(Jeff) Van Gundy Blasts Howard, Magic

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — And you thought we were done with the Dwight Howard-and-the-Magic mess.

Not if Jeff Van Gundy has anything to say about it, and did he ever on Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi‘s radio show the other day. The former coach and current ESPN analyst lit into the Magic for pandering to Howard and his wishes, suggesting that there is some sort of agreement between Magic brass and Howard to out his brother, Stan Van Gundy, down the line.

He made sure to mention that his opinions are all his own and that he doesn’t discuss the Magic with his brother before telling Bianchi:

“To me, only the most gullible fans would believe that this was about loyalty,” Jeff said of Dwight’s decision. “I think it was about power and control. … I don’t know what they agreed to, but anybody who doesn’t think senior management and Howard have come to an agreement on either trading players to get people he (Dwight) likes or changing the coach or changing the general manager or changing the marketing of him. … Whatever they agreed to, there’s been an agreement made.

“… What the Magic senior executives are doing right now is unbecoming. The groveling and begging is hard to read and watch. His (Dwight’s) opinion should matter, but the strong organizations stand for something rather than fall for anything.”

Uh, where do we begin with this nonsense?

If the Magic are beholding to Howard in the ways that Jeff Van Gundy believes, what would be the need for some secret agreement? Howard could have ordered the Magic to send Stan Van Gundy packing (as well as GM Otis Smith, too) and start fresh now rather than wait until, what, next season?

Laughing off the loyalty theme Howard played up during his news conference announcing his sticking with Orlando for another season is predictable as well. But when did these things become about anything other than power and control? When the players have it (and the true superstars almost always do), it’s an issue.

Bottom line? If Howard had an issue with Stan Van Gundy that might have caused him to leave town, the Magic coach probably would have been fired a long time ago if that’s what it took to keep Howard happy and in Orlando.

And finally, if my brother decided to criticize my bosses, the organization that employs me and the star player who has helped put food on my table and secure my family’s future without discussing it with me, that next family dinner would include some serious fireworks.


  1. DGriff says:

    Philly or NY coming out of the East?????????Cmon man get real,they are both 1st round bumps.Yes,they are loaded but.if that’s the only standard for winning then the Nuggets would win the West because they are the deepest team in the league 1-12.As far as Jeff’s comments,he made some valid points.If Dwight was truly being loyal to the Magic,he would sign a long term deal instead of potentially putting the Magic through the same drama next year. Now why was Stan wrong for saying what he believed to be true?If you know anything about Stan Van Gundy it’s that he’s a VERY truthful coach.Dwight is stabbing him in the back trying to get him fired,why does Stan owe him any allegiance for that?Last point,why would Otis Smith fire SVG in season as long as the Magic are winning?That never happens.Once the season is over SVG is outta there.The sad thing about all this is that Dwight will have caused all this chaos & turmoil & probably will still wind up leaving Orlando next year.

  2. bull says:


  3. dq5 says:

    You nailed Sekou. If Howard had problems that warranted Van Gundy being fired, he probably would have been fired a long time ago…and why is Van Gundy bringing this up now. He said that he has known about Dwight wanting him gone for a while now. Chances are, he will be gone for running his mouth to the media. I don’t like it when coaches talk to the media about things that should be handled in house. We all know that Dwight Howard is capable of greatness but we don’t know that about Van Gundy. Dwight will not be the first player to get a coach fired and he certainly won’t be the last. The Magic organization wants Dwight and if they have to get rid of Van Gundy to keep him, then so be it. Van Gundy sort of signed his own resignation when he went and blabbed to the Media. Hate on Dwight if you must but he is no different than most other players and as far as I am concerned, they should use whatever leverage they have to get what they want. You can’t please everybody. People will hate for no good reason at all, so Dwight should do what is best for him. There are a lot of fans in the world and for everyone that hates him there will be another that like him. The ones that spew the most hate don’t even attend the games the games but they will take the time to complain every chance they get. Bye, Bye Van Gundy!

