Trying To Fix The Heat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Everyone has their theories about what’s wrong with the Heat, but not everyone has offered up reasonable solutions for fixing those problems.

The facts: they are 1-7 on the road against playoff teams since the All-Star break and currently in the midst of their most subpar stretch of play since the first month LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joined forces. The Heat are 6-5 in their last 11 games overall and 3-7 in their last 10 road games.

Sure, the pounding they took Sunday in Boston has as much to do with the 15-5 mark the Celtics have compiled since the break, and Rajon Rondo doing his triple-double-on-the-big-stage routine once again, than it does with anything going on in Miami.

But there are other issues strangling the Heat’s season that require a remedy (and we’re sorry, but no one is going to get the practice team we all know they — and every other team — need to straighten things out).

In the absence of that traditional fix,’s Ken Berger has come up with a theory that has been visited a time or two the past season-and-a-half (mostly to no avail) that could help the Heat overcome some of the obstacles in their way.

And, you guessed it, Berger’s theory has everything to do with putting the ball in the hands of James:

The simple way to describe the unconventional approach Miami needs is to say that LeBron James should play point guard on this team. Or at the very least, James and Dwyane Wade — two of the most unguardable open-floor players ever to step onto an NBA court — need to share the initiation role in the Heat’s offense. When you have two players who are that unstoppable with the ball in their hands — and a player of LeBron’s otherworldly gifts for passing — there’s no need for Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole to be in 29 of your 30 most frequently used lineups this season.

I could’ve kept going as I scrolled through the handy-dandy advanced metrics tools at, but I grew tired of finding their names.

James and Wade don’t need a point guard on the floor with them. They certainly didn’t need one Sunday, when Chalmers (1-for-5, two points) and Cole (2-for-11, seven points) were utterly dominated by Rajon Rondo (16 points, 14 assists). James, one of the top two or three pure passers I have seen come into the NBA since I have been watching it, had zero assists in 35 minutes.

“We didn’t make any shots,” Spoelstra said, noting that Miami shot 35 percent from the field. “How do you get an assist on a missed field goal?”

Fair enough. But the Heat’s problem — on Sunday and come playoff time — goes a lot deeper than that.

Spoelstra is a good, smart coach, and I give him credit for tweaking the Heat’s early offense this season by incorporating a three-man pick-and-roll game on either side of the floor on semi-transition possessions when no set play has been called. Only two other teams in the league have run such an action this season: the Knicks, when they were coached by Mike D’Antoni, and the Suns, who still run his offense.

But like his mentor, Pat Riley, Spoelstra is wedded to tradition. He relies on conventional lineups, and that means he plays almost always with a point guard on the floor. If your point guard is Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Steve Nash, that’s good. Not so much with Chalmers and Cole.

Furthermore, if James — whose Magic Johnson-like playmaking gifts are now relegated to a once-a year exhibition in the All-Star Game — played point guard in the games that count, he’d be better than all of the above. Or at least as good, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said in slightly correcting me.

“Well, I don’t know if he’d be the best, but he is a point guard as far as I’m concerned,” Rivers said outside the Celtics’ locker room Sunday. “He’s Magic Johnson. That’s who he is.”

With all of that said, the Heat’s remedy could come soon in the form of the schedule. With 10 of their next 13 games at home, all of the things that ail them away from South Beach could very well be put to rest, at least until they have to hit the road for a playoff game.

And by then, many of their outstanding issues (fatigue for the Big 3 is somehow not accepted as a valid explanation for their struggles, but we cannot see how it can be dismissed by so many) will have evaporated.

But they are barely above .500 in their last 11 games overall, home or road, and that could indeed be cause for concern for a team whose season will be defined, one way or another, by what they do in the postseason.

The Heat sang the chorus in unison after the loss to the Celtics. “We’ll figure it out,” they kept saying.

We’ll all be watching …


  1. Kael says:

    Lebron is a true Point-Forward I think he is more comfortable when he have the ball at his hand at the start of the offense. I’m not saying that he will does all the scoring but there’s a thing in basketball the more you have the ball everygame the more you familiarize yourself on how to take care of it. Just imagine how will the defense will look like if the ball was at Lebron ( or even Wade ) put yourself into the opponents coach side will you play a zone/man to man or double team? Lebron is a threat already unlike if a pointguard has it you’ll know that they’ll be looking for Lebron,Wade or even Bosh. So predictable. The only challenge for Lebron or Wade is stamina and composure. let’s go Heat!

  2. Today is a decisive match against the Thunder.

  3. kevnasty317 says:

    the heat are fine its just the schedule this year you go on streak of wins or losses every team has done it, but what concerns me is there half court offenese agianst the zone it been hurtin them lately james and wade need mid rang jumper and go to moves in post posititon, they play with takin you off the dribble and space but the zone takes that away, but iam sure in the playoffs there be a tough out but iam not sure they can win it all i see the same problems from last year its just the regular season hides it, in the playoffs in 7 game series a team will ajust and take away what you do so we will see what lebron does its all on him he’s to talented to average 19 in the finals again and 2 points in the 4 quarter and not get to the line.

  4. Sammydisam says:

    To be honest i think the heat have been playing Basket ball to an entertainment level, which lead them some time to a non focus third and the fourth quarter,,And i dont really like the coach substitute,,specially when DWade or James have to remain on the bench in the beginning of the fourth quarter… Now I may not make any sense let me knw guys…

  5. heat wont win this year says:

    the Heat just need a decent point guard who doesnt cost so much money so can fit under their salary cap, someone like JEREMY lIN! Cmon Heat, make an offer, cos Heat cant afford Nash or d-Will

  6. Sammydisam says:

    To be honest i think the heat have been playing Basket ball to an entertainment level, which lead them some time to a non focus third and the fourth quarter,,And i dont really like the coach substitute,,specially when DWade or James have to remain on the bench in the beginning of the fourth quarter… Now I may not make any sense let me knw guys

  7. jefrey says:

    I wonder why you people are making a fuss because HEAT loss 2 games in a row. Even they loss 3 or 4 straight, that is just practically normal yeah NORMAL because even HEAT has great players, doesn’t mean they can’t be beaten. NBA is where AMAZING HAPPENS lol. I am a fan of HEAT since o’neal days (my all time favorite team is phoenix though). Bosh should be more physical (low post )to tired up their opponent forward/center

  8. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Rondo is awesome. When he is on, there is not a point guard in the league who can stop him.

    • LoL says:

      not quite

      • kobe says:


  9. Bron Man says:

    this is the best solution to the Miami Heat’s Problem, it’s a couple o things, 1. Bron should be PG, 2. Waive Chris Bosh

    1.Trade Chris Bosh for Joakim Noah/ Anderson Varejao / Al Jefferson (or any legitimate Center) **they already have a good buy with Ronnie Turiaf

    2. Revamp the starting line up:

    PG – Lebron James
    SG – Dwayne Wade
    SF – Mike Miller (if healthy) / James Jones / Shane Battier **u got plenty to choose from
    PF – Udonis Haslem
    C – Ronnie Turiaf / Joel Anthony comes from the Bench

    all in all, just know how to play your cards, there’s still a couple o weeks to go before playoffs begin, it all burns down to the playoffs and who’s gonna be having a shot at the gold in the NBA Finals.. Go HEAT! GO HOME Chris Bosh

    • kobe says:

      last year win heat got james and bosh all u hate fans including the organization already had a parade..know when things get tough u want to trade lebron cause him and wade r the same and get howard movwe bosh to the 4 SPOT THEN U MIGHT WIN A RING..things go bad for Heat fANS AND ALREADY MAKING EXCUSES..HAHAHAHA..BY THE WAY WHERE IS BLOGER LOL..HE MUST BE HIDING

      • LoL says:

        You lakers make excuses ALL the time so not sure what your taling about. O thats on top of PAYING for championships and having SHADY trades go down. Yep

  10. Yasker says:

    The Heat need a CENTER (Hawes and Kaman are FAs this year) and nothing more. Then “Not 1, not 2, not 3…” will come true. The Heat were out rebounded by the worst rebounding team in the league (Celtics). That says something about their center problem. (As in it’s really bad.)

  11. HeatFTW! says:

    Ok, if the Heat could actually get a REAL coach and kick Spo out of there, that’d solve one problem for the Heat. THEN, once Miller comes back, put LBJ at point, leave Wade, put Miller in LBJ’s spot, move Bosh to center, then bring in Haslem for PF. No point guard out there right now has no chance against LeBron. He has the handles of a PG, and a HUGE advantage over them…..he’s a 6’8″ 260 pound freight train. Just think if Rondo tried going against that……IMPOSSIBLE!

  12. Flash says:

    I think LeBron should play point guard against teams that rely heavily on their point guard. Teams like Boston and Chicago. Everyone knows that LeBron will shut down anyone he guards in this league unless their name is Kevin Durant. With LeBron making PG’s like DRose and Rondo have flat games it will be almost impossible to beat Miami.

