‘Pothole’ Time For The Heat

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Miami Heat have won 14 straight home games. The Miami Heat have also lost six of their last eight road games, including two in the last two nights.

Whether they were suffering a hangover from Sunday’s “Finals preview” in Oklahoma City or not, Monday’s 105-90 loss in Indiana was maybe the Heat’s worst effort of the season. And now’s not the time of year to be saying that.

Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald has the story from Indianapolis

“It’s that time of year for us to hit a little pothole in the road,” said Heat guard Dwyane Wade, who finished with 24 points, six assists, five rebounds, and four blocks. “We have to make the adjustment before we get back to playing on Thursday.”

The Heat is 8-6 since the All-Star break and has lost two in a row. If Monday’s blowout loss to Oklahoma City didn’t signal the panic alarms, Tuesday’s rout by the Pacers sounded like an emergency siren.

The Heat is playing its worst basketball of the season with a month remaining until the playoffs.

Overall, the Heat have been struggling offensively, with the 20th-ranked offense since the All-Star break. But looking specifically at their six road losses since the break, their defense has been even worse. Although the Heat turned the ball over 38 times in the span of 27 hours, Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com’s Heat Index believes the team’s malaise is more about energy than execution

The Heat are a team that wants to play fast and loose. They want to break teams’ spirits. Not just through a whole game but for games on end. For entire playoff series, for that matter. That’s how they have chosen to play this season with this collection of talent. This is not a team that “grinds the game,” to use a popular coaching phrase. A lot of the time, it has worked.

Yet as they sit three and a half games back of the Bulls and four games ahead of the Orlando Magic in the East standings while playing a road-heavy portion of the schedule, the Heat don’t seem to have a lot of motivation to keep that up right now.

It’s apparent even when playing playoff-caliber opponents like the Thunder and Pacers. They’ve won 13 in a row at home, where energy historically comes easier at all levels of the game, but on the road they just aren’t showing a great deal of passion.

Though the Chicago Bulls also got blown out on Monday night, they’ve clearly done a better job of keeping their foot on the pedal this season. But the Heat went through a similar stretch with a little over a month left in the season in 2010-11 when they lost five straight. By the time the playoffs rolled around, they were firing on all cylinders.

Will this season be any different?


  1. welcome back to reality says:

    @Joe stop hatin man we all are basketball fans we should love and respect this guys that gives their all practicing, studying plays, playing every given night even on holidays being away from their love ones, that reason alone should be enough reason for us to give them respect.. and about the heat, they don’t need to panic they just need to come back to their own selves give 101% of their effort (if they wnt to chase bulls at top spot) or play aggressive but cautious of injuries at this point of the season (if they are alright with wer they stand and think they can beat the bulls again w/o homecourt advantage).. teams in the nba are just too good for us to give okc,bulls,heat the title already, any team can beat any other team in any given night (we are all witnesses of great upset stories aren’t we?) .. so right now heat dont need to panic, just go out there play their game and stick to the plan and play spo’s system which is not bad at all (bcoz if it is they won’t be reaching the finals last season) so heat fans need that are asking to fire spo should also take it easy coz spo is not a bad coach and they don’t need to put the blame on him (do you even feel 1% of the pressure spo is feeling night in and night out coaching a team with too much talent and have a fear of not maximizing that talent to it’s full potential) spo just learned how to handle the heat and handle them well.. im a big heat fan but it’s unfair to put all the blame on spo specially on the last 2 losses which i think the players themselves should put the blame on theirselves not playing aggressive as they wer all season long.. but to me heat will do good come playoff time and i think every opponent knicks, orlando, boston or bulls whoever team they will face will be tough but i’ll still stick to heat all the way and LBJ, oh yeah 3rd MVP of his career on the way baby..

  2. Joe says:

    Le Brick James is probably THE MOST HYPED UP, THE MOST OVERRATED player in history of all sports

    • Huh says:

      The most hyped? Yeah. The most overrated? No. Look at his stats and his abilities, he is living up to his hype and his physical condition and basketball skills are definitely one of the best in NBA history. That, the guy name “Joe” who needs to go back to NASCAR and put his Wizards jersey back on, is not overrated.

  3. Rich says:

    No way Mavs can beat the Heat this time – Because the Heat won’t even make it to the Finals !

  4. bull says:




  5. bull says:

    this is really dumb! season games loses important????/ jahahhaa!!

    MIAMI FAN’S! HELP LBJ with this ill mannered/ nonsense haters.. they rili can affect him! its their strategy guys! lets motivate him.. thers no way that some1 cud be btr than WADE and LBJ if theyr not tired!

    and plsssssssss BOSH, turiaf, BIGMENS!! STEP UP AND PLAY LIKE A REAL MAN.. let the other guy score were they are good at. play some defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    watch out for battier, miller and james jones in the play off. goodluck! Bwaah!!!!

