Knicks Point Guard Jeremy Lin To Miss 6 Weeks After Surgery For Meniscus Tear

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A torn meniscus has done what just about no one else could, put an end to Linsanity for at least the next six weeks.

The New York Knicks announced this evening, via Twitter, that their prized point guard Jeremy Lin would miss at least the next six weeks after an MRI revealed a “small chronic meniscus tear” in his left knee that will require a surgical procedure to repair the problem. In 35 games this season, Lin is averaging 14.6 points and 6.1 assists, sparking a global craze when he burst onto the scene last month.

The Knicks have endured a coaching change, from Mike D’Antoni to Mike Woodson, and are also dealing with injury issues to Amar’e Stoudemire, Jared Jeffries and now Lin, who had surgery

“It’s obviously been a very emotional year,” Lin said to reporters before the Knicks-Cavaliers game at Madison Square Garden. “”I want to be out there helping the team. It’s a six-week rehab process but I heal quickly so we’ll see. When I come back I’ll be stronger than I ever was and a better player.”

The Knicks were in a funk before Linsanity began. But they’ve gone 8-2 since Woodson replaced D’Antoni, mixing and matching lineups as they’ve dealt with all of their injury issues.

Rookie Iman Shumpert and veterans Baron Davis, another one of the Knicks’ injury casualties at different times this season, and Mike Bibby will all be pressed into service at point guard in Lin’s absence. And speaking of, if the Knicks don’t make the playoffs then we could very well have seen the last of Lin this season with just three weeks left in the regular season.

Stay tuned for more details after Lin finishes addressing the assembled media in New York …


  1. linsanity came 2 an abrupt halt…well c him next year!

  2. Knicks Fan says:

    people think Linsinity stopped. it is not stopped. it is not about lin playing great and scoring a lot but linisintiy is about inspiring and bring new york and their fans together. Now NY is playing like a team. Linisinity will live on and grow stronger.

  3. gidens says:

    You can say that again

  4. jb bufe says:

    i think j.lin can lead his team to d final battle..

  5. Someone says:


  6. Doremon says:

    probably the reason why he was cut by so many teams

    • nba says:

      probably the reason why he was cut by so many teams —–NOT true. you only see things from a very tiny jigsaw piece.

  7. lsjogren says:

    Yikes, that’s terrible. As a Portland Trailblazer fan, knee injuries scare the bejeesus out of me.

  8. jacky says:

    17-Jeremy Lin, you need to play smart, do not get hurt no more and watch out for dirty players…

  9. newyorksteelo says:


  10. JDOG says:

    Jeremy Lin was not the most important player on the Knicks, but he taught them how to play as team, and I think the Knicks really learned to play better as a team because of him. It’s so sad to see such an inspirational player have his season ended, but he’s still young, and next season he will be a more solid player.

  11. NBA says:

    I feel bad for him!

  12. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    What a pity 😦

    I hope he can play in the playoffs, at least…

  13. Dominic says:

    Hope all is well

  14. nick says:

    so he was that good playing with a chronic knee pain?! just imagine when his knee is fixed and he’s playing without pain!

  15. Matthew H says: