Nash And Terry Could Heat Up Summer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The free agent class of 2012 took a major hit when Dwight Howard decided to stick around in Orlando for at least another year.

That doesn’t mean things won’t get interesting in July, though. In fact, things could get heat up considerably if a couple of the veteran guards that will be available market themselves to a certain outfit in Miami that is seeking some scoring and backcourt firepower to aid their championship cause.

Both Steve Nash and Jason Terry spoke on it Thursday, making it clear that all of their options will remain open in free agency. Nash was on the “Dan Patrick Show” and didn’t rule out anything, a return to Phoenix, being reunited with Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas or taking a call from the LeBron James and the Heat, if they are interested:

“I would listen,” Nash said. “He’s phenomenal. I love what they’re doing there. A lot of people don’t like them because they put all that talent there. But they’re professional, they play hard, they play together. Their coaching staff has done a great job, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for them.

“I would definitely listen.”

Nash talking Miami in free agency isn’t that surprising. He’s going to be on most every title contender’s call list this summer. But Terry talking about Miami, after the way he went after the Heat (on and off the court) in The Finals last season, is a bit of a surprise.

He told Fox Sports Florida that the Heat would have to a consideration for obvious reasons:

“(Team president) Pat Riley is a great guy and what he’s done with the organization is tremendous. “No question, they need a veteran shooter, a guy who can score besides LeBron (James) and (Dwyane Wade), and they know they can count on. I’m a guy that’s been in this league 13 years, (averaging) 15 points a night, easy. Off the bench or the starting lineup, it doesn’t matter. So I think I’d be an asset to them.”

Without a contract extension and no guarantee that he’ll get a chance to finish his career in Dallas, Terry has to play the game as well. But while Nash’s remarks won’t cause much of a ripple in Phoenix, Terry’s comments will certainly raise a few eyebrows in Dallas.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of didn’t hesitate to point out the obvious:

No good could possibly come from those types of comments. Jet’s better than that.

Or at least he should be.

This isn’t really the time for the 34-year-old to be consumed by his contract. This is the time to help the Mavs make the playoffs. After this latest butt-kicking, the Mavs have only a one-game lead in the loss column against ninth-place Denver, which means the playoffs remain in doubt.

Jet talks about the franchise’s loyalty to him all the time, but he owes it some loyalty, too. We all know pro sports is a business, but it’s important for the player and the team to treat each other with respect.

When Jet talks about joining the Heat less than two hours before a game against Miami, it’s disrespectful to the owner, the coach and his teammates.

The Mavs need him to get his game right on a consistent basis since it’s hard for the Mavs to win on the nights Jet struggles, because he and Dirk Nowitzki are the team’s only consistent scorers.

Terry’s comments don’t bother us here at the hideout. He’s doing what all soon-to-be free agents have to do, and that’s stir up a little drama to keep folks interested. And him joining the Heat would give them another veteran shooter but hardly tip the scales dramatically in the Heat’s favor next season.

What’s more interesting to us is envisioning either one of these guys in a Heat uniform next season. Nash with James and Wade (no offense Mario Chalmers) would be a show no one would want to miss. Nash has played with superstars before and has a knack for making anyone on the receiving end of his passes look good.

What he could do with James, Wade and Chris Bosh on the receiving end of those passes should make the rest of the league extremely nervous.

And if Nash if finally ready to start chasing a championship, there a few options that would appear to be better fits (at least on paper) than what he could potentially walk into in Miami.


  1. mellolicious says:

    The Heat won’t win a championship by just throwing on one superstar after the other. The thing that they need is more depth. And while it is true that many teams have won championships with at least 3 or 4 superstar, if Lebron James is truly going to be one of the greatest, he shouldn’t NEED that many superstars. Not saying that it hasn’t been done and would make it easier, but Lebron can’t go down as the greatest if the reason he won ring/(s) is because he had a whole lot of help. Yes Nash would be incredibly helpful, but it is unnecessary. The Heat don’t need ANOTHER superstar, they just need a slightly better point guard, competent starting big man, and some more depth. Just a few pieces will help them be great, and that’s coming from someone who HATES the Heat. Also, Lebron needs to step it up when it matters.
    And to those saying Nash to the Bulls is idiotic, think about it. Bulls need a good point guard while Derrick recovers if they want to remain in championship contention. The Bulls are also a great choice for Nash if all he wants is a ring. Because if he truly wants that ring more than anything he will take less pay, and take a backup pg role OR slide over to the 2. The Bulls are missing their star point guard which is why their championship hopes have decreased for next year. With Steve Nash, the Bulls are back in championship contention and Nash can win a ring without being a member of Heat (which in my book is a win)

  2. ROB says:

    yeah i’ve been saying all along that heat needs a veteran pure PG, the same way lakers used D-Fish. in saying that, Heat can potentially develop chalmers to do the job. They still need to beat the Bulls and the mighty THUNDER!!! if they wanna win rings. westbrook & durant are just gettin better and better, as are rose (when healthy) and his boys…so no matter what happens i can’t see heat winning 5 rings…probably 1 i would say

  3. anonymous says:

    The life of a Knick Fan is a roller coaster ride. This season has been nothing different. First, Linsanity emerges…. and then disappears

    To read more go to

  4. Lido says:

    ^^^^sorry to say but westbrook is good and did not need durant to get him to were he is now if westbrook gets hurt or traderd the thunder will fall apart.

  5. stat says:

    nash and terry to the knicks!!
    NASH and stat back together with chandler as the anchor would be awesome
    melo can just be melo watch and drop a couple step back jumpers.

  6. Mooks says:

    These comments are hilarious and also prove a point I’ve been trying to make since Jordan retired! Michael Jordan is the greatest ever cos he made everyone around him better aka Scottie Pippen! If Pippen wasn’t there it would’ve been someone else. Jordan didn’t team up with an already established All Star OR ex MVP! He played with what he had that is why he’ll always be better than Lebron and Kobe!!!
    BUT in fairness Kobe has stuck with the same team since his 2 Championships without Shaq, AND the Lakers aren’t doing bad without Fish… Kobe is keeping the Lakers a float and making an All Star out of Bynum in the process!!! Something Lebron could’ve done with all the young players in Cleveland… heck Durants doing it with Westbrook!!!
    Put it this way – Lebron would have a ring right now if he stayed with Cleveland! He and Mo Williams would be an unstoppable one two punch!!! but now we’ll never know… give the Heat Nash and Terry, that’ll make the NBA more interesting! NOT!!! Besides Chicago will stop Miami!!! D Rose don’t need no extra All Star at least not one that plays the same position like Wade and Lebron!
    Go the Bulls!!!

