Report: Howard Wants Van Gundy Fired

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Raise your hand if you’re tired of the Orlando Magic drama?

And feel free to raise both of yours. You can also tell the person next to you to get ’em up as well, because this Magic madness is starting to wear on all of us.

The latest twist to this seemingly never ending story has Magic star Dwight Howard demanding that his coach, Stan Van Gundy, be fired, according to WKMG Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore. It’s a sordid affair that won’t stop anytime soon with this sort of stuff coming out:

Pingalore’s Magic sources confirm that Howard continues to convey to team owners that he wants a change in the coaching staff.

There was an report before the trade deadline that Howard told the Magic to fire Van Gundy. Both parties denied that rumor.

But as one league source told Pingalore, firing Van Gundy will not come as a surprise to people that work in the NBA and that it would come from the direction of Howard.

The league source did say this is pretty much a done deal based on Howard’s demands, and the Magic are already putting pieces together to make a decision after the season.

However, one Magic player who did not want his named used said that there is still is a possibility that Van Gundy could return.

“(I) do not think Stan leaving is a done deal yet,” said the player.

Van Gundy hasn’t changed his stripes. He’s still candid as ever after wins and losses (check this Orlando Sentinel Q&A after last night’s loss to the Pistons for some vintage Van Gundy). Again, this isn’t the first time this issue has been raised this season.

Stan’s brother, Jeff Van Gundy, weighed in on this whole mess last week, suggesting exactly what Pingalore is reporting. Jeff Van Gundy took direct aim at Howard and the Magic front office for what he believes is an agreement to oust his brother.

This is family drama — The DeVos family, the Howard family, the Van Gundy family and really the Magic family — that needs to play out in private. There’s no need to make the rest of us suffer through round after round of this incessant backstabbing and anonymously sourced bickering.

Someone needs to deliver the rest of us from this relentless evil (we have the stretch run of a regular season we’d like to tend to) and put an end to all of the speculation … if that is indeed all it is?


  1. 1greatplayer says:

    nba is trash now..when do players boss around the GM and their organization? if magic release van gundy i will lose all respect for them..otis needs to grow some ***** and stand up to the diva dwight or tell him kick rocks

  2. Mary Villilo says:

    Get rid of Howard. He’s complained forever when a call goes against him, gets T’s,and now obviously has quit playing to his”ability”. Instead of traipsing all over last summer, if he wanted a championship or to be the “go to guy” he should have been REALLY working on his free throws. I can see the senerio now. It’s the last minute and the Magic are down by one. Howard gets the ball because he’s the go to guy. He’s fouled. Misses both shots. Opponent gets the rebound and the buzzer sounds. At least Howard got to be the go-to guy. Smells like the Penny Hardaway fiasco.

  3. Dwight Coward says:

    c’mon Dwight, enough of the media hype and just play ball. watching too much drama series lately?!

  4. kb24ever says:

    this is ridicolous!!!!! how can d12 control this management on his own??? wheres gm??? run this team on ur own not on d12 demands !!!! u allow this weak center to control through his emotions!!!! trade d12 this offseason!! hes destroying this franchise!!!!

  5. Sosay says:

    this guy howard is the largest and most physcially impression 7 year old i have ever seen…. i’m staggered

  6. Ron Shark says:

    Players like Dwight are everything that’s wrong with the game. He needs to shut the hell up and play a game, a game he’s paid millions to play. I’ve never seen someone built like him play so weakly and carelessly. He’s the epitome of soft. He puts up good numbers while hardly caring. I want to see a fire in him. Attack the rim like he wants to murder it. He’s too worried about his damn “brand.” I miss when players played because they actually loved the game. I’m glad we have teams like the Thunder, Bulls, and Spurs that play for the right reasons (sans Westbrook, he seems to only care about his numbers). Howard should be dominating. The Magic should be the #1 contender in the East because nobody has the weapons to stop him. I knew his training with The Dream wouldn’t amount to jack. Seriously Dwight, shut up, grow a flipping pair, and take your anger/frustrations out on the opponents. Fulfill your potential and leave the pathetic drama to the daytime soaps.