  6. SPO must GO!!! says:

    The heat will never win a championship with Spo. He needs to go. PERIOD. End of discussion. All the heat fans should go to game and have signs saying SPO must GO!!!! And chant that the whole game. I could coach that team better than him. No coach should never have Lebron on the team and not have him going for 30+ points every night. He has so much talent and can get that in his sleep. The past few games hes been getting 14, 17, 20. What the hell is that? He would never be on my team scoring that BS. I would bench him for sure, if he didnt play like hes going for 30+ points. He should easily have won MVP this season but since allstar break, hes no where in the race in my opinion anymore. Kobe, Durant or Kevin Love looks better since the allstar break. Rose isnt even in the conversation because he hasnt even played this season. Lebron needs to dominate for 3 quarters and sit in the fourth since he can finish or show up in the 4th. And coach needs to play Eddie Curry, he cant step up if he isnt in the game. Like really Spo, Dexter Pittman starting in a game. Hes a big body but definitely needs more work before starting. Once again SPO must GO!!! And James Jones no playing time. You know whats next. SPO must GO!!!

  7. prix DAD says:

    the way i see it , miami only got 2 choices
    1 – pat fire spo and take over the coaching
    2 – hire another coach

    Phil Jackson is out there but he won’t coach miami, cuz he is known as greatest coach ever and his ego won’t let him work under another one of greatest coaches (pat)

    Jeff Van Guny is a very good coach (way better than spo) but he won’t coach heat cuz jeff and heat got history and he’s a knicks at heart so he won’t work for heat (possibly he will be back coaching knicks next season)

    so the only choice miami got is to beg jerry sloan to join

  8. Chong Han says:

    Change the coach, everything will be fine.

    Shane shouldn’t be shooting 3s.
    James Jones should be the one
    Norris Cole needs more playing time
    Joel Anthony is not performing up to standard yet is still a starter
    Big 3 needs to rest, Spoe should let them rest, or even play 2 quarter of a game the most. you have UD to substitute Bosh, James Jones/Battier to take LBJ, and Norris Cole to step up for D-Wade

    Turiaf is good, and if the coach really pushes him to his maximum level, I think he can be compared to Nene.

  9. Jack says:

    here we go again,..last year all the fuss and the buzz surrounding the big 3 of the heat all went up to the rafters of each nba coliseum, media people most of them said miami will not even make it to the playoff,…miami will lost to the bulls because they were down 0-4 against them in the reg. season,…what happened?? it all went out against those negative comments and predictions of the many, called experts in basketball. the heat won against the bulls, and they were short against the very determined mavs team….they are just into slump right now i believe, all of us basketball fans will see different heat team this season, …for you basketball writers and critics, youll berejoicing if miami will lost in the playoffs again as you predicted!!

  10. jan279 says:

    I think the Heat don’t need any revisions on their roster, their roster is deep enough to win the NBA title, they look like a poor man’s ’90s Bulls. You have your Jordan who can’t close games in LeBron, your “kinda like Pippen” in Wade, your occasional Rodman in Bosh, Chalmers and all those shooters in the bench comparable to Kerr, Paxson, Hodges and Armstrong and now, the addition of a poor man’s Kukoc in Shane Battier. You know what the Heat need? A GOOD COACH! Under Coach Spo, this Heat team just can’t unleash their full potential as a team! They should have the best record in the league right now if it weren’t for Mr. Spo’s stupid rotations and mediocre plays!

  11. Trixie I love you says:

    its just a 2 game slump….. take it easy, just like in the start when the Heat lost consecutive games

  12. AL says:

    ill suggest that Heat could get a new head coach that can manipulate and strategize well in the game and coach spo would be at the coaching staff. For example like Phil Jackson or maybe Mr. Pat Riley so that this team could get a ring for the rest of the season starting 2011-2012 season. This could be a great move of the Heat right now or Coach Spo. would do better and greater on coaching this gigantic team.

  13. Choker says:

    Heat were great and poised but the thing is and the problems are: Mike Miller being inconsistent, Joel Anthony not much defense, LBJ having lots of missed shots, Turnovers that lead to fastbreak points, Shane Battier not much defense nor offense from him, Cole not the same rookie we saw just like in the first half of the season, Not much ball movement Heat players keep the ball for themselves, hustle plays lessened, foul troubles and most of all they forgot how to defend once again

  14. gkd says:

    better watch this guyzz :))

  15. elliott32 says:

    what a great comment by cm punk, ” lebron is the reason the heat never win the championship” wow lebron has played one year with the heat and they got to the finals. man they never win with lebron its his fault! what a joke!

  16. Miami Miami says:

    Heat cant play under the basket, all the points are from the fast-break points and mid and long shoots. So, they have to use turiaf and curry more.
    Why the Wade and James cant play like how they were start this season? In December, they are going to smart, getting the points too easy. But, in March, they are different. So, LBJ must be get a rest and Spoelstra use James Jones and other players much…

    Go, Heat. I hope LBJ to win the title this year. If you win the ring just one more time, you can feel more smart than today, So you will be more rings.

