Kobe Wants Odom, Fisher Back

Kobe Bryant is planning a hard push to recruit Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom back to the Lakers as free agents in the summer, a source familiar with Bryant’s thinking told NBA.com as Fisher prepares to return to Staples Center as a member of the Thunder.

Whether either would be receptive is unclear – Fisher and Odom loved their seasons in Los Angeles, but were hurt to be traded within the last 3 ½ months. It is known, however, that Bryant plans to use his close friendship with both to convince them that a reunion is in everyone’s best interest, bruised egos and all.

Management — unable to comment on interest in players on another roster — will have to be convinced as well. One of the main reasons Fisher was dealt to the Rockets along with a first-round pick  March 15 for seldom-used big man Jordan Hill was the concern over how Fisher would handle playing behind new acquisition Ramon Sessions at point guard. As general manager Mitch Kupchak said the day of the trade:

“It crossed our minds, but I know he would have been professional. Personally, I think it would have been a tough position to put a player like that in.”

Odom, an especially sensitive player, was so hurt to learn he had nearly been traded as part of the Chris Paul blockbuster that he asked the Lakers to complete the breakup and trade him for good. Days later, in a surprising development for an organization that had stood its ground on far-uglier trade demands in the past, Odom was sent to Dallas as the beginning to what has become a disappointing 2011-12 for all involved and prompted obvious questions about his future.

“I have no control over that,” Odom said 2 ½ weeks ago. “That’s the business of basketball, and this is not the time to worry about the business of basketball.”

Odom is under contract for next season, but it is only partially guaranteed and the Mavericks could easily hold the door open for a free-agent departure July 1. Fisher is signed through the end of the season after negotiating a buyout with the Rockets and joining Oklahoma City, the team the Lakers and everyone else is chasing in the West.

Bryant has kept in contact with both, though he said conversations center on personal matters and not basketball. He has kept in particularly close contact with Fisher, part of the Bryant inner-circle like few others, and says, again, they have not talked about what happens in free agency. Still, it is clear from people with knowledge of Bryant’s thinking that he will be lobbying to have the two very popular former Lakers return to the fold.

Asked about the possibility late Tuesday night, after the Lakers played in Oakland, of a reunion with Fisher, Bryant told NBA.com, “I don’t know. I would hope so. But I don’t know. When Fish and I talk, it’s about personal things because we’ve known each other for so long. Lamar too. We keep that other stuff out of it. It’s family, how are you doing, stuff like that.”

Has he talked to Odom about the idea?

“No, not about that, because I don’t want to interfere with what he has going on in Dallas,” Bryant said. “Right now, it’s just more about him being OK and making sure that he’s doing what he can to help the Dallas Mavericks out.”

The topic will inevitably come up over the next couple days, as Fisher returns to Los Angeles and the Thunder play the Lakers on Thursday.

“It’s going to be strange, him going to the visitors’ locker room,” Bryant said. “It’s going to be strange. I talk to him pretty much every single day, though. Still. In terms of our personal relationship, this really hasn’t been any separation in that sense. But seeing him come into Staples Center in a different uniform is going to be extremely, extremely weird for us all.”


  1. LAMAR ODOM FAN. says:

    come on kobe! i believe in you..bring LAMAR ODOM back! foreal. you should of traded the worst player of them all. lamar has feelings and he’s such a great person. BRING HIM BACK! ❤

  2. kobe fever 24 says:

    i love fisher but give walton a chance

  3. Choker says:

    Odom kinda destroyed the mavs

  4. lakers says:

    why trade fisher ? why didn’t they trade steve blake?

  5. FakirWise says:

    Too old? These people must not remember the Utah Jazz while Karl Malone, Jeff Hornacek and John Stockton played

  6. MasterPiece says:

    Seriously ppl i dnt think that D-Fish will return if OKC wins the championship this year but as Kobe said it’s a familiar thing :D. Right now Sessions is doing a great job to back up Kobe the only is that he didnt got enough experience for the playoffs that’s why Kobe wants D-Fish & Odom to return!!!!