  7. Kobe says:

    Ayeee Im better than both of them so stfu….

  8. Jeff 3041 says:

    Howard must go to BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!
    he will compliment Rondo

  9. Danny says:

    Just a idea, if your getting sick of this Orland, Howard drama how about not writing about it anymore?

  10. Rob K says:

    I’m tired of this Seku guy. He truly is the one making up false reports one after another and it’s so clear that he WANTS Howard traded from the Magic. He was also the one 1000% SURE that D12 will be gone by the trade deadline and look where we stand! Stop talking about your non-existant “sources”…. Enough of the BS already!! Let the playoffs begin and let the Magic and all other contenderds play ball!!

  11. Raymond Chow says:

    I think Orlando needs to find a guard that can play the pick and roll with Howard. Maybe like DJ Augustin, if he gets replaced by Kemba Walker.

  12. kevin russell says:


  13. DAHRS says:

    Magic organization SHOULD FIRE Dwight NOW!!!!!!

  14. bizon says:

    the moment any player gets the final word on who should and who should not be coaching his club is the moment the team stops being a serious contender

  15. dgiantsrock says:

    this just shows the insecurity of the situation. the magic only got howard to agree not to leave right away, but as a knicks fan this bares glaring similarities to the patrick ewing situation, when pat riley came into the picture and the knicks went to the finals in two years. i dont know if its the fact that van gundy being a bad fit for this team, as much as the orlando magic not getting the players needed to help dwight howard. one thing is for sure: by next season, someone will be out of a job, and its not going to be d12. more likely, i blame otis smith for making business more personal than it had to be, and the likely candidate to get the axe

  16. Nick says:

    David Pingalore is a freaking joke! How can anybody use him as a source? Did anybody see the nonsense he reported during the Dwightmare????

  17. Stephen says:

    Howard might wanna play for the Miami Heat next season.

  18. Chris says:

    Dwight should have left this year. Wouldn’t be surprised if Stan quit to avoid the drama next year. Magic started screwing up with the dismantling of the 2009 team. Been one bad move after another since. Management absolutely needs to go after the mistakes of the last few years…

  19. UnderNet says:

    I believe that Van Gundy will quit before they fire him, he seems to have had enough half way through this year.. Even earlier. He deserves better than this and this franchise seems to be ruining itself.

  20. ry says:

    keep van gunny till next season when derek fisher retires and he can coach the magic

  21. S says:

    Why are you publishing this story and putting it on the front page of if you are sick of it and you know that we are all sick of it? Isn’t in your control whether to report this or not? Couldn’t you ignore this whole thing so that we don’t have to hear about it anymore?

    If it is really that annoying and we are all sick of it, how about you stop talking about it.

  22. PENNY says:

    end this drama and play much more team that thinking to rebuilding around howard. i still believe to coach van gundy. got some winning games to the magic fan pls mr. howard

  23. Just says:

    if you havent been in the locker room with the Magic and Stan Van Gundy ya’ll need to stfu asap. thanks alot

  24. Primadonnas says:

    You know what’d be cool? If all the owners came together and agree not to sign Howard once he’s an FA – teach him a little lesson and put an end to such asinine behavior

  25. TeamFan not Playerfan says:

    I’m so sick of franchise players blasting their coaches (Deron Williams did it and Demarcus Cousins did it. Just play basketball for hell’s sake.

  26. the coach and front office need to go and howard need to worry about his game he’s to good to be having dissapperance acts from game to game, he needs to work on his offenese for the future then worry about were he’s playing in the future.

    • Castiel says:


      but he won´t do it.. it seems like, he thinks, he is already on top, but he is not.. sometimes i´m ashamed, when i see his poor low post game.

      my personal opinion.. keep stan or fire him, because you as an owner or GM lost your trust in him, but don´t let howard decide. no player should have this power… and for sure not howard!!

  27. Ken says:

    The author makes it seem like the Magic are torturing us. Please guy,, they are the ones going though it, not you.

