Rose practices, still might not play

DEERFIELD, Ill. – The sounds of Derrick Rose‘s first practice in more than three weeks Wednesday were encouraging, in as much as there was no discernible “squeak-squeak-tap, squeak-squeak-tap” from behind the closed doors and shaded windows at the Chicago Bulls’ practice court.

So in his most significant test yet since he suffered a serious groin strain March 13, the Bulls’ and NBA’s reigning MVP didn’t require a cane.

Whether Rose will be able to face the Boston Celtics Thursday night at United Center, however, remains in doubt. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was upbeat in comments after the practice about his point guard’s participation, condition and recovery.

Rose sounded more iffy, saying he wasn’t at top speed and didn’t know if he would be capable of playing against Boston’s elusive Rajon Rondo and the rest of the Celtics. As for the media, well, they heard practice but they never go to see Rose do more than shoot free throws and 3-pointers, mixing in at most some one-dribble moves.

“I’m running, able to move a little bit more. So I’m getting healthy,” Rose said in a brief interview before heading for more rehab and treatment. He has missed the past 11 games and 21 overall due to earlier toe and back injuries (Chicago is 14-7). “Taking three weeks off or two weeks off, however [long] I took off, my conditioning is definitely a worry. But in basketball, you should be able to fight through it.”

Thibodeau labeled Rose a “game-time decision” with a little more half-full tone than usual. Normally, that means “fuhgeddabouddit” in Thibs-ese.

“I’m an optimist,” Thibodeau said, smiling. “I always believe it can happen. That’s the way I think. Then I get around you guys, then I think it won’t happen. He does [have a chance to play Thursday]. But again, it’s been great. He’s been patient. He’s done a great job with his rehab. Each day he’s done more and more. He’s feeling better and better.”

Asked if Rose’s movement is limited in anyway, the Bulls coach said: “It isn’t really. Other than today was his first day of taking contact. So we’ll see how he feels tomorrow. His speed and quickness look very good. So I thought it was very encouraging.”

The Bulls are 14-7 without Rose this season, 7-4 during this current absence. But they have lost their last two games – at Oklahoma City Sunday and vs. Houston Monday, their first losing “streak” since February 2011 – and played poorly in both. Their backup point guards, C.J. Watson and John Lucas III, have been stretched thin, and Richard Hamilton – Rose’s intended backcourt scoring mate – returned Monday after missing 15 games with a banged-up right shoulder.

Chicago was 10-4 while Hamilton was out this time, 28-9 counting his games lost to groin and thigh injuries. The Bulls are 9-1 with both him and Rose in the starting lineup, but that’s a small sample size on which to stake playoff dreams.

Hamilton admitted that it will take some number of games to get his timing back. Then there’s meshing with Rose, who will have his own layoff rust to flake off. The veteran shooting guard didn’t sound worried, though there are only 11 games left till the postseason. “When we come back,” Hamilton said, “everybody will get their rhythm, everybody will get back into their comfort zone, what they’re used to doing. We’ll be great.”

Asked for some eyewitness testimony about Rose’s mobility, on a 1-to-10 scale, Hamilton laughed and said: “I mean, on Derrick’s bad day, he’s still a 10. He possesses all the attributes. When he’s 100 percent, he’s way over 10. Him not full speed is probably faster than 98 percent of the league.”

Notice, however, that Hamilton didn’t directly answer the question of how Rose is moving, either.


  1. j-once says:

    in head-to-head battles with EVERY point guard i the league rose dominates!! . give me one example otherwise. really 1?!

  2. Will says:

    Ok, You guys are really blowing me seriously.. Trust and believe D Rose is far from being overrated. Would I love to see him play more 2 with Cj at the point or lucus yes, but he is a floor General, he does make players around him better.. Him being out was a blessing because now the team learned how not to lean just on his abilities. Too many times I catch Booz and the others standing around waiting to see the next amazing play D Rose makes, that will change. Now the team will gel like we envisioned. These playoffs are about to be great. See all you Chi-Town Haters at the end when D Rose Lifts up that Championship Trophy!!!! Mark My Word!!

  3. Bullsfanforlife says:

    Get will sonn Derrick. When you come back, you and the Bulls will dominate the league. Look out east the Bulls are going to the finals! The next Bulls Dynasty starts now. Chicago Bulls 2012 NBA Champions!

  4. islandBOY says:

    Another thing…I feel that DROSE is as good as he is, bec, his 1st step, crossover, and quickness is way above average…Is he as finesse as Chris Paul and point guards like Steve Nash, Deron Williams? Does he have a better jumper? nahhhhh, I pretty much doubt that…I think a point guard needs all the above…U can be quite successful without DROSE speed or crossover, but DROSE is very effective with his abilities and thats what makes him stand out…but honestly, he got alot of work to do to be a floor general like Chris Paul and the others I mentioned above… His abilities were exposed by Miami Heat last year, and I’m sure they will focus on that again this year…DROSE HAS to be a floor general or else, i see him packing again in the playoffs…str8 up. DROSE to me is like a shorter Russel Westbrook…and we all can say Russel is also not an elite Point Guard

  5. islandBOY says:

    Put it like this guys…just being real…Derrick Rose cannot be an MVP because his team plays well without him…A true definition of Most Valuable Player(MVP) is for example, Lebron, Durant, Kobe. If these guys don’t play their teams are likely to lose. Just being real, the Bulls can beat most of the teams in the league without DROSE…so quit all this MVP gossip…sounds retarded if u ask me

    • rvman says:

      D Rose was MVP Last year because he carried the whole team offensively with no high scoring shooting guard and with injuries to their starting center and PF. (booz was still mostly injured during the playoffs) . The fact that the bulls have been clawing their way to win without rose just means he wont win this season.

