Stoudemire’s Injury Could Affect Knicks Now … And Later

NEW YORK — When the New York Knicks signed Amar’e Stoudemire to a five-year, $100 million contract in July of 2010, it was clear that the deal would eventually become burdensome. Stoudemire had a history of knee injuries and also suffered a detached retina in 2009. So not only was his contract lucrative, but it was also uninsured.

That was the price the Knicks were willing to pay for a return to relevance. But is it already time for buyer’s remorse to kick in?

The Knicks announced Monday evening that Stoudemire is out indefinitely with a bulging disc in his back. The team picked up a big win over the Bucks at Madison Square Garden Monday night, giving themselves a 2 1/2 game lead for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. But Milwaukee will have an easier schedule from here on out, and Stoudemire’s absence will hurt New York over its final 16 games.

Stoudemire has always been a defensive liability, but also struggled offensively through the first two months of the season, with his recovery from last April’s back injury seemingly limiting his mobility. And just has he started to look more agile and productive (he was shooting 55 percent since the All-Star break), he goes down with his second back injury in less than a year.

Without him, the Knicks will have to win more with defense, as they did on Monday, when the two teams combined for 43 turnovers and 36 percent shooting. If Jared Jeffries, who has missed seven of the last 12 games with a knee injury, can return soon, he would help on that end. New York will also have to hope that Carmelo Anthony is able to play through the groin injury that he “tweaked” on Monday.

“Offensively, I’m not really worried about it,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Monday. “I think the system’s in place. If we can continue to be unselfish offensively, we’ll continue to make shots. Defensively, we’ve got to be there every night the rest of the way out.”

Beyond this season, the facts are this: Stoudemire is owed $65 million over three years. His contract is uninsured. And he’s suffered two back injuries in the last 11 months. The Magic 8 Ball says “Outlook not so good.”

Before you ask… No, the Knicks can’t use the amnesty clause to waive Stoudemire this summer, because they used it on Chauncey Billups in December. And no, there isn’t a team out there willing to trade for that contract.

In addition to Stoudemire, the Knicks have Anthony and Tyson Chandler under contract for the next three seasons. So they’ll have little financial flexibility in trying to build a supporting cast for their stars. And in the last two seasons of Stoudemire’s deal, they’ll be subject to a much more punitive luxury tax.

Right now, we don’t know how bad Stoudemire’s injury is. He reportedly traveled to Miami on Monday to get a second opinion. But it’s hard to imagine him returning before the end of the season, which is just a month away.

It’s just another plot twist in what has been a crazy year in New York. The Knicks are currently a playoff team, but there’s no telling how they’ll finish the season, dealing with another major change to their rotation.

“I’m just anxious,” Woodson said, “to see how guys are going to step in and play.”


  1. Andrea Smith says:

    If stat can’t comeback soon, Knicks will not be able to hold on to that 8th seed

    • Huh says:

      Amare won’t be that big of an impact. On the defensive end, if you have Jefferies starting with Chandler, then the defense would be A LOT better in the post. On the offensive end, you can run screens with Lin and Chandler for the vicious alley-oop or the line drive for Jeremy. Also, with Melo and J.R. Smith, you also have help on the offensive end, so no the Knick’s chances of getting the 8th seed isn’t really dependent on Amare. It’d help if he was still healthy, but the Knicks can easily get 8th seed without him.

  2. Minoltian says:

    I thought America wants to export their domestic product to China really bad. Now they finally have Lin, but they destroy their own product in the process and embrace unexportable products like Melo and Stat. Hmmm.

    • Huh says:

      Products? Try to replace that word with “athletes” and you’ll sound a lot less idiotic. As for America “wanting” to export their atheletes, you obviously didn’t pay attention to the lockout. Why would the owners want their potential stars to play overseas when they could be helping their team and the NBA over in the U.S.? The players CHOSE to play overseas because they didn’t know when this lockout would end. And how did the Knicks “destroy” their “products”? Did the coach take a baseball bat and smash it into Amare’s back? Atheletes getting injured is a normal thing, especially in a condensed schedule.