  17. y so serious says:

    More and more i see Lebron, I see scottie pippen. I admire his defense. A lockdown defense at any position he’s guarding. Honestly, Dwight gets attention for DPY because of his supreme rebounding ability and size to cause disturbance in paint, but Lebron is more all around defender. To me, LBJ plays in superstar role (because he was the man up until last year) while he possess characteristics of a facilitator like scottie. The reason that they are not winning championship is first Wade is nowhere near the level of MJ, and their superstars get confused in their roles

  18. XSP17 says:

    I’m a diehard Heat fan. I just don’t understand how come Eric Spolestra isn’t getting any criticism for the team’s offensive woes. They are still having the same problems last year. They’re the only elite team that plays 1 on 5. There’s no ball movement or body movement. I believe they’re struggling now mentally because their lack of offensive prowess is affecting their defense. I just don’t think Spolestra is right coach for this team. I believe subconciously they view him as having a lack of toughness and someone that has not been through the trenches. He was a video coordinator. Despite their problems in the finals last year, I strongly believe a coach like Doc Rivers would have gotten them that title last year. I know coaches coach and players play but in the playoffs, coaches mean A LOT.

  19. PSYC says:

    Oh Prix, your complete ignorance never ceases to amaze. The Heat will be a force come play-offs, no doubt about it- one foot already in the conference finals. I’m just happy my thunder have shown the ability to put them away…bring on the paly-offs

  20. PSYC says:

    Oh Prix, your complete ignorance never ceases to amaze

  21. gsabog says:

    my top 5 most overrated players:

    1. LBJ
    2. D Howard
    3. C Anthony / A Stoudemire
    4. C Bosh
    5. J Johnson

    they are good players….hands down!!! but these players are only good in regular season.
    they crack under pressure, i.e. playoffs /or (finals if they even reach this stage….highly doubtful)

  22. KB says:

    Miami Debe de jugar mas agresivo lebron y wade deben de tirar mas de media distancia ..solo quieren hacer los puntos en penetracion… y lebron no debe de tener tanto el balon si lo va a pasar al final..

  23. cm punk says:

    trade lebron to kobe bryan or kevin durant or even kevin love then wade and bosh can have their championship lebron is the reason why heat is always loosing and not winning championship

  24. Charles Howell says:

    the miami heat are fine they are just hitting a bump in the road just like every team in the league does every year it happens. heat are going to turn it around with a win vs dallas thursday. and for the record it will be the heat vs lakers this yr because okc doesnt have good enough defense like la has with bynum and gasol. and just because they won vs the heat dont mean nothing. they were just hitting everything that night they dont blow teams out like miami on the regular. and lebron will do better in the finals this yr then last yr and dwyane wade will win finals mvp cuz his is a clutch shooter just as kobe

  25. HeatFTW! says:

    When the Heat get Miller back, they’ll be fine. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND- the ended the season last year on a skid, then took off in the play-offs. I say they’ll be fine.

  26. Toro says:

    They don’t make plays, rollin the ball over perimiter depriving themselves the opportunity to give position to the big man inside and also no chance 4 rebs, trust in Joel abilities damn, make him do some shots so the opponents’ coaches woul’ve got something to stat about, and not only stopping LBJ or DW penetrating inside. SPO should make some mo rotations, give the B3 second breath and build up hunger for game, giving turiaf haslem mario cole chance to step up, but those r his decisions. Remember there were periods like that, when other teams cought’em on penetration in early dec, and know on fast break after Allstar.

  27. Xavier says:

    it isnt happening, riley doesnt want to coach and i dont see spoelstra leaving either. Dont worry about it, this is like their preseason, like critics say, “it doesnt matter what lebron or the heat do in the regular season, i want to see it in the playoffs”. well it doesnt matter if the heat lose a couple of games in the season because i sure it isnt happening in the playoffs

  28. Joe says:

    Heat can destroy anyone any team put in front of them. The physical play of of Wade and James on both sides of the floor is too much to be stopped. However, ames often stumbles over mental road blocks, getting caught up in what the media or other people around him say instead of just focusing on winning. LBJ on the Cavaliers, barring his quarter final meltdown, played very well carrying a mediocre team far into the playoffs several years. This is the year where if LBJ has his mind right the Heat can win the championship easily. After winning 1x they will have the confidence to win at least 2x to 3x more titles in the next five years. However, if this year falls short, as a result of LBJ’s poor play be prepared for the distraction that will follow. They will have a new coach and likely rumors will surface of either superstar wanting out for a chance to play with Howard on the Nets, Dallas, or wherever he winds up. The future hinges on them winning this year if they want to avoid a potential demolition of the team.

  29. ThunderFan says:

    @BFoulds You say the spurs are always good in the playoffs (except last year), but they’ve been outed in the first round two of the last three years. The spurs are old and become run down at the end of the season come playoff time.

  30. dominicano Rafael Radney says:

    i think that is not important to lose those game, for the simple fact, that miami heat is going to clasify to the playoff, so, in that case, the importan thing is to see what problem they have and fix it, but, is not a reason to be alarm, that they have lost two game. Miami is my team and I support them always, they just need to watch the videos and to improve a little bit more with their defense, and they are going to win.

  31. charles says:

    The heat have alot of talent. But they need to be more creative in their schemes against different teams. IT’s not sufficient to gather up talented people to win a championship. You need more than that. Perhaps the siren alarm will trigger Riley taking over the helm?

