MVP Debate: Durant Over LeBron?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That shadow boxing routine LeBron James and Dwyane Wade did before Sunday’s loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder might have been more appropriate had James and Kevin Durant done it.

After all, Sunday was the MVP duel we’d all been waiting for. The two names atop the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder (and almost every other unofficial list of candidates) were slated to go head-to-head in a showdown that would also serve as The Finals preview so many people wanted to see.

Well, Durant showed up and showed out — chasing a triple double before finishing with 29 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, two steals and a block — in what, for most of the night, was truly a head-to-head matchup James. The Heat star, on the other hand, continued the struggles that have plagued him the past week and a half. He finished with a pedestrian (by his standards) 17 points, seven assists, four turnovers and three rebounds.

One game does not a MVP make. But if you are trying to find ways to separate the two of them, head-to-head competition is a great place to start. And Durant dominated this matchup.

He did his work on both ends of the floor, making clutch plays on the defensive end and shredding the Heat on the other end with his scoring and his facilitating (Kendrick Perkins owes Durant an expensive dinner after all of those sweet feeds he got last night).

When Heat coach Erik Spoelstra summed up his team’s night this way — “They jumped us and everybody saw it. They kicked our butts, we know it, we’ll own it” — he very well could have been talking about the heavyweight showdown between Durant and James, who is clearly going through one of his toughest stretches of the season right now (17 points, 7.5 assists, 7.3 rebounds, 4 turnovers and 40 percent shooting in his last four games).

The same way Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman suggests no one should hand the Heat the Larry O’Brien trophy prematurely, no one should go delivering that MVP hardware to James before the season is done.

James and Durant have been locked in pretty much a two-man race in our MVP Ladder all season, and for good reason. But we’ve made it clear from the start that nothing was guaranteed for either man. The top spot will have to be earned.

Right now, it’s hard for anyone to dispute that Durant has made the strongest case for the top spot right now.

But in the name of fair play, we’ll take this straw poll anyway …


  1. john says:

    No doubt its LBJ year again for MVP..after durant take over the number 1 spot,LBJ take it back again..sorry hater

  2. MIAMI heat - MV6 says:

    King JAMES. who else?

    He is the most complete player and therefore deserves the MVP.

  3. MIAMI heat says:

    King JAMES.

  4. REALLY? says:

    Where is the consistency? So we are going to penalize lebron for playing with Wade..but Durant is “on an island” by himself with the 6th man of the year, top candidate for defensive player of the year and a guy who consistency drops 24 BESIDE him? Come on man. I could argue that Westbrooke is equal to or better than Wade this year. I’m not talking life time achievement award. Whenever Wade stinks it up people love to revert back to 06!! LOLOL what has “06” done for the heat lately? Nothing!! People love to downplay Westbrooke as if he is holding KD back! STOP IT!! He is a HUGE part of their success.
    Sorry for the RANT! LOLOL
    Ok… back to NARRATIVE that is the MVP award. Last year’s chapter went to the underdog, humble, hometown boy from Chicago who lead his team to the best record in the league. I am a Rose fan so I give him his credit. BUT…LEBRON WAS BETTER ACROSS THE BOARD, So what we have is good verses evil. It was clearly a narrative because the Bulls HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE WITH HIM MISSING 20 GAMES!!! This years chapter is different. Lebron comes back from a horrific finals with numbers that are even making the haters bow down. But he stumbles a bit and the haters are ready to take the ENTIRE award away from him and give it to this years HUMBLE, GOOD GUY super star. DURANT. Now dont get me wrong…Durant is definitely LEGIT and deserves his praise. His production and impact just don’t match up ACROSS THE BOARD. How can lebron “fall off” to a per of 30…still shooting 53% from the field 27 8.5 and 6.6. with 2 steals and a block and lead his team in pts rebs asts and steals? Are you serious? If anyone else had these numbers we wouldn’t even be talking about the MVP award. SMH….

  5. renz_garnett says:

    durant all night!!!!

  6. bon bon says:

    sekou smith is a lebron hater lol so dont listen to this guy, he said it himself, lebron is going under a tough stretch so if its durant is on a tough one lebron would dominate him i mean struggles are common in the nba and lebron and durant aren’t immune to it. plus, lebron won more times against OKC so you cant really judge two guys in one game, for durant and lebron this game doesn’t mean a thing.

  7. peter says:

    Exactly why IMO neither of them should be MVP…Take Lebron, Durant or Rose away from their teams, and they are stil solid playoff teams.

    What if you remove Kobe, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Dright Howard, Josh Smith, Steve Nash, Andre Iguodala? Take either of those guys out and (other then maybe Lakers) their teams would be lucky to break 20 wins.

    These guys are the real MVP’s to me, in the true sense of the word. When the Bulls manage 72% wins while D-Rose is out, his value is clearly WAY overrated.

  8. peter says:

    Exactly why IMO neither of them should be MVP…Take Lebron, Durant or Rose away from their teams, and they are stil solid playoff teams.

    What if you remove:
    * Kobe: I’m no Kobe fan, but what he has done this year at hsi age and among the Lakers dramay is amazing
    * Chris Paul: How much have Clippers improved over last year? Chauncey is out, and it’s not because of Butler…
    * Kevin Garnett / Paul Pierce: Remove either and Boston are a < 0.300 team
    * Howard: Without him Orlando are a lottery team
    * Josh Smith: Would Atlanta be in the playoff race without him?
    * Steve Nash: He has Phoenix above .500 now, and if you take him out they won't win a game

    These guys are the real MVP's to me, in the literal sense of the term.

