Revenge Of The Thunder Bigs!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We knocked them something terrible last week, called the big men the Oklahoma City Thunder’s weakest link and even suggested that the Thunder’s Big Two of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had to go it alone this season in their championship quest.

Let us be the first to snack on the sautéed crow that comes along with snap reactions of that sort. Thunder bigs Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka had spectacular performances in Sunday’s statement win over the Heat, dominating the paint on both ends of the floor as the Heat’s bigs struggled to match their effort, intensity and production.

Ibaka scored 19 points and Perkins 16, shooting a combined 16-for-21 from the floor. Ibaka grabbed 10 rebounds, Perkins six as they imposed their will around the basket all game long. Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Ronny Turiaf and Joel Anthony were simply no match for them on the big stage (or as big as the regular season stage can get).

So much was made before the game about this being a potential preview of The Finals, or at least the dream matchup of many. If so, the Heat better hope it doesn’t go down like this again.

The Thunder’s bigs showed they are capable of beating the Heat’s bigs in every facet. Perkins even added a little intimidation to his line with that foot to the face of Dwyane Wade after one dunk.

Perkins insisted he didn’t do it on purpose, that Wade ran under him and he accidentally dropped that tree trunk in Wade’s face … sure, big fella!

The physical nature of this affair was deliberately stoked by Perkins, who prides himself on playing a certain brand of basketball (elbows up and snarl on at all times). The Thunder’s advantage, however, was also an emotional one, as Barry Trammel of the Oklahoman points out. They took advantage of a tactical decision by the Heat:

The Heat, defensive demons who like to double-team off screens, paid the price for such tactics. Durant, especially, but James Harden and Russell Westbrook, too, made Miami pay. The Thunder trio combined for 20 assists.

“Our bigs were doing a great job separating,” Scotty Brooks said. “Taking big steps. Our bigs were open.

“We played as physical as we could possibly play.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said the Thunder played not just aggressively, but with the “details of playing with force.”

Serge Ibaka had 19 points and 10 rebounds. But Ibaka, you expect to get 19 points on occasion. You never plan on Perkins getting 16.

“He brought his game that we are familiar with,” Spoelstra said. “It is Eastern Conference basketball. It wasn’t just him. But to a man on that team, they got us on our heels on both ends of the court.”

There’s no doubt about it. As good as Durant was in outdueling LeBron James in their MVP matchup (more on that later), this game was about the Thunder bigs and their complete domination of the Heat’s big men.


  1. aaron says:

    i said before the season even started the thunder and the heat are practically the same but very different and its gonna come down to who over controls the paint and looks OKC did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cm punk says:

    LUCK? lucks for losers! trade lebron to kobe or durant so that wade and bosh can have their title…

  3. Huh says:

    Props to OKC for the win. But clearly, looking at it from an impartial POV Miami were playing uninspiring basketball by there standards. They look tired to be honest. They look like they dont have the energy or the chemistry for that matter that they had earlier in the year.

    I think coach Spo has the reins pulled a little tight as well. His coaching is very predictable…… I think Pat Riley needs to take the team by the horns and shake it up a bit.

    Having said that, I think that they do have some weakness with there defence this year. Teams have been outscoring them easily the last few games. There defense is overly aggressive. They double on PnR because of the lack of size and defense at the bucket. Turiaf is like a bigger version of Joel Anthony. Not a true shot blocker and is undersized

    Im thinking that there is a little foxing going on here too. I honestly think that Miami are chasing the number two spot in the east coz they are afraid of the Knicks….

  4. john says:

    Guys relax this is regular season only…. play off and final game is different…thunder is still young team…were not really sure if they gonna reach the finals on West conference…..Check a look on second match up Heat vs OKC on their home court as well…. the game is so physical last night….