  7. EJBT says:

    There are things that are far more important than skills, talent and age. Experience and locker room presence sometimes ignite the team. I think Fish and LO should come back.

  8. kngdom of Jogis says:

    Iam die hard fan of Lakers but so much hurt when Fisher departed from Lakers, big mistakes Lakers Management and can never make it again to Finals. Iam just cheering for Thunder right now for possible 6th ring of Derect Fisher….. I have you Mike Brown!

  9. kngdom of Jogis says:

    Iam a die hard fan of Lakers and I have been following all Lakers game since Byant drafted in 1996. Lakers made worst decision for dismantling Fisher and Odom from the roster. There are so many good coach out there, should have been acqured AC Green as head coach instead of Mke Brown. I hate Mke Brown for pulling out Kobe and Bynum in the most important minutes of the game aganst Memphies. As of ths moment Iam cool off for Lakers and Cheerng up for Durant Westbrook and Fisher of Thunder. Lakers can never make it again as Western contenders, mark my word Lakers Management!

  10. Skullz says:

    Reason’s to bring Fisher back

    1 – Leadership skills
    2 – Clutch performance skill
    3 – Gets along with Kobe and everyone and has respect

    Do I need to say more???

    Oh wait 5 rings with Kobe.

  11. bfbos says:

    steve blake stinks………. he misses all his 3’s and is weak and plays no d ……. at least kish will play hard knock down shots. and not get bullied

  12. LACLIPPS says:

    d-fish has to retire a laker….
    you can’t just say he’s too old, he has FIVE RINGS with kobe

  13. MJ says:

    If OKC wins this year
    Fishfer > MJ

    • how about no. says:

      No.. If fisher wins this year, he’ll have 6. So he’ll be equal to MJ. However, Fisher will > Kobe. This is the true reason Kobe wants fisher back hahaha. I’m just talking about the number of rings btw, not skill level.

  14. tony says:

    Lol. It’s so pointless to bring back fisher and lamar odom. Their ego’s are hurt. Just get a better bench and they would be fine. Kobe needs to stop crying about fisher and lamar odom. The NBA is a business. Things happen and you got to deal with them.

    • Haters. says:

      Who said Kobe was crying? The media always bug kobe about EVERY single thing. His job is to be professional basketball player and answer questions. He just spoke for Gasol now you gonna say his crying? Kobe is all about winning and what’s best for the team. Even if he didn’t like how they lost lamar, he still supported Lakers and his coaches.

  15. lakers says:

    laker fantic name 2 reasons why u would want fisher back

  16. Miami Heat Fan 54 says:

    Fisher is done he should RETIRE!!!

  17. DOUCHEKU says:

    Moderator or whomever approves comments:

    You should be ashamed for not posting my comment. Proof again, that the NBA controls not only who will win each year, but they also make sure that “public opinion” is in line with the NBA’s opinion.

  18. Laker Fanatic says:

    Fish should come back and retire as a Laker it is only a fitting end to a storied career it is where all his credentials as a pro come from! Its the same thing Shaq should have done but he loss major cool points retiring as a Celtic…again thats a nother story!!!! Odom should come back if the offer presents itself …..if he was here we probaly are sitting in 1st place even though no1 wants to admit it! Then He can be our other option at the point which is why he is in the league….Versatility!!!!!!
    He is a good fit and is still servicable for at least 3to 4 seasons barring injury!!!!!! Plus Kobe loves and wants them and u know we have to keep him HAPPY!

  19. lakers says:

    lakers dont need fisher hes to old he cant do nothing he is a piece of junk this season i want him to retire so he can coach the toronto raptors aand be very good i wish that happends

  20. i became a Laker fan in the earliest days of Pat Riley and Chick Hearn. But, i think of Fisher as the heart of the Lakers . Loyalty should work both ways. when i think of lakers, i think of magic, kareem and Fischer. i too have transferred to the Thunder and
    have have lost all respect for the lakers.