  32. Im so happy because this lose will make heat learn to focus for the rest of the season. The Heat in my opinion are tired and it ´s obvious because short-season but Im sure they will recover next games further.
    Lebron and Wade in different teams in future? no sense, dont have the practice.

  33. Da BULLS!!! says:

    Heat fans…you guys make me laugh! Can you guys tell that DWade is already getting sick of LBJ??? You can see it all over his face…! When these guys lose to the Bulls in the playoffs…mark my words that either Wade or LBJ will not be playing for your beloved heat next year…MARK MY WORDS!!

    • NameOn says:

      Yes, cause theyre totally not close friends. Such a stupid statement. “You can see it all over his face” Meh, idont believe the whole stereotyping of fans but seriously some bull fans just love brain farting.

    • #6 says:

      “Can see it all over his face”? LMAO
      LeBron and Dwyane didn’t take pay cuts for nothing.
      The only thing I see on Dwyane’s face is competitiveness to perform better than LeBron.
      Even if they lose this year, I’m sure they’ll still be on the Heat.
      If anything, I could imagine Chris getting traded for the Heat to get better Forwards or a Center.

  34. HEAT says:

    I honestly think with a new and better coach, everything will be alot better for the Heat. This team lacks identity especially on the offensive end. I really don’t see what Riley sees in Spoelstra. What can spoelstra bring to the table that any other coaches can’t? I tried thinking but I really can’t come up with anything. Can you?

  35. #6 says:

    If Miami doesn’t win this post season, Spoelstra must go.
    Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers should coach Miami and wonders will happen.
    It definitely is depressing to watch the Heat be so care free at times.

  36. lbj is just struggling right now. but wait for him to get back on his throne, and the he’ll have the mvp and finals mvp by the end of the season.

    and by the way even though i’m a heat fat and i think lebron’s better, durant has been ballin out.

  37. Gardel says:

    This hump will be over as soon as Miller get’s healthy, and Chalmers starts making those wide open three’s.

  38. prix says:


  39. Heatfanhialeah says:

    Is obvious that Joel is not a center at NBA level specially if you to have to match him with the regular centers of the others teams but anyways Pat’s puppet(SPOmierda) keep going and going using him instead of Turiaff or Pittman.
    In the other hand is evident that Cole need some rest to cooling down and SPO..may use Terrel Harris in his place, who did not do that bad when he was allowed to play. Also Pat and his puppet keep believing that Bosh can play as a center.. but I have news for you gentleman, Bosh never was and never will be a center simple as that his bio-type is to light for that position is like pretending that you can match Manny pacqiao against Joe Frazier…
    The other great combination often used is when they put together in the middle of the game Haslem – Joel which is a combination to defend some specifically play with high defense but not to run the clock and see how the advantage previously accumulated just vanished away…Why do you need to do that over and over….They are good defensibly but but their skills to attack the rim are sad to watch..
    Also Mr.SPOmierda must shows more character with the referees (and not smile all the time) when they killing your team with bad or no calls against your team. and is not a matter to became a permanent fighter against referees but show to the world that you care !!!
    My theory is that they know all of this because I do not believe that I know more basketball than any of them but why they do not fix those problems is a mystery.. If they do fix them there is no better team in my opinion for the playoffs otherwise Bulls or Oklahoma will,be the next champions…

  40. Ivan says:

    This isnt a big deal. This is the heats first slump of the season. I think we all should know that they will pick it up at the least within the next couple of games, if not within the next 3 or 4. The condensed schedule has been tough and its starting to take a toll on them. I think well win the championship but even if we win it, we need a new coach. Spoelstra is not tough enough i think and his player rotations STINK!. Turiaf should be starting for now at C. If eddy curry ever gets anywhere near to his form from 4 years ago, you can say bye bye to joel anthonys minutes. i think eddy curry will regain his form.

  41. Sam says:

    Heat should be worried. Other teams have gotten deep and stronger. Heat has no depth, no real center presence and few hog the ball.

  42. john says:

    guys relax we will see the real game at play off….all the strategy and skill must show down..Im agree that Heat trying to stay on 2nd place because NYK is are very tough team as well if you compare to Boston they are getting old now……………..NYK team is very dangerous just bare it…..well OKC team were not really sure at west..Lakers and MAVS are very good team they build a very good players….we will see how far they goes..unlike Heat they are worst team last year but they play on final…Chicago and Heat will face again at finals on East conference…

  43. INDRAEAZY says:

    The carelessness of our play has increased to a level of uncomfort. All great teams have a slump during the season which is fine. It is not that we are losing but HOW we are losing that creates concern. I do feel like Spo needs to re-evaluate his defensive rotations so that we are playing to our strengths rather than the other teams. He needs to give Ronny the opportunity to finish a game out and see how he does, and then decide (dependant on who we are playing) whether to close out the game with Ronny or Shane. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole need to step up their game, and Joel Anthony needs to shoot the ball regardless to show opponents that he is not afraid of offense….

