAUSE WADE LETS HIM? or maybe D-wade is just not capable anymore? Have you ever thought of that?

    • MrsWade03 says:

      Wade not capable??? My goodness, thank you I needed a laugh! Flashback to finals last year, how many points did Bron Bron score in the 4th that cost us the title? You are insane to think that Wade is not capable! Lebroon came to Mia for a reason…stop getting so emotional and pay attention to the games.

      MVP race would be a tie between DWade and Bron…post playoffs is when the decision should be made! No choking this year!!!


  149. Kael says:

    When his kingdom is on a challenge and controversies about his ruling is ongoing..The King will come out and defend. Lebron is the lion on this jungle

  150. heat4life says:

    Yes, D wade is the side kick. Go watch some games and not youtube highlights from 06.

  151. heat4life says:

    Well written article! Wade is too turnover prone. He turned the ball over twice in a row and led to two OKC fastbreak 3s. Whenever James is on the bench and wade is out, the heat collapses which always ends up with a spo timeout to get James back in. Wade did not make one jumper all game and he was missing layups in fact. I don’t care what Wade did 6 years ago but we’re talking about NOW and NOW, James is the batman of this team and none of you people can deny that. Wade broke the rhythm of the team countlessly last night against okc when he decided to go iso mode. If he continues to play this way and the Heat don’t win a championship, wade will be traded next season.

    • kevin says:

      You should probably check the facts before you write this stuff. Lebron averages 3.5 TO to Wades 2.7. You can’t base your whole opinion of Wade on one game he makes the majority of his jumpers and layups and is Miamis most clutch player. Lebron just doesn’t have the fortitude to close out games. There is no way that they would trade Wade they won a championship with him, how many has Lebron won? Lebron isn’t a strong enough leader to lead a team to a championship. Lebron never goes into Iso mode right? You should try watching a few more games so you can see how wrong your opinion of Wade is. You clearly just jumped on the bandwagon after they acquired Lebron and Bosh you aren’t even a real Heat fan.

    • MrsWade03 says:

      Soooo I guess Lebron never turns over the ball right? Did you become a heat fan after the decision? Have you ever seen Wade on the court prior to Lebron signing?

  152. somedude says:

    LeBron James is the best player in the league that goes without saying, my only issue is that this article sounds more like its undervaluing DWade as opposed to just giving LeBron his dues, When it comes to M.I.A, people need to understand that DWade’s leadership and willingness to let LeBron shine is what makes the team work. LeBron James gets more stick than he deserves and thats only because he is a great player. DWade to me still remains their most important player…remember last player offs…who delivered when it mattered most? It was DWade and it will continue to be so till LeBron actually wins a ring and puts away his clutch time demons.

  153. SupM says:

    D-Wade Side Kick? FUNNY ARTICLE LOL!

  154. sekou smith says:

    i am always looking for an opportunity to make lebron look better than wade and i keep hiding the times he chokes against good teams even though wade won a championship by himself i still love lebron more cuz he signed a deal with the devil we media guys are used to hype whoever is a illuminati only if wade accepted the deal with the devil he wud be hyped even more

    • Phil says:

      its funny because your just posting his exact thoughts but because media is all about creating controversy they could not admit they are both stronger players in diffeerent sections which creates a very good team and not this batman and robin stuff that honestly makes no sense!

    • BFoulds says:

      One word, since you obviously never watched the 2006 finals. SHAQ.

  155. qwerty says:

    LeBron should be mvp and hes getting my vote and he should get yours 2

  156. yossi says:

    You turned wade into robin after a lockout-shortened regular season game you saw him play when he wasnt 100%? The playoffs are a season in itself, the playoffs are where legacy’s are born..the playoffs are where you get your (alter ego superhero) nickname. Im not trying to disrespect Mr Lebron James because he is one of the best players who ever played this game, but wade is just more skilled then Lebron and more clutch even tho James himself is clutch aswell (dagger 3’s vs chi in he ECF)

  157. A says:

    Thats Bull D-wade robin? This article needs a retitleling. D wade was always Batman no matter what goes on. Yeah lebron is considered one of the best in the world but D Wade won the championship all by himself in 06. This is DWades team and lebron is just the player. Lebron get to shIne when DWADES lets him.

    • Huh says:

      D-Wade won the championship all by himself in ’06? Are you KIDDING me? The reason he won the championship is because SHAQ came to town. Where was D-Wade and the Heat before and after Shaq? They were competing for 8th seed and were busy being knocked out in the 1st round. And where was LeBron? He took the Cavs to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals with a garbage team, so give LeBron Shaq in ’06 and you’ll see a ring on his finger instead. Your name should be changed to “F” for a fail comment.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        Lets be fair here. Shaq was still good back in 06 but Wade did most to work really. Lebron had a decent team with the Cavs and got to the Finals. So why didn’t LBJ get a ring? He had a decent team like Wade had. Shaq was a factor in the heat winning but don’t say it was all because of Shaq. Shaq went the the Suns and the Cavs after, where are their rings? Where is the Magic’s ring? If Shaq is that good then explain that to me.

      • K says:

        Dude you must be related to Shaq! Is this really Shaq’s mother using the name HUH? I have never heard so much BS over a player who clearly rode the coat tail of another player to win a championship! So how many championships did Shaq win after he left Miami? I think that number would be “ZERO!” Shaq; without question, one of the greatest centers of all time and while he was in LA was a dominating part of the Laker’s championship run. However, by the time he got to Miami and they won their championship in 2006; Shaq was no longer that dominating player. A player that Shaq used to own during his hayday (Erick Dampier), hell he was even blocking Shaq’s shots during that 2006 championship series. Mrs. I understand you love your son!

    • Gullaver says:

      Not true, MIA can win when Dwade has average numbers but can’t when Lebron does. Look back on the 2011 playoffs if you don’t think so

    • MrsWade03 says:

      Umm lets not forget Wade had Shaq in 06 buddy! D-Wade for MVP!!!!

    • BFoulds says:

      All buy himself. LOL, dude I want some of whatever you’re smoking.

  158. BelizeBadman says:

    I saw this game…I was disappointed in the way the refs called this game…They completely too OKC out of their game with those calls and gave momentum to the Heat….Like 5 plays in a row with iffy calls. Good acting job Lebron with that foul by westbrook…u get the oscar…lmfao. There were a lot of aggressive play from the heat…Lots of ignored fouls and its a shame when the games r called in a way that sinks a great team into the ground so poster boy lebron could get a w. btw…Blake griffin is a foul machine…nba should be shamed to hype those dunks of his…every time i see them I think…r these refs blind or is this another look away so that another poster child can have his shine? we all know he fouled the heck out of Gasol…both times…nuff said.