  21. lakers says:

    the best thing for the lakers is to get young talented players in the draft

  22. ZULU says:

    Now that some of the dead wood has been cleared bring them back. Odom can still play and Fisher should be added to the coaching staff. Kobe, as great as he is, does not have the off court command of the locker room / relationship with other players. Team chemistry is the only off-set to money, egos andhype at the professional level.

  23. EmmanuelLA24 says:

    If Lamar came back, Bynum’s minutes would drop. If anyone else noticed, ever since Lamar left, Bynum has had an all star season. Sure one of the biggest factors that benefited was his health, but when LAL had Odom in the squad, Bynum was benched when it came down to the 4th quarter. Maybe Odom’s departure gave a chance for Bynum to shine? Who knows? I mean sure Odom was 6th man of the year, but expect anything from an emotional player whom felt that he could not be part of the Lakers (which is why he left). My opinion, I say we don’t resign Odom and the Lakers can, resign Fisher during the FA.

  24. LOL says:

    fisher should stay where he is now to get more rings than kobe

  25. Troy says:

    I think Fisher should have gotten the chance to retire in L.A. after all the battles won and challenges they overcame together. However; Lamar Odom has etched his live and game in L.A., got married to Chloe and he was very happy there. I think only L.A. can get the best out of Odom for the whatever time he has left in the NBA, that’s where his heart is literally.

  26. flowerpot says:

    Loyalty hahahahaha

  27. 12xiscomingforyou says:

    Come on guys lets see the sunshine, and praise the circle of kindness, i know we al have relativness to go out and shoot the ball, lamar odom is a sencerity, perhaps jesus? i think so, ever since 2pac weent to cuba , we all can gather and await his return, its a certainty that we all embrace eachothers private’s, and gather around the campfire.

  28. SOHIGH123 says:

    Come on guys lets see the sunshine, and praise the circle of kindness, i know we al have relativness to go out and shoot the ball, lamar odom is a sencerity, perhaps jesus? i think so, ever since 2pac weent to cuba , we all can gather and await his return, its a certainty that we all embrace eachothers private’s, and gather around the campfire.

  29. mel says:

    The lakers need the Zin master back. And Bynum needs to go he’s been a problem sence the trading dead line ended. Don’t know what Jim Buss see in him. 1 good game 3 bad games.

  30. fredrick247 says:

    come on steve blake???? he give us nothing at lease fisher would give leadership and a couple of points not a bunch of turnovers lol.

  31. lakersWalesFan says:

    fisher can come back as part of the coaching staff but not as a player. his roster spot should be given to a young & talented player to ensure the lakers future. odom is still good for 3 years and can be a reliable sixth man again. he is not playing well with the mavs right now, probably not happy there. bring him back to join kobe and he will be a great player again. go lakers!

  32. StuBrew says:

    I can only see Derek Fisher going back to the Lakers. As for Lamar Odom, I don’t see him going back to the Lakers seeing how he has hard feelings towards the Lakers for originally trading him to New Orleans. Derek Fisher, I think still has a couple of years left in him. Lamar Odom, I hope he gets off that reality show soon and I think he’ll probably stay with the Dallas Mavericks because I can’t see him going anywhere else except maybe back to Miami.

  33. max says:

    All creditibility of this story is lost after reading this comment
    “a source familiar with Bryant’s thinking told NBA.com ” !!!!

  34. david says:

    fisher is stll a better player than blake. first 3 games after trade in starting a total of 3pts not averge a total. i could do that. fish got traded mainly for his role in the cba pushing for the revenue sharing. he bit the hand that fed him and put the lakers and 5 other teams in a tough spot to win once there stars are gone.go look at what the new cba did to the lakers n 5 other teams. as for lamar he came into camp out of shape thats why the lakers didnt mind trading him either time. he’s emotional because every1 he comes in to contact with dies. sorry ppl he’s human.

