Blogtable: Kobe Vs. Mike Brown

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Mike Brown sat Kobe Bryant in the fourth quarter the other day. Was that sacrilege or a smart move?

Steve Aschburner: Rather than messing with fire or with us, I think Mike Brown might simply have been messing up. Sounds to me like the clock got away from him more than anything, given how the late minutes against Memphis broke with timeouts. And I give Kobe more credit for how he handled it postgame than I give all the drama queens in the media who tried to turn it into a crisis in Lakersland. There are about five stars in the league where these circumstances would have been spun into an alleged big deal, but most in and around the NBA have no time for such tomfoolery or skullduggery.

Fran Blinebury: To quote that sports writer from Stratford-Upon-Avon, much ado about nothing.

Scott Howard-Cooper: This is a season-long issue, not a the-other-day issue. The recent situation put a spotlight on the distribution of minutes because it was the fourth quarter of a game the Lakers had a chance to win, with potential implications for the final West standings, but the way Brown has managed Bryant’s minutes is nothing new. There have been way too many all along. Now Brown picks that moment to rest Kobe?

Shaun Powell: Sitting Kobe for legitimate reasons, of which there are few, is fine. Especially if Kobe has no problem with it. Sometimes superstars want to see how far they can go with a new coach, and Kobe learned playing for Mike Brown does have its limits. But Brown would be wise to tread carefully from here and understand Kobe has his limits, too. Also, Brown should be aware that if the Lakers lose early in the post-season, nobody’s gonna blame Kobe.

John Schuhmann: It’s a non-story, in my opinion. Treat all 15 players the same. If Kobe needed to sit, then Kobe needed to sit. It’s Brown’s job to make that decision and it’s Kobe’s job to be ready to go back in whenever Brown calls his number. Same with Andrew Bynum. I know Kobe Bryant isn’t Tim Duncan, but Gregg Popovich is the longest tenured coach in the league for a reason: He treats every Spur the same and his star players respect his decisions and act professionally.

Sekou Smith: Toss in the benching of Bynum and this resembles some high school basketball stunt. It’s a joke. It’s a faux show of force that I’m sure is drawing plenty of smirks in that Lakers’ locker room. Benching Bryant and Bynum doesn’t send a message to anyone, especially not those two All-Stars. It might resonate with the basketball purists who believe that Brown has to assert himself and put these two stars in their place. But we all know that come playoff time, there will be no benching of players of their ilk by Brown or anyone else. Tough guy tactics work when they are the foundation of what you do, when that is your normal operating procedure. Doing it for appearances sake or to try and make a point that you can’t make otherwise, is disingenuous at best and completely foolish at its worst.


  1. Mino says:

    How about the lakers just get rid of all coaches and let kobe coach it.

  2. LakersFan62 says:

    I questioned the Brown hire, a Cleveland rejection, from the onset. His basketball IQ is among the lowest of any active coach in the NBA. Pat Riley and Phil Jackson may not be replaceable; however, there are more qualified candidates currently not coaching. Personally, I believe they should offer the position to a man whose basketball knowledge and player rapport are unparalleled. A man who has proven that he can coach both college athletes and NBA players and be successful doing so. He is the man who realized that Kobe Bryant was a necessary piece to ensure that the US would win an Olympic title. That man’s name: Mike Krzyzewski. Consider this: He has already won more basketball games than any other collegiate coach. He has won several NCAA titles. He has nothing left to prove at the collegiate level. I realize that few collegiate coaches have made a successful transition to the NBA, but if any coach can, Mike Krzyzewski certainly will make a go of it. It would certainly be a great challenge and a very tempting offer to Coach K. Let Brown finish out the season, then make the offer to Coach K. In addition, we need better bench players and a more productive small forward. Following these reasonable steps would most like result in another title in Lakersland.

  3. Ben says:

    There is no evidence that Kobe did anything but take it like a man. If Kobe had a problem with it, I’d say that is Kobe’s problem. The job of the coach is to put on the 5 players he thinks will do the job in that situation, period. Benching someone doesn’t have to be punitive – even a star like Kobe can be less effective some nights. It can just be a matter of putting the combo on the floor that is doing the job that night.

