MVP Ladder: Love, Westbrook Rising!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s nothing like head-to-head matchups between MVP candidates to help us make our weekly evaluations of who belongs where on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder.

But to get a chance to see the two players have held the top two spots all season long go chest-to-chest the way Kevin Durant and LeBron James did last weekend was a spectacular opportunity.

The only problem is, it wasn’t nearly as entertaining or as exciting as the show Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Durant put on two nights earlier in a double-overtime thriller won by the Thunder (if you missed the game do yourself a favor and at least watch the recap).

Love and Westbrook have both moved into the top five of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder with their recent play and join what’s become a crowded field down the final stretch of the condensed season.

And remember, this is a fluid list. You can play your way on or you can play your way off, but nothing is guaranteed.


  1. Where's the Love? says:

    Kevin Love is hands down the Most Valuable Player in the NBA. Here is why.

    Both Kevin Durant and LeBron James have another all-star to help shoulder the load of the team. Westbrook averages 24pgg and Wade averages 23ppg. Additionally, Harden averages 17ppg and Bosh averages 18ppg. Durant and LeBron could be out against any opponent and either team still has a legitimate shot to win.

    Kobe Bryant could make an argument, however having two 7-footers in the paint helps him be dominant. I’m not taking anything away from Bryant, he can put up big numbers and comes up clutch whenever he needs to. I’m only downgrading his productivity because of the fact he has the twin towers with him that teams have to take into account when preparing for the Lakers.

    Dwight Howard earns my runner-up spot. Looking at players’ ppg, five players average more than 10 and one could argue that his supporting cast is statistically (in the ppg category) the best out of the MVP candidates. But this is because of his dominant play. Howard’s teammates get a ton of good looks because of the defensive attention he gets. His VALUE to the team is tremendous. Take him away and I bet the players’ ppg drop dramatically.

    Now to my winner, Kevin Love. I do not believe the award should go to the best player on the team with the most wins. Why? That’s a TEAM accomplishment. Love averages 27ppg, 14rpg and 2apg. Looking at the player with the next highest statistics, 14ppg, 7rpg, less than 1 apg. These stats belong to Nikola Pekovic. Now I don’t know about you, but I do not remember every hearing his name be stressed when talking about the “Keys to the Game” before Timberwolves games. Take Love off the team and the Wolves don’t win more than 8 games.

    • jfoster4 says:

      Kevin Love doesn’t make his teammates better. He gets all the stats and they still lose….

  2. Where's the Love? says:

    Kevin Love is hands down the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, Here is why.
    Kevin Durant and LeBron James, both have supporting casts that helps shoulder the load of the team. Russell Westbrook is a phenominal player, averages 24ppg. Dwayne Wade averages 23ppg.

  3. The King says:

    @ LBJ6 – If The Season MVP is not for you . Then The Final MVP is waiting for you πŸ™‚

  4. kiwifan says:

    if most valuable player is most wins added, mvp should be dwight howard every year. no one else carries such garbage squad into the playoffs. like for example if you swap out k. love and put dwight on the wolves then that team is a contender. no one impacts the game on both ends than dwight howard. but it usually is just a popularity contest…

  5. MVP says:

    Lebron MVP James, i dont think another player will steal the MVP like last year. this is yours. if KD win Lebron will get it back in the Finals.

  6. PEDRO VASQUEZ says:

    LeBron MVP – Desefensive Player

  7. Ao1 says:

    Why everyone likes LeBron just because of high stats… Take him out of the team you still have DWade and Bosh. If fact, D-Wade took over some of those games that the Heat have won. James can sit down and Heat would still be winning. To me that is not an MVP. If we all go with stats then give it to Love! Take him out of the team they would be baked like a potato. I think Kobe or KD35 deserves it more! Kobe with new rosters, new coaching system, personal drama, old school teammates left but still manage to bring the team on the #3 seed. You have KD35 deserves it more than James. He has Westbrook who did so well this year and that’s it. LeBron, he has DWade who is a superstar that can carry a team as well as Bosh who once carried Raptors. If Bosh used to carry Raptors then and now seems like he is inconsistent while he once was a consistent, all-star, it is James fault!!! If Wade’s number went down it is because of James!!!

  8. imacRuel1 says:

    Whichever team turns out to have the best record in the NBA after the regular season, it’s best player will likely win the MVP award. But for some reason… LBJ deserves it more than anyone else (even if Miami wont end up w/ most wins)… And I’m a BIG Kobe Bryant fan… I was disappointed when Kobe’s having a great season in 2002-2003… averaging 30ppg, 6.9rebs, 5.9asts, 2.2stls & didn’t win the MVP b’coz of their win-loss record. Hope it wont happen to LBJ this year… he deserves it!

  9. wako-wako says:

    I’m not LBJ fan, but I’m pretty sure that he deserve the MVP once again, we all know that…. I’m just being true to myself

  10. kengayno says:

    In MVP race Lebron James is the Guy that changes the game and playes with team members night after night

  11. LBJ4MVP says:

    ey LBJ haters… just look at this numbers and scratch your heads while holding a bag of skittles. what KD does is score, score and score, he’s good for the scoring title. KD may win the scoring title year in and year out but he will never ever be an MVP-caliber type of a player.

    Let’s go LBJ, go get your 3rd MVP plum and shove it off your hater’s @$$!!! dummies!

  12. spurs fan says:

    MVP (Most Valuable Player)
    MVP = game efficiency = LEBRON
    MVP = game statistics = KLove
    MVP = winning w/o him = DHoward
    MVP = stats w/ consistency = KDurant
    MVP = franchise Stardom w/ 30+ shots per game = KOBE
    MVP = brings team impact +success = PARKER

  13. lebronmvpeveryyear says:

    lebron , KD, CP3, Rose, Westbrook, Love, bunch of MVP candidates but i mean cmon? lebron could win it every year and should have been winning it every year for the past 3/4 years. Yes he choked and deferred to wade a little too much in the finals but he plays offense and defense where as KD plays mostly offense and some defense. Where would KD and OKC be without Russell Westbrook tho? Yes maybe KD would be averaging 40 w/o westbrooks trigger happy stroke but Lebron and the heat have the ability to turn up the ‘heat’ come playoff time, they did it last year so they are just pacing them selves. if lebron does not win one friggin ring in his career i will shoot myself

  14. antoniii says:

    To Be Honest i think that lebron deserves all the credit and deservs the MVP. Hes been leading his team to a win without wade playing. Also his stats has improved and is probably having his best season yet.

  15. Adri says:

    LeBron is unstoppable. He demonstrated his qualities yesterday against OKC. He deserves MVP. He alone beat OKC(without Wade and Bosh)

  16. Andy Kuthalingam says:

    Lebron James is the MVP and Defensive Player of the year! He’s been fantastic.

  17. Larry says:

    LeBron is more complete than ANY other basketball player today. Check his stats, and you will soon find out that he contributes to his team in so many different ways that it should be obvious that he is this years MVP. Kevin Durant is having an excellent season, and probably will win the award sometime in the future. But today, LeBron James is the best and most complete basketball player, and should win his third MVP.

    I agree with everyone who backs up Kobe. He should definately not be ignored in the MVP conversation.
    Kevin Love is also playing great, but if you cant carry your team to the playoffs you simply dont deserve the award.
    ##Check LeBron who carried them to the FINALS and they were the worst team in the East the season after he leaves.


