Lakers-Clippers … Still No Rivalry?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This whole Battle-for-L.A. thing is infinitely much tougher to make happen when no one wants to own up to it being a real rivalry.

The Los Angeles Lakers have treated this rivalry talk like the plague since it started, when Chris Paul joined Blake Griffin and the Clippers at the start of this season. And now the Clippers are dismissing any notion of their being a rivalry with their Staples Center co-tenants.

That makes it extremely difficult to drum up some good ol’ fashioned bad blood between these two in advance of tonight’s matchup (10:30 p.m. ET on ESPN). It’s nearly impossible when they say things like this (courtesy of our main man Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times):

“Honestly, I don’t think it is one (a rivalry),” center DeAndre Jordan said. “But I’m not worried about any other team. I don’t care about them. I respect them as a team and as players. Once we step in between that line, I could care less about any accomplishments they have.”

“It’s not really a rivalry,” Griffin said. “It’s a game between two teams that play in the same city, play in the same building. It’s just another game.”

“It’s another big game for us,” Paul said. “We’ve got some momentum going. It’s one of those games that we want to win.”

“We don’t make too much of it,” Paul said. “First of all, it’s been so long ago that we played them. We’re two totally different teams. I don’t even remember that last game too much. But it’s obviously a big game” Wednesday.

That’s all fine and dandy. We don’t actually need much kindling for this fire anyway.

We could just point to their previous meetings this season for proof that what the Lakers and Clippers say and how they react to each other on the court are diametrically opposed. Round 1 was good and Round 2 might have been better. (And let’s not forget two pretty good — if insignificant — preseason matchups, too.)

If it looks, smells and feels like a rivalry (I don’t care if the banner count is 100-0) … then we’ll classify it as just that, if for no other reason that to satisfy our own nostalgic urgings.

And Jordan did give in just a little bit when he said:

“We’re not going to back down to anybody,” Jordan said. “We’re going to stand up to the challenge. It’s going to be a physical game. It’s going to be some talking in the game. We’re not going to back down to anybody, whether it’s the worst team in the league or the best team in the league. That’s how we are going to get better.”

And that’s how we’ll enjoy our Wednesday night, watching these two non-rivals go nose-to-nose on the big stage and do their best acting job of the season. Because remember … this is just another game!


  1. Gabriel Zita says:

    Overall, with nick young, the Clippers will be the better team.

  2. willie says:

    why is everyone forgetting who the real champions are? the defending champions are the MAVS, and they will win it again this year… enough of this lakeers and clippers nonsense

  3. Adam says:

    Kobe dropped smooth 31 pts last nite

  4. jonski22 says:

    no rivalry , just more highlights from the clips…

  5. Rick Crain says:

    This is the worst reffereed game I have ever seen. Really, there wasn’t this many flagrant fouls in wrestlemania 28. These refs are absolutely horrible. I am not a Lakers fan. I am not a Clippers fan. These refs have got to be banned. Lakers winning by 25 going into the 4th if not for the refs and Griffin would be ejected by now. Unbelievable. First time I’ve ever posted but this is ridiculous. Here are their names: Marc Davis, Rodney Mott, Scott Wall. BAN THEM!

  6. brandon says:

    First off, I am a Laker fan. It isn’t really a battle for LA if it is the best (and ONLY talented) player for the Clippers is Chris Paul. Besides a great, young point guard who can keep up with the best of the league, kobe, pau, and bynum can be relied on to score and facilitate. After losing Billups, there is no back up veteran to manage the floor or score. Blake Griffin can’t get anything in the hoop unless he’s about a foot away from the basket. Lakers have all the experience, and the best front court in the league (with Bynum healthy, of course) and the best closer in the game. It isn’t really a competition unless the Lakers have an extremely (and i mean EXTREMELY) off night.

  7. Chris says:

    Hopefully my Lakers come up on top. With Bryant getting hot and Sessions stepping up his game along with Pau Tonight should be a really fun game to watch. Also if Bynum does come in and can play. Wooo it will be fun to watch

  8. KOBE says:

    is bynum playing?! some1 tell me so i can decide weather im going to bet or not?