  3. Alex says:

    At least now they have a coach

    • Huh says:

      Yeah they have a coach, a defensive coach that has no idea what to do on offense. You’re actually going to trust Woodson when his primary offensive gameplan in Atlanta was: Joe Johnson iso, Joe Johnson iso, Joe Johnson iso, Horford in the post, Joe Johnson iso, Joe Johnson iso, Joe Johnson iso.

      Sure he’s winning for now, but honestly how hard is it to win a few games when you have the amount of talent that is on the Knicks? They’re playing better defense, but they’ll get nowhere when they go up against a defensive team, watch Woodson go back to his iso gameplan, except replace Johnson with Melo, and only get as far as the second round. The Knicks need to find a real coach and have Woodson as the defensive coordinator.

  4. EWes says:

    Can anyone say Allan Houston? tsk tsk….I feel bad for the Knicks…

  5. Will live and die a knick fan , No matter what they made this year an awesome year even though it was short haven’t felt this way since Starks and Ok, and Ewing were on board with Mason wish we had lin then

  6. Conor2L says:

    So good to be a Nuggets fan right now

  7. ACE77 says:

    J-Lin dis J-lin dat he’s an average pg. Every1 talks about da winning streak wen melo was out but u all forget 2 mention dat they lost 2 da lowly hornets with lin while melo was out. Wen melo came back they were playing tougher competition but clearly da coach was a bigger problem than any of da players. He just didnt know wat 2 do with all dat talent.

    • Huh says:

      First off, you sound like a real gangsta baller when you say replace the “th” in words with a “d,” you don’t sound ridiculous or uneducated at all. As for the losses to the Hornets, what playoff contending team haven’t loss to a terrible team? Golden State beat Miami, New Jersey beat Chicago, Washington beat OKC, and so on. Losses in a condensed schedule this year means absolutely nothing because most players aren’t used to this type of rugged season. Anyways, you are right about J-Lin being an average PG, but he has all-star potential if he continues to work hard and learn fast.

    • Huh says:

      Actually I am a Knicks fan and am hoping that they get far into the playoffs and eventually win a championship (it’s my appreciation for Tyson and all his hardwork to help get my Mavericks a ring). I don’t know what falir means, but if you’re meaning to say “fair,” then yeah they are fair comments.

  8. Jon says:

    Maybe a halt to deal-making won’t hurt the knicks. What good has it done them (or most any other team) in the past. The truth is they looked better in the games without either Anthony or Stoudemire in the lineup. They had chemistry. They lost it the second the stars came back to the rescue.

    • Huh says:

      That small run that J-Lin orchestrated were against primarily sub .500 teams. The team that they have (Lin, Chandler, Melo, and Amare) will easily take out any team in the east in the playoffs except for the Heat and Bulls. However, you can’t tell me that the Knicks without Melo and Amare can actually contend in the playoffs. As you CLEARLY see, after the league has seen how J-Lin operates and his skill sets, they countered it and had their defense adjusted to shut him down. In the playoffs in a 7 game series, it’ll be even worse for them when J-Lin is completely locked down, so who will he turn to when the team needs that 2nd and 3rd scorer that’ll create their own shot? Aside for J.R. Smith, the Knicks are filled with nothing but role players if you take the 2 superstars out of the equation. So… no that “chemistry” that they had won’t take them far. As for trades not helping teams, it has certainly helped the Lakers (Sessions), Rockets (Camby), and Nets (Wallace). If Boston had made a move for Kamin, then they would’ve easily become a legit contender again in the East. So your notion about teams needing to halt at the trading scene is ridiculous.

  9. Jay Singh says:

    Big Big Lose for the knicks but melo n j lin has to step up big scoring the ball and jared ans tyson has to play big on the defensive end and then we can go deep in playoffs

  10. Gianni says:

    amare is over… they just need tyson in shape and lin&melo to work together like westbrook and kd. that’s the key + the rest of the guys who are really good (jr, novak, iman). if they work together, nyk is totally unpredictable.

    pity we can’t trade amare for k_love. the team would be unstoppable then 😉

  11. new york knickererbockerer says:

    yes unfortunately for one of my favorite power forwards of the last 20 years i believe he is on his way out. last year you cant argue that he was the best power forward in the game, averaging 28 points and 8.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocks! he was an mvp condidate last year and after that injury he just looks slow and someone who is trying to avoid taking it down low and slamming it home for the monster dunk like vintage Amare. its disapointing especially being a knicks fan and an amare stoudemire fan.