  18. me says:

    lebron is an all around player. he deserves the mvp, defensive player of the year, finals mvp and the nba championship this year.

    kevin durant is a pure shooter, period. russell westbrook is a joke. period. kobe bryant is kobe bryant, period.

  19. MVPvote says:

    Lebron is mvp, his number are far from kevin durant in other categories
    -Dwade missed like 10 games this season, miami won almost all of it
    -westbrook missed 0 games, dont fuk with him, hes actually as good as dwade
    -bosh is not as good as superstar when hes playing against the best team
    -james harden is equal to bosh same as westbrook and dwade ( FOR right now! not history!)
    -okc have the best shot blocker, take him out, thats alot of points any team can score on them
    -okc have better true big man that do all the work but durant will get the credit cause he steal their rebound and take most credit
    -miami is a vet team, so they suppose to do it, but without a big man and alot of guards and foward doing all the dirty work is kind of different from most top team, that have big man, Spurs OKC bulls lakers, all have true big man and they have multiple bigs

  20. bobbyj says:

    Lebron will win the MVP…..

  21. Sammydisam says:

    Lebron deserve the MVP,,,,i know his the third scorer in the league But over all his number way up to the sky”PPG26.9 RPG8.10 APG6.5 EFF+ 30.25″

  22. Leroy says:

    What i don’t get is Bryant has only had 1 MVP in his whole career, how is that possible??? He has won 5 rings and for some reason only 1 MVP trophy…. I think that he should have more and so do most people who don’t ”Hate” Bryant as a player….. I think Bryant is the best player i have seen play and whatever anyone else says or thinks doesn’t really bother me….. What’s the difference between Kobe this year from last year…. ”Nothing” but he is still preforming at a very high level, the league is looking for people who are doing the impossible, and from what they see from Bryant is ”same old, same old”, and his same old is pretty amazing and i can bet hardly any of the NBA players can pull off the stuff that Bryant pulls off…. Yet every year he is only considered as a 3rd-5th MVP candidate…. Then again if you asked which does Bryant prefer a ring or a MVP trophy, i think he will say the ring, Bryant most likely won’t get MVP this year because they have seen what he can do and even though he still preforms it, it isn’t good enough for MVP…. LBJ or KD can have MVP for the next 10 years for all i care, if Bryant gets another ring what use will those trophy’s be???

  23. lional09 says:

    I only say…


  24. taylor says:

    i just have question did Any of you watch the game last night tho?? cause obviosuly it looks like lebron did shut KD down and Kd couldnt stop lebron….look at the 4th quarter…..when OKC needed KD most where was he?? oh he was on lock by Bron….and when Miami needed Bron, where was he DELIVERING….Bron is going to win mvp this year because he deserves it and does a heck of alot more than what his “fans” give him credit for….dont get wron KD is nice but he is not doing no where as much as LeBron is doing for miami!!!

  25. LeBronvsDurant says:

    Ok, I believe this competition will definitely come down to LeBron James Vs. Kevin Durant, no question in my mind. Kevin Love puts up MVP numbers, the only problem is that his team doesn’t WIN. Something very important about the MVP race is that your team must be WINNERS look at D-Rose last year. Kevin Love’s team has had weapons (more like a weapon in Rubio), but since his injury they have failed to get over .500 so the sad truth is the people who make these ladders probably won’t put him at one because of that fact alone, and neither would I, although I love KL42 the man’s got big heart for the game. LBJ is on the list battling for 1st because of those numbers, I mean let’s face it the guy’s having one of the best seasons ever, BUT his team still manages to be 2nd seed to a team without their all-star player. Also LBJ has been very hot and cold after the all-star break, not a good MVP characteristic. Lastly, about LBJ, I believe D3 makes a bigger contribution in Miami honestly. Now before you hate on me for saying that, remember that MVP isn’t always about numbers it’s about leadership and being the MOST VALUABLE. D3 and LBJ share equal value on a great team, D3 showed even more VALUE in last year’s playoffs when LBJ couldn’t seem to pull together. LBJ is a great candidate, but I don’t believe he’s deserving, basically because he is not his team’s leader and without him I think Wade and Bosh could carry Miami to a playoff start, probably not the FINALS, but still a good seed in the playoffs and then LBJ is the deciding factor for the finals. In my opinion I think KD35 deserves this one. Not only is he the leader of his team beyond a reasonable doubt, he’s their best player, and in my opinion best player in the league. he averages more points than LBJ and just as many rebounds at 8.1 every other one of their states its wither him or LBJ in front of each other by a nose. KD35 makes everyone around him better, leads his team, and does it all in humble fashion even with another excellent player by his side, remind you of anybody? With the combination of leadership and HEART and skill it’s like having D-Wade’s Miami leadership, and LBJ’s Efficiency benefactor that has them win in 1 player on 1 team (as opposed to it being shared in Miami). Sorry if it’s difficult to understand me πŸ˜› on that point. Plus the kid has got a big heart for the game more than LBJ, and gives 100% every night, not to mention he leads the team with the best record in the west, and 2nd best overall. BTW I am a HEAT fan, and live in Miami I’ve followed them since their 1998 #1 seed season, so this is not biased. So final words: Kevin Durant for MVP for the words stated above. LBJ and KL42 close, very close, but this year goes to KD from DC.

  26. Bron Man says:

    Kevin Durant – clutch player, great scorer, nothing more
    Lebron James – Look at the Stats Sheet, almost every game, he has a number on all of the stat sheet categories..
    PTS / REBS / ASTS / BLKS / STLS .. what more proof do you want? dumb LBJ haters

  27. JThunder1988 says:

    Um as much as I like both KD and LBJ , I believe everyone is sleeping on Rondo this year , If u look at his performance this year night in and night out this guy plays his @## off ,he has the best cout vision, has the best perimeter defense , best set of hands ,and can score. Im sorry Rondo should get it this year.

  28. KG says:

    Kevin Love Puts Up WILT Numbers And Has Improved in Every Aspect Of his Game Every Year Just Because He Doesnt Have The Star Power Of Lebron or Rose Doesnt Mean He’s Not AS Good or Better THAN them. BASICALLY KEVIN LOVE= MVP

  29. Oreo23 says:

    I’m talking about the first half of the season.

  30. Oreo23 says:

    Don’t let one game determine a player’s abilities and who’s really the better one. Remember, the first half was owned by LeBron and the Miami Heat.

  31. Gui says:

    Kevin Durant all the way !
    Lebron chokes at 4th quarters , and he has Wade and Bosh to help him win games .
    If not Durant , i would give it to CP3 or Kobe .

  32. Jacob says:

    Lebron James deserves MVP because he does better than Durant every game and just because durant did good for one game against lebron does not mean that he should win

  33. KOBE BRYANT24 says:

    in 2006 when kobe averages 35.4 points per game and scoring the 2nd highest points in nba history 81 points he didnt win the MVP award. today its not about the stats but best team record who they give the MVP. kobe has robbed so many times i think he should have 3 or 4 mvp award.

    i think its more deserving to give it to KD than Lebron.

  34. lakers says:

    MVP doesnt go to the best player in the nba, the award is awarded to the player that is the most important to their team, that is why lebron got mvp’s in cleveland he had nobody else that was hardly any good, well in miami he does, all okc, and heat fans are just band wagons that switch favorite teams every year…

  35. lakers says:

    lol you all are retarded if you think kd,rose or lebron will get it, bulls did great when rose was out, heat gor 3 all stars and kd has a good bench, and russel behind him, kobe deserves it he has nobody else on his team that gets 20+ a game and had 3 or 4 straight games of 40 + points this season, he has done nothing but carry the lakers on his back and he deserves this award more than anybody….

