Bynum And Bryant, Kindred Spirits?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant is just full of surprises these days.

He gets “benched” by Lakers coach Mike Brown late in a game against the Grizzlies and responds by basically not responding and putting the team first, above any individual needs.

Then Andrew Bynum tests Brown again last night by launching a 3-pointer and the All-Star big man gets benched, only to have Bryant ride to his defense and point out that he and the big fella are kindred spirits, of a sort. This is the same Bynum that Bryant ranted about (infamously) in a parking lot once, seemingly a lifetime ago, when Bynum wasn’t the low-post load that he is now.

With Bryant you never know what you might get in the form of his actions or reactions. But we must admit this has been one of his most entertaining stretches, if only for the slight shock value. His reaction to Bynum’s benching, via Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register, was priceless:

“It’s somewhat amusing to me, because in some ways the edginess and the chippiness of him make it easy for me to relate to him – because I had some of that when I was young,” Bryant, 33, said about Bynum, 24. “So, it’s easy for me to see where he’s coming from.

“I understand where he’s coming from. And the first thing you want to do if you want to get the best out of somebody or the best out of your players is you have to understand what they’re feeling; you have to understand where they’re coming from and what they want to accomplish. That’s why it’s not that big a deal to me. You don’t see me sitting here trippin’ or sweatin’ or anything like that. I’ve been there.”

Bryant’s support for Bynum in this situation is proof of the evolution of a relationship that at one time seemed destined for a nasty breakup (long before last month’s trade deadline, there were rumors of Bynum being replaced by the likes of Dwight Howard.)

It’s seems clear now, especially to Bryant, that he’s going to need Bynum with him if he’s going to chase down that sixth ring.

Why Brown has decided to become the dean of discipline now remains a bit fuzzy. If this was going on in December, it wouldn’t seem so calculated now.

If his aim is to unite his locker room against a common cause, he’s doing the job. But this will ring hollow come playoff time, when he won’t be able to exercise the same sort of options with Bryant or Bynum without causing a major mess.

Bynum’s rebellion — he made it clear after the game that he plans on taking more 3-pointers — is likely what resonated with Bryant, whose rebellious streak has been the bedrock of his game since he entered the league. It’s part of what has always made Bryant great (while also infuriating some) — his refusal to adhere to anyone else’s script but his own.

And that’s why Brown and his staff would be wise to tread carefully from this point on, especially with Bryant pointing out things like this:

“They have a lot of youth,” Bryant said about the Lakers’ coaches, whose experience with a too-passive LeBron James apparently is easy compared handling a headstrong Kobe and a self-absorbed Shaq. “They’re not used to dealing with players of Drew’s ambition, I’m sure, at this stage of his career. I was in that position, and obviously I have a lot of experience in dealing with myself – and playing with Shaquille when Shaquille was young and being mentored by Phil (Jackson) and things like that. So nothing really rattles me.”

Bryant and Bynum coming together, even if it’s engineered accidentally, can only mean good things for the Lakers and their immediate future.


  1. lakers says:

    who do u think is better kevin love or bynum

  2. Joel says:

    A great leader lives by example and his actions speeks louder then his worlds. No one quesations Kobe will to win, but at times he gets frustrated and it effects the teams chemistry. I’m just saying that he needs to comedown and just let the game come to him. Teams are denying him the ball and they are trying to force the issue. They need to move the ball and find the open man and stop trying to force him the ball. If the rest of the team knocks down there shots that will create the spacing he needs.

  3. NBAfan says:

    Brown was sending a message to Kobe and Bynum and the rest of the team.

    Bynum was sending a message jacking that 3 up..he didn’t care if he made it or not. If anything, he probably hoped it missed.

    Kobe is sending a message by not sending a message.

    There are messages everywhere! Just start winning Lakers, that’s all! Screw stats, let all the wannabe jock geeks crunch their numbers and write stuff on the net. If you get the W, then everybody goes home smiling. Stats are for individual award chasers. Getting the W is what it’s all about for RING chasers!

  4. 4idiots says:

    People always give Kobe a hard time for leadership and teamwork. But he knows how to get the most out of guys, and keep them happy while he still gets his. Shaq complained about Kobe a few times and Kobe complained about him a couple times. But almost all the time they were on the same page. Same goes with Phil and Kobe, now Brown and Bynum are the guys Kobe is dealing with. He was taught well by guys like Phil, Magic, Jordan, and West giving him advice along the way. People who say he doesn’t have leadership etc. are only judging him from when he was 19 years old. He’s 33 people grow up you know.

  5. Jay says:

    I’ve seen a lot of big buys shoot 3 s that were told they could and should never do it. Its simple the man was open and felt he could make the shot, that that he’s smart enough, if can figure it out, i mean he was part of the reason lakers were winning in the first place so give the man some space, i agree with kobe on this, you don’t know exactly how good or effective you can be unless you try these things and now or practice (which is like never) are the times to see what you can do in case you are needed in that way in the future for emergency purposes. Shoot Jason Kidd was told not to shoot 3s and that he would never be able to shoot 3s but i remember him dropping 3s like crazy and helping Dallas win the championship.