  28. Jose says:

    sordid affair

  29. charles says:

    Howard can get into the playoff with ANYONE as coach. THe fact that Van Gundy hasn’t won one in all these years with a player of Howards Caliber isn’t going to endear him to Howard – and it shouldn’t. Players play a role too but Van Gundy hasn’t even been able to “mentor” a player to play at a championship level….he really does need to go. This is a team that consistently gets to the playoff and loses. That is unacceptable. They need a tough, in your face coach like Sam Mitchell ;).

  30. JC says:

    I’m not a fan of the Magic, but Stan needs to go. Look what happend to the Heat in ’06. Mid-season, they fired Stan and they win the championship that same season. Shure, they won with Pat Riely on the bench but I belive it had to do more with the change made instead of who was on the bench ’cause that Heat team had lots of talent.

    The Magic have lots of shooters on the team but their best player struggle to get the ball during the game. Plus those shooters are getting slower (not to say older), and Jameer is a shoot first PG. I know that at the end of games Howard it’s more of a liability ’cause of his freethrows but the point is that their offense it’s not reliable come playoff time.

    And last, moving Stan it’s part of the problem. They still need to make some changes to their roster in order to compete.

  31. TTKIN says:

    Im not sure I believe the guy saying Howard said this, and Im not sure I believe Howard when he denies it. Point is, we all know The Magic wont win the title this year…let’s leave it at that. If the reporters truly are tired of Orlando drama, stop reporting it haha. Then again, Im here commenting so I guess Im a hyopocrite.

  32. kiwisepp says:

    Howard should realizes that he is lack of offensive skill. He is unable to score 3 feet away from the basket. He is not the star you can build a team around for the ring.

  33. CanadianHoopsFan says:

    They should have hired his brother Jeff over him. And they should have never gotten Hedo Turkuglo and his ridiculous contract back.

  34. Antikar says:

    Howard stop being big baby and start playing like a big man!
    Thanks to God that you were not traded to LA Lakers!

  35. Xtian says:

    Why wrote this article if you think they should keep it private?

  36. berkamore says:

    Cant believe what I’m reading.

    My sense is that Otis Smith messed up when he broke up a team that had been to the Finals because they were having a bad stretch. I just couldn’t believe how……shortsighted that was.

    Speaking of the Finals, Howard clanked some free throws at the end of a pivotal game in the series. Had he been able to make those free throws, the series could have had a different outcome. So maybe he should look in the mirror a little bit.

    Say what you want about Van Gundy, I don’t think he’s the problem here. If SVG is canned, the Magic will find out soon enough that a new coach won’t be that much of an improvement. What will Howard do then, fire the coach again?

    Gotta say, I used to like Howard but the way he handled his free agency and now this, I just kind of went: “Whatever.”

  37. Inkwell says:

    In addition, another reason why Sekou’s post holds no water. Why is he blaming the Magic for lack of keeping their matters “private”? He’s completely disregarding all the prying reporters, sources and journalists in the business who get paid to extract information like this from behind closed doors and report on it.

    In turn, giving sensationalist bloggers like Sekou, something to write about.


  38. Juan Espinosa says:

    This is getting old. Howard should just focus on playing and winning with the great team that he has and stop complaining. He complains too much for a big guy. Stop the cry baby already big guy. Also the management of the magic should stop all this drama and keep their stuff private. Enough is ENOUGH..

  39. Inkwell says:

    Another shallow post by Sekou.

    It’s not drama, it’s reality. The reality of the situation is that the Magic need to consider a coaching change. Just because it’s reported that Howard is saying his piece when it comes to coaching, doesn’t mean that the Orlando Magic organization is chockfull of hootenany and drama. It’s simply business and part of making a business function at it’s highest potential is evaluating what changes need to be made and evolve.

    But keep making mountains out of molehills Sekou. You rarely have anything depthful to write about, so you decide to stir shallow contraversies instead.

    Whatever he needs to do to get the bills paid.

  40. dfdfdfg says:

    lol you say magics need to keep this mess “private”, but reporters and writers can’t seem to keep their hands off the whole mess, they’re the ones nosing around all the time
    im not saying reporters shouldn’t do that but just thought it was hilarious that you even started blaming the magics for not keeping it “private”

  41. Steve says:

    “Raise your hand if you’re tired of the Orlando Magic drama?”