  9. bob says:

    Excuse me, but…

    Lebron has won 6 games against Durant…
    Durant has won 2 games against Lebron…

    Lebron cant win them all……………

    As far as comparing Lebron and Durant….. just dont… Durant is not even close to as versatile as Lebron is…. Lebron is a 30 point triple double machine… the new era Oscar Robertson… due to his skills/talent at that size he starts/plays PG-SG-SF-PF and even CENTER at times………

    Then we have a thing called DEFENSE…. Which is the biggest difference between Lebron and Durant…. Lebron is this year running for DPOY with Dwight Howard for gods sake……….. he is also the most versatile defender in the NBA…. nobody can else can efficiently defend Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard………

    Lebron is a better offensive player and defensive player……..

    Durant is great, probably a top 3-5 player in the NBA………. but lets not blow all this out of proportions ok? Compared to Lebron, Durant is just a one dimensional (shooter) 6’10 sceletor…………

  10. eleyas says:

    Ofensivly durant has a slight edge. but lebrons appontant(the person he is guarding) is averaging 19% from the field!

  11. cedric says:

    lets not forget that lbj carry the cavs to the finals,but came up 4 games short, 2x mvp credit for him, now w/dwade cbosh they can be on the finals and it will b another good stuff to watch…injured or not, he’s getting closer, credits for them and their young coach…

  12. the smart one says:

    All you guys should shutup and actually watch games instead of repeating what those useless Kobe fans say. Lebron is just as clutch as od. I don’t Cardiff hehit a game winner this season. Awhenlebron was at the same point of his career as durant he hit plenty. I specifically remember in game 7 of his first post season series he hit the game winner. You can’t deny that his game has indeed significantlyimproved in the off season and his team hasent suffered large losing like last year so I believe its still lebron for mvp.

  13. Leb says:

    Lebron is way too overrated. KD35 for MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am a Lebron hater along with many other people.. His character and decision making and whining makes him unlikable by most… Despite his talents he is not MVP quality.. He doesnt have the fire inside him that makes a superstar like Jordan and Kobe and soon to be Durant… Lebron and all his fans want so desperately to be noticed and loved but I dont think it will ever happen!!! Lebron may get a pity MVP from the league before his career is over but hell never amount to a kobe or a jordan… PLZZ BEELEEVVE ITTTT

  15. bucho says:

    miami plays in the east and that’s why lebron had been doing so good and for that matter that’s why the heat were doing good beating teams by double digit points cuz they barely play teams from the western conference as you can see, i know they just played oklahoma city on their last road trip but the west has far better teams than the east,

  16. Tony says:

    WHO CARES! They both need to worry about getting a championship.

  17. Joe says:

    KD EXPOSED Le Brick James for what he really is: GROSLY overrated & overhyped player

  18. Joe says:

    Le Brick James is probably THE MOST HYPED UP, THE MOST OVERRATED player in history of all sports, he should not be mentioned in top 20 players in NBA

    • AHardt says:

      I’d love to hear the twenty guys you’d have ahead of LeBron James. That’d be a hoot

      Durant’s MVP is coming in the next year or two, but as for 2011-12? Give it to James, he’s playing unreal this season

  19. jeff says:

    when the playoffs come he’s gunne be a beast

  20. jeff says:

    im not giving up on lebron he’s still my mvp

  21. Ryan says:

    My Thoughts. KD beat Lebron on one on one the other day. He is battling some minor injuries which can effect any player even Kobe. Durant has westbrook who I think is a top 5 player in the NBA. OKC has the one of the best rebounders and the best shotblockers and the best 6th man that could start for any team..harden. Miami has Lebron wade and sometimes bosh. I think Lebron is leading by a hair right now but he has to consistenly put up better numbers than as of late, they have to win games and beat OKC in Miami. GO LBJ,

    OKC has a deeper team and has big guys on D. Id love to see a best of 7 series.

  22. Paul says:

    i think its still Lebron, he best player on both ends of the court. Durant is a great scorer, but Lebron is a great leader. Maybe next year its Durant but now I’ll still pick Lebron..:))

  23. Yeaahhh says:

    but do/\/t worry , lebro/\/ make rose pay lats year i/\/ the ECF, this year Dura/\/t is go/\/e to pay i/\/ the fi/\/als, (if the clippers or spurs do/\/t elimi/\/ate them)

  24. Yeaahhh says:

    this people i/\/ the /\/ba is crazy (locos), /\/ow they go/\/a make dura/\/t the MVP. this is like last year, a/\/other guy stole the MVP from James who is the REAL from last Year , a/\/d this year tooo… (KD whatch your head)

  25. Alexander osarigie says:

    Please is Kelvin Durant all the way,the way this guy carries himself both on and off the court,and in addition he plays the game with so much respect and humility,look at the game against miami heat lebron couldn’t play his game,do not get me wrong lebron is one of the best player but as for right now kelvin durant deserve the not forget he was the all star MVP too.Lest i forget kelvin durant dung as much as lebron but lebron can not shoot as well as durant.

  26. Maddin says:


  27. Maddin says:

    Good luck getting past the Spurs. It’s going to be Christmas thinking about how upset all the pundits and experts are when we get Championship #5. I love it.

  28. MRced says:

    i’m a lakerFan and also a WADE Miami TEAM fan…i love lakers and kobe, miami AND WADE…but not when BOsh and james came in with the heat, its WADE’S team who got the championship not now…because of lebron… i think OKC with Durant and Westbrook, can finish off miami (if they meet in play-offs), OKC has also the unnoticed BIG 3 , Durant, Westbrook and Harden, with Kendrick and Ibaka plus FISHER’s MIND and Experience (not HIS OLD BODY) will make OKC championship team than the HEAT, but still i love to see, lakers vs. OKC… bynum, gasol, meta, kobe, sessions vs. OKC.

