More Lakers Drama: Bynum Fined?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Lakers All-Star center Andrew Bynum is making headlines in Los Angeles again, but for all the wrong reasons.

On top of last week’s benching, it appears that the Lakers fined Bynum for a number of transgressions that have occurred recently, per published reports in Los Angeles. Dave McMenamin of provides some details:

Bynum recently was fined an undisclosed amount for “numerous infractions,” multiple sources confirmed to One of the stunts that warranted the fine from the team was Bynum blowing off a meeting with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Bynum told he was unaware of the fine before getting into his car outside the Lakers practice facility and driving away after the team’s shootaround in preparation for their game against the New Jersey Nets on Tuesday.

Bynum did tell the website, though, he will not play in Tuesday night’s game after suffering a moderate sprain of his left ankle in the first quarter of a game against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

The sprain did not require an MRI on Monday and X-rays on Bynum’s ankle were negative, but Bynum did not participate in the Lakers’ shootaround on Tuesday. Bynum used the shootaround time for treatment, which included anti-inflammatory medicine.

Lakers coach Mike Brown had said Bynum’s status would be a game-time decision.

“I can’t play,” Bynum said while wearing tape around his left ankle. “Hopefully (Wednesday against the Clippers).”

While Bynum never has been better on the court, averaging career highs in points (17.9) and rebounds (11.9) per game to go along with 2.0 blocks and the second best field goal percentage in the league (58.1 percent), he increasingly has been difficult off it since playing in his first All-Star Game in February.

This is drama that the Lakers simply do not need. No team with championship aspirations needs this sort of extracurricular nonsense, particularly from a player that is an absolute cornerstone for the franchise’s foreseeable future.

If there was going to be a player who clashed with Brown and the front office this season, most folks would have assumed it would be Kobe Bryant (who was benched but took the high road). Bynum would have ranked lower on the list of potential agitators.

And yet, here he is, the man in the middle … on and off the court!


  1. oil purifier says:

    Bynum is a great center, probably can be the most dominant center in NBA. Lakers has a strong and important player, but the Lakers has a poor coach.

  2. noyb says:

    Weirdest, move unintelligible segment ever.

  3. TheProfesor says:

    Its only drama if the media makes it drama. Its no big deal

  4. billywib says:

    if you guys were bynum you would be mad too 58% and kobe still takes 25 per game when he is not even 50%

  5. Spurs4Life says:

    leave it to the spurs the most underrated team!!! woot woot i sense a championship this year, a player can win games but a team wins championships!

  6. Ben H. says:

    People can defend Drew all they want, but right now he needs to 1) cool down and 2) stop taking 3 pointers. I’m sure when they went to the drawing board no one put up ‘Give Drew more 3’s. Anyway, I don’t think he’s a Diva, but I think right now he’s acting like one. I’ll reiterate what I said in a post last week though, the Lakers are still at 3rd place in the West…so not too shabby considering.

    And P.S. I think Mike Brown has done a great job coaching considering he’s following up PHIL JACKSON. It’s like trying to be the SG that’s taking over for MJ…would you say that’s going to be easy? Phil Jackson is arguably on of the best coaches EVER, so if the new guy is having some trouble adjusting at first, maybe give him a second. I mean good God, you Laker fans want Brown out even after all the changes the organization has gone through this season, and you’re still friggin 3rd place in the West!! Now THAT’S spoiled. I’m an Orlando fan, and we won’t win the championship this year, but I’m still rooting for them all the way. Because I’m a FAN of my team.

  7. Zach Gillette says:

    He sounds exactly like Shaq in the 2000’s.

  8. Reno says:

    I meant “perfect for”, of course.

  9. Reno says:

    Bynum would be perfect the Kim Kardashian’s. And that’s where he’s heading…

  10. TTKIN says:

    Cant blame a 23 or 24 year old for letting fame and money get to his head…BUT HE NEEDS TO FIX THIS NOW! The guys who are divas tend to have careers that end short (anyone else thinking of Allen Iverson?)

  11. 1greatplayer says:

    what a little BIT** i hope the lakers trade this huge idiot

  12. He’s being a bit of an idiot really. I mean, he’s playing career best basketball, this team is virtually his when Kobe leaves and his acting like a spoilt brat. I dont understand personally!