  4. dew says:

    Dwight would make a dynasty if he joined the Spurs after his contract is up. Duncan taking less money when Dwight becomes a Free Agent would allow SA to sign him more than likely and the Spurs alrdy have Parker, Ginobili and a great cast of role players for him to come to. Would be the era of the Spurs if they rebuilt the twin towers in SA. Is a long shot, but would be simply amazing to see Howard, Duncan, Ginobili and Parker on the court together. Kawaii Leonard would compliment this lineup amazingly well. Without Howard, the Spurs are honestly better than any team in the league right now and have shown they can beat OKC, the Bulls and the Heat. Go Spurs GO!!

  5. sekou_shld_stfu says:

    Hey Moron! what are u gonna say to Jeff Van Gundy now? Cant believe NBA hire u for the Race2MVP.

  6. SmoothMM says:

    Orlando can still be playoff contenders, even with the Dwight Howard mess. Just wish they would sign a free agent, backup big man (preferably center) and a defensive wing player. And I notice that everyone’s mentioning other team’s to compete for the playoff supremacy but everyone’s sleeping on my Rockets. Come on now.

  7. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I think it’s ridiculous how this situation was handled on Van Gundy’s and Dwight’s part. It should never have come to this. It should have been handled in a manager’s office and/or team meeting. However, it appears that Van Gundy may have been more honest than Dwight. For Dwight to walk up to VG and put his arm around his neck (like all is well) after the media had just asked him about the situation shows Dwight’s dishonesty. His performance last night in the Knicks game as pathetic. He not only performed poorly on the floor but acted like a silly 5th grader on the bench. Everyone promotes him as a great player but he needs to act like an adult in handling relationships and situations that are a part of his profession and learn how to shoot free throws.

  8. QBAS says:

    Stan Van Gundy is better coach than Dwight Howard is player. Howard is playing bad lately and he should blame himself much more than he is blaming Stan. I’m really sick of this guy, stop crying and go to work.

  9. Bulls/Heat/OKC era? says:

    Speaking on the Bulls/Heat/OKC era, an off topic on moving forward: Although Kobe proves to still have what it takes and lead a team to be considered an elite team (once again), I am getting that feeling of missing him already. Tim Duncan is almost at that point too and it feels the same as parting ways with the Jordan era. We haven’t had a Jordan since Kobe (let’s face it). Kobe is everything Jordan could not be in the new decades the 2000’s was Kobe’s decade. From 2000-2010 (that decade) he had half of the championships– and 9 of the last 13 Championships have went to the Spurs and the Lakers. The last 11 of the last 13 Championships have been fought between either the Lakers or the Spurs (7 of them being from the Lakers). The Lakers have been in 7 of the last 10 Championship games… winning five of them. This level of greatness cannot go unnoticed. And now, I introduce the true topic. Jordan has never faced a proven dynasty like the Spurs throughout his championship tenure… Kobe has. If we are to say how ridiculous it is to compare Kobe to Jordan then you also have to be aware of the fact that Kobe will always have something over Jordan in which Jordan could never have over Kobe: Jordan has never won without Pippen– Kobe has won without Shaq. Now , what makes this more impressive is the x-factor… what Kobe did was even more impressive… because Kobe (in this situation) was Pippen winning without Jordan. NBA- where amazing happens. And Kobe proved to be the next best thing. I for one was never on the Kobe train, but facts will never lie. In moving forward, I see the days of the Kobe and Duncan era departing soon and what are left with? Well, the top 2 of the 3 teams in the best Conference in the NBA. Kobe, I will miss you! -NBA fan that appreciates what you brought back to this game: excellence.

    • Bulls/Heat/OKC era? says:

      Now, if Kobe could, although it is dubious, win a championship this year… then he will be the GOAT in my book. This isn’t his era anymore– in a day where we have goliath teams all competing at a crazy high level… it would be the most impressive thing I’ve seen if they manage to win a championship. This new era will belong to the Bulls/Heat (if they stick together) and OKC. Winning this championship would be something that even Jordan could not do (there is no way Jordan could have led the Bulls to beat the 3peat Lakers). Winning a championship during the transition of power proves to be a very difficult feat– much respect to him if he pulls it off. But I’m still with #TeamOKC dho

  10. Michael says:

    Sad news. If I had to pick van gundy or dwight…..i am sorry but Stan STAYS and DWIGHT goes…

    STAN helped make and push Dwight into the player he is today…
    never break the rule of biting the hand that feeds you…or in this case the coach who helped mold you.

