Blogtable: Should Bulls Rest Derrick Rose?

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Chicago has the league’s best record. How long do you keep Derrick Rose seated? Do you leave a “mostly” healthy Rose on the bench until the playoffs?

Steve Aschburner: My stock response on Rose’s recovery from a significant groin injury has been “The Bulls need to wait until he’s completely healthy — and then wait another week.” But they’re almost out of time for that approach. They need to work Rose and Richard Hamilton together as their starting backcourt ASAP. The preferred starting five can’t be introducing themselves to each other in the playoffs. Granted, this groin injury hits directly at what makes Rose “Rose” — his mobility and explosiveness — but at the rate Chicago has been going with injuries, it could run out of season — and postseason — before it runs out of gauze, tape and whirlpool time.

Fran Blinebury: It’s one thing to have your best player rested.  It’s something else to have him rusty and out of rhythm with his teammates.  I wouldn’t throw him stone cold into the playoffs, but 4-5 games is enough put the bloom back on Rose.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Easy call. You don’t risk title hopes and you don’t risk the franchise. Rose sits until the playoffs if he’s not healthy. When the worst-case scenario the rest of the regular season is falling to No. 3, and even that seems very unlikely, that’s not such a worst case compared to what happens if he comes back too soon and aggravates the injury.

Shaun Powell: Rose should rest as long as necessary. I’d only bring him back if it appears the Bulls might lose their grip on the best record in the East. And that’s not happening anytime soon, based on the way the supporting cast has picked up the slack lately. A rested Rose is a dangerous Rose come playoff time … as Miami might discover.

John Schuhmann: I obviously wouldn’t want to rush him back and risk further injury, but I would definitely want to have him back for 5-10 regular season games if he’s 100 percent. The question is whether you want him to play in the two remaining games against the Heat (April 12 in Chicago, April 19 in Miami), if you don’t necessarily need those wins to keep the No. 1 seed, or keep him out of those so that Miami is a little less prepared in the conference finals. Of course, I’m probably over-thinking this, because I don’t see that kind of gamesmanship coming from Tom Thibodeau.

Sekou Smith: As long as humanly possible, and if that means until the final week or two of the regular season, so be it. I don’t know how the Bulls have escaped it, but the expectations for them should be the same as they are for the Heat. The regular season is cute and all, but the Bulls have to prove themselves in the postseason. And if that means Rose rests until close to Easter, so be it. The Bulls are playing just fine without him, as I’m sure John Schuhmann can’t wait to throw that in all of our faces after last season’s MVP debate. And they need a healthy Rose in the playoffs much more than they need a “mostly” healthy Rose right now.


  1. charles says:

    Chicago is gaining confidence without Rose. At the same time, when Rose is introduced to the lineup, you want it to be fluid and smooth. So perhaps a few games before the playoffs where he plays 10-15 minutes a game just to get his timing and rhythm back. But with the added confidence of playing without Rose, Chicago is even more dangerous.

  2. Trixie I love you says:

    Bulls are great even without Derrick Rose…… you might as well rest him he needs to heal up for the playoffs, important piece that can make a difference

  3. shweigou says:

    Although the Bulls have been performing well without their guard, they will need him back, and back before the playoffs. If D. Rose sits until then, he will not be in proper playoff form. The Bulls have been doing well because they have a strong backbone of players along with a great chemistry on the court. If you add a well rested and recovered D. Rose into the equation, just think about the results.

  4. jm says:

    Give D.ROSE some rest…. rose is young and talented.. remember he is the reigning MVP, the Youngest MVP in NBA history…. BUlls is more dangerous f rose is healthy…. coach thibs handle the bulls well and the plays…. watch out in the playoff run.. LOL…

  5. kendrickkk says:

    D-rose is the best to me i say not even lebron can stop him

  6. Anthony says:

    I feel that D. Rose should be playing the minute he feels he’s ready this is already a short season! I don’t think he should take time off when his body has been use to the grind and like I said it’s already a short season he should be priming up getting in to a groove right now less than 20 games left!?! Please get out and get it now! Ask Jordan if he wanted games off after he broke his foot!