    • LadyNette says:

      Finally! I have waited patiently for someone to mention how one sided the refs call games in Miami. One of the reasons their home record is so good is because it is hard for an opposing team to play the Heat and the refs too! Wade, who always hooks whoever is guarding him on every drive to the basket and then whines that he was fouled if he misses the shot and James who always pushes off and extends his arm on his drives, none of which the refs ever see! It is amazing that even the guys calling the game are talking about the “iffy” calls and the none-calls that Miami gets. In my opinion, even though I think Wade is a dirty player, the Heat is still his team. LeBron had a team, and he walked away because he didn’t know how to lift the players around him ala Michael Jordan. But now with Wade and the refs’ help he can keep the pretense going,

      • Wade03 says:

        Wade a dirty player? Wow, compared to Westbrook? Do you watch any NBA games at all? What about the refs not calling Blakes fouls on Gasol, which were as clear as day! The officiting was not bad, Okc – Westbrook especially came out trying to do waayyy too much. I remember Westbrook driving to the basket a few times and making some 3 pt plays!

        Let me guess their home loss against the Grizzlies 2 nights ago was also due to bad officiating, right??? What about the Bulls past 2 losses????

        Give me a break people, all teams go through dry spells…they lost plain and simple! LBJ deserves his props for lifting this team last night and the night before. MVP race…ummm lets wait until post playoffs!

    • Mike says:

      The same ref who ref the OKC- Dallas game last year playoff who called every time OKC players touched Dirk.

      • K says:

        Man the referees didn’t have anything to do with the outcome of that game last night! Hell the Thunder had the same opportunity to win that game as the Heat. The bottom line, Miami made more plays down the stretch to win the game! Stop complaining about the referees because Durant, Westbrook and Harden get their share of phantom foul calls like every other superstar player.

      • jon305 says:

        oh please here we go with refs give me a brake OKC was playing dirty all night i dont care what anybody has to say about it,every time westbrook drove to the lane he got fouls so stop crying.

    • Gullaver says:

      I really hope all of you guys aren’t Durant fans, because EVERY SUPERSTAR FLOPS AND GETS CALLS FROM THE REFS. Lets get real guys!

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Well when you come out the gate committing flagrants fouls how do you expect the refs to call the game going down the stretch? I’d say there were questionable calls in the end but that was OKC’s own fault. Sadly part of the NBA game is drawing a foul and selling it.

  159. Tuks says:

    Great article

  160. Karthik says:

    Yes! Heat doing real good.No doubt. LeBron has to be the MVP

    Thanks Sekou,Your articles feel soo good

  161. Glen says:

    Call me when thr mvp wins a ring , Last I check ta seson MVP rearly Wins I championship. So You think Dwade wants the MVP more then a ring , So give 50 mvps to NR 6. Profesional Sports is about winning. AND nr 3 has done that , The Guys selected before him in the draft and Rose, durant , nash , and many more havent. So when its al on the line and you wanna win cal nr 3, call Kobe call Duncan, But if you want to be MVP call Lebron . He is good that way

  162. KillaKobeBeanBryant says:

    This whole Jebron Lames talk is ridiculous. There have been countless times this season that D-Wade has come through in the clutch to save the day for the Heat. Nailing game winners, tough go-ahead buckets, helping James win games. On the flip side, if Wade hadn’t have score all those shots, Jame’s MVP hunt would have been tarnished. People would have said he can’t win games for the team or come through in the clutch. D-Wade’s work, Jame’s glory. The NBA and writes alike love the kid way to much. He hasn’t won anything, a couple MVPs and a scoring title here and there, but lets be real, if James goes out D-Wade or Bosh can come up big and win. Durant’s out, Thunder probably won’t win. Kobe’s out LA for SURE wouldn’t win (unless they played the Bobcats). 3 top 12 plays on the Heat, gimme a break. Jebron shouldn’t win MVP. Its just the NBA’s love story.

    • Gullaver says:

      We all know Legron has work to do in the clutch, but don’t sit here and take away from his accomplishments. Dwade is nasty no doubt, but you should acknowledge the fact that James has been efficient on a record breaking level! That does amount to something, and Lebron never had a team comparable to Wades in 06. Lebron’s influence on a team is 2nd to none, his lack of crunch time success needs to improve. I think if he’d work harder on his mid-range post game his late game success would tremendously increase.

    • What?? says:

      Have you realized that the HEAT are 9-1 with Wade on the bench this season? Wade is great but he’s definitly not the best player on the HEAT, its definitely LBJ, and any true basketball fan who knows anything about basketball would agree. Wade, btw, is a bit past his prime in my opinion. Yes he’s won a championship (with help from Shaq) and won Finals MVP but that was six years ago! Six years can take a toll on an athlete’s body and He’s not playing up to par as he used to…he’s ALWAYS injured lately, he’s not making as many shots as he used to, (and he has the WORST shooting technique i have seen- he always shoots so awkward…anyone ever notice that? Look at Wade’s technique and then compare it to Nash (who has the best technique) and you will see what im talking about). But back to your comment that LBJ isnt better than Wade all cause he cant clutch…Big deal! its his only fault! that’s why he has his TEAM to standup and defend his faults the same way LBJ stands up and defends their faults…that is what basketball is about, a team and not just one man. Shaq was a great basketball player and a legend, everyone agrees, but Shaq was a TERRIBLE free throw shooter! That was Shaq’s biggest flaw! Doesnt make him a terrible player and undeserving of recognition…so why would it be any different with LBJ? I honeslty think everyone needs to get over The Decision…it happened a while ago, move on. To be honest, what Dwight howard is doing to his fans, his teammates, and his coach in Orlando is worse than the Decision.

    • Heat06 says:

      Dude ur spot on!!! The media makes it look like LeBron is so much more hated now, but aside from Cleveland, hes picked up a huge amount of bandwagoners. As for writers, its like they cant stand to see the player who they predicted to be the greatest turn out to be less than expected. If Wade’s path would have gone the way of being a high school phenom, he would have just as much press and even more praise. LeBron has done nothing in his career an he lacks the mental game of the all time greats, yet when he wins because he ran to Wade and Bosh for help, he will get the glory. Its SAD.

  163. WOW says:

    I wonder how wade feels about this article….It was his team remember?
    I almost felt there was validity toward this article until I found out who the writer was….lol lebron james’ #1 fanboy

    In all honesty though, Lebron went to work on OKC and really is the “Batman” of the Heat, Durant can’t score when he’s being physically played that was shown yesterday by James and when people like metta world peace play him.

    • Mike says:

      He can’t score that’s why he only got 30 points. if he can score, then he will probably get 60…!! did you watch all the OKC-laker games…Get your facts before you talk…

      • Huh says:


        Exactly, the dude is basing Durant’s offensive ability from 1 game rather than the entire season. If he actually watched OKC play, he’d know that Durant can score on anyone, no matter how physical, which is why is shooting percentage from 2 and 3 point range is good.

