Bulls Ball Out With, Without Rose!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s a reason Derrick Rose has refused to do any recruiting of fellow All-Stars who enter the free agent fray.

Maybe Rose has known all along what many of the critics who suggested he wasn’t worthy of his MVP trophy last season (yes John Schuhmann, I’m talking about you!) have been screaming about since last season, these Bulls are much more about the collective than they are about any one player.

And that’s not to diminish the greatness of Rose. But the numbers, in this case, do not lie. The Bulls are a robust 13-5 without Rose this season and after watching them dismantle the Hawks last night (above) with Rose on the sideline, it’s become pretty obvious that whatever Tom Thibodeau and his staff have cooked up in Chicago is clearly not predicated solely on Rose stirring the pot.

It’s clear Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and the fellas are perfectly capable of handling things offensively if Rose is unavailable. And we’re talking about the best defensive crew in the league, a group that does not rely on one player to serve as their catalyst on that end of the floor.

We went through this on the Blogtable yesterday,wondering how long the Bulls can go without Rose in uniform. My suggestion was that he take whatever time is needed to heal completely before worrying about getting back on the floor. More than anything, his absence allows this team to build a confidence in itself sans Rose that could serve them well in the postseason.

Even Rose appears to understand the good that has come from his recent inactivity.

“We’re finding our confidence and finding ways to win,” he said after the win over the Hawks. “It was a low turnover night where we rebounded well, and we moved the ball well. We also executed our plays well. We’re pretty deep. We’re basically the same team as last year. We know Coach (Thibodeau’s) system, so we know what he expects from us each night.”

We all know what Thibodeau expects from his team, no matter who is uniform.

“Defense was huge,” Rose said. “It was going to be a hard night for us, so you have to play defense all throughout the game. I would like to be out there, but I’m glad the team is getting it done so I can get healthy. We’re just trying to become a complete team. We’re still lacking on the offensive end, but these kinds of games will get us to where we need to be come playoff time.”

If the Bulls are still not a complete team, with that league-best 41-11 record (including a runaway league-leading 21-6 road record), then there is no such thing in today’s NBA.

And that’s clear to everyone, especially the teams that have had to deal with the Bulls, with and without Rose.

“Chicago is a very disciplined team and everybody knows their role and plays their role to the fullest,” Hawks All-Star Joe Johnson told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “As for us, sometimes we are not so disciplined. There may be a few guys who don’t know their role on this team. We do a lot that doesn’t help us, for whatever reason. That is why [the Bulls] are an elite team. They’ve got the MVP who hasn’t played in eight game and they go [6-2]. That goes to show they have guys who really value their roles and play their roles like no other.”

No doubt about it!


  1. Per says:

    The Bulls team is a very complete team when you think about it 🙂

  2. Mils says:

    DRose is definitely needed in big games such as the loss to OKC today! Although we have done well this season, our bigs compared to the other teams are not performing that well. Especially today against OKC you could clearly see that Boozer Deng and Noah were all performing below par meaning that come play-offs we need a real sense of urgency from them to perform. Also, due to the lack of big performance up front, we were forcing un necessary three point shots which against play off teams we should not be doing. However, our guards had no real chance today as John Lucas III and CJ Watson( both undrafted) could not really perform against an All-Star like Westbrook. That is where we needed DRose as he would give us a real competitive edge playing against Westbrook meaning that Durant would not have been involved in the game too much. Although we have been guaranteed a play off spot, we need our bigs performing when our guards are injured, as last season we our guards performed very well, when our starting bigs were missing. Although this game against OKC may have been a one-off, we should definitely be looking to improve up front as during the play-offswe cannot oxford blips like today. So ideally speedy recovery required for Rip and DRose as we need to get the full starters to be playing a hand full of games before the play offs so that the team cohesion is there and so that the fans know how well we are going to be doing during the play offs as this shortened season does not give you a real insight in who is going to be the real big performing teams come the play offs.