  7. Bulls Fan Quan says:

    Rose needs to come back. they should make Rose the SG in the playoffs and the PG Lucas, that can take some weight off Rose but if it don’t work out which back to there original lineups

    • jg82 says:

      You can’t be moving these good players off the bench. Gotta keep them there for depth. Lucas and Gibson are solid starters on any other team so when the starters need a rest the pressure stays on the opponent. White Mamba 2012 Finals MVP!

  8. d-rose the mvp says:

    rose need to play immediately . rose can play right now, because i believed that the groin injury of rose is already healed. i want to to see rose to play , his quickness in a game , his vision of being point guard and most all his determination and strenght of rose have . .

  9. Bulls4life says:

    Rose will be 100% before the playoffs. So that will make the NBA’s Best team, the Bulls, even BETTER. D-Rose will lead the best team in the NBA to the fnals and to the Championship. Chicago Bulls 2012 NBA Champions!!

  10. Dylan DeLong says:

    I strongly agree with Shaun Powell. Rose is my favorite player in the league and I highly doubt he is just sitting at home right now doing nothing. He’s probably one of the most hardest workers in the league to begin with. He probably at home shooting around. I also highly doubt that if you keep him out the rest of the season that he will be rusty. Anyways, I would keep him rested unless we absolutley need him like Shaun said. I also agree that the bulls should try and get atleast some chemistry going with Hamilton. This would be the best for the team. Just let them do what they have to do, they are doing fine without him at the moment. Let him rest and he’ll be doubled up for the playoffs.

  11. CP3 says:

    Who says OKC and LAL in western conference? LOL… LOB CITY IS BACK!!!! I TOLD YOU COACH TOM THIBS.. if rose TO MUCH RESTED. in comes in play offs rose IS not in RHYTHME and not his focus

  12. Smartest says:

    I believe in practice Rip and Rose must practice together at all times. Rip should go in and to the position as leader for the bulls without rose. Once he establishes himself with the team and rose (even though Rose may not play) we should be ready to go and get those rings.

  13. Amitpal says:

    Chicago biggest advantage is that they have the best chemistry in the NBA. Rose and Richard Hamilton need to learn how to be part of that chemistry. They need to play some games together and gel in with each other and the rest of the crew. These two havent done great playing with each so far this season. Plus rose can’t be rusty in the playoffs, so play rose and play him limited minutes. It’s not like he has to play 38 minutes a game. Play him 20 or 25 so he has a feel for the game. Things r really different when u put a superstar player into the starting lineup and I don’t know how many people have notice but sometimes the ball doesn’t move as great with rose as it does without him. So play rose and Hamilton limited minutes other wise ur going to have a problem in the playoffs.

  14. gus says:

    You have to put rose in. He is to much of a monster and if you sit him out untill the playoffs he might not be in the best shape to play. I say put rose in for the fans at least. The number on his jersey says it all… “ROSE #1”

  15. Noel says:

    I think the team knows they need to play very well to get D.Rose some rest so they going to play hard.There is not another Derrick Rose on the team but he has 2 of the best back ups in the NBA the rest of the team are the same name’s with or with out Rose on the floor.We have to look at it as D.Rose in his first years never asked for rest so if he needs in now we should give it to him and trust that the team will hold it down everyone’s in the NBA for a reason.

  16. jUSTIN says:

    The bulls need Derrick Rose to Gel with the rest of the Team before the playoffs, bottom line. It’s not fair to sit him, plus it will take him weeks to get into game shape. It’s not fair to the fans either.

  17. heatLatinofan says:

    play him please so heat don’t have to play with fresh rose in east final

  18. BelizeBoy says:

    Bulls need Rose now in some games because the other guys are working extra hard, so come playoff time you’ll have a fully energized Rose playing with a burnt out team.

    • LAL says:

      LOL, who care is John Lucas III is burnt out? as long as rose is 100% healthy and energized, bulls will be a contender

    • NBAfan says:

      Not just that, the Bulls are doing REALLY well without the reigning MVP. Obviously the game changes when he’s on the court. They need to find a nice combination of ROSE-centered offense, and whatever it is they are doing now that is really working.

      Miami is much better this year too, but so are the bulls. Bulls or Miami in the Finals coming out of the eastern conference. Lakers or OKC from the West in my opinion. It could be the Spurs or the Magics too, but they are kinda too iffy to really be mentioned.