  5. Ace says:

    Not a Heat or OKC fan, but agree with ‘Miami’ above. I don’t see why this is even newsworthy. OKC’s bigs SHOULD be able to dominate the paint against a smaller lineup like Miami’s. Bosh has height but plays away from the basket a lot of the time. Anthony and Haslem battle against bigger opponents almost every game and do an outstanding job of it, but the reality is Perkins and Ibaka are taller and stronger and therefore have a natural advantage. They are both good defenders in the paint, Ibaka is a great shot blocker, so of course they are going to cause problems to opposition teams.
    I’ve always thought Miami were lacking legitimate inside size since Ilgauskas left. He wasn’t the best player but he was seven foot, rebounded pretty well and took up space in the lane. They lack size. You can’t fault Anthony and Haslem for their effort because they do far better than they really have any right to against much bigger opponents, but there will be games when they are not able to get the job done against big sides. I’m not knocking them, I’m saying you can’t expect guys to fight outside their weight division and always win. Ibaka, Perkins and Durant is a tough cover for any team in terms of height and reach alone, especially when they guys you match up against them are noticeably smaller.
    As strong as Miami are with James and Wade, they lack something the past few championship teams have had: major size in the paint. The Mavs (Chandler and Nowitzki), the Lakers (Gasol and Bynum), the Celtics (Garnett and Perkins), all those teams had a lot of height or strength (or both) at PF and C. And at least one of those players in each team is a solid inside defender. The NBA is “dominated” by PG’s at the moment since so many of the best players now play that position, but the really successful teams have height and muscle under the basket to go with whatever weapons they have at the guard positions. Even the Bulls with Noah and Boozer are stronger than Miami inside. And despite their inconsistency, the Knicks could outmuscle the Heat inside with Stoudemire and Chandler.
    There’s no doubt Miami is loaded with talent, but the championship teams lately have talent AND size, which is what Miami lacks, a genuine big man at C.

  6. Chris Sims says:

    The Thunder exposed the Heat for what they are, flashy but lacking substance and the mental toughness it takes to win.

  7. Basti says:

    Whoever team in the playoffs who catches fire at the right time will blow every single team it will face. Even the Lakers and the Mavericks are still legit contenders. Too early to say for know which team is going to the finals.

  8. Levi says:

    With the addition of Sessions, LA is a complete team now. So it’s gonna be Lakers-OKC for the Western Conference Finals. Let’s see whose frontline will truly dominate.

  9. Miami says:

    Miami does not have any big man. Thanks to Spo that not letting any big man to be ready for playoffs by giving them decent playing time. As a long time Miami Heat fan, I do not give much chance to Miami Heat for the title unless they give chance to a big man, and make him ready for play offs.. Pittman, and/or Curry need playing time to get ready.
    Before all we need a real COACH!

  10. BrownMamba says:

    OKC vs BULLS
    2012 NBA FINALS

  11. trueballer says:


  12. TheTruth says:

    Much respect for Oklahoma, but i doubt that Miami, or LeBron James, will play every game that way in the Finals.
    In my opinion the two big Problems of the heat, are the (missing) BIG players, and those forced three-pointers , which were the reason why they loss to L.A. and Utah. In the game against OKC, both problems were present.
    If they don´t find a way to change it, they will be eaten by the Bulls or the Thunder.

    • Miami says:

      As a long time Miami Heat fan, I totally agree with you. We need to let our big man to have more playing time. LeBron, and Wade need to attack to the board. How silly we are to let others do crunch time play instead of our 2 stars. We keep doing same stupid mistakes, again, and again. We need a real coach not Spo.,.

  13. Alberto.R. says:

    I love NBA, i from Spain.
    Go USA, Go Spain 🙂

  14. #6 says:

    What is wrong with these NBA publishers and bloggers?
    Are you’ll just looking to start arguments or misinterpretations?
    Thunder got lucky that the Heat were out of sync and LeBron had a injured elbow…thus, they seized the opportunity and played harder.
    The Heat weren’t their normal selves.
    That game definitely doesn’t prove that OKC can take care of MIA in the big picture or post season.
    You guys got jokes.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      another heat fan crying over a loss saying they didnt play good, couldnt be the defense pressure, or good ball rotation on offense, never knew a team could have an off game defensively. No excuse for 5 uncontested dunks from Perkins other than terrible defense and no rotation. Sack it up and take a loss!