    As for Lakers fans who already want to fire Mike Brown – do you suppose they want to win championships? Phil Jackson always marched to the beat of his own drum, and he had the respect of his team. Same with Pop. You can see that Tom Thib and Scott Brooks have that same respect – they can bench stars when they see it as necessary and retain the respect of their team. If Mike Brown can’t retain this respect when benching someone, then the problem is with the team not the coach.

  4. jack says:

    I would NOT fire brown for benching Kobe or Bynum……….Hell,He should be fired,…no….let go…if for no other reason,HE CAN’T COACH !!! at first I said to myself…give him a chance…but the more I watched….Heck he can’t even talk to the sports reporters.first thing outta his mouth is a,a,a,a,a well the other team played good tonight! a,a,.a,…I don’t worry about offence…they’ll get it sooner or later ha,ha,ha….HEY !…I’ve got a great idea ! this could work … START TEACHING !….I know I sound like I’m picking on Brown but he just can’t coach on the lakers level…he’ not on the same page as the players are.I’ve got a feeling the players don’t care for the coach.Yes …he’s probably a good guy…maybe he’d be alright coaching teams like Wash.,Char.,maybe even in theB league.Now I know there are people who will try to defend him.Again’I’m sure he’s a nice guy…no problem there.HE JUST CAN’T COACH THE LAKERS……I can see this,People I know can see this,A lot of sports writers can see this ,I even think the owners can see it….The question is…What are they going to do about it ?Just watch a game,sometimes the team looks lost on the court….WITH NO LEADERSHIP ! Who’s fault is it ? It might be a lack of coaching

  5. lakers says:

    and bill ruseel

  6. lakers says:

    kobe is better them mj

  7. lakers says:

    lbj-lin-rose u think lakers dont need kobe

  8. fermattei says:

    Kobe is selfish? Yes. Kobe is the best player in the NBA? Yes. Mike Brown is good enough to be respected for him? No. Lakers can survive without Mike Brown? Yes. And without Kobe? No.

    My point is: Mike, be wise and use it in your favor, not against you.

  9. LBJ-LIN-ROSE says:

    well, i think mike brown’s decision is right, benching kobe because he made many missed/forced shots and turnovers. we all know that kobe isn’t the one who made the lakers to finals or to win a championship. LA’s big men did it. kobe can’t win a championship wihout oneal,. when gasol and bynum came, LA won a championship. kobe always try to made an imposible shot, whether it is crunch time or not. he cant do it anytime if he wanted. LA can have higher FG% if they give the ball to bynum and gasol rather than kobe who loves to make a very difficult fade away jumper, or a spin-fadeaway shot. BIG MEN RULES LA. NOT KOBE.

  10. lakers says:

    whats wrong with mike brown he benches kobe bryant phil jackson never done that to kobe because he knows that hes great and could solve it by himself but i do understand the bynum benching that was just silly bye bynum

  11. TheProfesor says:

    Brown gets paid to win games simple. You dont win games by taking out your best player. FAIL at doing his job its disrespectful to kobe and the lakers fan.

  12. Bjorn says:

    I agree that the team’s star player should be playing during the most crucial part of the game. I also agree that Mike Brown’s system will never work with Lakers as it didn’t work with the Cavs. In opinion, Mike Brown is not good enough to be a head coach in NBA but let’s not discredit Grizzlies for being a better team on that day.

  13. tito says:

    all i kkno is dat i dont like the lakers but the coach made a big mistake by sitting der superstar i really dont kare bt its all about the bulls #1

  14. CC says:

    Who is Mike Brown? Oh yeah the coach who failed with Lebron. Who is Kobe? Oh yea arguably one of the top three players of all time. Enough said.

  15. Will says: has a bunch of writers committed to hating the Lakers… and hating Kobe… 4 days of making a big deal of the Memphis Game… making a story from nothing… what other team gets the level of ridiculous writing… the Heat get wiped off the floor for the last two games… not a peep out of you band of idiots Laker Haters

  16. Just says:

    …. really? How many days has it been since this happened? that whole text is late and irrelevant

  17. i hate sekou says:

    i really hate sekou

  18. beto says:

    just drama , how can they move on? how come this case not have been closed yet?!
    its awfull open the site , and see a diferent discussion on the same subject.
    let the lakers be!