    • Huh says:

      Best power forward? What’s your definition of best when it comes to a power forward? Kevin Love CLEARLY was the best power forward last season averaging 20.2 points and 15.2 rebounds per game, compared to 25.3 points and 8.2 rebounds per game (yes you had his stats incorrect). As one of my favorite basketball legends Charles Barkley mentioned, a power forward that gets close to 7 or less rebounds per game is a small forward LOL.

  12. About Time says:

    Everything Happens for Good ReasoN

  13. bossman says:

    remember jlin scoured 38 points on kobe! so dont act like he is irrelevant, knicks need him, they were loosers b4 he came in

  14. flangeman says:

    You gotta look at teams in their own conference. The 76ers are what they are deal with it. But the knicks should be pushing the Celtics around at this point. The nets I dont know but they got money to spend thats all I know. And the Raptors….that damn Casey I tell ya honestly I don’t even like to think about that team.

  15. eric says:

    Finally a little closure in Phoenix as to why they didn’t up their contract offer. He left because it was not long enough and also because it had injury stipends. Thought I might point out as well before the NY fans use this as an excuse, the Knicks have currently had a worse record than the Suns, even before Amare got injured! Ha, what a joke.

  16. news says:

    Amare is now a liability. Knicks has to utilize the rest of the players. JLin has a potential to make wins in the remaining 16 games before playoffs.

    • Huh says:

      J-Lin has potential to help the Knicks win ever since he was given serious minutes in February, let alone the last 16 games. It’ll be harder now without Stoudamire since he’s now left with Carmelo trying to iso. At least before Amare was injured, Lin could go with the pick n roll game with him, but with the opposing team not having to worry about that, good luck to Coach Woodson on drawing up some decent offensive plays against the tough opponents coming up.



  18. Goknicks! says:

    If they did not giving half of their roster for melo they would be much better than they are know

  19. Jumper says:

    Nicks will defet bulls in first round

  20. ArtificialDisc says:

    If Amare only has one bulging disc in his back, he should get to the best back surgeon he can find and schedule surgery to replace it with an artificial disc. They have been doing them in Germany for over 20 years with great success and the recovery time is remarkably quick. If he had the surgery within the next couple of weeks, it is actually possible that he could return for the playoff’s, if his rehab goes well. I had the same surgery in Dec. of 2006, but ended up with degenerating disc’s at 3 more levels, so I have to pursue further treatment to solve my problems, but if Amare only has the one bulging disc, the surgical replacement of it with an artificial disc could give him the quick recovery time and retain his flexibility. If he can’t make it back for the playoff’s this season, he would surely be back for the beginning of the season next year, if the surgery goes well and they can confirm that he does not have other back problems in addition to this bulging disc. My heart goes out to Amare, as there is no worse pain than what he is feeling right now.

  21. J says:

    Its alright for the knicks heres there starting line up

    Lin (shumpert)
    Smith (feilds)
    Novak <– adds a bit of fire power to the lineup
    Chandler <— has more of the paint to himself without amare clogging the lane.

  22. True Knick Fan says:

    Ralph add some facts to your hateraid how do you know the Knicks would lose in the first round again under any coach get real you aint no fortune teller

  23. charles says:

    The knicks over did it. All they needed was Chandler and Carmello. Stoudamire was unnecessary. The combination of a defensive force like chandler and one of the most offensively potent players in the history of the league in Carmello would have been more than ample when you got a bench of JR Smith and Baron Davis. Putting Stoudamire to the mix just confused them.

    • Huh says:

      Amare was the FIRST out of the three you mentioned to arrive in NYC, so actually the Knicks were adding into Stoudamire’s mix. Do you really think that the Nuggets would’ve taken Amare’s $100Mil contract in exchange for Melo when Denver already had Kenyon and Nene at the time? Nope. Last season, there was NO WAY Mark Cuban was giving up Chandler and most people thought that he would resign Tyson. It’s easy to say, the Knicks should do this and the Knicks shouldn’t have done that, but at the time Chandler wasn’t even available, so your notion that the Knicks shouldn’t have gotten Amare was ridiculous because a real center wasn’t even on the radar when it comes to availability.