  7. Gar Forman says:

    We are:
    Getting rid of Omer, Carlos, Ronnie, CJ and John and signing Pau, Taj, Kirk, Jason, Lamar Odom, Jamal, Thibs and Luol.

  8. Yasker says:

    The Heat do not need a SG or PG, they badly need a center. Chris Kaman or Spencer Hawes would contribute so much more than Nash or Terry. I’m not saying that Nash or Terry wouldn’t help, it’s just that the Heat’s need is center is much greater than anything else. Plus, Nash will probably just win one championship and retire, while Kaman or Hawes could play for the team for a few years.

  9. Boy Pickup says:

    Nash would fit Atlanta or Philadelphia perfectly, as both teams have both young and very athletic players that just need someone to direct them in Nash’s caliber.

    Please, not the Heat.

  10. DJ says:

    I totally agree with Adam, Nash to Miami would be a perfect fit!

  11. watson says:

    Steve Nash is a 10 on offense and a zero on defense . How does he have 2 MVP awards and Shaq and Kobe have only one each . He may score 20 , but he gives up 20 and has no idea how to guard anyone . Do you think he will get any better by next year on defense . Since he has multiple MVP awards , he should be able to get his own championship without having to join better players .

  12. As a spurs fan,i have so much respect for the heat right nw. talent wise they can surely win a ring. they just have to show their will. but adding nash is like cheating for me. lbj,wade,bosh and the heat organization promised the fans with multiple rings. they should get a ring first before adding nash.if not ask forgiveness to the fans and let them restate their promise “that we can win multiple rings as soon as nash signed with us”.

  13. josh says:

    Nash to the Heat ??!! I dont think so….. They’ve got pretty great players, do they really need more ??? And how about team captain….. Is it gonna be Wade, James or Nash (if ever nash does go to the Heat )

  14. says:

    nash should go to dallas with dirk, jkidd and jet… that roster would be unstoppable! 🙂

  15. Trixie I love you says:

    where will Jason Kidd be heading if ever Nash signs with Mavs

  16. joe says:

    enough of this…………the heat need an athletic centre…….give them a d’andre jordan, javale mcgee, marcin gortat or nikola pekovic and you can go ahead and shut down the league

  17. CarlosKing says:

    it says Nash and Terry could end up in Heat uniform…it doesn’t say that it’s 100% sure that they be in Miami next season…

  18. Light says:

    All of LA haters saying Kobe has Pau and Bynum, to think that lakers patiently wait for bynum to bloom..bynums playing time in the past years was limited because of his knee injuree..So, basically, the only stars with kobe when he won his rings was Phil Jax and Pau excluding the rings he got was kobe-shaq-phil and kobe-pau-phil..

  19. D will to Heat says:

    the Best!

  20. Nash to Heat says:

    if Heat will get Nash,that absolutely Absurd >:D

  21. drake says:

    Is this the trend nowadays? To get as many big name stars as possible to form a team to win? What happen to those days where teams with 1 or 2 star player(s) and a solid bench win champ??!!

    HEAT PLEASE DUN GET NASH, as much as i want nash to win a ring , there is no glory in it!! Heat , you can lie to yourself for all u want , but deep down u know u r taking the easy way out!!

    PS: I thought there is a new rule stating that no NBA team can more than 2 or 3 star players? HEAT has 3 already + nash is 4.

  22. zero says:

    d will is already talking to orlando magic he wants to sign over there to be with dwight

  23. alter-ego says:

    What the suns should’ve done is trade nash to Portland before they blew up their roster – that team had an endless supply of wing players and a star big man. But it is too late now…

    Nash should go somewhere that only needs him as a bench player. It’ll help him prolong his career. Kidd mentioned somewhere he’d be happy to backup Deron if he goes to Dallas, don’t see why Nash wouldn’t be similar. Go to the Spurs and lead the bench.

  24. T says:

    And then what happens to NBA?..

  25. Lakers wooo says:

    Doesnt really like the heats but guys, think about this:
    Y did malone goes to the lakers during 2003? he wants a ring. It DOES hurt when u played in the nba as a super star for all these years and all these awards, but no rings.
    I respect nash as a player and even tho i dislike the heats, i would still support nash even if hes playing for the heats.

  26. Knix supaFanx says:

    Nash and Terry to NEW YORK, obviously nash near canada. and terry the jet near the NY Jets… woooooooshhhhh up up and awaya we go, 5 point guard rota!!!!

  27. Trigga says:

    wade, your still cryin for help? i guess some people need all the help they can get…

  28. Lido says:

    Nash should go to the Magic were the Suns can get somthing okay for a trade and not just give nash away like the gave Amare away i have been a suns fan forever and i want to see my team getting somthing okay for a two time MVP i mean come on the suns gave up rondo joe johnson i could see nash getting traded for nelson and a 2nd round pick I would be okay with that i want to see nash win the finals but not with the heat!!

  29. Jkey says:

    I’m not a Heat fan, but I do respect the skills of Wade and James. I think Nash would be a great fit in Miami and I would only support Miami just so that Nash can get a ring. I’ve been a fan of Nash for a number of years and like many others, continually watch him miss out on getting a ring.

  30. Greene says:

    I think it would be great to have Nash in Heat uniform. But the real problem I see is the Heat’s second unit. IMO, the Big Three is enough for the super stars, they need a solid productive bench. Most of the time, Heat’s second unit always getting outscored by the opposing team’s.

  31. chris says:

    players no matter a superstar or not would somehow go to trades so that u cant question.

  32. KB24 says:

    I think no matter who lebron teaming up it doesnt matter he cant never win RING because he is one man team, look miami heat is a superstar team but they cant beat even the THUNDER.

  33. Smartest says:

    It’s sad how miami needs 4 stars in oreder to win a title. That is a disgrace to the coaches, the players, and the game of basketball.

  34. says:

    I wish Nash listen to our comments with him deciding to go to EL HEAT.. He’s already been prove his individual skill as 1 one of the great point guards ( 2 MVP’s b-2-b). Considering his age, he plays like ageless..And this time it’s the Championship Ring was only missing to cement his play to H-O-F & NBA Greats..

  35. Jason says:

    ROFLMAO lebron leaving miami? they’ll be better without lebron? don’t forget that because of lebron and bosh joining the heat, they’re one of the best teams in the east and in the nba. before they got the big 3, miami was off the radar in the nba. learn some common sense.