  19. TTKIN says:

    As a die hard Laker fan, I dont blame him too much. Kobe complains to the refs these days as much as Paul Pierce a few years ago in the finals. Bynum just simply didnt care. he shot the 3 cuz he was lagging it down court, he was the last one up by a margin of a few seconds. then when he got put back in, he clearly wanted to sit again (dont tell me otherwise, if you watched the way he shot those 2 ree throws, it was obvious. didnt bounce the ball, he plainly threw the ball at the rim basically). Im glad he benched both, but now that it is out of the way, the whole team needs to come together. Because granted, one of the writers said “no one will blame Kobe”…thats true, I’ll blame the whole team.

  20. Ben says:

    I think Mike Brown is doing a fine job to be quite honest. So what everyone’s saying is that Mike Brown can’t make any mistakes and if any coach does in LA he will be fired? That’s absolutely unreasonable. Brown is not only having to replace a legend in PJ, but he’s also dealing with a lineup that’s had some major changes this season. Also, think about the condensed schedule and how difficult it has been to try to figure out how to balance minutes considering Brown’s never coached there before. I don’t know about Lakers fans, but I’d be pretty happy to be sitting in THIRD place in the conference despite all the people the organization has traded/hired this season. Don’t worry, be happy.

  21. dario says:

    mike brown is a BAD COACH EVER!!!

  22. jinx says:

    i think Lakers owner should Fire brown. he knows nothin`.

  23. Daniel Dorion says:

    Kobe was on the verge of losing control after Memphis’ three on zero “fast” break and he seemed to blame his teammates instead of his shot selection. Brown sees a player come off the court and elbow a chair, sees a technical foul waiting to happen, realizes he hasn’t rested Kobe, and subs MWP in. It was a decent response to the mistake he had already made in not resting Kobe sooner. The rest grew out of hand when the pause Brown was waiting for to sub Kobe back in didn’t come and he wouldn’t create a time stoppage.

  24. kenjordan says:

    Before Kobe was benched, he had a couple turnovers and wasn’t really producing, right? A coach has every right to bench any player when it looks like he needs to cool off. But the thing about Kobe is that he can bounce back quickly and get his team back in the game, no matter how much he has been struggling the whole game.
    So, considering that, we never know whether benching Kobe was the right decision or not. But personally, I think the Lakers would have lost that game either way.

  25. Troy says:

    Mike Brown needs to be aware that LA is not Cleveland, and more importantly Kobe is not Lebron. Kobe have the rings to prove it, he has been to place in the league that mike Brown has never been. Therefore Mike Brown need to work with is STARS and try not to create unnecessary controversy in LakersLand. LA is always a championship contender, so Brown get your head in the game.

  26. The issue with Kobe and Mike Brown is simple Kobe wasn’t producing. And as far as Bynum situation well he felt lucky and took a bad shot at the wrong time Mike Brown made the right call on both players. My issue is the fact that Andrew G and Devin E aren’t getting any minutes when both proved they could produce. Instead when Kobe sits you bring in two small forwards. The Lakers have young legs and could be using this time to develop them due to the lack of practice but instead their using up their vets.

  27. flip says:

    John Schuhmann has a point no doubt but as a coach in a game you could win, you would want your best player out there to try to get you a win, i mean yeah you should treat them all equally but it comes to a point where you realize that playing metta over kobe is the wrong decision even if your trying to preach equality preach it in a way that would not jeopardize the team’s chance of winning.

  28. Anthony says:

    Most of the people here has “Mamba” Venom running through their veins.

    It should be made clear that admittedly, although Kobe is a Superstar, one of the biggest in the World, as the Orlando Magic Management said it “… No player is bigger than his own TEAM.” Kobe may be the one that matters most, he is not God. Even MJ is not God. They have no stipulations in their contracts saying that they cannot be seated out for the rest of a QUARTER, or even a WHOLE GAME. To put your fate on a single player, I believe is a complete joke. He may win it at crucial times, crunch times, but he is not the sole individual who brings the team to a win. The 2004 Detroit Pistons brought it by being a team, not only Chauncey or Rip or Sheed or Ben. Unless you’re Wilt Chamberlain, you do not monopolize the 80-120 points a team creates. MTP puts in 10 or 20, Gasol 20, Bynum 20, Whoever 20. Therefore, it is not up to Kobe whether the Lakers win. It is a concerted effort. And so, benching the infallible KOBE is not what gave them the L; it’s the whole team, including Mike Brown. LAKERS LOSE, as you can see in their standings, EVEN IF KOBE HAS PLAYED THE ENTIRE GAME, A HUNDRED MINUTES, OR THE WHOLE FOURTH QUARTER.