  9. Troutflush says:

    Kobe still leads the league in scoring at 36. 100% of the teams would like him. He has rarely ever missed more than a game or two each season in his Career. Chris paul, Wade and Derrick Rose have missed more games this in in a shortented year then Kobe has missed in the last 4-5 even with bad knees, broken fingers, soar backs. Lakers will take the division and then take the Clips or Mavs in the first round. This is with Bynum missing the first 4 games where they lost three of those one by a point to Chicago at home and Bynum missing several other games this season.. Kobe is a closer and why he has to worry about OKC… its a team game and still tough to beat the lakers at home.. Cant wait for the playoffs.

  10. Marvin Harris says:

    If you got paid for writing that, you just stoll money. That went no where.

  11. Eddie says:


  12. Jay says:

    CP3 better than KOBE???!!!wow the most dumbest comment ive ever seen!!!!hes leading the league in scoring and still clutch when it matters….to the guy who made that comment you are missing a some basketball and learn somethin

  13. shockeem says:

    clippers is the better team in la and the clippers will win the west!! RT


    SEKOU SMITH HATES LAKERS…. all your blogs, seriously man.



  16. Papa Smurf says:

    Clippers are a sorry team. In two years Chris Paul will jump ship to play with the really LA team (Lakers). Oh and as for Blake Griffin he’s been taking flopping lessons for Vlade Divac.

  17. NiceJumpShotGriffin says:

    Now that the Lakers have acquired Sessions, LA is Laker town, and it will always be Laker town until they enter rebuilding mode. Even if the Clippers win tonight, the Lakers could quite easily overtake the Clippers in the playoffs.

  18. WILL says:

    All you chipper fans need to know one thing
    a usually a rivilary is when it is close.
    head-to-head L.A.L 142
    L.A.C 49

  19. usolaker says:

    Lakers all day..enough said. Clippers? Clippers? really?

  20. Croakus says:

    Clippers to roll to 7 straight!

  21. Right says:

    To all those who keep saying “don’t disrespect Kobe”: Kobe disrespected himself when he RAPED that girl. How he EVER got allowed back on the court, and how he EVER got you IDIOTS to respect him will always be beyond me, because he is a RAPIST.

  22. Xtian says:

    Imagine Paul playing with Gasul, Bynum and Kobe playing with Blake and Jordan.

  23. ywang1990 says:

    It’s funny that ppl even bring this ‘rivalry’ up in the first place. How can two teams be rivals when one team has infinitely more championhip banners than the other. It’s more like Father – Baby, unless the LAC organization actually does something of significance, LAC and LAL should never be compared in a sentence.

  24. lakersin4 says:

    Clipper and their fans have a inferiority complex – no problem just leave LA oops I mean Laker town
    Clippers think about getting a Pacific division banner – hahaha if the Lakers hung their banners we’d have a hard time watching the game. Laker only hang championship banners

    Heck New Orleans won the superbowl so anything is possible – NOT this time
    Could he really believe these clippers as champs?

  25. Amun says:

    Clippers won’t be in LA past 2014 anyway.

  26. sebo says:

    imo clippers should win tonight.hate lakers i hope they’are gonna lose in 1st round po.

  27. fan says:

    clips miss billups

  28. charles says:

    Ever since Lakers upgraded their point guard position, they are a different team than the one that got swept a year ago. Obviously, without Andrew Bynum they can’t dream of a championship but Bynum’s injury maybe a blessing in disguise because it forces the coach to play McRoberts and Murphy more and they will need them come playoff time so might as well get them in the rotation now.

  29. Ruvien says:

    CLIPPERS will just be the No.2 team Behind LAKERS…dont be blinded to those HIGH-FLYING ACTS…basketball is not all about highlights………its STRUGGLES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS! …talkin about KOBE… AGREE????

    • LAL says:

      Richard Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas will play for LAKERS next season… Worldpeace and Steve Blake will be out and … Aaron Afflalo will also be added to the roster…. COMING SOON!!!

      • Chris says:

        I’d prefer Lakers go after O.J. Mayo. Young and very good off the bench, Perfect back-up for Kobe. The 2nd guy they should also get is Michel Beasley, guy was born to score and would be the best bench player for the Lakers. If the Lakers sign both of these guys upcoming off-season. Then the Lakers will be a scary team to play against. Also both of these guys would be easy to get as they both want out of there team’s. So Lakers better get it done. Atleast one of them

  30. The clippers beat the the lakers in the playoffs then its big time right now little brother is trying to prove him self, and kobe is not stugglin, maybe the first three quarters but the 4 is kobes best closer in the game.