  3. Big Bulls Fan says:

    I really hope the Bulls don’t put too much stock in this upcoming Thunder game on Sunday (i.e., play Rose if he isn’t 100%). Who cares if the Bulls go to OKC on Sunday w/out Rose and lose — it’s just the reg season. Based on the way Thibs is talking during postgame interviews, he understands the importance of having his team and his superstar clicking on all cylinders at the right time — playoff time.

    I learned my lesson this year compared to last year. Last year, I was so fired up each game the Bulls beat the Heat in the reg. season. I was enjoying the team’s dominant year and it was a fun ride — that is, until the ECFs. Lesson learned: regular season doesn’t mean nothin once playoffs arrive, other than seeding. The Bulls have the depth to finish the reg season and still hold on to #1 seed playing Rose as little as possible. I hope the Bulls and D-Rose are going to approach the end of the reg season conservatively and get ready to ball out hard during the games that really matter.

    Last thing…Taj Gibson is a beast

  4. manacaster says:

    when is rose going to come? he has to be played against the thunder. he has to get rid of his hurt. please let him come in.

  5. jan279 says:

    The Bulls are doing great without Rose as far as this regular season goes but talkin’ ’bout the Playoffs and they’re still missing Rose, I don’t really see them getting past the Heat. Even without Rose, the Bulls still have the upper hand against other East teams going to the Playoffs but talkin’ ’bout the Heat, I don’t really see the Bulls sans Rose getting past them as long as the Big 3 remain healthy.

  6. Rockboi says:

    bulls will win the nba finals today cuz they got lot expirience to that and also i salute to the coaching staff especially to coach tom thibodeau w. o him the bulls cant land such succes.. nice work guys two thumbs up!!

  7. Rockboi says:

    bulls heat rematch bulls will win the east they will face thunder the finals!!

  8. Rockboi says:

    i think derrick rose deserve to be the mvp again so far he carry the bulls to win again the best record this season and the bulls is a defensive team than other teams great plays ever great wins than kobe team the black mamba this is not ur luckda

  9. Rockboi says:

    i think derrick rose deserve to be the mvp again so far he carry the bulls to win again the best record this season and the bulls is a defensive team than other teams great plays ever great wins than kobe team the black mamba this is not ur luckday

  10. skyekills says:

    Here’s my 2 cents.

    First of all, I’m both a Bulls and a DRose fan but I’ll try to go unbiased here.

    1. Last year’s MVP Case – Derrick Rose definitely deserved the MVP award last year. The Bulls had the best record in the season last year and Derrick Rose did it with who? An injured Noah who missed a lot of games? An injured (toe) Boozer who wasn’t performing well despite his fat paycheck? Keith Bogans? The Miami Heat clearly has star power with LeBron, Wade and Bosh but did they end up with the best record? No. The chemistry the Bulls had last year compared with this year is… weak. All that said, getting the best record in the entire NBA with a dismantled line-up against teams like Miami, Lakers, Spurs and the Thunder is what Derrick Rose managed to achieve. Remember that being an MVP means giving the most outstanding contribution to your team and not by just putting up individual stats.

    2. Heat vs. Bulls in ECF rematch – One sided people (like the fanboy Heat fans) should really be worried about how the Bulls are rolling this season. The Bulls have a great, if not, the best team chemistry so far since Boozer had joined the Bulls. They also now have John Lucas in the deepest bench ever. Sure, he might just be a role player but who led the Bulls when they defeated the Heat without Rose? The Heat’s only chance of winning is by way of control the boards. Rebounding will be the decisive factor in this series. Both teams are great defensively and both can score one way or the other. If DWade and LeBron can finally get their mojos up come playoff time then it would be pretty hard to determine who’s gonna come out victorious. Then again, have I mentioned that the Bulls have the better bench mob against the Heat right now?