  44. Lebron says:

    Nobody Talked About OKC Losing Like 3 Home Games And What Has KD Even Done…He A Great PLayer But He Hasnt Done Anything But Won A Scoring Title

    • MV3 says:

      and so as LeChoke, he aint got no ring. Durant is the MVP and Wade is the finals MVP

    • Huh says:

      Look at the career of both LeBron and KD. LeBron has been in the league 4 years longer than KD and what has LeBron done during that time? Get some scoring titles and get eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals and swept in the Finals with Cleveland? By the way, LBJ is in the EASTERN CONFERENCE, the competition there is little to none except for 3 teams. Now he has to team up with D-Wade and Bosh to even compete for a title, whereas KD is still with the same team that drafted him and the ownership acquired key players to surround him.

      Look at KD, in his first 4 years he’s won 1 scoring title, took the Thunder to the Eastern Conference Finals, and almost beat the Laker’s the year before that. That is a lot more progress and a lot more impressive with the garbage team that he had in the first 2-3 years of his career (the time when Westbrook was still an average player rather than an all-star player).

      So for you to even say Durant has done nothing is ridiculous. Put your Wizards jersey back on and go back to NASCAR scrub.

  45. spottyhearns says:

    The lakers will lose in the first round if they play memphis. the miami heat will play chicago and most likely win in the eastern conference finals.( which is unfortunate for me). okc will play memphis in the western conference finals. okc will win. okc vs the heat nba finals and the winner will be whoever plays better defensive. Lebron can’t stop durant which was seen on sunday and in the summer at the Dru league.( durant 51 pts. on lebron wowww)….

  46. BFoulds says:

    Spurs and Bulls in the finals. OKC > Heat, and Spurs > OKC (2-0 this season). You may say regular season games don’t matter, but we all know how good the Spurs are usually in the playoffs (minus last years playoffs).

    I doubt the heat will be able to handle the Bulls in a 7 game series this year.

  47. faizan says:

    miami shouldnt panic they should try to feed bosh little more and let lebron and wade post up they need to play harder and get transition points

  48. p-man says:

    LOL @ miami fans!! yeah as a bulls fan i hope they play the knicks because without amari and there lack of playoff experience they will be a breeze! and yeah goodluck miami with boston LMAO!

  49. AnnoYouLater says:

    LBJ is cursed…he will never win a championship….

  50. Nik says:

    The whole heat team is on a slump, noone is shooting like they used too. Dwyane wade and LBJ can’t do everything, bosh is inconsistent, and Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers have become offensive liabilities. However, Spo can’t put James Jones in because he is a defensive liability.

    They will figure things out, players will get out of their shooting slump and the heat will be right back on track.

  51. Sideliner says:

    Yeah, everyone hits a pothole…this is a dumb article for that reason. Even the best in the league have poor stretches–yes, Lebron, Kobe, Durant, they do all have bad spans. But, even when they’re struggling, they put in 14-18 points. Miami’s problem right now is inconsistent play off their bench. I still think Miami will win in the Eastern Conference, but there are teams, Indiana for example, that aren’t at the top, but do have a lot of talent and potential–they’re going to play hard to beat the Heat. And let’s face it, these blowout losses have been to Indiana and OKC, two of the best teams in the league–OKC arguably the best, note that I said arguably.
    If these blowouts had been against teams like Detroit or Washington, I think the Heat might really want to do some rethinking. But, let’s be honest, these losses are not that big of a deal: it’s better for them to lose and not take the first place seed: who wants to end up against Tyson Chandler, Melo, and Lin in the first round?

  52. Staticy says:

    It is a concern. If KD doesnt have Defense, how did they manage to win the game the other night. It was mostly defense than offense. They got the stops which led to easy baskets on the other end. The heat spent way too much on the big 3 but the big 3 werent able to deliver what was expected of them.

  53. TheTruth says:

    It may be Spoelstra, I often feel they try to force stuff. They should have a better half court game and that´s the Coachs responsability. @Heatfan, The big three make about 4 million less a year, than Noah, Rose & Boozer, yet they have Deng and Hamilton.
    A better Big Man or a true PG could help them to make their offense more diversificated.
    Great team though. Hope they´ll improve this month.

  54. kobe says:

    NOT a Heat fan but its just a bump in the road..playoffs are right around the corner but they have to be concerned with the way they r playing…as it stands they would have to go on the road to win a championship( bulls okc) ..the problem is the bench..james wade bosh account for 70% of offense..they have no inside game..they need to get other players involved..but they will b ok..i think

  55. jinx says:

    i bet OKC will be the NBA champions. no offense to all miami fans.

  56. Law064 says:

    Defensive player of the year?? Are you serious?? SMH FYI KD plays pretty good D I’m not sure if you’ve been watching him play but he has good D

  57. Emmanuel says:

    I think at the end of the regular season Miami is gonna be in 3rd place, Orlando in 2nd and Chicago in first. This is just looking at everyones schedule.

  58. Mehyar says:

    @Yeaahhh, Kevin Durant has no defense? You obviously have not been watching any OKC games so i suggest you don’t make comments unless you know your facts. What happens in OKC does mean something. If the Heat continue to struggle and OKC continues to win big games against playoff teams then who do you think there going to give the mvp to? I’ll tell you this it wont be the self proclaimed King.