    Make sure you check out

  13. Jamie S* says:

    You know, I really had no intentions of taking the time to make a statement here until I started reading these ridiculas blogs. Its almost the worst I’ve ever read. People seem to have very short or selective memory, when “Drew” was out on the floor, playing through his guts, bone on bone, as I read through these silly blogs, I ask, when was the last time you stepped outside your body and walked around for a day in a (7) foot 285lb body. I’ve had that injury, and could barely walk, let alone run up and down an NBA floor. And have the nerve to trash “Shaq” for stepping up in his defense, thats because he knows what its like to play in a place where everything is blown wheyyyy out of proportion. “Drew is a good kid, in fact extremely intelligent, not loud or boisterous, keeps kinda to himself, rarely would you catch him without a book, people’s problem is that they believe everything they hear come out of a commentator’s mouth. And they end up thinking things are 100% worst than they really are. “Kareem” didn’t stop working with “Drew” and remains proud of him, he’s the best pure center, skill set wise in this league, and he (KAJ#33) had a lot to do with it. On to new things.While most players were enjoying an extended summer spending their money on gold diggers, and making appearences, “Drew” was in a gym with “Freddie Roach”. That alone says, close your mouth about the mans work ethic. Diva?? They will be right there when its time to push for a championship, this is the traveling circus thats called the “LA Lakers”..

  14. LEBRON TRAVELD says:

    for all of you who doubt so much about lakers… doubt as long as you want,,, nyahahahaha… lakers is still the best.. lakers will be in the finals ^_^

  15. Melski says:

    Dude is putting up good numbers but if he was taking things seriously and playing for his team he would be putting up way better numbers….. from now he will be known as Sally…. ( an Aussie Rowing legend) look her up…

  16. un quelconque says:

    @haha….. “ever since he can properly read or right”….did you mean read or write?

  17. garbagetimeblog says:

    Why doesn’t this suprise me. No wonder Kareem doesn’t want to work with him. What an opportunity that would have been.

  18. Rodrigo Drean says:

    Bynum is a great center, probably can be the most dominant center in NBA. Lakers has a strong and important player, but the Lakers has a poor coach.

    • TTKIN says:

      He’ll be the most dominant center when Howard retires in 10 years. Brown is a good coach, but the players dont listen to him and this is a bad sample size due to not having any practices due to the condensed schedule. Let’s remember he had back-to-bcak 60+ win seasons and I doubt anyone on this page right now wants to give the credit for that to Lebron haha 🙂

  19. Per says:

    Andrew is a player the Lakers can get many goods from in the future, but he can’t continue to mess around. The whole thing is a bit blown up, he shot a three and rightly so he got sent to the bench. But that happened a week ago, it’s not something to talk about for ages.

  20. lakermig says:

    Its a real pity and waste of talent, sad to see this happening its worse to see it happening to a star and possibly the future of your team.But if this goes on through out the year i would get rid of him seeing as you can get 2 other decent players for him and although i believe he can only get better (given he remains fit and healthy) his attitude can only get worse,And yes dwight seems like he likes drama but not really he wants to win and with the lakers that never comes into question cause its a franchise that wants to win championships every single year.

  21. LakeShowFoSho says:

    Bynum and Metta probably hung out a lot during the lockout, both need to see a psychologist ASAP.

  22. dabloodybean says:

    glad to see the ”Fakers” getting attention for all the wrong reasons hope it frustrates them and they start losing games.. meanwhile back home in beantown my celtics squad iz on the grinddd.. get well ray, pietrus, wilcox, and green.. ah man you DO NOT wanna see us healthy! haha

  23. QALIDS SARSAK says:


  24. mj says:

    andrew is the key to the lakers

    • Craig says:

      He is the key this season and LA know it, Kobe knows it, and AB knows it.
      It’s all good until Bynum snaps like he did last year against Dallas. You can’t count on AB in the finals. Trade him to the Bobcats in the off season, cut and rebuild. At least with the Bobcats he can’t come back and bite you on the backside. Like Fisher will.

  25. Deviant22 says:

    Wow @ the Laker fans talking about “we want Dwight! trade for Howard! forget Bynum!” So you trade prima donna Bynum for an even bigger diva in Dwight Howard? suuuuure, sounds like a great idea… Lakers still wouldn’t have the roleplayers good enough to win a championship.