  6. 1greatplayer says:

    mike brown is setting an example for the two biggest divas of the nba..just because youre an la laker doesnt mean you have to act the way you act. i personally think mike brown is a wonderfull coach his play may not be the best but he’s setting standards and not worrying about the media. people tend to “baby” kobe so many times when really all he does is throw foolish shots up, he doesnt get his “28” points a night by great offense he gets them by constantly forcing shots that arent there and andrew bynum is a huge idiot, who cares what was his reason? he’s become so caught up under kobe’s hype he’s losing himself in laker drama…i hope mike brown stays past this year he’s a GREAT coach so far and he really stands his values.

  7. Sam says:

    I like how you guys keep saying that Mike Brown benched Bynum because he jacked up a 3 pointer. He just felt like he needed to make a change so he did!

  8. Joel says:

    I agreed with what Mike Brown did in Benching Kobe and Bynum. I beleive that Kobe is still the best player in the world, but you stll need to be an example to the rest of the team. You can’t act the way he did just cause he is frustrated with the officals and Bynum is a post player not a 3 point shooter. What was he thinking? Come play off every possesion counts and Mkie it trying to make sure both his top players are on point.

  9. ldhl89 says:

    I dont think Mike Brown is a great coach… But Bynum is just a DIVA … The Coach is just doing his job …. and bynum is like I am Andrew Bynum, im the second best center in the NBA, Im an allstar …you cant do this to me

  10. Bam says:

    Bynum=Love wannabe?

  11. Roy K says:

    I don’t Andrew Bynum. He wasn’t much of a factor in the Lakers repeat championships. He is imploding and acting like a total fool. I am ashamed by his antics and his arrogance. Kobe got away with it because he was that damn good. But Bynum? He thinks he can put himself in that situation when he didn’t do squat for this team. He surely as hell can’t be a leader with that type of attitude. He makes me sick!

  12. davoyz says:

    Andrew Bynum has to understand, 3-point shooting is not his forte, it’s his low post game that’s really his main offensive strength. Even his long time teammate Pau Gasol acknowledges that. He should learn not to force his shots and let his teammates do the outside shooting. But when it’s a close game, a 3 point shot attempted by him is simply ridiculously uncalled for.

  13. J-Short says:

    Bynum needs to cool the kid games and just play his game inside. No three pointers and other sillyness. The man has game if he just stays focused and plays ball. I think the coach is bencing anyone who wont listen to what he is trying to call in plays on the court. Im not a big Mike Brown fan but if the person cant listen they dont need to be apart of the flor action.

  14. Carlos says:

    ffiiiiire him

  15. arnold says:

    I am lakers fan and i watched every, what i noticed was, Brown seems dont understand the real lakers team, he is not a good coach after all. Im worried that whats always happening in Cavaliers might happen to lakers as well. In short get rid of the coach he is an I…..t.

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      Hold up.
      Did you see what Mike Brown had to deal with?
      Ha. I wouldn’t be able to make a championship team with what he had in Cleveland either. SIGH.

  16. Sid Sharma says:

    1/3 is 33%. Actually better than most NBA guards. And the 3 was close. Its not like it was an airball. Pau Gasol shoots 3s all the time and Mike Brown does not have a problem with that.

  17. 17,6 says:

    i was thinkin of buyin an andrew bynum jersey because of the way he has been dominatin this season …easily bein the 2nd best center in the league by far…but i might change mind if he keeps this up…i mean i agree wit some of u that say everybody has an off night, hopefully thats all it was, an off night…cuz if he really starts actin up on the coach and shootin 3’s i think i can speak 4 all lakers fans when i say we will be severely disappointed…obviously kobe backed up bynum because he knows he needs him come playoff time but in the back of his mind he can’t really support bynum if he stops bein the bynum he was pre-the golden state game and stops dominatin in the low post…i will say it again i hope it was a typical off night that all players have and typical drama around the lakers like every season and nothin else…lets go lakers lets see how far we can go this seaon…the startin lineup is excellent arguably one of the best in the league but that bench except 4 barnes lately needs some help…

  18. LA All Day says:

    I see people here like Matt Barnes, he’s alright… He needs to stop missing easy layups at the basket… MWP and him are the X-factors to winning it all…

  19. misterD says:


    Kobe bryant is the most overrated player in all time history . And the best is that nobody cares about how many shots he missed . He is the best because he takes the big shoot ? He is the only player in nba who never gets critism if he miss a game winner and he missed more game winner than lebron and wade ever attemed ……… So if im kobe bryant and it doesn t matter what i do i would take every shot too lol. says all .

    So i remember after shaq left the lakers lakers where a low playoff team . Mid season with gasol joining the lakers they made a 25 to 2 rund and kobe got his only season mvp and not the much improved chris paul . So paul gasol was the change in L.a but nobody cares because its kobe only 😀 yes

    So u can say what u want but Basketball is a Team sport . And Lakers allways had one of the best team . Kobe is a great player but not like the hope shows .

    PS: The NBA forget the impact of the coaches . i allways said and still saying it . Mike No D antony and spoelstra were the worste coachs . And mike brown shows some “OK” coaching skills for me .

    • kobe says:

      u have no bball knowledge at all…calling kobe most overRated of all time…stick to NASCAR..

    • Jay says:

      You obviously don’t watch the Lakers otherwise you’d know Kobe is constantly taking unbelievable amount of bailout shots because of the teams inability to score within the shot clock, its only now with the new point guard he hasn’t had to do that. Thats why people like you who only look at stats shouldn’t talk.

      • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

        That’s not an excuse for lack of efficiency and ball movement, sir. The latter makes the earlier disappear VERY quickly…don’t believe me? Take a look at Mike Woodson’s Knicks right now … or the Bulls or Thunder in general.

  20. Slick says:

    Bynum can shoot the ball pretty well. At least he hit the rim everybody. I don’t think coach Brown should have taken offense like that. Sometimes you have to laugh it off and continue to play. Good job Kobe backed Bynum up!

  21. Laker Fan says:

    You had Rick Adelman available. Someone who took the lakers to a game 7 vs the Lakers in a year they won the championship while coaching the Houston who really had NO body at the time plagued with injuries. Before that he took the laker to the brink with Mike Bibby and Chris Webber, Bibby an unknown prior to that, and Webber an underachiever. No one in there right mind believed Sacramento could do that to the lakers, but he showed what good coaching is all about. I just don’t see how talent like that can go unrecognized for so long. He does it time and time again. Mike Brown as a coach has 0 understanding of human psychology and emotions. He will not bring the best out of this team, and because of that we will lose. Phil Jackson wasn’t a great coach in terms of his plays or his overall understanding of the game, but his understanding of human emotions and psychology was off the charts.

  22. SHOWTIME says:

    I must say, excellent Blog Sekou. I wrote to you last week, bashing your MVP rankings but im glad to see that you have incorporated a little bit of my input into this blog (intentionally/unintentionally – dont matter). The bond between Kobe and Bynum will be the formula for the Lakers to reach the finals this season. When Kobe is encouraging and getting his teammates involved, we’ve seen Gasol, Bynum and Ron Artest (i refuse to call him MWP) as well as others prosper.

    I see the LakerNation going deep into the playoffs this season. None of that BS that happened last year against the Mavs. WE GOING TO THE SHIP.

    Raja from T.0……..

  23. What says:

    Bynum should not be taking threes.. I cannot believe after the game he defiantly responded that he will take more threes.. his head has gotten too big after being around Kobe all these years

  24. cLiPpErS-42-50-32 says:

    If Blake could shot 3s then bynum can

  25. Tim says:

    This is crazy. So what he took a three? Whats the big deal? It was mid-way through the 3RD QUARTER! If you gonna bench a guy for taking a bad shot then you never gonna win because almost every other trip down the court someone is taking a bad shot. We almost lost the game without Bynum’s present on the floor because Mike Brown was trying to make a point. No one was in this type of up-roar when Pau Gasol was out there shooting threes in other games with his broke azz jump shot. Maybe if the team made more of an emphasis to pound the ball down low the Bynum then he wouldn’t be worried about taking a three he be too tired to shot from that far. He should be benching everyone that doesn’t make an consorted effort to pound to ball inside first before shooting any shot. But don’t get me wrong I don’t necessarily want Bynum out there shooting threes either but we are talking about one WIDE open shot that actually almost made. Just my opinion.

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      With fifteen on the shot clock … when you’re up by 5 … and you’re in the middle of a scoring drought …
      He was wide open for a reason.

      Go back to school.

    • Huh says:

      Nobody was in an uproar when Gasol shot 3’s because most of Gasol’s 3-pointers were in the baseline corner, which is the shortest distance for a 3-pointer and for Gasol’s outside skills, would be a long 2. Also, who cares if the Lakers almost loss the game because Bynum was benched? It’s better to send a message to all the players now and stop all the nonsense and lack of awareness/effort on the offensive/defensive ends of the floor. If he didn’t bench him for this extended amount of time, then it’ll just be a statement to the players saying that they can do whatever they want because there is no discipline whatsoever, which will destroy them in the playoffs. So again, in the long run (playoffs), sacrificing 1 regular season game is nothing if it’ll wake up your entire roster.

      By the way, Mike Brown didn’t bench a player just for any ordinary shot. His 7 foot center, who has only made ONE three pointer in his ENTIRE career took a 3-pointer during a scoring drought in a close game, may as well just heave the ball from half court while he’s at it.

      Like the replier above me said, go back to school, and put on your Wizards jersey and go back to NASCAR while you’re at it.

  26. killuabest says:

    Yea Throw Bynum out and get Howard instead. Bynum an arrogant dumb 3 point shooter wannabe. He’s a loser because of his attitude and character, plus his knees..time is ticking.A 7 footer who manages 4 rebounds vs Grizzlies and 5 rebounds vs Warriors= waste of talent.Replace Brown and get Byron Scott..Go Lakers.

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      Don’t forget that your man Bynum saved Kobe from shame not too long ago by dropping 33 while your boy Kobe shot FIFTEEN PERCENT that night lol

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  28. Cloaf says:

    Lakers need to play more team basketball. If you notice in the past couple games when the Lakers have built a big lead, it’s been Pau, Sessions, Barnes, who’ve been the most productive on the floor. As soon as Kobe starts handling the ball it’s turnover after turnover after turnover. Kobe should leave the ball handling duties to Sessions and play within the offense instead of trying to do too much and taking ill advised shots! We all know his accomplishments – Now it’s time to play some team ball! As for Bynum’s benching, I think it was a bit harsh to sit him the entire 4th. Every player has a moment of madness where they make a play that is so out of character it leaves you speechless – Bynum’s attempted three was one of those moments. If he had made that shot we would not be having this discussion. Take him out for a few minutes, yes, but not bench him especially when you’re fighting for playoff positioning and every game is crucial in the ever so tenuous West!