    • Phil says:

      lol wade doesnt care about some hack writter writing his 2 cents on somethign that doesnt affect their play at all except start arguments. Wade cares about winning and if u havent noticed they have been doing so wether or not people are hating or loving them. PS: Sekou you have a good basketball mind but dont make articles with no back up and jump on the LBJ train before playoffs as playoffs in the end are what counts and you should write this article post playoffs

      • joe says:

        durant could go down as the best scorer ever but his all around game will nvr match lebron

  164. Adam says:

    I mean Robin to nobody. Two great players on the same team. Stop trying to create tension writers!

    • joe says:

      im a true lebron fan…but damn that comment about sheer will n once hes old hell b garbage…damn again i hate to say it but it could b true

  165. Adam Williams says:

    Dude is good, but come on. Wade already led the Heat to a title. There is no denying that.Wade ain’t Batman to nobody. Didn’t LeBron come to Miami? Just sayin

    • Huh says:

      Wade led the Heat to a title? You mean SHAQ led the Heat to a title, where were the Heat before and after Shaq? They were competing for 8th seed and getting knocked out in the first round. LBJ had a garbage team as well and he took them to the Finals and Western Conference Finals. And the reason LBJ came to Miami is because it’s MIAMI. Do you really think the Big 3 would choose to live in Cleveland over Miami? Both are great and are second to none, simple as that, don’t need to mention any of that other hot garbage in your post.

      • K says:

        Dude you need to go back and review the 2006 Championship series so you can stop posting that Miami won their championship because of Shaq! You must be related to Shaq are something!

      • MrsWade03 - Double huh says:

        So Shaq won the title solo, with no help from Wade? Get out of here with that foolishness….Shaq needed Wade and vice versa!

      • Sparta says:

        Shaq could not have done it alone. I suggest you go to youtube and take a look at the final game back in 06′ between Miami and Dallas. Dwyane Wade was thinner, faster, and more explosive than what he is today and that is what made them win the championship. Everybody needs help in order to win, but saying Shaq was the one that won the championship is ridiculous. It was both of them and the rest of the team as one.

      • luis from miami says:

        dude you make no senses. wade was the best player on that team. you did not see the finals. your foolish. no body can win a ring by themselves. lebron came to miami to win because he needs wade and he knows it

      • Huh says:

        I might have been over the top when I said Shaq led the Heat, but there is NO DENYING the he was the REASON they won the championship. All of you are forgetting the other benefits that Shaq brings to the table that isn’t on the stat sheets, which is the BIGGEST problem that he presented for every team he plays against. That factor is the foul trouble that he gets the other team’s bigs into, which leaves the opponent vulnerable in the lane. I’ll say that Wade’s performance was amazing, but without Shaq he wouldn’t have won that championship. In the 2 playoff appearances that Wade had before Shaq, he had almost the same PPG, RPG, and APG averages as he did in the ’06 playoffs, yet he didn’t get far. It was Shaq that put them over the top due to the complications and intimidations that he brought to the floor.

        Again, Wade’s performance was great, but without Shaq, he wouldn’t have made it that far in the first place, simple as that. Everyone who denies this obviously didn’t even watch the ’06 playoffs and based the entire Heat season on the finals.

      • Heat says:

        Before Shaq the Heat were a team led by a rokie shooting gaurd who hit game winners in the first round and dunked on 7 foot all stars in the second round where they narrowly lost to the number 1 seed whie Shaq played in LA and LeBron watched the playoffs from home. I wonder who that SG was?

      • KR says:

        wade has one of the best finals series of all time, and shaq was the hero? i guess while we’re at it, luc longley & bill wennington are the bulls most important players during their run of rings, since they did a lot of things off the stat sheet. and i’m sure they set some screens for MJ, so give them 10ppg to add to their stats that they let MJ score.
        shaq was serviceable and vital to the overall cause, but only so much as any other support player. pre-shaq the heat were better than they should have been thanks to wade. shaq was with the team still when they also lost a first round series 4-0. and for half of the season that they slumped to a horrible record. maybe you should claim gary payton was the real reason the heat won, since he they plummeted down the ladder immediately after he retired, and not before…

      • Huh says:

        @Heat: And where did that SG take them before and AFTER Shaq left? Exactly, it doesn’t matter how good you are if your team goes nowhere.

        @KR: You’re obviously neglecting the intangibles that Shaq brings to the floor that ISN’T on the stat sheets. The biggest problem that he presents each team they play against is the foul trouble that he get’s the opponent’s bigs into and leaves them vulnerable in the lane for Wade. And comparing Shaq’s contribution to MJ’s performance is ridiculous and shows how clueless you are. MJ was in the same position as LeBron when he played in Chicago. He was a superstar that had no support until management finally got the right players around him (whereas management in Cleveland failed to do so). In your comparison, you’re comparing those role players on the Bulls to Shaq and MJ to Wade, think about it and you’ll might want to turn your interest back to NASCAR.

        And as for the 06-07 season that you mentioned, he barely played for 40 games in the season, so why do you think their record slumped and they were swept by the Bulls? After that last championship, EVERY real NBA fanatic knows that he was never the same dominant big man and was on the downhill in his career.

        As for everyone else that “THINKS” that I said Shaq did it alone, look back and learn how to read. I never said he did it alone, I said that Shaq is the reason they won the championship because without him, the Heat wouldn’t have made it to the Finals in the first place and the reason they won the Finals is because of Wade’s performance.

  166. Abraham says:

    Lebron is Batman, until crunch time, then it’s all Wade or maybe a kickout to Bosh.

  167. Foureyez says:

    this is foolishness wade is lebrons wing man…..stop this im gonna break it down right now…lebron james is an amazing player he is fast an strong an able to read the game like a point guard….but his offense is ok at best when he is at his best d wade is a scorer thats what hes been doing since he one a ring….If lerbron is not on the move he will get LOCKED DOWN i watch balll an can tell you this d wade is better when it counts….the one thing great players do an this is a proven fact in nba history they make something out of nun and force there team to victory on sheer willl……(kobe scoring 17 straight points in da playoffs..d wade averaging over 30 points in the playoffs in his third season…)…another season will wind down an you will all see how over hyped this ringless king is…hes good but u guys BOOST him….when lebron james loses his ups an speed hes going to be GARBAGE…

    • Batman says:

      It is also a proven fact that Lebron once averaged 35pts in the playoffs and he also scored 29 of their last 30pts in a game against Detroit in the ’07 ECF..

      “but his offense is ok at best..” <– Why is he leading the team in scoring then? and why is he the 3rd best scorer this season?

      • KR says:

        don’t try to talk sense to the hater, he’s obviously already infected with the green eyed virus.