    • Jones17 says:

      Howard is so much better than Bynum. With Dwight, the Lakers would breeze to conference finals to play Thunder and then who would stop Dwight? Perkins? lololol.

      Sessions, Artest, Barnes are very good role players and Blake and Murphy/McRoberts are decent for tail end players so would have more than a good chance of beating Bulls/Heat from the East.

    • Peter says:

      Hahahah so damn true – I was going to say exactly the same thing myslef. Dwight Howard is the biggest drama queen this side of Lebron James.

      Man…look at where the ‘future’ of basketball lies…it’s a worry.

  26. wes says:

    it’s something he definitely picked off from Kobe… 😛

  27. themanjdd84 says:

    I’m a big laker fan too and I think that he is very immature. If I remember correctly, he showed his true colors last year during the playoffs when he fouled J.J. Barea hard. He was so frustrated, he nearly knocked the guy’s head off and he was ejected. That was with coach Phil Jackson, so I don’t expect him to change his attitude with coach Brown. I was shocked when I saw him shoot the three with 16 seconds on the shot clock. I don’t know what has gotten into his head. Did he suddenly forget he is a center? Leave the threes for people who can shoot threes. He should just stick to his game down in the post and getting rebounds!

  28. Adam H says:

    don’t you just wish the Lakers could’ve worked out a deal to get “Superman” for “Baby DUD” Bynum. If only!

  29. boombooroomboomboom says:

    if bynum was drafted by other team… he could end up like andrew bogut or even worst like kwame brown.. he should be thankful that lakers are patient on him.. otherwise he could be an average guy

  30. sean says:

    @sekou not particularly this article but u dont know anything about basketball

  31. rkivs says:

    I just hope he keep jacking up 3s all the way through the playoffs. Best possible role for the team!

  32. Coach Dee says:

    Big man’s got big head.

    Watching NJN v LAL as of this moment and Lakers seemed to NOT miss any of Andrew Bynum in the roster.

    But still, get well soon Andrew. We still need your basketball skills and not your big mouth on that big head of yours.

  33. lakerhater says:

    great article.. let’s go 1st round exit.. booyah!

  34. eo says:

    just look into those eyes nothing goin on upstairs and a huge ego to go with it thats dangerous

  35. CARMEN says:

    trade him for Dwight!!!!

    come on Jimmy, get over the bromance already!

  36. SANDIEGO LAKER says:

    Its always easy to simply throw the player under the (Buss). I think back to Mitch stating that he had not spoken to Fisher several days after he he wa traded. I think the Lakers players and front office are out of balance.

  37. Samo says:

    Lakers should get rid of Brown, he hasn’t got a clue. If there was no LeBron, Brown would not be known. He is not a good coach, so hiring him was a big big mistake.

    Bad comparisson, but take a look at SAC, all their problems with Cousins appear to have gone with Westphal’s firing.

  38. Pastorlg says:

    Andrew, Just focus and play the game you love and help your team making everybody happy. Play together, you may not appreciate various decisions made by those you work for but don’t stay down a world of lakers fans are depending on you. Along with your team.


  39. tina says:

    such a great player with an awful attitude.

  40. King LeBron says:

    hey guys its the king what up with bynum when will he play

  41. killuabest says:

    This Bynum kid would be a liability in the future rather than a cornerstone in the Laker’s franchise. A true laker fan would love to see Howard instead of him . Now with with his ego,bad ankle /foot injury the Laker team would face a dilemma in the playoffs.Hope Couch Brown would do his job wiser than the previous games he had earlier. I really like coach Byron Scott to replace him. GO LAKERS!!

  42. andy says:

    team owners should take this kind of attitude into consideration in signing players…..once his contract expired, i just wished that team owners totally forget his name and signed players who deserved to be there…

  43. Craig says:

    I rather have a lesser player with the desire to win and this guy.
    Trade while he is playing well.

  44. Charles, tisk tisk, they dont even have a shot at the championship and we all know that….they just dont have what it takes.
    Miami Will go all the way

    • Jones17 says:

      You won’t even go all the way in the East unless Derek Rose is injured and then you’ll lose to the Thunder in the finals anyway.