    • kevnasty317 says:

      MVP’s get there team to win on the road something the lakers can’t do the one mvp hes got is when he got his team involved he is the best scorer and closer.

      • christy says:

        kobe still is the best closer! he got his team up in the final seconds! something Lebron cant do! Andrew missed a game and kobe carried them! Kobe deserves it more because he can make any shot ! he had a slump but so did KD and LBJ! so Kobe deserves most VALUABLE player.

  36. i am a monkey says:

    KD FOR MVP!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  37. dodon says:

    as far as i remembered, 2 years back kobe didn’t won the mvp award for the reason of pau is an mvp candidate….
    what happens now?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. LakersRangafan2417 says:

    am i the only one who thinks bynum deserves most improved player

    • kevnasty317 says:

      no but bynum is only improved on staying healthy hes got talent but a bad attutide next year he can see if he improves. What about josh smith in atlanta i mean last playoffs the fans told him not to shot every time he got the ball now hes hittin jumpers hes improved his game all around the hawks wouldn’t even have a chance if he wasn’t for him.

  39. Kix says:

    Lebron James is the MVP for all the games played until the 3rd quarter… unfortunately, MVPs are awarded even to chokers. He won the award twice before despite being a loser. Nothing will stop the NBA from giving it to him again. Just look at his stats. BUT I don’t think he will ever be a Finals MVP.

  40. Nav says:

    Here is how the Final Voting will PROBABLY turn out for MVP:
    1. LeBron James
    2. Kevin Durant
    3. Kobe Bryant (Just cause its Kobe, he will get Votes)
    4. Kevin Love (Although his team hasn’t been winning, he is still the best PF in the league and that’s been proven through his consistency to perform at a high level every night)
    5. Chris Paul or Tony Parker (both of them have done a lot for their teams, but Parker has led his team to more wins despite injuries to Manu Ginobli)
    6. Russel Westbrook
    7. Dwayne Wade

  41. kngdom of Jogis says:

    Kobe bryant MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Durant says:

    KD for MVP? another overated MVP just like last year did you really think Rose deserved his MVP shares? Hope MVP awards will be given come playoffs time!

    KD or Rose aint gonna win a one on one match up against LBJ! If LBJ aint gonna win this season MVP awards no one else deserve it more but Kobe at least give it to him just to restore faith in humanity……LOL

  43. kevnasty317 says:

    lebron right now is averaging 19 points right now whens the last time they beat a playoff team, durant his team was hot i mean before the winnig streak they were strugglin and they just lost to the grizzles, kobe averageing 30 and shooting 30 shots wont win it, the one mvp hes got he got his team involed, look the mvp race is all about whos teams hot at the time and right now thats boston were’s the rondo talk they were seventh in the east now third, i mean this mvp race is going to come down to whos teams hot at the end of the year so we will see in the final 20 games who gets there team winning and going in the playoffs hot, i think all the players meantioned is good and got a good chance but the reaguler season mvp is nothin who remembers the regular season mvp, all about the finals mvp (dirk) how soon you forget about the german (and no he is not a better shooter then larry legend bird) and what bulls player other then rose is in the mvp talk i mean they do got the best record can a coach win the mvp, we will see who is the most hungriest player is in the playoffs, good luck to all the players ( Josh Smith of the Hawks gets my vote for MVP holding the hawks down through all the injurys they have had)

  44. John De Vera says:

    I think that KD should be the MVP

  45. SaYo says:

    Lebron doesn’t deserve no mvp atm -.-
    kevin durant deserves it way more and kobe should even deserve it more than lebron
    im a kobe fan, but you gotta admit, this year is durants year

  46. Lebron James is The MvP Common Guys Kevin Durant is such a loser Lebron James Should Win the Mvp Award He is Better than all the players in the league


  47. superJ says:

    im a huge fan of KD and D.Rose. Howeverm i still believe that Lebron deserves it the most. He is the most valuable player in Miami and arguably the most valuable player in the nba. Wade is a very good player but he wont win a championship without Shaq in ’06, just like this year, it is almost impossible to win a championship with only him and bosh if you think of facing rose and the bulls on east finals and/or KD, Russ and Thunder on the Finals.

    C’mon guys, those who say lebron does not deserve it are LBJ-haters. Let’s not look on subjective ideas but how he affected this team.. During the stretch wherein lebron struggles stat-wise, it was the time wherein he suffers injury (e.g elbow injury) However, he still played through it including the game against OKC in their home court.. And stat wise, LBJ still leads KD in more aspects.. If you want to base it on stats, just look at their stats and you’ll see that LBJ has better stats than KD..

    It will still boil down to the remaining games, by then it is easier to say who should be the MVP. BUt for now, I give the credits to Lebron James.

  48. Andy says:

    I think its ridiculous to consider anyone on the heat or the thunder for MVP, which by the way stands for “most-valuable-player”. D Rose is a true MVP b/c he single-handedly carried the bulls to the eastern conference finals last year; lebron james WAS a true (regular season) MVP back in his days with the Cavs, but its ridiculous that 4 of the top 5 contenders in the MVP race are only on 2 different teams. If you have another superstar on your team, you are NOT a true MVP.

  49. JERBY says:

    Kevin Durant=Lebron James
    Rusell WestBrook<Dwayne Wade
    James Harden<Chris Bosh

    Kevin Durant Deserves MVP!

    Note to Miami Fans : Don't Worry the El Trio will Win Championship. But a little less Impact than what the MAVS did Last year. Lebron James, won't get the credit he deserves throughout the world even if he wins 10 rings Playing along Side Dwayne Wade who was already a Superstar. And dont compare Pippen-Jordan Dou to Wade-James Combo, Pippen was drafted by the Bulls and wasn't a Perennial Star not until he was drafted by the Bulls. They aren't at the same situation Lebron and Wade + BOSH had done. GO TO A TEAM WITH A SUPERSTAR TO WIN A CROWN..

    But, I hope Lebron James wins a Crown soon so he would stop crying go left Miami TO LEAD A TEAM TO CALL HIS OWN.. GO TO OKC πŸ™‚ LEBRON

  50. Bob says:

    If you think about Durant should win MVP. While carrying his team to the best record in the West and being second for the scoring leader. Lebron is fourth in scoring yet has Bosh and Wade on his team. Durant with Westbrook and the occasional Harden carry their team for scoring. DURANT FOR MVP!

  51. Juss' Sayin says:

    I happen to be a Lakers fan but I have to tip my hat off to Tony Parker..I really think its between him, Durant, and LeBron. There is too much to consider…I can also see how Kevin Love might be a contender (if his team would only make it to the playoffs, a seeming impossibility). Chris Paul should also be considered highly. However, given Tony Parker’s age, his team’s age, and yet the dominance still reflected by a chemistry-offense that is OPERATED by Parker (and obviously Coach Poppovich), I say that Parker’s feats should be recognized. Its so close this year! Perhaps these final weeks will offer the conclusion to the Durant v. James debate, and then also whether the emergence of Parker in the final conversation will officially take place. As it stands, with all the factors going into what makes a player an MVP, I just have to say Parker. Lebron, Durant, and Paul should all be highly considered, and Love also if the Wolves find some way to grip the 8th seed out West.