    I was rooting for dwight to stay, i was happy with Stan Van Gundy….now I am just disappointed bc it seems the magic have lost any chemstry they had.
    I think a trade to OKLAHOMA would be good now…for magic and dwight. take hedo with you, and all of the rest of the golden state warriors.

    I really hope all of this is April fools so I can recant my words….but I will always be a Stan fan!!!

  11. Rich says:

    Get Mike D’Antoni..well fit to Howard and the rest of the players

  12. Toni Tone Tony says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion… I do believe right now the Heat (yes I’m a fan long time fan), the Bulls, and OKC are strong right now but I can’t say this is their era. Those Three teams are all right now in a close battle for the best record in the NBA and you can’t take nothing for them. as far as it is to say that the Heat and the Bulls Rely on ONE player is BS. First off the Bulls are one of the most balanced teams in the NBA and with D-Rose being out they have posted more wins than loses, still have a top rank D, and the best record in the NBA. Yes Rose is a very huge factor but the Bulls can compete with out him win a championship, Highly doubtful but still can compete in the east. The HEAT even with the big 3 in place we all see they have flaws I as a fan see them and call them out on the regular. Lack of Rebounding, a wash up bench, and the absence of a decent Center, but to say they rely on one player is a false statement. lets look into this, Wade Avg 22.7 PPG James 26.9 PPG Bosh 17.9 PPG (and this is after his slides of terrible shooting the last few games) so on that granted right there alone is almost 65 points a game between the 3, after that only Chalmers is in double digits with 10.1 every one else is around 6.5 or lower. A lot of you always put the fault on James, Yes he can score but is more of a play maker and has shown that. I’d admit his 4 Quarter slacking in big games is annoying (He lacks Heart, or doesn’t want to be blamed for losing) but in all plays great night in and night out.

    I will say that if you guys want to sit here and say they can’t win cause they only rely on one player The Bulls Relied on Michael Jordan and he gave em 6 rings. The leauge is different from those days it takes more than one great player to win I will give OKC their props by saying they are right now one of the most balanced teams in the NBA and in a 7 game series I believe they can take not only any one in the west but in the league (That is my opinion), all in all we will see when the time comes that’s why they play the games. Alot of that same HEAT hater talk was in the air last year and we still made the finals and I believe we will have the fight in us to make it again. On that Philly and NYC comment… LMAO Philly is nice but in a 7 game series they will fall short cause even with all those weapons they are not a consistent team (plus they’ve lost their edge as of late) and NYC… UNBALANCE, TO MANY EGOS, INJURIES, AND LACK OF CONSISTENCY… they fighting just to get in and with Amare, and Jeremy out for a while…. they’d be lucky to survive this last stint to get in the playoffs.

  13. boss says:

    Dwight is a soft basketball player. He will never win anything without a true leader with a pair of balls on his team. The writer of this article is an NBA company yes man and that is why he has a problem with Jeff speaking the truth. EVERYONE knows the Magic promised Dwight whatever HE wants and so as not to come off as the bad guy he will wait until their sorry season ends and then clean house. This guy who writes this acts like politics aren’t involved. Mr. Sekou Smith…..get real! You sound like some NBA/Magic apologist when the truth is they have been running this team poorly for years. Dwight will probably leave to the Lakers as soon as he can anyways and Van Gundy will still get fired. As far as Jeff standing up for his brother, only a spineless only child would ever see a problem with that.

  14. Kestas says:

    Magic is making the same mistake Cavs did. Don’t let your superstar terrorize your team. He will leave anyway

  15. mr.melodramatic says:

    – i don’t know if JVG is right or wrong, but either way, sekou’s instant dismissal of JVG’s opinions is.. silly.

    1.what would be the need for some secret agreement?
    – so that howard can avoid being the villain (like lebron looked in summer2011)

    2. laughing off the loyalty theme.. is predicatable as well.
    3. when did these things become about anything other than power and control?
    – so basically you’re saying “these things are never about loyalty. so jvg is wrong for criticize a player for choosing power & control over loyalty.

    4. ..who has helped put food on my table..
    svg is not latrell spreewell

  16. Magicfan89 says:

    You guys seem to forget that the NBA is a business, and in this business the players like to make a lot of money. Howard doesn’t really want to leave Orlando, he just wants to keep threating to leave so he can get more MONEY out of Orlando. It’s all about the money anymore.