    If the media stopped reporting about it daily and disecting every little detail, we possibly wouldnt be tired of it 🙂

  42. syntax says:

    @jose medina- your comparison between mcdonalds and its employees are way too different than this athletes.

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      My point is that NBA owners gave up a lot of power to the players union. Making over 500K to 80 mil isn’t enough players want more. What I should of said was wouldn’t it be funny if the people who work in the Arena’s and the owners had a lock out over a 1 dollar raise, better benefits , retirement…etc.

      • Bless says:

        I understand what you are saying but every player wants a championship, some will never get any but if you were the player and you see you have a protential to bet it, but the coach not doing well, then you would talk. Do you remember when Stan was in Miami with all the good players but could not win the championship until Pat took it over. Stan is a “get them there coach” but can’t finish. They need to fire Miami coach to.

  43. Practical Fish says:

    I love how they’re just spewing up this stuff to keep the “Dwight Howard talk” alive, because of how much the media were making out of it.

    Not once have I seen or head the sentence “according to a source” and even if I did see that what Orlando Magic representitve would release that information??

    I bet Dwight hardly knows anything of this stupid Stan Van Gundy rumour – and this is just ANOTHER pathetic attempt by the media to bring in some extra cash.

  44. Mark says:

    Fire Stan Van Gundy? That makes no sence. Howard thinks just because the Magic don’t want him to leave, he can do whatever he wants, like firing his coach. Van Gundy is amazing, if Howard likes it or not!!!

  45. Immature says:

    the magic organization is soo stupid, they should have asked him sign a long term extension for the full 5 years or you are going to get traded. not only did he put van gundy’s job on the hot seat, but also 2 other franchises

  46. Yavuzzi says:

    I am sick and tired of Howard Drama. I mean why not Oscar Academiy give him couple Oscars and shut his mouth! Trade Howard with Bynum! For God’s sake somebody end this drama!

  47. jmd23808 says:

    they should fire OTIS, because he can’t managed this organization his always under D12… Otis should be the one making the decision not the player… D12 is always on the top of the management making a decision…

    Step up Mr. Otis, show them that your the manager be tough… don’t let D12 jump on you what to do…

  48. billywib says:

    he talks too much need to shut up and get the job done why are you crying when you’ve got the chance to go away ? pfff just jus a big lil girl

  49. Jenia says:

    the problem with van gundy is that he is ignorant. ignorant to play players like liggins, ish, also sit jrich and duhon should never play. he keeps playing players that dont produce such as duhon n jrich when clearely ish and liggins get a small amount of playing time and produce much more… again he is a good coach but not great n ignorant to go deeper in his bench and play the better and younger players.

    • Bless says:

      I agree verrrrry ignorant, he is a O.K coach but as long as you have all those great coaches out there he will never win a championship.

  50. sbfern805 says:

    Ok Howard is acting like a lil B!#@# and Bynum is acting like a lil B@!#$. Perfect trade is Howard for Bynum and they get what they want…Bynum his own team and Howard a title… and a supporting cast.

    • hooplover says:

      unless you trade two bench players for howard, we don’t want him in LA! keep that drama in orlando!

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Andrew is have an Awesome year for less money than Howie. Look at D stats below. Keep your Dwight!

      1 Dwight Howard , ORL 52 38.2 188 3.6 567 10.9 755 14.5 18.2
      2 Kevin Love , MIN 51 39.6 210 4.1 484 9.5 694 13.6 16.5
      3 Andrew Bynum , LAL 49 35.4 156 3.2 429 8.8 585 11.9 16.2 Rebounds is at 16.2