  168. shane dcruz says:

    there has been some new talk of how d.wade is a side kick to lebron james ,but do u know why wade does not have to say anything about it ,cause he already won a championship without lebron and he knows as long as lebron is in miami and they happen to win championships, he will always have one more championship than lebron and that does make him greater. and lebron can never escape that ghost as long as he is with miami, he will always be one championship lesser than his teammate and the greatness he wants , will fall to d.wade,, must admit ,, d,wade is smart

    • KR says:

      why would LBJ consider that a “ghost”? or why would wade feel satisfaction about having one more ring? they’re friends and teammates

  169. dominicano Rafael Radney says:

    this is the best name for him BATMAN a super hero withour powers, Lebro has been an important figure on the miami heat, is hard to compare James with Durant, because you can see that Lebron at the difficult time defend the better players to the other teams, but Kevin Durant doent have this role. is hard to play almost 40 minutes shotting and defending, in the last game with OKC before yestarday they could notice that the most important part is not defending the main player, the have to keeo the other player in his role, for example ibaka, just defending, and perkins too, they can not let them score 20 and 16 point, they learn that and just alow perkins 2 and Ibaka 4, that is the way to win a game.

    they are much more to learn, and I am totally sure that Miami can make a better job,

    the regular season is just to study the opponent, if they lose or win it doesn matter, the important thing is to win the finals, an that is the thing that miami need to have as a goal

  170. Zeus says:

    No sir being best player doesnt mean youre the leader lebro james needs dwayne wades leadership in order for them to win the finals he is clutch a proven closer. Unless lebron closes in the finals this is still dwayne wades team. He doesn’t need to do anything till the showdown with the bulls and the okc thunder

  171. Laws says:

    Lebron is the best player on the team because of his size and athletic ability. But saying D wade is his robin is going to far it is still wades team. Wade has won a championship without bron and he was not the one that abandoned his team to go find greener pastures. The coaches, players and fans of miami know this. Lebron is better with stats but Wade gives the Heat that quite leadership by example and holds everyone together. He is the reason the Heat can function as a team and not the Lebron show like with cavaliers. I would say the comparison should be Batman (Wade) and superman (Lebron)

    • Huh says:

      Comparing LBJ’s and Wade’s accomplishments in the playoffs is ridiculous. The ONLY reason that the Heat won the championship back in ’06 is because Shaq came to town. Where were the Heat before and after he left? Nowhere, they were competing for 8th seed. Then look at LBJ’s team during his playoff runs, he had absolutely NOBODY on the roster that is close to being an all-star. He carried his entire team to the Finals and the the Eastern Conference Finals, whereas Wade was busy getting knocked out in the 1st round.

      And FYI, I’m not an LBJ fan nor a Wade fan, so my opinion isn’t bias. Those are the facts, so your argument on that topic is ridiculous. And actually, LBJ has been filling the leadership role more than Wade, he even said that LBJ has taught him how to be more vocal on the court. However, it is true that Wade has been keeping the team settled and away from a circus antics that usually follow LBJ. And of course LBJ and Bosh would come to Miami, who the hell would want to live in Cleveland? Toronto is great, but they’re no match for sunny Miami & Pat Riley.

      • Mike says:

        Good point!!

      • Splif says:

        I am tired of ppl saying that Lebron did not have any good players when he was on his team , If u look at where they all are not they are still great role players. example Boozer , west& parker, As for shaq he did play with lebron too so please dont forget that. The fact is that he is a great starter but when it counts he just dont finish . The race is not for the swift ppl but the smart ones. and when lebron stop worring about stats he will win the prize

      • HeatFan says:

        Excellent point!!!!!

      • K says:

        Dude are you serious? Did you see the 2006 Championship series? Apparently not! If you think the Heat won that championship because of Shaq then your out of your mind! DWade carried Miami to that championship from start to finish. Hell Alonzo Morning even out played Shaq in that series. I’m a Shaq fan; but to say that the Heat won that championship because of him is crazy. Shaq was a role player during that championship series! Wade owned that whole series in the same manner in which Dirk Nowitzki owned the 2011 championship series.

      • RSG says:

        This guy should write a blog. He actually knows something about LBJ and his history. Most ppl comment saying LeBron has never won stuff. He carried the Cleveland team through many series by himself. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER on the PLANET. He will be BATMAN wherever he GOES> WE are talking about the 2 time and likely 3 time League MVP> They dont hand those out for nothing. And Legue MVP is much harder over 82 games and against all of the players. FINALS MVP is a popularity contest for being the best player for a few games on the winning team. WADE will never ever win a LEAGUE MVP>

      • Swagflu says:

        I’m tired of ppl saying LBJ carried the cavs on his shoulders with no one’s help. If I can recall correctly, during that time he had mo Williams and big z who had both made all star teams. Add that up with a rising Gibson at the time who was hitting threes at a mark well above 40%… That’s a pretty good team if u ask me..

      • BelizeBoy says:

        Best comment.

      • Jens says:

        Very good point.

      • luis from miami says:

        dude to think shaq won the championship for us is crazy! did you see the 06 finals? did you see the playoffs. wade had one of the greatest playoffs ever. and in the finals he had two 40 points game and then two 30 points games. you dont know basketball if you say shaq won it for us. he helped wade win the championship but wade was the best player on that team. you underrate wade. lebron had better players then wade did when shaq left too. wade is a future hall of famer. he is on lebrons level look at his career numbers.

      • Huh says:

        @K and luis: Alonzo Mourning outplayed Shaq? So.. Zo’s 4.3 PPG and 3.2 RPG averages in the finals provided more contribution than Shaq’s 13.3 PPG and 10.2 RPG? You’re also forgetting the other benefits that Shaq brings to the table that isn’t on the stat sheets, which is the BIGGEST problem that he presented for every team he plays against. That factor is the foul trouble that he gets the other team’s bigs into, which leaves the opponent vulnerable in the lane. I’ll say that Wade’s performance was amazing, but without Shaq he wouldn’t have won that championship. In the 2 playoff appearances that Wade had before Shaq, he had almost the same PPG, RPG, and APG averages as he did in the ’06 playoffs, yet he didn’t get far. It was Shaq that put them over the top due to the complications and intimidations that he brought to the floor.

        Again, Wade’s performance was great, but without Shaq, he wouldn’t have made it that far in the first place, simple as that. Everyone who denies this obviously didn’t even watch the ’06 playoffs and based the entire Heat season on the finals.

        @ Swag: Big Z and Mo making the all-star team in the “EAST” meant almost nothing during that time, who did they have to compete with for those positions? Also, Big Z, Mo, and Gibs were DECENT and AVERAGE players, they weren’t going to erase the fact that they had no bench and that their starters only had 3 decent players and 1 super star.