  29. KB24 says:

    I don’t have a problem with Bynum taking ONE 3-pointer a game. In the loss against Memphis Bynum took the last shot of the night from 3 point land and made it with the clock winding down, and made the game a 6 point loss instead of a 9 point loss. After seeing last nights highlights vs GS, people on his own team were air balling the shots from the 3-pointer. WTF is that? At least he hit rim. I’m sure Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t liked for taking 3’s at the beginning of his career but look at him now, he’s a threat from any where on the court. It takes time, practice, and determination to do what they do. Sure, there is a time and place for it, like when you’re up by double digits or you have the ball with only 2 seconds left, but not when you’re up by single digits and have lots of time on the clock. He needs to be able to take shots li…ke that in a game and not be contained almost a whole half of a game. How will he ever add something different to his game if no one gives him a chance? I feel what was said he worded wrong, but still I feel comfortable with him taking at least one 3-pointer per game to let him know if he’s meant for it or not. He’s like a kid, gotta let him learn, either it’s meant for him or not, he’ll be the one to decide, and if you don’t like it, then ya, trade him. And tell me this, had he made it like on Sunday, would he have been benched, or applauded by his coach? It was a bad move on both overall.

    • KR says:

      he should have been benched, even if he made it. it wasn’t his shot to take. brown would never draw up a play like that. and if he did hit it, and then decided in a more important game that he HAS to shoot the open trey because he hit this one, it could be more damaging. a one 3pt attempt per game? are you serious? even some of the leagues better scorers don’t run at that clip. even bron & wade weren’t shooting at all from outside earlier in the season. once a game is ludicrous. dirk was known as a shooting big with an outside game, he didn’t selfishly jack up a shot mid game and the team suddenly went “wow! this guy can hit 3s!”. how many points do you get for hitting the rim, by the way?

      • Huh says:

        “how many points do you get for hitting the rim, by the way?”

        Well said and that sentence that you stated made me LOL hard.

      • KB24 says:

        Of course you’re opposing it, the big picuture is that he missed it! Like I said before, his own teammate didn’t even hit the rim, and they didn’t get benched for it. He has made 1 out of 4 this season, because he isn’t given a chance. His shooting style looks alot better then most Centers, and the only reason i mentioned him taking one 3-pointer per game is because no one would ever expect him to shoot it, but you’re right thats too many in a season, maybe once in while like Pau is doing now is fine, but how will any player add to their game if they don’t try. Do you agree he should’ve been benched the rest of the game like he was? His presence is important in the game and him taking that shot with so much time was silly, but he was open and he did shoot it in rhythm, unfortunately the outcome was that he missed it and everyone made a big F@*%ING deal about it. Even Kobe was ok with it, just everone else wasn’t, why? He missed.

      • Huh says:

        The big picture is that he missed it? Again you’re wrong. The big picture is that Mike Brown doesn’t want this kind of nonsense from his players. They were in a scoring drought and all of a sudden their offensive low-post beast wants to shoot a 3-pointer with a ton of time left on the shot clock. If he doesn’t bench him, then it’ll leave an open statement to their players saying that their current lack of awareness/effort on the defensive and offensive ends are acceptable. It’s better to send this message now even if it costs them 1 game, rather than ignoring the situation and letting this kind of nonsense happen in the playoffs where each possession counts.

        Also, who cares if Bynum’s teammates missed a three earlier in the game? They practice those deep shots throughout their career, whereas Bynum’s primary focus was in the low post. You say, “how will any player add to their game if they don’t try?” They’re more then welcomed to add more weapons to their repertoire, but do it during the off-season like Kobe did with Hakeem, you don’t hoist up a 3 during a scoring drought (and I highly doubt Bynum has spend hours working on his 3-pointers). Also about Gasol, his 3-pointers are primarily in the baseline corner, which is the shortest distance to the basket for a 3-pointer, so for him it would be a long 2 (which he is skilled at shooting).

        And of course KB would be okay with it, the last thing he needs is to jump all over Bynum about it and cause more drama to a team that is unstable, and Bynum’s attitude is known to go sour and do you think having an unhappy big man will get KB a ring? Don’t think so.

  30. Stan Van Gundy says:

    He was WIDEEEE open, he can’t prove that he can make 3’s if he doesn’t take them.

    • KR says:

      he can prove it in preseason. all he did was prove he can’t make them when given the most open of shots. so yeah, he’s just proven he was an idiot for taking the shot.

  31. Chris says:

    Lakers will not win a championship with Mike Brown. They can win with the team t hey have now it’s just Mike Brown doesn’t know how to accommodate stars. This isn’t little league. The players are in control not the coaches.

    • Huh says:

      So instead of benching Bynum and sending a message to the other players, you think that Mike Brown should just clap and put a smile on his face when his talented low post center takes a random three during a scoring drought? Is that what he should do to accommodate his stars? The players are in control if the coach LETS them be in control, which is not how Phil Jackson ran things to win those championships. Only a few superstars have a slight control in things, which is KB, LeBron, and Wade. Also, you say that Mike Brown won’t win a championship with this team, but what do you expect when he’s getting little effort from the players on the defensive end? They haven’t played with any urgency or desire ever since they were swept last year in the playoffs and that’ll be their downfall this year as well.

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the NBA stopped being fun to watch.