  6. Cali_Bulls _Fan says:

    Rondo can’t shoot free throws to save his life and his 3 point shot is non existant!! He’s been in the league as long as D-Rose and his shooting hasn’t improved at all, not even slightly. His supporting cast was way better than D-Rose has ever had, so Rondo will always be just a mediocre all around point guard, because defenses still don’t respect his shot outside of 15 feet. If the Bulls would’ve kept Ben Gordon, John Salmons and Tyrus THomas, they would’ve beaten Miami last year and would be the reigning World Champions!!

  7. all these players you guys are namein have they done what steve nash 2 time mvp tony parker finals mvp rose youngest mvp ever carried a team last year with there best players around him out and still won mvp with no other superstar on the team.

  8. chitown says:

    Now the best point guards r Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul

  9. Too much hype says:

    Oh and btw, as soon as Rondo gets his jumper down pat, he will be a better PG than Rose.

    • Tony says:

      Well, I could give you that, if Rondo EVER learns to shoot. Yes, he would be a better point guard, but not the best at the position. Derrick Rose still possesses the athletic abilities, heart, and determination to win that not many players have. I agree that Chris Paul and Deron Williams are better at playing the point than Derrick too, but again, just because they are purer points doesn’t mean they are better players. One final point: While Rondo is developing his shot, do you think Derrick is going to sit by and not get any better? Of course not. At the rate that Rose has developed his talents, even if Rondo learns to shoot, Rose will stay ahead of him.

  10. Too much hype says:

    Why is there so much hype over Rose, he’s a great player and all but we all know the him and the bulls are gonna fall flat, once again, when the playoffs come. Miami Heat will be eastern conference champs again and no I’m not a Heat fan, just being realistic.

  11. Choker says:

    overrated but you cant take it off from him that he is a great player

  12. Lemazing James says:

    Derrick Rose is not all that amazing. Amazing! Chicago beat Miami without Drose? The same thing will happen last year. The bulls don’t play as a team when he is on the court. Derrick Rose is a recycled sg claiming to be a pg. He isn’t no Deron Williams or Chris Paul.

    Down with the bulls!
    Go heat!

    • Ben-jammin says:

      So he’s a shooting guard with the best crossover in the league, and the best player in the league at finishing around basket in traffic, not to mention all his team mates never have a bad word to say about him and work their butts off on defense because he sets them up for easy score all game every game. He only recently even extended his range past the the three point arc. He’s got a nice stroke no doubt about it, but come on how are you gonna call him a shooting guard?

  13. ChicagoMoe says:

    Anyone who thinks that D. Rose is overrated has probably had their team dismantled by his offense. Fast don’t lie and hopefully for the playoffs hes faster!

    • Bullface says:

      Derrick ROSE!!!!! RONDO!!!! DERON WILLIAMS!!! PAUL!!!! STEVE NASH!!! THOSE ARE MY FIVE!!! DONT FORGET IT!!! On different nights… different SUPERSTARS SHINE…. then there is honorable mention in WESTBROOK and Jrue Holiday is definitely up and coming but still not there yet… Russel may even be better if he didnt have Durant on his team!!! OKC is this years champs. You heard me…

      • Smoove One says:

        I know that OKC put it on the Bulls a few days ago, And they put it on the Heat as well. HOWEVER, the Heat put it back on them. Now Riddle me this… How good is the Heat minus Wade and James? How good is OKC without Durant and Westbrook? How good are the Bulls without Rose and Hamilton? Best Record in the NBA….Nuff Said!

  14. marc says:

    Derrick Rose isnt even Elite, he’s slightly above average

  15. J.A Rivera says:

    Derrick Rose: the best point guard in the league (when healthy)

  16. chitown says:

    dude common…. they just savin em for the playoffs, its sooo obvious… and plus im from chitown.. I HATE DERRICK ROSE

  17. King James says:

    LeBron James: more overrated than Derrick Rose. They’re both good but not MJ good.

  18. Lol says:

    Lol you gotta be kidding me.

  19. BFoulds says:

    Derrick Rose: the most overrated point guard in the league

    • uih7866 says:

      BFoulds: A sad little troll who overshot posting his comment on April fools by three days. :p Problems counting, kiddo?

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      Somebody’s a Pacers fan.

    • whos better then rose? he is the MVP the only thing stopin rose is a groin, and a back,

    • Trixie says:


    • Bball freefall says:

      Bfoulds, you just don’t have a clue do you? Rose is not overrated in any way. Maybe you’re butt-hurt because your team isn’t doing as well?

    • Ben says:

      Overrated??? How is that? Cuz from where I’m standing, he’s easily the best in the league, especially considering the fact that he’s taken his team to the playoffs every year that he’s been active! And it’s not like the Bulls were good before we drafted him either! Aside from Hamilton (who, by the way, is far past his prime), who on the Bulls team is an elite player for their position???? He’s not overrated… He may not have numbers that substantially outdo Rondo or Chris Paul, but the fact that he single-handedly ( I will admit that Thibodeau has made drastic improvements to the team) lifted the Bulls to the elite position that they are in now speaks for itself.

    • BFoulds says:

      Just kidding guys. D rose is my favorite. I just wanted to stem some hate. Trolliosis successful!