      • Huh says:

        @Splif: Shaq in ’06 compared to Shaq in ’10 is COMPLETELY different, so don’t even involve the Shaq in Cleveland nonsense. As for the role players, the role players were DECENT, but again like I mentioned to a few other people, they aren’t good enough to erase the fact that they had no bench and there was no 2nd consistent scorer to aid James when he’s resting (and no, don’t even say it was Mo Williams, he broke down in the clutch moments, as everyone saw).

      • Heat says:

        People have called D-WAdes2006 Finals performance the greatest of all time. You obviously had no idea what you are talking about. LeBron JAmes is overrated and even though he is the MOST TALENTED player in the NBA, his lack of a mental game keeps him from being the best. LBJ had plenty of support in Cleveland. He himself does not have that extra gear and ability to will his team to win like Kobe, MJ, and DWYANE WADE!

      • DBowe says:

        @RSG Check out Wade’s stats the same year LBJ won his first MVP, then we can talk about popularity contest.

      • Evan says:

        If LeBron JAmes is such a better player and leader than Wade is like @Huh and others are saying, he would have won a championship in Cleveland.

      • Huh says:

        @Evan: Give him Shaq in ’06 and he would have. All I’m saying is that LeBron accomplished more in the playoffs before the Big 3 era than Wade did. You can’t ignore the fact that the Heat have gone nowhere before Shaq came and after he left. At least Cleveland made it to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals.

        @Heat: I never questioned Wade’s abilities or performance in the Finals, learn how to comprehend someone’s writing, it’ll go a long way in your life and make you look less ignorant. You can’t ignore the fact that before Shaq came to Miami and after he left, the Heat accomplished almost NOTHING and in ’06 they wouldn’t have made it to the Finals in the first place without him. That is why Shaq is the reason that the Heat won the championship because he took them over the hump. I’ll agree that LBJ lacks the mental awareness that all the other superstars have, but to say that he didn’t WILL his Cavs to wins is absolutely ridiculous. Again, LBJ got to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals by WILLING his team to wins, whereas D-Wade didn’t if you don’t count the ’06 season with Shaq. And LBJ had plenty of help? From who? Mo Wililams, the guy who has no defense and choked in the playoffs? Big Z? The guy who has no inside game whatsoever and is a mediocre rebounder?

      • luis from miami says:

        @huh i understand what your saying, without shaq wade would have never won a championship. but look at him before shaq he was a rookie leading his team in the playoffs did you forget that? what is funny is i never hear people say kobe had shaq when he got his first 3 rings. shaq was for sure the best player on that team and was the finals mvp those 3 years. i understand the presence that shaq made. but wade didnt have the same shaq from the lakers. wade was the best player on that team without wade shaq qouldnt have won the championship so therefore shaq didnt lead the team all im trying to say is that there is not batman or robin in the heat. lebron and wade are best friends but he came to miami because he knows he needs wade win to win. wade is the leader of the team and he is more clutch than lebron. wade has hit more game winners in his career than lebron. and wade before lebron came to the heat led the nba in crunch points reffering to 4th quarter. you underrate big time. no matter wade is going to be a future first ballot hall of famer

      • Travis says:

        Heat .. You say Cleveland hand so much help and lebron couldnt win? why was there such a drop off when Lebron left?
        Also, Big Z and Mo were allstars because there played with lebron and won 60+ games. Theyre roleplayers at best. They are decent, but i honestly dont understand how people can say that Lebron DIDNT carry Cleveland while he was there. The only reason he actually came to Miami is because of Clevelands complete inability to surround him with decent players who could take some pressure off of him. He tried, but it wasnt his fault he didnt win a series there. Remember, MJ, Kobe Russell, greats who have won many rings always had good management and good players around them so they could do there thing to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, whereas lebrin had to do his thing just to comete.

      • RSG says:

        @DBowe I will give you that there stats look similar in that year but LeBron dominated on the Win Share of his team. The advance stats such as win shares. While WADE puts up stats based on his higher usage percentage. LeBron led his team to 66 wins. A lot guys can put up stats on bad teams. Its only useful if you can LEAD a team to WINS in this league. MONTA ELLIS puts up good stats, So Does KEVIN LOVE, until you lead your team to WINS. YOU ARE not that valuable to any team.

        MVP is the true measure of a complete player that LEADS his team to TEAM Excellance and Exceptional Team Records. A guy putting up numbers on a 43 Win team is not that valuable when comparing to a guy who got 66 wins.

      • Huh says:

        @luis: I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve ALWAYS said that the reason Kobe has all those rings is because he had the luxury of playing with AMAZING big men his entire career. And when he didn’t have a decent big man, he wanted OUT of L.A., which is why the Lakers pursued Gasol to keep KB. Yes Wade got his team to the playoffs in his rookie season, but the next two years he had Shaq. Also, look at the team both Wade and LBJ had when they both entered the league in 2003, Miami obviously had the better roster. After Shaq left, the Heat got knocked out of the first round in all of their playoff appearances, whereas LBJ got his team to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals in those years, with pretty much the same garbage roster he had when he was drafted.

        And no Wade is NOT the leader of this team, the leader is the person who is the most vocal on the court, which is LBJ. Wade even told the media that he lacks leadership because he isn’t vocal enough on the court because that wasn’t who he is, but LBJ was teaching him how to do so. And I’ve always said that the Heat is Wade’s team because he is a franchise drafted player who is an inevitable Hall of Famer. I’ve NEVER underrated D-Wade. My comments thus far are towards ALL of the people who keeps saying, “WADE HAS A TITLE, LBJ DONT,” All I’m saying is that Wade wouldn’t have that title without Shaq, because if LBJ had Shaq in ’05-’07, he’d have some rings on his fingers as well, just like how Kobe would have less rings if he didn’t have Shaq, Bynum, and Gasol throughout his career.

    • Orlando says:

      First of all, it may seem that Wade did not leave to find greener pasteurs, but the fact is this big 3 wanted to play together, and the Miami Heat had smartly gotten rid of all their contracts to accomodate the big 3. Had Cleveland had enough cap space, we would probably be seeing the Big 3 in Cleveland. Wade and Lebron are pretty much the same player, but Lebron has to do a lot less to accomplish the same, because of his size advantage over Wade.

      • Huh says:

        If Toronto and Cleveland had the cap space and the Big 3 had to choose from the three different cities, do you think they’d actually choose to live in CLEVELAND? Oh I forgot, Cleveland is great because it has… well uh there’s… um… well the price for a plane ticket out of Cleveland is reasonable! Toronto is a great city, but who wouldn’t want to live in sunny Miami and have the great Pat Riley manage the team? Anyways, that’s the only thing that I disagree with you on.