      Since you seemed to have brought up unrealistic scenarios, I’ll bring one to you that’ll sound A LOT better. The Knicks shouldn’t have traded pretty much their entire roster for Melo and their team could look like this:

      – Lin
      – J.R. Smith
      – Landry Fields
      – Amare
      – Tyson Chandler

      – Raymond Felton
      – Steve Novak
      – Danilo Gallinari
      – Wilson Chandler
      – Tim Mozgov
      – Kenyon Martin would’ve chose this type of Knicks team over the Clippers.

      Now THAT is a potent team with a lot of depth.

  24. True Knick Fan says:


    Last time i checked your Bulls are simply front runners your Elite Point Guard will be shut down again when he faces Miami by Lecon James and look like he is ready to cry again going home and watching the rest of the playoffs like my Knicks if they get bumped. Your Bulls aint won no rings since Jordan so fall back

    • Huh says:

      The Bulls are front runners for a reason, because they know how to play defense with or without their MVP. And you said they’re “simply” front runners, if being a front runner is worded as “simply,” what word would you use for the Knicks who are battling for 8th seed? Exactly. Right now the Bulls are the big dog in the yard because their chances of winning isn’t dependent on their star player alone, unlike the Heat. Then you’re talking about rings, when was the last time the Knicks won a ring? ….Exactly, so you shouldn’t really be questioning Chicago’s franchise whatsoever, so you’re the one who needs to “fall back.”

  25. c4b00s3 says:

    if Amare’s contract is uninsured, does that not mean we can cut him loose?

  26. Ralph says:

    Knicks were looking to get bounced in the first round, regardless of any injuries. This is a team that doesn’t have the personnel to play any coherent style of basketball under any coach(No offense, Woodson). The Bucks would have taken the 8th seed anyway. That trade really gave them a lot of depth and they do one thing the Knicks don’t (or can’t): Play defense.

  27. Philip Wang says:

    Poor Amare!! I guess he shouldn’t have left Phoenix 2 years ago because Suns have an excellent medical squad. Look! Even Grant Hill has been fully recovery in which he never did when he was in Orlando. He used to have 4 ankle surgery and now he’s playing even better than he was in Orlando!! Please trade Amare back to Phoenix if Knicks feels that Amare is no longer the hope for their future! I really missed the time when Nash and Amare played Pick&Roll basketball

  28. Da BULLS!!! says:

    Look, im tired of you KNICKERBOCKER fans, you make me sick! The Knicks are done! First of all, Amare is out so there goes about 25% of your offense. Melo is playing hurt, and even if he was 100% he still shoots a terrible FG%, your PGs turn the ball over way too much! Speaking of your PGs, BD is way more injury prone than Amare is, so you better hope J-Lin comes back soon or you can find BD on the IR list soon! Speaking of J-Lin, the league has figured this kid out!! He looks super scared at times, and the ELITE PGs are licking their chops to play him….dont get me wrong, the kid can play…but he is average at best……sorry but again….the KNICKS are DONE!!

    • Huh says:

      Personally I want to see the Knicks do well in the playoffs because of Tyson Chandler (Mavs local here that appreciated his help). However, everything that you said is true and the people who argue otherwise is a complete moron who probably jumped on the Miami and Knicks bandwagons over the past 2 years. They’ll do better next year if they stay healthy and get more time to syncronize, but this year they’re without a doubt done for.

  29. blair56 says:

    Here comes Linsanity Pt.2 co-starring Carmelo Anthony, J.R Smith and Tyson Chandler. With special appearances by Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert.


    its so funny how so many people who post comments have no idea what there talking about, and clearly have recently become knick fans either since amare coming over or during the melo drama or during this new outbreak of “linsanity” go back to being lebron riders and learn a thing or two about basketball

    • Huh says:

      Yet in your rant you fail to prove that YOU actually know anything about basketball. Though you did let everyone know that you fail in grammar when using “there” instead of “they’re.”