  29. Magic Johnson says:

    Brown is pilling up mistakes, and that dont go well in LA. Even most than any other place (maybe NY, but they’re being extremely patient with Dantony). The main issue is that he dont have any room to learn or maneuver. One day he took the job, next the season is comprised, then the roster changed and he HAS TO win a title despite all those bumps. I personally dont like him, and dont think he is a good suit to LA, but since he is the captain he better learn fast how to steer the ship in the right direction. Bynum jacking up threes? Benching Kobe in the final minutes and returning him when the game was lost? Get your act together mrs. Brown.

  30. rocky says:

    kobe is the heart and soul of LAKERS..the other 14 are the body parts..the coach is the brain,and yet,so dumb..

  31. rocky says:

    yeah,that’s mike brown..he can’t even win a championship with LBJ when they were still in cleveland together..he is not good at all..

  32. JudasBelt105 says:

    Respect the elderly…Mike Brown,, PeaceMen,

  33. Art says:

    I believe that the coach has the right to bench any player during the game if the player is not playing well, or making the wrong decisions with the ball distribution, even a super-super star. Kobe is a great player and Bynum on his way, but they need to respect the coach and show other players to do the same. Kobe probably should have been kept on the bench in the Utah game or at some other times, and he should play fewer minutes to avoid fatigue that players will feel in the playoffs due to the crammed-up season. On the other hand, coach Brown needs to stay with the right rotation at the right moment to get the most out of all players. There was some reason to keep Kobe on the bench in a game that was pretty much already lost, but may be coach Brown also felt the need to get a message across that he failed to get across to these players becuase of their egos, etc.

  34. bad coaching. kobe should have learned the chemistry with his team, not the chemistry with the

  35. robcvel says:

    Fire Mike Brown and trade Gasol. Fire Mike Brown and trade Gasol. Fire Mike Brown and trade Gasol.

  36. Mantis says:

    i know we all know that brown should leave kobe in for the fourth quarter,for that game. but and espn is making this look like lakers has a big problem and its the end of the world.SMH. lakers has been streaking in previous games and player good with mike brown, and there is still plenty development between the player and the coach

  37. fr@z says:

    I’m Kobe (Lakers) fun and do coaching (basketball) as well, for Brown benching Kobe in the final quarter isn’t smart, but taking him out from the court for a while is necessary in a sense of advising of what the best to do (this is what couching has to do), players on the court couldn’t recognize their weakness because at that moment Kobe committed I think 2 consecutive TO when double team approaches him, for Mike Brown learn this, instead of benching your star & not discussing your strategy on how avoid those defense is INCOMPETENT, & for disciplinary action it should be taken in the locker room and will be effective on your next game, and for the Laker fun who keep on eying for someone who can help Kobe & company is RIDICULOUS!!! Lakers team right now is the strongest team on the league whit the best Player of all time (Kobe) & a TWIN TOWER superstar with the most defensive player(W-P), the only problem i see is in coaching, Mike Brown should have the strategy of how to build-up the other player like [(Alvin G of suns, George K of nuggets) with/O a real superstar their team is clinging to the playoff], Erik S of heat) the Lakers with the present players is possible to WIN 3 rings!!! GO LAKERS.

  38. jonski22 says:

    benching bynum after attempting 3s is a fine move but benching kobe on critical moment is bad. going with kobe, 3 forwards and a center is a bad move also. mike brown should learn substitution pattern and time management.

  39. gabemott says:

    Nobody seems to be mentioning the fact that Kobe was taken out right after he had been failing to distribute down low, was firing up junk and the big guys were getting the Lakers back into the game. If the coach was simply playing the +/- without regard to NAME on jersey, he’d have done exactly what coach Brown did… and further, probably would not have brought in said sharpshooter who was throwing blanks.