  13. eyup says:

    the best lineup is my 2k12-lineup:

    1. D.Wad3
    2. Mario Chalmers or James Jones
    3. Shane Battier or Mike Miller
    4. Lebron James
    5. Chris Bosh

    This lineup is supposed to shoot alot of three’s to stretch the floor for D.Wad3 and LBJ.

    and in 2K D.Wad3 or LBJ stand in front of the guy who throws the ball in after every basket of the opposite team. even the 2k computer realizes that these two should play PG ^^

  14. The answer is not Spo. The answer is sideways, cross-over and defense rebounds. Heat can´t give second chances in rebounds in defense.

  15. 2k12 says:

    honestly whenever i play 2k12 and i’m the heat i put lebron in at pg and shane in at sf, i highly recomend the heat do the same.

  16. Adri says:

    Spoestra is a nightmare.He does not deserve to coac a team like Miami. The defence is inexistent.If they continie this way they wont be able to reach the finals

  17. miami heat need to work on their d-fense instead of their offense.they are horrilbe on their d-fenses

  18. FelixHeatFan says:

    Miami have to consider to have a better center man, that can score and crash the boards. And a natural 3-Point Clutch Shooter

  19. kobe says:

    when the Heat got James and Bosh last year all the fans and james wade bosh were saying we r going to win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 championships and all of a sudden heat fans are like we need to add nash or Howard..hahaha..losers

  20. heat4life says:

    The extension given to SPO this season by Pat must be the worst extension given to a person in sports history. Spo is one of the luckiest man alive to be able to make the money that he makes today without any basketball sense or any idea how to coach a team, not to say star studded team like miami. heat will never win.

  21. heat4life says:


  22. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    and yeah the heat need to switch up that roster….but I could care less Lets go Spurs!

  23. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    Yeah Bron may statistically better than Kobe in the clutch but Kobe comes thru when it counts..and he’s not afraid to take the shot..he’s taken more as well ..Bron don’t have that confidence to take it ..he too worried about the media when he’s gonna be the bad guy regarless what he do….that’s why Kobe has 5 rings and bron has none , ..Pierce is more clutch than Bron

    • Francisco says:

      thanks to shaq, who was the main man, and the last ring , thanks to the lakers who bailed him out when he had the biggest choke in a game 7, he had 6 out of 24 against boston

  24. Miami Fan says:


    • kobe says:

      i thought when u had the parade for signing james and bosh u were going to win not 1 not 2 not 3 rings..more excuses

  25. Kathryn Shafer says:

    As I’ve said for a year and a half, this cast of talented players cannot win a championship with a coach who does not think or act outside the box. Even Majic Johnson says, lineup needs changed. Viewers can see the problems, coach doesn’t utilize each players talents to the max. That would mean, not using Chalmers or Cole, but running LBJ at 1, Wade at 2, Battier at 3, Haslem at 4 and Bosh at 5 or something different…anything different…not conventional…

    • MS says:

      i totally agree. Heat with Spoelstra at the helm can at best repeat last year. as i mentioned earlier, Spoelstra is gone after this season.

  26. duro says:

    Well, as far as I know, basketball is a 5-men-plus-subs game.
    The Heat are a 3-men-only team.
    Same problem with Kobe-Gasol-Bynum Lakers (only, sometimes one or two of them do not show up).
    Consistent winning teams have two or three stars AND a good deal of supporting cast around them.
    Obviously, it’s easier to sell tickets and jerseys by spending all your budget on a spectacular star than on half a dozen “just good” players.

  27. wow says:

    @Valdessir, you said
    “C’mon name me one that has achieved what you said without another star surrounding??? Magic had Jabbar, MJ had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq or viceversa hahaha But for Lebron to win championships he needs DWade, just sit down and see what’s comming…”

    you really gonna compare LBJ, Magic, Michael and Kobe???
    Do you know magic was drafted by lakers and he won 5 championship with Lakers (magic LA home grown)
    MJ was drafted by the Bulls and he won 6 championship with bulls (MJ bulls home grown)
    kobe got drafted by Charlotte but traded him on draft day to lakers and he won 5 with Lakers (kobe LA home grown)
    pippen same situation as kobe drafted by sonic but never played for them (pippen Bulls home grown in fact MJ made pippen better)
    Shaq was in lakers b4 kobe joined NBA (there is no way knowing kobe become one of the great)
    MJ is there in bulls b4 pippen joined (mj pushed pippen hard and made pippen better)
    jabbar is there b4 magic joined nba (there is no way knowing magic become one of the great)
    the way i see is that MJ, KOBE and magic wanted to win as “the man” in their own team (even kobe won 2 as “the man” )
    they don’t want to be sidekick of another superstar ,they grown into great players and make their teammates better, and they pushed hard both players and front office for what they want to win titles.
    what did LBJ do? did he pushed Daniel Gibson or Shannon Brown to be better players?? NO. (those 2 players had a lot ot potential to be LBJ’s pippen) did he demand or push front office enough to get another real star? No. (he could have wait and either stats or bosh could have joined cleveland)
    what did he do??? he run to south beach and become wade’s sidekick
    even if LBJ won 10 titles with miami they will not as valuable as magic, and MJ or even kobe’s 2 titles. cuz he will never win in miami as “the man”. wade is the man in miami. even Dr.J’s 1 title is better than lbj’s any titles (if he can get 1 that is)

    • HeatFan27 says:

      Kobe won those two titles with Pau there. What did he do when he didn’t have another star? NOTHING! Do not say that Kobe can win it by himself because that is stupid.

    • LoL says:

      Right, in YOUR eyes only hes a sidekick because you hate him and thats jealousy and love at the same time! Lebron had NO other All Star in Cleveland there smart guy. The championship formula is AT LEAST 2 ALL STARS on a team, and usually 3. Lebron was the ONLY one there. SO please go ramble somewhere else you have NO IDEA what your talking about troll.

      O. and P.S. its only WRONG that Lebron DIDNT “complain” to cleveland so you can say he has another fault, but if he would have then he would have been whining! lol so dont try to kid yourself and everyone else. Not to mention that its not a PLAYERS job to build a team thats whats called a GMs job.

      Try learning something about the nba before you comment troll.

  28. CelticP32 says:

    I just read Luis from Miami’s last comment about “the only player mentioned with a ring and a finals MVP”

    Did you even read this thread?

    Not only was Paul Pierce mentioned who has both from 2008 but two little guys called Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were mentioned too. I think they have 1 or 2 themselves.

    Here’s my 2 cents on the debate. The Heat have no bench to rely on.
    Even Boston; who are one more heart failure away from being Boston General and are banged up with more injuries than a Samoan rugby game can rely on what little they have left on their bench to fill the stats.

    The East is wide open. No one has proved that it is their conference to Throw away yet; unlike OKC in the West!

    • NBACRITIQUE says:

      Almost every thing you’ve said is right, except that thing you said about OKC owning the west…
      Right East’s Finalist is unpredictable, it may be the bulls or heat, even boston and orlando has a shot, together with the strong first round teams which may go for the upset: pacers, sixers

      in the WEST
      OKC.. LAC.. are dominating teams..
      But never count out the SAS, which is so good right now
      And the Lakers whose having good momentum
      That’s it

  29. MS says:

    Heat need to stop playing soft and with that calm composure. their game utterly lacks urgency and hunger to win games, which i believe is a product of Spoelstra, he downplays every loss. Spoelstra days are counted as Heat coach, he’s nowhere near capable of extracting the best from this team. even if Heat could make to Finals, they stand no chance against teams like OKC, Spurs or even Lakers.

    • LoL says:

      No chance wowowowowo you dont even need to be commenting you have absolutely NO nba knowledge watsoever. wow

      • MS says:

        and what knowledge did you exactly show in your chidish and trolling reply? none whatsover. so stop trolling and acting like you have NBA figured out.

      • kobe says:

        either do u lol..all comments u have is lebron shoots higher percentage than kobe..which he does not saying that..what im saying when the game gets tight and its crunch time he looks like a dear in headlights..he freezes..always least kobe is not afraid to take the big shot..why did lebron have to join 2 other stars to try and win..if ur the king u have them join u .i gave lebron a dollar and asked for change..he gave me 3 quarters and i asked him why only 3 and he said he doesnt have a 4th

      • HeatFan27 says:

        Kobe can’t win anything by himself. Even MJ couldn’t win it by himself. Why should LBJ be any different? Be sensible and realise that 1 person can not carry a team to a championship. Not possible.

      • LoL says:

        @MS. A heck of a LOT MORE THAN YOU, thats how much!

        any one who says the HEat have NO chance are hating and have absolutely no idea wat they are talking about. No matter wat you say. I m not trolling but you obviously are.