  45. lol says:

    LOL @ shaq “if these guys couldnt guard me, what makes you think I can guard them”? LOLOLOL

  46. NuGuy says:

    Shaq is and idiot to defend Bynum. He’s been on the Laker franchise nuts ever since retiring. And Bynum, I used to feel sorry for that guy watching him play through the pain but after last year’s incident and watching his attitude now it’s clear that he’s got delusions of grandeur and other mental issues.

  47. Roger Olasiman says:

    Kobe is a star but he doesn’t behave like this spoiled brat does. He definitely has a behavioural problem that he needs to address as soon as possible. He is arrogant beyond my wildest expectation. He would rather blame team mates than himself. The Lakers don’t need this kind of player if they want to go back to championship level. I would rather have a Gasol or Odom.

  48. Bynun says:

    The Lakers management and the team have been there all those years I’m sidelined with knee injuries. Now that my stats is a ill better I feel like I’m the best player in the league. I’m only 25. There is still plenty of time for me to get many titles… Hopefully I don’t go down with another knee injury that will end my career that’s all.

  49. jason says:

    This guy will let Lakers down atthe worst time and it will be totally their fault. I expected them to trade him after being fined and suspended by the league for his conduct in the playoffs. Nobody remembers the outrage across the league and his lack of remorse. The lakers thaught he was too big to loose so they kept him. Totally their fault for no sending this guy a message.

    I hope other teams are watching. If I weree the owner I’d cut him, how can such a player represent you.

    • CeeGee says:

      Now take note everyone! Here’s a good example for everyone who ever called Kobe arrogant, selfish, self-centered and the like. Bynum is a great example of all of the above-mentioned adjectives. Can you recall a time when Kobe would every think about hurting the team by such actions? Bynum does not come out on the court with the rest of the team to shoot around just before the game. He is taking ill-advised shots that ARE NOT even in his repertoire and, after being told about it, vows to take more! Not keeping meetings with the GM! And do you really believe that ankle was that seriously hurt?? Who does this guy think he is? He has not played very well the last few games probably because they have signed his contract extension so now he’s gonna stomp his feet and be rebellious! What a jerk!

  50. Nancy says:

    Drama in LA is like water at the beach! Just hope the boys have chemistry ON the court – where it matters.

  51. Dave says:

    They MUST trade Bynum. He doesn’t act like a champion just like the rest of the team especially Kobe and Pau.

  52. Jay says:

    Thats why this is quickly becoming a CLIPPER TOWN!

  53. kevnasty317 says:

    This is why kobe does not win the mvp he needs to get this guy in check kobe the only person byunm will listen to till then it will be a mess hes to talentd they need to run the offense threw the post and kobe needs to take less shots and save it for the 4 qaurter were hes good at

  54. Heh says:

    Heh. Kobe should have kept his head in the sky instead of welcoming Bynum to the Lakers cool kids’ table. Bynum now thinks he can do whatever he wants cause his leader will just support him (Kobe: “Bynum reminds me of myself so I dont care what he does”). And then we have Pau GaSoft and Mike Brown both of whom wouldnt be able to keep a domestic animal in check, let alone an NBA all-star. Of course trading away Derek Fisher didnt help much either.

  55. Ba says:

    Cant blame him. Its not his fault. Well it technically is cause he controls himself at the end of the day but it isnt. If you thought you were one of the best centers in the NBA and you had to deal with all these trade rumors that never happened you’d probally be as rowdy as Bynum’s been lately. Bynum has always had a little edge to him. I remember one time he cussed out Sasha Vujacic for not giving him the ball. But lately he’s ego has been all over the place. But i think its more because of how management treats him and how Mike brown treats him. Mike Brown is not a coach players wanna listen to or a coach with a good reputation. Mike Brown’s coaching arent the best. Ask Lebron. If his coaching skills were that of a champion he’d probally be in Cleveland still.

    • KR says:

      or maybe it is his fault. because professionals are supposed deal with trade rumors and still get on with their jobs. he is a professional, he’s just not acting like one.

