Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2012

Former Pacers scoring star Reggie Miller and Don Nelson, the winningest coach in league history, headline the Hall of Fame Class of 2012 announced Monday in New Orleans in the basketball museum’s latest attempt to address previous oversights.

While Miller’s selection was not a surprise, he did go from not being a finalist in 2011 all the way to election this time. Nelson went from finalist to missing the cut in ’11.

Jamaal Wilkes made it to Springfield, Mass., some 26 years after he retired. Ralph Sampson, elected largely on the strength of a dominating college career at Virginia, last played in 1992.

Hank Nichols, a long-time college and international referee, also made it via the North American Committee.

Maurice Cheeks, Bill Fitch, Bernard King, Dick Motta and Rick Pitino fell short of the required 18 votes from a secret panel of 24 voters comprised of members of the media, NBA and college game.

Katrina McClain, a former star at Georgia and two-time Olympic gold medalist, and the All American Red Heads, a barnstorming team from 1936 to 1986, were elected by the Women’s Committee.

Mel Daniels (ABA), Don Barksdale (Early African American Pioneers), Lidia Alexeeva (International), Chet Walker (Veterans) and Phil Knight (Contributor) were announced in February as inductees.

Enshrinement ceremonies are Sept. 7 in Springfield.


  1. Royce Midkiff says:

    I think Sidney A. Moncrief (The Squid) should have been there years ago no better defensive player ever. He was also very good shot.

  2. jody mack says:

    Bernard King being snubbed is crazy. he’s a HOF player over Ralph and Reggie. Maybe the voters forgot how good he was.

  3. Chet says:

    I’m still trying to figure out Chris Mullin over Reggie Miller Last Year.

  4. Tom says:

    They need to change this system and have a hall for only the nba so the best can be only with the best! I wrote why on my blog so come check it out and debate! http://nbawagers.com/2012/04/there-needs-to-be-an-nba-hall-of-fame/

  5. naptown baby says:

    I am so happy for Reggie “Indianapolis” Miller………This is so well deserved. I am from Indianapolis and Reggie surely helped put Naptown on the map…………….NBA Committee, not selecting Bernard King, is equivalent to the NFL not selecting Andre Reed and Cris Carter……… Really. Bernard King was one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA……………Congrats Reggie Miller!

  6. Eric says:

    This is a sad day for the NBA how can you sit there and select Ralph Sampson over Bernard King? What is the NBA Hall of Fame Committee smoking, Bernard King was one of the best small forwards of his time, you can’t even begin to compare the stats Bernard Kings stats is by far better than Ralph Sampson, look at how long Bernard King played and what all he accomplished, the NBA really need to take a look at there selection committee because Ralph Sampson had a great college career but should not be put in over Bernard King. Please tell me who is on the Hall of Fame Committee I would love to see the fools who actually think Ralph Sampson belongs in the Hall of Fame what a joke, if you look at the stats Bernard King average 22.5 a game over a 16 year career what did Ralph Sampson average 15.4 over 8 years the numbers don’t lie.

    • Bob says:

      This is the Basketball Hall of Fame not the NBA Hall of Fame. Sampson was a beast in college and also he and the Dream led the Rockets to the Finals in 1986 in which they beat the defending champions the Lakers. But I do agree with Bernard King being snubbed.

  7. kevnasty317 says:

    Boooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm Baby Miller time Reggie needs spike as his hall of fame speaker who better, iam from indianapolis and reggie never won a ring and didn’t show up in the finals of 2000 agianst la he is still my most silent favorite player of all time when people ask whos your favorite player of all time i tell them the normal jordan kobe magic but reggie will always have my heart his best season his final the brawl season were the pacers lost half the roster reggie stepped up his game and showed up and when out on his on terms just don”t call him cheryl just ask the knicks fans and spike about that, the best trash talker of all time? Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Indiana is proud of you 31

  8. eserkocver says:

    Nellie should have been there many years ago

  9. johnny dawson says:

    Ralph Sampson, a good choice. He played like a European center of today plays, with finesse, and even on occasion, handling the ball. This is the way Pau Gasol plays nowadays. But in that era the European style in a center was not appreciated.