      • Heat says:

        Wade would have never left Miami. Yeah they wanted to play together, but I think that it was going to happen in Miami or that it wasn’t happening at all. LeBron left Cleveland more out of desperation to win championships, where Wade didn’t need to go anywhere because he had a ring.

      • Huh says:

        There’s a reason why Wade wouldn’t leave Miami, because it’s MIAMI. It’s a good-great market for players to play in and the environment is awesome. You can’t really say that LeBron left “more” because of desperation for a championship when Wade ALSO went city searching. If he would “never” leave Miami, he would have re-signed ASAP. It’s simple, he stayed in Miami because the other two superstars decided that THEY rather play in Miami than Cleveland and Toronto.

    • Orlando says:

      And as far as being a champion, Lebron had less but still made it to the finals. When Wade tried to do it himself, he couldn’t even make it past the first round. I love Dwade, I’ve lived here in Miami all my life. He’s a true warrior, one of the best guard’s ever to play, but Lebron is superior.

      • Zkane says:

        Strange, but last time I checked having worse teammates didn’t reduce a player’s skill level, so would you mind telling me why Lebron didn’t perform as well as Dwade in the finals? You can say that it was harder to bring the Cavs to the finals than the Heat in 06, but why then did Wade dominate and Lebron didn’t? You can talk about their teams all you want but if you’re talking about who’s better then you have to talk about them, not their team, and you can’t deny that Wade’s seriously outplayed Lebron in the Finals.

      • Heat says:

        A player superior to Dwyane would not score 8 points in a FInals game…

    • Anthony says:

      I totally agree with you. I have been saying that the whole time, and I’m a Lebron fan!

      • luis from miami says:

        wade is more clutch than lebron. imagine how amazing wade would be if he was lebrons height

    • Bosh says:

      wtf.. Lebron and Wade are teammates.. So please stop comparing those two..

  172. Heater says:

    easy to say that after miami won last night. I think bron and wade actually share the load. Wade can do what james does.

    • RSG says:

      ANother Loser

    • RSG says:

      KING JAMES is the best player in the world. WADE LOVERS CAN S U CK it. Even the biggest Wade lover, Coach SPO admits the best player in the world is LeBron James on both ends of the floor. WADE isn’t even half the player of KING JAMES> Thats just FACT> Ask any above average basketball IQ person but random ppl like you are prolly never gonna get this comment.

      • legdotus says:

        So ur BBall IQ is above average, but mine is random, where do you base that again RETARD. Everyone with an above average Real Life IQ knows that only morons think they are smart, and they think everything they say is pure fact without thinking how it became a fact.

        Quote: “WADE isn’t even half the player of KING JAMES> Thats just FACT>”

        PPG: 27 to 22 (> half)
        RPG: 9 to 5 (> half)
        APG: 8 to 5 (> half)
        SPG 1.8 to 1.7 (> half)
        BPG 1 to 1.4 (> half)

        So Mr Above Average Basketball IQ, where’s the “just FACT” that Wade’s not even HALF of James?

        I have a friendly suggestion to you: stop blowing LeBron.
        Find a girl to blow you instead, that will be much better & healthier, specially for your brain.

      • RSG says:

        @Legdotus: You are the MORON. If you only use stats then you are even dumber than I thought maybe you should blow D-WADE cuz it might help you gain more testerone and a few of his college brains cells might flow thru to you.

        Any of you random idiots can just look at stats. According to you KOBE is prolly the best player cuz he scores more than LeBron. Haha. I just feel sorry for you. And I dont need to you confirm my Basketball or real life IQ. But you are for sure a high school dropout who just watches the AND1 tour on TV to understand your Bball. Hope you are better judge of talent in life than Bball otherwise you can try to go see D-Wade for some additonal help:) Cheers buddy.

  173. BelizeBoy says:

    This is what he has to do to win in the playoffs.

  174. sam says:

    if maimi loses the only person i blame is the coach, they need to have a offense created for them like phil jackson did witht the triangle….

    but hey, what do i kno??

  175. j says:

    lebrons amazing

  176. Clues says:

    Lebron James is an amazing player, an amazing athlete, and a good person. But anyone who doesn’t think it’s going to be D-Wade with the ball in his hands on the last play of Game 7 of the NBA finals doesn’t understand the Heat dynamic duo.

    • Phil says:

      exactly as he has had three game winners in 34 games and lebrons has 0 in more than 40

      • KR says:

        1 – it’s hard to hit game winners in 40 games when you don’t win/lose by less than a bucket in many of those, or even have the possession to hit the winner.
        2 – we’ll forget about the clutch plays he’s had to salvage the W or create the game winning opportunities too, huh?

        it’s true LBJ doesn’t take the critical last shots, but he’s not failing at the tail end of a game, he’s simply not taking on the risk. that’s his flaw, not that he’s missing game winners. but MJ, kobe et al have never been criticized when they miss game winners, LBJ has. that doesn’t make it easy. i’m not making excuses, he has to learn to take the risk, but keep it all in check, those simple numbers don’t tell as much as you think.

    • wtf says:


  177. Sek says:

    While I agree, I think most of the drama in the league is started by guys like you posting aticles like this.

  178. Dimitri Synchovic says:

    I don’t think i was watching the same game as you.
    I saw a heat team that looked vulnerable at home against an OKC team that showed inexperience near the end. If Perkins doesn’t miss two free throws at the end there, and Durant doesn’t take a rushed shot with 19seconds left <- what was that. Theres a reason we don't rush out and proclaim james king again all of a sudden, it's because we've heard this tune before, and we all know how it ends.

    • Phil says:

      lol you just described an inexperienced OKC, and when you realise how good they are when they win I cant wait to hear your excuses: here are a few examples: there were too many star calls, the refing was one sided, the court was too slippery ect…

    • NBA2K12 says:

      LOL..what game were you watching???HEAT WON BOTTOMLINE!

    • Gullaver says:

      If you’re going to say that then one could easily argue the fact that Wade and Bosh had off nights which allowed the game to be closer than it should have been perhaps. Not time to start saying what if this or that would have happened. And honestly it’s more likely that Wade and/or Bosh play better during a game than Perkins hitting two clutch free-throws.

    • KR says:

      easy now. what you saw was two of the league’s elite teams match up against each other. the heat held up.
      but if we’re playing the “what if” game, what if the blazers took KD at number 1… yeah, the what if game is pretty stupid, huh?

      • Gullaver says:

        We’re not talking about “what if’s” for the entire history of basketball, just for that game big fella

    • LoL says:

      Right and the HEAT SHOT 37% and STILL won. How bout them apples? Also in OKC that was NOWHERE near the HEats BEST are you kidding me? The Heat played lackadaisaca ball without alot of energy. Thats whats up


  179. DEL says:

    LOL at u Sekou, I just have one question, is Bynum batman of the Lakers after last night? After all, he did post huge numbers in an important “rivalry” just like LeBron did… without being bias, Bynum is the best two-way player in the league Sekou, quote me and write a second batman article, in fact maybe you can make a batman series?