      1 Kevin Love , MIN 51 1,349 26.5 694 13.6 101 2.0 2,144 42.0
      2 LeBron James , MIA 51 1,364 26.7 413 8.1 327 6.4 2,104 41.3
      3 Kevin Durant , OKC 53 1,459 27.5 432 8.2 187 3.5 2,078 39.2
      4 Kobe Bryant , LAL 54 1,513 28.0 298 5.5 249 4.6 2,060 38.1
      5 Dwight Howard , ORL 52 1,085 20.9 755 14.5 97 1.9 1,937 37.2
      15 Andrew Bynum , LAL 49 879 17.9 585 11.9 72 1.5 1,536 31.3
      16 Al Jefferson , UTA 49 956 19.5 462 9.4 107 2.2 1,525 31.1
      17 Pau Gasol , LAL 54 924 17.1 568 10.5 183 3.4 1,675 31.0
      18 DeMarcus Cousins , SAC 52 944 18.2 577 11.1 83 1.6 1,604 30.8

  51. Kael says:

    it all boils down to this..Managers will manage, Coaches will coach, Players will play..that’s it

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Players will also demand trades if they don’t get their way. Lets not forget that.

  52. khashi95 says:

    Boston need howard.please come to the Boston.and leave magic this summer

  53. Bless says:

    Really most people are calling Mr. Howard a caward, but in reality the coach does makes a different with the team and since Stan been in Miami he never knew how to close out a game he went to Orlando and still the same problem. He is a panic coach and should be fire, I also think Miami coach should be fire, because he is a panic coach also. Just my opinion, I’m I right I’m not God so maybe not, but I believe it would help, because it doesn’t matters how much a player get paid the main goal is to win a championship.

  54. Tarik says:

    I lost so much respect for Dwight cause on the real Stan is a good coach unlike Mike Brown in Cleveland he ain’t scare to voice his opinion to his Superstar. This man took them to the NBA finals and two conference championship appearance when they weren’t expected to be in the conversation and this is the thanks he get in return

  55. andrew says:

    i hate jameer nelson he have big ego . magic need howard and turkoglu performance not nelson

  56. MJ23 says:

    Dwight is a wanna be…he thinks he’s the greatest center of all time…fire Dwight Howard instead of Stan at least Stan is committed to the Magic

  57. ryan elias says:

    I really don’t understand why the coaching staff hasn’t yet compared the current season’s situation to that of 2009 when they made it to the NBA Finals. Just compare the numbers and make decisions based on that and everything will be crystal clear as to what should be done to make it happen.

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      At the moment he is top 3 scoring machine at his position. Top rebounder.

  58. westsidelakeshow says:

    Its funny how Sekou ripped Jeff Van Gundy for raising this issue a couple of weeks ago and now hes citing that incident here and bringing it up in this article………….

  59. Martin says:

    So if they fire Van Gundy who the hell will they hire in his place? D’Antoni?

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      If Del Negro gets canned, I hope not, I’d love to see Stan coach the Clips or D’Antoni.

  60. ORL FAN says:

    THIS IS FLASE! Pingalore aka Ping is not a credible source and is a joke amongst the Magic organization. He always tries to stir things up and is always wrong! I used to be a part of the media in Orlando and know Pings ways. You should probably research who you’re basing this story off of because it makes you just as uncredible as Ping. Right now Dwight and Stan are laughing at this story.

  61. KB24 says:

    l agree with you ANGEL Dwight Coward is a retarded BIG BIG time! !!!

    • lakersfanforlife says:

      The Magic are letting Howard call the shots, but he is only going to stay one more year if that, They are going to lose a good coach and players because of him, and them he is going to leave the Magic as soon he gets a team that need a center and offer him big money, They should think on their teams future not in one winy player, I used to like Howard but he is acting like he is untouchable, Wake up magic owners, you might be a better team without al the distraction mrs Howarsd brinds.

  62. perry says:


  63. daniel.b says:

    starting to slowing lose respect for dwight howard, he didnt want to be a lebron and just leave, but this could fit
    in that category

    • sf11 says:

      More like he didn’t want to be traded off a team with a playoff shot to a team with a lower seed or not in the playoffs at all that would end up being gutted to acquire him in the first place. So, he tried to con them into keeping him for the rest of the season so he could have his playoff shot then opt out if they lost in the playoffs again and sign straight up with a contender of his choosing, but when they weren’t going to fall for that he opted in to the final year of his contract to avoid it.