    • Law064 says:

      @#6 just admit the Heat got they’re butts kicked geez. Win or lose you have to stick by your team. The Heat LOST and they LOST to Indiana last night. Get outta here with the excuses Lebron’s elbow it was luck no James Jones smh gimmie a break. The Heat just got killed not just 1 time but now the Pacers beat them by 15. Heat fans grow up and just take the lost with some dignity. The Bulls lost to Denver last night and hey it was the worst lost of the season for them(17) I will not make an excuse even though Rose is still injured they just lost point blank. Heat fans are the worst smh

  15. arva says:

    OKC is lucky. ibaka shoting near 3pts line, perkins dunking like howard?heat miss wideopen 3pts? lebron scores only 17pts ?
    OKC fans, please see the future, lucky dont come every day!:) gl

    for heat coach , where is jame jones in clutch moments?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      haha Arva you need a reality check, Ibaka is one of the most dependable mid-range jump shooters OKc has, just because you dont watch every game to see him knock them down al lseason doesnt mean its luck, yes LBJ only scored 17, thats because KD was running him ragged on the other end of the floor and making him use his energy on the defenseive end, not to mention forcing him to take tough shots. If anything Miami is exposed for the fact that they have terrible rotation defense and no real big to fill the paint. Why are you asking for James jones in the clutch? because LBJ chokes in the clutch? He just cant play with the real MVP KD!

  16. Law064 says:

    That was not luck they just out played Miami. The OKC Bigs just damaged the inside of Miami and dominated them all game. I won’t say that’s luck give the thunder credit. Miami did play sloppy with the TO’s but you have to credit the thunder for making the most out of them. Luck nah they really handed it to the Heat. Good game from KP and Ibaka that was the differance

  17. BULLS2012 says:

    THE BIG QUESTION IS CAN IBAKA AND PERKINS COMPETE WITH THE CHICAGO BIGS IN BOOZER(double double a game), NOAH (10 and 10 a game), TAJ(7 and 7 coming off the bench), AND ASIK(lock down d in the paint and rebounding machine comin off bench)..I DONT THINK SO NO TEAM CAN.. Bulls vs OKC in finales (bulls in 6)…btw Orlando is going to take out Miami in the Playoffs…

  18. OKCjapan says:

    I am a thunder fan. However, I am worried at all the comments that say OKC is going to the finals. As much as I hope so, I think everyone needs to look at San Antonio. They may be aged but they are really dangerous and I could easily see them taking the Thunder down if they meet in the WCF.

  19. zephah says:

    So funny to see the incredible bias covered insults in a comments section.

    How about someone who is completely impartial to both teams make a comment?

    Miami played really well last night, OKC played better.

    Someone left a comment “When was the last time Perkins/Ibaka played well in the same game?” Every single time they play a game with no low post defense like Miami.

    OKC has a team built to hang with a team like Miami, but people are already writing off the other 14 teams that will make the playoffs as if the finals are already set. Keep in mind Chicago has beaten Miami this season without Derrick Rose, and OKC has had major struggles with Dallas/LA, and LA has looked incredible since the pickup of Ramon Sessions.

    It’s insane to me that people will stick to petty insults and posting the most objective things ever, and then insulting the article instead of taking a long look at themselves.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      ummm major trouble with dallas and LA? try again look at the head to head. oh is that 3-1 over dallas and 1-0 over LA? Doesnt seem to be much trouble, if anything the spurs are the team they needto worry about.

  20. TJ says:

    Let’s face it, Joel Anthony is still coming back from injury and only played 15 mins. Lebron’s shooting % has dropped dramatically after he fell on his shooting elbow two games ago and is obviously carrying an injury. Spoelestra chose not to play Pittman and Curry. Chalmers had his worst game of the season. OKC players were more fired up about the game given the comments made by Perkins and co about this being their biggest game of the season, whereas the Heat players saying it was just another game. The fact that Miami were only 8 points down with 4 mins to go should be a worrying sign for OKC. Perkins was always going to fire up and beat his chest because he knew Joel Anthony was injured. Let’s see how OKC go in a finals game when there is something on the line to play for. Miami were cruising and didn’t want to give much away in that game.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      blah blah, stupid post, yes miami wants chicago to finish with a better record so they can have home court. you are one of those fans that every loss “they werent trying” We also dominated you with westbrook in foul trouble the entire game and Fisher (played 3 games with OKC) doing nothing.