  36. topyxyz says:

    I thought Miami is over the salary cap? Will they get Nash for a minimum contract? or can they exercise an exception or something?

  37. Tian says:

    Too me Nash is one of the best ever. Along with Thomas and Stockton. Good luck Miami.

  38. JACKMAN says:

    Nash teaming up kobe ,pau and bynum ..

  39. my 2 cents says:

    I’d like to see Nash win championship. However, if he goes to Miami he should take the role of a scorer instead of a point guard. That may sound strange but if you look at the suns game plan it’s like Nash handles the entire offense. When they grab a rebound instead of going on a fastbreak they hold the ball and turn around looking for Nash to facilitate the drive. That won’t work in Miami because they like to go fastbreak on rebounds and can’t be waiting on Nash. Lebron and some of his teammates are great facilitators and if you watch them they don’t rely on a point guard to get them open shots unlike the suns. If he goes to Miami he can’t play like he’s doing in Phoenix because no one will slow the game just to give him the ball when the player has an opportunity to go on a fastbreak.

  40. NosTRADEamus says:

    WELCOME Steve Nash, finally you’ll get a ring before you retire 🙂
    but SORRY TERRY! Getting Terry to Miami is like getting Rondo to Lakers.. zzz. That’s a NO-NO specially for RIVAL teams.

  41. NosTRADEamus says:

    Getting Terry to Miami is like getting Rondo to Lakers.. zzz. That’s a NO-NO specially for RIVAL teams. SORRY TERRY!

  42. JR says:

    Nash would be more perfect to Lakers if u ask me. Most of them are veterans, won a lot of tittles before and if he’s with Lebron, I’m sure he will mess it up in the Finals 4th quarter.

  43. Arturo says:

    I am completely agree with Turks, now they need NASH…
    All the great teams a few years ago like, Chicago Bulls, Celtics, Lakers, are teams that evolve as a whole. The Heat is just adding and adding players into a blender expecting to get by magic, championships. The management is doing a really bad job, if the Heat does not win the championship this season, it will just confirm my opinion.

  44. Nomena says:

    If the Miami Heat want really to be the next NBA champion, they just have to sign …Kobe Bryant.
    Kobe is the most talented basketball player ever to play the game.
    MJ is the best, because he have more control of the game than KB.
    The black mamba is the most competitive player since Michael Jordan.

  45. Shania says:

    Nash should go to Miami

  46. Isjeceni says:

    they are not saying that Lebron needs Nash to win… what they are saying is Nash deserves a ring… so he has to join Lebron to win the ring… and you guys that are posting all these comments that Lebron needs Nash are just haters… he will get his ring whether you guys like it or not…. just because the Heat stars respect Nash and want him to win a ring with them doesnt mean they need that guy..!!!

  47. Windry says:

    I see 4 good point guards on free agency this year:
    Deron Williams
    Steve Nash
    Jason Kidd
    Jason Terry

    Lakers and Bulls are not going to go after any of them. Lakers are going to go with Sessions moving forward, and Bulls have Rose and a solid backup. Lakers are probably going to try to dump Steve Blake this summer too. Unless it’s taking Fisher back on veteran’s minimum (which Kobe is going to try to make happen), the Lakers aren’t going to take another point guard.

    Deron Williams is going to demand (rightfully so) the max. Dallas will have cap room when Terry and Kidd come off the books. If they do 1 more salary dump, they can sign Williams to max. Besides that, he only way he leaves NJ is a sign and trade because none of the winning teams out there have the cap space for a max player. My guess though is he goes to Dallas in a sign and trade for 1st round and one other player.

    Nash makes 11 mil/year right now, which none of the winning teams can afford either. Dallas, Miami, New York, will all make him the offer of the mid level exception (if Dallas doesn’t get Deron Williams of course). I don’t really think anyone is going to offer him more than a full mid-level exception. It is possible that he might end up taking a veteran’s minimum… but I kind of doubt it. I do think the situation with Nash will be on hold till Deron Williams finds out where he’s going to go.

    Personally though, I’d like to see Nash in NY with Amare and Carmelo (remember, Jermey Lin is a free agent too, and he’s definitely doesn’t like playing with Carmelo). Some other team is going to offer Lin an over bloated contract.

    If Miami doesn’t get Nash, they should absolutely go after Kidd. Kidd, like Nash is a PG that can do well without taking all the shots, which is what Miami needs.

    Most the winning teams out there however need roll players, not superstars. It’d be really interesting to see if someone can get Ray Allen for Mid-level or Grant Hill for partial Mid-level.


    What truly saddens me is how “basketball fans” can judge players by the way media exposed them. In my opinion nash to miami will guranatee championships and even without him they still have higher chances than most teams. The real problem in miami is the “center” position. Joel anthony isn’t consistent to rebounds offensively nor defensive, give him the axe along with pittman keep curry and turiaf bein that they are bigger men that can hold their ground at the center of the paint.

  49. Khon Kaen says:

    Who’s gonna play off the ball?
    All of these guys including Nash needs the ball in their hands to be really effective. Still, I love Nash; if he goes to Miami I wish he wins at least one…as a starter.

  50. Stonewall says:

    Nash said he will listen to the Heat. LeBron did not ask him to come play for the Heat. Why is he been blamed for what Nash said? Give the man a break.

  51. Knowsthegame says:

    Did you really just call Derek Fisher a superstar point guard? you must be out of your mind. He’s a great role player but your talking about a guy that isn’t top 50 greatest of all time and won’t even be inducted into the hall of fame.

  52. CashMoney says:

    Every team that has won a title in the last decade has had a bunch of help….and AllStars..
    People hear are talking like the heat are trying to do something that never been done before…

    Lakers: kobe – Pau – Bynum – sick bench
    Spurs- the big three in manu, parker, and timmy..great HOF coach in POP
    Dallas – Kid HOFer, DIRK HOFer; Tyson Chandler (pretty much all star)
    Boston – big three…
    Detriot – Billups. RIP, Prince, SHEED in there prime

    Heat is the exact same thing…except they are missing a solid Big…
    If they get Nash then OK….IMO he will be a liability on defense and has a year or 2 max left in him..
    They need a BIG…They need eddy curry in his prime…lol REBOUDS = CHAMPS

  53. chandler says:

    ill be mad if he goes to the heat this leagu has come to just stalking players and good teams to make them great andthere leaving the chance for the other teams

  54. ATTITUDE says:

    I just want to SHUT DOWN all the LeBron and Miami Heat hate once and for all. Lebron James decision to join the Miami Heat was ONLY POSITIVE for the entire league, americas’ economy, and “US” (the fans.) It placed the league in a position where:
    1) Every team will have to consist of “superstar players,” which in turn can only lead to more exciting and unpredictable seasons(instead of the “same teams as last year,” making it to the playoffs you won’t know who will be the champs in the end)
    2)LeBron made the decision any knowledgeable, winner would make, (all yall talking bout he’s so lame because he joined D-wade to get a ring need to “CHECK YOUR FACTS”)

    The landscape during Jordan’s era is vastly different from the one Lebron has endured his nine-year career(How many teams were even built like the Bulls when they started (and during) their championship run.I mean name me 5 teams that could have REALLY gave the Bulls a “run for their money”.