  32. Regarding Kobe’s benchng… that’s been blown out of proportion by the media. Kobe was set to check back into the game with over 3 minutes remaining, but didn’t get in until a foul a couple of minutes later. Uncharacteristically, he started the 4th quarter… and he looked a little winded and was not effective so Brown gave him a little rest… no biggee

    Regarding Bynum, he broke the game plan by taking that 3, and Brown was right to pull him. But I also see why he took that shot… heat check. Bynum was making some tough shots out there with people hanging on him. He actually reminded me of a huge Kobe (or beefy Dirk) with his turn-around fadeaway (early 3rd quarter?)

  33. Ben says:

    Why is it that it’s Brown’s fault for benching a player who’s game doesn’t include 3’s, and in the middle of a close game Bynum just hoists one up? Bynum is a great center, but that’s ridiculous that people are getting pissed at Brown for doing something that any other couch would do. Also with Kobe, he wouldn’t need to take the game winning shot if he made enough shots throughout the game. Just because he’s one of the best players ever doesn’t mean that he can’t improve a stat that is essential for a SHOOTING GUARD. He has games where he’s on fire, and then he has games where he’s 3 for 20. If he’s not having success there what’s wrong with dishing it to another teammate, or driving inside and drawing a foul? He’s got a great free throw percentage.

  34. lumBber says:


    • David says:

      What are you 5 years old? KD and Westbrook are the future. SORRY KOBE

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      He’s a ring short … at the absolute least. Not to mind the lack of efficiency that has bothered him since, you know, I graduated from high school almost three years ago.

  35. Jay says:

    @Stan I hear u man

  36. Davi says:

    Well, as any of the NCAA or High-School, Fundamental or Kindergarten coach, Mike Brown did what is correct. We all have a role in life and we are supposed to stick to that and try not to ruin the group or team that we are involved. If someone, to have fun or even trying to make what shaq used to in all-star games, try to pull up a three in a serious game, with the lakers being a bad team this season, this person should be benched, for his own good. Maybe to rethink about his position and his role on the team and as a basketball player, most as real man.

    If my team needs me to make a hard foul, and I am committed and supported by the staff, I will, and will suffer the consequences. But no coach in this league would ask Andrew Bynum, Ben Wallace or Dwight Howard to pull up a three. Duncan already pulled up one or two, but you know, he´s Duncan and cold as ice, if you´d ask him to sit through the entire game, he would understand, things are different in San Antonio.

    But the lakers, gee…, how much drama. Congrats to Bryant, who made an outstanding job on not to comment on this bunch of non-sense. We all hope for this team to get better and be a good match up for everyone, making this season a good one ( although it´s already a weird one )

  37. DirtyD says:

    I don’t know? The name of the game is efficiency. In order to win a ring, Bynum has to respond with greatness, not childishness. Come out jackin up I told you so threes and they are screwed! A team only has room for 1 person taking bad threes and that job is taken. Synergy is one aspect. Realistically for the LAKERS TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR! As a team the Lakers would at least need to become a top 10 offence. (currently 17th) They would need to post for their shots at least 40% of the time. (not just the bigs, but Metta and Kobe also.) It would give room for their endless supply of streaky shooters and utilize their biggest advantage, their size. Individually Sessions has to really brush his defender off of those picks better. Pau has to become a much more active and aggressive defender. Though he has a finesse offence, people call him soft for the fact that he is too willing to just let it happen in the middle. Standing and looking. You got 6 fouls use 5 to get the job done! And Kobe has to focus on the quality of his shots. I know this is his Shaq free throw thing, but it’s also the one defining difference between him and MJ. And at the end of his legacy in a comparison, field goal percentage will be the biggest difference. Efficiency. Jordan shot the best shots he could get. Kobe shoots like 25 shots per game. 20 tuff or forced, 5 good shots as far as basketball is concerned. And he leads the league in scoring. Imagine if he took 20 good, and 5 tuff or forced. The difference would show between him and well, everyone! Without these things, there will be no rings!

  38. clark says:

    Fire Mike Brown for his stupid decision, he has not proven anything in the league, He is a lame duck coach ever of LA.

    • DirtyD says:

      But he has! He has did what no other coach has had the stones to do! Hold people accountable! kobe take very few good shots. So you pull players that hurt the offence. Sometimes he does with his shot selection. And if you bench the best player in the world for bad shot selection. You had better bench your center who is not a shooter for airballin a three in a close game!

  39. Stan says:

    There are more and more centers in the league these days that can hit 3s….I think guys like Dwight and Bynum want to develope an offensive arsenal that is unstoppable. Bynum will always be open to hit 3s, and the attempt looked great. The shot hit the front rim, which meant it just needed more arch. Bynum has showed us the last few games that he can shoot mid rangers, turnaround jumpers, and faders….some weren’t even in the paint. He is showing us that he can shoot, and i believe he will be the best center in the league within a year at the rate he is improving. His offensive skill set is far past Dwight, and once Bynum gets fully healthy with his knee, he will be more athletic like he once was.

    Now, what mike Brown did was both right and wrong….Im glad he benched kobe, because Kobe and his shot selection is ruining the offensive flow, causing turnovers, and ultimately he is missing most of them. He is literally shooting us our of games or big leads, only to be considered the savior when he was actually just cleaning up the mess he created. The Lakers big three is the only one that has a selfish egotistic superstar. The Miami and Boston “big 3” play like teams. Benching bynum for shot selection is completely understandable. Now at the same time it was wrong, because mike brown has allowed Pau Gasol to shoot 3s, so why can’t Bynum take one? That is unfair…however Brown is tired of lack luster defense, bad shot selection, and sill turnovers. I would be too, and I’m a huge laker fan…watch them every night. I would have benched Kobe long time ago.