    Prediction: Bulls in 6

  11. ragingbull says:

    As much as I agree that Drose is not MVP worthy this season, I don’t think it’s fair to downplay what he did for his team last year. The Bulls wasn’t this same type of a team we’re seeing right now. Boozer and Noah (who’s playing great teamplay right now) didn’t do so well last time because of the injuries they had that hindered them from familiarizing each other’s style of play. No one last year in this same Bulls team was really able to step up when other teams are ganging up on rose unlike today where you see a balanced offense. The way the Bulls are playing today is a product of discipline and familiarity in the system of thibs. GIve credit to THibs for a job well done this season, not criticize Rose for last season’s MVP award.

  12. Fremendog says:

    Thibs should get COTY award again this year. He motivates role-players like no other ans has set a great culture on this Bulls team. The fact the Bulls win without Rose shows 2 things. one is that Thibs’ defensive system is a great machine which allows any mediocre offensive team to remain in the game. Two, Rose’s offense is average at best in terms of fitting within Thibs system and Rose’s defense is subpar… I’ve always thought that giving the MVP to Rose last year was weakening the MVP award as a whole, and his long absence this year is another reminder of how true that is…

  13. Big Bulls Fan says:

    Unless another team catches fire, the eastern finals are gonna be heat – bulls — everyone knows that. All the comments are interesting. The series is gonna be a nail biter from start to finish. Heat have star power and defense. bulls have defense and depth. But a lot of people in this blog are forgetting that the Bulls have a HUGE advantage over the heat on the boards. If the heat are hitting their jump shots and getting lots of fast break points, they will win, but they better hit those j’s because they’re not gona get any o-boards, the bulls will dominate the boards. The teams are evenly matched but I think the bulls’ rebounding is going to overwhelm the heat more than people are thinking

  14. Tommy says:

    Even without Rose the bulls can go into lock down mode on defense anytime they want just like the Bulls vs Heat game a few weeks ago. Tell me how the Bulls will loose to the Heat, last game the bulls locked down everybody else on the Heat team and LeBron and Wade had great games, but they lost. You can’t win games with 2 players.

  15. stef says:

    its funny as soon as Cleveland lost their star they dropped to the last spot lol

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Exactly! Chicago is a great TEAM even without Rose, so last year he wasn’t the reason they were number one. It was the coaching. I’m not saying Lebron, but MVP shoulda went to someone else besides Rose.

      • asianpower-_- says:

        i’m guessing he got it because of all the injuries and how much of a let down boozer was to the team yet they still got the best record

  16. Donrodie says:

    I really don’t know how a lot of people think the bulls cant win the championship. They have the number one record two years and a row and can match up good with any one in the west. The Miami heat on the other head, doesnt match good with anyteam in the west. The heat rely on cerry picking and getting fast breaks. I never saw a team win a champoinship relying on fast breaks. The bulls team is wayyyyyyy deeper than the heat. They got all the players they need and the mvp. What else do you need? The bulls has four all stars Rose and deng this year. Boozer and hamilton are former all stars. Plus Noah and Gibson are going to be all stars one day and the back up point guards are great could be starters on another team. Brewer has great D and better than bogans mainly because he younger and more athletic. The bulls should be the favorites to win the championship over the thunder and the heat. But they media can promote the heat all they want.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      I agree with u..bulls averaging 98 points a game and holding opponents to just 88..and the Bulls didnt lose back to back in two yeras…i dont see this bulls team losing..

  17. Yael says:

    Was reading comments and I agree that the Bulls will probably have a hard time scoring in the playoffs. However, as the entry says, they are winning games with their defense. It doesn’t really matter If they end up scoring in the low 80s high 70s, as long as the other team scores less.

  18. Bulls#1 says:

    The Bulls really know what teamwork is and they play basketball like how it should be- all 15 players playing their hardest and working with each other. This bulls team is going to go very deep in the postseason. They are the most complete team in the nba. Also, coach thibodeau is doing a great job.

  19. BelizeBoy says:

    It is so clear to me now more than ever that Rose did not deserve MVP last year. The Bulls as a team were playing well and Rose was just the best on it (but not the best of the league).

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Top three stars in the league is #1 Kevin Durant #2 Prince James #3 D-rose….three best players in the nba..Drose better than wade by far…

    • Mino says:

      Rofl, BelizeBoy, get your eyes checked.