    • KC says:

      I don’t thnk that’s Sekou’s point. Do you play basketball? (Not saying you don’t)

      When the game is on the line in crunch time, the pressure gets racheted way up. We can sit on our couches relaxed and comfortable, but there’s this wierd, invisible feeling that comes over you when the game is close. Lesser competitors don’t even want to touch the ball in those moments. We sometimes see James shy away from that responsibility. Who wants the blame if the team loses the game?

      Thing is, if you watched the game last night, it was mostly Lebron in the last minutes putting away the Thunder. He had some huge plays down the stretch. Yes, he did get rejected from behind by Durant, but on the other end he was big too.

      The only point I’ll disagree with is that I thought Wade was pretty monstrous on defense as well. Still, I agree with Sekou that Lebron won that game for them. Was it a team effort? Of course. Could Lebron have done it himself? No. Let’s not be silly. But having said that, in the last few minutes, it was all Lebron carrying the Heat across the finish line.

      • punnyjr says:

        you just dont get what he’s talking he’s saying bynum should get some glory too with his number and % from last night

      • S27M says:

        Bynum gotts a ways to go before he is ever considered Batman of his team, specially for the lakers.
        Given he is having the season of his career but to immature to be a real leader for now. Shooting threes LOL and talks to much garbage.
        He will be a leader one day if he stays injury and tempor free.

    • Gullaver says:

      Alright now, sure Bynum is having a wonderful season, I’ve really enjoyed him on my fantasy team this year. But let’s get one thing straight here Bynum is no where near as dominant or influential as LBJ. What Sekou was saying was a good point, this Miami team can only win when LBJ is on his game. As Sekou mentioned last year in the playoffs Wade struggled against the Celtics and the Bulls, while Lebron played well and guess what the Heat won both series. However, in the Finals Wade played well and Lebron struggled and they lost. MIA can win if Wade is averaging 17-18 points per game but if Lebron is averaging those kinds of numbers the Heat don’t have a chance. The Finals were a perfect example.

      • RSG says:

        Very Smart Comment. This guys knows his Basketball.

      • Zkane says:

        Wade struggled against the Celtics? Are you stupid? Wade 30.2 PPG 53% FG% 6.8 RPG 4.8 APG, Lebron 28.0 PPG 47% FG% 8.2 RPG 3.6 APG

      • legdotus says:

        Struggled against the Celtics? I wonder what have you been doing while watching those games.

      • DBowe says:

        @Gullaver Not sure where you got your stats from but Wade had better numbers against Boston than LBJ. And in the finals Wade struggled after Cardinal injured him. He dominated before that and was only average after the injury.

      • Gullaver says:

        Everyone is right on that one, I just meant the Bulls series

      • Gullaver says:

        All I’m saying is Dwade now isn’t the Dwade of old and the plain fact of the matter is that when Dwade plays average the Heat can still win, the same can’t be said for Lebron. The Heat go as Lebron goes, you may not think Lebron can take them to the promise land but the fact of the matter is that he is the ultimate determinate of the Heat’s success.

  180. beny says:

    Best game i’ve seen so far this year, lebron was on beast mode. Don’t think there is really a batman or robin with wade and jame. You got two superstar who can take the game over at anytime. Just go with the one with the hot hand.

    • RSG says:

      Another Delusional Wade loving IDIOT

    • A.D. says:

      Agreed…the Heat is a team with 2 superstars, last night James had the hot hand. But it’s still Wade’s team.

    • RJames says:

      Too true, since when does Lebron playing like the elite player he is have anything to do with him being better than Wade.

  181. Mike says:

    LJ came out with a vengeance mind in this game however playing at home and it was not decided until the last minute… I don’t think Miami have a chance to get that trophy this year.

    • Huh says:

      Exactly, but the playoff performances are unpredicatble. We’ll just have to wait and see which stars step up in the clutch moments.

    • Saeed says:

      I don’t think so, Miami was destroyed in the 1st game of last years Eastern Conference Finals 103-81 (approximately) but came out successful in the 4 games after that. You see?!!! You can not decide just on a game, Miami had lost more than 75% of its last 10 road games even to Utah Jazz, so it isn’t abnormal to lose to OKC @ Oklahama. It is still unclear who will be the champions buddy. 😉 🙂

    • KR says:

      what is your definition of a “chance”? how can a team with their record not have a chance? the bulls beat the raptors on a last second put back (with illegal help) at home – by your theory does that mean they don’t have a chance either? every team at the top of the L has lost to someone lowly this season, and also manage to eek out some ugly close wins. so i guess everyone should pack up their bags and just call this season a forfeit since no one would have a “chance”…

  182. lakermig says:


  183. Botham says:

    About time we got a truly unbiased, objective article such as this one!! Thank you Sekou!!

    • yyessirr says:

      YES.. FINALLYL true article by sekou… FINALLY

      But is the debate for reg season mvp over as well?? OKC won their game because ibaka/perkins put in crazy numbers.. durant was durant, in game 1 and game 2.. the diffference was james made it so difficult on durant.. that the frustrations were obvious.. westbrook having to try and legitimately hurt james (which should have been a flagrant 2.. clear path + intential above shoulder pull down while in the air? cmon..) .. the thunder tried doing whatever it took to take care of LEBRON and couldnt do it..
      the debate in my eyes is over.. lebron james is the mvp… 9-1 without wade.. is better than wade statistically.. is the leader of the team, and the league… its over… lebron not getting the mvp award.. will be a shame.. just as it was before he won 2 in a row.. and just how it was last year.. where statistically he was again better than rose.. but somehow lost it.. terrible how its based on ur team being the top team… shouldve waited till east finals to pick it then.

      • King James says:

        Why would you wait only until after the Eastern Finals to determine who’s the MVP of the league? Why not wait until after the Finals? Then you have two MVPs, one for MVP of the league and one for MVP of the Finals. Both of these MVPs should only be given to player(s) that win it all. In that case, LBJ wouldn’t even get the first two MVPs. He got lucky and got away with two MVPs that he didn’t deserve. Nobody knew he switched career (from NBA to childish game) and played Hide-and-seek during the last minutes of the game back then, until he became so obvious.

      • Alex says:

        This loss to Miami wasn’t such a big deal to OKC. They’ve already shown that htey could beat them in their home floor and by a lot. So, after this this just makes the Thunder more hungry,they didn’t even try in the least key 20 seconds of the game.

      • Leon says:

        Wade is the better clutch player. period.