    The Lakers aren’t playing winning basketball…alot of these teams like golden state and houston are teams that dont have talent, but they play the right way…that gives them a chance. Teams like the Bulls, Spurs, and such are playing the rights way and have talent…so they become almost unstoppable. They Lakers have the talent, but arent playing the right way…until they play the right way, they aren’t winning a championship title.

    • DirtyD says:

      Preach! I agree.

    • ANNACACA says:


      • DirtyD says:

        Kobe is my favorate player, and the lakers have always been My team. Always. But I am more intrested in results. For kobe individually and for the team. If Kobe can get over it and up his shot quality. He will go down as the greatest to ever do it. And if the lakers as a team can do what they need to. they can trully win it all, and become the winningest fanchise of all! Don’t mistake realism for haterisim. Lol.

    • 16going417 says:

      I agree Stan…. The Lakers have not shown me they are championship contenders this year. They have the pedigree and desire, but not the discipline to win it all.

    • KR says:

      uh, no. you don’t try to develop your outside game all of a sudden during a regular season match. you work on it over the off season and prove you have it, or you don’t try when the game counts for something. you’re not in the team to jack treys. just because other bigs can do it, doesn’t mean you can because you want to be like them. “the attempt looked great but needed more arch”? so, how did it look great? it looked to me like a big lug jacking up a hopeful shot. brown did the right thing.

    • Donald T. 'DeeJay' Butler Jr. says:

      Pau has a history of 3-point shooting. Difference #1!
      Bynum hit ONE in a game they lost anyway, at the end of the game … and then shoots one basically with 15 seconds left on the shot clock aka when a real play could have been made…does he think he’s Manute Bol or something? STOP IT. (Difference #2)
      Dwight and Andrew aren’t the same type of center, judging by that. At the end of the day, unless that jumpshot becomes legitimately dangerous, don’t come outta your mouth saying Bynum is better … ‘cuz you might actually be buggin’.

    • Not Applicable says:

      you’re right bynum is still young and they have much more time to develop that

  40. jb0y91 says:

    What’s wrong with that 3-pt attempt Bynum tried in the game? Yes, it came out short, but what’s the point for Bynum being “benched” throughout the 2nd half. This is how the Warriors came back because of Bynum’s absence, but Lakers were fortunate to win. Imagine if the shot clock, or even game clock, was winding down and Bynum behind the 3-pt line has no choice but to shoot the ball.

    • DirtyD says:

      Thats when he should shoot it. When he has to. Or when he is asked to. I’d bet he’d get mad if we started posting steve blake. When some one threw Steve’s shot into the front row! Bynum would think, “he should stick to his own game and let me post.” A wasted posession is a wasted posession no matter who does it. Everybody has a job to do.

  41. NBA Expert says:

    That Brown tries to hold Kobe in the neck, he doesn’t know how to coach a good player… that’s why Lebron and cavs didn’t win any championship ring during his coaching era in the CAVS. come on guys, nothing special with Brown, Brian Shaw is more credible coach than him. don’t you think?

    • Huh says:

      How has Mike Brown been holding KB in the neck? As for his coaching in Cleveland, what do you expect someone to do with 1 superstar and a bunch of nobodies? Who was the 2nd and 3rd best player on the team? Mo Williams and Verajo? Give me a break, even Michael Jordan wouldn’t be able to take Cleveland to a championship with that garbage roster that they had. They had to go up against a deep and defensive minded Detroit team in ’05-07 (and a tough Spurs team in the Finals), then go up against the Big 3 in Boston in ’08. During that entire run, there was no way that Mike Brown can coach those scrubs and Lebron to a championship when they had way less talent. Personally, I don’t even like LeBron or Mike Brown, but saying that he’s a bad coach because he couldnt’ get a title with LeBron is ridiculous and idiotic.

  42. Jack says:

    brown did the right move, make statement that players must follow even if you are kobe or anyone else in the team, the shot only gives significance of arrogant person who has not proven anything yet making statements like ” i will make more 3’s” rather than behaving and rethink of what he did,..kick bynum out and get howard next year,..there are more disciplined centers out there than this arrogant man!!

  43. Rich says:

    Bryant doing damage control there standing behind the big fella. Of course he was disgusted deep inside. But being a leader that he is, he knows how to contol things. Greatest player of all time ! (I’m not a Laker fan, ok).
    But as for me – go Bynum, shoot those 3’s. Pau should start shooting more 3’s also. Hell, I want all of the Lakers shooting more 3’s.
    Let’s Go Mavs !

  44. Geo says:

    Really now u have a CENTER that wants to shoots 3’s. great move by coach brown let them know he wont tolerate dumb-ness!
    Bynum stick to the paint and make points for your team not give them away. it was only a 5point lead no need to take that kinda shot!

  45. LA_KOBE_BYNUM_Babysitting says:

    every LAkers game follows this KNOWN template : make some big lead of 15-16 points and then simply lose the game !!!!