    As far as the Kobe comparison…..STOP IT! Kobe has never won a ring without another superstar player or two(Shaq,Glen Rice,Ron Artest,Pau Gasol,Lamar Odom) Hell, they had to bring in Pau Gasol to keep him a Laker.

    In all reality, Lebron, probably might be the greatest basketball player ever based off his decision alone. For in the next 10 years it’s ripple effect(his decision) is only going to make the league full of superstar teams meaning more competition(where every game counts) i.e.MORE EXCITEMENT

    and more than likely THAT RIDICULOUS MINIMUM AGE RULE will be reversed(and will get to have more amazing talent increase the value of the league)

  55. cha says:

    Miami really needs anothre Star? Yeah yeah you can say most title contenders have good or even great team. but the way the Heat was built and its not like what they added were just names. You added Lebron james and Chris Bosh/ Superstar (#2 best player in the world; and an ostrich who can easily average 25 12 a game) For their sake, they better a ring for Nash or im going to turn into a hater.

  56. Alex says:

    Steve Nash needs to get either on the Knicks, The Orlando Magic (if Dwight Howard is staying), or The Heat and maybe the Trailblazers.

    • CR says:

      Why Trailblazers? Definitely NYC or ORL I think. With Portland rebuilding I guess Nash would be a great mentor to have around but what chance of a ring is there in Portland? That’s the main issue. I would LOVE to Steve get a ring, just not in Miami where I think it would be slightly tarnished. Anybody that helps the city of New York bring home a championship would be hero-worshipped forever!! Anybody that helps LBJ’s cause isn’t woth quite as much..

  57. Solution says:

    Nash is a perfect fit for the Lakers and not for the Heat. First of all LeBron & Wade are effective with the ball in their hand. Lakers have big men like Gasol and Bynum. With Gasol you got pick and roll, pick and pop and with Bynum you got ally oops all day. Sessions and Barnes off the bench. Besides Barnes & artest were kobe’s enemy and they joined kobe so why not nash.
    Nash three pointer ability will help lakers big time

  58. MalluBoy says:

    Lebron should make a pitch for Kobe and D.Rose to come to Miami so he can get his ring 🙂

  59. HeatKingOfEast says:

    heat will definitely be 2012 nba champs! and guess what? all free agents would likely to go to miami for sure! ahahha go heat!

  60. john says:

    excited to see you Nash at the heat…..your welcome to the team……guys look the other team before criticized the Heat team.. there’s a lot of team at NBA that very strong but you never hate them………………NBA is a business remember that…….the more hater the more income…. lol

  61. HeatFTW! says:

    Also, the Heat needs a new coach that actually knows how to make good offensive and defensive plays. Shoot, I bet the whole team listen to LBJ and Wade……the Heat need a good coach.

  62. HeatFTW! says:

    I’m a Heat fan and I will say it… would be great to grab Nash for a year before he retires. The Heat have almost everything except a good point guard. Terry would be a great addition too.Get Battier out of there and grab a veteran who can actually shoot consistently….some Battier can’t do. Sure, Battier can play good defense and occasionally hit a few 3’s….but once he hits one, he thinks he can hit more so he fires more and more up every game…leading to mostly missed shots. Terry can defend AND shoot consistently. And all you guys mouthing the Heat for all the ‘talent’ they have, be quiet. They aren’t the only team:
    HEAT- Bosh (sometimes), Wade, and LeBron….that’s IT. They hardly have a bench,
    Lakers- Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and a fair bench….better than the Heat’s.
    OKC- Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Perkins, Ibaka, and a great bench.
    Celtics- Rondo, Pierce, Garnet, Allen…..and an ok bench.

    As you can see, almost every good team out there has a good PG. Some thing the Heat doesn’t have.

  63. benzslr says:

    so with the addition of Nash, the Heat will have a top 5 point guard, the best SG and SF and a top 10 PF… lol that’s consecutive rings till Nash retires in 3-5 year

  64. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    The only real fit I see for Nash on a potential championship winning team is Orlando who should do whatever they can to bring Nash in and keep Dwight happy

    • RepeatPete says:

      I didnt even think of orlando. Man would Nash love that. Look at his success with Amare, Dirk, and making Gortat the Polish Machine. You’re right too, they need to be listening to Dwight’s every request.

  65. RepeatPete says:

    I got to say, not matter how gets nash, that team will improve. I live in AZ, and man, it was a gift seeing Nash create magic night after night. As much as i want him to stay, I want him to win a championship more, few guys in the league deserve it more with his on court and off court preformances. If the Big 3 has the opportunity to have Nash on the court with them, GAME OVER.

  66. Jason says:

    Everyone talking about Lebron being a ballhog and bringing the ball up the court. I am a Nash fan and him going to Miami would be a cheating team but i want to see the guy get a ring all those injuries and swollen parts during playoff runs can atlease stop. With all those stars such as D-wade,Lebron and Bosh he wouldnt have to run round as much putting his body on the line lets those guys do all the work. He only has to be a facilitator. Jason Terry wouldnt really make an impact on the heat if two of the best scorers in the league cant do it. (even tho D-wade got a ring already). And with those remarks i doubt Dallas will play well against them this playoff if they make it.