  17. DQ says:

    Josh is right somewhat. but you can also add indiana too that list, dont sleep on them last year it was a great series between them and Chicago and they’ve only gotten better by adding David West and Leandro Barbosa. Memphis, Denver, Spurs, Lakers, Clippers, Jazz all have a good chance tp beat OKC in the playoffs.. In the East I just dont see the bulls going to the finals, they dont have enough offensive fire power like Miaim, indiana, Sixers, and NYK’s.

  18. hooplover says:

    there was never a doubt in my mind that dwight howard ever really wanted to leave orlando. i couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but i knew it was more to the story than what was being publicized. it’s all about power, loyalty has nothing to do with it. if that were the case then why remain “just another season”? if you’re loyal, you’re in it for the long haul, you don’t down your team nor your teammates. i was really hoping that magic would have sent him packing as a lesson to him and any other that wants power and control. what team doesn’t want a championship under their belt?, but at the expense of your coach and team? come on! i’m a diehard laker fan but had howard went to LA, i would have been one “unhappy” camper.

  19. MJ23 says:

    smh…..magic should have traded him for Bynum, Bynum doesn’t complain as much as this guy

  20. Castiel says:

    dwight isn´t even the best center in the league. defensive he is.. offensive, he isn´t even top 5.
    he is not able to carry a team to win a championship by himself.
    durant could, rose could, wade already did. (don´t say shaq had anything to do with it against the mavs)

    personally i think dwight is overrated. he will always be the sidekick, because he is offensiv so limited. look at bynum, he has more moves then dwight. hakeem, shaq, ewing, robinson.. dwights name can´t be in the same sentance with those guys.. he is just an athlete.. no basketball player..

    i can´t understand the magic.. if they realy gave him the power to decide, if the coach stays or gets fired.

  21. mr-plow says:

    Enuff of this Dw-ama already. He is possibly the most overrated player in the NBA. Defensively he is still a beast. But he has not improved offensively and is a liability at the end of games cuz he cant hit a free throw if his life depended on it.

  22. charles says:

    What is the Market Reaction? If Howard is getting decision making influence within Orlando, it is because he is so talented that since you can’t pay him in cold hard cash with the cieling and all, you gotta find a way to pay him another way. I mean all thirty teams would sign him to the max contract without any hesitiation…so essentially money is no object with him. So what is the distinction on who gets him in the market place? The non-money issues like giving him more influence over decision making. If Howard is getting it, it is because the market place is saying he deserves it.

  23. pissedoffmagicfan says:

    @ OKC-Heat-Bulls era

    The heat’s title in 2006 doesn’t count then?

  24. y so serious says:

    If this was about loyalty, Dwight should have signed the max contract that was (and still is) available from Orlando a year ago. This Orlando team is built around Dwight and Dwight only (just like Cavs built around Lebron though people will argue about this). If you are sincerely talking loyalty, you do what Durant and D-Rose did, keep your mouth shut about your team and play the game.

    Let’s think diligently about Dwight’s opt in. He asked and sought out for a trade of his liking before the season started. That forced Orlando to negotiate with others when they know they are not going to get a return of same value. Dwight criticized his teammates when they were falling. The trading partners, NJ, LA had all issues for Dwight: NJ had no chance of making it to the playoffs this year, LA had all the drama going on (and had clippers leading the division), and Dallas was out because they had no chips to offer to Orlando. Then the owner made comment about Howard choosing the fate of Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy if he opted in for next year. And As trade deadline approached, Dwight flirted with idea of opting in for next year. When Orlando told him to sign the opt in clause before the trading deadline, Dwight was hesitant first, saying he didn’t think of the ramifications before he spoke. Then, somehow he changed his mind and signed the opt in clause at the last day of trade deadline. Now you tell me where the “loyalty” is in this paragraph. If signing to stay for 1 more year and go ing through all this drama over again is a loyalty, loyalty should be redefined.

  25. Amitpal says:

    In my opinion this has more to do with howards image then power. I think there is some truth to howards wanting power but he doesn’t want to be the bad guy like lebron James. Howard wants to leave Orlando and it’s no hard to see why. After making the finals the magic have gone all down hill. The magic have made bad mistakes trading courtney lee and gortat for basically nothing. They could have gotten monta elis or maybe a Rudy gay type of player with all star potential. But instead they went after washed up all stars player who were now only good as role players.