  31. Bill says:

    The Allen Houston curse.

  32. rberitz says:

    hey guys are fun of knicks or just a player fan, the most important is their share the basket and win the game don’t compare the team players if that so it will not be a team anymore, look at bobcats……. and to cavs when they concentrate on players nor star player they start loosing….. all of them are the team all star……………

  33. NOTTS says:

    Stats injury really hurts.
    The guy is just having a horrible year.
    God bless him, hope he gets well soon.
    Not for basketball but for himself.

  34. Paolo Martini says:

    Look, let’s get past the language issues: not everyne writing in is first language English, but so what? Lin is, effectively, our only hope. Davis is SLOW and has limited lateral movement, which lets his man blow past him at will. he turns it over as much as Lin and will be of use off the bench now and again, but not much more. He won’t take us anywhere important, like into the second round. Like it or lump it, Lin’s our man. And so is Fields, by the way. If he and Shumpert can step up, and physically they are both impressive specimens, the Knicks can make a move on a higher spot. We can’t match up with Miami, and Chicago is also out of our reach unless Rose is out.

    • TTKIN says:

      Chicago thumped Miami without Rose so Im not sure the Knicks have a chacne then either, with Melo shooting like that and Chicago sporting one hell of a defense. then again, John Lucas III isnt going to have a career game every night, so they may have a chacne I suppose.

      • Bulls says:

        Neither is Lin lol. Jumping on the Lucas bandwagon is just about as ridiculous as jumping on the Lin bandwagon. Lucas has come up big for the Bulls but I wouldn’t act like he is our savior. People need to come back to reality. Reality is Lin has potential and with the right guidance and support can grow into a great player…maybe even a superstar PG.

  35. LINKIN says:

    Lin is a phenomenon that needs to be nurtured. If he ends up playing with veterans (a team like Boston), his superior intelligence will give him a crash course on how to play under pressure (like a degree in economics from harvard wasn’t). Also his talent will develop cause he is definitely conscious of his talents, and can easily improve within a short amount of time.

  36. Looks Bad says:

    Looking real bad for the Knicks right now…
    With Stoudmire out, they’re going to have a hard time with the upcoming opponents seeing as though they’re mostly top 6 teams. It’s highly possible they won’t make the playoffs now.

  37. BforBrandon says:

    Knicks have no chance at getting far in a playoff series without Amare. Honestly, I’d be suprised if they could even beat Boston without him in the line up.

  38. CHEETOH says:

    JLin was good while it lasted sad to say the guy is a Cinderella story he is not a franchise player..sad to say Melo and Amare are,what STAT lacks in defense and durability he makes up with pure talent…the guy showed he can score and take a team on his shoulders last year not until Melo came along…Melo is a ballhog his shooting percentage is so low I just wonder why they still give him the ball?If the Knicks are going to make it they need a whole lot of teamwork and defense

    • TTKIN says:

      sorry, who is STAT? Knicks fans say that name all the time and I have no clue who it is haha.

      • Philip Wang says:

        Hi I am a Chinese and a fan of Linsanity. First of all, I have to admit that there is nothing wrong with your comment about melo!!! But have you ever wondered that if Knick freeze Melo and take away his playing time or even put him on the bench, Knicks are wasting 18 million per year by signing this franchise player!! If Knicks had done that, that means the GM is telling the world and the media that he admit signing melo is a big mistake. From the salary standpoint, even though it can possibly be a mistake, the GM wouldn’t have done it. Even Jeremy Lin has been more effective than both franchise player on the court, as a coach or GM, they have to consider entire atmosphere on the team not just the chemistry that fits the best. That’s probably why it’s hard to coach this team in the long run.

  39. Mr. Johnny Blade says:

    That’s too bad. I really like what Stoudemire brings to the team in ability and character. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m crossing my fingers. GO KNICKS!

  40. hownottotrade says:

    The knicks weren’t relevant before the injury either. Sure, they’ll make the playoffs with this team, but they’ll never be a serious upset threat. Breaking the bank for two “superstars” who are totally absent defensively and show no willingness to learn was never going to end well.

  41. chad says:

    No Amare no problem!