  40. KB24 says:


  41. Todd says:

    What a joke that was! The guy tried to make a statement but ended up losing the game that could have been won and now the joke is on him. If he wants to bench Kobe and Bynum then he’s probably better off coaching the Bobcats where there are no stars. The lost was like a hard b-slap to his face so hopefully he learned something out of it.

  42. rokka says:

    @Scott Liang

    sorry but you are wrong! few players are capable of what kobe can do!

  43. kngdom of Jogis says:

    Mke brown should be fired rght away, how can he bench Kobe in the few mnutes of the game, Kobe can create situaton. I love Kobe and the Lakers and would be glad if Mike Brown be fired next next….. Lakers should look AC Green, the diputy of Coach Phil Jackson…..

  44. rokka says:

    are you guys kidding me?!?! he benched him so what? even a star player can be benched! brown is the COACH! even kobe is cool with it. let it go…

  45. Kyle says:

    Mike brown doesn’t know how to coach a good team.

  46. lyrad says:

    Com on guys dont compare phil with mike… the reason why phil got the respect of shaq and kobe is because mj was on his side during there 6 rings… mj never questioned phil bec mj re4spects him thus the other players will respect him also bec of that. if phil at that time stil didnt won a ring but stil has dsame knowledge and talent as a coach do you thing kobe and shaq will respect him? i dont think so… now the issue between kobe and mike is normal… dont make an issue about it bec kobe is old enuf how to be professional… but the3pointer of bynum is really ridiculous. the reason gasol can take that shot bec gasol is a big man that has a soft shooting touch like dirk, sabonis, tim, kg etc… and bynum is a hard and pound bigman like shaq and howard… there is no excuse for a bigman like bynum to take a 3 unless it is necessary.

  47. Tommohawk says:

    if the coach says sit, the man sits. End of story, Nuff said!! Shut up!! Watch some Aussie Rules Footy and see how far you’d get about complaining for being dragged. You’d get beaten up by your own team mates.

  48. G3 says:

    i remember brown bench oneal in the 4th quarter in a playoff game thats why cavs lost.

  49. jose says:

    mike brown decision is right, maybe time to kobe to hang his jersey

  50. billywib says:

    bring Pop then nobody would barke even Kobe
    if they can fit brown’s shoes then do it !

  51. Zpy says:

    Thats Why iu are not a NBA Coach :P. So tell me your list of ” many of NBA players are as capable as him” .But Im gonna show you some facts first :

    More than 29,000 points

    81 points game (28–46 ) .609 FG%

    Bryant had 122 forty-plus point games, 25 fifty-plus point games and 5 sixty-plus point games.

    So tell me your ” capable guys “? ( other than Lebron , Wade , and Durant?)

  52. Rodi says:


    …..Kobe is Not the one who needs to prove himself… Mike Brown needs it…..He benched bynum and they could loose..


  53. King says:

    I freaking hate the lakers with my life but benching your superstar in the final seconds is a nono… rookie mistake coach brown. on another note, myyyy knicksss are amazingggggggggg ❤ they give me hopeeeee

  54. Keelin says:

    Fire Mike Brown, his system doesnt work here in lakerland.

  55. Scott Liang says:

    Good Decision, Brown. I discussed with my daughter to sit aside Kobe and Kasol before Browne even did it. If I were the coach, I definitely will make this arrangement. Let Kasol and Kobe take good rest on one side, and let Kobe know basketball is team sports, many of NBA players are as capable as him. they are just needed to be tapped out their talent.

  56. Lol@Media says:

    Yea, you guys are part of the ‘media’ too. You guys are making it worse by putting this up on Brown vs Bryant? More provocative please?

    Let it be, None of your damn businesses anyways.

  57. ChucknorrisstarwarsandNBA says:

    Go Bulls!

  58. Rocky Nuyda says:

    It seems today’s sports is a superstar dictated affair. Gone are the Bobby Knight days when you were told to do this or do that, you did it, period. Today you have the likes of Kobe etc where they believe it is their right to be on the floor w/o the coach having a say. I say screw Kobe and his superstar mentality BS. I’m old school basketball where discipline reigns.