  26. ob says:

    one word the orlando magic will be champion this year….ok

  27. Corey says:

    I heard some idiot called Nate thinks the knicks/philly are gonna come out as eastern champs LOL…

  28. brent says:

    orlando sukcs he should have left when he had the chance

  29. Derron to Orlando says:

    SVG, one of the best coaches. The Magic would be making a huge mistake if they let him go. They need to let Otis Smith go if he cannot find a point guard next season. I’m talking about Derron Williams or even CP3. We also desperately need a backup center.

  30. AJ says:

    Sekou Smith seems the kind of guy that think he knows thinks better than other. Arrogance certainly comes to mind. You tell me.

  31. ian says:

    Sekou Smith… you always pick the stupidest things to write about.

  32. Cody says:

    Jeff Van Gundy is an idiot, have you ever listened to him when he commentates. He makes me laugh with his idiotic comments. Plus the Magic didn’t give Howard the power to decide the fate of the GM and coach, they even released a statement saying they would not let him have THAT much power. Plus if Howard really didn’t like the direction of the team Stan would have been fired a looooong time ago… This is nothing more than mindless prattle from a mindless man.

  33. JDish says:

    I can’t help and contemplate something similar to what Jeff Van Gundy (JVG) is talking about when it comes to Dwight Howard and the Magic. The truth is that something is going to change soon in Orlando. I’ve wrote it here before, the Magic have to make inteligente and agressive moves soon to show Dwight Howard(DH) they’re serious about improving the roster around DH. I think JVG has his sources from where he here’s wispers from Orlando, but we can agree that changes need to happen to keep DH, and most likely their ARE/IS agreements in place for the future in the Magic organization.

  34. Immature says:

    This is what howard is….nothing but an immature player who has no idea abt the damage he has done. He has put Otis and Van Gundy’s job on the hot seat. He put the orlando magic on the hot seat. he basically gave them 3 teams and he said i wont sign a contract with one of them, Lakers, and he knew the mavs have no young pieces they have to trade for him, so in a way he kept forcing his way onto the Nets, which he screwed over too. He screwed over DWill. He put avery johnson’s job and billy king’s job on the hot seat as well. The Nets had cap space and room to get other players that can help but howard messed that up. He screwed up 2 franchises because he is “loyal” and signed a 1 year agreement, which means next season another team is going to b screwed up if howard has a change in heart. Immature. He has no right to put 4 other people who work hard, day in and day out, to be on the edge of being fired. Absolutely Immature!

  35. Yeaahhh says:

    this make nosense

  36. chris says:

    If Howard wanted Van Gundy fired, it would have happened long ago. I suspected that the rumors about this were started by Jeff Van Gundy. This talk of Howard being given the right to hire and fire the coach and GM came out of reporters in New York, where, coincidentally Jeff coached and is loved by the reporters. I find it unseemly and a conflict of interest that Jeff has commented on this at all in his position as an NBA commentator and his brother being the coach of a team. Let me just say this….about midway throught the season, when no one knew for sure what Howard was going to do, Stan Van Gundy was letting the newspaper in Orlando know that he was taking sleeping pills because he was having trouble sleeping. I’m wondering if Stan Van Gundy is trying to get his contract extended or if he was planning to leave anyway and just did not want to look like the bad guy. He has been in Orlando for 5 seasons. The longest any Van Gundy brother has been the head coach of a team is the 5-plus seasons that Jeff coached in New York (5 full seasons and the end of one season and the start of another). Whatever, the situation looks contrived.

  37. Clone says:

    I agree a bit with Jeff VG.

    That “loyalty” thing is just a smoke-screen.
    We all know that Stan VG and Otis Smith are one of the reasons Dwight wants to go…That’s why the negotiations have been made with another executive guy. If they wanna make everything to keep him, they would probably do all to erase the bad points the Magic have on Dwight’s blackboard.. including kicking the guys he does want to work with during this summer.
    And Dwight clearly realized that is play actually in a team that can beat anybody and contend for the title. So when Otis Smith announced that he could ship Dwight also everywhere, that was pretty simple: “You speak all the time its about winning a championship.. want one? extend or gamble bro :D”
    Being a “LeBron II” + ending maybe in the middle of nowhere failing this season, OR being a nice guy and getting a true shot at the title?