  21. Krespino says:

    If The Heat are not winning the NBA this year also, then it’s becoming apparent that The Heat are a JOKE…
    “Not five…not six…” palaver will be stuff to laugh at.
    Because The Heat will not get better than this obviously, Wade is not getting younger and LeBron has already reached his ceiling, and their weaknesses persist as not having contender level center and PG players. On the other hand teams like Chicago and OKC age getting better every year.
    We might see The Heat losing every year in the 5-6 to come.

  22. Knuckz says:

    It’s amazing how quick critics are to doubt Miami. Yes, since the all-star break they haven’t looked good, but isn’t that how they were last season too? Any team can win a game against the heat, but can you win 4 in a series? OKC lost to ATL, does that mean that Atlanta can beat them in a series?

  23. Alex says:

    Everyone is talking like the Thunder are a lock for the western conference champions, The west is stacked with good teams LA, SA, DAL, and MEM are all legit contenders. Thunder are my second favorite team but lets be realistic they arent unbeatable.

  24. The True North says:

    Is there really any debate about which teams big men will perform in the playoffs?

    Who would u take, CB, or ibaka and perkins. OKC would probably trade , ibaka, perkins AND some cash and trade picks just for BOSH. Lets not forget about reality here, Chris Bosh is an allstar, an amazing scoring talent, at times under muscled, but much more of a scoring threat and has settled in his role well in Miami.
    Miami NBA champs 2012.


    • kent says:

      I would never trade Ibaka and Perkins for Bosh. are you kidding me? those are two terrific defenders although very limited offensively. Bosh is and average offensive player and very limited defensively. that was a stupid post.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lol OKc wouldnt even trade ibaka and harden for Dwight howard. I would not pull the trigger on perk and Ibaka for bosh. Ibaka will be a better player than bosh is, he just does not get the opportunity to open up his mad range game very often. I’ll take his defense and shot blocking any day, okc has enough scorers. If bosh is so good how come the thunder always dominate miami?

  25. welcome back to reality says:

    heat lost no excuses on this one.. they wer outplayed.. okc are the hungrier team this game.. they are playing out there to prove something and that is they are serious with their goals and their eyes are set on winning it all.. great game for okc but playoffs will be different and not to mention poster boy perk is not always scoring sbove 10 and ibaka not 19 a game too.. heat have proven they can win and they showed it last year.. i think all the heat needs to beat is the bulls bcoz they are the best team as of regular season unfolds to me.. but come playoff time heat will catch fire and burn dem all.. let’s GO HEAT!!!..

  26. nbafan says:

    haha i love the writer such a heat hater anyway its a regular season game, playoffs is where it matters. This gives them a good idea on how the OKC have critique there play this year, though a well played game by Thunder.

    • Sameer says:

      Sekou is not a heat hater at all! In fact I think he is a fan! Don’t just be pissed because he wrote a negative article about the heat. I am one of the more loyal heat fans and the way the game was coached or played was something we should be worried about. Domination from Perkins and Ibaka – really! This better not happen again, Mr – Eric Spoelstra! One small advice – Stop riding superstars and get some frikking team play – We were better when the entire team played not when Lebron Wade or Bosh dominated! James jones should play when Mike miller is out at least. Without 3 point shooting threat which at this point is negligible as battier chalmers james wade – all shooting bad percentages, is not getting us anywhere. I did forget to call out of course Bosh Bosh is back to his sissy ways – every couple of mins people just run by him and lay it up. Are you kidding me Bosh – frikkin block that of the backboard so hard – it should go to half court. How many time should some ediotr reming you that you are 6’10” 220 or whatever!

  27. K.LoveWolf says:

    Once again Sekou another great article.

  28. Fleming, W says:

    Well. We will see during the championships. Can’t count any team out.