  30. lebron says:

    let see what heat can in playoffs…… see you in finals

  31. Al Johnson says:

    Miami can’t win. They are pretenders and Lebronze is a loser. Karma is a biatch

  32. chevymiami says:

    If they don’t win this year, I can see pat tipsy trading bosh and another role player for dwight howard. I’m sorry bosh is not worth that contract. I even think signing k. Garnett next year is a better option than bosh. Bosh is decent player but he’s jus not physical enough. When I watch the heat play u can jus tell they don’t like when teams play physical with them.

  33. ksigs says:

    It’s simple to solve that….beef up the bench a little bit by alternating the big 3 and put lebron at the point..use james jones more often…there’s really no need to have too much PG even wade can do so..james and chalmers is enough at the point..james can run the point waybetter than anybody there..

  34. chevymiami says:

    Lebron needs to play more in the post, and I don’t mean taking faders. He needs to use hook shots, hopsteps, pump fakes- they need to get some easy baskets in the half court offense. Also they have to play more physical. It seems like they don’t want to play that kind of game, especially lebron and bosh. Bosh is too soft defensively. Lebron playing point wouldnt hurt neither.

  35. DROSE says:

    Mike Miller is the key. Believe me. Mike Miller is the Key. Im a bulls fan, and I honestly think it will be a Miami-OKC finals. Im okay with that. It’ll be a GREAT finals. Once Miller gets back, heat will have rebounding AND 3 point shooting

  36. Cesar32 says:

    What i think realy is that coach spoelstra is the main problem not the players .. miami must replace a coach next season if they want to win a championship

  37. me says:

    Put Lebron on the point position and let Dwayne close out games. Of course Chris is still the third option. I am tired of bashing this group, it is time for them to win a ring, there’s too much talent being wasted on these three guys. Please win at least one. Do not compare these guys with Barkley, Malone, and others who missed a ring, They’re up against Jordan then. James and Wade are probably the best 1-2 combo in the NBA today. Guys, just win, forget the talks and the stupidities you’ve created.

  38. Trixie says:

    Start these- try it for 3 games
    C – Joel
    PF – Bosh
    SF- James
    SG – Battier
    PG – Wade

    Battier can add more defense, wade can pressure pg, Bosh, Joel, James do their things

  39. gabefield says:

    i think they need a better PG like Steve Nash!

  40. Choker says:

    They just need to play good basketball…. Every team experiences these games, just right now the Bulls lost 2 consecutive games, They are making such issues by the games of the Heat. Regular season is just a regular season game, Haters and Critics say that Heat wont make it far. But they made it in the Finals. I dont know

  41. Rolexander of Tondo says:

    They have their own reasons for this.. Playoffs if coming, just watch and see. Then look back at this reply and you will say Rolex was right.

  42. Rolexander of Tondo says:

    Stll a lot of Heat haters? Let us wait and see what can/cannot do in the Playoffs. You can be number one or number 8. But the point is you still have to win 4 games to advance. Thats what people said about the Heat last year, that 3 superstarts cant make it to the finals, unfortunately one try made them to the finals.. Let us just enjoy the remaining games in the season, and lets talk again after the Eastern Conference Finals.

  43. ceasjackson says:

    the heat need to get more help on center and power foreward posiition, they really don”t have an good strong center they lack scoring and rebounds

  44. Ted says:

    What they need is a back to the basket big man. Chalmers is doing great. But c’mon. You’re starting center is Joel Anthony. How could he score against KG, Bynum, Perk and Noah? He’s way too undersized, plays decent defense. but thats about it. They should get a center.

  45. Shane says:

    My theory is this:
    the big three were dominant in the first half of the season, but after the all-star game they have not been “in the game.” wade and james were getting around 30 ppg in the first half and now they get 25. numbers dont lie. when the 3 players who were “contolling” the game become quite, it really shows. what they need to do is step back up and play the game. if they need someone to look up to they should look up to Michael Jordan.

  46. mielo15 says:

    The problem with Heat is that they cannot play one on one defense. They double team any and every body leaving other players wide open to shoot three. Lebron and Wade should be offended when other players come to help them defend a player. If they learn to play defense one on one, they’ll have the chance of winning the champianship. I am a heat fan, but I have to admit the Heat is what I would call a ” tiger on paper”. I also consider Spoltra one of the worst coach that ever coached in the NBA. He doesn’t know how to use his players. The only reason the Heat wins games is not because of anything Spoltra does, it’s because of the players that he has.

  47. Deb Sen says:

    If the Heat were not contenders there would not be so many comments. In addition to the big 3 Heat also has Udonis Haslem and Shane Battier. Just tell them “Now its play off” and thats going to fix everything. There are only 4 teams that can take the Heat to 6 games OKC, LAL, CHI, DAL.

  48. NBA says:

    Are you kidding me??? LEbron and D Wade need help?!?!?!? I thought they were going to win not 1… not 2… not 3…. not4… And whoevere thinks tat Bosh should play center is inase. He would get BROKEN

  49. MiC Martinez says:

    Fire Spolestra, hire nate McMillan. I believe the problems are a poor running offense,,lack of intensity, and lack of effort.

    • Shane says:

      it doesn’t help that 20 ppg come from turnovers when the ball isn’t being turned over as much

  50. MiC Martinez says:

    I think the Heat problem is an overall lack of effort, urgency, and they run a poor offense. My answer is fire Eric Appears and hire Nate McMillan. Probably can’t happen this year, i realize that, but i believe that is the problem and solution.

  51. mo1612 says:

    i think the heat needs is a center because anthony dont start in no team in nba.

  52. yamel says:

    if the put wade drive the ball and lebron and bosch on each side each one nobody can stop theme but for that they need it coach decision i don’t really think is the player like the coach

  53. F4MU5 says:

    I believe the heat are just bored or relaxing, they didn’t seem to hustle much or put to much into the game they played. Maybe there just trying to prevent injuries leading into the playoffs. I know if i see a playoff game with them and they have haslem taking 3 shots in a row when the team is down double digits I’m not watching basketball and more. I’m throwing the towel in.

  54. matt says:

    the term “fixing” is a little too hard..they just a tweak here and there..thats it..i was thinking about this a week ago:

  55. NBABIH says:

    I am sure that one thing is going on here, Heat are too much relaying on players like Cole,Battier etc. on offensive end, Battier is signed because he can make few good three point shoots in one night, and he can play one hell of the defense on SF and PF of opposite team.Cole is there because Chalmers needs some rest ..

    In my opinion Spoelstra should start with Wade PG James SG/SF James Jones SG CBosh F and Joel/Turiaf C

    Turiaf is obviously better in offence but Joel is great in defence, he just doesn’t have enough authority at judges when they make foul calls on him, because he is defending Noah,Ibaka,Dwight,KG etc…

    But I think they should make some rotations ASAP, because in play-offs it is more of experience then on pure talent

    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina 😀

  56. isaiah says:

    Go heat!

  57. isaiah says:

    They are still second to a bad bulls team without rose. So they play in spurts , we all know when it cciomes time for the playoffs they will be ready.

    • LoL says:

      Yea no i dont think so. a bad bulls team without Rose? their something like 16-6 without him, thats not bad BY FAR..and its funny how their a complete team when they win without him, but when they lose they aint good enough. SORRY IT DOESNT WORK BOTH WAYS

  58. MG says:

    The kay is : “Just play basketball.” There’s nothing to worry. It’s just the regular season. Relax guys. ^^

  59. Wade-County says:

    I read a ton of these and y’all got it ALL wrong. The Heat’s REAL problem — they’re to g-damn Hollywood and soft. Durant said some real isht about Bosh. When a 6′ 2″ point guard gets more rebounds than you, you’re a broad! Trade Bosh for a dude who ain’t scared to bang bodies and knock a m-f down. They get put out of their game, the second the other team starts being physical. See when Wade get’s hot — he goes off — same w/ Bron-Bron. They’ll be there when the smokes clears but if they think living on their laurels is gonna get them to the FINALS, Chicago proved you play w/ them, you’ll be fishing in the bay and watching the games on your yacht that has satellite TV. Whatever–ditch Chalmer’s, bench the rest of the bums that can’t hit the broad side of a barn w/ a BB and let Wade and Bron-Bron smoke the competition. Put Jame Jones in the starting line up at 1-2-3 let the other take the other spots, and watch the Heat go!!!!

  60. NBAfan says:

    If the Heat and Lebron James really wants to win..he needs to sacrifice his stats. He doesn’t need to score. Bosh and Wade can do that. What Lebron needs to do is guard the BEST PLAYER in the other team every single game. Be it Dwight, Dirk, Durant, Kobe, or Rose.

    I’m always wondering why a guy teamed with the likes of D wade and Bosh is top 3 in scoring in the league. Bosh can put it in the hole. Wade can put it in the hole. What they can’t do is be the defensive BEAST that Lebron CAN BE! He can guard every position if he really wants to.

    Magic got his finals mvp by playing CENTER! CENTER! He is a PG, and he played C to win the title!