  35. 1greatplayer says:

    whatever kobe wants kobe gets right?? b.s. he needs to stop being a diva

  36. jiggsnegapatanCEBUphils says:

    i really would miss the bulldog’s service during playoffs..
    koz just what mark jackson used to say when D-FISH hits some big shots

  37. lakermig says:

    to get odom back for the bench would be quite nice but remember he is having a hard season this year and mainly cause he has to get used to another system and so do the lakers have a new system to the one hes used to and he is 33 by the time he gets back here hell be 34 goin on 35 useless really.Fish has a lot of varuables you cant see fair enough but ive beeen a laker lover since i was 5 and also love fish but still firmly believe getting him back is not a good idea by any means again by the time he gets back here hell be pretty much 40 years old ..lets start looking to the future, bynum (if he remains healthy) and sessions seem like a good start we have to keep building on that.

  38. bok says:

    If they can come back next season with lower pay (due to their age) & will accept a back up role, it’ll be good for the Lakers. Dunno though about the legality, especially on Fisher’s case.

  39. Avante says:

    What i don’t get is how kobe said its gonna be weird playing against him in a different jersey when he played against them as a warrior and a member of the jazz

  40. diehard_laker24fan says:

    Hell no! Miami with Dwade and Lebron together, never dream they gonna win a champion. I like the Idea of KB24 to lobby his old friends back same uniform with his.

  41. xianglezam says:

    i am a die hard fan of the miami heat and i know they will win this year.filipinos loves miami heat

    • rvman says:

      Im filipino and me and all of my pinoy friends cant stand the Heat.. i used to be a d wade fan but i hate their drama, and ive always hated superstar laden teams… not just because everybody’s hating on bron,.. so dont generalize. We’re bulls fans, even if were not too sure they can beat the heat yet. For the west, OKC and lakers have a shot.

      as for the fisher and lamar issue,.. theyve done great things for the lakers but it might be time to move on considering there are still a lot of great players they can get… younger hungrier players…

    • bull says:

      GO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other team spirits after the play off?? GONE!!!

  42. KCA says:

    Try this. 2 years ago OKC is 8th seed. Last year, 4th seed. This year most probably 1st seed. second most talented small forward. 3rd best point guard. best 6th man and in my opinion, top 5 shooting guards. number one shot blocker in the NBA and those are just the headliners. Then you have Perkins who is a non stat guy but is a great post defender and rebounder. Thabo is a great perimeter defender. Fisher is a veteran voice. so as an overall recap for championship requirements they have veteran leadership, past playoff experience, size at every position, defenders at every position, 3 go too scorers and one more thing their average age is like 25… minus fisher…. In 5 years Durant 28, Westbrook 27, Harden 27, Ibaka 27…….
    Also in 5 years LeBron 32, Wade 35, Bosh 33… hmmmmm

    • Steve says:

      Awesome post KCA!

      As much as I love both the Clips (from way back) and LA, this was a great post!

    • DJ3 says:

      what do you mean 5 years? for miami its 9 years you dumb@$$. and you have the ages ALL WRONG! LeBron 27, Wade 30, Bosh 28. Durant 23, Westbrook 23, Harden 22, Ibaka 22. Do you EVER watch basketball? Thunder fans are stupid dumb@$$es. Ignorant thunder fan is Ignorant.

      • DJ3 says:

        AND Kevin Durant is THE ONLY ONE with 5 years of experience. This is his 5th year. Westbrook? His 4th. Harden? His 3rd. Ibaka? His 4th. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU DUMB@$$

      • nz1 says:

        dj3 you’re calling him a dumb@$$??? maybe if you read it properly you would find that in fact you are the dumb@$$

      • DJ3 is retarded says:

        Wow, what a troll you are, or you’re just stupid and can’t read.
        Obviously KCA noted that IN 5 years, Lebron will be 32, DWade 35, Bosh 33. (And will probably past their primes and probably a little more slowed down due to weaker knees/old age).