  29. bull says:

    GUYS MIAMI FAN’S. im from chicago and i saw Miami played here, obviously theyre not just anything..

  30. bull says:

    haayysss.. bested LEBRON.. OMG people. its OKC’s home court.. do not base it on sundays game only guys. you can also see it on a stats its not about how much you score. even if miami had a bad game in stats Lebron’s not doin bad? he still leads the SPORTS ok? season its Lebron while in the finals would be wade..


    Bobby was right. someones getting paid for being a hater here. Stats show man? remeber this. MIAMI WASNT EXPECTED TO BE IN THE FINALS LAST YEAR! it was even LAKERS with ur Kobe, could be OKC with your Durant.. if you guys insist that this games is more on 10n1 stats only ask those players KOBE,DURANT<LEBRON to play 10n1 half court without a physical rule. ill bet for LEBRON with my house? whos on?????
    by the way b4 it starts ill beg lebron to plsssss not to be nice with them like he always do.. i wonder who will end up gettin colds coz of bruises ********! HATERS ARE ALL LOSERS, WANNA TRY HIM?? GOODLUCK!!!

  31. Doody says:

    I’m a big fan of Durant and LeBron, but doesn’t K Love have to be in the argument?? Without Love, the Wolves would be the Bobcats.

  32. Bobby says:

    This Lebron hatred is just getting silly…………. people are just looking / trying hard to rob him of MVP every single damn year……..

    Lebron should had it last year (Bulls success was all because of their defense, not because of Rose, as proven this year again)……

    and Lebron should ESPECIALLY have it this year….

  33. Bobby says:

    Those who say DURANT are majority of Lebron haters……… they would have said DURANT even at the start of the season….. thats how much people hate Lebron……..

    Facts are…..

    1. Lebron has been more productive/dominant than Durant overall this season, not only was he more productive offensively, but defensively to………
    2. They both have basically the same team record…
    3. Lebron has been winning without Wade and with an injured Wade…
    4. Westbrook has been better than Wade this season… Westbrook has been just as impactful to the Oklahoma City Thunder as Durant has……

    • OKCKD35 says:

      first off KD’s Offenseive numbers are better, not lebron’s. OKc has had injuries too. Our best perimiter defender and % wise 3pt shooter missed over 2 months (Thabo Sefolosha) Our backup PG has missed basically the entire year (Eric Maynor) Not once has this been an excuse for the thunder the way i hear injuries as an excuse for the HEAT. shoot D-Rose has missed close to 20 games and you dont even hear these excauses from the bulls fans. Apparently people think LAQueen should win it every year? What about 2 years ago when KD improved his team by 27 games and led the league in scoring and Queen James got the MVP being second in the league in scoring and his team losing 6 more games than the year before. Maybe If Lebron would shut his trap and just play basketball like KD does he wouldnt have so many rooting against him!

  34. TY says:

    this is KD’s coming out year as the best player in the nba! no questions… No bias from cali


    Lebron James is able to produce in what we call garbage minutes… When the heat are up 10 or more points against the easier eastern conference lebron produces good numbers. But honestly Durant and dont forget about K-love have proven over and over how clutch they are and how important their numbers are to their team. Kevin Durant is and will be MVP by the seasons end. If the timberwolves werent in the similar stages the thuder were about 2 yrs ago considering talent expereince, Kevin love by far could be MVP as well, leaps and bounds over Lebron. His play especially recently has been record breaking. He almost beat the thunder with KD and Westbrook having career games… I dont see Lebron single handedly beating the thunder like Klove almost did….GO THUNDER!!! AND BRING BACK THE SONICS

  36. T-MAC101 says:

    Durant over lebron anyday. It’s not that I am a lebron hater or whatever, I love lebron! But the thing is, durant has proven himself to be more offensively well-equipped compared to lebron not just this season but the past few seasons too. Lebron’s all around stat-collecting abilities are great! But in my opinion KD’s scoring and clutch performances affects the success of his team much more than Lebron’s which is what an MVP should be all about.

  37. KillaKobeBeanBryant says:

    Ugh…..this Jebron Lames bs is getting old. He’s an amazing player, yes, but the praise this man gets from fans, writers and the league is ridiculous! Durant has been a better score that Jebron from the past 3 years both during games and especially during closing situations. Durant is #1 for sure, and last weeks game has proven it without a shadow of a doubt. Jebron has deffered his closing shot to D-Wade (who I believe to be the closer of the heat and as significant a contributor to the team as Jebron). It would be hard for any player his size and athleticism not to average the numbers he has with his natural talent. Durant has been more humble and as hard of a worker as Jebron or Killa (Kobe) since he’s entered the league. Greatness is to come for KD, championship a plenty (more than Jebron ever will). Not to mention one day being named amongst the likes of Jordan, Kobe, Bird, and Johnson.