  61. Durant says:

    Heat are now just waiting for the playoffs to come they already bored at the season! Best record or season MVP does not guarantee you to win a ring in fact this achievements only guarantee not to win a title…simply look at dallas standing last year are they great all season or just playoffs? MIAMI HEAT are about to upset all this BULLS, BOSTON come playoff time….a BIG UPSET to win it ALL!!!

  62. HeatFTW! says:

    I’ve always thought LeBron should be at point. BUT, the Heat need big men down low. LeBron can play any position on the floor if he wanted to….he’s just that talented. But, like I said, the Heat need a good down low performance. Sunday against the Celts, the only player for the Heat who was hitting anything was LBJ… was a major off night for the Heat. I say, once Miller comes back, drop Anthony, move Miller to SG, move Wade to PG, move LBJ to PF, and move Bosh to Center. He obviously does better on the low post. Wade at point would open up sooooooooo many plays for LeBron. Wade is a great ball handler…..he is underlooked on that. He has some of the BEST crossovers I have EVER seen in the NBA. He could grow to be one of the top PGs in the NBA

  63. Damidget says:

    Bosh is really the key for the Heat to win the majority of the games left in the season, James and Wade have been pushing themselves to the limit and it has really shown in the last few games. And Bosh hasnt really stepped up, although it seems that Wade and James havent really looked for him, he still needs to step up and get in the post. he is probably one of the best post up power forwards and he just hasn’t really seemed to get in there enough. He needs to be averaging 20 and 10 at least for rest of the season. and that means getting him into the post and let him go to work, even some pick and rolls with james and Wade would help, if the help defender gets caught up and has to defend James or Wade kick it Bosh for His jumpshot which is extremely good, or an easy 2 down the middle of the lane.

  64. Dutch_NBA Fan says:

    For real? LBJ as PG….. A big athletic strong player like him at the point? Heat’s problems are in the paint not in the back. I can think of a rotation that would work better and would confuse people a lot more. Drop the run and gun act… youre not fooling people anymore after doing the same thing over and over again.

    G Dwayne Wade
    G Battier
    SF Jones
    PF James
    C Bosh

    There are some flexible players on the roster, so why not mix it up a bit use chalmers and cole as role players to switch DW between the 1 and the 2 or while on the bench. LBJ should be switched between the 3 and the 4 I know he could play the 1 or the 2 but he is a big strong high jumping guy put him in the paint where he is needed. Bosh should switch between the 4 and the 5 with Haslem and Anthony. Battier switch between 2 and the 3.

    More smart screens to get the fast guys open to the rim. And its time for some better postplayers next year. This team has a lot of strenghts but a lot more weaknesses. Dont think there will be a ring in it for these southbeach players this year or the next if they keep focussing on Starpower. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Basketball isnt just skill alone, most of all its tactics love how the bulls are doing in this injury plaqued season there having. Celtics are making a awesome run with all the injury’s and a aging team… Lakers under new leadership without some of the great bench players they had last season. And those spurs with there veterans sitting comforttable on the 2nd seat in a touch western conferance. The Heat doesnt fear me, doesnt impress me, and frankly I think this franchise is just spending money on big names.. talent only goes so far…… and without smart coaching people will eventually see trough you. Alley Hoops are nice on the highlight reel but smart basketball wins championships, flashy basketball is just a bonus. This years champs OKC? Chicago… Lakers? Spurs… ? But not the Heat; Like Jason Terry said last year in the playoff finals: “look at them there acting like they already won, there showing off…. nobody likes a showoff…..”

    • LoL says:

      Right terrys a good one to talk basically doin the “airplane” ANY time he puts his team ahead and sometimes even when their still down. Yea hes definitely one to know about CELEBRATING!! little dose of his own medicine and didnt like that did he? Yea hes lucky the Mavs got lucky with 65% 3s the last few games is whats up.

  65. ENDs` says:

    lebron should def b runnin the point chalmers needs to b cummin off the bench atleast he used to make the 3 ball but cant even count on him for that any more these days bosh really needs to be involved more in the O hes to good to not be used, wade can stik to the 2 guard spot and bron can switch between the point and 3 spot cuz wade can handle the ball also, it is completely true that they dont need a point and i been sayin since last year that james jones needs more playin time he is lights out from 3 he was tearin it up in the play offs last year then miller took all of his minutes and now miller and battier r takin all the minutes i meen they r good and veterans but cum’on they r not producin so let james jones play hes lethal and for the center spot joel is ok he jus needs to b able to finish all the easy dunks he gets i meen he gives erything on D but cum on atleast slam down ur wide open dunks dude if not then ronny should start cuz hes a way better finisher and onD might b equal minus conditioning im guessin and the hell isnt curry being used??? y sign him if ur not gonna use him? in the end i hope they win it they shoulda had it last year how can they b so close and not will there way 2it!!! but another thing i have been sayin is that if they dnt win it again then they should trade either wade or lebron str8 up fpr dwight and wen u look at it lebron is a better and more talented player then wade so it would b sad but wade would b the 1 to go, that will b a way better more balnced team b cuz its true wade and lebron r the same player basiclly i meen dont get me wrong i really wnt them to win together and ithink they should have had it last yearbut if for 1 reason or anoher they dont win then changes will have to b made

  66. Nick says:

    i think move wade to the point and somebody on the bench battier start at the shoot guard charlmer and ccole can come off the bench .. i think Joel,bosh,lebron,battier and wade is a better starting 5.

  67. TheWallahiboy says:

    Can’t wait till kd sinks that 35 footer game 7, 2 seconds left in lbj and wades face to win the title :D:D:D only dreams >.>


    bulls will lose I REPEAT, bulls WILL lose first round to nyk, matter of fact nyk will get sweep in the conference finals vs heat



  68. HeatRDaBest says:

    No.1 Chalmers is totally useless because lebron takes the ball up the court and sets the plays. Lebron does all the things chalmers
    should do. Basically since lbj plays sf he does both those things, sf and pg.
    No.2 I dont know why everyone thinks the celtics lakers and spurs will win in the playoffs.
    Heat bulls and OKC r the real deal

  69. LeWade says:

    Too many star players starting cancels out the potential productivity of one star player. LeBrons potential could not be maximized because he feels obligated to share the spot light with Wade. There should be more role players playing with LeBron on the starting line up and so with Wade when he comes in for lebron. Heat should get more production from these two guys playing separately rather than at the same time. Its like having a presence of a superstar for 48 minutes with fresh legs everytime. (wade and lebron alternating)

  70. JMilt says:

    I think this story hit it on the head. Labron needs to run the point and when he isn’t Wade needs to take over. Chalmers needs to post up for the 3 when Lebron is double or triple teamed. It was working great before the break, why did they change it up? Bulls aren’t going to give up enough games for the Heat to catch up in the East…

  71. dhoy says:

    MIAMI need a legitimate center… like lakers…lakers is unstopable not because of kobe it is because of the like of bynum and pau gasol…

    • LoL says:

      Right, the lakers are so unstoppable. They didnt just get swept out of the playoffs last year or anything.

  72. Baller-from-SouthBeach says:

    The No. 1 Problem with the Heat is that they don’t move the ball. Instead they rather play one vs one with lebron, wade, Bosh. I bet if the Heat bench one of the superstar, maybe and start terrell Harris or james jones. Take for instance the game they played against the Hawks when C. Bosh hit the three to send heat in double over time. Coach Spo needs to know if he’s going use a conventional style or unconventional with LBJ at the PG position

  73. andreacapers says:

    Ok the problem is the heat coach needs to play those players he has on the bench james jones,eddy curry, rookie harris, pipmen, lebron needs to get in his no one can guard me mode or take over as point guard, its really alarming to see the heat play this way they had no desire to win those games they lost.. I really think coach is a little to soft on the guys and needs to get tougher if that what it takes,cause there is no excuse for them to be player like this… charlmers need to be put in as a shooting guard then point guard when lebron is on the floor… listen there are other players on this team that needs to be earning ther paychecks… it also bother s to know that pat riley really didnt go out this off season and really pick up a real center or during the trade deadline that was so confusing for me since that was 1 of the reason we are struggling this season joel anthony hasnt been giving us anything srry joel but hes not….shane batt needs to be shooting more during the game as well as 300 shots a day he is not been good and we are going to need him alot…during the playoff just all around every 1 needs to play better

  74. iskandar says:

    Heat need best point guard like nash and rondo…
    so if heat want to be a champions, heat have to add that player…

  75. Sam says:

    The heat need consistency in rebounding, so they can leak out and run showtime basketball. And as for this lineup, battier is way to inconsistent on his 3s, so they cant get spacing on the floor…. i like the lineup of wade in the 1 and miller 2, bron 3 an haslem 4 bosh 5…. Pat Riley wanted this lineup and its good against all star point guard teams such rondo, rose and deron, problem is miller is injured…the heat lost cause rio and cole have terrible games games against all star point guards

  76. King says:

    The heat are bored, they just want the playoffs to start, like the Lakers the past 3 season. They get 50 games in and get bored…

  77. Kameron says:

    The Heat must get back to playing their basketball. The Heat must get back to playing with the killer edge they played with before the all star break. they can’t just hadle business at home. They must handle business on the road. The same intensity that the Heat brings at home is the same intensity they must bring on the road. the Heat must play with their ultimate goal in mind, which is to be “NBA Champions”!