      All I’ve seen from Dwight, every time he claims to want to stay blah blah he loves Orlando blah blah it’s all just him trying to cover his own rear end so he doesn’t feel the same backlash that Lebron did when he left. Dwight doesn’t want to play for the Magic, he knows they don’t have a realistic shot of beating everyone else in the east to even make it to the finals again let alone win it all, but he didn’t want to end up sitting home during the entire playoffs and watch Orlando actually make it out of the first round without him and he’s trying to say and do all the ‘right things’ to avoid being villainized.

      Far as this article goes though, I think we’re all pretty much sick of hearing about Dwight, Stan, and the Magic. Writing about how tiresome it is isn’t helping any, if the media really is sick of it stop reporting on all things Dwight. We don’t care what he had for breakfast, when he went to the bathroom or who he shook hands with afterwards and didn’t wash his hands. Just stop reporting it. At this point I think everyone would be more interested to know what kind of cologne Mike Brown uses rather then hear anything about Orlando or their Diva center.

    • Brett says:

      agreed! take kloe and lamar off air, and name Dwight and LeBron, this is getting annoying. Play ball

  64. J Smoove says:

    The Magic should fire themselves for the bad handling of their franchise and the bad handling of a superstar that isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  65. Joe says:

    same with LBJ on Cleveland

  66. vectorsigma says:

    the magic organization is composed of idiots if they will always do what dwight says

  67. KB24 says:

    Dwight Coward Magic dont need you! !!!

  68. angel says:

    I think Dwight is a retarded who wants to justify his unhappiness with a team that he’s tired of…………..Orlando should let him goooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! just like Denver with Carmelo…

  69. Tygger2K6 says:

    They retained Dwight. Stan may be the problem.

  70. LEBRON TRAVELD says:


  71. Chris says:

    That’s rediculous! When you are paid Millions of Dollars to play basketball you get paid to play basketball and not to cry about your coaches and teammates! That’s a decision of the team’s owner (YOUR BOSS!) not yours. Same for trade requests. Players who demand to be traded or that the coach gets fired should be suspended for one year without pay! Plus the team should be able to fire you right away! Maybe then someone like Dwight (if that rumour is true) would think twice before risking a one year suspension and a lost contract worth how much? Like 20 Million Dollars?

    • Jose (Clipper Nation) Medina says:

      The NBA let that get out of hand a long time ago. Remember the lock out? Franchise owners have to answer to the players and Union. Wouldn’t that be funny to see Mcdonald’s have a lock out and the owners answer to their employees. Anyway players get their way or they will stop doing a good job. Unhappy players they do enough to look like they are doing what they are paid to do, at the same time players won’t put that 100 percent because they are unhappy. Or they just flat out refuse to play. What are the owner going to do? Twist the players arm or grab them by the ears? The bigger the contract more power they have on trades, free agents and coaches and teams they want to join. What the owners could do is let all the contracts expire and give all player 100K to 1 mil contracts and either your in or not. If no owners I’m sure they can find yes players and regain control of their businesses. Look at dana white of UFC. He controls the whole enchilada. You fight for this much or forgetta bout it!

      • JJ says:

        If owners decide to pay those guys such a big money it either means they are worth it (=nobody else can do this job better than they do) or the owners are daft – in this case there’s no point to feel sorry about them. And as far as Howard is concerned let me just point out that he can make such demands only because his current value is so big and it’s Magic’s owner choice not to ignore them because that pays (at least in his opinion to which he’s got a right). Same story with the Union. You can’t blame the players that they wanted to get as much as possible out of it. If there’s anyone to blame it’s in fact the owners and those who rule the NBA because they had no balls to say ‘ok guys, if that’s the way you want it we’re gonna hire folks from D-Leauge and ABA for quarter of what you want and we’ll see who’s gonna have a last laugh. They simply didn’t want to take a risk and these are the natural consequences.

  72. jake lucas says:

    we miss 2009 turkoglu

  73. Jose (Clipper Nation) Medina says:

    I think if Mr Dwight doesnt like his coach, Stan is the right coach. Stan got the basketballs to tell Dwight what to do as a coach and if you bring another coach in, the new coach will be a yes man so he can keep his job. If Dwight makes a mistake who’s going to step up to him? Stan has done a great time since he took over the Magic. Bringing in a new coach now is crazy.

  74. prix says:

    howard the coward…too much drama…too much HBO

  75. Jack says:

    if this is true, SHAQ might have been right on his accusations before that stan was “a panic coach” when he was still with the HEAT….i think every team in the nba needs changes, and firing stan is one of them, then that would help magic win bigtime this playoff!!

  76. Jefta Varwijk says:

    aaah wait i see you have a new podcast out. sweet.

  77. Jefta Varwijk says:

    “This is family drama — The DeVos family, the Howard family, the Van Gundy family and really the Magic family — that needs to play out in private. There’s no need to make the rest of us suffer through round after round of this incessant backstabbing and anonymously sourced bickering.”

    uuuuuhm then why write about it? I didnt know this untill you brought it up. Sekou, i love your work (and your podcast, but havent seen a new one in a while!) but you yourself are putting this in the public square, ‘making us suffer’.

    • KDEISEL says:

      WRONG. the ‘talk’ was leaked into the publio because of the respective parties inability to do business right. there have been countless past NBA transactions, ugly and not, that were done without word of it being emanated into the public sphere. what Sekou is doing, is reporting what has already been made public.

  78. Howard says:

    What’s the point of firing Stan Van Gundy. Howard is not going to stay with the Magic after this season.

    • gyjgyj says:

      O_o? he already signed the weaver for the next season

      • Jose (Clipper Nation) Medina says:

        True true he did signed the waver stay in Orlando.

      • TheBiggestLakersFanEver says:

        First of all it’s “waIver” (with an i) and secondly, that just means he’s not opting out this coming summer. He hasn’t signed an extension, which means next year could be his last year and this whole mess isn’t over with.

        Other than that…

      • Just because he signed the waiver doesnt mean he will sign an extension! He just agreed to stay through next year, which means we have to hear about this all next year too! Will they trade him before the deadline? He needs to make up his mind already. Does he want to stay in Orlando or does he want to play somewhere else. Orlando has had years to put pieces next to him to win, but have given him GIlbert Arenas, Hedo Turkaloo, Jason Richardson, Jameer Nelson and now Glen Davis. Nobody that will help him win championships. If he wants to win he needs to go to a team that puts champinship players on the floor like the Lakers. But Howards problem is he also wants all the endorsements, and in LA Kobe is the #1 man in endorsements. Howard needs to get his priorities straight. What does he want more winning or endorsements? If you want to win go to LA if you want the endorsements go to Brooklyn because D-Will doesnt care about the endorsements.

      • He did sign the waiver but not an extension so we have to go through this again next season. The waiver gives him one more year in Orlando. Orlando has had many years to put championship caliber players along side Howard yet signed Arenas, J-Richardson, Nelson, Hedo Turgkalo, and now Glen Davis. Far cry from a championship caliber team. If Howard really wants to win he needs to go to the Lakers who WILL put the players needed on the floor to win a championship. But Howard wants both a winning team and endorsements. In LA the #1 endorsement guy is Kobe and will be until he retires. Howard wants to be the #1 endorsement guy in his city. If Howard wants to win he better go to LA, if he wants the endorsements he needs to go to Brooklyn because D-Will doesnt care about that stuff.

    • Jacky says:

      Just like the NY Knicks, players like that way

    • thomas says:

      uhhh – why do you think he wants him out. CAUSE HES STAYING stop eating retard sandwiches

    • honcho says:

      Exactly. They are gonna run into the same problem as Cleveland. You can’t force anyone to stay or can you give the keys to the franchise to a basketball player. Stan Van Gundy isn’t the issue, egotistical basketball players that think that they are better than what they really are is

  79. allaroundballer says:

    I think it’s not just abou Van Gundy but also the trading. They never put the solid pieces. Same case with Cleveland

    • LOL says:

      If Dwight Howard will sign with us a 5-year deal with the Magic… consider his request, done! -Otis Smith(GM)