        And IN 5 years, the current roster of the Thunder will be ages: KD 28, Westbrook 28, Harden, 27, and Ibaka 27.

        The Thunder will have the youth advantage (as they do currently, even during the Heat’s “prime” age) for the next 5 years.
        If the Heat can’t beat them now in their ‘prime’, there’s no way they will win over them (as they gain more and more experience) within the next 5 years.

  43. Paul says:

    If Thunder really wins a championship this year, u think Kobe will still want him back? LMAO!!!!! , Fisher will be like screw u i’m retiring with my 6th rings. Dig that kobe ! lol

  44. DJ3 says:

    First, the guy with the name ‘Miami Heats’ needs to get out. I am a heat fan, but this is not about the heat. Second, I like Fish, he can hit the big shots and energize his team in the timeouts, but i think he should retire soon. Although he probably just wants to make more money. Third, I dont see Lamar coming back without new management. I see him either retiring because he wants to win but no contenders want him, or him staying in Dallas. Lakers win round 1 in 6. Denver beats SA in round 1. LA beats Denver in 7. OKC beats LA in 6. Miami beats OKC in 7 with a buzzer beating 3 by, not LeBron, not D-Wade, not CB1, but Mario Chalmers. Just like when he was in Kansas.

    Probably not going to happen, but would be exciting.

    • #%*! the Heat says:

      ur one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon… werent a heat fan before… and u dont know about basketball… go watch the heat choke against okc, LA, sa, or even better the Clippers! thats if they can beat chicago

  45. Snow says:

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  46. jagmanuel says:

    Paragraph 1 – line 2
    Paragraph 7 – lines 2 and 3

    Fisher will be a free agent. How could anyone not understand that

  47. mars says:

    thats the attitude

  48. BigJoey says:

    fisher is gonna leave and come back like he always does
    gtfo, clippers own LA

  49. D/T says:


    • daniel.b says:

      how dare u say that, with out fisher who knows how many champions kobe would of had right now.. kobe and fisher have been the glue the the lakers and with out fisher who knows where kobe would of been playing at

  50. omw says:

    the biggest problem with the lakers is the coach. they need to can him asap. get someone who the players respect. cause it sure aint brown. they do have talent, if you play for an ungreatfull pos coach, fire his butt. NOW. im sure bynum and kobe are talkin, kobe should go get his wrist worked on bynum can rest his knees and mikey brown can get his worthless butt off the floor. no wonder he was fired at cleveland

  51. grover says:

    i think its time already for fisher to retire and become a coach of the lakers… he can be a very good coach with his leadership and expirience.. he led the lakers together with kobe speaking of leadership.. i doubt if lamar will be coming back for he is to emotional for this..

    i say give more time for the rookies so that they can catch up..

  52. Miami Heats says:

    I Hope Fisher wins a ring this year… game 7.. fisher hits the buzzer.. boom dagger to the heart of LA

  53. TS says:

    Ya’ll need to have just a seperate Lakers Blog. This is just downright getting monomaniacal.

    We’re pushing a decade without representing our Canadian brothers.

  54. Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

    To Steagle,

    Always isn’t a superlative you dimwit, it’s a degree of frequency (completely & utterly different) !!!

    LA won’t get anywhere in the playoffs without the FISH & ODOM!!!
    Even though, both are almost over the hill they’ve still got one or two championships left in them when healthy.

    S.A. just picked up Diaw & Mills & just keep adding those X-factor type role players that do all the intangibles to be competitive year in & year out come playoff time even though their core is definitely over the hill.

    If they make the latter rounds of the playoffs, every team had better LOOK OUT!!!