    • lolwut says:

      Last time I checked, Kobe never said he believed it’s his right to be on the floor without the coach having a say. He actually said the opposite -it’s the coache’s decision to make. I say screw you (:

  59. mars says:

    Johnny drove it home

  60. Smartest says:

    I think its great how Kobe took it. I’m just disappointed in Brown. He needs to play his team smartly

  61. Luke says:

    The benching of Bryant was odd, but I actually think Brown made the right move benching Bynum – a center who refuses to stop and admit he shouldn’t be jacking up three-pointers when he has no history of making them deserves to have a seat.

  62. emmx says:

    it proves that lakers are nothing without kobe

  63. Why37 says:

    i think it’s a little funny what happen but it shows alot for lakers they need kobe so much and it’s little sad i believe brown did that for other reason like. see if anyone else can win the game besides kobe the truth is no one can. lakers dont have any other power on that team to move forward look at that bench worst in the league. bec big picture here is lakers are not the team that will win a title kobe taking too many shots every game. who can really tell lakers would have won that game really kobe could have taken 10 shots and only hit 2.

  64. coach151 says:

    Everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill… It makes no difference to anyone what Coach Brown or Kobe Bryant does because YOU DON’T COUNT!!! If the Coach wants to bench a player for disciplinary reasons that’s HIS job… Trying to make sense of it is crazy, you people don’t really know why Kobe was benched, nor do you know if Coach Brown loss track of time… Stop all these accusations and innuendos, I’m a Laker fan through and through, and all I care about is the win loss column, the Lakers need to get better as a team, better bench play and yes I do believe Andrew is acting like the shunned litte brother who want attention from Daddy… But when you’re asking 24 year old to act grown-up, well that’s just not going to happen… Bynum is the future for the Lakers, Kobe has been our knight in shinning armor, and we have won more titles in the last ten years that any other NBA team, but in this world its always “what have you done lately”… Coach Brown has a right to coach his team without stupid critisism from the likes of you people… Gosh what is the expression… “It is better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”… Boy have I just removed alot doubt…

  65. middale says:

    let’s face it, the nba is a perfect example of the inmates running the asylum. kobe will always get what he wants, but he handles his situation better than most stars. i don’t think they would have won the game if he had been on the floor.

  66. The Worm 91 says:

    Coach Brown might want to see how his team handles that fourth quarter without Kobe Bryant. He wants them to know to win even without KB.

  67. Zpy says:

    John Schuhmann Kiddign right ? How can you treat one of the best players in the world the same as some crazy and funny guy whit diferents names ( Metta World Artest ) , or a new guy in town (Sessions) , Think about it John Schuhmann , you should chage your job I think you´ll be better as a joker man or clown . Use you logical thinking for a minute!, . And Talking about Popovich and Duncan , who have more rings kobe ? Popovich? or Duncan ?

  68. jaeward says:

    fire brown! he is not suited for the lakers. benching kobe on the 4th quarter is not an intelligent strategy.nobody in the right mind would do that hi iis just showing us that he is the new main man in the lakers but we all know his NOT!

  69. JC says:


  70. Superbabe says:


  71. KB24GOAT says:

    Mike Brown is a joke…. That Memphis game was within reach…(lost only by 6 pts) As a coach and a player, you do what’s needed to get the W…. Kobe is Not the one who needs to prove himself… Mike Brown’s system STILL isn’t truly working with either units and it’s evident by how we close out games and blow major leads.Yes Every player should be treated the same to a degree, but if that were completely the case then pay everyone the MLE…. Superstars are that for a reason. To try to make an example out of a player who is known to thrive in the 4th quarter is comical. Then to turn around the next game and bench our ONLY big man to try to prove another point, is plain STUPID. We almost lost that game because our interior defense(Bynum) was being punished. To coach Brown: Granted PJ’s shoes are big ones to fill but… use your brain dude!

    • John says:

      i totally agree.