  52. rob says:

    how is Westbrook more valuable then Durant against Miami Westbrook had a poor game and shot awfully and Durant carried OKC to the victory.

  53. Sandro says:

    I can’t believe you put Chris Paul on #9, come on. all that consistent 4th quarter production, game clinching shots (numerous ones), leadership on the court, etc. He definitely should be in the Top 5.

  54. jlk2490 says:

    Sekou, come on man! You say about Chris Paul:

    ” There is no player in the league more vital to his team’s bottom line success.”

    Doesn’t that define him as the most valuable player?? How on earth is he ranked at #9 on this list if what you say is the case?

  55. Az Uz says:

    Can’t quite see what the fuss ia about. The MVP award has turned to a ‘Best Young Player’ award. I just can’t understand it. The MVP doesn’t mean best player in the NBA. D Rose is not the best player in the world but he LED his team to the conference finals. For this reason, love shouldn’t be winning this award. Durant has a world-beater in Westbrook by his side and James has D Wade and Bosh. Can we imagine The Lakers without Kobe Bryant. For me, He or Dwight Howard are the NBA’s MVPs. And those two players – unlike Kevin Love – lead their teams to victories. Yes Kobe has Pau and Drew but those players can falter at any time and Kobe always has to pick up the slack. He truly is the NBA;s MVP. On top of that, He’s the NBA’s leading scorer. Tony Parker also has a say in the conversation. With an ageing Tim Duncan and an injured Manu Ginobili, Parker led the Spurs to the second seed in the West. Fantastic achievement in my opinion.

  56. Mike says:

    KD is MVP because the voting is based on wins and has been made clear that the bottom line is, the best guy on the most winning team will be MVP. I personally hate those rules but, that’s what they are. I remember when KOBE averaged 33 for a season and scored 82 points in one game and the league gave it Nash, because the SUNS had more wins. So, because of the atrocity that still burns all Lakers fans, KD better win it. I just wish they had the MVP and then the best baller in the league award. But, I’d still give it to either westbrooke or Durant cause they’re the best two players in the league right now.

  57. John says:

    Rose deserved MVP last year because he got his team to the best record in the league? Newsflash – the Bulls are doing just fine and dandy without Rose this season. What are they, 13-5 without Rose this season so far?

    Rose is a fantastic player, but he’s by far the most overrated MVP/MVP candidate I’ve ever seen. He’s a top 5 or top 10 player in the league, but he’s always been a rank 4 or rank 5 MVP candidate to me. The fact that Derrick Rose won MVP last season was an outright travesty, and the Bulls’ record without Rose this season is a testament to that fact.

  58. uriel says:

    dude put the team on his back! and has been putting in serious work. with the loss of lamar and shannon. we definetly are missing bench. artest has been slacking, bynum has good game now and then. with the recent addition of ramon sessions, he’s been making the difference. but overall its just kobe all day, with the average of 30 pts per game!

  59. rone says:

    MVP stands for most VALUABLE player and it goes to to either kobe or chris paul neither are doing more for their teams and with out them their teams wouldnt even be in the play offs maybe the lakers would but they def wouldn’t be contenders. Its about Value numbers are not every thing and yea lebron is good but he has wade and kd is too but he has westbrook.

  60. Stav says:

    MVP = T.P. ‘nough said

  61. KCA says:

    OKC relies on having their big 3 scorers contribute every night and they do. I’m not sure of the numbers but I believe Ibaka is their 4th best scorer. I’m not saying Miami relies on their big three every night but if you had the two teams go head to head without their respective big three, Miami would win do to experience and other semi decent scoring options. Haslem can outscore Perkins… I give the slight advantage to KD because if you take his play out of the game, the opposing teams best defender is gonna zero in on westbrook and will only have to worry about Harden in the corner… Wade and Bosh have proven that they can single handedly beat other teams with an average roster in bosh’s case and above average rosters in DWades case.. Harden can’t do it by himself and I think Wesbrook would struggle by himself unless he can stay under control 100 percent of the game.
    Whoever says Ibaka should win Defensive player of the year, Air five bro. he is a beast.
    Shout out to DWade’s Nephew and his family. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  62. NBA says:

    Okay there some real stupid comments being made. All this talk about LBJ or KD having all stars around them thats why there not mvp candidates and so on is just ludacris. First of all, both are the leading candidates for the MVP if your arguing for K Love for mvp you need to get your head check because there not going to even make the playoff. K Love is the mvp for his team but not the league so get that straight. I personally dislike LBJ but he still is having one of the best statistical seasons ever and the Heat are # 2 in the east so he will obviously get a couple of votes however, i do agree with the fact that it is Wade’s team in the 4th quarter. Reason i would give KD the nod is not only is OKC 1st in the west, I believe without bulls having rose, OKC will take the # 1 spot in the NBA. KD has always shined in the 4th quarter and thats a major influence on the MVP because you got to win games for your team in the 4th and thats what KD does for his team.

  63. Arik says:

    First 5: CP3, Wade, Lebron, Durant, Kevin Love
    Second 5: Parker, Westbrook, Nowitski, Howard
    Kobe has very low percent from the field this year – only because of rebounds from Gasol and Bynum the Lakers are OK.
    They both are better than Kobe.

    Wade, Lebron are better than Westbrook , Durant.

    • Jarrett says:

      how are they better than them and westbrook and durant are the best dou in the league right now….they are destroying teams

  64. Brennan says:

    It’s very obvious now that Mr. Sekou Smith is a huge Lebron James fan.. I just couldn’t understand why Lebron has remained no. 2 for the past 2 weeks when the Heat were struggling and so was Lebron.. Dwyane Wade was the Heat’s leading scorer for the past 2 weeks now and yet, Lebron is still at the no. 2 spot in Sekou’s Race to the MVP??

    I mean, common!! Isn’t this column updated every week based on the performance of each players during the span of that week?? Lebron James has one of those “I CHOKED” kind of week and you still placed him as no. 2 when in fact he should be way down to no. 4 at least right now..

    Can we please stop being biased and just be fair and honest at least in this column?? Whew!!

  65. Satisfaximus says:

    I have never truly understood the MVP award. It always seems to go to the best player in the league. Being the best player isn’t the same as being the MVP. If the award was called BPL (best player in the league), sure Lebron and Durant would be worthy winners. But both players are surrounded by other great players, they even have a teammate on this list. To me that’s an indication that they are in fact NOT MVP’s. Without Lebron, Heat still has to All Stars one of them a finals MVP, on the team. Thunders still has Westbrook (on this list) and Harden, a sixth man of the year candidate, without KD. Both teams would probably make the playoff’s.

    To me a MVP is a man that takes his team to the 4,5,6-th seed. A team that probably wouldn’t make the playoff’s at all without him. In Cleveland Lebron was that guy.

    If you only want to lock at the stats, I suggest you change the name of the award to best player of the year or something.

  66. Per says:

    I think LeBron still gets the better of Durant, simply because he has been doing it longer than KD, at the moment Durant is probably playing better than James though.

  67. cezo says:

    russel westbrook should get the mvp award!

  68. Mr. Wiggles says:

    u are a cool cat Mr. Wiggles

  69. Lido says:

    Love dos not have any right for mvp i am a wolves fan to when rubeo got hurt my team has been getting ripped up if anything rubeo has it more than him but once again nether should be in the race yet not this year.