  59. Rog says:

    The heat are an amazing team, I’m a fan and i love to see them play well. These 2 games they just played bad, shots weren’t going down, and when the other team is playing near its best then the heat can lose, as can every team in the NBA.

    Even the worst teams in the league can have a great game and burn you, just the way it goes. For now none of it matters, the playoffs are key and at the mo its boston or NY first round, i think the heat will take down either team without much fuss.

    Its games against premier teams like OKC where the Heat will show a weakness, at which point coach Spo needs to address his team a little better and take control of the way we play.

  60. K says:

    It’s so frustrating to watch the Heat play right now! They just look lost! The only scoring right now is coming from the big three and that’s not consistent; meaning, you don’t get it from all three every single game. They look tried! The fact that every team brings their “A” game each and ever time they play the Heat has really worn the Heat down. Their enegry level is right at about zero “0” right now. Hopefully they’ll be able to rejuvenate themselves before the play – offs; if not, another wasted season! This team was built for championships, nothing less! If they don’t win a championship this year; Pat Riley may be forced to make some hard decisions regarding the fate of the “Big 3!”

  61. Heat 3,6 says:

    Lebron shouldnt even be in mvp talks. Wade has been doing much better and Bosh when he gets into it, he can really be really good. Lebron should not at all be in mvp talks. Period.

    • MV3 says:

      Wade all day. Lebron cant finish games. LeBron only going for his STATS while Wade is going for W’s. Durant & Rose deservces the MVP. Wade will be the finals MVP. MV3 all the way!

    • S27M says:

      ? your kidding right?!

    • A.D. says:

      Bosh has to go also…he might have one good game and three or four bad ones, that’s not been a great player. He’s too soft and gets pushed around to easily. 2 or 3 rebounds? please, he should be getting at least 10 a game with a couple of blocks and score when needed, but he does not. Heat, please let Spol and Bosh Go!!!

    • lebron- mvp says:

      lebron won mid-season mvp. your named mvp just for how you play after the all star break. and hes been the reason theyve won many of their games. educate yourself

      • MV3 says:

        you seen how LeBron played last year in the Finals? You seen how Wade played in the Finals? Who is better??? Wade 1 ring James 0

      • Huh says:


        Why are you even talking about last year? The discussion is about THIS year’s MVP and as for the amount of rings Wade and LBJ has, look at the roster both guys had when they were in the Finals. Let’s see… Wade got NOWHERE in the playoffs until Shaq joined the team and LBJ pretty much had the same garbage roster for his entire playoff career and he still made it to the Finals and Eastern Conference Finals.

        (And no, Shaq’s offensive and defensive abilities were NOT the same when he was in Miama and Cleveland).

        Wade is the better finisher and LBJ is the better all-around player, nobody argues that.

  62. denise says:

    plus miami is recently doing too much isos. Frustrating to watch. Everything is just forced or contested

    My prediction: Chicago will win this year. I really want Miami to win. But if this is how they play they won’t make it to the finals.

  63. Mrs. NBA says:

    Spoelstra has got to go, Bring the real coach back please, Mr Pat Rieley. Or Phil. Not sure the Heat have what it takes anymore. But with D Rose not 100% in Chicago and Amar’e, Lin and Jefferies out in NY might be Orlando in the Finals if the Heat don’t get their heart back.

  64. Aleon#1heatfan says:

    They need to get rid of the coach , high school teams have more offensive plays than the heat , shane battie is playing HORRIBLE he cant hit a 3 to save his life while are best 3 point shooter sits on the bench ” james jones ” , i dont get it

  65. denise says:

    The one thing i really hated about SPO last night is why he is not using turiaff more. Obviously one of the things the Heat need to do is rebound. Spo likes to ride LBJ and Wade like horses expecting them to do everything. Although it is important for them to rebound they have too much in their shoulders already. Placing turiaff would have lessened the load on Wade and LBJ. Unfotunately, shane is used more during end of games. I dont get it.

    Spo must go!

    • A.D. says:

      Agree…the couch gotta go. Miami has a great team but the coaching is terrible. Spo’s gotta have lots of pull within the organization otherwise he’d been fire since last year.

    • miami says:

      yea. bosh only had 2 rebounds and got out rebounded 33 to 49. lebron is the best for 46 minute and wade is the closer of the team.

  66. Yeaahhh says:

    lebron is the mvp, i mean , how been blocking center all year long? durant have no defence , what happens in OKC means nothing, no message just nothing. (lebron mvp, Defence payer of the year)

    • LBJ all-day says:

      I completily agree on that! KD is a good offensive player but he needs to work on the defense, King James on the other side is great in both. Miami is going to win this years title.

      • MV3 says:

        WADE all day. LeBron cant finish games. Durant is the MVP, Wade finals MVP. Look how Wade plays in the finals vs Lebron??? I’m not a Durant fan but he or Rose deserves the MVP. D-Wade all day!!!

    • miami says:

      dwight howard will get defensive player of the year. lebron has amazing defense but howard is a center who has won it 3 times in a row. james still is easily the best player in the league. he just isnt as clutch as kobe or joe johnson.