      • Leon says:

        Plus last season there was no hotter dude than the guy in Chicago. Even if those stats for Lebrick were slightly better it matters not because he has two other superstars to play off. Down the stretch with Chicago it was Rose or bust!! The MVP, in the minds of some, means who is so valuable to their team that they probably would sink without them. Without LBJ The heat are a playoff team, if you take Rose away from Chi-town they barely win 20 games.

      • Heat says:

        Hes not the leader of the team because hes way inconsistent… Why would the leader of the Heat be the player who has never won a championship over the man he ran to because he couldnt win one himself, someone who had already proven to the team and city that he could pretty much single handedly win a title??

      • DBowe says:

        @yyessir Well if that’s your argument, then Wade was clearly the MVP the first year Lebron won it. If you check the stats, Wade lead Lebron in every category other than rebounds and Miami went from winning 15 games the year before to winning 47.
        Let’s not get carried away with the whole “Lebron is the leader” thing. DWade is the leader of the team even though Lebron is putting up better numbers right now. In my opinion, Wade is being a better friend than teammate and it is hurting the team. He stepped aside from Lebron signed to let his “friend” take the spotlight since Lebron is the one that has to prove homself to everyone.

      • KR says:

        sorry, leon, rose was a bust last eastern conference finals series. completely shut down by the heat. and this season the bulls are proving to be FAR better than a 20 win team when he doesn’t suit up. rose is a baller, but LBJ is the leagues best this season. the heat have a heavier top line, but a thinner bottom line. the bulls have more balance, as the mavs had last year (they were far & away the deepest veteran squad in the league, a fact many ignored against a shallow heat squad). leave the hate out of the equation.

      • Evan says:

        @DBowe, Couldnt agree more. LBJ should have never won that MVP over Wade. I know this may sound blown out of the water, but DWade is actually very underrated. Yeah, he is considered a top 5 talent, but he has never been given the respect of LBJ or Kobe. When Wade won the championship, people said he wouldnt have won without Shaq. Noone said anything about not winning without Shaq or GAsol. LeBron other than his 2 MVPs, one which should have been Wade’s, has really never accomplished anything in his career that shows him to be better than Wade. He has never won a title and wont without Wade, yet he will get the credit if the win. Writers and the entire NBA are in love with LeBron and whenever he fails, they find a way to bump him back up to being the Chosen One.

  184. prix says:

    It just shows how dangerous Miami right now..seems like an easy road to the finals now that the Bulls is plague with injuries..but today belongs to the Wonder kid Blake…for posterizing Pau and hit L.A so badly…kobe get amazed…

    • Jay says:

      u dont know anything

      • Huh says:

        Posterizing Gasol? Yeah Griffin’s left arm smashing Pau in the face had nothing to do with it right? Hit L.A.”so badly?” Did you even look at the final score or the game for the matter? The Clippers got destroyed in the post all game by Bynum. Put your Wizards jersey back on and go watch NASCAR.

      • FakirWise says:

        Forearm or not, it happened….twice in the same game. So even if you take one away, Gasol still was posterized.

        On a side note…..we’re talking about the right thing on the wrong post.

      • CoachD says:

        The BATMAN,
        The man who wore pants first then under garments.

        @Sekou, isn’t it that that was the truth ever since the ‘the decision’? LBJ is praised for bringing the HEAT to the Finals, even though, everybody know Wade did all that.
        LBJ is so overrated. He’s been crowned the next Michael Jordan before he even stepped out of High School. Ain’t that praise enough for you Sekou? Or LBJ is just that overrated? LOL.

    • King James says:

      Okay, everybody knows LBJ is good. But there is a difference btw good and great. You need to consistently play good, have good games against good teams, in order to be great. LBJ is WAYYYYYY overrated! Until I see LBJ have good games consistently against good teams, then I’ll start comparing him to great legends like MJ and Bill Russell. Until LJB gets 6 rings then we’ll talk. The Heat team now is some what comparable to the Bulls in the 90s, if not better. Let’s see what LBJ can do. Even so, LBJ does not appear to carry the team like MJ was with the Bulls. DEFINITELY NO EXCUSE here for LBJ. LBJ is more like a Johnny in Fantastic Four then Batman in Batman and Robin. Overrated.

      Blake Griffin?…Everybody knows he can dunk. But soon or later the biggest story of all is when the greatest dunker gets dunked on….in time

      • Kody says:

        Consistently plays “well” is the correct way to say it noob. 28, 7, and 7, with 2 steals per game in his career seems pretty consistent. If Lebron is “WAYYYYY” overrated, why the hell are you comparing him to the best player in history MJ? The bulls during that time were way better than any other team in the league. There are a lot more good teams with better defenses in this time of basketball. Stop hating on Lebron, he will get a ring soon enough.

      • bon bon says:

        lol you’re talking non sense, karl malone john stockton patrick ewing charles barkley are great players but they have no rings, lebron plays better way better than these guys.championships are won by a team not just one player, jordan and kobe are lucky because they had phil and that triangle offense guy, horry has 7 rings so is he great? 3 of his championships are from phil as well. you cant compare him to mj lol because he never wanted to, its hype that did that, the media the people they all branded him but he never asked for that.

      • Sameer says:

        All laker silly fans can do is remember of their history. You aint gonna win any more rings, so stop that silly 6 ring thing. Lets talk when Kobe has at least two MVPS.

      • Tolu Omole says:

        ” Consistenly play good, have good games against good temas” what a joke. Almost all of your reply is laughable. I guess you forgot how Lebron played against the Celtics and the Bulls last year. They were both viable title contenders, and he was outstanding and clutch in both games. He had many defining moments in both series. In additon there is a reason why he is a two time MVP. Think next time before commenting please.

      • wtf? says:

        lmao you sir are truly retarted…….
        look up lebron james game 5 pistons and stfu

      • god says:

        you dont know anything

      • Heat says:

        THANK YOU!!!! I’ve been sayin this forever and noone listens. Its like no matter how much LeBron is “hated”, people cant stand to see the chosn one fail, and even if they get on him right after one of his major fails, whenever MIami does somthing positive, Bron gets the credit. When Miami wins a title, it wont be WAde who gets the credit even if he carries the team. People will find some way to give LeBron credit. I dont think that you can say LeBRon is Batman when he is the one who came to Wade to win. Wade is the one who has proven he is able to carry a team to a champiionship and he will be the one to do it again, not LeBron.

      • cloudart says:

        Mannnnn. Chill out. When he has 6 rings we can talk? So no other players to EVER play basketball are considered any good? The scary thing is you are being serious.

    • kobe says:


    • CoachD says:

      The Heat will not even past first round. LOL..

      Bet on that!

      • Promocean says:

        “Lets talk when Kobe has atleast 2 MVPs?”
        He does …..2 FINALS MVPs to Lebron’s 0
        Talk now