  29. Sameer says:

    Keeping James – their best rebounder on Durant was the biggest mistake IMO. Shane battier should open when Heat plays premier offensive guys like Durant or Kobe. Once they get started there is not stopping them. If anyone watched the game. Lebron was running like crazy defending Durant while on the other side, Durant didn’t even guard him once. That’s just better coaching by Mr. Brooks. Find that hard to believe that Spoelstra will do the same mistake one more time. Lebron guarding at end of fourth quarter seems like a meaningful thing, but running circles the whole game when you play 40 mins is not realistic!

  30. Qukel says:

    It’s simply why Heat lost (or OKC won)… Look at stats – Heat scored 46,5% from FGM and 32% from 3PM. So compare that with OKC (+50% from both stats)…
    Conclusion is only one Miami must improve their scoring and they shuold play more carefully to avoid stupid turnovers. Furthermore lack of big man becomes more acute, what demonstated last match.

    IMHO Heat played with no heart and they gave up in 3rd quarter.

  31. rynO says:

    Hey guys!

    4-3, 4-2, Chicago, Miami, OKC… Say whaaat?! I need to borrow those crystal balls you all been using… Gotta play the lottery tomorrow.

  32. OKC_maybe_NEXT_year_CHAMPS says:

    in one of MY posts few days ago, here :

    i wrote about the “SOLUTION” for OKC and adjustments they need to make to be a TRUE championship caliber team and then maybe they have a chance to WIN in the finals – and that is:

    SIMPLY IBAKA AND PERKINS NEED TO BE MUCH BETTER OFFENSIVELY and help Durant and Westbrook in scoring and the need for better distribution of points in OKC……not just 80 points from Durant + WEstbrook every game !!

    ibaka and perkins BOTH had their best games so far this season combining AMAZING (for them) 19 + 16 = 35 points = almost 41 points of KD + RW!!!

    that was the BIG difference………….(reminder this season both of them are 9 and 4.8 points average)

    so they scored together almost 3 x their average………………NICE !!!!!!


    can OKC repeat something like this (especially in Playoffs??)……..can Ibaka and Perkins repeat this ????……i dont believe they can be as consistent and productive in a 7 game playoff series…………..BUT IF THEY PLAY LIKE THIS THEY ARE ALMOST UNBEATABLE !!!!!!

    on the other side Miami were far from their best……….and they played without soul, inspiration……they were like
    Z-O-M-B-I-E-S on court …………without life…..many mistakes/turnovers ………………..

    HONESTLY this was veeeery bad game for Miami from the first minutes

  33. says:

    Miami Heat will simply have a hard time winning games (specially in playoffs) without a true big man. Joel Anthony and Ronnie Turiaf are undersized. Chris Bosh is a true PF. They need a true big man for them to compete down low. Look what OKC’s bigs did to them.

  34. jsit says:

    What? Miami has bigs? LOL

  35. AnnoYouLater says:

    the only reason why the OKC won was…………… they got a higher score than the heat at the end of the game


  36. BULLS2012 says:

    Its funny how the the article said Perkins shut down the Heat’s bigs…lmao!!! What BIGS do they HAVE!!!!! they dont even play with a center….they have overrated chris bosh!!!!! hahah….The Bulls vs OKC matchup is going to way better and a better matchup…in my opinion OKC and Chicago are the two best teams in the league THIS YEAR!!!!!(NOT LAST YEAR HEAT FANS..SO DONT BRING UP THE PAST)..All teams can see a flaw in miami and it is they dont have a center and if you shut down one of the big three you have a great chance in winning….I have Chicago beating OKC by 5 on April 1st (if D rose and Rip is back by then) the Bulls as a healthy team is just to overall complete for other teams…We finally have a complete team and the only team in NBA that has an complete team…I HAVE OKC VS CHICAGO IN FINALES

    • HeatFan27 says:

      OKC are a better team than the Bulls. Ibaka and Perkins are better big men than Boozer and Noah. OKC’s bench is also solid and has good defensive players. In Bulls vs OKC I would expect the Thunder to take it in 6 games. However, the Bulls won’t make it to the Finals. Like last season it will be good in the regular season but rubbish at playoff time.