  55. the funny thing is that i think odom and fisher want to be back also, but they are very irritated with the management..maybe too irritated to return to lakerland when all is said and done mindofmattman.com

  56. smoove says:

    fisher and odom needs to come back for one fisher can hit the big shot and odom can rebound for the second unit with fisher \

  57. Champions says:

    PG- Ramon Sessions
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Metta World Peace
    PF- Pau Gasol
    C- Andrew Bynum
    B-Lamar Odom
    B-Derek Fisher
    B-Matt Barnes
    B-Steve Blake
    B-Andrew Goudelock
    B-Jordan Hill
    B-Josh McRoberts
    B-Troy Murphy
    B-Michael Beasley
    Devin Ebanks
    Darius Morris
    Christian Eyenga

  58. Jay says:

    A source familiar with Kobe’s thinking???????

    Everytime you writers come up with crazy rumours and then list these cowardly imaginary people, it makes me wonder how you all still have jobs -_-‘

    If Kobe wants this, he probably hasn’t told many if any people so this “source” would be easy to be identified should info get leaked. OH WAIT!! it apparently just has! Which means, he/she will no longer be familiar with Kobe’s future thinking…


  59. Jimbo says:

    Odom could be a useful addition to the bench (regardless of the fact that I dont see him coming back again – he ‘s too sensitive- he even thought of giving it all up this year his family convinced him to keep playing) giving some much needed depth which LA doesnt really have atm, As for D-Fish he should just know when it’s time to retire with dignity. He cant guard any rival guard in the league and in Basketball u need to participate on both ends of the court – U cant have someone on the offensive end to make a big shot and then replace them before they need to defend.

  60. susie says:

    Kobe knows he needs fish in clutch, if not for Fisher, he wouldn’t have won his last 2 rings

  61. Juan says:

    Come on people, this is just an attempt by a desperate writer to get fans to read his column. Who did he hear this from???? Kobe is a basketball-first and last mentality player. He knew Fish was a liability and that Odom was doing way too much outside the basketball spectrum and as much as he likes them, this was the best move for the Laker basketball – he knows that. As much as I like Fisher, he should have retired last season. As far as Odom, I completely lost respect for him when he he married the Kardashian and then damaged his basketball career when he started his reality show (why? because it detracts him from basketball)

  62. stephenmanton says:

    JIM BUSS OUT!!!!!

  63. Brett says:

    And Get Lamar off that stupid show!

  64. Brett says:

    Huge Lakers fan, I would welcome Odom(6th man) and Fisher (back up role) back easily. Odom would be help our bench situation. At the end of the day these guys help bring another ring to LA. LAst time I checked, it’s about winning not who traded who.

  65. cedric aka bama46 says:

    that sounds right( the one year), but hes not really playing that much right now, is like to see him bought out and lakers pick him up for the play offs, that make up for some of the odom mess

  66. Solution says:

    Trade Artest & Steve Blake for Cash although lakers already saved cash this year.
    Get Odom & Fisher back

    Line up:

    Off the bench: Fisher & Odom

  67. bruddahmanmatt says:

    Someone just wasted a handful of keystrokes writing a bunch of nonsense when he should have been reading up on how the CBA works as it would have told him that LA won’t be able to reacquire Lamar until December and Fisher until next March.

    • DJ3 says:

      They wont be able to reacquire lamar in a TRADE until december. same for fish. but they can sign them as free agents.

  68. AA says:

    For one year contracts…probably! Multi year contracts? Definitely not.

  69. cedric says:

    it”ll be nice if they bring back fisher and odom next year, but i prefer to have michael beslye

  70. steagle says:

    I agree with the first part of Rake’s comment. It’s time to move on. Kobe and the Lakers have had more success than any other team in the league in the last 12 years, and while I respect that he will never give up so long as he’s in the NBA, I do honestly think LA’s reign is over for awhile. Phil Jackson was just as much a reason for LA’s titles as Kobe. Without Phil, and without the contributions of Lamar Odom, I seriously doubt LA has the heart – and the creativity – to win this year. Odom has a chance to join a squad that truly needs him next year – I think Boston would be an obvious contender – and Fish is basically at the end of his career. LA should be, and probably is, focusing on developing younger talent and setting their franchise up for the post-Kobe years. It’s never too early to start thinking ahead. Re-signing Fish and Odom would be taking a step backwards and I honestly do not see Kupchak going that route.