    AS the regular season comes to its end it;s very obvious – KOBE is getting more selfish with every GAME and this is getting very boring to watch !!!!

    just look at his stats !…… many shoot attempts he is wasting every game ??!!………..his FG % is very bad……………he is forcing soooooo many shots and goes in unnecessary traps intentionally just to show WHAT ???? how great player he is ????!!! (READ EGO)……….

    its enough !!!!!! we all know about his accomplishments………ENOUGH with this type of play……..its about LA team play not KOBE stats !!!

    and all this reflects on the LA game in a negative way !!!!


    Bynum shooting 3s !!!!!!!!!!………….simply spectacular !!!!!!!!

    LAKERS CHAMPIONS ?????!!!!!!!!!……………..ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS !!!!! (laugh, laugh, laugh)

    they cant beat Warriors with anonymous players……….. if it was not the excellent 3s shooting of Barnes and that Artest long 3 (almost from center) they could lose with 10pt from Warriors (team out of playoffs) !!!!

    • 16going417 says:

      I kind of said this in an earlier post, but I guess my comments did not make the cut here. So instead of retyping or trying to repost, I’ll just say I agree with you for the most part.

    • Ryan Smith says:

      YOU MAD??

    • jho24 says:

      Do you even know the word basketball? Kobe and the lakers had to learn a new system……so just wait till playoff time…things will get together at the right time….so please dont hate…

      • TreShiq says:

        What new system?? basketball? they got swept last year..were they leaning a new system then. thier “system flaws comes with chemistry. Jsut like in 2004 …Do you think they would have lost to the detroit Pistons. ( good solid team, but c’mon Kobe and SAHQQQQ!) if they had thier heads together. New coach, Kobe’s sometimes selfish drive ( as ferocious as it is…it’s a bit selfish ( a lot selfish) it causes so riffs. so YES the Lakers are a contender ( they have Kobe Bryant they will never not be a contender with him) but NO they will not win a championship this yr.

    • Kobe Beast says:

      kobe is kobe stupid he takes shots whenever he wants

      • BINTOU NJIE says:


  46. aha! says:

    any center that cannot make 3’s shouldn’t even taken them in the first place, except for when the shot clock having only 1-2 secs left.
    Do you want to see Dwight Howard insisting on shooting 3’s? I wouldn’t mind ppl playing their game, but shooting 3’s is definately not part of Bynum’s. So yeah he deserved to be benched.

  47. jonathan says:

    what bynum did is unprofessional if he has an issue against anybody on his team he shouldn’t have done those crazy things. he is being paid to play basketball and that’s what fans want to see. get your self straight dude your not a teen if you have a problem tell your team what it is don’t play foolish basketball just to show your disgust with the team.

  48. Troy says:

    This is a learning experience for Mike Brown, remember this L.A. Everyone has to learn how to adjust, and he is in the process of learning that L.A is all about the STARS. The Coaches job is to bring the best out of the STARS, so the fans can feel satisfied. So Is either Mike Brown learn quickly or quit, Just play the STARS and please the FANS, especially JACK.

    • Huh says:

      Yeah, because the FANS will be happy seeing a 7 foot STAR who made 1 three pointer in his entire career shoot more 3’s rather than dominate in the post. You actually need to learn quickly or quit, because your ideology is perfect for making the Lakers fail. Hmmm… follow Phil Jackson’s discipline or follow Troy’s asinine idea of playing the stars even if they do stupid stuff… hmm I’ll follow the legendary coach thanks.

  49. RALPH says:


  50. chicagokings says:

    Lakers can beat Spurs in the playoffs and also OKC..
    if the big fellas (perkins, ibaka) cant stop Bynum and gasol in the playoffs OKC will lose.. if they did Lakers will lose

    • Huh says:

      Thank you Mr. Obvious. What else, if the Lakers FG % is in the low 30’s and OKC’s FG % is in the low 50’s, then OKC wins too right? Idiot.

    • Paul says:

      HAHA! to me, the best route the lakers have to the Ship is if Spurs knock out OKC.. thats the only way.. for some reason OKC cannot beat the spurs.. just like the Lakers cant beat the blazers.. Lakers have a lot better chance of gettin past spurs than OKC.. i think OKC is the strongest team in the west right now.. then the lakers(when at best).. Hopefully everyone comes as a unit and plays together.. I dont think anyone can touch us when Sessions scores more than 15 pts…

  51. chicagokings says:

    everyone dont ignore Matt Barnes performance

  52. SDixon says:

    The lakers have to play with teamwork and if they do then they are just too good for other teams to match up…..and mike brown has to realize that he can’t get shipped out just as fast as he came in becase they have won without him plenty of times

  53. noyb says:

    Mike Brown was a bum move by LA. Get rid of him and get back to winning rings. CARRY Phil around in a stretcher if you have to, or else steal a great coach from some other team in the league.

    • gee says:

      LOL …. I agree with you…DWL (HILARIOUS) i am rolling just picturing Phil being carried around on a stretcher…wow

      • Tee says:

        LOL..Phil Jackson is a character…I can see him go along with this idea, him being on a stretcher, rolling back and forth on the sideline…

      • khell says:

        HAHAHA… Phil on a stretcher whistling and calling for plays! damn that’s a good one 😀

  54. Rakim says:

    Kobe never should be benched … neither bynum … mike brown cant bench them cus there aint no on in bench who can produce more than these guys …. everybody can have a bad night … but in the end you cant deny the talent ….