      Most wins in the league with Noah who only played half a season, and Boozer who missed a lot, pretty much carried them through their best season in a long time, was clutch when the time came.

      Yeah maybe not this season, but to say he didn’t deserve last year is childish.

  20. Phillip says:

    This article is so stupid. How come you didn’t write it the other day when the Bulls got blown out by the Nuggets and won back2back games against the Raptors that they should have lost and somehow pulled it out late in both games. The Bulls need Rose ten times more than Miami needs Lebron or OKC needs Durant. Most of the Bulls wins without Rose have been against teams below the .500 mark. Its still very impressive. But the Bulls would not beat any of the teams in the playoffs without Rose. When they need a bucket they have no one who can create a shot. Especially during hero ball down the stretch. Rose makes the game so much easier for the rest of the Bulls and is the best penetrator in the game. And the best PG in the world. He needs to get healthy and if he can with Hamilton, its over for you Miami. 2012 champs!

    • Bulls2012 says:

      LOL!!!! all the teams that the bulls beat without drose was against below .500 teams!!! hahahahahahahahahahah THEY BEAT MIAMI, KILLED ORLANDO (IN ORLANDO) AND KILLED ATLANTA (IN ATLANTA) BEAT NEW YORK…lol good one dude you sure watch the Bulls!!1

      • bullsfan says:

        i kno this dude is an idiot lol clearly doesnt kno, like thunder w.o durant it will mean no playoffs for the thunder durant is their team cause westbrook aint shyt in my eyes well mayb harden would do good but other then tat thuder will be shyt w.o durant

    • Bullsfolife says:

      Ummmm, what on God’s green earth are you smoking?? I’m sure it’s HIGHLY illegal, thunder do better without DURANT?? Miami needs LEBRON?? Uhhh, yea..nnno, I don’t think so. Bulls are leading the ENTIRE NBA without rose, and both those teams are behind..WITH their stars. Stop drinking that stuff man(hatorade), it’s bad for your health. =)

  21. joblagz says:

    Fans overlook the fact that D-Rose has a rookie contract.. and that means theyve signed up alot of talent to surround him.. hell their bench is one of the league’s best.. however, this wont last forever.. so either the bulls win it now or next year.. cause that is the best opportunity they got..

    • y so serious says:

      I agree with the fact that the deepest bench came because D-Rose was still in Rookie contract. I hoped that D-Rose would take little less than max contract, but that’s not how you treat a superstar from your home town. But Just because D-Rose is getting paid next several years it doesn’t mean it’s going to hinder this team. This team has Nikolas Mirlotic coming from Europe in next couple years and has Charlott’s 1st round pick in 2016. Last year’s pick of Jimmy Butler shows flashes of brilliance and toughness in him as well. Asik and Lucas are with this team for next couple years. Also, Noah and Deng’s contract goes away after few years (as great they are for this team, I think they are getting a bit overpaid for their production). Obviously when D-Rose gets his money, it’s going to take some toll on the bench, but won’t cripple this team for sure.

    • hog mob says:

      They signed rose to an extention. I dont think that is a rockie contract anymore

      • y so serious says:

        he still is under rookie contract this year. Anyway I would be more concerned about the Lakers and Heat rosters than the bulls upcoming years when their stars get into fat chunk of the contract. With more punitive luxury tax and disadvantages for tax paying teams, they won’t be able to add any kind of player in upcoming years.

      • Mino says:

        he said that was the reason why they have such a deep bench to compliment their star.

  22. 1#WADEFAN says:

    Chicago will not be able to go far in the playoffs without Rose.Maybe beat Knicks in first round without Rose,but after that the competition will heat up with 76ers I can see advancing and Indiana and Miami. They might can win in the regular season without him but once you hit playoffs I don’t see it happening without him.But for right now good job Chicago there is definitely not another team like them who can win that many games without their superstar.