    • joos says:

      The Spurs have had more success in the past 12 years. The have the best winning percentage and won 4 Championships along with not having a losing record during any of those seasons. People need to start being honest with themselves ands stop believing in and relying on the media for the truth! If the same SPURS team happened to be on the L.A. roster, they’d be B-Ball gods by now.

  71. Cody says:

    Fischer can stay away. I love the man and he’s had good years in Los Angeles but let’s be honest here, the man has 5 rings for not doing much of anything. I do however want the heart and soul of our bench back in Lamar.

    • Domart says:

      Come on, man. Fisher contributed just as much, if not more, as any other player (except for kobe) did for any one of those five rings. For a Lakers fan, you are very wrong.

      • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

        I agree with you Domart!!! Derek Fisher always contributed for his team even though is not much a scorer, he makes huge clutch shots for tough situation for the Lakers!!! I miss Derek Fisher with the Lakers and I hope he comes back next season with L.A.!!! I was upset they let Odom go, but I too want Lamar Odom back with the Lakers, he was huge off the bench!!!

      • Terrelya says:

        If Fisher doesn’t come back as a player, he better at least be in the Laker office or something.

  72. Rake says:

    What’s done is done and Its time to move on. If players don’t see the end of their carrier and step down gracefully then they have to be nudged out. Any honest basketball fan can clearly see the improvement of Sessions over Fisher but that doesn’t change Fisher’s contributions of the past in the least.

  73. lovebasketball says:

    Odom and/or Fisher would be stupid to return back next year.

    • Steel Kobe 24 says:

      I don’t think Odom will ever come back, he’s too emotional. Fisher, i wouldn’t mind, unless OKC beats us this year

      • bball fan says:

        Odom is having a horrible season this year with Dallas! The lakers are the only team that would take him next yaer that is a contender and that he would get any real playing time with!

    • Rich says:

      Then I won’t be surprised if they come back.

    • Amitpal says:

      True that. I think both Odom and Fisher will retire this year. Odom is to emotional about all of this and Fisher is getting old. He can’t even make a shot anymore. I Fisher should retire and become a coach.

  74. Steve says:

    Wouldnt it be funny if the Lakers did this on purpose. Planted 2 of their own veterans on their closest rival teams in their conference to sabotage them, giving the Lakers a better chance of getting to the Finals. Fish missing ‘clutch’ shots for the Thunder. Lamar playing like he should be getting the 12th man award. All this to join back up with the Lakers the next season…? I’m a Lakers fan so hoping so! Haha

  75. shawn says:

    if OKC wins the ship dont see him leaving them to play for the lakers.

    • Kobe101 says:

      No way OKC will win this year. They have an awesome squad. No experience. They always do well during the regular season but during the playoffs they come up short.

      • steagle says:

        I wouldn’t use superlatives like “always” when talking about OKC – they haven only had what, two prior playoff experiences? They’ve come together a lot as a squad over these last 3 years and are in as good a position as any to win the title. Lakers might have the advantage in their playoff experience, but they’ve lost a lot of key players and the league’s best coach. Odds are actually a lot more in OKC’s favor than LA’s at this point.

      • Amitpal says:

        They always do well during regular season but come short in playoffs? This is only there second good regular season and they have only made the playoffs twice and they have overacheived both times. I wouldn’t exactly say they are ready to win a championship this year cause I think Russell needs to learn how to play the pg posistion a little better but I wouldn’t be suprised if they did. They have everything now experience, skills, athletism, closers, and most importantly KD has learned how to become a lock down defender. I have never seen someone play better 1 on 1 defense against lebron then what KD did last time they played. The thunder can definately overacheive again in the playoffs and win the championship but I think they are expected to make the finals this year and that should be there first goal.