    • KR says:

      so then you give bynum a license to do whatever he wants, even when it is the wrong move? a good player making wrong moves is not better than a role player doing the right thing.

      • Huh says:

        Apparantly Rakim’s method of helping all-star players to become superstar players is to let them do whatever they want and close your eyes and pray that they’ll go in the right direction. Mike Brown had to send a statement to Bynum even if it costs him 1 game because you rather lose 1 game in the season than lose a series in the playoffs due to Bynum pulling up for 3’s or any other nonsense him or other players might do.

  55. CSN says:


    • Ummm? says:

      Bynum is one of the better free throw shooting centers in the league. Dwight needs to work on his FT as should Griffin. But yes He should stick to the paint and work on his 3’s during the summer for next season.

  56. micah b says:

    just 3 words if lakers wants to be champs(x-factors) MATT BARNES, MWP

  57. khalil says:

    i think after this season the lakers might have a new coach, coach never wins
    when a player shows dismay about what’s happening,

  58. Magic Johnson says:

    Well, if you want things to go smooth, you can look at The Spurs or The Raptors. Lakers will always be a raging bunch, as they need to be to win it all. I just hope Mike Brown doesnt mess things up…

    • OKC Laker says:

      I hope he doesn’t mess things up tomorrow night. GO LAKERS!!!

    • shaquille Guzman says:

      Lakers is the most Dominant Team In the NBA..I am sooo overwhelm that Kobe & Andrew decide to take this combo…i just hope they put to work. (Y)

      • Huh says:

        Look at the standings and you’ll see that they aren’t the most dominating. On paper, without a doubt they have the best frontline and a finisher in KB, but they’re not considered the most “dominating” until they start getting contribution from other players and win more statement games against real championship contenders (rather than barely beating a Golden State team by 3).

      • Kobe Beast says:

        even though i am a true lakers fan i agree that the lakers arent the BEST dominant team in the nba. they are in the top 5 though

  59. GniK911 says:

    not to mention barnes playing pretty well…

  60. TS says:

    I like to name my video game fighters Doug Christie, then thow lots of uppercuts.

  61. cdubbb24 says:




  62. Troy says:

    I told you guys that Kobe is the most lethal player in the game, he knows what to do to win. He is a winner, and he doesn’t play in the past he plays in the present. It doesn’t matter how many shots he missed the night before, he is always ready to take the final shot without any hesitation, Now if Kobe and Bynum ever create that champion synergy that he had with Shaq when they won the first 3 championships, then the other teams in the league are in serious trouble. No other one, two punch could stand-up against Lakers, with Gasol and Session playing their natural game.

    • GniK911 says:

      not to mention barnes playing pretty …

      • DirtyD says:

        There will be no better Big and Little one two punch! Which is a much luckier combo than small /small, but Miami still has two of the top 5 players in the league. And 3 of the top 20. Pau needs to climb the food chain, and Metta needs to have more Ron Artest moments to have a realistic chance.

      • sbfern805 says:

        OK….Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Love, Dwight, Rose…top 6 how is Wade in the top 5? crazy kid!!

      • Niko says:

        @ sbfern805 Durant, Love, Dwight & Rose are all great players & i love watchin them play, but i dont seen anyone with a Ring & Playoff MVP there & Dwight is the only one to even make it to the finals. Greatness is measured by more than numbers u put up in the regular season, so yes D-Wade is definitly top 5 in the league.. Crazy Kid!.

      • MattA says:

        Dwayne makes top 5 easy Lebron not as much.

      • wadefan says:

        @ sbfern805 Love is good but definitely not a top 5 player.. the reason he is discussed at the top of his position is because the league isnt doing well at the 4.. rose got the mvp last year and should be mentioned.. but i still cant place him above wade yet.. and dwight is the best most defensive center in the league.. but he lacks too much offense, offense that should be easy for him with how physically dominating he can be, to be above wade.. same level.. not above

    • LOL says:

      “no other one-two punch could stand-up”??? Well how about Durant and Westbrook?

  63. LakerFAN says:

    In the playoffs, we’ll see. If it does work out, a 6th ring is possible. But we’ll see.

    • perfecttens says:

      Bynum needs to be a bit more serious the playoffs are here soon.

      • Jones17 says:

        Yes exactly perfecttens, i have no idea why Bynum plans to ‘take 3’s more often’. He can’t shoot very well at all and was very petulant doing so vs Warriors. It’s funny seeing Kobe defending him when Bynum is known to be annoyed at Bryant for doing the same thing instead of getting the ball inside.

        I for 1 am happy Mike Brown is trying to reign them both in on a leash as Bryant and Bynum are starting to sprial out of control. Bynum’s ejection last week was rediculous, he’s walking around with an arrogant swagger as if he’s achieved everything already. Beating up on 6ft 9 centres and Darko doesn’t count as dominance in the league. Confidence is a good thing but he needs to be careful it doesn’t get too much. Having watched every game of the season so far, i can see this team starting to implode and reminds me a little of when we signed Payton and Malone in ’04.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I think they have a legit chance if Gasol doesn’t play like he did last year, Bynum is playing better than last year, but then again Dirk might kill them again since he can stretch out and shoot the 3 while Gasol is accustomed to guarding the paint along side Bynum. The Lakers biggest challenge is gonna be OKC, since they have to worry about Ibaka blocking them, and I also think Durant will be able to put a body on Bryant with his length and size.