    Starting lineup
    JR Smith (Lin can sub in when necessary)
    Baron Davis (Landry Fields)
    Tyson Chandler (Jared Jeffries for foul trouble)

    JR and Baron because they both can explode in offense and are big enough to not get pushed around when it comes to defense
    Novak in the 3 position because let’s be honest, he can shoot the three like there’s no tomorrow
    Carmelo in the 4 although some would argue against this. My reason is simple, agressive carmelo means more trips to the line, freeing him up for the jump shots as an option
    And Tyson needs no explanation.

    The Knicks will be fine just as long as the defense is willing to step up, like coach said.

    • TTKIN says:

      The only problem with Melo at the 4 is that he doesnt play defense too much as-is, so if hes playing every night against guys bigger than him, Im not sure he’ll try at all. I like the offensive mentality though. if hes being guarded by 4s, he’ll spread the floor allowing easier lobs for Chandler. and if the 4s decide not to guard him, you get 3 second violations left and right. But interior defense will be an issue as well as rebounding.

    • Joaquin says:

      That lineup is atrocious, Novak at the 3? what happens when he plays another 3 like Lebron or Paul Pierce? he will get owned when laying defense AND offense. Carmelo is not strong or tall enough to play the 4. other than that.. well I suppose it could work, Lin plays better when playing alongside Fields, Jeffries, etc.

  42. 24thesho says:

    The Knicks were doing just fine while Stoudemire and Melo were out before. Hate on J Lin if y’all want, but they were winning more with Lin, and although B Davis was injured and is a vet, it didn’t very look too good last night even with the win.

  43. 24trhesho says:

    The Knicks were doing just fine while Stoudemire and Melo were out before. Hate on J Lin if y’all want, but they were winning more with Lin, and although B Davis was injured and is a vet, it didn’t very look too good last night even with the win.

  44. TTKIN says:

    I’ll believe Lin is the savior to New York when he goes 10 straight games without a 6 TO performance. But hey he’s young so that WILL happen, just not this year I dont think. Considering all the contract talk in this article, I’m surprised there was no mention of how the Knicks may not be able to afford Jeremy Lin’s all-but-guaranteed raise. Which begs the question, how long will Lin stay in NY? Although I dont yet consider Lin a savior, I do consider the Knicks a no doubt loser team in the playoffs without him. Overall, I think every Knicks fan on earth and every fan of watching the game of basketball will agree…we need the Amare back who was playing MVP type basketball at the beginning of last year. Cuz honestly, watching him play this year has been completely boring. This season, Amare is comparing to Rashard Lewis a few years ago. A guy getting paid more than just about everyone but doing almost nothing for it. I know he aint gonna average 25 points anymore with Melo and Lin and JR, but he still needs to be a beast, and right now, a beast he is not…

  45. Anthony says:

    Guys, relax, I think t he knocks will be just fine. You are all forgetting that the Knicks were tight when Amare and Melo were both out. They have the pieces, guys will simply have to step up their game and play solid D for all 4 quarters!

    Chandler, Shump, JR, Lin, Fields, Jefferies, Novac … we will be just fine peeps 🙂

  46. Knickfan212 says:

    Never thought I’d say this but- Come back Jeffries we need you! Watching the defense lets us know how much Jared Jeffries is needed. No since fooling ourselves,Stoudemire is done. Atleast until the playoffs,maybe. I think he was hurt all the time that’s why he was playing so timid. Hope Melo isn’t hurt bad enough to keep him out.


    @ Any one who knows about basketball.

    Its clear whose to blame here.

    Knicks management!
    From the owner down to Mike Dumbtoni for burning out Stat last year.
    Just look at the minutes he gave them.

    78 36.8 25.3 9.5-19.0 .502 .1-.3 .435 6.1-7.7 .792
    Are you SERIOUS?

    Amar’e was in the top five scoring last season, finishing in sixth place for the year.
    He helped the Knicks make the playoffs. Before getting injured in the playoffs.
    When it come to injuries you never know, especially back injuries.
    We saw another great player end his career because of injuries to his knees.
    Lets hope Amar’e can at least come off the bench.