  56. dd def says:

    yeah, it’s really lame to see such a talented player show such imaturity and such a lack of appreciation not only for the game, but for the oppurtunity he has. playing for a marquee team, a legendary team, with one of the greatest ever to play, having the dream working with him on his game, making millions upon millions to do something that we all do for fun. and he just takes it for granted. it’s really sad, and it’ll probably come back to bite him. hope you get that wake up call before it’s too late big guy.

    personally not a laker fan, but to all the laker fans, i feel for you, this guy is showing a lot of disrespect to you all by acting like this. even though despite the struggles it’s been a winning season that’s just gotta be frustrating.

  57. lakerfan323 says:

    i love Bynum and hes undoubtedly has talent but he is being a diva. He’s young he’s capable and he wants more touches and hes not getting them. Between Him, Gasol and Bryant there just aren’t enough shots to satisfy his ego and his ego is going to cost this franchise. Instead of throwing a little girl scout hissy-fit he needs to grow up and play the game. I really hate how he shows a lack of interest during and out of games…his condescending tone in interviews… he needs to get with the program especially with Ramon Sessions joining the team and adding the boost they need to be playoff contenders. GROW A PAIR BYNUM.

  58. maestroobet says:

    Trade Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard!

    • lakerfan323 says:

      meh dwight is just as bad as bynum… Dwight just has the sense to hide it from the media when he stirs the hornets nest…

  59. jonski22 says:

    him being a headcase outweighs his talents/his potentials….

  60. 1lt says:

    his ego tripping and he’s only giving the management enough reason to trade him next season….

  61. kobe says:

    Being a big laker fan and living in socal this guy just doesnt get it..he sits on sidelines and isnt in the team huddle doing a timeout and has even said multiple times that his head was not in the game that he was just out there joking around..kareem even stoped working with him cause he just doesnt seem to care…hes should b thankfull he makes all that money and doing what we dream about

    • downeastandout says:

      He doesn’t join the huddles cos he prefers to sit down and get his zen on.

    • haha says:

      I honestly believe thats the problem with a kid coming straight out of highschool…he’s the center of attention ever since he can properly read or right…he’s like those toddler beauty pageants…its extremely immature…he’s playing of off talent…he needs to be a lot more humble…sure he can play…and he can earn the big bucks…but he’ll learn one day that talent can only get you so far…monetary success is one thing but theres so much more than being a brat…
      on another note just like that rook chris singleton putting his money on lottery…honestly…i know he’s getting paid…but he’s not even good enough to the point that he can just dump money like that…and tweet about it? thats also immature at its best

  62. BelizeBoy says:

    This guy’s ego is just going throught the roof. It will be the downfall for the Lakers come playoff time.

  63. charles says:

    Hope he’s thee for the playoffs. Without him, there is not even a shot at a championship.

    • Kobr says:

      Lol, doesn’t matter if he’s healthy or not Lakers don’t have a shot at a championship this year. The dynasty is dead

      • sooo you are a laker hater

      • Dayfire says:

        Lakers are good team… I agree with James Brown that you are a Laker hater but I wont disagree with your statement.

        Lakers thus far hasn’t proved anything apart from late Kobe miracles… since they have no fisher they have no one for those clutch moments other than Kobe now.

        Anyways Lakers bench according to Lakers Nation facebook article… Lakers 30th bench points, 28th Rebounds(bench) Can you win with a bench that produces like this LAKER FANS!!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!! I am a laker fan myself I believe we need to address our bench scoring in order for us to contend for a title once again…

        Lakers losing Odom was huge for me… Losing a 6th man of the year winner, the person who anchors the bench MOB as they as… Ok although losing odom wasnt really our fault due to vetoing of the trade that wouldve made our franchise title contenders via CP3 trade but hey its risk we take but it wasnt right for Odom to ask for a trade… dude Gasol dealt with it.. anyways back to the topic.

        Lakers need scorers from the bench… Almost had Beasley
        This off season main target get bench scorer. Yes they will attempt at Beasley again Im sure but there are few others I think should be considered for that role… .OJ MAYO, NICK YOUNG, JR SMITH
        Out of the 4 players OJ MAYO to me is the best choice followed by beasley….. Mayo has been productive throughout his career…would he accept coming off the bench.. who knows but he sure nos he wont start at SG in front of KOBE and if the Lakers promise him minutes and a role as 6th man hey why not nothing is impossible… Big market, One of the historic best teams theres nothing to lose.

        Come Mike start this process…. Kobe isnt getting any younger~~~~