    If it has to happen.. that will be this summer,
    Just hope the senior executives wont shake up the organization without signing him for another deal cuz if he leaves, he would have make better then Shaq and LeBron, he would have destroy an entire franchise.. (Join the darkside young padawan :D)

  38. A REAL BALLER says:

    Coming from someone who plays the game, I will say that it’s not crying if you wanna win.Owners have been in control for years and really show no loyalty to player.It’s a business to them.they do what’s best for their money(oops the team lol) not the loyalty. If it was about loyalty then the bulls wouldn’t have split up and would have won at least 3 more rings before breaking up. If Howard was a owner then ppl wouldn’t say anything.double standard ppl!! Players wanna win and want good teams to do it. they are like GM’s now and should be.Look at KG who was loyal but it took a trade to boston for him to get a decent team.smh Lebron was a 1 man show .It took him to go to Miami to have a great team. Ray Allen ,and many others that were loyal. All this so called drama has been there but it’s only drama if the players do it? Get some facts and quit talking about KD not crying.he was drafted there and we will see if he stays if he never wins. Probably not

  39. heatfan says:

    Every game I watch with Van gundy commentating in it, my repsonse is always the same. Turn off the volume.
    I wish we could have games where we just hear what the players are saying. And have no need for a commentator. Would make for better entertainment and show us more what the players are like.
    Not like some opinionated gas bag like van gundy. Who makes watching the games hard work.
    1. He is boring.
    2. He thinks too highly of himself. Swap him over with Charles so we can have some humor during the game and some info from someone who has been there.
    3. If he is commentating a game with a team he doesnt like. ie the heat. He is always harping on about the other team. Let the game happen and keep down your opinions.
    I dont blame you dwight for your frustration. I would leave them and try for better options if they open up.
    He is the best bigman in the league, and his team hasnt done well. Not dwights fault they cant score. I have seen his scoring improve big time and it must be hard to show that sort of confidence when he obviously is needed defensively when the rest just cant show whats needed.
    He has been performing at optimum for years now and Van Gundy, a nobody, so called commentator, and even worse the Magics coaches brother, thinks he should shut up and some. Not me! Have your say Dwight. Dont hold back! And Van Gundy get a real job elsewhere. Move on Dwight. Many players should have done so earlier in there career. Ask KG

    • fed says:

      he thinks too highly of himself? he’s a humble man…and he knows his basketball..honestly…you’re not listening to the facts he’s presenting…he calls out other coaches sets before they even walk on the court after a TO…he knows just about everything and anything when somethings happening…you have no appreciation for a true basketball genius…you just want to watch dunks and highlight reels…

  40. Dante Scott says:

    I like Dwight Howard but I think this whole situation is stupid. He is only a player. Yes, he is the franchise player but you already know this mess is going to happen next year. They should’ve traded him and moved on. He will pull the same punk move Carmelo and Paul pulled. We you start making public trade demands I think that speaks a lot about your character. If you’re going to leave a team then at the very least wait til you’re a free agent. People love to criticize Lebron for what he did, but the man was a free agent and made a “Decision”….lol… Couldn’t help myself. But the facts are that he didn’t say anything during the season. He moved on after the season was over. The same can be said for Deron Williams. He made it clear that he wasn’t signing an extension and would make his decision during free agency. That’s a man’s way of dealing with it. Howard should’ve made it clear that he would opt out of his contract and leave it at that.

    • TrueBullsFan23 says:

      It’s actually the inverse. Instead of leaving in free agency and leaving your former team with nothing, you ask for a trade so they can get something out of it.


    Nobody knows anything bottom line, the magic do have a chance to win the NBA championship this season. Also so much money is involved in a good playoff run even if they dont make it to the finals or win the entire thing for them to had traded dwight to the nets (where no good value was available for howard) fans would not show and it would have made no sence both sides were helped in him staying.

  42. flip says:

    It’s not fair that you call jeff’s opinions nonsense, i mean the guy may have a point here. Dwight may want all he said and just didnt want it happening now and didnt want to demand it because he wanted to look loyal to look good to the eyes of the fans and the people of orlando, he might just be saving face by pleasing the people and getting what he wants in return.