  48. MagicNicks says:

    I think if Melo can always play like he did last night. We should be ok.

  49. meloman7 says:

    lin is no kobe or lebron,he is just jeremy lin,period

  50. Melo says:

    With Stoudemire out we get to see the scoring Carmelo, the one who had back to back 39 pt games to get the Knicks into the playoffs then drop 42 on the great celtic defense with no Amare or Chauncy

  51. sol says:

    I think that Chauncey Billups’s contract ends this year. I think that his amnesty would end this year too. Therefore if Amare were to have long term damage to his back that would make him a liability with his huge contract, then the Knicks CAN amnesty Amare. Anyone have any thoughts? Is this correct?

    • TTKIN says:

      I thought teams only got 1 amnesty period, not a new one every time the contract is up? So I dont think they can amnesty him. that’s why teams are saving their amnesties right now, to use later. But c’mon, does anyone mind telling me how Rashard Lewis has NOT been amnestied yet? Worst contract in basketabll history and it’s still there. arenas at least had a 28ppg season before signing his.

  52. dtantale says:

    That is why Suns wanted Amare to sign an agreement if he were to get injured, he would only get a certain amount of money. Well it’s the Knicks problem now. He doesn’t work hard enough on keeping his body up to par with all the injures he has sustained in his career. Nash has back problems too but he is almost 40 and looking better then ever.

  53. nomatterwho says:

    Even if with the whole roaster….Nicks are such a poor team….reachin’ playoff and getting a loss at first round or not reaching playoff is the same….sincerly I cannot understand this emphasys for Lin (only a good role player, no more..)…..a poor team they were and a poor team they still remain….

    • runner44 says:

      NYK need Amare BIG-TIME, and that’s the truth!

      • Joseph says:

        NY needs the 07-08 season version of Amare, where he was averaging 25 points per game and making 59% of his shots. An 18-point per game, 48% shooting, minimal-defense version of Amare won’t make a whole lot of difference to this team.

  54. Zach says:

    No Amare=easier for Celtics to make playoffs

  55. Lucas Esandi says:

    Is there no chance they can get rid of him? He cannot afford to have the Knicks on his back! See ya at

  56. hadi says:

    there is no doubt that the knicks need lin but this article is about amare.. without amare the knicks dont stand a chance against the number one playoff seed (bulls) but if amare is healthy and ready to play come playoff time, were all in for a great show this year! the way the knicks have played the last couple of games really shows that they have what it takes..they have to share the ball and play defense and im sure their opponents would be in for a challenge! the knicks finally have a good all around team which i believe is a potential contender for the championship, it would be sad to see it all fall apart because of injuries..maybe the coaching staff should start considering resting their superstar players and let players off the bench ease the pressure

  57. N22 says:

    I’m a Lin fan but what’s the point for mentioning Lin in this article? It’s not about Lin here.

  58. flip says:

    I think they shouldnt worry all that much, i mean if they do make the playoffs its not like they can win. next season theyll still be good.. still have melo amare and chandler, my real worry right now for them is jeremy lin, with their lack of money, i think theyll lose him this summer to teams who have the money to sign lin to a good deal.

  59. nonbiased fan says:

    aw man! just when the knicks are starting to look good. guys from the bench have to step up, this is their chance to get recognized. i feel really bad for the guys, i hope that some Jeremy Lin type of miracle will happen yet again

  60. andrei says:

    these NBA experts called them one of the deepest teams……….

  61. Ibrahim says:

    Knicks are an unpredictable teamm! No doubt! They lose to the easiest teams and beat the hardest team. You never know when they’ll click or not. Maybe Amar’e getting injured brightened the future for the Knicks… you never knoww!

    • MagicNicks says:

      LOL.. Come to think of it. You are right.

    • KC says:

      It’s possible I suppose. But Amare had started giving them reliable, efficient offense before his injury. Of course that’s because he’s doing most of his damage in the paint, but without such a strong inside presence other guys are going to have a lot harder time getting wide open looks. The game is played inside-out, and Amare was taking care of business inside. Thank goodness they have Tyson Chandler to hold down the floor in the frontcourt or the Knicks would seriously be hurting.