  78. Tony J says:

    Its an unspoken rule that they dont critixe coaches in the NBA, but the bottm line is thats the problem. Instead of trying to snatch up every free agent that they can to make the team better. How about a coach to make the team better. Offense- one on one in the half court or make a steal and run the break. How about running some plays.Defense- Because of Wade and James they are monsters on the perrimeter, but when they have to sag back to help out inside they become average. Their style is to gamble, but when you dont come up with the play you pay. Play man up D for 24 seconds every play and stop helping so much and you will make some stops most of the time.They play weak D because they are depending on the help. A real coach will get the to play D and not always depend on help.or be prepared to sit ala Boozer.

    • LoL says:

      They play weak D lol Yea ok. go ramble somewhere else hater cause you have no idea what your talkin about

  79. Pirate_PR says:

    Bosh needs to be the BIG team needs him to be KILL IT REBOUNDING for them to have a chance at winning championship this year. Turiaf needs to be starter already and Pittman needs more minutes to develop team will need his REBOUNDING in playoffs for sure at times. I would Trade Bosh next season get a true BIG Try to get Dwight Howard would solidify dynasty for few years. Bosh is too flimsy and does not like to be PHYSICAL in paint also his defense has gotten better but still not so great per say, DEMOTE COACH SPOELSTRA Riley come back to coach or bring in someone proven & DEFENSIVE MINDED not D’ Antoni (Riley would never do that). Nate McMillan would be good candidate i doubt Riley would want a Phil Jackson or Sloan no one to shadow his figure. LeBron time to wake up no more pampering you TIME TO BE ACCOUNTABLE AND SHOW UP. Dan Gilbert was right about something you have been pampered too much covering up for you TIME TO BE THE MAN NO MORE EXCUSES.

  80. Kameron says:

    the Heat just needs to go back to playing their basketball. They need to go back to playing with the killer edge they played with before the all star break. What ever the Heat is doing at home is getting the job done. The same intensity level they’re bringing at home is the same intensity level they need to bring on the road. the Heat must play with their ultimate goal in mind, which is to be NBA Champions.

  81. Bron Man says:

    the celtics played better ball than the heat that day..does one game define what’s going to happen this coming playoffs? the nba finals?NO it doesnt, so shut up all the haters out there and just watch the playoffs and the nba finals, and then you can say who’s hot and who’s not.

  82. da boss says:

    ive been thinking now for the last couple of weeks that the heat should get rid of bosh and get al jefferson. the heat have no post i mean lebron and wade play better post then bosh. trade bosh for al jefferson and a first round pick. theyl also then have enough dough to sign nash. all im gonna say is bosh is too soft and scared to play against players like garnett and good players

  83. Wongson says:

    Spol should try this starting lineup:

    G – LBJ
    G – Wade
    F – Battier
    F – Bosh
    C – Anthony

  84. adam says:

    they need to play james jones the best 3 point shooter in the league and actually design plays for him to shoot the ball

  85. chris says:

    you all need to stop making noise about the heat slumping. every one has that at some point in the season. but on real note if spoelstra blows it again then we all know riley will step in(not jackson cause his offense involves movement LOADS of it, the miami heat are fastbreak and isolation)

  86. Celtics Fan says:

    Everyones saying how bad the Heat played …… give credit to the Celtics. Its very simple Celtics played together as a team so they won. It is good to watch Rooooonnnndooo annihilate the Heat.

    • LoL says:

      No credit is due thats why. Its obvious the Heat were way off on their shooting and nowhere near peak form. Sure take the win against a team that wasnt even there. Thats cool. Celtics cant beat the Heat when they play their best. Sorry.

  87. Fex says:

    The problem is the ego, they think, they always will make their own shots, and do not cut to de basket, Wade and James when each one has the ball the other should be cutting to de bascket and so Bosh Instead of being just watching

  88. Bron Man says:

    Everyone has been ganging up on Lebron and the Heat, especially after the flop in the NBA Finals where they lost to the Dallas Mavericks..People shouldnt be too hard on em..they’re only people playin ball..the ball is round, sometimes you’re at the top of the circle and sometimes you’re below the clear as it is, they have a very good chance for another title shot, a couple of losses here and there doesnt mean a thing, it all goes down to business come the NBA, everyone who’s hatin, just watch the NBA Playoffs, and let’s just see who gets the last laugh out of it.. LBJ Rules!

  89. Don says:

    Heat is losing on purpose. Look how the playoff picture now, if it can stay like this, they are on a highway to the Finals. Chicago will take the bumpy road in playoff.

  90. Andrew says:

    old news bro, lebron should have been the point guard the moment he went to miami, been saying nothing else for a lone long time, kudos for putting it out there

  91. danny thomas says:

    Miami will not win a championship with wade james and bosh when the rest of the team not doing their part.In my views spoelstra is not a good coach.Last year Miami won the eastern championship because they had something to prove,why spoelstra not playing jim jones more often to stretch the court to make it more easier for james,wade and bosh.Miami bench is lazy spoelstra needs to find a way to rest James,Wade and Bosh before the play off especially if they not gonna get the number one spot.Miami need a center like D Howard from Orland Magic and a better bench to compete with teams like Bulls, spurs, OKC, Celtics and the list goes on

    • LoL says:

      No they WON because they were better than all the other teams in the Eastern Conference. Sorry h8r

  92. #1HEATFAN says:

    They should put lebron at point guard ,wade at shooting guard, bosh at center haslem at power forward and shane battier at small forward

  93. HEATer says:

    if heat will loose again this year they may have to break up the big three or get phil jackson to coach these guys!

    • K says:

      Agreed about breaking them up if they don’t win this year; however, I wouldn’t hold your breathe about Phil Jackson coming to Miami to work for Pat Riley. Those two together would be like oil and water! If the Heat don’t win this year, they should consider moving Bosh & Chalmers to Sacramento for DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette. Then hit the Free Agency market and sign some energy role players like, Eran Ilysova, Gary Neal, Randy Foye, J.J Hickson, Louis Amundson, Kris Humphries or Sheldan Williams. Three of anyone of those players added to the already bench players (Miller, Halsem, Battier, Joel Anthony and Cole) would seriously take Miami to the championship level. Also, possibly like at bring Nate McMillen in as the Head Coach!

  94. Eduard says:

    The argument that Chalmers has to D up the likes of CP3, D-Will or Nash is invalid, because Chalmers is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. His point-guard skills are diminished on offense because he does not have the ball enough to impact the game, but when you have LBJ, D-Wade or Bosh is understandable why he isn’t used enough on O.

    • K says:

      Mario Chalmers is no where near the best perimeter defender in the NBA! John Lucus (a 3rd string PG) seriously out played Mario the last time Miami played Chicago. Lucus scored a career high 27 points against your so-called best perimeter defender. Chalmers’ gambles to much on the perimeter which then puts him either on the side or behind the opposing teams point guard. When Chalmers fails to stay in front of the opposing teams point guard it causes a rippling affect that cause a complete break down of the Heats defense. The other Heat defenses are always having to come off their man to help Chalmers which leaves their player wide open for a knock down shot or a slam dunk in the lane. Chalmers’ gets destroyed by every PG he goes up against; whether it’s a DRose or the teams 3rd string PG.

  95. kobe says:

    trade lebron for kyra sedgwick.SHE CLOSES BETTER THEN HE DOES..

  96. Art 5 lakers says:

    MJ with six rings, Magic with five, Kobe with five going for six, Lebron not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7, Maybe you should think twice before you talk and dream hahahahaha Go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  97. HeatFTW says:

    Play LeBron at point guard. Wade at 2. Battier at 3. Haslem at 4. Bosh at 5. It’s either this lineup, or we are going to get a center somehow and play bosh at 4 and someone taller than 7ft play center.

  98. Wilt the Stilt says:

    Doc Rivers is Buggin’!!!! He is no Magic Johnson at all… never will be… thats ludicrous talk… he is Dominique Wilkins on energy strips…

  99. charles says:

    Well said and accurately said. Lebron is not Michael Jordan, he’s Magic Johnson. Lebron is not the guy to take the last shot, but he’s the guy who can set up the guy who takes the last shot. With him at Point, Wade at Shooting Guard and Miller at Small forward, they’d be alot better.

  100. The best Pg right now in the league:

    I m pretty sure that the heat needs a center and defense rebounds. Rivals can´t make second chance in offense.

  101. BelizeBoy says:

    Watching Miami play last night it was so blatant that they were losing on purpose. Probably jocking to stay in the number two spot because NY is most likely going to be number 8 and I don’t think they want to play them. Yeah people will say that’s an excuse but it’s opinion and I gurantee when playoff comes they will be back in the finals. Just hope FTW this time.