    • Celtics says:

      Seriously?? Ur Saying Ricky Rubio Deserves it more then KEvin Love ur soooooo out of your mind! How many double doubles did Rubio have? What was Rubios Season high in Points? WHo is averaging a double double Yeah NOT RUBIO

  70. MIAMI heat - MV6 says:

    Lebron JAMES, Lebron JAMES, Lebron JAMES!!!!!!!! the best!

  71. MIAMI heat - MV6 says:

    Lebron James for MVP and defensive player of the year.

    Lebron Jamesssssssss

  72. Voke says:

    Lebron deserves the MVP this year, he has faltered a tad recently (he is human) but all this KD talk to me sounds like the league has already picked almost exactly like last year. Last year I mean it was 5050 for me, this year it is all LBJ but I guess we still have a little bit to go in the season

  73. centinvi says:

    lebron deserves most to be the mvp.durant is a player who always shoot the ball even he how come he is on the top.he dont deserve that award.lebron knows how to shoot how to rebound and how to share the ball.

  74. Wade MVP says:

    Wade deserves the mvp more than lebron or durant

  75. shawn says:

    Kobe for mvp cuz without him the lakers will most likely to be a low seed or not in the playoff. If kevin durant lebron james are not on there teams they are very talented team compare to the lakes

  76. kim says:

    I’ve been watching Kevin Loves game replays and games….I’m positively convinced that he should deserve the MVP….why?coz he has nobody that is really helping him… unlike lebron…he has wade and the rest…kobe has bynum and gasol….durant has westbrook and everybody…but kevin love no one…. and he always delivers the team every night and play hard every night…you can see in his stats….kobe, lebron, durant are better because somebody is helping them carry the team…thats just the truth

  77. mv3 says:

    Dwade for mvp. him and bosh are more important to the heat then lebron.

  78. freepin says:

    Forget regular. Finals MVP is REALLY where it’s at.

  79. aj barboza says:

    i think lebron deserves to be the mvp this yr because he is a hard working player in the court and he must be the mvp because he is the most talented athlete in nba even injury cant stop him

  80. MIAMI heat says:

    The MVP for Lebron JAMES

  81. cdm says:

    Lebron James is the best player of the NBA. The MVP has to be for LEBRON JAMES.

  82. danishgambit says:

    The MVP race should be battle between Wade, Westbrook, Howard and Kobe! Why Seikou Smith highlighted too much of Lebron and Durant! Its too unfair for Westbrook and Wade.

  83. joblagz says:

    good conversation going on here..
    my take would be mvp = kevin love or KD or LBJ..
    most improved = jeremy lin or ryan anderson
    coach- popo

  84. danishgambit says:

    Westbrook and wade are better than durant and lebron. they should be number 1 and 2

  85. Leslie says:

    Lebron James for MVP? He is not even the best player on his own team!

  86. welcome back to reality says:

    media hyping durant this time.. sorry basketball fans they are giving it to durant this year.. lebron robbed again :(.. stupid media..

  87. PR says:

    Kobe Bryant deserves the mvp

  88. Abdul says:

    Hey Smith,

    I have two questions that I want you to address.

    1. How is Chris Paul not higher on your list? Chris has to take over in 4th qtrs just to give his team a chance. All their bigs (Blake, DJ, K-Mart, Reggie) are poor free throw shooters and the rest of the cast rely on CP3 to give them good looks. He has simply done the most with the least amount of help.

    2. How is Kobe Bryant that high on your list? Kobe is shooting a mere 42% from the floor and usually forces shots even when they are not necessary. He has two of the most skilled big men outsid eof Dwight Howard and still shoots more than anyone in the NBA by a far margin. They recently acquired Sessions and Kobe still takes bad shots. The problem is that the media puts Kobe commends Kobe for the way he plays even though Bynum is the best player on that team. I know he is immature at times but he learned from the best. You know that what goes around comes around and Kobe will get a taste of what he did to Shaq in the coming seasons. I can promise you that. People say Kobe wants that sixth ring badly but does not do what needs to be done to achieve it. Instead, Kobe is chasing that second MVP award and feels he got snubbed for a few in his days. If he wants to win, he will utilize his bigs properly and not take 25 shots a game.

    • christy says:

      last game vs. warriors bynum left early and kobe put up 40 points! so dont say its because he has a skilled big man!

  89. grady says:

    i cant believe kevin love is an option for mvp because of a few good games… there losing, a lot, chris paul would be a great option even though there losing a lot too but there ten times better than theyve evr been…now if it were up to me id go with westbrook. kevin durant is closing the games but russell is keeping them in the game without his points kevin would be waisting his energy… i dont how many times this season russell has gotten over 30 points in a game but it is definitley a lot, in my opinion hes better than derrick rose he scores more pooints than rose does and his team has better scorerers than the bulls, point being with all that help he manages to get 30 40 points a night with his team members also getting 18- 30 points on a consistant basis. russell all day

    • kas says:

      “A few good games” Have you ever watched Kevin Love play? He has ten 30 & 15 games so far this season. He began the season with 15 double-doubles (not since Olajuwon). Has 49 double-double in all but 5 games this season. Had a 30-30 game this year (not since Malone). Oh and he won the 3 point contest. Not really looking like it’s just a run of luck with a “few games”

  90. sethu says:

    @lebron – its ok evn if u dnt win d mvp,finals mvp will be yours to take…. πŸ™‚

  91. Bonez says:

    Durant is sick and without a doubt top 3 but without westbrook or harden okc wouldnt be 1 in the west..Lebron is a great player but how can u give a guy mvp who cant hit a clutch shot or even take one..Klove is a beast but even with rubio and pek they still didnt look like they would make the playoffs..with that said mvp needs to go to Kobe, hes been robbed too many times before and at his age with all his accomplishments leading the league in scoring and holding up a team thats been all screwed up this season it would be retarded not to give it to him imo

  92. noa says:

    What is MVP? is it the best player? then surely Klove is a frontrunner. Is it the best player on the best team? Then Derrick rose deserves it. Is it the player that the team couldn’t succeed without? Then dwight howard has got it in the lock. Is it the most efficient?Lebron james. The all time best? Kobe Bryant. The most likable? Kevin Durant

    First, we must decide what an MVP is. then we can decide who it is.

    • BFoulds says:

      This exactly player for player.

      • kas says:

        I agree 100% with the players mentioned and the call to have a clear definition of what qualifies one for MVP (other than a voter’s team loyalty)!

  93. jan_279 says:

    I’m a KD fan but I gotta give it to LeBron in a close one. LeBron’s been statistically in a league of his own for almost the entire season except the recent mini-slide he’s been going through, and despite his “return to Earth”, he remains a huge contributor to Heat victories. BTW, to all you saying D-Wade is the Heat’s MVP, you gotta be kidding! Seriously, didn’t you know that Wade missed a significant amount of games and the Heat had to rely on LeBron’s monstrous performance to win games? Within that span wherein Wade was sidelined, I have to point out that the Heat didn’t suffer from a slide. So that’s your MVP? Maybe yours but not mine!

  94. JACKY LOUIS says:


  95. Steamroller says:

    MVP should be decided by the whole season overall performances. Lebron’s “bad”(for his standards) 2 weeks can’t erase his great 2 and a half months.