  62. pekpek says:

    @JLin17 – read the title… it’s about amare’s injury, not lin’s injury…

  63. willie says:

    with no money flexibility, this is jeremy lin’s last year in NY…. see him get snatched by another team in a multi-million $ deal next season…

  64. BIGMatta23 says:

    Some GM’s have no idea what the hell they are doing.

  65. To be able to get into the play off,Jeremy Lin should be given more important than those superstar players who always have injuries,New York Team Owner should wake up.Its time to give more playing time on rookie players with the guidance of my sensational idol Jeremy Lin,

    • Philly Ray says:

      Get the play off, or get the ball to the other team? Linsanity was full of BS, luck and turnovers OH THE TURNOVERS. Let a real player get some time i.e Baron Davis.

    • Huh says:


      How do you give someone “important”? And also, how is it even fair that you’re comparing the health issues of superstars who have been in the league for MANY years to a 2nd year player who hasn’t logged a serious amount of minutes until Februrary of 2012? Sure Stoudamire is injured again, but he’s been logging big minutes far longer than J-Lin. Also, why are you calling out the Knicks’ owner? Playing time is up to the coach, so hop off your Linsanity bandwagon and put your Wizards jersey back on, because if you were an intelligent NBA fan, you’d put up better comments or arguments than that.

      • WIZZZZARD? says:


      • Huh says:

        Thank you Mr. Obvious, which is why only a moron would support the team’s lack of leadership, lack of defense, lack of offense, and lack of entertainment value (aside from their bloopers).

        Although, thanks for being a good example showing everyone that there are idiots who don’t support the Wizards too.

  66. you should mention Jeremy Lin who is much important than those dis able superstar like stoudamire and carmelo anthony.Jeremy Lin my idol should be given more playing time so as to give encouragement to rookie players like field,jeffries and novak

    • MagicNicks says:

      Totally agree with you!

      • Huh says:

        Fields, Jefferies, and Novak are rookie players? Let’s see.. Fields is in his 2nd year, Novak is in his 6th year, and Jefferies is in his 10th year… so how are they rookie players? Novak and Jefferies have been role players their entire career and if they aren’t “encouraged” to play well when they have 2 superstar players and a defensive monster in Chandler, then they need to go to the D-League and make room for players who doesn’t need a reason to play well.

        Hop off the J-Lin bandwagon, you probably didn’t know who he was until the hype began, which is obvious to tell when you spit out this much garbage.

        Also, J-Lin is only important to the Knicks because they NEED a good point guard, if you’re telling us that J-Lin can carry the Knicks past the Heat or Bulls WITHOUT Stoudamire and Anthony, then you NEED to get ran over by the Linsanity bandwagon due to your stupidity. You actually make Linsanity look bad with dumb comments.

    • jebac says:

      you are both dumb

      • daddycardona says:

        Um this is hilarious but I did not know Lin until he got playing time, but then i didnt even know the whole team until Lin. Knew they had Amare, melo, and chandler and oh yeah walker. I think I have Linfever too but thats because he lead them through 7 straight wins, so yeah maybe he can go and do it but definately not without the presence of at least chandler. I like how they said rookies, lol, Jeffries first team i think was the Knicks they got him back so that was funny as heck. Any ways I dont care who leads us but I want my Knicks to win, and to let you know how loyal i was I use to rock Ewing’s when everyone else rocked Jordans LOL. I just where Nike’s now.

    • JPrez says:

      none of the 3 players are rookies

  67. PennyAnd1 says:

    Poor Amare… I wish him the best. A good teammate & unselfish player. He will always be remembered here in Phoenix . Phoenix GM wes right about him.

  68. JLinOVER says:

    That’s because Linsanity is OVER!

  69. joseh nohel ferrer says:


  70. JLin17 says:

    No mention of Jeremy Lin in a Knicks article, that’s disrespectful.

    • LOL says:

      JLin is ok, his injury is not that bad. What Knicks fans needs to worry about is Amare who is a big puzzle for them. When you’re ‘indefinitely out’ because of injury, you can likely compare it to Rubio or Billups’s situation but only a 50/50 chance to comeback and play this season.

  71. newyorksteelo says: