Griffin Gets Another One

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re still not sure what we like more — the set up, the dunk itself or the wicked smile on Blake Griffin‘s face after he finished smashing non Channing Frye?


  1. cesar says:

    Other players can dunk but none better than Griffin. His dunks should count for three points each. I hope chris Paul cleans up his act. I want to see the clippers far into the playoffs.

    • conover says:

      U HOPE PAUL CLEANS UP HIS ACT?!?!?!?!?!?! chris paul is the biggest reason that the clippers are even in a position to compete in the playoffs this year. Last year the clippers were fun to watch and thats about it. Paul has brought this team from 3rd worst in the west to 4th best in the west and only one game back of the Lakers for the division. He’s taken them from being 18 games under .500 at 32-50 last year, to being 10 games over .500 at 31-21 this year. Without paul the clippers were an exciting young team, with paul the clippers are a playoff contender.

  2. Alex says:

    Did he actually dunk this one or did he replica his “dunk” on Perkins/Mozgov as well as Dwight Howard in the dunk ocntest?

  3. Barry Lird says:

    Dirk is better than me.

  4. TriggaHappyTre says:

    All this is going to cause is a higher bounty to take out Griffin which is already on his head. Get ready Blake you will probably need a helmet and shoulder pads as well.

    But in my book, not to many people can go toe to toe when Blake is in the air. Its proven.

    Must See B.G.!!!!!

  5. Danny123 says:


  6. NOVAKain says:

    -sigh- thats all blake is in LA a freak show

  7. wow says:

    he’s just show. kevin love is way better

  8. BelizeBoy says:

    This was a sweet dunk. I’ve a big Griffin fan, but at the same time I think there are guys in the NBA not getting enough recognition like my man Gordon Hayward. He’s posterized a few people this year.

  9. Sideliner says:

    Oh, another post about a Griffin Dunk… There’s a trend on Heat are winning or slumping, Lakers–too old, too discontent?, Griffin Dunk of the week. Let’s just give them their own segments on television and run replays.

  10. Nils says:

    1.) Perkins
    2.) Mozgov
    3.) Frye … he tried to move out of the way … but still … STYLE!!!

    but it is still called *(to) mozgove*, would b funny as hell if this will b the future word for *dunking on someone* … did you see that? that fella just mozgoved him! … 20 years from now … or 30, 40 ….

  11. TS says:

    JaVale McGee’s dunk over Jose Calderon was just as disgusting.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      JaVale is playing like a whole new player ever since getting to the Nuggets. In Washington he couldn’t dribble two times without turning it over. I give credit to George Carl because he brings out the best in players (except Melo who was a drama queen).

    • JM says:

      LOL! not really…. McGee with his lanky arms could have walked over to Calderon and dunked on him. The only credit I’ll give McGee is not doing something stupid on that play. Other than that people are used to Blake doing this, so it doesn’t really surprise me!