  31. 04gto says:

    Congrats to the Clippers for winning 6 games in a row for the first time IN MORE THAN 20 YEARS. Rivalry?

  32. 04gto says:

    “Prix” is pronounced “Pricks” in this case. Used in a sentence: “All these guys who think that Chris Paul or Blake Griffin are better than Kobe, are a bunch of Prix.”

  33. xtreme1 says:

    there’s no such thing of rivalry between the Lakers and the clippers because the Lakers own the clippers. who cares if they got Chris Paul and Blake. they will NEVER NEVER come close to the 16 championships or even have the history the Lakers had . they will be remembered as a team that don’t make it its not because of the players its their Owner he cheap

  34. NBAFAN says:

    I know how this may hurt but all Blake and De Anadre jordan do is dunk. That is why when matched up against kevin Love Blake lost that battle. The clippers are playing good basketball mainly because of paul. The Lakers i believe will do better in the playoffs then the Clippers just on experience alone. If you guys really want top know I believe everybody should be scared of the Spurs. Pop is a helluva coach, plus they have put together a very good team. Guys that are willing to go to war. Especially Capt jack.

    • bunbury says:

      The spurs is definetely one of the favorite ones unless of course they face Memphis, right?

  35. boombooroomboomboom says:

    clips fans are just hyped coz of highlights… but does clips have the guts when playoffs comes?
    yup kobe is old and struggling….but atleast you can see him doing everything he could to help the team…
    any ways just shut up and watch the result…….

  36. lakerfan24 says:

    jesus christ the clippers are just another team to the lakers… nothing like rivals

  37. Whitney says:

    Please use the word “there” when appropriate.
    “And now the Clippers are dismissing any notion of their being a rivalry with their Staples Center co-tenants.”

    Don’t make me puke anymore I learned this in 2nd grade and I wasn’t even getting paid for it.

  38. Ben H. says:

    I don’t think the Clippers are refined enough yet to be taking over LA. They need to spend a full season together and figure out their defense a little more. For instance, the Clipps keep giving Blake the ball too much. Blake is an amazing athlete, but he doesn’t have the arsenal yet to be the full centerpiece. Once he develops his game that extra step he will be even more dangerous. CP should take more shots, because you know he can create for himself so well.

    The Lakers have been playing together longer and have more playoff experience. I’m rooting for the Clippers though, you can tell by the moves the organization has made this season that they are serious about getting into the playoffs and being a legitimate threat. Adding Nick Young to the roster was a big step, and I think that the veteran Clippers will help him refine his game.

  39. Sea Pea says:

    The Lakers have always have always had an advantage when it comes to Free Agency and Player movement since the days of Wilt. Whether its because of the weather, Hollywood, the legendary GM’s or the Legacy of the Lakers, players just want to play there. It’s puts every other team at a disadvantage and creates a envy and jealousy towards them. Teams feelings toward the Lakers is more Jealously than hatred. We know this advantage exists and David Stern tried to prove it doesn’t exist by shutting down the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers which if it had happened we wouldn’t even be discussing this blog right now.

  40. mac daddy says:

    kobe is the best nba player

  41. Sea Pea says:

    There are no rivalry’s. The Bulls hated the Pistons in the 80’s and vice versa. Knicks hated the Heat in the 90’s. Lakers and Celtics had so much rivalry it was almost racial. Jordan did not have a rivalry with the Utah Jazz he had a rivalry with anyone who thought Malone deserved that MVP trophy over him. Some of these players couldn’t even play together on All-Star teams cohesively because of their hatred for each other. There really hasn’t been a rivalry since Kings/Lakers or Pacers/Knicks. Those were the last ones I remember. It used to be every team in the West hated the Lakers and it’s not even like that anymore. The only thing that even resembles a rivalry is Cavs/Heat…..and that’s weak.

  42. mash says:

    its like a bunch of kids who are playing really fast and really good and they are very excited and they are just came to a town to face and challenge the big guys who have worthy experience and rings in the hands of most of them,

    To be frank, experience will speak here , forget about the jumping kids who are playing for the show! there are people gonna faceoff and defend for their respect and its not gonna be easy to the kids nor the big guys.

    laker fan forever

  43. ro says:

    Seems like every team wants to have a rivalry with the lakers.. clippers are just another addition to that long list.. lakers are used to these talks coz in the end they are the only one contending for championships while the rivalry list keeps changing year after year.