    • Huh says:

      What happens in OKC means nothing? So if being the #1 seed in the COMPETITIVE Western Conference isn’t impressive, what is? Being 2nd seed behind a Bulls team that has been plagued with injuries is better? Durant outshining LBJ in Sunday’s game is nothing? How is OKC beating Miami not a message? You’re a complete moron for even counting out Durant. Whoever wins the MVP, whether it’s LeBron or Durant, deserves it. There, that’s the intelligent thing to say, rather than trash talking a CLEAR MVP candidate and being a Miami bandwagon rider.

  67. It’s better that the heat start losing now rather than later…its still difficult to see the heat losing in a 7 game series Mindofmattman.com for more

  68. BelizeBoy says:

    Yeah they hit a pothole, just like last season (but not as bad). They’ll be fine, but it would be nice to see some other guys step up and try to have big games so that Wade and James can be in good shape for the playoffs.

  69. Heatfan says:

    Miami over spent with LBJ, Wade, and Bosh. There is no more $$ left to get good players to make a Great Team. With the NBA collective bargaining agreement, Cap space, Luxury Tax, etc…. There will be no more profit left for the owners. Keep in mind fans, this is still a business and Owners still wants to make their $$$$$….

    • S27M says:

      No Good players? Clearly your IQ for role player is terrible. Tell that to Shane Battier, Mike Miller(given he is injured but you have seen what he can do when he’s playing), Norris Cole, Chalmers and Udonis. All the Heat need is a solid Big man in the middle. They still got to the finals last year with a much weaker bench.

      • joe says:

        shane battier – offensive bust. he scores a three every now and then, but he’s part of the overall problem (bench prodction)
        norris cole – started out strong but he’s disappeared as of late. Rookie or not, your bench point guard needs to produce
        Miller – non factor with injury, but generally good when in form. But health is the major issue
        UD – what happened to ”rebounds = rings”? lebron is already averagin more rebounds, and if he’s not careful so will d-wade!
        i say trade bosh in the off season. See if bulls will be tempted in a three team deal for Gibson or something. but either way, either move miller or UD into the starting line up, put lebron at the 4, and then get some bench players for bosh

  70. Worlwideman says:

    Just to,clarify, the Miami Heat loss to Oklahoma City was on Sunday night and Indiana beat them last night which was Monday night. Also, it’s a regular season game and the media were talking, more last year about their struggles against great team. But they ended up going all their all the way to the NBA Finals. So the Media should not critisize them at this time of the season especially wheb they have the third best record in the league.

  71. Law064 says:

    I’m not a heat fan but they’ll be ok, all teams I repeat ALL teams hit a slump at some point or another. History has taught us this, look at Boston a couple years ago, they were in a slump towards the end of the season. The Mavs and Boston this season started slow and now are looking a lot better. The Heat will be ok they are in a slump and the Thunder & Pacers just out played them. The Heat have not been the best on the road either so heat fans I wouldn’t worry about that. @Prix if you seriously think they are thinking about a finals matchup with OKC at this point of the season your out of your mind. They are thinking about their next game Thursday the finals are not promised to any team you have to win a series at a time 1 game at a time. I’m sure they’ll be ok and I don’t think anyone is worried about the Knicks.

    • JON says:

      Coaches (including doug collins) in the NBA are on record saying NOBODY wants to see the knicks….they might not have it all together but any idiot could see that they can always be a threat.

  72. Ozone says:

    The heat will be fine. The Heat will be in the finals again and win the championships this year. By the way the top teams in the West and East are not going to the finals. OkC is good but the Lakers with Ramon Session are better and tge Bulls will lose to the Heat. The Finals will be LAL vs MIA. Mark my words!

    • BFoulds says:

      Heat won’t make it, LAL won’t make it.

      Spurs vs Bulls.

      • David says:

        bulls vs spurs..what are u smoking?

      • miami says:

        its gonna be heat vs okc or lakers. bulls and spurs?!?!?!?!? you scrub

      • Huh says:

        BFoulds is the only intelligent nba fan here. For all of you to count out the Spurs that easily, y’all are the ones smoking something. Look at their roster and you’ll see that they have a deep bench and a lot of athleticisim in the guard positions. If they weren’t plagued with injuries all season, they would easily be the #1 seed. So with that being said, how could you even count them out?

        And for you Miami bandwagon riders, for you to even count out the Bulls (who have proved that they don’t need their MVP and have had a lot of injuries all season) just proves that you’re the scrubs who probably hop on every bandwagon there is in the sports world.

        Predicting who will win in the Heat vs Bulls series is almost impossible because both play spectacular defense and a lot of energy, like in every season and playoff series, it’ll depend on how the stars step up in the moment.

        As for the West, it’s a complete toss-up between the Spurs, OKC, and Lakers. The Spurs play the best defense out of the three, OKC is the most athletic, and L.A. has the best front court in the NBA, so in all honesty it’s a toss-up on who’ll be crowned as the West’s best. (Don’t count out Memphis as well, if Zach gets back into form, the Grizzlies can easily make a run).