  38. Avery says:

    Ok the answer should be obvious, LEBRON JAMES, i am a Knicks fan and even i can acknowledge that lebron has been player at a much higher level ALL SEASON, not just for a brief stretch or one game. Yes KD is a lock for second and he did outplay Lebron but that win was an all around team effort. Minus KD from the thunder and you still have an excellent team. They have all of the pieces. Youth and immaturity are the only flaws of that OKC team, not The Heat, outside of Lbj and Dwade that team is sorry, the heat have one of the worst benches in the league, definitely the worst compared to other elite teams, Personally James Harden has been a more consistent all around player than Chris bosh, off the bench he is averaging 17 plus a game.. not to mention having an excellent interior and Russel Westbrook is easily a top 3 pg in the league. Lebron is the more complete player and has been ALL SEASON, not just one game. As for these INFLATED “clutch points” KD has, its because The Heat are usually blowing teams out and Lebron is sitting in the fourth, they beat teams by a higher average per game than OKC, if you look at the stats MELO is actually the most clutch player in the league behind Kobe as he for his career has hit more game winners than anyone else playing. KD has not proven anything more than lebron, all this clutch talk is foolish, the same way lebron has to prove it in the post season so should KD, Show me how you play in the playoffs then i will call you clutch. And what truly separates LBJ from anyone else in the league is his OVERALL GAME, on the defensive end he is lightyears ahead of KD, yes KD has improved but are we really going to make it seem like hes even close to LBJ? Do teams actually fear KDs defense? Lebron plays lockup D Night in and Night out, not to mention defending all 5 positions and 4 very well.. Cmon Lbj is the MVP its a no brainer

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Avery you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. first off we are talking about a season MVP not a lifetime acheivement award. Melo should be nowhere in this conversation, he has hardly played all year, and when he has played he is terrible. THIS YEAR, FOR THIS YEAR’S MVP KD is the most clutch player. Not to mention KD and LBJ are seperated by what a minute per game? OKC has just as many blowouts and people sitting in the 4th quarter. The FACT of the matter is that EVERYONE sees that “Queen James” Is scared to take the final shot. He is not a clutch player. He is a great player but what good is it if you shy away when the game is on the line. That and i would LOVE to see LBJ try to stay in front of Westbrook or Rose.

      • Jimmy says:

        Lebron’s plays great basketball in the fourth quarter that’s for sure. If you look at his performance in the fourth in his career, it has been nothing short of brilliant. He plays an all around 3 quarters, then plays an even better all around game in the 4th. People’s ridiculous attempts to argue that he only has 3 quarters are based on a handful of games (nba finals last year) at best. I agree, those are important games, but he has been brilliant in the fourth quarter in the playoffs way more often. If you think that a few games defines a basketball player who has played a thousand, then you are just another ignorant hater. So please do us a favor and do not comment like you know something when you are just another tunnel-visioned lebron-hater. If you’re going to base performance on a handful of games, you can make any player look like anything you want.

  39. welcome back to reality says:

    and to OKCKD35 – yeah durant has more blocks but that does mean he is a better defender than lebron?!? he’s 6″9 too right but can he play 1-5 position? hell no.. lebron can play all position and still play great defense.. defense is not all about swatting shots or pickpocketing opponents but intimidation itself and making opponents adjust shots and make life difficult each and every possesions thats what defense is and that is what lebron has that durant doesnt.. not to mention lebron is a better playmaker than kd..

  40. welcome back to reality says:

    for those guys that are saying that d. wade is the mvp for the heat, i dont know if we’re watching different leagues but as far as i know we’re watching nba 2011-12 season right?!?.. saying that d. wade is the mvp for the hit is plain stupidity (no disrepect for my man wade but just being the guy to take the last shot and closing out games doesn’t makes u the mvp of your team, u guys know horry? d. fish? they closed out a lot of games in lakers prior to shaq’s era but i dont think they wer mentioned as their team’s mvp not even kobe back then wen shaq was the most dominant force out there.. and also have u ever imagine dwight taking the game winning shot or game tying 3 for the magic? i dont think so.. lebron is the clear mvp he’s fill the stat sheet all season long and a funky stretch won’t take anything away from him either being the best player on his team and or even the mvp award this year..

  41. Jaymoney says:

    the mvp should go to the player on the team with the best record at the end of the season. If thunder has a better record than the heat the durant should win mvp but if heat have a better record than the thunder then lebron should win mvp. Despite the amazing plays by lebron and durant you still can’t overlook guys like kobe bryant, dwight howard, kevin love, chris paul, or even derrick rose.why not give him back t back mvp’s?

  42. dew says:

    Where is Tony Parker in this discussion? Seriously, those guys in Lebron and Durant have had healthy team mates all year. How would James do if he had Wade for only 19 games or if Westbrook on OKC was there for only 19 games. Tony has had Manu for only 19 and Duncan sat as well for several. Each game Tony has brought a high level and continues to punish other teams and raise the level of his team. Look at how well the Spurs are playing now with Tony’s leadership. Every player is now a threat. Parker for MVP!!

  43. KC says:

    This is insanity. It was a complete team effort by OKC last night, and the Heat couldn’t hold onto the rock. They didn’t protect the ball well enough, and they didn’t shoot as well. Some of that was James’ fault. But over the course of the season Lebron has been better.

    I would say, offensively, Durant and James are both transcendent scorers. They score in great big bunches. KD has a better reputation at the end of games, but what is repuation worth? Neither of them has a ring–they’re not playing with horseshoes or hand grenades, so close doesn’t count.

    Defense is simply more important than offense during playoff games because defense is more reliable. KD has improved this year on the defensive end, but is someone really trying to say that he’s even close to the lockdown defender that Lebron is? Just the intimidation factor alone messes with whomever he’s guarding. Lebron can guard litte guys, too. It’s crazy. It’s sick. Lebron will chase guys on the fast break, catch them, and reject their shot from behind? Am I the only one that watches highlight reels? Yeah, KD had one better night than Lebron, and Lebron is going through a funky stretch to be sure. But KD over Lebron for MVP? If I needed a guy shut down for the game I’m taking Lebron.

    I’m not particularly fond of Lebron, either. Facts are facts, however.