  44. Mike says:

    Playing at home against NJ and almost got beaten. Common Laker fan stop dreaming because Laker is not that good!!!!!!

  45. kobe says:


    • bunbury says:

      FYI—–There has been some really good rivalries between teams WITHOUT championships. Bulls Vs Pistons (before bulls won one); Bulls Vs Knicks, Pacers Vs Knicks, Knicks Vs Heat, Lakers Vs Spurs, Lakers Vs Kings, Lakers Vs Blazers.

  46. Najee the ripper says:

    this is obviously a rivalry if I have ever seen one. maybe not two players who could go at each other like bird and magic or bill and wilt. But this rivalry is more like the Utah Jazz vs Michael Jordan. And you can guess who is Jordan. (KOBE BRYANT). see

  47. clippers fan says:

    Lakers are the better team right now, hands down. It’s Laker town, hands down. Lakers are great at home, no doubt. As Kobe said, Rivalries are born in the playoffs with 7 nasty games in a row. With that said, Clips have a great chance to take them like they did San Antonio in Texas, the Nuggets in Denver, the magic in Orlando, and OKC when they were here in LA. There is no Team the Clippers can’t beat when they are operating on all cylinders, but rivalry is not really a conversation topic. Let’s just watch the game and stop making it more than it is. Two highly competitive, highly talented teams in LA, battling for their spot in the playoffs, in a highly competitive western conference with a traffic jam behind them playing for the last 6 spots.

  48. Jahmel Edwards says:

    not a rivalry…… common.
    Regardless if these two teams refuse to acknowledge the fact that this is more than just an ordinary game .. the fans will. I mean finally there are two entertaining basketball teams in L.A so this will not just be any ordinary game.

    But this post also brings up the underlying issue of players in the league now a days being to
    “buddy-buddy” with one another, backing away from the emotions of big games. I just miss the days of when players would accept that fact that there is a rivalry and voice their dislike for the team because they knew that the other team whom ever it may be stood between them and a championship.

    Players like Kobe, Rose, Perkins, and KG are the last of a dying breed.

  49. killuabest says:

    your correct @Dennis..i have the same dilemma on those two guys you said. @ prix just a dumb idiot a laker/kobe hater thats all.

  50. Sea Pea says:

    There would have to be a Maylay at the Staples center to have a legitimate rivalry. Fans creat Rivalry’s these days. But money and free agency kind of ruins the rivalry thing.

  51. Dano says:

    La will win for sure

  52. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Time to make a statement of who is the best team in LA. Lob city or no nick name Lakers. Today is going to feel like time is not flying fast enough so I can see Blake posterize all over the Lakers. I want to see 3s from Foye and Butler, and see Paul loose guys taking the ball into hostile territory. Lets get ready to Rumble! Are you ready (point to the Clips) are you ready (point the Lakers) Lets play Basketball! ( point to finger to the ground).

  53. ko0kiE says:

    now the lakers have no more derrick fisher who can save them with the game winning shot.. lol

  54. Dennis says:

    This game will go down to the wire. I am a laker and kobe fan but i know that the lakers will not win a championship this season because of the issues regarding Mike brown and Andrew bynum. but if they fix it will be a different story lakers will win the west and have a chance to win it all.

  55. Randall says:

    Hands down KB 24 is better than Cp 3 this shouldnt even be a debate. Yes Kobe is older but he is smarter and still is the game best closer. Hate him or love him, you got to respect what the man do on the court. To me he is still the best in the game today. I know people will say Lebron or Durant but kobe is a threat on all parts of the floor and he does it all. Lebron is not a killer and Durant dont play enough defense case close!!!

  56. ante says:

    Clippers are going down baby 🙂

  57. Andrea says:

    Ugh, I really hate how desperate the media is to create excitement. Why are you so eager to see bad blood between teams? Just let them play and enjoy some good ol’ basketball.

  58. Andre says:

    Prix….You are aptly named.

  59. TheWhiteMamba says:

    Are you kidding? With lakers momentum, and Pau/Sessions/Bynum/ and the parts of the lakers bench playing at their peak this game is a n easy LAL win.