  37. flip says:

    Your all saying these 2 teams might face in the finals which could very much happen and if they do i think that the heat will win hands down. im not a heat fan, not at all. but i accept the reality that james and wade will be able to shut down durant and westbrook because of okc’s isolation type offense which will enable james and wade to shut down durant and westbrook 1 on 1. right now i think that okc needs to find an offense that could be more effective against any team cause this offense they have will get them destroyed by teams with great individual defenders to deal with westbrook and durant

  38. BigDawg says:

    Small market team taking down a big market team… gotta’ luv it!
    The so-called pundits and experts are beginning to change their tune about the Thunder.
    Some serious “crow eating” going on!

  39. Da HEAT says:

    Average Guy .. you are correct my friend… Sekou should write for college basketball not for the NBA. Sekou Wake up buddy you cant judge a team based on one game.

  40. Da HEAT says:

    No worries Heat Fans , Heat are a different animal when it comes to playoff time. No K.D or his follows can stop Miami’s offense .

  41. knicks fan says:

    as much as i like to see my knicks win, i think this year gonna be OKC Vs Bulls final (okc in 6)
    my knicks will grab 7th seat and take care of the heat tho.

  42. DJ says:

    kurant durant just prove that he is better than the “king” and he will prove again in the NBA Finals

  43. Bryan says:

    So many haters on this blog…. the Thunder and the Heat are both great teams. Down low, it looks as if the Thunder have the advantage. On the wings, that advantage goes to the Heat.

    I’d say the Thunder takes this 4-3 if they meet in the Finals. But it will be a very close series, with the Heat having a good chance at winning also. Simply because in the playoffs, the defense is tighter and you need more easy buckets. And thats what your bigs can do best for you.

    All of the isolation that Lebron, Durant, and Wade play wont be as efficient in the playoffs.

    Plus, if the Heat continue their inability to contain James Harden, It’ll be a long series for Miami.

    • E man says:

      You made good points.They are both good teams but I think the thunder showed they can play team ball on both ends of the court better.
      GO THUNDER!!

  44. tomfoolery says:

    I expected a closer game.

  45. daveinpublic says:

    Thunder played awesome last night. It’s nice to see what the real Thunder look like, now that one of their key players is back from injury, Sefolosha. It’s been difficult on the Thunder with this loss and another main players already out for the entire year – Manor. With 2 key players down for months, the star players were working overtime. Tonight, at least one of those players was back, and it took some pressure off the rest of the team. Fisher didn’t make many points, but he helped the mentality of the team. Both teams played well, but the Thunder dominated for most of the game.

  46. Andrea Smith says:

    I love OKC, humble players with a big heart! Hope they meet the Bulls in the Finals!

  47. Jason says:

    Honestly, Heat weren’t at their best. If they were, OKC would be beat. Come playoff time, I personally think Heat will take it all. Wade and James will be too much to handle for any team. James has more playoff experience compared to Durant. Wade has a championship. Regular season doesn’t prove anything spectacular. Bulls beat Heat last time in the regular season. What happened in the playoffs? Mavs were AMAZING in the playoffs but nothing extraordinary in the regular season. It all comes down to who wants it more and I can tell you, Lebron and Wade want it the most. I predict OKC vs Heat in the Finals and Heat take it 4-2 or 4-3.

    • Vincent says:

      Since we’re talking about players having playoff and championship experience, Fisher has 5 championships, does that count? Lol….

    • underdog says:

      Wade and James too much to handle for ANY team? tell that to the Mavz of last season who happend to beat them in the finals. OKC knows how to turn MIA’s overly aggresive defense into something of OKC’s advantage. In this 1 game. OKC have exposed a weakness of MIA’s defense just as how DAL exposed MIA’s offense with the zone. This time it was making MIA pay for doubling off-screens and getting points for their bigs. Job well done to Coach Brooks on exploiting this and getting the win.