  23. Nicholas Bell says:


    • kobe says:

      cant and wont beat Heat in 7 game series..sorry

      • Bullsfolife says:

        You obviously have no idea what you’re talkin about if you’re stuck in the past. Move forward with the rest of the world, this team has found it’s nitch. The confidence is beaming through, as for the playoffs and us not scoring I highly doubt you can compare a team from last year to do exactly the same as this year when it’s obvious they’re playing way better basketball this year. One thing I am sure about is this though. Lakers can’t beat the thunder in a 7 game series, flat out…done. ty for your time =)

      • The Worm 91 says:

        atleast the Bulls lost the ECF with 1 win. unike the LAKERS “ZERO” ~~~~~~~ “0”. and it wasn’t the WCF! i like kobe better than the fathead LBJ though. kobe has proven alot. while LBJ still has to. though i doubt he can get his 1st NBA championship trophy this year.

  24. Michel says:

    i think the post should be called: “Bulls prove that getting the MVP-award is overrated and not rightly distributed”
    considering last season…they are still the best team in the league even without him, so how valueable is he? sure, real valueable, but most?? dont think so…
    Its pretty much the best player on the best team gets it….obviously now, d-rose aint playing so it has to be durant getting it this season. if lebron gets it, dat would be marketing once again.

    • Michel says:

      Just wanna add that this is not a punch against d-rose…he definetly is mvp worthy and deserves consideration(not this season obviously), but i think that the way it is beeing called out nowadays is just wrong…its alsways the best teams best player..a really bad team could have the mvp, ok maybe not a kings-team or wizards one, but maybe a utah or magic/hawks team. Value in my definition means, without that player the whole team-dynamic changes and if he plays bad, the team plays bad- in that sense, dat is true value of a player

  25. Meta says:

    Lakers and Bulls final. New rivalry in the making!

  26. kobe says:

    when playoffs start Bulls will have hard time scoring..just like last year..Miami in 6

    • Nicholas Bell says:


      • kobe says:


      • Derp says:

        @Kobe, it’s you’re not your. Learn English.

      • asianpower-_- says:

        @kobe sorry it’s you’re.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Hard time scoring??? llol…we never had a hard time scoring the whole year?? all the losses we had was due to injuries, HORRIBLE D! and teams having career nights at the three point line…Bulls average 98 ppg..and Lakers 96 ppg..so we are the team thats going to have a hard time scoring?? BULLS 40-11 Lakers-31-19…. GOOD ONE DUDE!!!

      • kobe says:

        talking playoffs ..not regular season…they had hard time scoring against the Heat in the playoffs..and they will this year..HEAT IN 6..BOOZER NO SHOW IN PLAYOFFS ..DENG HAS TO GUARD JAMES ..AND ROSE IF HEALTHY CAN MAKE FREE THROWS IN CRUNCH..HAHAHAHA..

      • kobe says:

        Bulls have better record cause easten conference is weaker then the west…hahahaha

      • kobe says:

        comment should say cant hit free throws in clutch..look at his history..

      • hog mob says:

        People that say the east is weak are still living in 2002. You might want to take a look at the standings. Every playoff team in the east has a better record than the same seed in the west. accept the 4 and 8 spot. The east has 2 teams eliete teams. The bulls and heat. While the west only has 1. okc.

      • WhosKobe_WhosWilt says:

        Lakers got beat by Linsanity, Bulls won. Bulls beat Heat without D Rose. Bulls gave Lakers a Christmas Day “L”. ’nuff said!

    • bullsfan says:

      so im guessing yur saying lakers will win it this year??

      • the real kobe says:

        hey guy with the kobe name. im a lakers fan. but come on now. why do you like the heat so damn much? change your name brother.
        sorry bulls, cant give it to you in 6. BULLS in 7. lebron chokes too damn much to win a game 7. wade will win the 6th and lebron will try too hard on the 7th game…. and BTW boozer is playing great. better offense and improved defense.
        LAKERS vs BULLS finale,
        lakers will make it through the west but bynums gotta stop shooting those stupid 3s. let kobe/meta/sessions shoot. now gasol and bynum can rebound.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      lol.. watch the Lakers get elminated by another scrub team in the playoffs AGAIN!!!! maybe Utah this year?what you say? They wont even make it through the 1st round…then the Bulls will pick up gasol in the off season!!