  44. HeatFTW! says:

    LBJ all the way. Keven Durant is great, but LeBron has a better all around game. KD is all about offense, not defense. LeBron is a brilliant defender and offensive player. LeBron averages a triple double EVERY season. Durant hasn’t gotten one….why? becuase Durant doesn’t really share the ball. LeBron does. LBJ ALL THE WAY!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Lebron averages a triple double? Since when? I dont think a player has averaged a triple double for a season in my lifetime. Did you even watch the heat vs thunder game? If Kd’s defense is so bad why does he average more BPG than Lebron?

  45. HeatFTW! says:

    What’s the debate? Sure Durant shoots better than LeBron, but looks who makes the better plays, plays better defense, etc. LeBron should be 1st, Durant a close second, then Kobe right after Durant. Shoot, the only reason Durant his more PPG is because he averages about 2 minutes more than LeBron. Who can lead a team better? LeBron. Without Harden and Westbrook, Durant would go no where. LeBron has lead the Cavs to a what?…the best record in the NBA? Durant can’t do that. I’m even a KD fan more than LeBron, but it’s LBJ this year. Also, I’ve noticed KD isn’t really about defense, he’s all about offense. LeBron is great a both

  46. cLiPpErS-42-50-32 says:

    LeBron has more expirence then durant


  47. LeBron all the way says:

    lebron all the way i dont know what you guys are talking about its just one game. Even though Durant averages more points LeBron has a better all round game and he shares the ball.

  48. jfoster4 says:

    Lebron is clearly the MVP right now. He is shooting over 50% and is having probably the most efficient season in NBA History. He is playing w/ a Sub-Star in D-Wade that doesn’t show up on the road, and is very inconsistent and Chris Bosh is just a roller coaster in his own rite. Kevin Durant arguably has the best point gaurd in the league he scores just like he does. And he has James Harden who can average 20+ points a night from off the bench. James Harden brings in more offense than Dwayne Wade does. Its Lebron James.

    Everybody wrote off the Lakers and yet look where Kobe has them. Now take Kobe off and they wouldn’t make the playoffs. Take Dwayne and Durant off and both teams will still make the playoffs…

    1) Lebron James
    2) Kobe Bryant
    3) Kevin Durant

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Boo! First off D-Wade has a Ring, lebron does not. Not bad for a “sub-star” to lead a team to an NBA championship. Lebron sold out an entire city to get a ring, then proceeded to proclaim 6 rings. James does not get it done in the 4th quarter (except all of the free throws) he does not close games, and he just got ripped in every aspect of the game by Kevin Durant. Lebron is the biggest Media Hype player i have ever seen, especially when he has not won a ring. Yes Lebron has 3 more APG than Durant, however Durant is the most clutch player in the NBA (this season, i know all you laker fans are going to say Kobe, but KD leads the league in clutch time baskets) and will not shy away from a game tying/winning shot. That in my opinion should give him the MVP hands down, not to mention his team has a better record.

    • KC says:


      I think you might be a little confused when you say: “James Harden brings in more offense than Dwayne Wade does.” What do you mean by that? Let’s look at the season stats:

      Dwyane Wade: 22.9 points per game on 50.4% shooting, 33.2 minutes per game
      James Harden: 17.3 points per game on 49.8% shooting, 32.0 minutes per game.

      If by “brings more offense” you mean “scores 5.6 fewer points a game in comparable playing time”, ok. That’s not a small number of points. Many games are decided by fewer than 5 points, so that is a game-changing difference in offensive ability. And you might say Harden comes off the bench, but he’s playing almost as many minutes as Wade. Don’t get me wrong, Harden is probably the 6th man of the year, but saying he’s bringing more offense is simply inaccurate.

  49. Lebron james numbers are being compared to Oscar Robertson numbers in this ERA. He is superb this season and because of his elbow injury and slump this past week he is under Durant? Durant is a good player but not as complete as Lebron. Lebron for MVP hands down.

  50. cj says:

    it should be lebron…thunder has a great players around durant, one of them is westbrook who’s playing with a very high scores, as well as harden..dont forget that the no.1 shot blocker for this season is also with them, and they also have a competitive bigmen with a championship experiences, plus fisher now with a 5 championship rings….

  51. Jack says:

    MVP is the award for who does the most for their respective teams, and KD came out against the Heat and dished the ball to Perkins for his season high 16 points and really exposing the Heats defensive scheme. KD no doubt is the MVP, LeBron needs to change his mentality in late game situations to really fulfill his potential and win another MVP award.

  52. LeBron James da Best says:

    hOW CAN U FORGET Kevin Love?

  53. TRUpointguard says:

    Well Lebron should have a good chance. He has been dominant all season long and has carried the team without wade and went what 9-1 without him?? Dont forget that wade is injured often and is now 30 years old and not as good as he used to be. Durant has a great team just as good if not better than what lebron has. Lebron has also been a beast on the defensive end literaly defending 1-5 such as rose, pau gasol, marcus camby, lamarcus aldridge, kobe bryant etc.. He should finish the season strong and beat the thunder when they go to miami and he should get it. He needs to get out of this slump and lead the heat and get back to production.

  54. Matt says:

    Also, Lebron is a better defender. A MVP should be able to defend. Kevin Durant doesn’t do a better job than LeBron at that.

  55. The whole of argument of Wayde being the MVP for Miami is silly. Teams know that LeBron is a better player than Wade. So they are going to double and put more people to stop or slow down Wade. Wade is benefiting because other teams know that Wade can have a big game and Miami still loses. But when LeBron has a big game everyone on the team usually plays better and they are more likely to win. I guarantee you that if Wade was played the same way that LeBron gets played, he would have horrible numbers.

    Secondly, I think that LeBron is trying to keep the peace with Wade by sharing the ball and letting him take the big shots. He is more concerned about their friendship than taking over the games like he is capable of. He needs to be a beast like Kobe and man up.