  60. Captain Obvious says:

    Hey prix. Yea Kobe might be taking more shots but like the late great said “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take” Kobe is 1st in the league in PPG, Chris paul is 16th…

  61. casper says:

    Blake is really incredible, I am worried bout his knees in year or two ..see VC what happend.

  62. Valentin Turrado says:

    The Clippers this year are looking to go farther than the Lakers in the playoffs. CP3 and Blake Griffin are going to be too much for the Lakers defense tonight, once they get hot they will kick it out to shooters like foye and butler and young and win this battle of L.A.

  63. BelizeBoy says:

    Well it’s not really a rivalry. Lakers vs Boston is a rivalry because of the playoff history. Clippers now can actually start a rivarly with the Lakers since they are now both playoff teams and could possibly meet. That would start a rivalry is say the Clippers won, but for now it’s just Laker town and there’s a new talent trying to upstage them. Clipper fan BTW.

  64. Ingman says:

    Again this Poster Child fan…

  65. mjs says:

    prix, you are an idiot

  66. Az Uz says:

    Prix, Your comment only epitomizes your lack of knowledge of the game of basketball. How can you say that Paul is better than Kobe. Are you out of your mind!? How is he losing his stamina. He’s one of the top players in the category of minutes played. Yet with wrist problems, 33 years old, he’s still the league’s leading scorer. Give me a break Prix.

    • Michael says:

      I’m a Kobe fan and I agree with almost everything you said, but i never bought those Kobe’s problems and actually don’t like those things like “Bad wrist”, “Bad knees”. Honestly I don’t think Kobe would been playing so great with thousand of problems people always saý he has.
      About the rivalry or better non-rivalry, never gonna happen because Clippers has good teams once in decades but Lakers always (or almost always) has good teams. It’s just see Lakers has titles in almost all decades.

  67. @prix says:

    Are you serious ? One of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard. Sure he’s percentages are down (.43%) but he’s still leading the league in ppg. I’m a Kobe fan, but I will admit he has shot his team out of games this season, but you can’t deny he has also won them games. Not to mention he is only 33. He’ll be here for another 8 seasons, i promise you that.

    Kobe’s arrogance could possibly get the lakers in to trouble this offseason. When’s he feeling it, he’s great. But when the games aren’t doing so well he needs to quit doing iso and jacking up hard shots. Especially when he has two of the best big men in the league in front of him. If he ran more and came off screens like durrant he could improve his shooting percentage and his team’s wins. That’s my only problem with Kobe, he will die by his ways. He’s incredible when’s on, but when he’s in a slump he’s cancerous.

    • dd def says:

      also bynum’s arrogance is looking to cause problems (a shame cause i’ve really grown to appreciate his abilities)
      and another thing to remember, kobe’s 33, but he has almost 4 more years of nba time than the average 33 year old. plus all the deep playoff runs, olympic teams, all-star games. there’s a lot of mileage on that body, and a lot of it came when that body wasn’t ready to endure it. hence the decision not to draft out of highschool anymore. but he is a trooper, and doesn’t complain about or use for an excuse his maladies. props to that.

      but i think you hit the nail on the head, solid logic buddy.

  68. obek says:

    seriously…? paul is better than kobe… are you kidding me“

  69. Nada says:

    DeAndre talked like he doesn’t care about anything. i hope he say the same thing about his paycheck!!!

  70. Tom says:

    Have you watched another version of the game with the Nets last night?

  71. kevin says:

    oh yeah, someone who is leading in scoring should retire because they are 33…….

  72. It may not be a rivalry but tonight’s matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers is today’s NBA Game of the Day ( This is a big game for both teams and may have some bearing on the final Pacific Division standings.

    With a win, the Lakers can take a substantial two-and-a-half-game lead over the Clippers in the division. A Clippers win would pull them within a half game of the division lead and make winning their first Pacific Division title a real possibility.

    Rivalry or not this is a big game and both teams know it.

  73. prix says:

    this time the Clippers will rule L.A…Paul will always be a better than Kobe in his age right now and struggling for his game and losing his stamina and body wont tired for the playoffs..kobe should retire..his shooting poorly..

    • ImPrixAndimGay says:

      have you been watching the previous 2 games from kobe?

      • JorbotheBorb says:

        Back to back after scoring 41 for their 3rd game in 4 nights? I think there’s a pretty good likelihood he’s going to be tired. No disability just regular stupid?