  67. James says:

    If you think Micheal Jordan would have won 6 championships without a Pipen type player…. You belong in a clinic the bulls were making it past the second round in the playoffs when jordan retired.. You think dirk would have won it without terry, chandler, kidd, stevenson? lol dont make me laugh all dirk can do is score. As far as lebron not being top 5 of all time because of other stars on his team…. most of those players you name thier teammates are in the hall of fame as well. ex..Jordan, pippen, rodman.. kukac or whatever would have been one if he played most of his basketball career in the US instead OF europe. He was basically a ginobli

    • RepeatPete says:

      THANK YOU. I’m not even a Heat fan, (Dwade die hard tho) and what Lebron and D Wade and (I guess) Bosh is not cheap or wrong. If you want to blame someone, blame Pat Riley for being a Monster at making it happen. The best teams ever had more than one great player Mj’s Bulls, 86-87 Magic, Worthy and Kareem, not to mention the amazing bench

  68. epic says:

    this isn’t about Lebron getting a championship. Lebron still has like 15 years left so he can get a championship later. This is about Steve Nash getting a championship. Steve Nash has like two years left and hasn’t won one championship even though he deserves one really bad. So stop making fun of Lebron because he needs a lot of talent on his team. Steve Nash is one of the best point guards ever. He deserves a championship more than Lebron. So if Steve Nash goes to Miami you guys should befeel happy for him.

    P.S I’m a rockets fan

  69. Marco says:

    Some of you guys are pathetic.. “Aw you’ll need steve nash too”,,, “just when you thought lebron was better than kobe they need everyone to win a championship” LMAO GET OFF KOBES NUTS… In the 90s and 80s all the good teams had more than 3 stars.. Jordan, Pippen, rodman, kukac.. c’mon no one mad a big deal when allen and garnettt joined peirce… no one made a big deal when magic was teamed with kareem and a elite squad or the detroit pistons bad boys.. and wtf,,, Duncan had the admiral by his side stupid not mention he has tony parker, ginobli, had george hill. As

  70. MIAMI says:

    miami can do it with out nash, but if he wants to sigh in miami, thats even more frosting on the cake,and to all the peolple who hate miami,we all no y,its cause bosh and lebrone didnt pick ur boring cities,, LETS RIDE MIAMI

  71. scottie ngipen says:

    instead of getting steve nash acquire derrick rose since rose can’t win a championship in bulls bec they have no match with miami’s big 3!

  72. dd def says:

    god, nash to the heat would almost be unfare. haha. but if it put nash in a good place for a ring i’m all for him doing it, he deserves one more than anyone in the league today. i could see some very entertaining basketball coming out of it as well. greatest thing about nash is he takes such good care of himself that he hasn’t aged a day through his career. wouldn’t be shocked if he was the first 50 year old allstar haha.

  73. Lachlan Squires says:

    look i’m like the Miami heat and all but this is ridiculous if i don’t remember correctly all of you miami heat fans said when lbj comes to miami it will mean multilpe championships for us yet now 1 year later all of sudden you guys desperatly need steve nash to help you win well it kinda says alot about you all and your so called team miami heat

  74. Khaseem says:

    Soooo . . . Nash going to the heat ? Dumbest decision ever , being that they are not good enough by themselves . whats the point of signing someone who’s soon to retire .

  75. StatnMelloStatnMello says:

    nash should go to the knicks play with his old teamate stat and teach lin some things

    • CR says:

      Now that’s one of the better thoughts I’ve read so far. Nash should not go to Bulls, Lakers or Heat! I’m a Chi fan but his talents wouldn’t be utilised in Derek Rose’s team. If he wants a challenge he could got to NYC. No one can say that they would lose any respect for Nash after seeing him turn that rabble into a serious ring contender. Must, admit he’d have his work cut out for him. More respect for that than chasing an ‘easy’ ring in Miami..

  76. shoobop says:

    nash is my favorite player and the suns are my favorite team and if nash goes to miami much respect because its time he wins one.

  77. DWADE&SNASH FAN says:

    I would like Nash to be in PHX SUNS till his career ends…
    but, I would like Nash to have a NBA Championship Rings also team up with DWade too!!!

  78. German says:

    If the Miami Heat can’t win championships with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade it’s not because they need another player, it’s that they need another coach. How can you not make it happen with two of the top ten scorers in the league. All you really need is for one of them to have a good game and for the rest team to play good defense and get some stops.

  79. Justin says:

    I really want to see Nash with the Heat, not because I love the Heat but rather I want Steve to win at least one championship before he retires in the near future.

  80. Armin Halvadzic says:

    I hope Steve end up in Miami. That’s the only way I can start enjoying that team.

  81. heat fun but not too much says:

    nash to heat? why? nash need to have ball. I don’t think he will be good with LBJ and wade because this 2 guys have less ball than they need.

  82. SR says:

    Nash definately has a greater chance winning with the Heat then the Lakers. This is fact. The west a stacked conference this season and probably for the nex few seasons as well. If I were him, I’d take the easy route to the ring and go with Miami.

  83. gunnerkanishk says:

    Do these guys have any competitive spirit left in them? I don’t remember Kobe making pitches to guys like Tim Duncan, KG, Paul Pierce etc just to get him a ring. If getting it is just a formality, lets just let LeBron buy one.

    LeBron will never even be considered as a top 5 all time player if needs that kind of a team just to win a ring.


    • nz1 says:

      helloooooo!!! he threatened to leave l.a unless he got help

    • dd def says:

      sort of like kobe requesting a trade when the lakers weren’t winning untill he got bynum and gasol and some decent role players? or jordan not winning a ring till he had pippen and grant on the wing and paxon for the 3? or pierce till he had KG allen and rondo? durant didn’t have a hope for the finals till he got westbrook and harden plus key role players. but then, none of those guys are unfairly scrutinized for every thing they do and everything they don’t do.i don’t see how people turn this into a ‘bron thing when wade is the one going out and recruiting folks. playing with good players doesn’t make someone a bad one. and having a career season while being the most hated on player in the league is rising above adversity and right into your eyeball.

  84. Eric Adrian2004 says:

    Nash will be a great fit to the LAKERS…Jason Terry??trade him to the Bobcats in exchange for K. Walker….Lol!

    • RepeatPete says:

      Even the great MJ would be booed for a trade like that LOL. We know he needed to be after Kwame brown… haha

  85. Pedro Santos says:

    There are some guys here saying Nash to L.A. Lakers. How in the world is that going to happen when Kobe hates Nash and eveything that comes out of the Phoenix Suns? Now, I think should sign-and-trade Nash to the Miami so they don’t get completely destroyed after his departure.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Not only that, we just got an awesome point guard in Sessions. If anything, Jason Terry would be an amazing acquisition to the Lakers. His scoring off the bench would make LA unstoppable. Our bench is such a weakness. When Matt Barnes is your top scorer off the bench you know there is a problem. I love LA, but after the Thunder game last night I don’t think we are championship material, and that hurts so bad to say. I’m a Laker fan for life, but we are getting in the post Kobe era and into a rebuild era.