  56. 1.Lebron is the season MVP and KD is the past-two-weeks-MVP. You can’t just put KD over Lebron when ‘Bron has played better season but has struggled in few games.
    2. Lebron has league history best efficiency so he MUST be the MVP.

  57. lakermig says:

    i think that its a bit of a stupid argument this year for mvp cause they are overlooking real mvp contenders like kevin love and till a month ago kobe who were or are the soul stars carrying a team. because lets face it, yes these 2 are awesome players but they are also playing for awesome teams and the second an average player plays on an awesome team he gets better (sessions is a prime example) let alone players of their magnitude.But out of the two i would have to say clutch or no clutch lebron james has to take it for the simple reason that he puts up huge stats,when there wasnt wade he threw the team on his shoulders and delivered and in all fairness i think he has a slightly worse team than durrant.durrant is awesome but they(opposing teams) cant even afford to double team him that much cause theres always the other “twin towers” down low or harden running around wreaking havoc or like the best/top 5 point guards around so his job is always gonna get easier even if it simply means he gets slightly more open looks unless its the final 5 secs

  58. J says:

    if all the lebron fans actually watched the games instead of reading box score everyday, they would realize KD is the MVP. its just funny how people can think lebron’s the mvp when wade is the mvp for the heat

  59. Jarrett says:

    KD deserves this mvp award…… should of been got one tho because he’s been putting these numbers up since he came in the nba…how can lebron get the award if he’s not the valuable person on his team…wade is and he’s pretty much keeping the team in winning state because of his clutchness…….. KD=mvp, not lebron or Rose…..If anybody put kobe or Love up there…

  60. LeChoke Inc. says:

    hey lebron………. where’s the multiple championships you’ve promised miami?haha choke on that!!!! when kobe retires..kd’s still on the block man..

  61. LeChoke Inc. says:

    kd is better than lebron…. more humble, but a killer on court…. lecbron what? a show-off in pregame, a choker in endgames…..

  62. LeChoke Inc. says:

    wow…………. 2 asd…that elbow injury as an excuse?well, how many players as big as him, as good as him use that as an excuse?kobe had a bum wrist, a degenerated knee and a broken nose….heard some excuses?still playin some ball…and with lebron,an elbow injury?oww man, gotta be kiddin….that dude’s a beast, please no excuses….play like a superstar.

  63. Jay Peters says:

    Lebron should get the MVP he is a better player than KD. give lebron please

  64. King James says:

    LeBron James has proven to be the MVP this season Durant is on and off, and he will do good in one game and bomb the next three where LeBron James is effective in almost all the games throughout the season even with all the criticism that he gets, he still plays basketball and that is why he should win

    • Jarrett says:

      is you blind??? Durant on and off?? Lebron is the one on and off as you can see

    • MV3 says:

      You dumb or what? LeBron is on and off too.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      if KD was on and off how does he have the most 30 point games this season? Not to mention many games this year OKC hasb en dominating the game and KD has satin the 4th quarter. He is probably the MOSt consistent player out there.

  65. majj najj says:

    KD and westbrrok: NO APPEAL AT ALL

  66. Nate Dogg says:

    KD for MVP, he is having such a great year, hes shooting is getting better, especially in the clutch and hes OKCs leading rebounder as well. Yes LBJ has Wade and KD has Westbrook but Westbrook is very much about creating his own shots, RW should be avging 8 or 9 ast but takes way too many shots. The Heat without LBJ will still win games with Chalmers, Wade, Miller, Haslem and Bosh but OKC without KD, Its Russ, Sef, Harden, Serge and Perkins, that team will not put enough pts on the board to win. Some people like stats across the board, remember KD atm has career high avgs in reb, ast, stls and blks, scary how good this kid is.

  67. Quodian says:

    MVP for one game is KD.
    Season MVP is LBJ.
    I doubt if KD can put the same number 20pts 7ast 7reb the next game..the kid dont have a triple double numbers yet in his NBA career! Can you believe that!?
    LBJ 3rd MVP no contest!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      try 28,9, and 7. LBJ shouldnt have even won the MVP 2 years ago. Its all media hype. For all those who say he should have just look who led the league in scoring and who improved their team by 27 games in one season, if i’m not mistake LBJ’s team lost more than the year before. Anywho no matter the outcome it will go to LBJ or Rose, Durant should have won one in the last 2 years.

  68. david says:

    you heat and LBJ fans are very funny. last year and this season, all season long u bragged how you got 2 of top 5 players in the league this and that. you bragged wade been one of the top 5 but when it come to this issue all of the sudden “oh kd has westbrook too” are you saying Westbrook = wade???? now westbrook among the top 5???

    even you bandwagon heat fans won’t say westbrook = wade to protect LBJ value. wade is more valuable to heat than westbrook is to okc. therefore no matter how lebron stats are, he is not as valuable to heat as KD to okc.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      FYI Westbrook is in the top five for scoring.

      “Wade more valuable for Miami than Westbrook is for the Thunder” Well Wade was out for 10 games and James did a very good job of carrying the team on the defensive and offensive ends, can you say the same for Durant if Westbrook was out for ten games? No you wouldn’t be able to. Therefore that is why Lebron is in the converstation for MVP. I still give Durant the edge because he has come up bigger in close games with scoring, but at the same time people forget that all the defensive things Lebron does (that may not be game winning shots) are just as valuable when his team is winning.

  69. 23nedim23 says:

    Obviously KD. Better record than Miami. Second scorer of the league behinf Kobe. You can’t say he isn’t MVP at the moment. And please don’t use any excuses for LeBron, because I don’t think he would. Elbow injury at stuff like that. He wouldn’t play if he wasn’t fit. 1. Durant 2. LeBron …

  70. Sameer says:

    Durant is playing better at both ends no doubt – if that’s the case give him the MIP award but with his average defense he should not win MVP, He is an offensive firepower and he is still shooting at less percentage than Lebron. How can that be overlooked. Which category is he actually beating Lebron other than scoring a point more!!

  71. Lebron says:

    Lebron James is still the MVP..remember, OKC will face the heat in MIami..and Kobe?c,on he got benched!

    • kobe says:

      he did get benched..but at least he can handle the pressure of big games..unlike Lebron

    • MV3 says:

      LeBron MVP? He can’t finish games. WADE got no help from him in the 4th quarter at all. Durant MVP and WADE Finals MVP. You know it. James gets the ball more than WADE, he plays more minutes than WADE.

  72. If I was Scoach Spo I would send Curry and Pittman more minutes in the floor same to Jame Jones, He shot very well from downtown in fact he win all star game 2011 3 point contest.

  73. Thunder Fan says:

    I notice D wade yes he have too play like that because LB is a no-show look at his eye!!!!

  74. Thunder Fan says:

    When the Big dance start for all the marble’s KD or LB last man standing will be the winner. An the ball don’t lie !!!!!

  75. It´s a matter of teams to become MVP in my point of view.
    Miami has better perimeter players(Wade-James-Chalmers) than OKC but OKC has better centers and that is what Heat needs now, a center, obviously Ronny Turiaf isn´t in high level indeed he is struggling for a place in the floor taking away Haslem in the rotation.
    OKC has better players in the paint that´s what they win last Sunday.

  76. vernon says:

    The west is stronger than the east. An when i wacth LB i see him as a no-show or a partial-show. All the MVP’s that i have seen fined wats to help they team no matter what LB do not do this he will wait for someone on his team to start then react. NO !!! no MVP are maybe he is affraid of what D-Wade may think. KD on the other hand BIG game after BIG game All show!!!!!!

  77. Bob MacEnstein says:

    Kevin Durant for MVP. He is rapidly improving, and his team is perched atop the Western Conference.

    “The Green Jacket’s your’s Kevin! Shooters gonna choke!”

  78. NBAfan says:

    last night speak for itself.

  79. what about Dwyane Wade??does noone notice how hes been playing since the AllStar break??

  80. Danny says:

    All goes to James

  81. glaucfofiv says:

    WADE……. he was clearly the best player on the court yesterday and would have had better numbers had James not been forcing shots and his teammates actually been making them when he was setting them up for WIDE open shots.

  82. charles says:

    Durant has alot of help…Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka. Lebron has alot of help: Wade, Bosh. The person who doens’t have much help is Kevin LOVE….yet he’s still delivering numbers that belong in 1950’s….

  83. BATHORY_0123 says:

    In my opinion still LeBron has the advantage..

    I admit that i’m a big fan of LeBron so you can call me bias. But numbers don’t lie. Oh yeah, that’s why KD took over no.1 spot for mvp race over LeBron. But when it comes to be most valuable that’s for LeBron. Start the season putting numbers that you can only imagine when Oscar Robertson still playing basketball. Were only human that not every night we can put this kind of numbers. Indeed, KD put monster numbers last sunday against the Heat but how many times you seen LeBron put this kind of monster numbers this season?? KD is a very talented player & a future hall of famer but for now i give this to LeBron. This is an individual award for the most valuable player since day 1 until they reach playoffs or semi-finals so it’s not yet over. Let’s see what happen this coming days. For now LeBron James. No doubt about it.

    • Tavoris Williams says:

      I understand what your saying. How can you give it to Lebron when he’s not the most valuable player on his team. It’s about winning right. Now…….Who has to close the games for Lebron. D-wade…….Think about this…..Who closes for other guys who we are considering for the MVP. All of them are finishers on their team. I could go on but I’m not. I’ve watched so many game where he shies away from winning the game. Think about it. Really.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      for the record KD has 1 more 30 point game than lebron this year!

    • Mino says:

      no its not an individual award. if It was then lebron would have won for a majority of his career. Its what the player gives back to his team.

  84. Tavoris Williams says:

    A person left a comment about Lebron being hurt. I’m a big Lebron Fan but I watched Rajon Rondo play on a dislocated Elbow. Rondo came out with great energy. Lebron had no energy and just checked out of the game. I’m tired of him coming up small in critical games. By Critical I mean that this game WAS a statement game. This is the team that he might have to face in the final, if Chicago don’t put them out, and he played small. He’s to Big of a player to let Kevin Durant do what he want with him on the offensive end of the floor. He needs to play with heart. Missing college really hurt Lebron because he’s not prepared mentally for those nasty games. He can’t handle those type of games. I call the trench games or fox hole games. I wouldn’t want him in my fox hole.

  85. welcome back to reality says:

    a funky stretch from one of the best player to ever fill the stat sheet in a regular season (not to mention the grueling pain the shortened season brings) the way lbj does doesn’t give everybody the right to put kd on top of the list.. heat and okc are neck and neck in standings but most of heat losses are from lebron’s mortal game.. talk about his immortal game heat are unbeatable unlike okc wer durant play great yet they lose is a significance of what lbj brings to the heat.. lbj on top by a wide margin on this one guys be a hater or a fan you got to admit lbj is having a monstrous season..