  96. Jasmine says:

    I think Lebron deserves the MVP this year. He’s a very consistent player. The heat still hold the number #2 spot in the eastern conference. During difficult times. Lebron and his team are really something. I love that Lebron shares the ball and don’t gives himself all the glory. He average a 27.6 ppg and thats amazing. He’s more of a team player than just a superstar. You got to look at that. Wade is also good too. But he has one MVP and a championship before. Now I believe its Lebron James turn to get MVP this year. Derrick Rose is good too but he hasn’t been playing alot and I think next year he should get it. I love Kevin Durant too him or Lebron James might get it if they lead their team to Victory and win a championship at the FINALS. I give two thumbs up for Heat, OKC, & Bulls..

  97. Tony says:

    Kobe Bryant!!!! Everybody acts like kobe isn’t a legitimate MVP candidate….SMH, he gets cheated every year come on now!!….

    • christy says:

      i know KOBE FOR MVP!

      • luis from miami says:

        lol if anybody took as many shots they would have way more points than kobe. he is so overrated. look how horrible his percentage is

      • kevnasty317 says:

        kobe averaged like what 35 points for a season in like 06 but he won the mvp once because he got his team involed shooting 30 shoots a game and leading the league in scoring wont get it done, what kobe is is the best closer in the game hands down

  98. Jordzenegger says:

    Until Lebron knows how to perform in the clutch…like KD does on a routine basis…and win games for his team when the game is on the line, he can rack up as many stats as he wants, and it won’t matter. MVP’s know how to win when it counts. Think MJ. Think Kobe. Can you imagine MJ handing over the last shot to Scottie Pippen when the game was on the line, the same way that Lebron submits the last shot responsbilities to D-Wade? Never.

    If Lebron isn’t even the most valuable player on his own team when the game is on the line, how can he be a league wide MVP?!

  99. Krasic says:

    Being an MVP is all about overall performance not just about personal stats and team stats

  100. ac308 says:

    So a few games’ stint for LeBron and all of a sudden a whole season of incredible performances and historical numbers gets outshined by KD? loooooves bandwagons.

  101. Real Talk says:

    Kobe or Durant better get MVP this year…

  102. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Its so funny how this MVP thing works. Bulls have the best record so shouldn’t someone on that team get the trophy? For sure it should be one of the top 3 teams which are Bulls, Thunder, and Heat. So that would be Rose, Durant, Westbrook, Lebron, or Wade. First off, Westbrooks numbers this year are just as good as Rose’s numbers last year if you want to compare the two best point guards in the league. Rose has been injured this year and he hasn’t played too many games. With that said, why not Westbrook? The media has made so much of that game when Lebron played Durant, but Lebron has been in a funk because of some injuries. However, Lebron still leads the league in PER again. Wade is second in PER. Is it time to give Durant his first MVP? I really don’t think his season has been that spectacular. He’s a scorer, but is the leader of the team? I don’t know. I think Westbrook has the fire. Wade’s year has been another ho-hum efficient season. Nothing spectacular but he has to share the ball a lot more than in the past. So who gets it? Both Wade and James shoot over 50%, which is pretty mind boggling for perimeter players. By contrast Kobe shoots 42%, even with those giant 7 footers on his team. I think Lebron is the best player in the league for sure, and I think you’ll see the Heat pick up their player so they can end the season on a good note. If they can get the best record or even 2nd best record in the league, then you have to give the MVP to Dwayne Wade who has never received an MVP.

  103. LT says:

    If Kevin Love finishes the regular season with stats similar to the stats he has now, and if the Wolves make the playoffs (even if they just sneak into the 8th spot) he has to be the MVP. I just don’t see how you can give it to anyone else. And to the person who said the Wolves were winning games mostly because of Ricky Rubio, the Wolves would have a record similar to New Orleans if they didn’t have Kevin Love. It’s ridiculous to think someone who puts up stats like that isn’t helping their team win.

  104. How is it that Lebron should be MVP. You guys are going off of Statistics. Just because he puts up great numbers doesnt mean he wins the games. That is Dwade’s team, hes the leader, he won it with Shaq and a bunch of role players in which JAMES POSEY WAS THE THIRD BEST PLAYER!!! So if you go off of numbers what good is that. Chris bosh is just as important to that team as Lebron is. Dwade won a ring with Shaq and Posey.

  105. Joe says:

    Listen everyone, you cant have two potential mvps on one time. Westrbook and Wade wont get it but they are certainly top 10, that means without Lebron, Wade would be taking over, and without Durant, Westbrook would be taking over. Now, Bynum certainly is a monster but he isnt necessarily top 10 material. He cant lead a team. Wade can lead a team along with Bosh, so as amazing as LEbron is doing, he should NOT get it. I think Kobe should be first, Durant second, and Dwight third. Yes LEbron is doing better than everyone, but Miami have to much talent, so without Lebron Wade or Bosh could take over. Long story short, KOBE MVP!

  106. ray says:

    As much as I don’t like him as a player it simply has to be Kevin Love. The guy is averaging 26.6 PPG(3rd in NBA) and 13.8 RPG (2nd in NBA). Which is so far better than ANY season of what Tim Duncan averaged. Just because his team isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do isn’t his fault.

    • lol says:

      The reason why K Love shouldnt be getting the mvp award is because although his stats that hes putting up is amazing, he’s still not winning games…if he really was an mvp, he would be able to carry the team to victory after victory kind of like cp3 or tony parker

      • BFoulds says:

        he’s not winning games because he’s the only legitimate all star on his team. All these other guys who are mentioned for MVP have all stars on their team to help carry the load.

  107. Sango says:

    Honestly, Lebron James deserves the MVP this year.He is still the greater player now.

  108. mrthorpes says:

    This whole arguement is based on what each person’s opinion of MVP is.

  109. john says:

    D-Wade FOR MVP

  110. Mr. mark says:

    LBJ deserves the award..cause although heat got the big 3 but heat would not be heat without lbj..see wht happened when wade got injured..james was the one who lead the team to win…now that wade is back it is normal for a teamm8 like lebron to share the ball because he think that wade will have more help than the others

  111. phiebron6 says:

    lebron deserves it more than durant because he have more pressure on his shoulder. by the way, if the thunders beats the heats it doesn’t mean that durant is better than lebron . they will meet again april 4 in miami!


  112. joe says:

    IMA SPURS fan but KEVIN LOVE deserves the mvp puttn in work

  113. kristan says:

    k love all the way once he gets a little more help he will lead the twolves to victory!! his numbers and determination and not to mention the big man can do it all , come on k love for MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. All Net says:

    It’s ridiculous to even consider that someone other than KD would take the MVP spot!! James does not deserve to get it! KD is an explosive player and leader, he has made a team that came in as the underdog and made them a front runner. Lebron surrounds himself with people that can support his selfish plays and inconsistency. He hasn’t won it for a reason he doesn’t deserve it, not yet! Hence why he will never wear a ring!

    • MJBBGOD says:

      LeBron, selfish play? Thanks for making us all realize that you have no clue of what you’re talking about, now we can ignore you even more.