  102. My points why the deficit of the Heat:

    Relative cuz the heat play very well at home they are almost unbeatable
    Rondo in high level makes harder to win
    Im not agree that Lebron is only a point guard he makes more harm dunking and slamming the ball
    Chalmers and Cole are necessary , the reporter who said that it is obvious he haven´t seen last 10 games of the miami heat. When Chalmers and Cole are ok they avarage 20 or more from bench

    The Heat play well in home.

  103. HEAT_maybe_NEXT_year_CHAMPS says:

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN : what has changed in HEATs game since last year ??!!!

    Absolutely NOTHING !!!!

    they are the same RUN-and-GUN team where Lebron and Wade change their roles every second possession…..end to end on the floor where Chris Bosch is for most of the games in SLEEPING BEAUTY MOD with contribution ZERO!!!!!

    YES………..that worked for some time and against some teams……as it worked last year (from time to time)………….

    this year before the ALL star they had some pretty impressive games and great RUN, but after the all star they have the same problems from last year……….especially in last 10 games………….almost against ALL tough opponents they played very BAD !!!!

    and where is Chris Bosch ????!!!!!!!!!…………………….i mean all i hear all the time is that “most played Lebron LP” that he should make some clutch points in fourth and be the MAN to finish the JOB in the end = VERY WRONG !!!!!

    why not WADE or BOSCH to do the JOB (where are they when it counts !!!!!) or miami heat TEAM in general!!!!!!!!!


    also, HEAT 3pt % is far from consistent……and they need to get better in that department………….HOW ?!! ASK Spoelstra !!!!!!

    last game against Boston DEFENCE is best example of all their problems (most of them UNFIXED from last year!!!!)……………..CAN SOMETHING BE DONE 3 WEEKS BEFORE PLAYOFF ?????!!!!!!!…………….I DOUBT !!!

    first part of the fix for next year is NEW COACH !!!!!!!!

  104. heat@sg says:

    the culprit is this very tough season schedule. i know they are professionals, but look at them… many are injured.

  105. NBA says:

    They should not trade wade. He is the main player.

  106. Solution says:

    Trade Wade for Dwight. Heat’s true problem in the Center.

  107. Lebronity says:

    They should use Lebron as point guard, add one more 7 foot player for defense. That would bring champs

  108. alestrex says:

    The good Lord and dear St. Paddy know I am a Celtic Fan throu and thou, and as much as I enjoyed this good ol’ buttwhippin of the myMommy cHeats … this ain’t good, them Heat players a gonna feed of these kind of defeats come play-off time, they will use this thorn in their side to motivate. It is good for our green soul to know what kind of defense and team basketball is inside this BallClub, do I have to mention, this was the old and weathered GreenTeam minus WalterRay! Oh I just did!! … nobody wants to meet my Celtics in the play-offs because they will stand their grounds and fight. This is Celtic Pride. And Celtic Fan or not! Beware of the dogs down south! Everytime I see Darth Wader … eeeeh D-Wade I am afraid somebody will get hurt, they say all the right things like “we don’t want to hurt anybody, blah blah” but actions speak louder than words, they play dirty and out of control without regard of their opponents, and more so when they are angry, like when Rondo has their numbers and is owning them every trip down the lane, like last year, when Darth Wade took him out with that MMA action that cost Rondo his elbow and almost his carrer. Beware eastern conference of the south beach hounds, they are angry and they are dangerous! The West is lucky, because heroball won’t beat team ball Chicago – Boston Eastern Conference Finals. …. Go Celtics!

  109. Abdul says:

    I would urge Miami Heat to get more rebound after 3 point attempts.
    This will improve more.

  110. nba go says:

    a lot of coach spo haters here… what happened to your firespo campaign? does your site didn’t monetize great and you and taking the opportunity to promote it in everytime they lost? I pity with these pathetic smarter than the coach fans.. get out from the bandwagon and enjoy the game.. you already read it, coach is not the problem of the heat

  111. hco says:

    celtics got lucky

  112. Kevin says:

    I agree with you! Lebron can’t be compared with Magic, especially not by their playmaking ability, however no one can be compared to Magics playmaking skills, except Stockton.

  113. Name says:

    I think Miami’s problems are with its coach. He should recognize what is wrong and fix it.

    If I were in his position I would tell Bosh to man up and start rebounding. At 6-11 he’s a power forward averaging under 8 rpg which is ridiculous. If he’s getting pushed around down low, he needs to hit the weights or management should trade him for someone who will.

    I would also start James Jones to have a legitimate 3-point threat. Both Lebron, Wade and even Bosh are at their best within 15 ft of the basket, Miami needs someone other then the big three to knock down the open shot.

  114. Ruben says:

    why does all the heat fans say lebron james wins when it counts lol he has no rings! he never won when it counts he is to scared to win!

  115. Efrain Rodriguez Jr says:

    They need to trade Wade to the bulls for CJ Watson and Rihcard Hamilton. With tath trade they open some salary space to add other important role players.

    • JD Rivers says:

      lmfao one of the worst trade rumors ive ever heard , your a bulls fan that think this is posible . it doesnt even match up cap wise

    • YourSilly says:

      Wouldn’t mind if they did trade Wade. He would fit right in with the Bulls. Wade gone = No championship for Le’Choke.

    • mark zona says:

      ’95-’96 Bulls won 72 games without playing a point guard. In fact, they ditched BJ Armstrong (small point guard) going into that season to let Jordan and Pippen initiate the offense. If Miami did the same with James and Wade, like the article mentions, they’d be better off.

      • killin it says:

        @ zona there’s no way that would work, the Bulls were unique in the fact that they had Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. That is the underlying key difference between any team dumb enough to play without a point guard and the 95-96 bulls.

  116. KobeFan says:

    They will play different once they step on a playoff court , believe it or not they are professionals I dont like the Heat but they are great I just hope Bulls will shut them down this year in order to lose against OKC in the finals ^^

  117. Cheryl says:

    Doc Rivers compared Lebron to Magic Johnson. I believe that his view has more value than spectators and non-sport professional critics!! Lebron is good, don’t hate!!

    • kobe says:

      Lebron is good for 3 quarters ..Magic was great whole game..Magic clutch lebron not..magic never quit..lebron does..good comparison Cheryl

    • devon says:

      your name is cheryl what do u know about the nba the heat got destroyed by the oldest last year in the finals and lost it all in their own city stick to wnba

    • CanadianHoopsFan says:

      Brian Scalabrine is more clutch than Lebron because Scalabrine always own s the 4th period.

  118. Cheryl says:

    I am the Heat’s #1 FAN. I believe and think they will figure it out and win a championship this year. If not, i say trade Bosh and maybe get a couple of pieces for him, i.e. a good center and point guard. Lebron and Dewayne need help from their team mates when it counts, not when they are already blowing someone out of the water. It’s not fair to them and i know they are frustrated. I know i am. Someone said that Lebron’s team in Cleveland was better from top to bottom than the Heat. With that being said, make a good trade in the off season. To be able to beat OKC in a series, you are going to need some FIRE!!

    • K says:

      Cheryl I agree with your comments. If Miami doesn’t win a championship this year they’ll need to seriously consider pulling the trigger on a trade that will give them a true presence in the middle and a true point guard who can stay in front of the opposing teams point guard. You have point guards like Brandon Jennings; DWill; DJ Augustin; Eric Gordon, anyone of these players would be a serious upgrade for Miami at the point guard position. You could get a solid point guard and an athlete true big man who can play above the rim, rebound and block some shots; whatever scoring you get 6-8 points (Tyson Chandler; DeAndre Jordan type players) would be an added but not a must. With those additions along with DWade; LeBron and 1 or 2 energy type role player coming off the bench (CJ Miles; Anderson Varejao, Brandon Rush type of players) Miami could possible have the ingredient to win a championship! Also, hire Nate McMillens as the Heats’ new head coach.

  119. Ingman says:

    @ Prix
    Kid, you really dont know anything about postseason if you are saying that CLIPPERS will go deep. Their defence is one of the worst in the league. And their offence is all about fast breaks + lobs. In postseason that ”showcase” basketball disappears, you wont get lobs, easy baskets. My predictions for Clippers will get knocked out in 1st round , most likely, by Mavs or Grizzlies.

  120. Renato says:

    Comparing James to Magic Johnson is very unfair.Magic was a true playmaker,possibly the best point guard of all time. James is just OK when compared to Johnson.

