Blogtable: Bulls Missing Rose Finally?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

We asked about Derrick Rose’s absence last week. Has it caught up with the Bulls, or were they just due for back-to-back losses?

Steve Aschburner: Rose has been out too long with the mother of all groin strains. Chicago has managed to go 14-7 without the league’s MVP, a credit to its depth and coaching. But it’s a Band-Aid over the problem. Neither the point guard rotation nor the Bulls’ offense was built for this. Rip Hamilton‘s multiple absences (37 games) have compounded the backcourt woes and jumbled what once was a rock-solid bench unit. We can admire the Bulls for holding things together without Rose as long as they did, but going one-third of a season without your best player will bring any team to its knees.

Fran Blinebury: Considering that it was merely the second-longest such streak in NBA history, I’m willing to cut the Bulls a little slack. That said, a Rose by any other name — oh, say, John Lucas III — is hardly as sweet.

Scott Howard-Cooper: You mean the team that immediately before that won nine of 11, including victories over the Heat, Magic, 76ers and Hawks? Doesn’t seem anything is catching up with the Bulls. The story isn’t suddenly that Chicago has struggled without Rose the last couple games. The story remains that it has done so well without him. The loss to the Thunder was bad because of the margin of defeat, not because losing at OKC is panic-button time. And the loss to the Rockets was the second of a back-to-back against a possible playoff team in the West.

Shaun Powell: Once again, there’s no need for panic in Chicago, where the Bulls are guaranteed at least a 2-seed in the East even if Rose sits another week. That said … how much do the Bulls value home-court throughout, especially if they meet Miami in the East finals? I subscribe to the theory that home-court matters little at that stage of the playoffs, that the best team wins regardless. So, unless the Bulls are buying into the home-court mystique, let Rose continue to rest and heal, and let the supporting cast play on. If the Bulls’ losing streak stretches to five or six, forget what you just read here.

John Schuhmann: It’s a combination of the two. Obviously, they need Rose and can only sustain a certain level of success without him for so long. But it was probably just their turn to lose a couple. They ran into a buzzsaw in Oklahoma City on Sunday, and then fell apart defensively in the second half against the Rockets on Monday. I’m not sure Rose would have been the difference in either case. Or maybe they just fell victim to the Film Study jinx.

Sekou Smith: How’s this for an election year, middle-of-the-road answer? It was probably a little of both of those things at work, with the latter being the stronger force of the two. The Bulls acquitted themselves just fine with Rose out of the lineup. And from all indications, he’ll be back sooner rather than later, so I don’t believe there is any reason for concern right now in Chicago (since my last name’s not Thibodeau).


  1. BullsFan101 says:

    Simple truth is the Bulls can easily beat anyone in the East over a 7 game series when they’re healthy. The starting 5 consist of two all-stars, two-previous all-stars, and Noah who is an energizer bunny on offensive boards, probably going to be one of the best centers in the league in a year or two. When they starting 5 are healthy C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer are coming fresh off the bench, which then becomes the best in the East without a doubt.
    Yes, I know they just lost a heart breaker to the Knicks. But Rose was clearly rusty after missing a ton of games. I’d love it if we end up playing the Knicks in the first round so we can get some revenge. Whether they can beat the Thunder in the finals remains to be seen.
    Also, don’t ever sleep on Brian Scalabrine. Scal for MVP!

  2. Gabriel Zita says:

    Spurs…. Well, they’re 2nd place soo maybe they are over good. Fine. A good team is Boston.

  3. Gabriel Zita says:

    The bulls are fine without Rose. But they would just be a regular good team without rose, like the Grizz, or Spurs. if they want to be #1, they need Rose healthy.

  4. Mike Goswami says:

    Hey Guys,
    I am surprised that all the comments in are negative, think man without Rose they have won 14 and only lost 7. What if it was the other way?
    Look at the positive and once Rose returns the playing field will have another scene.

  5. Piston says:

    Chicago has a better team than Miami and are more athletic. As much fuss people make about the Big 3 in Miami, in reality its just the Big 2. Chris Bosh is an expensive role player. Numbers don’t lie, percentage wise Bosh is under 50% shooting, under a block per game and collects less than 9 rebounds per game. Rose, Deng and Noah will hold their own against Bron, Wade and Bosh all series. If Boozer, Korver, Brewer and RIP have a decent series, Chicago will make it to the Finals.

  6. Smoove One says:

    Enough already with all the Bulls Haters. Go in the corner you knuckleheads are officially in time out! Here is the deal; I know that OKC put it on the Bulls a few days ago, And they put it on the Heat as well. HOWEVER, the Heat put it back on them. BUT Riddle me this… How good is the Heat minus Wade and James?(not sure are you?) How good is OKC without Durant and Westbrook?(Even LESS sure huh?) Now, how good are the Bulls without Rose and Hamilton? Best Record in the NBA….Nuff Said!