  86. gunnerkanishk says:

    And LeBron can basically say bye bye to his chances of ranking amongst the all time top 5 players if he needs Steve Nash as well just to win a ring.

    Heck why not get Dwight as well?

    Whatever happened to a competitive spirit amongst top athletes. I didn’t see Kobe making pitches to Tim Duncan or any of the top players while he was in his peak to get him a ring.

    Those guys loved to play against each other, not like these little wussies we have here.


    • Sick says:

      oh another Laker fan commenting…
      didn’t see Kobe making pitches to get another star???? lol
      you made me laugh…hahaha

  87. ladiesman says:

    i hope steve nash will stay in phoenix grant hill needs him..just add dwight howard and i’m sure they would be a contender.

  88. BULL4LIFE says:

    I respect Steve Nash and his legacy, but if he would go to Miami that will be the cheapest thing to do for get a ring. If i were him, i would return to Dallas… and by the way LETS GO BULLS!

  89. steve nash deserves to play for a franchise that wants to win a chip..the suns havent tried to put any top tier talent on their team to compliment nash for years..he should explore his options: steve nash: the constant gardener on

  90. I'm not talking 1,2,3 but 4 says:

    Are you serious? 2 years back miami was soooo excited, cause they had 3 allstars then. Seems to get not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4….you need not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 allstars. Nash is way too good, to go down in NBA History as the one mvp who had to ride the bandwagon for his one championship. This is insane. How can you be proud of such a team? Where is the “wow we made it” where is the thrill of a rollercoaster ride through the playoffs? Where is the game, I gotta ask you. Hail to Dallas, though I’m not a fan. But last year that was fun to watch. Not only for Mavs Fans, but for everyone who loves the game of basketball. Well now we proudly present the Yankees of BB, the Miami Fource. LOL

    And Lebron?!?! From the Chosen One all the way to one quarter. He and the quarters, a funny, still lame story in recent NBA-History takes on another hilarious chapter. I’m sorry.

    • I'm not talking 1,2,3 but 4 says:

      Ah and before I forget it, here’s a little tip: Maybe you should go after Durant, so you have a bona fide future 5 times sixth man of the year. Or…since he’s a 3, LeBron can take that part over.

  91. Bunsenburner says:

    I don’t want to hate Nash. Please don’t go to the Heat. Don’t be a sellout.

  92. Waldo says:

    I’d be really disappointed with Steve Nash if he goes to Miami. It would tarnish his impeccable reputation, and he’d become just another ring-seeking mercenary.

    • nz1 says:

      makes sense that hes a ring seeking mercenary!!! hes 38 without a ring!!! be dissapointed, he wont be when he gets his ring

  93. Blessed says:

    4 All stars on 1 team? plus fire the coach and get Phill Jackson while your at it 😛

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Not just 4 stars but 2 2 time MVPs!

    • Frank says:

      That’s actually a great idea.

    • TheDude says:

      If they get Old Phil, they don’t need Nash (I think)… The Heat’s coaching is a joke (honestly). Now, getting Nash AND Phil will make this one of the best teams ever (only second to 1997 Bulls)

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Yeah, better than Kobe and Shaq’s 2000 Lakers? Yeah right.

      • KidCanada13 says:

        @TheDude! You been puffing the wacky tabacky?? You’re comparing Phil Jackson’s 6 rings with the Bull’s Dynasty and overlooking his Laker Rings to a 1 Win Frachise like the Heats LMAO………… OMFG!

  94. Michael Joradan says:

    Miami needs to get Steve Nash and Kobe will follow too!

  95. Victor Manoel says:

    Nash in Miami would form a team for the ages, definetly. I love LeBron and the Heat, but I love better Nash, this guy is just amazing, never gets old.

  96. welcome back to reality says:

    i really don’t know what’s the problem of people about a certain team collecting great talents?!? if they can make the team better as possible and give the team atleast edge over others i don’t think organizations should hesitate on doing so.. if they have cap space and players are willing to play to win why not.. i think nash will fit well in a heat uniform and it really is my comment since the big 3 joined the heat together.. a lot of people says the heat need a big dominant guy that can rebound and play D and bang up to the likes of howard but i think what really the heat need is a pg.. someone who would stand up to his ground and not just give the ball to wade or lebron whenever they ask it, someone who would not mind controlling 3 superstars and would just tell them to go there go here, screen here cut there, someone who would make plays for the big 3 (not to mention that it would be a great practice to the heat’s big 3 to move even off-ball) that way the heat would be tough to beat and would definitely be better.. i think that is what this people are scared of and whines about heat’s move on collecting great talents, bcoz if they do, this whiners team would be in a great danger for a long time, not saying that would play 4 or 5 more years but the things the heat and the big 3 will learn from nash if ever he plays for them would be a big help for the heat’s big 3..

  97. truff says:

    lol NBa would be a joke to let nash and terry join the heat and also its takes lebron 6 allstars to win a championship lololololololol what a joke

  98. Antonio says:

    Terry is efficient, quick, and can flat out score. Terry is probably the best sixth man in the NBA if not the best in the league. Every team needs someone like Terry on their team. Of course I would hate to see Terry in a Heat’s uniform. He should stay in Dallas for the rest of his career and Nash should come to Dallas to reunite with Dirk to finish where they left off.

  99. Will says:

    Nash should go to the Bulls! Miami is a disgrace to professional sports! I will quit watching the NBA if they get Nash! How pathetic! LeBron said they were going to win 8 Championships with Wade, Bosh, and himself, now they need MORE HELP!! Stern needs to do something! Why don’t Kobe and K evin Durant join Miami too!

    • jordanbyfar says:

      ohhhh. Look who is talking. The man who wanted Howard in a Lakers uniform. Talking about hipocrisy here.

    • Frank says:

      With your suggestion that Nash go to the Bulls, maybe you should stop watching the NBA. WTF is Nash going to do on the Bulls team? I know get rid of Rose and replace him with Nash! That is the stupidest thing I have heard all day.

  100. T-Ray says:

    Not a Heat fan but this works out for both parties. Nash gets a chance at a title and the Heat will benefit from him facilitating therefore LeBron, Wade and Bosh will all get there fair share of points without having to work too hard to score.

  101. LBJ123 says:

    Steve nash to the HEAT equal, chalmer i love u kiid but steve nash i’ll take that anyday yo.
    I don’t need J.Terry.but come to MIAMI Nash.You’ll win a ring cause obviously you haven’t and isn’t getting any younger.Miami is the best chance for you to win a ring
    miami off season move
    Eddy Curry=cut him
    Harris, Terrel=cut him
    Turiaf, Ronny=sign him to a two year contract
    Howard, Juwan=cut him(he should retire by now)

  102. BelizeBoy says:

    Lol, Nash knows that Miami is the last chance for him to get a ring. Get ready folks cause he’ll be there next season.