    • kamill300 says:

      u r rite but the OKC will take it from the big 3 OKC vs MIA n the Finals OKC take it all

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Keep in mind Westbrook also had a terrible game, was he like 4-15 or something? so sick of hearing about the heat and how great they are. then when they gett their butts spanked (and yes it was spanked, not even closE) then its all luck and that the heat just had a bad game, take a note from the Miamia coach and just admit when your butt gets handed to you and work harder so it doesnt happen again. The real issue is LBJ could not guard KD one-on-one and had to have double teams, this is what freed up Perkins for all of his uncontested slams. Look at the thunder D. What KD was playing LBJ head up and dominating him on both sides of the ball? No double team needed. Point made KD for MVP!

      • Nada says:

        Because WB had the bad game and have to sit for a long time is reason that OKC won. OKC big man got a lot of feeds from Durant and Harden. they can score a lot only if someone feed them the ball.

    • Weatherd says:

      I think you are right about the Miami & OKC. But with OKC having the better record the Heat would have to win two in OKC, & that aint going to happen. I just watched Miami get blowed out by Indiana.

      And Chicago lost to a bad Denver team in Chicago tonight.

  48. Average Guy says:

    Of course, another blown-out-of-proportion blog by Sekou. Seriously man, your style is getting boring and too biased.

  49. prix says:

    OKC just got lucky.. I know they will simply destroy the Lakers and Spurs and represents the West..but the BIG East with Bulls and Miami..they will realize and know there place…SILVER…

    • kev says:

      Say that again Sunday after we beat the bulls.

      • BULLS2012 says:

        lol…..Bulls are a better team than the Heat..and we will have lockdown D on Durant or Westbrook..than well end up winning bz you guys only have three guys whom can score…and THe bulls have one superstar who can score ANYYIME HE WANTS..Boozer who averages double double a gaME ALONG with Noah and Deng averaging 17 a game and have taj and Asis shut down perkins and Ibaka.only thing you have going for ya is home court advantage…

    • Thunder Up says:

      The only “LUCK” was that Wade near full court shot at end of third q. There’s no Luck in basket ball when it comes to winning or loosing. The heat got outplayed by the thunder plain and simple. LOL “better hope Miami gets lucking against Chicago in the East” per your view. We shall see comes June…Let’s Go Thunder.

    • Thunder Up says:

      Correction: I meant “Lucky” not Lucking. LOL

    • Imad Akel says:

      Heat have been slumping alittle lately, but i dont think its a big deal.

      The Bulls, The Heat, and Okc have all had streaks in the season when they seemed unbeatable. Right now, the thunder look like they are too much for anyone to handle. BUT I remember last season the Mavs didnt look like much for large parts of the season, and then come playoff time they just brought it….So who knows, maybe the Heat will bring it again in the playoffs this year?

    • underdog says:

      Bottom line… the Heat lost… bear with it.

    • Nils says:

      Even though that wasn´t luck, but good D and shot-making …. it was still one game … and the whole league is covering it like OKC already defeated miami in playoffs … perkins AND ibaka had a good game … when did that last time happen all season? And i don´t think i have to mention the diffrence between a regular season game and a playoff gane so i stop talking in the middle of

    • kobe says:

      okc didnt get lucky..they played harder and thats why they won..they wanted it more..why is it prix when the Heat lose u always say other team got lucky..heat dont match up well with them..OKC has huge advantage inside and have matchup problems ..IF this is a preview to the finals OKC IN 6..heard it here first..PRIX i bet u are r bandwagon fan..

    • OKCKD35 says:

      a 16 point victory is getting luck? sounds like someone is a hater, why dont you go check the box score from the gmae they played at the end of last season too? OKc has demolished Miami twice in a row and next week will be 3 times. Its jsut the fact that the OKC big 3 are better than Miami’s big 3 and one of OKC’s doesnt even start. Dont beleive me check the stats 🙂

    • QuestionMark says:

      Bulls will be a problem, OKC has what the Heat don’t, two good bigs and a proper PG, Harden is great even though he isn’t Wade, and then Durant and Lebron are the same, especially now since KD is showing he can do everything other than score.