  121. Dennis says:

    hahahahahahahah another bandwagon moron, putting clippers over spurs celts and la and calling them fake…. smh

    • devon says:

      prix is never right he doent know anything about basketball how are the clippers better than the spurs lakers and celtics those teams have all won championships and the sorry clippers are just leaning on chris paul get your stuff right

  122. Remy says:

    They have no offense outside of D-Wade or Bron doing something ridiculous. I’m not a Heat fan or hater, but I think that’s in and of itself cause for concern, especially when the playoffs hit. As far as the heat being ‘tired’… everybody in the league is playing this absurd schedule. And you don’t need all that much energy if you have a game plan other than get the ball to Wade or Bron and hope for the best. I’m not saying Spo is a bad coach, but he needs to think out of the box. Maybe 6th manning Bosh and running the offense through him while Wade and Bron get a breather???

    • Per says:

      I agree with you on playing Bosh more offensively. Of the three Bosh is the purest offensive player and they should lean on him more.

      • YourSilly says:

        Chris Bosh their purest offensive player? Lay off the drugs bro. Bosh is SUPER inconsistent.

      • A.D. says:

        LOL…that’s the funniest comment I’ve ever read, Bosh the purest…it’s gotta be an April’s fool or this dude is smoking crack. LOL

  123. Manuel says:


  124. j.r says:

    when miami loosing by more than 10 by half time against good teams they just give up… no big run no effort they just let it go… its like they enjoy playing bad teams and win by 20.., I don’t think coach can manage his very talented team (been saying this PHIL JACKSON NEXT YEAR just watch) and i blaim lebrom for not steping up when nessecary as if regular season games don’t matter

    • That is what you call a frontrunner. The Heat are very good at that.

    • K says:

      Adjustments or the lack of the Heats coaching staff being able to make the necessary adjustments during halftime to get them back into a game when their behind by double digits. You have to have the right type of coaches to coach this very unique type of team. The Heats management made the mistake by thinking the talent of LBJ, DWade and Bosh could overcome the lack of quality role players and quality coaching. They we’re wrong! The Heat need to follow the blue print of the Chicago Bull when looking for quality role players and coaches. The Bulls have a bunch of inexpensive role players who play hard for their coach. Guys like Taj Gibson, Ronnie Brewer; Asik; C.J. Watson; Kyle Korver and on and on. How is it that Miami missed out on all those guys? Make a coaching change this off season and fire everyone in your scouting department if they can’t find some quality role players to fill out the roster next year.

      • LBJ_wanttsToBeLove says:

        It’s not the role players on either team. Chicago’s role players aren’t necessarily better. It’s the coaching. Period. Heck OKC, might win it all and could potential dominate winning Championships never allowing LBJ and Wade the opportunity. I’m a Bulls fan, they have excellent coach and determination, but the options outside of Rose, are not strong enough. Bulls need another great player to compliment Rose (Deng, and Boozer) aren’t the answer. Noah needs to go to a team that needs him, or we need LaMarcus Eldrige (Original draft pick traded to Portland for nothing) to cover for Noah lack of offensive basketball skills and ability to not get stripped of the ball after rebounds.. What a bust Tyrus Thomas is/was!

  125. WHOEVERSHOT says:

    The Heat will definitely bounce back. But Joel Anthony is my biggest concern. He can’t finish as strong as he should. Norris Cole gets waaay too out of control at time. He isn’t a good finisher as well, but still fresh in the game.

  126. 1greatplayer says:

    the heat look tired and not really interested. they used all of their energy in the first half of the year

  127. heat4life says:

    Spoelstra is good and smart? I stopped reading this article after seeing that line. Clearly, he is one of the most incompetent coaches in the league with the most talented squad ever. He’s wasting the prime time of 2 future hall of famers because Pat refuses to admit his fault of making this video coordinator dude a head coach. He manages to downplay every single player in his team. What can Spo do to a team that other real coaches can’t? I honestly can’t find an answer for that. Help me out.

    • A.D. says:

      Agree…good and smart? please. He’s gotta go along with sorry a** Bosh.

    • It also comes down to the role players who see the ball maybe 1% of the time. You can’t ask someone to play defense all of the time and they only see the ball one out of every 80 shots. Notice the role players really don’t put out anymore, they got tired of seeing James and Wade fastbreak highlights on ESPN when they are the ones who do all the dirty work. Also I said it last year and I am saying it again: Wade and HerBron play the same game, that is why they cannot have a traditional big man and that is why it doesn’t work in the playoffs when the game slows down. They both need to drive to the hoop because their jumpshot is SUSPECT! You can blame Pat Riley for not putting enough young legs aroung them and spending 300 million dollars on just three players. James is soft, give him a good hit and he shies away from contact. Don’t give them excuses, they should have been eager to demolish the Celtics instead they got RONDO’D BY THE BEST PURE POINT GUARD IN THE LEAGUE. GO CELTICS!!!!

    • K says:

      I agree with your comments regarding Spoelstra. Something is wrong when you have this kind of talent but yet you continue to get beat as bad as the Heat got beat by OKC, Boston and the way they got dominated by a DRose-less Chicago Bulls team the last time they played. For this team to have three premiere scores in LBJ, DWade and Bosh; it’s unacceptable for them to ever get beat by double figures, against any team. As a coach you have to figure out how to effectively utilize that much talent. Move the damn ball; stop with all the pounding the ball into the floor for 19 second and then throwing up some crazy off balance fadeaway. Spoelstra could very well be in over his head; so Riley is going to have to make some very hard decisions during the off season. You need a coach who can create and offense that will be able to maximize the skills of each one of these star player with ball movement. The Heat makes it to easy to guard them. Look at how teams move the ball against them. It seems like their is aways someone open for a wide open shot. BALL MOVEMENT wins games!

  128. me says:

    Yeah, if Miami wants to win a championship, I think they need to scratch Mario Chalmers as their starting PG and put James on the no.1 position. In the playoffs, they will gonna deal with Rondo and Rose and Chalmers and cole are nothing but fish foods to these guys.

  129. littleteapot says:

    “James — whose Magic Johnson-like playmaking gifts…”

    Kill me

    • HAHA says:

      LOL couldnt have said it better @littleteapot….it never ceases to amaze me what nonsense these LeBJ and Heat lovers spit out..

  130. JBOO says:

    Does anyone know why its always cold in Boston?
    Because they destroyed the HEAT.

  131. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    Heat need better roster such as Joel Anthony should sit out and let Eddy Curry play

    Only Problem are better big man

    • j.r says:

      and you wonder why curry don’t play… do you know anything about sport, this is not 2k basketball

    • shelia says:


      • bigd says:

        i agree with you bosh ‘s play has been terrible he does’t rebound worth a damn against other elite players he always gets dominated he does’t play with enough heart when he was with the raptors he was tough he is soft as cotton candy

  132. mani says:

    heat suk 😛
    Lakers/Thunder/Bulls/Celtics for life (L) (K) 😉

  133. Jon says:

    No point guard needed. It’s just one game. When it counts… James get mad! James Smash!!

  134. Jeffro says:

    I can see Lebron at the point. I think they also need an all-around Big man. Joel is nice, but cant finish. Lebron has been too timid lately….I dont get it. Overall, I think the Heat need to want it more.

    • j.r says:

      lebrom can’t play when he’s challenged… its not fun he gets frustrated at whoever’ guarding him and cry for foules

  135. Baller says:

    I was looking forward to seeing a competitive game and I got really disappointed with the Heats defense again. If you give guys like Rondo, Westbrook and Durant free line drives in the paint and near the rim, they will either score on you like Rondo did yesterday or they will find the open man, when they are double- and triple-teamed at the rim. In the Heat at OKC game Durant found Perkins at least 4 times open near the rim for a dunk. Perkins has probably never had a better and easier offensive game like that in his whole career. And how he didn’t receive a Technical for pulling himself up on the rim and planting his foot in Wade’s face is quite irritating for me. Griffin got a Technical at the beginning of the season after a dunk for simply hanging on to stop his momentum.

    If the Heat can somehow manage to defend dribble penetration better and rebound better, they will be fine. They are not a good road team this season, but they are still among the 4 teams with the best records in the league.
    They have 10 out of the next 13 games at home where they are dominating this year with 21-2. 9 of the remaining games for the Heat are against sub .500 teams, so the schedule is looking favorably for Miami and they can build momentum for the playoffs.

    The only thing that concerns me looking at the Heat would be Chris Boshs rebound stats. Didn’t Pat Riley use to say: “No Rebounds – No RIngs” ? I know Chris Bosh often needs to close out to PFs shooting 18 footers and I have seen him close out to guys shooting from downtown due to a break down in the Heat’s defensive rotation, but somehow it seems wrong, that James is the leading rebounder for Miami…

    Boston will visit Miami one more time this season, hopefully the Heat won’t be rondominated then.

    • SthAusBaller says:

      The reason Bosh’s stats have dropped is simply because of Lebron. He tries to do too much!! Everyone needs to have their role…if you sit out on the floor & do nothing you get stale. Its very clear Bosh has lost some confidence, I would love to see him get it back & go back to being a BEAST.

      And please do not refer to James having Magic Johnson’s play making gifts!! Yes he has good court vision, but no better than you average starting point guard…not as good as the elite of our fine sport. If you are on the floor as much as him and have the ball in your hands as often as he does of course you are going to make some plays.