  115. joe says:

    Lebron should not be the mvp this year. The MVP award is the person most valuable to the team. If you take Lebron off the heat they will still go as far and be as good. As long as he has Wade and Bosh on his team, he should not win MVP. If Derrick Rose played this season he would get the MVP. He would be the true MVP because he carries the bulls through tough match ups. I am more than fine with Durant being MVP because he carries OKC. He has also shown he can take care of Lebron on both sides of the court. Lebron should be number 8 on the list

    • AM says:

      So you’re saying that Lebron doesn’t deserve it just because if you take him out of the team, Miami will win still? firs of all, you don’t know that. Second of all, then why are you saying that rose deserves it? The Bulls have the best record playing a lot of games without him! you’d better think what you say because it’s not very coherent

    • MJBBGOD says:

      You are so stupid that it’s almost offensive. First of all, ANYONE can rationalize sufficiently to be able to distinguish the enormous difference that LeBron displays for the Heat. They would not be even near to their record had it not been for LeBron, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to maintain it. The team overall is not good, they do not have a good offense, the offense is practically based on the big three and shooters, and the playmaker in the big three is undoubtedly LeBron. Bosh is so inconsistent and streaky that he is almost a curse for Miami, playing well only a limited amount of times. Wade can’t do it by himself. LeBron is what keeps this team winning like it does. As for Durant, he is DEFINETELY not carrying OKC, he has a much more solid team, a better coach, and his big three is much more solid than Miami’s big three. Westbrook is playing freakishly good and Harden always delivers points and plays a solid game. LeBron deserves the MVP this year.

      • FanOfTheLeague says:

        I couldn’t have said this better, myself. It’s a tight race between Durant & James. Right now, it’s difficult to decide. Durant hasn’t had to deal with his partner in crime going down for 8-9 games like Wade did in the beginning of the season. LeBron was playing some of the best basketball he’s ever played & kept the team looking like #1 with Wade out & him carrying them. But Durant & OKC as a team, of late, have been playing amazingly & picked the Heat apart when they met. They’ll play again on Wednesday. If LeBron wants a chance at that 3rd MVP, he’d better put up a pretty damn good performance against KD & that performance better carry on until the end of the season & playoffs. I’m looking forward to see how this all turns out. I’d be fine with either player getting the award. They’re obviously the top 2 players this season (sorry Wade & Kobe, you guys are still top 5, though) & both deserve the award. We’ll see, in the next few weeks, who deserves it just a bit more.

    • suaveMMA says:

      How can you say that about Lebron when the same goes for Durant, if you take him off the Thunder they will be just as good as the Heat without Lebron. Wade averages 23, 5, and 5, Westbrook is giving the Thunder 25, 5, and 5 and let’s not forget about James Harden who can start on almost any team in the NBA, plus Ibaka.

  116. Shane says:

    Lebron James is the best basketball player. Look at how miami did since 2006. Chris bosh is pathetic and almost a detriment to the team, but in the past two years, Lebron gave Miami incredible chances to win it all. They will likely do it this year.

  117. ChiBulls says:

    It will come down to James and Durant, Rose has missed way too many games to be considered in my honest opinion.

    • SCALABRINE 4 MVP says:

      This is true. Sadly D-Rose can not be MVP this season because of his lack of games, BUT he wont end the season without a MVP award.
      I’m calling 2012 Finals MVP to go to none other than D-Rose.

    • suaveMMA says:

      Thank you, Im’ a big DRose fan but he has missed too many games for consideration this year. Also James Harden to me has a bigger impact than Chris Bosh does and Serge Ibaka is higly overlooked because of the great things KD and Russell do. So it has to be James, and to those saying he is putting these numbers up because of Wade and Bosh remember he did
      nt need them when he won MVP twice in Cleveland.

  118. Ammar says:

    So LeBron should win MVP because without him the Heat would not be the Heat as they are…
    So Durant should win MVP because without him the Thunder would not be the Thunder i.e. Western Conference Leaders that they are….
    So Kobe should win MVP because he is just Kobe….(I m a big fan of Mr. Bean)

    What has always confused me is this? Ye Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Tony Parker, D. Howard, Westbrook etc are all contributing and pivotal members for their teams as well as being big reasons for their respective teams being contenders (except Love of course)……but at the same time they get ignored because they are faced with problems namely:

    1. Chris Paul – ye he turned the Clippers around but they were already heading that way with their roster the way it was (they would have taken longer perhaps)….Paul is the best at his position but even he has not been able to get them over the Billups bump…so really now who was more valuable? I know that is not the smartest question but the Clippers’ slide justifies me asking it.
    2. Kevin Love – As hard as he works, as much as he is required to do being the Wolves’ lone offensive threat he will not be considered simply because the Wolves lose. So when the MVP is lauded for being the reason his team is winning and has the best record in the NBA and he has great stats ; meanwhile Love gets criticized for having great stats and undeniable heart and effort but unable to lead his TEAM to wins because unfortunately there are others on the court that prevent him from doing so…..
    3. Tony Parker and Westbrook – ye they are big parts of their team and reasons why they are successful but they are not MVP’s. Tony Parker is surrounded by a great cast and so is Westbrook. So again we come back to the TEAM. They make their team better but we only say that because the TEAM wins. So now Love probably makes his ordinary teammates look a little better but the TEAM loses so forget him.

    So really all I m wondering is this: The team with the best record will surely house an MVP whether it be the Bulls this year, or Thunder or Heat. It just so happens they have Rose, Westbrook/Durant and James.

    If Kevin Love makes the Timberwolves a 25-27 team with the supporting cast he has then I personally cant quantify the intangibles he brings because really the Bulls, Thunder and Heat are great teams with great players.

    The MVP is defined first and foremost by Team Record. To say that Durant and James make their team better and Love doesnt is such a poor reflection on common sense.

    I have always been of the opinion the MVP should be solely based on stats. There would be no arguments.

    • Dieter says:

      No, MVP shouldn’t be based on stats.
      Before Bosh and James came to the Heat, Wade was probably on the worst team in the nba. Het go em to the playoffs. That’s being valuable to your team. He has proven that he can take a team on his shoulders, and get results.
      The same for Chris Paul when he was playing with the Hornets, and James who did it with Cleveland (although I didn’t think that was such a bad supporting cast).
      And team record should be a factor. The best player in the nba should reach the playoffs. Can you really say that Love has the worst supporting cast of the league, I really don’t think so. If Love wouldn’t be a Wolves player, would it make that much difference; it would make a difference in their record, but I don’t think it would be that big. Orlando without Howard, San Antonio without Parker, Boston without Garnett, New York last year without Amare, … those players have more impact on their team’s record. Now think what would happen if Lebron was injured all year, okay Bosh would’ve stepped up a bit, but I think they would’ve finished as the 8th seed in the East (especially because of all the injuries of Wade). Love clearly doesn’t have the same impact (yet) as the guys that I’m talking about. Putting him in the top 10 only based on his stats -> I think that’s wrong.
      A most valuable player should have a very big impact, making big shots at the end of games, being the leader or making great decisions, and he should be on a team that has a good record. I think only Durant, Lebron, Westbrook, Parker and Howard should be taken into consideration for the mvp this year. But Howard has a downside, and should pay the prize for it. I’m sure Orlando’s record would’ve been better if Howard wasn’t on the news all the time (he lost games for the Magic, and therefor he shouldn’t be considered). And the Bulls should get a an award for best teamplay, coach of the year has to go to Tom Thibodeau without any discussion.

  119. Bob says:

    MVP award is a JOKE

  120. HakunPoland says:

    I think that LeBron should win MVP. He is a good player at the every position. He average 27 points, 8,5 rebounds, 7 asists and 2 steal per game. MAN IT’S AWESOME! He has so close stats that Oscar Robertson. Tony Parker should have a better place on the list.