      • Bball fan says:

        OKC is scary, on both offense and defense. I am not worry about the lakers offense, but on defensive end, I am not sure if the lakers has the legs to keep up with OKC in a 7 games series. and don’t forget you have a healthy San Antonio, the spurs trio is back plus a coach who I respect the most after phil and pat. it’s gonna be dog fight, and clearly OKC got advantage, because the lakers and the spurs will have to go head to head first.

      • BelizeBoy says:

        Spoken like a true Kobe fan; moronic. The Thunder have improved each year since being in Oklahoma. Lost to LA two years ago, then made it to the west finals last year. Expectations are high for this team and it’s unlikely that they fall 1st round at the level they are playing now.

      • Miami Heats says:

        its gonna be OKC and HEAT on the Finals… and I am a Laker Fan

      • Mino says:

        Yes they do have experience you fool. 09-10, gave the lakers a first round scare.

        10-11 made it to conference finals.

        now they are the best team in the West. Just keep overlooking them.

  76. BFoulds says:

    Kobe going soft now too?

    • Miami Heats says:

      I am a Laker fan but i think the Miami Heat will win this year

      • Miami Sheat says:

        I am a Miami hater and I think they are gonna lose in the first round ( if they play NYK)

      • I hate the Heat and I don’t think they can beat the Thunder in any Universe!

      • The way the Heat have been playing they are not going to win anything. Teams are learning that all you have to do is pound the ball inside and they cannot defend that. And all you have to do is play a zone on Miami and they are in big trouble, and teams are figuring that out as well. As of late it is becoming whoever gets the ball shoots the ball in Miami, no ball movement. When you get a lead on them, they give up. I don’t think they will win. I don’t think they can beat Orlando, the Bulls, the Bucks have their number, and if the Thunder win the west they won’t beat them and if the Lakers win the west they are too big. Not Miami’s year.

      • --- says:

        heat can’t beat thunder or bulls – plain and simple

  77. lakerfan24 says:

    im a laker fan and i dont care wether fisher comes back or not. he is old now. i also dont want odom back either, he is old now.

    • Steel Kobe 24 says:

      C/mon man, this is FISHER, we both know him, and we both watched he and Kobe take 5 championships together, and he was a big paart of those Titles, someone has to hit the big shot wen Kobe is doubled, and Fish is the #1 guy he trusted moreso than anyone. With a new coach, you need veteran leadership, and Kobe is Me Against The World, he’s not gonna give the pep talk to anyone, he’s gonna say, “Toughen up.” You think the Thunder will use him any more than the Lakers did? No. They’re going to use his experience and leadership. Kobe leads by example, Fisher leads verbally and can even console the emotional player(s) like Andrew, who we both know is a juvenile.

      • Brett says:

        Glad to see someone sticking up for him, one of my favorite Lakers of all time, 0.4 against the Spurs, gotta love it, D-Fish is the glue

      • Terrelya says:

        Finally somebody that understands the history behind Fisher. Whether he is getting old or not, we all know how well he comes on during the playoffs.

    • Mino says:

      Casual fan detected. Heart > Talent

  78. Lakerfan says:

    He can’t come back this year. But since his contract is gonna be over next year, he can sign anywhere he wants.

  79. Irwin fletcher says:

    Fisher can’t come back to the Lakers next year. Against league rules.

    • Cord says:

      wrong he can sign with any team he wishes to he wasent allowed to sign with La after the buyout from houston that was against the rules but come this summer he can return to LA if Lakers want to and if he can come in game form shape before the lockout then he can have the backup spot but if he comes in like this year sorry fish but dont come at all

      • Jones17 says:

        He should just retire. Not good enpugh for the last 3/4 years. Blake and especially Sessions are far better.

      • fredrick247 says:

        come on steve blake???? he give us nothing at lease fisher would give leadership and a couple of points not a bunch of turn overs.