  43. Jay says:

    wtf howard is an idiot LEAVE ORLANDO

  44. adamjlx says:

    Howard, just move away. Simple Solution and that is what all these incidents have been pointing to, just be a man and make the move. No more issues. No more drama.

  45. adamjlx says:

    Seriously Just Move Away Howard….all incidents point towards you moving to else where. End of story. No more Drama.

    • fed says:

      like skip bayless has said…dwight just wants the media attention for these two years…he wants to feel like the city of orlando is loving him…thats all…cuz he’s never been through the NCAA recruitment process…he’s never felt he’s needed or loved…this is just his way of getting that desire fulfilled..lol

  46. Nick says:

    I think what he said is absolutely true… Howard isn’t a guy I would want on a team… H’es not a team player…

  47. rizzo says:

    All the more reason to appreciate the likes of Kevin Durant. No crying or whining about a lack of talent around him or playing in a small market. No threats of taking his talents elsewhere to get a championship ring. He and OKC are doing it the right way in my book. Work hard, keep your mouth shut and build through the draft. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Red Auerback was running the show.

    P.S. Durant MAKES his free throws.

    • kevinlol says:

      I think the bulls are similar in that way to OKC. both are young teams with lots of potential, and staying out of all this drama.

    • Rod11SFC says:

      This OKC are the sweathearts of NBA are f´ing boring…….let´s see how they manage KD & Westfake drama during the hard times…..OKC this season is much simillar to last year Bulls….they think they are the BOMB…..
      On the regular season everything is beautifull….Playoffs are made for grown man.

      • fed says:

        I can really see Memphis ( if playoff position stayed like this ) getting out of the first round against the clips then upsetting OKC…cuz memphis do have a solid solid front line…and hopefully arenas can make some impact down the line…

    • lol says:

      If dwight was draftet to a team like a okc he’d be content as well. Who in their right mind will leave a stacked team? Bringing up durant in this blog is useless lol.

      PS Dwight >>> Durant.

      • JJ says:

        Are you serious man? People don’t remember that Durant was drafted by a talent-less SEATTLE franchise that traded away both of their star players in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Yeah, Durant wore a Seattle jersey before booking to OKC. Not only that, they sold ownership and took the team to a new city and rebuilt their franchise ENTIRELY by drafting good talent and developing them from within. Their entire starting lineup was drafted after Kevin Durant (Ibaka, Westbrook, Harden) besides Kendrick Perkins who was acquired in a trade. Dwight’s organization was pretty much the same but they didn’t develop their players as well (partly because of Dwight’s constant crying about the organization giving him more talent). These guys have already been to the finals, a place the Thunder still haven’t ventured to. Also, Durant signed a 7 or 8 year deal two years ago, before James Harden was pouring in nearly 20 a game off the bench and before having a center, and before Westbrook was the highest scoring PG in the game. Don’t downplay KD because he’s been exactly what you want out of a player, a guy who leads on and off the court and brings his A-game every night (and you can say the EXACT same thing about Rose). I mean honestly, Kobe Bryant is the only guy better one on one in our entire league than Durant.

    • Joaquin says:

      Part of that is because Durant actually HAS a lot of talent around him. What if Durant played for the Bobcats? I dont know if he would be very happy about that.

  48. Heatbuzzeat says:

    I think the Stan made a very good point. IF Dwight had gone to the Lakers for example he wouldn’t have had any power with Kobe, Bynum and Gasol. He should have just stayed quiet because he probably started some problems

  49. TS says:

    Van Gundy’s been on a rampage lately. I think that punch Marcus Camby accidently hit him with years ago, is starting to have some negative side effects.

  50. newyorksteelo says:

    Could it be possible that Dwight Howard did not want his hands dirty in getting the coach fired immediately which is why Stan Van Gundy has not been fired as of yet? It appears to me that Dwight is and has always tried to look good in the eyes of his fans. Just a thought =)

    • Imad Akel says:

      people don’t understand
      Orlando is 3rd in the East now
      That’s really not a bad place to be
      No, they cant beat the Bulls or the Heat
      And they cant beat OKC either
      Then again, you tell me what new team Howard could have joined and alongside which superstars, in order to eventually beat one of these teams?
      Dwight + Deron Williams would not have been enough. That’s a 2v5 each game.
      Dwight to the Lakers feasible, but again they would have to give up Bynum and Gasol. Howard + Kobe with a poor point guard, and a slow forward in meta world peace would not cut it for a championship either.