      • asianpower-_- says:

        big bulls fan right here, but i respect the lakers. they are still a solid club, and they obviously will make it out of the 1st round because kobe will will them there. i also hope that the bulls DO NOT get gasol. solid player, but he’s aging and has lately been on a downward slope.

  27. Chi-Town Bulls says:

    Chicago Bulls all day long baby! I’m so pumped for the Playoffs! Let’s take this all the way guys! Go Bulls!!

  28. Bulls2012 says:


  29. Bulls2012 says:

    This Bulls team in my opinion is by far the BEST team in the East THIS YEAR…Last year we played 4 on 5 when we are in the offensive side of the ball b/z we had boggans whom was not a starter…(he still did great for us).now with Rip coming back next game and D rose being back for OKC prolly we are finally getting healthy….Miami is a great team,but they dont have a true center and only 2 ppl who can score….MIAMI VS CHICAGO ECF..CHICAGO IN 6…THEN I HAVE SPURS VS BULLS IN FINALES AND BULLS IN 7!! LEGGO CHICAGO!!! LETS BRING HOME ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!!! BTW SIGN TAJ GIBSON TO LONG TERM DEAL!!!!!!

  30. Bulls4life says:

    Go Bulls! The Bulls are the best TEAM in the league by far. Props to coach Thibs for deamanding excellence from the players. Once D-Rose is fully healthy look out NBA! Chicago Bulls 2012 NBA Champions!!!!

    • 4everDROSE says:

      I agree!! The Bulls will be the 2012 NBA Champions! They are the only reason why I watch NBA anyway 🙂

  31. TreShiq says:

    * A super star* sure i’m gonna get definition adn grammar checked for that…and by proven coach, i mean he’s gotten recognized for great coaching efforts.

  32. TreShiq says:

    An super star, an all-star, a former olympian and all star ( Gold Medalist), hard working bench and complementing pieces, proven coach, best record in the east and built in fan base. Doesn’t get anymore complete than that!

  33. Amitpal says:

    If rose and hamilton don’t come back from injury soon, this team is getting nowhere in the playoffs. We have seen this movie before. Anybody remember Cavs a few year ago. Great chemistry, was destroying every team and then came up short in the playoffs. Of course this bulls team has more talent then that cavs team but it doesnt have enough. at the end of the day it’s going to have the same out come. Best regular season record come up short in playoffs.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Comparing the Cavs to the Bulls makes no sense?

      • NBA_Fan2012 says:

        Actually, it’s not a bad concept at all. Derrick Rose’s unselfish skills as a floor general has inspired his teammates to flourish in their roles on the court. Lebron James’ unselfish skills as a floor general inspired his Cleveland teammates to flourish in their roles on the court.

        What I see as the main difference is that the Chicago players have learned to master a great defensive system in two years; which is effective with or without Rose, whereas Cleveland; in 7years with Lebron, never did and therefore lost their offensive groove after Lebron’s departure.

        It’s an age old truth-the best offense-is a good defense.

    • Bullsfolife says:

      Don’t get so happy, I already know what’s going on with the team. We’re just being super careful, there’s no need to push anyone on the floor when it’s obvious that the team got this. If you believe that we’re really as hurt as everyone else thinks we are, then YOU my dear watson..have fallen into a nostalgic DREAM.

    • Brett says:

      Agreed, makes no sense, The cavs never ever EVER went 6-2 without Lebron, they were no where close to a complete team like the Bulls are. Set your alarm clock Amitpal, and WAKE UP

  34. It’s great when a team finds a way to win without their star. More teams should be this well-rounded and coached in a way that allows them to flourish without their number 1. That lets Rose do what’s best for him, heal completely and not rush the injury, and it gives them experience they’ll need for the playoffs. I believe the bench is what separates two relatively close teams over the course of a 7 game series.