  121. joejoe says:

    If Kevin Love ends up 2nd in points and 2nd in rebound, or even better than that does he deserves MVP. The simple answer is YES. Hoop major components is a game of Points and Rebounds.

    If you think NO on MVP for Kevin under the above mentioning, please comment to me.

    • okc says:

      Its the exact same arguement, sure hes scoring tonnes and picking off the rebounds but he isnot leading his team to wins. how can you be an MVP if you cant get your team across the line and your battling for a playoff spot. KD with the help of westbrook and the rest of the OKC team has grown every year and are know a strong chance to win the championship. Its got to be lebron or KD or parker or rose because they are leaders in the team and without them they would not be winning. K Love is amazing but he can score as much as he wants and in my opinion he should never be a competitor because he doesnt lift his team and theyre not even close to a championship contender.

      • BFoulds says:

        KLove is battling and trying to lead his team to wins on his own right now. Tony Parker has Duncan, Ginobili. Rondo has Pierce and Garnett. Bron has Wade and Bosh. Durant has Westbrook Ibaka AND Harden. etc etc etc…

        KLove is dominating in all sorts of games against all sorts of teams. He dominated against OKC, they lost yes, but he is able to battle the top ranked teams on his own, without the help of a second allstar on the team, much less a third allstar like some of these other teams have.

        Pair KLove up with any of the upper mentioned names other than another PF allstar, and you will see KLove in the top 4, east or west.

  122. AndrΓ© says:

    I think Tony Parker deserves a better place in ranking.

    This season he has been the best point guard in the league

  123. BelizeBoy says:

    Sekou I’m glad you posted this. There have been a number of OKC fans claiming that Westbrook was not that valuable to OKC as Wade is to Miami. Clearly we can see that he is much more valuable to OKC than they think.

    • AZthunder says:

      yea that is definitly not true we rely on russ just as much as kd..

      • Jordan says:

        We need Westbrook, watching him and KD’s flow and communication it’s something else, Cause I don’t know many teams where the PG will run the point and drop 36 points. If anything I say Westbrook is double as important to OKC than Wade to Miami! I’m sure a lot would disagree but its true.

  124. Paul says:

    The rankings need to be fixed by someone who does not understand what valuable means…
    Kevin Love does not win games for the Timberwolves, he isn’t the MVP even on his own team. Without Ricky Rubio, the Timberwolves have basically fallen out of the race losing games like crazy.
    Last year, Kevin Love had around the same stats and he was never mentioned as a potential MVP.
    Ricky Rubio comes in, leads the team to a playoff chance and then Kevin Love gets all the credit.
    His stats are doing nothing for the team, MVP isn’t about stats, it is about intangibles and leadership and the ability to win games by sheer force.

    Tony Parker has led the Spurs to the 2nd seed. Like I said, it isn’t ALL about stats for MVP. Would the Spurs be second seed without Tony Parker? Hell no. The man picked this team up and carried them. Despite his stats being a little lower than usual, he is still showcasing an amazing ability to win games even though he isn’t needed to put up 30 points as much anymore.. He showed he can lead through turmoil, much more than Kevin Love can.

    Last but not least.
    Look at the Clippers’ record last year.
    Look at their record now.
    Chris Paul turned this team around, just as he was able to carry the Hornets for years.
    Point guards run teams and he should definitely be given more recognition.

    Next time you want to put someone on the MVP ladder trying saying something that’s more valuable to the game or the team rather just stats. Because despit Kevin Love putting up 36 ppg in the past week, the Timberwolves are STILL LOSING. Not so valuable, is he…

    • Paul says:

      who DOES* understand. Sorry, bad typo.

      • HAILEYISDABOMB says:


      • Ohok says:

        Thank God your opinion pertaining to this and other important matters is irrelevant. Did you even stop to think about what you were saying before you said it? Ricky Rubio led the Twolves to a would be playoff spot? No Kevin Love doesn’t do anything. He just keeps his team relevant and gives them a fighting chance because without him no one would know who the Minnesota Timberwolves are. But you’re right, it’s all Rubio. Do you hear yourself talk?

      • Robert says:

        But what this doesn’t recognize is the fact that KLove and Dwight are the only MVP candidates without All-star teammates. The Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Spurs, and Clippers all have 2 or more All-Star caliber players playing at elite levels. If KLove or Dwight had a 2nd All-Star on their team, their teams would be a the top of the league in wins also. They are carrying their teams. They are definitely MVP credible. KLove has outperformed every player in the month of March and doing it within the flow of the game. It’s not garbage time. It’s not late in blowouts. It’s every minute of every game.

  125. asd says:

    Once again, NBA is hyping up KD. Last season when there was like a month to go, they put Rose on top of the list, now they are going with Durant. LeBron deserves it so much more and does a lot of more things.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      My thoughts exactly. James deserves MVP and the defensive player of the year award.

      • luke says:

        durant deserves mvp this year although lebron is doing great too im excited to see what happens in the next month!

      • BoyfromOz says:

        Defensive player of the year pfft! Name one player he shut down this year, just one.

      • nbafan says:

        lol lebron doesnt deserve sh** he doesnt put 100% effort into every game like kevin durant does, plus no one derserves an mvp you have to earn it


      not true there are plenty of people who deserve it and KD is one of them James is good too but KD is younger and is 100% game and can convert ….. OKC ALLDAY

    • Bob says:

      no Kevin Durant deserves it more because MVP is based on the amounts of wins your team has and how you contributed to it. OKC has a higher record than Miami. LAst year Rose deserved his MVP becuz he got his team the best overall record in the nba.

      • BelizeBoy says:


      • rone says:

        mvp is about your value to the team thats what the V stands for dummie

      • Carlito says:

        So now, sudeenly, it is an all new set of criteria? … NBA is sh***ing people by coming up with silly tactics such as yours …

        Nobody deserves the MVP this year more than James. YOU ALL KNOW IT.

        Kevin LOVE is second, and Kevin Durant is faarrrr third.

    • AZthunder says:

      lebron doesnt deserve it.. cant get mvp for only showing up for 3 quarters.. Durant produces more in the 4th then anyone else.More clutch than anyone else.. and for dpoy should go to serge ibaka

      • Jonny says:

        100% agree with all comments of AZThunder’s.

      • Brett says:

        best help D maybe lol

      • jswagger says:


      • Carlito says:

        Because LeBron doesn’t need to, as they were blowing out teams early in the season. See the point differential.

        KD had to sweat for everything including having to play the fourth quarters of games they barely won. Without RW, who by the way is in the KIA Top 5, KD wouldn’t even be part of this conversation. They’d be well behind the Spurs, Clippers, Lakers, Grizzlies, and Mavericks in the standings and would probably struggle just to make the playoffs.

    • kevnasty317 says:

      Everybody goes with whos hot week to week before the thunders win streak there were stugglin and the heat i can’t remember last time they beat a playoff off team so were’s the rondo talk i mean the celtics are on a winning streak and moved up in the east standings and miami should be glad because the celtics were the seventh seed and would of played the miami in the first round and what the bulls player we got at mvp other then some one named rose i mean they got the best record in the league all iam sayin is eveyone is talkin about most vauble player, who ever is hot and got his team winning at the right time at the end of the season wil win it.