      If he’s not leaving Orlando for a greater shot at a championship, why leave Orlando at all? His chances aren’t high in Orlando but they won’t be that high elsewhere either. This is an OKC-Heat-Bulls era, and there’s no room for another superpower team to emerge.

      • J says:

        plenty of room actually.

      • Johnny says:

        OKC-Heat-Bulls era??? Yea non of them even have a championship. It’s kind of strange to already pronounce it’s their era if none of them have won yet. Even though those 3 teams are clear standouts this season everything can change next season with only few moves.

      • Josh says:

        Man, WHAT???? Ok, 9 of the last 13 NBA titles have come from the Spurs & the Lakers. So, this still would be considered there era, despite the aging. NEVER count the Lakers out, they do work around the best player in the game. And poor point guard? Sessiona has been under-the-radar & a hard worker since the D-League. Is he D Rose? No. but he can hold his own on the court for 35 minutes a game.

        To even jump the gun & say Miami or Chicago is coming out of the East would be downsizing the talent in the East. The problem with those teams, are that they rely heavily on one person to carry them. Chicago is hot, but can you really pick them to win if D Rose has a bad game??? No. With Miami, can you really count on Lebron to deliver in the 4th? No. Is Bosh a game changer? No. The only consistency would be Wade. They have an array of bench players that are all washed up. I don’t see them coming out of the East. Honestly, I see either Philadelphia or New York coming out. Philadelphia has an array of weapons, & don’t rely just on Iggy. Everybody out there is capable of having a big night. With the coaching changes in new York, I think it’ll play out for the better. D’Antoni was never defensive minded, and I don’t think that’s what new York needed. Woodson has proven to be a defensive minded coach, and helped turn a bunch of loose talent in ATL, into a team of studs. He has potential to do the same in NYK. Then, as fun as OKC is to watch, can you really just throw away the 9 combined championshps of LA & San Antonio in the last 13 years & say OKC will walk right past them? Can you really disregard the defending champion mavericks? Can you really count out the always tough Memphis Grizzles, or even the sleeper Denver Nuggets? Don’t tink so. To say this is an era of teams that really haven’t done anything yet, is jumping the gun BIG TIME.

      • Nate says:

        The bulls and heat depend on 1 player? the bulls have been plagued with injuries all year including a shor t time without D-rose, in that time they beat many top teams including the heat so they are nowhere near the team that they were last year. And don’t even get started on the heat relying on 1 player D-wade is a superstar and is in his prime still. And after the performences in the playoffs last year it is safe to say this is the end of the laker era until they make moves because neither them nor the spurs will be going far in the playoffs.

      • LOL says:

        Huuhhh…… the Magic did beat the Heat, Bulls and Thunder. So what’s the problem???

      • Slider821 says:

        +1 to Josh. All valid points which is why I can’t wait for the playoffs!!!

      • hooplover says:

        @josh, very well put!

      • Bourkey says:

        Philly out of the East? Is that the same Philly that lost by 21 at home to the Raptors today? The same Raptors that have gone 9-16 after a hot start? Seriously?

      • ronnie786 says:


      • ronnie786 says:


      • scott says:

        um the magic is 6th, and falling apart fast, they will lose in the first round because howard wants this season over so he can clean house since it looks like thats what orlando is going to do to make him happy, kinda sad that they are willing to do that to make him happy—- they call him superman? i think not , sounds like a big overpaid baby to me . im a pacer fan and in no way would i want him in pacerland , so good luck with him orlando , he will leave you and not care very soon cause thats what kind of person he is.

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      i was thinking the same thing. i was like well if these guys have half a brain they wouldn’t fire Stan until this off season.

      • JDish says:

        “Philadelphia or New York will come out of the East” I agree on half of that. You saying that you would consider New York coming out of the East… just like that. I see Philadelphia coming out of the East… BUT not New York, no way. New York is still not a stable group yet to fully compete and reign in the East.