      • steven says:

        lakers were closing the gap while kobe was benching (bynum was scoring during that run)..why cant kobe feed the bigs more when they have better FG%…i know he can make the impossible shot..but do that in late game..not the whole 4-30 or 9-30 against utah…if 15 of those go to bynum and gasol..might be gettin better result

    • rareair1 says:

      Don’t agree.
      Kobe was out of control that game. Yea the fans want to see Kobe perform a miracle (granted it has been done many times b4), but Kobe was trying to do too much, evident by the fact that when he went off Lakers got some fluidity back into their offence. Good move firstly. Secondly Bynum can not think he has the freedom to just come onto the court and jack up a three. That is not his job, he is not paid to do that, and if he wants to try it he’ll have to earn it by warming some pine until he can transfer making a few threes on the practice court to a game situation. Good move by Brown, and Kobe knew it too hence no reaction to the media. Smart Basketball by all involved!

    • Mino says:

      Blame the players first then the coach. You can command an army and win but you cant command a sack of potatoes and expect a win.

  72. Davi says:

    The decision wasn´t dumb or non-sense. It makes some sense. The sense that Mike Brown and the Lakers are lost. After 1.000 years being coached by the Dalai Lama of Basketball, they lost some key players and are trying to pick it up from that. Weird things are happening now that shouldn´t be happening. No one should bench Kobe, but everyone should bench Bynum( for the three he attempted ). So, you see, he was right in one decision and wrong in the other, maybe trying to prove something like: “Hey, who ever forces shots like crazy will be benched”. It works on Duke, Stanford and with a good Pistons team, but it doesn´ when are talking about Bryant, a guy who´s 5% away from Michael Jordan…, the internal will of Bryant of being the best player who ever player that ever played this game makes every benching and managing of minutes a monumental deal. Internally, people are thinking: Is he getting the 6th ring? Is he the God of Basketball ?
    Mike Brown should be careful with that. Jackson was aware of that and dealt pretty well in having good and bad seasons, but leaving Bryant with what he really needs: Play his minutes, make the playoffs, make amazing shots, win games, release dvd´s, and inspire people. The price of that is big: We have to see ugly shots and a lot of forced plays by Kobe, but in the end, nobody cares. we want to see those plays he made against Orland again, and we would pay the price of seeing an ugly Kobe through 1000 games, just to see that magic over sometime and somehow…

  73. sugriff2001 says:

    Well John Schuhmann, so far of what you’ve seen Mike Brown do with the Lakers, were YOU a member of the team, would YOU be able to respect his decisions and act professionally? The Lakers are a legend in the NBA under several different coaches. Are Mike Brown’s recent demonstrations of authority really necessary when one considers who he is dealing with and how many times he sat at home watching them play in the playoffs? Finals?? I believe Kobe acted professionally when trying to deal with the aftermath of Mike Brown’s actions that led to the loss to Memphis; I cannot say the same for Brown… and Memphis is certainly not HIS only defeat this year! Welcome Sessions!!! We miss you Fish!!!

  74. Angel says:

    If Brown wanted to benched Kobe, he shouldnt have done it in the 4th quarter, the lakers had the chance to win the game. People are saying he should Kobe, then he should of done that in games where the lakers were blowing out teams or already winning. i remember in some games where the lakers were winning and blowing teams out, yet brown kepts his starters in. that was a dumb decision there.

    • Jones17 says:

      Kobe was continually dribbling the ball around, turning the ball over and generally playing with no defence or effort (maybe due to tiredness). Lakers were down 14 points with under 6 minutes to go so very unlikely to win anyway. The only thing i can’t understand is why Brown put Kobe back into the game when we were on a good run without him.

  75. BelizeBoy says:

    John Schuhmann is right on point.

  76. RALPH says:


    • robcvel says:

      I want him to be fired also because he is messing up the laker team. Lakers lose either because of Pau Gasol or Mike Brown. Their previous coach retires because of Pau being veru soft like a gay. I like how their previous coach handle Lakers but because of Gasol he retires and now here comes Mike Brown who mess up also like Gasol.

  77. heatLatinofan says:

    John Schuhmann said it best. oh how i wish pop is coaching heat. Erik Spoelstra shouldn’t even be coaching college team it’s amaze me how he is still in miami.

    • jeff says:

      why do you hate coach spo? pls try to look at how he handled that team. no one can handle 3 superstars the way coach spo handles them. so give him some credit for sticking on his play, being a great leader and trusting his decisions. after all he is riley’s apprentice!

      • Kel says:

        No way, Doc Rivers handles multiple superstars as well as anyone. Were he coaching in Miami (god forbid), I bet the Heat would be a lock for the Finals.