  103. edwin says:

    nash to lakers ithink

  104. J-Minus says:

    This is why i dont like the heats cause of this they need a bunch of allstars to win a NBA CHAMPIONSHIP whats wrong cant win a ring, they need almost half of the leagues superstars to be champs come on !

    • nz1 says:

      detroit had 4 all stars when they won!!!

      • J-Minus says:

        I understand that detroit hade 4 allstars but The Heats have 5 allstars and bench allstars they need a dream team to win a championship. come on !

    • Coach Airee says:

      The Heat don’t have 5 all stars, they have Bosh, Wade and LeBron;
      Battier- No all star, Miller- No all star, Cole- No all star, James Jones- No All star, Eddy Curry- No all star, Mario Chalmers- No all star
      Lakers of old had Magic, Kareem, Byron Scott, James Worthy
      Celtics had Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ
      New Celtics went with Pierce, Garnett, Rondo, Allen
      You are an idiot

  105. Stacks says:

    Can you imagine Nash playing with the Heat. The ease to which that offense would flow. He’s a defensive liability but, man, the loops, the easy looks and the consistent 3 point threat is what they need from that position.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Thank you, you are the first person finally. Nash is an amazing offensive player in the NBA, his game is just too sick.. But he’s a liability on the defensive end. I’m not a fan of the Heat, but Chalmers is a pretty good defender and that would heavily lack on the PG end of the floor for Miami.

  106. zoren says:

    nash going to L.A and terry will sign at L.A.. will bring back the showtime again and it will be a dyNASHty

  107. Sean says:

    I love nash, and I love the heat. He would be a wicked addition, and would like to see him and the heat win

  108. nbafan says:

    for the heat. Having steve nash would be a huge help. It would take a lot of pressure off of dwyane wade and lebron to try and force things. Nash is a great ball handler who knows how to keep his dribble alive. Instead of having lebron have the ball in his hands and the opposing team knowing that wade is ging to run off screens . it would be nash with the ball creating for lebron and wade and even bosh. wade and lebron will get there points. But bosh’s averages will go up with nash running pick and rolls with him. Having nash will settle down the heats offense and make them more patient and instead of the heat being , “the big 2.5” nash will get bosh more points and they can truely be the big 3 in miami. With nash running the team. nash is my favorite player and i want nothing more than for him to retire with a ring or 2. He definitely deserves it.

  109. Celtics says:

    Im not a heat fan AT ALL but one thing that would make the heat Literally unstopable is a veteran Point guard like Kidd, or Nash someone who has a ton of experience and can run the floor and that would leave Lebron and Wade to be able to get some nasty dishes (oops)

  110. heat fan says:

    cap space would be a problem for the heat if they want nash in the line up..

  111. Kwiss says:

    Steve Nash to to the Heat? Yeah, I could definitely live with that. So do the Heat in my opinion.
    As for Terry’s comment, he was probably asked the question and he was honest and as for respecting his team and GM, ask Derek Fisher about that matter. I’m glad Fish landed in OKC (and that t they beat the Lakers in LA in the process), he’s probably on a more secure road to another ring … if Miami let them.

  112. Welcome Terry and Nash to the Club. This is a professional game… just as my favorite LeBron is now here in Miami… love to have Terry, too. He is a championship caliber!!! Come on Terry… go to Miami! I love the NBA, I love this game. I love the merry go round of players, too!

    • Mino says:

      yea, and how about dwight go too! and maybe send deron to the heat! and also, what about kevin durant, he could also go to the heat. Then get kobe! We’ll definitely get a hard earned champion with our 82-0 record!

      • ihatetheheat says:

        the heat are overrated they built there team the wrong way and if they get nash theres just another example if u want to build a team right look at the thunder or the spurs they got their best players from the draft not just having a bunch of money and going to buy the best players

  113. jason says:

    nash – miami = CHAMPIONSHIP

    terry – should stay in dallas

  114. Paul says:

    Impossible for Nash to help Lebron get 5 rings.
    He is 38 and will probably not play for 5 years, and even so there are always teams to beat in the playoffs so you are not guaranteed 5 rings in a row.

    And even so, Lebron needs Wade, Bosh, and Nash on his team?
    Are they gonna need an all-star center too? lol..

    • Joaquin says:

      Yeah, they couold win 2 at the most, Nash would be 40 and to be honest, any unjury at this point of his career could be a career ending injury. The Phoenix medical staff is the best in the league, no question about that, and is part of the reason why Nash can still play at this leel at age 38, I dont know what would happen if he left, I wouldnt mind it though, Nash got robbed on 07 wen the league suspended Amare Stoudemire when Horry pushed Nash in the playoffs. He deserves a ring.

    • J-Minus says:

      Nash is a good PG but i say the same thing u say nash is not going to able to play so much cause of age and there are young player in the league right now who are much faster and i say that heats wont be able to win NBA RING NOT 5 OF THEM maybe one

    • Da'man says:

      yep, they’ll sign Howard 2

  115. Doug says:

    Steve Nash on the Heat would be so cheap… So cheap they probably would lose two games the whole season.

  116. no waaay says:

    no wayy phx07 is waayy respctable tham lwb

  117. Well says:

    Nash in Miami….Awsome………………..

  118. nbafan says:

    wow miami would get a real pg and lebron could finally just focus on playin small forward, instead of 4 other positions. GAME OVER BASICALLY =)

    • Just Sayin says:

      Le’Bron would NEVER focus on just playing small foward. He constantly looking for the cameras and the spotlight. Therefore, it wouldn’t matter whether or not they got Nash because when it comes down to it, Le’Bron is going to bring it up court and be a ballhog.

  119. willie says:

    trade nash for terry… dallas wants nash… terry may go to another team, he’s a ballhog anyway

  120. collie says:

    terry stays in dallas and the return of nash to the big D. heeh, that would be awesome

  121. NOVAKain says:

    If nash is gonna go to florida it better be in a magic uniform

  122. Wun says:

    Let’s Go Heat !!!!!!

  123. NOVAKain says:

    really this is what were gonna do this day in basketball stuff as much talent as possible into one team. The heat are a great team who made it to the finals there first year together do they reall need anpther mvp on thier team.Well if this happens i hope it backfires on them cause like they say making a championship team is not just aqiuring talent

    • Frank says:

      I’ll bet you’re a Laker fan NOVAKain

      • Sebastian says:

        NOVAKain, you’re just jealous that these talented players expressed their interest playing with the Heat instead of your fave team… Quit it!