      • Mino says:

        Very funny, I am sure people with down syndrome laugh at that. Paul is better than Kobe Bryant this season, He gets his teammates involved, he’s been great defensively, he’s been clutch. So what if Kobe scores 12 more points a game.

    • Mabs says:

      What a wasteman. Kobe should retire? Kobe is still top 10 even with a broken thumb, torn ligaments and a b ad knee. Go home and don’t waste your words on his greatness. I’M NOT A LAKERS FAN, I am a clippers fan and I hope Kobe gets posterized by Blake but don’t disrepect him.

    • youidiotprix says:

      go watch some games before you post idiotic comments

    • Kobe is human and playing for an organization that wants to rebuild but doesn’t have the BALLS to do it yet! If they really wanted to win a ring Lamar Odom wouldn’t have ever been offered in a trade in december in the first place. They needed a point guard and last years roster and they would have been fine. KOBE IS NOT READY TO OR NEAR RETIREMENT! Last I checked he was still hitting shots in the clutch when it matters1

      • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

        If McRoberts and the other Murphy can take their game another notch another level. I think Lakers can do it again. Mitch should have called in Odom and told him this is business get over it! You are staying with us big fella. But no he traded him because of Odoms Demand. To me big mistake. Unless he has a plan then yeah it was a good move.

    • Andre says:

      Much like your writing….strugling to make it in English, losing your coherence and grammar won’t work. You should retire from writing anything anywhere and just shut up (I’m guessing that your speech is just as good as your writing). Dimwit!

      • Da_Beaver says:

        struggling…. not “strugling”. I think somebody else needs to retire from writing.

    • devon says:


    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      I am a big Clip fan and Lakers but right now Clips. But there is no comparison. Kobe broke records this year. He has won championships etc… Kobe should be inducted to the Hall of fame right now, why wait till he retires. This guys accomplished so much that I dont have all day to list. Kobe has nothing else to prove. Maybe prove he can do it when guys his age retire or don’t picked up again. Their are a lot of great players who left the NBA without a ring. Nash could be one of them not because he wasn’t a great player. He wasn’t with the right team at the right time with the right players. Until Clips win a championship, like 5+, there is no comparison. Kobe is the man.

      • chalice says:


        I agree that Clippers are doing well right now but they have been kinda streaky this season. Before the homestand run and the win in Dallas, there was talk that Del Negro might not have a job come playoff time. In the post-season, I favor the Lakers over the Clips only because of the Lakers experience but it would be close between the two. As for Kobe proving things: it depends on what he wants in the long run; i.e. to be compared to Jordan. Kobe has 5 rings, Jordan 6 but what I think will be the difference is if Kobe can win WITHOUT Phil Jackson. Coaches do mean a lot as has been shown by Greg Popovich and Jerry Sloan for years. If Lebron had Phil Jackson as a coach since he came in the NBA, he would have some rings too! Phil can make a good player look great and a great player look legendary! Therefore, in my mind, Kobe is a definite HOF but still has some proving to do to be the #1 of all time.

    • Ritchie says:

      For one Paul will never be “better than Kobe” . With 5 rings and a future one on its way, it doesnt look like Kobe is wanting to slow down. Yes, his body is the ultimate game changer but his ability to still make well contested shots is incredible.

    • Kael says:

      Kobe will always be Kobe he might be aging but he can still play and win games. He wanted that 6th ring so don’t urge him to resign! Pinoys love Kobe

    • Tessa says:

      You are crazy if yu think Blake or Paul is better than Kobe when neither have a ring yet and never will. Lakers rule! Clippers are not winners. They may finally make the playoffs but will be eliminated in first round. Lakers know how to win and have 16 championships to prove it. Where is the Cippers banner? Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game of basketball the others will be forgotten when they retire.

    • FakirWise says:

      Funny you say this because if you look at the stats, Kobe’s overall game (at his age) is still better than Chris Paul’s.
      Who places where on the MVP race?

    • clipper_hater says:

      Whatever, Paul is a whinning p*ssy! It’s all about the rings and CP3 will never get more than Kobe!

    • jordan says:

      agree !

    • SHOWTIME says:

      @ Prix – CLEARLY, you do not wacth basketball. KOBE’s closed more games this week then Lebron has in his career. Get at the HIGHLIGHTS Boss.

    • Laker Fan says:

      Wow there should be a rule against idotic comments.