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Durant and LBJ’s numbers are not that much different. Durant has 1 more ppg, LBJ has .10 more RB and 3 more APG. I give it to Durant because only one of these players gets it done in the clutch. That would be KD! LBJ shows time and time again he cannot close the deal. “Unlike when durant plays unbelieveable OKC stil loses” First off thats just not true, secondly you just made the case for KD even stronger, if he can play lights out and his team still loses he must be much more valuable to his team than LBJ. But your logic is flawed, OKc has a better record, same number of losses.

  86. NBA Fan says:

    It’s gotta be Kevin Durant. He is going to overtake Kobe as the scoring leader this season to win his 3rd consecutive scoring title and he plays better defense. He bested LeBron in Sunday’s highly anticipated match up and did better statistically in every category than LeBron. Moreover, he shoots efficiently from the field and is better in the clutch than LeBron. So in conclusion, KD for MVP

  87. Saatvik says:

    Noone as consistent as Kevin Durant. Still, LeBron has been flamboyant. And stats speak a lot.
    I would go with the Durantula! Because he is highly consistent! LeBron is a very close second!

  88. ive got lbj with the small lead for the mvp..his stats r just too ridiculous.. i just put together my mvp list w/ a twist
    www check it out

  89. Belizeboy says:

    I’m a huge Lebron fan but I have to say KD as of right now.

    • JoshuaR says:


      • Sameer says:

        If we are talking about the last couple of weeks, I agree but for the season Lebron has played so efficiently – it cannot be disregarded. He is just going through a slump!

  90. prix says: doubt..Durant is safe to be in the 2nd..Kobe 9th..Rose 4th..KG 99th.. not to mention that Lebron uses 60% of his skills during the regular season and 90& during playoffs and 50% in the finals.. he got paid for the other 50% discount

  91. Stoops says:

    LeBron is having one of the best seasons in the history of the NBA. I’m a huge LeBron hater, but he has the best stats period this year on one of the best teams.

    • Amitpal says:

      MVP doesn’t mean best stats, it means most valuable player. If you take lebron out of Miami, Wade and bosh will step up there numbers, and the heat will still be a championship caliber team. If you take KD out of OkC, who scores the ball. Both Russell and Harden are basically at there max scoring wise. Harden can probably get you 20 and Russel can get you max 26 so who’s going to score the ball. KD is more valuable to his team. Plus KD helps OkC win games with his clutch plays while lebron doesn’t show up in the final minutes. D Wade does all the work so D Wade is more valuable then lebron.

  92. asd says:

    Right now, it’s still LeBron. Please don’t forget that LeBron injured his elbow against the Suns and since then he has been struggleing a LITTLE. It was the first loss since the Suns game. Thunder had 4-4 stretch at one point and NBA is still trying to give the MVP to KD. Everybody is talking that LeBron has Wade and all that talk, KD has Westbrook who has been impressive this season.

    • Kenrick Creary says:

      It still got to be Lebron KD did dominate him in this game but let us not forget they will travel to play in Miami.There were some questionable calls last night which might go Miami,s way in the return leg home court advantage is a great deal not so shore Perkins will be putting a foot on DWade in the return leg. Stats do not lie so it is still Lebron .KD may get scoring tile again and then he may be second for MVP

      • OKCKD35 says:

        whaaa calls and fouls, fouls and calls, refs werent calling much either way last night. Perkins dunked the ball and Wade walked under the hoop, if anything Wade pushing Perkins off should have been a Tech on Wade. We will see what happens in Miami. And if Miami wins and plays a good game i will give them credit for it instead of making excuses.

      • Amitpal says:

        Oh my god the foul excuse. I hate when people use that. KD dominated Lebron and there’s no question. I have never seen someone play as good of a defense against lebron as KD did. And as for MVP talk I think it’s KD. People say Lebron might have D Wade but KD has Russell. yeah well who’s the better player. D Wade. D Wade is still in the top 5 players in NBA and bosh is in the top 10. I don’t think Russell is top 5 and Harden isn’t top 10. Lebron had a great start cause teams couldn’t double team him, and if you watch there games Russell actually gets in KD of getting the mvp. There are times when Russell wants to be the man, while D Wade cleary just moves out of Lebron’s way and let’s him be the man. And most importantly Durant has been the clutchest player in the NBA. Can’t say the same about Lebron. How could your most valuable player not show up at the end of the games. KD for MVP and I think Chris Paul is more valuable to his team then Lebron is to Miami.

    • QuestionMark says:

      An injury shouldn’t be an excuse, Kobe did have like a million injuries and he still played terrific through those injury, it just depends on the mental state of the player, Kobe is competitive and wants to win and same with KD, Lebron is competitive but at times doesn’t show that willingness to lead his team.

    • MV3 says:

      I’m a WADE fan for life. LeBron can’t finish games, Wade does the finishing part. LeBron only scores 2 pts in the 4th quater and he plays more minutes than WADE. LeBron got WADE & BOSH. Durant only got Westbrook. It’s Durants turn but dont worry, WADE will be the finals MVP. MV3. Look how Wade plays in the Finals 2006 & 2011 compare to LeBron. Wade is amazing. Nuff sed

    • Coach Dee says:



      You’re right on, MVP is earned.

      VALUE means
      1. If you take out Durant, will the OKC still be OKC? -Hell NO
      2. If you take out James, will the HEAT still be the HEAT? -50% Yes (coz they still have Wade, who is even more likely the MVP from the Heat)

      It’s not how good you are as an individual player, but how you make the whole team better. That’s the measurement of MOST VALUABLE.

      come on, wake up. Heat can’t even be 1st seed in the East and still, everybody talks about how great they are. Isn’t that proving the overly hyped popularity rather than what can they really do actually?

    • Mino says:

      Durant actually shows up in the clutch, James doesnt. Wade and Westbrook are both very well, but his clutch gives him that extra value that lebron doesnt offer