  124. Shawn says:

    It would be great for Nash to come to heat Im all for it

  125. Mani says:

    Nash to heat perfect fit even though im not a fan of heat
    buh nash to heat is perfect

  126. justin says:

    I would love to see a nash or a terry in a bulls uniform. Hamilton cant stay healthy.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      No need for Nash,hell prolly sign with Dallas (if Williams decides to stay in New Jersey)…..Ill take Terry, but coming off the bench…and Hopefully the Bulls can go after Pau Gasol from Lakers in offseason…maybe get rid of Boozer or have him coming off the bench…


      1) Sign Gibson to a long term Deal (comming of the bench if sign Gasol)
      2)Sign Captain Kirk Hinrich AGAIN!!
      3)Sign Gasol from Lakers
      3)Sign Terry… or Jamal Crawford
      4)Sign Coach THIBS to long term deal
      5) Sign Deng for a contract!

      2)Boozer(if sign Gasol)
      3)RIP (or if he wants to come off the bench)
      6) maybe Lucas (or maybe use him for a backup)

      • Joaquin says:

        No, they should not get rid of Asik. He is a tremenduos help, having that guy coming off the bench is huge for the Bulls, they shouldn’t get rid of him

    • ralph says:

      cut your bulls team here. we’re talking about nash/terry getting to miami. so please shut up 😀

      • john rytherr says:

        you it is not about the “heat” and ther overegoestic players if they want to win then the Big baby king needs to go. oh wait he can’t he needs all the help

    • WTF JUSTIN says:

      Dude, Nash is a PG, wtf is he gonna do on the bulls? Dumbest thing i have read all day. Jason Terry could possibly work as off the bench 1/2 guard.

  127. Honestly, I’m a huge heat fan and I want nothing to do with Jason Terry. Yes, he’s productive (can’t deny that) but he’s been rubbing me wrong for years. He’s also not the type of selfless role player that the HEAT need. The heat need guys who are not worried about their numbers or minutes, just guys who want to win. If i ever had to see “the Jet running down the runway” in a Heat uniform, i’d vomit.

    In terms of Steve Nash, i feel the exact opposite as i do about Jason Terry. I’d cut/trade half the team to get Steve Nash!

    • S27M says:


    • BelizeBoy says:

      Well said and I agree 100%

      • grifter says:

        agreed…but you will not be needing to trade half the team to get Nash.. i believe in his age he would not be after the money but more on getting a ring/ rings…..he will be after the fulfillment of every NBA player…championship…

  128. Adam says:

    Nash to Miami would be a perfect fit. That would spell the 5 championships LBJ is talking about.

    • turk says:

      awwwww now you guys need Nash too?

      • ? says:

        Hilarious right? And Lebron is better than Kobe. Yet, he needs alllllllll this help to help him win championships. Its pathetic to compare this guy with the true greats. But for Steve Nash on the other hand, he deserves a championship before he retires. Its just too bad he would consider joining the Heat. Kind of takes away from it.

      • turks a fool says:

        Are you messed in the head?
        Westbrook – durant – ibaka – perkins
        fisher – kobe- pau – bynum
        rondo – pierce – allen – garnett

        all i see is superstar point guards with superstar players..
        and you tell me that the heat are only allowed to have chalmers? or norris cole? the chance of a 38 year old point guard.. and u say “aww u need nash too” is completely stupid! what a shame you are to life.

    • sbfern805 says:

      im a Lakers fan…FML!!! lol just when i thought if we get Deron Williams or Steve Nash, the Heat will be History, here comes Steve Nash saying he wouldnt mind teaming up… That addition to ME will probably make the most talented team in basketball history… Well the Lakers had 4 Hall of Famers at one point but Malone and Payton were past their prime…anyways if Nash joins, Lebron will get all those rings… if Terry joins…its more poison to the team…I THINK. But you never know cuz he is also good.

    • Henry says:

      Nash’s production makes it easy to forget his age. IF Nash went to Miami this offseason and Miami did win 5 consecutive championships, it would make Nash the oldest player Ever in the NBA, at 44 years old. With his back issues I just dont see it, but I hope so because he sure does deserve it.

      In terms of fit, Nash as a laker is the more obvious choice, but what about the Pacers? They have finishers, outside shooters, a deep bench, old friends (barbosa/amundson), they just lack an orchestrator. Also, It’s not too late to give up on collison, and Nash is the perfect guy to teach that young kid similar to what hes done for Dragic who is BLOWIN UP right now

    • Wilson says:

      Turks a fool you need to your homework. You would compare Fisher to Rondo and Westbrook? Your kidding right? Fisher has never been a star point

      The Lakers are the only team out of the 3 that you mention that win games without an star point guard.

      And I agree with every one else how much more talent does the heat need before they can win a championship?

      And you critize turk for his comment what a joke.

      • Owa says:

        Yeah, Turks a fool, what the hell… Westbrook – Durant, sure… but Ibaka – Perkins? what? Thats no equivalent to Nash – Lebron – Wade – Bosh… that would be 4/5 perennial all-star line-up

        Nash should go to the team that can afford to pay him what he deserves, not give him a cheap championship… Would like to see more competition in the NBA, not less

    • Champions says:

      If nash were to go to heat, the heat PROBABLY would only win 1 championship not five. nash is gonna retire in the next 2 years

      • Turks a fool is a fool! says:

        Turks a fool I have to disagree with you. Fisher was never an all star on the level of the other point guards aforementioned. Ibaka and Perkins are the best of the best in terms of what they’re ASKED to do but they will never have the talent to do what the Big 3 in Miami do and they are certaintly not All-Stars. Also, Boston’s Big 3 is way past their prime were past their prime even when they won the championship. Not to mention Rondo was not an all-star point guard when they did win it. If you think back you will remember that all the questions going into that Lakers-Celtics finals matchup was whether or not Rondo was good enough to deliver the ball to the Big 3. In that series Rondo was average but most definitely no where near the level that he’s playing at today. In todays league the Big 3 of Boston would probably find it in their best interest to move around to the various contenders such as Miami, Chicago, Oklahoma City, or L.A. because they can be used as perfect role players or even start at the positions that don’t have a lot of depth. As for Nash potentially joining the Heat, well good for him. He deserves a ring already. Jet could be a great scoring 6th man when the Big 3 are on the bench as well.