      • Baller says:

        You do not need confidence to rebound. Haslem is the best rebounder in the league coming off the bench, do you think he needs touches on the offensive end to get confident to get rebounds?

        Where did I say Lebron had playmaking gifts like Magic? Don’t put words in my mouth, that aren’t there.

  136. LoL says:

    OHHHH NOOOO the world is coming to an end again! The Heat have lost some games! The Heat are in a slump! The Heat just simply arent playing as AMPED up as the other teams! The Heat simply didnt make any of their shots! The Heat are looking forward to the playoffs when its winning time!! The Heat are the only team to ever have this happen in the NBA!! EVERYONE run for the bunkers!! Now!!! Its all over!!

    • Dave says:

      When you have Lebron, Wade and Bosh there is NOOOOOO reason to be losing like that. I don’t care if you miss alll your shots, you have 2 of the best players in the game right now and an All-Star in Chris Bosh and you can’t put up a good game. Sorry, don’t make excuses for that team, the came up short last year to an old Dallas Mavs team and they lose to any team over 500% away from home. The fact is they are souly one on one players and not great team players and they will remain that way b/c thats how they score the ball. The Celtics have an offense which the reason why Rondo is so successful. The heat players stand around and watch the ball. You can’t win all of your games on one on one ball period

      • Coach Dee says:

        Yah, on paper, if you have LeBron, DWade and Bosh on one team-they should be unstoppable right? But it’s not.

        Now, can anybody dispute me if I think that they don’t deserve to be on the list of best players in the league.

        Define ‘one of the best players’
        -Is it high individual stats, and the team is a joke?
        -Is it having the LeBron, Wade and Bosh in one team, but still need a CP3, Nash type of player?

        Eff! I’m tired of hearing the Heat have the 2 of the best players in the league. If they are the 2 best players in the league, how would you call Rose (who and the Bulls leads the NBA)? How would you call Durant and Westbrook (who and the OKC leads the West)?
        If LeBron and the Wade are 2 of the best players, then the standards of being ‘best’ is set to very low that Rose, Durant, Westbrook are ‘beyond great’?
        LOL, the HEAT are overrated as ever.

      • luis from miami says:

        dude wade is one of the best players in the game. out of all this people you mentioned he is the only one with a ring and a finals mvp enough said. as for lebron he is overrated. he is not as clutch as wade when it matters.

      • Sick says:

        @CoachDee just watch come playofftime… and your Kobe will jut end up 1st round.. haha

      • LoL says:

        dave please. THey did better than your team last year. Dallas shot 65% from 3s last two games for win that doesnt happen. sorry. You can try to say theres excuses all you want, but the fact is you cant. sorry.

      • LoL says:

        Thats funny cause coach dee is completely rating players on their team performance and records lol So his boy KB would be wat about 10th best in the nba right? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  137. WadeisSoft says:

    lmao Rondo destroyed the heat and Bradley destroyed wade’s soft shot

  138. RR says:

    I am tired of you guys loving on Lebron James and The Heat, You have giving more love and help than any other team.
    Why? They are just loaded with great players surrounding Lebron James. If Lebron is as good as you say he is he shouldn’t need all this. This is young big strong and health. Give me a break! The team that you guys should is the
    Lakers, Kobe is old and banged up they have a new coach, new player, trying to learn a new system and everybody is aganist Kobe. Help Kobe and The Lakers. They needs your help! Lebron has been giving everything. Give Kobe a
    little love.

    • Dont forget bout D Wade hes in LBJs calibre

    • Valdessir says:

      C’mon name me one that has achieved what you said without another star surrounding??? Magic had Jabbar, MJ had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq or viceversa hahaha But for Lebron to win championships he needs DWade, just sit down and see what’s comming…

      • KareemOfTheCrop says:

        Hakeem Olajuwon had… oh wait. . . Bill Walton had. . oh wait. . .Rick Barry had. . . damn!

    • oats man says:

      @ RR, dude kobe has never ever won a ring without help from two bigs, u ppl really need to study the game b4 u speak.
      i hear kobe is the best but the lakers wud still be winning games without him an he’s not so good without a big. he had shaq for 3 an gasol n bynum for 2, pluh his master mind head coach PHIL. bottom line is lakers with or with out KOBE wud still win over 50 games look at poor CAV with LBJ 60 plus game with out LBJ under 30 games. wake up an realize whats happening ppl

  139. Victor Manoel says:

    Let LeBron play the point! But it’s clear the Heat is tired, we have to admit.

    • Coach Dee says:

      A young team is tired?

      This is where the best players[LeBron] are separated from the greatest players[MJ, Kobe].

      • Sick says:

        Kobe? GTFOH… he is not

      • Coach Dee says:

        If Kobe is not that great to you. What do you call an overrated choker who can’t lead his own team. Relies on his sidekick. LOL

      • LoL says:

        awww coach dee h8in much? lol KBS the choker not lebron sorry. Read the stats Lebrons a higher clutch shooting percentage ALL DAY. KB shoots 31% in the clutch.


      • Coach Dee says:

        clutch shooting? LBJ?
        How many did he take? Or have he taken any? LOL

      • levi says:

        LOL on those people who think Kobe is the choker and not Lebron! Who always disappears in the 4th period????….

      • Coach Dee says:

        Thanks for the support.
        CHOKING is not about missing the last shot, IT’S ABOUT NOT TAKING IT. That’s pure CHOKE-KING.

      • LoL says:

        Not quite! Its about making the RIGHT PLAY..not FORCING up TERRIBLE ridiculous double and triple teamed shots! lol kb SUX in the clutch. NUMBERS DONT LIE. SORRY

  140. allaroundballer says:

    Agree on this, Lebron is Magic, Pippen or something like that. Plus, you should remember how he locked down Rose on east final last year. Let Bosh and Wade score. Put Battier on SF. Done

  141. Per says:

    If Heat’s starting five is going to look like this : Lebron, Wade, Battier, Bosh and ?Haslem? They are really missing that constant 3-point threat, as Chalmers is the only one who is taking three pointers consistantly, and hitting them. Im not saying Lebron isn’t hitting threes, but he is not taking many either. For me the most reasonable thing to do is to continue with Chalmers and hope things turn around soon.

  142. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Could it not be simply that James & wade are playing too much & could do with a rest !

  143. wow says:

    how is it Spo good and smart coach??
    here is a good fix suggestions for heat

    Phil Jackson
    Pat Riley
    Jerry Sloan
    Jeff Van Gundy
    Coach K
    and even Mike D’Antoni will do better job at fixing

  144. heatlatinofan says:

    easy add nash and grant hill this summer
    we will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4……..

    • Dima says:

      …in short never.

      • j.r says:

        how could a fan of this team possibly ask for more help… that’s a disgrace

      • New Zealand Basketball says:

        The Heat need to move Wade to the bench, they are so much more confident with one of Wade and LeBron on the floor and get Bosh involved. Wade would be able to run the second team perfectly and that way they wouldn’t lose too much when ‘Bron finally gets some rest.

    • Coach Dee says:

      THUMBS UP on J.R.

      Very well said.
      Or, maybe, the Heat really need help after all. Their so-called BIG 3 is not a BIG 3.
      All speculations about them that they are “3 superstars on paper” is really beginning to be defined as truthful.

    • luis from miami says:

      wade to the bench are you stupiud?

  145. prix says:

    Heat are playing shuffling..they are just playing with Boston and L.A to build there broken confidence…we all know that when playoffs comes…Lakers and Celtics will end up in sweep or another failure…OKC, HEAT, BULLS and the CLIPPERS are the team to watch right now..Spurs is another FAKE…

    • Sean says:

      LOL this kid Prix, someone should learn to follow the NBA a little better

    • kwapau says:

      you’ve been watchin too much WNBA.

    • CoachD says:

      Prix is a freak.
      He never commented positive on any hangtime blog. Always out-of-topic comments. I think he doesn’t read the articles anyways. Or maybe he wrote them? LOL! Prix/Sekou, is that you?

      Enough said, now on to the real topic.
      Now, everybody is seeing the flaws of the Miami Heat and that they cannot actually win it all this year.
      I never thought of them getting in the Conference finals in the first place. They can’t win against above .500 teams.
      The Heat are not the best team in the NBA this year nor any year since the ‘The Decision’.

    • Miami says:

      Man, I am a long time Miami Heat fan but I have not much hope with Eric Spoelstra. He did not make the team ready for play-offs, and he has no clue on what is going on and what Heat needs to get title.

    • Kael says:

      Heat are playing the positioning in the playoffs look at them now their now up with Sixers whom they beat everytime they meet this conference,,a few weeks back they are up with the Celtics. In my own opinion this is the time that they are experimenting on their line up,plays and alot of things. At the time that I post this comment there’s only 14 games left on their (Miami) schedule.
      -Spoelstra is half Filipino and Filipinos loves LBJ.