        Now that’s laying down some intelligent insight on the situation, rather than “derrr I’m a bandwagon rider who likes to count out any team that doesn’t have Wade LBJ or Bosh on the team derrr” …

  73. Jaret says:

    They need a new coach, one that knows how to adjust his strategy for this season of compressed schedule. Just like in the playoffs last year, they played almost too hard and wore out. Now it looks like they are wearing out, Lebron needs to rest, he can’t do everything every game and still be fresh for the playoffs. Oh and they need a center that doesn’t get dominated by any decent big man.

    • Mecena says:

      You’re right, they look a little tired and less motivated.

      • Mading 23 says:

        thank you… ppl dont understand how much easier it would be for james, wade and even bosch to just have a strong big dependable centre that has atleast some defensive IQ, its so shamefull to see all out big men get dominated inside… just shame, Step up Eddy Curry,

      • LakersWillWin says:

        @ mading awww the best players in the world need a center now, too? lol whatever man that is ridiculous. It should be easy as it is for them having players like Wade Bron Bosh Battier cmon now.

      • BelizeBoy says:

        @ LakersWillWin, It’s not like he’s asking for a all-star center. He just wanted the one we have to step up. Besides look at all the Laker fans who (until recently) wanted Dwight Howard to join Kobe (who by their account is the best in the game), and they also wanted Chris Paul as well. That’s a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

  74. prix says:

    Heat don´t go full blast..they are using their brains..they know the Knicks are very dangerous team right now so make the Bulls fight with the Knicks and drain their staminas…Heat reserve it´s power to the finals againts OKC maybe…

    • UrDumb says:

      thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. how do u know the knicks are even gonna be 8th seed…

    • DJ3 says:

      dude without amare knicks go nowhere. heck even WITH amare knicks still go nowhere,

      clueless basketball fan is clueless.

  75. HeatLatinofan says:

    with this rate i hope my heat avoid playing the knicks first round in this playoffs. heats got history of not doing very well with low seat knicks 😦

    • alex says:

      the heat are way better then the knicks and they dont have to worry bout getting knocked out by them because the heat have lebron wade bosh and chalmers they just need lebron with the ball in his hands alittle more. he needs to become him self again.

      • SlowDownturbo says:


      • Chi-Town-Nikka says:


      • Huh says:


        I’m sure that’s your philosophy for every team the Heat play against, which proves nothing. A collection of stars (LOL Chalmers?) mean nothing if they don’t play with effort and that’s what they’re lacking right now. And the Heat won’t lose to the Knicks because they have “lebron wade bosh and chalmers,” they’ll win the series because their all-around rebounding and defensive game is better than the Knicks.

        Obviously you’re just another Miami bandwagon rider who knows very little about basketball.

    • KindaLikeTheHeatles says:

      NY will end better than 7 or 8 spot, so don’t worry about that, this is just a minor slump, but still coach Spo has to find a way to make that, recently horrible, offense to work.

      • NBAFAN says:

        Amare Stoudamire is out. Carmelo is not gonna beat alot of these teams by himself night in night out. NY will slide again. Trust me. The knicks need to hope they make the playoffs. I think Miami is scared of Orlando. they might just grind it out and make an upset.

      • DJ3 says:

        Im scared about orlando and chicago. we are good enough to beat them but lets hope we are healthy and we can get whatever is making us lose two in a row by 10+ points worked out.

      • Huh says:

        If you look at the Knicks’ and Bucks’ remaining schedule, you’ll realize that the Knicks will be playing tougher teams down the stretch, so no the #7 and #8 seeds aren’t guaranteed.

    • Miami says:

      Miami is wayy better than Knicks. But I do not have much hope for the title with Eric Spoelstra. He keep repeating the same mistakes without learning. He already cost us one title and he will cost another one. I put all the blame on Riley for prefering to have a puppet coach out there.

      • IZZY says:

        Im gonna try to explain heats problems, no ball movement, bosh and role players are not being fed enough, Wade, LBJ must!! trusted full roster. Heat need to be more aggressive at both ends of the court: defending, rebounding, and fighting for the loose balls; means more points. In addition, I think the real problem starts with bad coaching by SPOSTRA, he has to be ready to bench WADE, and LBJ when they begin to take to many shots and are not playing with enough energy. But seems he’s too scared. Thats y Mike Brown bench Kobe, it gives kobe time to reflect on his mistakes; meaning every player should be treated equally for their accomplishments and their mistakes. Lastly, the heat entire roster must stay healthy, and hungry, but coach must use different lineups it causes confusion with the opposing teams. Wade and LBJ are becoming to predictable, teams are catching up. HEAT MUST USE ENTIRE ROSTER!!! COACH STOP RELYING ONLY ON FLASH, AND LBJ. TEAM WORK WINS GAMES, JUST LOOK AT THE BULLS, AND OKC

      • Miami0603 says:

        this Izzy dude knows what he’s talking about. Miami will take it all if they stay healthy and work as a team & get out on the break, because thats were they are best at. they also need to help over and defense and do a better job of boxing out. OKC was KILLIN them on the boards, and thats why they won..