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Right on the spot there. I can’t imagine any other team missing potentially their 2 best scorers and going 14-7 and still holding the 1st spot by a decent amount. Bulls made playoffs what like a week and a half before OKC and Miami. On top of that Rose is so much more than just a scorer 8 apg and the opponent’s defense is completely different with him on the court. He can get deng and booz wide open mid-range/3-point jumpers. Bulls are golden ECF is gonna be epic w/ Bulls on top. I think OKC needs to be worried tbh cause they can’t handle the Spurs (if Spurs don’t lose in the first round to Grizz).

  7. Jack says:

    @jan good u did not mentioned your team is, but i know u just play it safe here, anyway if u are bulls fan, start praying not ur bulls team collide with NY in the 1st round, if so better pray for ur bulls to get past the knicks hehe, last year remember when they fought the pacers in the 1st round?…this time it will be different but as ive said before, trend is u got to have 2 or more all star caliber on your team now to get to the finals,..this is reality and the bulls dont have it,..rose alone?? thats a big NO!! he cant make it by himself..

    • Bullsfolife says:

      Uhhhhhhh, sorry jack. But your knocks are worse off than the bulls are..WAY worse. Stoudameire injured and lin is GONE, you must have caught linmnesia or something lol. I mightve been a lot more worried had your team not suffer as badly as it did,’re not so lucky. =) Rose and hamilton WILL play in the playoffs, mark my words.

  8. jan279 says:

    I just hope these injuries don’t signal a career like that of Vince Carter, T-Mac or Grant Hill for D-Rose. I hope he gets a ring first.

  9. Brian181 says:

    Although true that the bulls are doing well without rose, they dearly need him back so that their chemistry with him on the court can be restored. They play a little different when hes playing because his presence causes the spacing on the court to be greater for other players.

  10. Will says:

    The Bulls are just fine!!!! They are gearing up and getting ready for the playoffs.. Just like the fans, the nba players wish we could just start the Playoffs already. I think the NBA should give a week off before kicking off the Playoffs… Im glad the Bulls Reserves have grown up without two of their leaders on the floor. With the injuries to Rose and Rip, Boozer and Noah had to step up as the leaders on the floor and the huddles. This will play a major part come playoff time. Trust me, we will be fine!

  11. Rose needs to take his time the bulls are holding it down they need rose healthy for the playoff run not the regular season finish.

  12. Reziko says:

    Thibs the greatest

  13. rokec says:

    Wasn’t John Schuhmann writing something like that CHI plays as good as when they have Rose in line-up and when Rose is out of line-up??
    CHI w/o Rose is way worse team that they are with him!!
    And John says that they are as good as they are w/o him as they are with him. looool

  14. Cooga Paw says:

    Rose will never be the same

  15. Jan says:

    1st the Heat have to get to the finals.. I don’t doubt that they have a great team, but it sure won’t be a walk in the park either.. Actually I would not be surpriced if the Heat won’t make the finals this year…

    But still this is a 5v5 game where 3stars > 1 or 2 stars, while on the same playground…

    I can always hope to never see a ring on LeBron’s finger tho 😀

    • q't18 says:

      such a hater!!!hope you’ll not eat your words….move on dork!!!just enjoy watching the game and not wish for somebody’s failure…if you keep on talking like that, you’ll be the one to suffer such kind of failures!!!you’re just upset that Bron didn’t went to your fave team…but still you shouldn’t say those words!!!such a crab mentality!!!!

      • Jayda says:

        Who needs Lebron on our team with the great team that we have already.? Obviously the league’s best record holding team doesn’t . BTW if you didn’t know it’s the bulls. OK we had aback to back loss. But look how far in the season it is and how long it took us. Every other team in the league have BEEN loss back to back, not to mention more than once.

    • Bullsfolife says:

      True, but don’t forget that we have aguably the best bench in the ENTIRE league, as for the heats bench it’s just guys to keep the seats warm for wade and lebron when they sit down. The long road with us(which it will be because we’re gonna come at em from all sides) will hurt them more than us. We can rotate are people around on and off the court and keep em fresh, as for wade and lebron it will greatly take the toll that it does for teams who only wins by players. Players win games, TEAMS win championships. =)

  16. Bulls4Life says:

    Awesome points Bird22!!!!

    I totally agree!!!

    The Bulls sure have had trouble staying healthy the past 2 years but still have the best record last year and this year up to this point! Much of this can be attributed to TT and too as a rookie coach last year…as well as Rose being the MVP!

    It has been very fun watching the Bulls and I hope they can stay healthy soon and be on the same page once again…they should be very fun to watch and hopefully hoist the championship trophy this year and/or in years to come even with the Heatles in Miami! LOL

  17. Bird22 says:

    I think the current Bulls record without Rose holds testament to the hard-working supporting cast of Chiago! Considering his considerable absence, combined with the absence of RIP a 14-7 record is phenomenal. Can you a see any other team in the league performing to same level? Boston without Rondo and Pierce? Lakers without Kobe or Pau? Without a doubt Chicago are going to
    make a lot of noise come playoff time!

    • SASpurs says:

      Spurs went 15-7 without Ginobili and missing a lot of other role players occasionally this season. Pretty sure that’s the same level.

  18. prix says:

    It seems that Miami will have an easy road to the finals…NY would still be the wild card…Boston out in the 1st round..